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Barred Owl Rescued from Roadside

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Bill's Pizzeria in Hopkinton, MA

Everyone loves owls, right? Luckily for this Barred Owl, a local woman found her (or him?) in the road last night at 9 pm. I accepted the owl with nowhere else for her to go until morning. Unwrapped her from the towel the finder dropped her off in, and took a look. My heart sank…she had a badly broken wing. But she was still strong and feisty! I dropped her off at Tufts first thing this morning. Not expecting the best outcome, I am thrilled to report Tufts may try to surgically repair! She is a very healthy owl otherwise, and I’ll get an update tomorrow, after more X-rays. Owls are absolutely magical birds, and I’m praying she does well with surgery so that she can go on to stay with Jessica Zorge-Perna of Raptor Tales for recovery and rehab (huge thanks to Jessica for immediately responding to my texts after 9 pm last night!).

It may not seem like a big deal, but if you care about owls, please don’t throw any food waste out of your car window. Trash and waste attracts the small mammals that owls and hawks prey on, to the side of the road. Car strikes are inevitable when a raptor hunts those small mammals on the roadside.

Praying this one gets to go home, one day, back to the woods where she belongs, and feels safe. 


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