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MLK Commemoration

April 4, 2018 -- Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito joined members of the Black and Latino Legislative Caucus, the Black Advisory Commission, the Latino Advisory Commission, students from the METCO Program and other elected officials to participate in the lowering of the State House Flag to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy on the 50th Anniversary of his tragic death.

(Photo Credit: Rachel Mandelbaum for the Office of the Governor)


Hopkinton Planning Board Vacancy Announcement


The Planning Board currently has one vacancy and the Town is seeking candidates for the position. The term of office will expire at the May, 2019 election.

The Planning Board is an elected board, whose members serve five year terms. The establishment of municipal Planning Boards is authorized by Mass. General Law, Chapter 41, Section 81A.

Among its many diverse roles, the Board is charged with the following duties, which are contained in the General Laws and the Hopkinton Zoning and General Bylaws:

● Adopting a Master Plan for the Town;
● Serving as the local authority for the Subdivision Control Law; adopting Rules and Regulations governing the subdivision of land in Hopkinton; reviewing all preliminary and definitive subdivision plan submittals, and endorsing approval-not-required plans;
● Drafting and submitting zoning amendments for consideration by the Town;
● Serving as a Special Permit Granting Authority;
● Reviewing and proposing the acceptance of streets as public ways, with recommendation to the Town Meeting;
● Serving as Site Plan Review authority for non-residential Site Plans;
● Issuing permits to remove trees and stone walls within street rights of way on designated scenic roads; recommends roads for scenic road designation by Town Meeting.

Interested parties must be a registered voter in the Town of Hopkinton and should apply by April 13, 2018. To apply, please visit the Town’s website and apply through the online volunteer form here: http://www.hopkintonma.gov/home/about/hug .

Residents may also apply by submitting a letter of interest to: Maria Glynn, Executive Assistant, Town Manager’s Office, 18 Main St. Hopkinton, MA 01748. For further information about the duties of the Planning Board, please contact Elaine Lazarus, Director of Land Use and Town Operations, at 508-497-9700 or elainel@hopkintonma.gov .

Larger Trailer?

April 4, 2018 -- Dr. Yankee is making the best of his small trailer while clearing his land in Woodville last weekend.

Incident Log for 4/3/2018

Existing Arrest
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There it is... Gone!
Mouse-over to see Demolition Results

April 4, 2018 -- The 1925 birthplace of the late John Cahill was demolished yesterday. Mouse-over to see the result.

Working hard for Hopkinton Homeowners

and the surrounding Communities.


   Trails Club Events

Wednesday, April 4, 6PM, Hopkinton Public Library: 2nd annual Trails Forum. We'll talk about what's been going on with the trails in town this past year, what's being planned next, and hear from a guest speaker. We'll also set time aside for an open discussion of anything trail-related that folks would like to talk about.  The Library is at 13 Main Street, and there is parking in the rear and on the street. The forum will be in the Library's large conference room.

Saturday, April 14, 9AM: Annual Center Trail Work Day. The primary work is clearing debris from the drainage ditches so they run freely and keep water off the trail. We'll also clear any limbs and such from the trail itself (and the Welzel side trail as well). Bring gloves and wear sturdy boots. Helpful tools: rakes (garden & leaf), clippers, loppers and hand saws. Meet at Lot J on the Hopkinton Schools Loop Road (by fields 10 & 11). Entrance to the Loop Road is from Hayden Rowe Street, next to the Hopkinton Cultural Arts Center. Editor's Note: Check out David Antaki's 2016 4X speed bicycle ride on the Center Trail HERE.

Hopkinton SEPAC (Special Education Advisory Council) has a new website! hopkinton-sepac.org
Visit our FB page "SEPAC of Hopkinton" for event speakers, workshops and meetings.

Family Stuff

William Tosches, MD, FAAN Elected National Chairman of Neurology by American Academy of Neurology

William Tosches, MD, FAAN, has recently been elected National Chairman of General Neurology by the American Academy of Neurology. In 2017, he was awarded the Academy’s Teacher of the Year award for the second time, as Associate Professor of Neurology and Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

A native of Milford, Dr. Tosches graduated from Milford High School in 1963 and the College of the Holy Cross in 1967. He joined Milford Regional’s active medical staff in 1977 after serving two years in the United States Army. Prior to serving in the armed forces, he graduated from Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine where he also performed an internship. Dr. Tosches completed a residency in neurology at Boston University, Boston, MA. He is board certified in neurology.

Dr. Tosches has performed many key administrative roles at Milford Regional including President of the Medical Staff, a member of the Board of Trustees, Chairman, Executive Committee, Chairman, Department of Medicine and Residency – House Staff Committee. He is a former director of the neurology student clerkship at UMass Medical School. Dr. Tosches has published papers on epilepsy and injuries in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Currently, Dr. Tosches is a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology and the Division Chief of Neurology at Milford Regional. He practices at Greater Milford Neurology, Hopedale, MA.


Incident Log Updated April 3, 2018
Existing Arrest

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and the surrounding Communities.


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Dear Practitioners and Patients,

In an ongoing effort to reduce the cost of medications for our customers, Hopkinton Drug Compounding & Wellness would like to introduce our

NEW LOW PRICE on Cholestyramine Pure Powder.
April fools day has come and gone
but this offer is no joke
Cholestyramine Pure Powder up to
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shipping costs not included, prices subject to change without notice, pure powder only
Family Stuff
  The following candidates have filed their papers with this office (not all certified yet): 
  • Margaret B. Tyler - School Committee - Democrat
    Michael J. King - Board of Health - Democrat
    Richard P. Jacobs - Board of Health - Unenrolled
    Nanette A. Kenrick - Library Board of Trustees - Democrat
    Thomas F. Pratt - Cemetery Commission - Democrat
    Francis J. D'Urso - Constable - Democrat
    Patrick J. Atwell - Board of Selectmen - Unenrolled
    Janine S. LeBlanc - Commissioners of Trust Funds - Democrat
    Irfan Nasrullah  - Board of Selectmen - Democrat 
    Amanda F. Faragiano - School Committee - Unenrolled 
    Lesley A. Ficarri - Board of Assessors - Democrat 
    Kristin A. Dykstra - School Committee - Unenrolled 
    Mary E. Larson-Marlowe - Planning Board - Democrat
    Stanley D. Pulnik - Library Board of Trustees - Democrat
    Robert T. Dobinski - Parks & Rec - Republican

The following individuals have pulled papers but did not return them by the deadline (can still be placed on ballot by party caucuses):

  • Irfan Nasrullah - Planning Board - Democrat
    Daniel F. Terry - Parks & Rec - Republican
    Kevin M. Dangelo - Constable - Unenrolled
    Philip G. Antoniades - Board of Selectmen - Democrat
    Deborah Fein-Brug - Planning Board - Democrat
    Michelle Fischer - Planning Board - Unenrolled (no longer running)

From Town Clerk, Connor Degan
Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton

New Transactions from March 27, 2018 - April 2, 2018
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
23 Ryegraass Circle #93 Yun Oin, Bo Sun $699,900 March 30, 2018 Joseph DeStephano, Lora DeStephano
24 Kimball Road James Werner, Debra Cohn $860,000 March 30, 2018 Britta MacIntosh Trust
37 Cedar Street Gregory P Chouinard, Holly E Chouinard $365,000 March 29, 2018 Mary Elizabeth Hayward
35 Redwood Path # 138 Vadivelu Sindhu Ramasamy Gounder, Kumarasami Amarnath $520,370 March 28, 2018 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
17 Meserve Street Lane Smith, Jinney Smith $445,000 March 27, 2018 Gary V Esper
20 Nazneen Circle Katta Venkat Ramana, Yalla Pavani $661,000 March 26, 2018 Aman Sharma, Melisssa Almeida
34 Primrose Circle #190 Bo Yuan, Yinyin Chen $723,826 March 26, 2018 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
  LAST WEEK       
7 Cross Street Katie Duval, Michael Duval $338,000 March 23, 2018 Jonathan Layton, Sara Layton
33 Primrose Circle Anuradha Bhogotu, Vinod Kumar Motukuri $661,535 March 20, 2018 Pulte Homes of New England LLC

Police Incident Log

From 3/30/2018 to 4/1/2018
One New Arrest

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 From the Radical Middle

The Great Depression is in the Eyes of...

by Robert Falcione

The Ten Commandments, the movie, which was on my television while I worked on the computer Saturday night, reminded me that I had seen it once before, the year it came out.

It was 1956, and I was 9 years-old. I could walk to the bus stop, and then take it to Downtown Randolph and the theater for the Saturday matinee for 10 cents. It would be another 10 cents for the ride back. The movie usually cost 20 cents, but never more than 25 cents. So, at the most, the ride and movie would cost a total of 45 cents, leaving me with 55 cents from the dollar my mother gave me to gorge myself with candy, popcorn and soda.


They hadn't yet put ice in those soda machines. I can't remember any of them being Pepsi; they were all Coke, Coke that would be, because of its warmth and gravitational fall from nozzle and collision with the bottom of an inverted conical paper cup, half foam on top. The popcorn was popcorn, but if you wanted really great popcorn with butter, you asked for a Buttercup. It cost a good deal more, perhaps more than the movie itself.

The dollar that my mother would give me came with a price. I would need to listen to her explain the Great Depression to me, how poor everyone had been -- so many people had to leave school and go to work, there were breadlines, souplines, yadda, yadda... -- and how lucky I was not to have to live through that; I just had to listen to stories about it! It was pretty much the same story every week while Mom held the dollar just out of reach. However, this week would be different. I was about to feel some of the agonizing pain she and others of that generation wanted so desperately for me and other children to understand.


"I can only give you 60 cents this week," she explained. I can't recall why, but she was firm, in that I would still have 15 cents for candy, even if the movie hit the 25-cent ceiling.


We kids never knew what the movie would be ahead of time; Pat Boone in April Love one week, Jerry Lee Lewis in Great Balls of Fire another week, and so on. I disembarked the bus on that Saturday to be greeted by The Ten Commandments on the gigantic marquee. I had probably known about it from ads on television. After all, it was a huge production; and we all knew what the actual Ten Commandments were, as well as we knew our multiplication tables.


I got in line and peered over the shoulders in front of me to see "Children under 12, 50 cents." I believe the adults -- according to the theater owners, "adults" were the kids 12 and over -- paid one dollar. It wasn't a difficult choice. I would use my last 50 cents and walk the distance home afterward, which according to Google Maps is  2.1 miles and takes 41 minutes to walk. I thought of Abraham Lincoln who walked 9 miles each day to school. I also thought of Teddy Roosevelt, whose triumph over asthma would inspire me on that day. But a nine year-old going for 4 hours and 41 minutes without a meal or a snack? It was my own personal 4 hour and 41-minute Great Depression.


Dang you Cecil B. DeMille!

From Lookout Rock

Below is  a robin stretching its wings photographed on the trail leading to Lookout Rock, which is part of the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park, a DCR site. Clicking on this link will lead to the DCR trail map, which designates locations as well as topographical notations. The photo above is from Lookout Rock overlooking part of the Blackstone River floodplain in Uxbridge yesterday. The arch roadway bridge above is about a mile from the camera, which was on Lookout Rock

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Family Stuff

Hopkinton High School Students Earn Gold and Silver at MICCA


April 1, 2018 -- The Hopkinton Public Schools Music Department is proud to announce their results from the 2018 Massachusetts Instrumental and Choral Conductors Association (MICCA) Concert and Choral Festival, March 23-25. The Hopkinton music students performed well earning Gold (outstanding performance) and Silver (excellent performance) ratings. Congratulations to all the students and their teachers on their achievements.


The MICCA Concert and Choral Festival ran concurrently at eight locations across the state this past weekend: Belchertown High School, Bellingham High School, Foxboro High School, Hopkinton High School, Lexington High School, King Philip Regional High School, Westborough High School and Norwood High School.


More than 12,600 student musicians performed in the MICCA Concert and Choral Festival weekend. Approximately 180 ensembles and over 8,600 student musicians participated in the Concert Festival and over 4,000 student musicians participated in the Choral Festival.


Ensembles which earn a gold medal will be invited to participate in one of two Gold Medal Showcases at either Symphony Hall in Boston or Mechanic’s Hall in Worcester. [Contributed content]



HHS Chorus-Gold

HHS Concert Band-Gold

HHS Orchestra-Silver

HHS Symphonic Band-Silver

HMS 8th Grade Band-Silver

HMS 8th Grade Chorus-Silver

HMS 8th Grade-Orchestra -Silver


Canty's Underdog Scholarship

Canty's Underdog Scholarship is being offered in memory of Brad Canty, Class of 2018. Brad had to work harder than most due to gastrointestinal and immune issues, causing him frequent school absences. This did not take away from him being a thoughtful, kind, compassionate young man who would go out of his way to make some else’s day better.


The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize a student who has strength of character, a deserving student who may have gone unrecognized while in high school. We want you to know you were seen!


There will be 10 scholarships awarded in the amount of $1500 to qualified seniors.


Applicants will have demonstrated good character, kindness and empathy towards others. Applicants may have also overcome health challenges, had to work really hard on school work and/or overcome obstacles. Other criteria include: be a Hopkinton resident and graduating senior who has been accepted to a post-secondary program.  Applications are available in the High School Counseling Office or by downloading through Naviance on the Hopkinton High School website. Deadline: April 14, 2018.

Working hard for Hopkinton Homeowners

and the surrounding Communities.


They're Back

March 31, 2018 -- Our favorite great blue heron rookery is being populated again in Oxford, where up to a dozen nests be will be repaired and used from egg to hatchling, and until the young can fly.
Easter Bunny on Hopkinton Common

March 31, 2018 -- Parks and Recreation and Hopkinton Drug joined forces this morning to bring the Easter Bunny to the Hopkinton Common with its annual egg hunt and photos for what looked like a several hundred people.

HCA Marathon Runner


March 31, 2018 Time to do this: Marathon almost here! Raising money for the Hopkinton Center for Arts (HCA) through my Boston Marathon run. Donate any amount $20+ as it truly helps this uniquely wonderful special place. Can't imagine our community without it. Co-founders and staff are working hard in all key areas for us. Let's do this and make a big tangible impact together including providing scholarships for children in need. Ready, set, go - donate today at: www.crowdrise.com/joydonohue. Thank you kindly on behalf of the HCA.  ~ JOY DONOHUE

Family Stuff

Woman Injured When Turkey Strikes Windshield in Norton


 March 31, 2018 -- This evening at about 6:00 p.m., a woman was traveling on Route 495 Southbound in Norton when her windshield was struck by a wild turkey.


A 30-year-old Saugus woman was traveling southbound, north of exit 9, in a 2014 Toyota Corolla when a wild turkey flew into her windshield, shattering the glass.  The woman was treated at the scene for injuries sustained by flying glass.

State Police were assisted on scene by Norton Fire and EMS.

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 John Genewicz, 50

Hopkinton – John Genewicz, 50, passed away Sunday, March 25th, at home in Milford.  Born in Revere, he was the son of Joan Secatore and the late James Genewicz.

John grew up and went to high school in Hopkinton, and held degrees in civil and environmental engineering from UMass and Northeastern University respectively.    He owned and operated Allied Environmental Services for several years. John had a gregarious personality and exuded happiness wherever he went. He loved fishing, talking politics, playing competitive scrabble and, most certainly, The Grateful Dead.  He leaves behind his children, Kaylan and Allen, of Norfolk, his brother, Lee Genewicz, and mother, Joan Secatore, both of Franklin, and his former wife and wonderful mother of his children, Jennifer, of Norfolk. John will be greatly missed by his family and widespread community of friends.

Visiting hours will be held on Wednesday, April 4th, from 3:30 to 5:00 PM, at Callanan Cronin Funeral Home, 34 Church Street, Hopkinton.   A brief memorial service will follow at 5:00 PM at the funeral home.

Donations may be made in Johnny’s memory to Milford Humane Society, PO Box 171, Medway MA 02053.

Working hard for Hopkinton Homeowners

and the surrounding Communities.


Friends of Whitehall Annual Meeting April 3, 2018

The Friends of Whitehall’s Annual Meeting will be held on Tues. April 3rd 2018 at 7:30 p.m. at the Woodville Baptist Church, 249 Wood St. Woodville. The meeting will feature a special presentation on “Vernal Pools and their wildlife” by Joy Marzolf, Teacher Naturalist and Education Coordinator at Mass Audubon. Joy teaches various programs about wildlife at Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick. There are many vernal pools in Whitehall State Park and on the Whitehall Conservation Area and this is a great chance to learn more about them! A question and answer period will follow.

The Annual business meeting will also take place, with a review of the past year’s accomplishments and plans for 2018. A brief update of FOW’s By-Laws will also be presented. Refreshments will be served before and after the meeting.

The Friends of Whitehall’s annual membership appeal letter was sent out earlier this year to neighborhoods around the lake; however anyone who is interested in the lake is urged to join us at the meeting and consider membership. More information can be found on our website: www.friendsofwhitehall.org . We would love to expand our membership to all areas of Hopkinton and neighboring towns. We hope you will consider joining us in our efforts to preserve Lake Whitehall and its surrounding areas and we look forward to seeing you on April 3rd. Also, we hope you can join us on April 21st for our spring lake and trail cleanup! Please visit our website for more information.

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Monday, April 2, 2018 is last day to take out/ turn in Nomination Papers 


The last day to take out and return nomination papers for open elected positions in the coming Annual Town Election on Monday, May 7th is this Monday, April 2nd.  If you have interest in pulling papers or need to turn in your papers, please come by my temporary office located at 80 South Street by 5 PM on Monday, April 2nd. 

If you are a member of a political party that has a local party committee ( Hopkinton Democratic Town Committee and Hopkinton Republican Town Committee) you can also be nominated for the ballot by the local caucuses that are due to be held on Thursday, April 12th.  If you are interested in nomination through party caucuses, contact your local town committee chair or any member of the committee for more info on how to be nominated at their caucus.

Feel free to call us at 508-497-9710 or email us at townclerk@hopkintonma.gov if you have any questions about the nomination process or campaign finance procedures.

Family Stuff

From Police Log
Incidents on 3/29/2018

Working hard for Hopkinton Homeowners

and the surrounding Communities.


RE: Kelly Karp resignation from Planning Board: The position will be filled by a vote of the BOS and PB meeting jointly and will be filled by an election in May 2019 for the remaining term. John Ferrari, Chair.
Next Step in Brewery seeking to expand HERE

UPDATE: Child and Mother Located in Good Health

Webster Police, State Police Seeking to Check Well-Being of Girl, Age 10

The Webster Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police are seeking a missing 10-year-old girl who is believed to be with her mother, who does not have legal custody of her.

Editor's note: The police did not note any crimes or arrests in the above incident, and so the specific content and photos of the individuals have been removed.

Family Stuff
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Two-Year Study by AG’s Office Shows Competitive Supply Customers Paid $176.8 Million More; Companies Appear to Have Targeted Low-Income, Minority Neighborhoods in Gateway Cities

BOSTON – March 29, 2018 -- Citing aggressive sales tactics, false promises of cheaper electric bills and the targeting of low-income, elderly, and minority residents, Attorney General Maura Healey today issued a report calling for an end to the competitive electricity supply market for individual residential customers in Massachusetts.

AG Healey made the announcement today standing with Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch, along with consumer and civil rights advocates. The report found that Massachusetts electric customers who switched to a competitive electric supplier paid $176.8 million more than if they had stayed with their utility company during the two-year period from July 2015 to June 2017.

“Competitive electric suppliers promise big energy savings but are actually burdening customers with hundreds of dollars in extra costs,” said AG Healey. “In two years, Massachusetts residents lost over $176 million to these predatory companies. I’m calling for an end to this industry because that’s the best way to protect our seniors, low-income residents, and minority communities from these persistent scams.”

According to the AG’s report, nearly 500,000 residents in the state receive their electricity from a competitive supplier, but certain communities are particularly hard hit. The report found that 36 percent of low-income households received their electricity from a competitive supplier, double the rate among other customers. The study found that competitive suppliers appear to have targeted low-income and minority residents in many of the state’s gateway cities including Worcester, Springfield, Brockton, Lynn, Lowell, Lawrence, Fall River, Quincy and New Bedford. Participation was greatest in zip codes with the highest percentage of low-income and minority populations.

“Door-to-door competitive electric suppliers have been such a problem in our city that the Quincy Police Department has issued warnings to the public,” said Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch. “For too long, these companies have sold Quincy residents, particularly seniors, a bill of goods. I am proud to join with Attorney General in an effort to stop these scammers.”

“The competitive market for electricity was supposed to lower prices for households in Massachusetts, but for years it has done the opposite," said Jenifer Bosco, staff attorney at the National Consumer Law Center in Boston. “As the Massachusetts Attorney General has documented in this report, millions of dollars in overcharges have been picked from the pockets of Massachusetts families, especially low-income families, as the result of this failed deregulatory experiment. The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities and our Legislature should act now to protect Massachusetts families from further financial harm."

Hopkinton Lions Club Charitable Runner


The Hopkinton Lions are sponsoring Michael Bordonaro (Attleboro, MA) to run the 2018 Boston Marathon so he can help us raise funds for Project Just Because and other charitable causes (Mass Lions Eye Research, District 33K Eyemobile, etc.). In order to obtain the Boston Marathon Bib #, we had to pledge that we would raise at least $5,000. Michael is using the Crowd Rise fundraiser website as shown below:


Alright! - You made it here.  The hard part is almost over. Break out your favorite credit card and hit the DONATE button.  It's just that easy.

Know this:  Your donation makes a real impact. The Hopkinton Lions Club was founded on, and continues to live by, the motto "We Serve."  Members of the Hopkinton Lions Club live in and/ or work in the community and have forged strong bonds with their neighbors and local businesses. From performing hands-on service projects to providing emergency assistance to our neighbors in need, our community and environmental programs improve our community and the communities around us – as they protect the environment.   Please help the Hopkinton Lions and make a donation today!

Here are the ways you can donate:

Go to Michael’s Crowd Rise website link: https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/running-the-boston/michaelbordonaro


Send a check (payable to “Hopkinton Lions Club”) to the Hopkinton Lions Treasurer, Bill Muench: 16 Weybridge Lane, Hopkinton, MA 01748-1653

Questions: Contact Bill at William.muench@comcast.net or 508-259-3382

Every donation, even if it is just $10, will help Michael and the Hopkinton Lions reach its $5,000 goal.


Working hard for Hopkinton Homeowners

and the surrounding Communities.


Governor Baker Receives Award

BOSTON – Today, Governor Charlie Baker received the American Dream Award from Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston in recognition of the Baker-Polito Administration’s efforts to create more affordable housing across the Commonwealth.

“Our administration is grateful for the tremendous work that groups like Habitat for Humanity are doing to help bridge the gap between housing demand and housing supply across the Commonwealth,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “While our administration appreciates this recognition, there is more work to do and I look forward to partnering with the Legislature, local officials and stakeholders to increase housing production in Massachusetts.”

In December, the Baker-Polito Administration unveiled a new Housing Choice Initiative and its accompanying legislation An Act to Promote Housing Choices, which aims to substantially increase and incentivize housing production across the Commonwealth with a goal of creating 135,000 new units by 2025. The administration has also filed a housing bond bill seeking $1.287 billion in additional capital authorization to support development, and is on course to invest $1.1 billion over five years in affordable housing.

Help Wanted!
Snappy Dogs to Open Second Location... Downtown!
Now hiring!

As many of you have heard, Snappy Dogs is moving back to the center of town with its second trailer in the back parking lot of CVS. 

"But to do this, we need to hire a couple of great, friendly people," Teresa Boyce wrote today.


She and Lisa are looking for someone who wants be at the grill cooking their delicious hotdogs to order OR be at the front greeting people, handling money and orders, and setting them up with rolls.  

They are looking for someone Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:30-3:30.  Call the Snappy line at 617-383-SNAP if you want to have the best job ever!!   

Snappy season starts after Easter.  Call now!


See the video below for some very funny shtick from the "Dog" ladies.



Unofficial Directions from Cedar Street in Hopkinton
What did they do at the Fur Ball? Check it out here.
Two Pedestrians Struck in Parking Lot of Westford Academy
WESTFORD – Today at approximately 6:15 a.m. Westford Police responded to the parking lot at Westford Academy for a report that two pedestrians had been struck by a crossover vehicle.

Both pedestrians, two Westford females in their 60s, were transported to an area hospital with serious injuries; a dog that was with the women was killed.

The school was not open at the time of the crash and no students were involved. The driver, a male in his 60s remained on scene. No charges have been filed at this time.

This is an open and active investigation being conducted by the Westford Police Department, the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office and the Massachusetts State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Unit.

Working hard for Hopkinton Homeowners

and the surrounding Communities.



Payment Includes Millions in Restitution to Electric Customers

March 28, 2018 -- BOSTON – (March 28, 2018) - Viridian Energy, LLC, a competitive electricity supplier in Massachusetts, has agreed to pay $5 million to settle allegations of deceptive marketing and sales tactics that lured residents into costly contracts with high electricity rates, Attorney General Maura Healey announced today.

In an assurance of discontinuance, filed in Suffolk Superior Court on Friday, the AG’s Office alleges that Viridian Energy, through door-to-door sales, direct mail, and family-and-friend-based “network marketing” engaged in various deceptive and unfair sales tactics. The AG’s Office also alleges that consumers who switched to Viridian ultimately paid more for electricity than if they had stayed with their utility.

“This company sent salespeople to go door-to-door and trick residents into paying much more for their electricity,” AG Healey said. “Our settlement requires Viridian to pay back millions of dollars they owe customers for their deceptive tactics and false promises. We will continue to go after competitive electricity suppliers who violate our laws.”

According to the settlement, Viridian contracted with independent sales agents and instructed them to tell potential customers, including friends and family members, that signing up with the company would save them money over time. In fact, customers paid more than they would have if they had remained with their electric utility company’s basic service.

The AG’s Office also alleges that a third-party marketer hired by Viridian to market and sell its electricity supply door-to-door engaged in widespread misconduct, including falsely promising savings, falsely representing an affiliation with the customer’s utility company, switching customers to Viridian without authorization, and other aggressive marketing tactics.

Under the terms of the settlement, Viridian will pay a total of $5 million, including $4.6 million to provide restitution to affected customers. The remainder of the payment will go toward: offsetting the cost of the office’s investigation of Viridian; creating a new fund for future enforcement cases the office brings against competitive electric suppliers; and the state’s General Fund.

Viridian also has agreed not to market its electricity supply door-to-door in Massachusetts for the next two years, in addition to making several other changes to its marketing practices.

The AG’s Office has received hundreds of residential consumer complaints concerning the unfair and deceptive conduct of competitive electricity supply companies. AG Healey offers the following tips for residential consumers:

­­­ Check bills: Consumers should check to make sure that they have not been switched to Viridian or any other supplier without their consent. Consumers still receive bills from their local electric company even if they have been switched to a competitive supplier. Consumers can find out whether they have been switched to a competitive supplier by seeing if the name of a supplier appears in the “supply charges” or “generation charges” portion of their bill.

­­­ Protect personal information: Consumers should treat their electricity account number like their credit card information. An agent has the ability to switch you without your consent if this person gets your name and account number from your electricity bill.

­­­ Be cautious of sales tactics: Consumers should be aware that their electric company will not send representatives to consumers’ doors or call them on the phone to talk about electricity supply rates. If a representative contacts consumers about their electricity supply rates, this person most likely works for a competitive supplier.

­­­ Know your rights: Consumers should not let door-to-door sales persons into their home unless the consumer knows them personally. Consumers should contact local law enforcement authorities if the sales agent refuses to leave or the consumer believes that the sales agent poses a threat to the safety of the consumer or others.

The AG’s Office has returned millions of dollars to Massachusetts customers through its previous actions against competitive energy supplies. In January 2015, Just Energy agreed to pay $4 million in restitution to consumers for deceptive marketing and sales, entering consumers into agreements without their consent, and charging costly termination fees.

Any consumer or retailer with concerns about these deceptive marketing practices should file a complaint with the AG’s Office or call the consumer hotline at (617) 727-8400. Consumers with questions can also contact the Consumer Division of the Department of Public Utilities at (877) 886-5066.

Viridian cooperated with the AG’s investigation.

This case is being handled by Deputy Division Chief Nathan Forster, Assistant Attorney General Joseph Dorfler, Investigator Kristen Salera, and Division Chief Rebecca Tepper and all of AG Healey’s Energy & Telecommunications Division, along with Energy and Environment Bureau Chief Melissa Hoffer.

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Douglas B. Cook, 54

Douglas B. Cook, 54, of Hopkinton, MA passed away suddenly on March 25, 2018. He leaves behind his beloved family, wife Diane Stelfox Cook of Hopkinton, children, Noelle Cook, Peter Cook, and Katherine Cook of Mendon, Matthew Doyle of New York City and Brian Doyle of Hopkinton, his mother Sally Cook and brother Duncan Cook of West Falmouth. 

Doug was a proud graduate of the University of Maine, Orono. He earned two degrees: Forest Engineering and Civil Engineering. His love for the outdoors began in childhood, and continued during his time in Maine, where as a student, he started the business that would grow to be one of the largest forestry companies in New England, Cook Forest Products of Upton. Although Doug is remembered for being a hard worker, it is his love for family and friends, and his drive to do anything for them, that will be so greatly missed. He was a warm and strong presence everywhere.

Doug was a passionate skier and especially loved the woods of Jay Peak and introducing others to the thrill of being outdoors. He loved fishing from his Shamrock which he salvaged and rebuilt. He looked forward to OBH hockey.  

All are welcome to the wake at Chesmore Funeral Home, 57 Hayden Rowe Street in Hopkinton on Thursday, April 5 from 4 to 8 pm and to the memorial service on Friday, April 6 at 11 am at St. John’s Church 9 Glen Road in Wellesley. 

In lieu of flowers, gifts in celebration of Doug may be made to a forestry scholarship in his name. Donations may be made in his name to the University of Maine Foundation, Two Alumni Place, Orono, ME 04469-5792 or online at our.umaine.edu/cook

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Police Incidents 3/28/2018

Join us for a

Texas Hoe Down

On Saturday, April 7th

From 6-10 pm

At St. John’s Church Hall

Help support our Youth Group’s Mission Trip to Houston

Tickets are $10 at the door or

Buy a 50/50 ticket for $50 and admit 2 to the dinner

* Taco Bar * Live Music * Cash Bar *

* Silent Auction * Drawings * Heads or Tails * 50/50 *

* Friends * Fun * Good times *

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Dog Owners Take Note

Dog Owners of Hopkinton,


This is just a reminder that Friday, March 30th is the last day to get your dogs licensed for 2018 without being assessed a late fee of $25 (starting April 1st).  If you cannot make it to the office or do not think a mailed payment will arrive on time, make your payment online here.  Those residents over the age of 70 do not need to pay a registration fee but will still be assessed a late fee if your dog's registration is received after April 1st.


If you are worried that you sent it in but have not received anything back yet, it could just be that yours has not been sent out with the high volume of registrations coming in.  But don't hesitate to call and check if you want to know the status of your application.

If you have any questions on documentation you may need for your dog, feel free to call or email us and we can see what information we already have on file.



Connor B. Degan

Town Clerk,

Justice of the Peace, Notary Public,

Hopkinton Housing Authority,

Registrar of Voters, Records Access Officer

Town Clerk's Office

Town of Hopkinton

18 Main Street 

Hopkinton, MA 01748

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Middle School Teachers Warn of Budget Shortfalls

   March 27, 2018

Mr. John Coutinho, Chair

Hopkinton Board of Selectmen

18 Main Street

Hopkinton, MA 01748

Dear Mr. Coutinho,
We, the teachers of  the Hopkinton Middle School and Hopkinton Teachers Association wish to express our deep concerns regarding the proposed reduction to the Hopkinton School Budget. We are proud of the excellence of our school, and we firmly believe that cuts to the School budget, especially in a time of great need and growth in the district, will come as a detriment to student learning and achievement.
In particular, the Middle School will face many challenges that will directly and indirectly impact student learning, including the following:

Limited student access to critical resources with proposed cuts to the school library program
Elimination of a 6th grade Related Arts course resulting in a lost opportunity for students to gain critical knowledge and skills needed for success in a digital world.
Larger class sizes decreasing the opportunity for teachers to make meaningful connections, provide timely feedback, and individualized support, which would otherwise student growth and learning.
Revising Guidance Counselor’s job descriptions to have them in the classroom will leave less time for them to meet with students as individuals or in smaller groups which is imperative for adolescent growth and development.
Reintroducing a split academic team of both seventh and eighth grade students doubles the course load of involved teachers; also, decreased time for standards based lesson planning with academic peers will result in less academic rigor and directly impact testing results (i.e. MCAS) and student’s academic achievement; Special Education Teachers will need to make choices between supporting students in the classroom and attending required IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meetings, and will miss academic meetings critical to the success of special education students.
Elimination of a full-time Math teacher will decrease the opportunity for student remediation or enrichment.
Implementation of new initiatives specifically targeting student’s social and emotional growth, like an Advisory Program, will not be able to move forward.
We ask that you give careful consideration to these reductions so that the Hopkinton Public Schools can remain strong.
The Teachers of Hopkinton Middle School

Editor's note: Although we have not been able to ask selectman about this letter (They are currently in session), it might be good to note that the selectmen are not allowed to manage school affairs, as this letter might suggest to some. The school budget is voted on at Town Meeting. We are told by the author of the letter, Rebecca Abate, a teacher at the Middle School, that the information about the specific cuts came from Principal Alan Keller.

Working hard for Hopkinton Homeowners

and the surrounding Communities.


Live on Main with Tom Yates

Please enjoy a belated presentation of Live on Main with Tom Yates.
(The Editor performed on two songs with him.) 

March 27, 2018
Police Incident Log for 3/26/2018

John M. Eaton, 60

Upton - John M. Eaton, 60, of Upton, passed away Saturday, March 24, 2018. Born in Framingham, he was the son of the late Helen (Kenney) and Charles Eaton.

A graduate of Keefe Tech in Framingham, John was a proud Army Veteran. He had worked as a Master Electrician and was a member of the Local IBEW 96 of Worcester. He was a former employee for General Motors and had a passion for toy trains.

John is survived by two children, Daniel Eaton of North Attleborough, MA, and Katherine Eaton of Sarasota, FL. He also leaves behind 2 brothers, William Eaton of Groveland, MA, and Thomas Eaton of Conway, MA, along with several nieces and nephews. He is predeceased by two brothers, James and Michael Eaton, as well as his former wife and the mother of his children, Sandra Eaton.

Visitation will be held on Friday, March 30th from 5:00-8:00 p.m. at the Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton, 57 Hayden Rowe St. www.ChesmoreFuneralHome.com  A funeral mass will be celebrated at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 31st at St. John the Evangelist Church, Hopkinton. Burial will follow in Lake View Cemetery in Upton. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, 220 N Main St # 104, Natick, MA 01760 or www.cff.org 

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Tedy's Table

From Denise Antaki facebook page: "Ran 21 miles from Hopkinton yesterday and stopped at several Tedy's Team tables along the way. They all had high praises and appreciation for Callanan-Cronin Funeral Home hosting the Team on Marathon Mondays!!!"
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Planning Board Member Resigns
According to a source at this evening's Planning Board meeting, Chairman John Ferrari announced that  member Kelly Karp has resigned from the board, citing a new position, adding another open seat to the board (See Election 2018 button above), which began this election season with two open seats. Mr. Ferrari is checking on the process for appointments vs. election to that seat going forward, but said her resignation should change nothing before the board.

March 26, 2018 -- The Trails at Legacy Farms is going in front of the Planning Board this evening for approval of the project change that will allow it to swap approved siting of homes for another location in the parcel as part of their continued public hearing.

Spring Colors

Roses are red,
As can be a canoe,
I'm so sick of Winter,
Boo, hoo, hoo, hoo.
Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton

New Transactions from March 18, 2018 - March 26, 2018
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
7 Cross Street Katie Duval, Michael Duval $338,000 March 23, 2018 Jonathan Layton, Sara Layton
33 Primrose Circle Anuradha Bhogotu, Vinod Kumar Motukuri $661,535 March 20, 2018 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
  LAST WEEK       
45 Forest Lane Unit 40 Scott Aghababian, Elizabeth Aghababian   $434,000  March 15, 2018 Timothy W Kilduff 
46 Huckleberry Road  Haroon Chaudhry  $692,500 March 15, 2018  Joseph E Somerset, Wendy A Somerset 
12 Breakneck Hill Road  Bo Zhang, Pan Xiaofei  $730,000  Mach 15, 2018  Scott Aghababian, Elizabeth Aghababian   
10 Forest Lane Unit 15  Christi Miller  $427,250  March 14, 2018  Anne B Latham, Richard H Latham 
12 Autumn Ridge Drive  Vaidyanathan Ganapathy, Priya Laswaran  $535,000  Marc  14, 2018 Faye B Somers, Kenneth I Somers 

Working hard for Hopkinton Homeowners

and the surrounding Communities.


March 26, 2018
Incident Report 3/22
Police Incident Report 3/23 -- 3/25
No new Arrests
Class of 2020 Talent Show
(File photo of Lisie Michel, at 2005 show)

Thursday, April 5, 2018
Hopkinton High School Auditorium
- 6:30 to 9:30 PM
- $5 dollar entrance fee
- Anyone is welcome! Children under the age of 12 must have a parent with them.
- Proceeds help to support the Class of 2020
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Is this for Real?

by Robert Falcione

March 25, 2018 -- At first glance, this looks like your everyday pasture-raised, non-GMO, 2%-reduced fat, no artificial hormone, no toxic pesticide,  vitamin A&D added, ultra-Pasteurized milk from Byrne Hollow Farm in New York. And that is exactly what it is. But alas. the milk has a sell-by date of about 11 weeks from when I purchased my half-gallon a week ago. Perfect for this consumer, inasmuch my guest children and their parents left my home a couple of years ago, and so instead of rushing to the store every other day to replenish the milk, I now struggle to use enough in the 11-or-so-day usable life of the milk before it begins to turn to a solid. Not any more!

              I came upon the miracle milk while stopping at Water Fresh Farm in Hopkinton to pick up a container of their fresh salmon salad from the deli. To digress, may I say that the salmon salad is the best salmon salad I have ever had, and that is why I make a special trip there, even though there are other reasons -- like the zucchini bread and the peanut butter flats (not cups, but better) -- to visit. Before I leave the salmon salad to linger in the previous sentence, may I add that not only is it the tastiest salmon salad I have ever had, it is perhaps the tastiest of all forkfuls of any food I have ever had! Back to the remarkable milk.

             Out of all of the attributes of this most miraculous milk, it is the ultra-Pasteurization that gives it such longevity, ten times that of simple Pasteurization.

              Someone blessed with enough kids to drink the entire half-gallon or gallon of Pasteurized milk before it becomes an emetic, doesn't need to spend the extra for the miracle milk.

              But for others who have a low milk consumption, please raise your glasses and give a milk-toast to ultra-Pasteurization, the milk of tomorrow. And the next day. And two months from now. Here, here!

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BayPath on WBZ
2018 HHS Art Department Honors Exhibit At
Hopkinton Center for the Arts through April 11, 2018

Get a Sneak Peak of Talent at the HCA's Beatles to Bach Concert Sunday

Open Container of Pot in Vehicle= $500 fine

March 24, 2018 -- Lately, Officers have been finding more and more open marijuana in their motor vehicle stops. Majority of the time, those involved are under the impression that possession of marijuana carries no ramifications in Massachusetts.

If you’re going to be driving with weed in your car during your jaunts around town it would behoove (wicked smart word) you to educate yourself in all the legislative changes regarding marijuana. Just like alcohol, open container of marijuana carries a civil fine of $500 and you can absolutely be arrested and charged with Driving Under in Influence of Marijuana. Think twice before you put others in jeopardy. From HPDfacebook
 From HPDfacebook

Working hard for Hopkinton Homeowners

and the surrounding Communities.


March 24, 2018 -- Mary Jo Lafreniere, Teddy Campbell, Sheila Zarba-Campbell, Beth Watson, and Stephen Campbell (not pictured) participated in a demonstration against gun violence on Hopkinton Town Common at noon today, 3/24/18. Contributed content.
From facebook:
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Jazz Band Earns Silver

The Hopkinton High School Jazz Ensemble won a silver medal at the Massachusetts Association for Jazz Education (MAJE) State Finals held at Norwood High School and Coakley Middle School on Sunday, March 18th. This is the first time the ensemble has been to the State-level. This medal follows the ensemble's first-ever gold medal at the MAJE Central District I Senior Jazz Festival in February. Jeremy Dodge is the ensemble's director.
Come listen to this talented group perform at Hopkinton High School's Jazz Night on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the high school auditorium!
Check out performance from March 18. Contributed content.

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Foamy Falls

March 23, 2018 -- A photo excursion to Oxford earlier in the week yielded this photo of sparkling chunks of ice on the pond, and, to the casual observer of the falls, churning foam at its base. In reality it is not foam from water, but snow at the side of the road between the camera and the falls, mimicking foam.
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