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Legacy Farms Road North
Enjoy a scenic drive on dashcam on this beautiful day

Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian addresses national leaders at White House Office of National Drug Control Policy meeting
Session focused on Medication Assisted Treatment for the justice-involved

MEDFORD, Mass. – June 17, 2016 - Middlesex Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian was a lead presenter at a meeting of local, state and national leaders in Washington today on Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for justice-involved individuals.


The morning presentation was part of an expansive discussion on MAT in corrections, hosted by the White House Office of National Drug Control (ONDCP) Policy and held at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Among the speakers at today’s event were ONDCP Director Michael Botticelli and National Institute of Corrections Director Jim Cosby. The Middlesex Sheriff’s Office was one of just four jurisdictions from across the country invited to present on its MAT program, and Sheriff Koutoujian was the only presenter to also participate in both afternoon roundtables.


Sheriff Koutoujian spoke to attendees about the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office’s Medication Assisted Treatment and Directed Opioid Recovery (MATADOR) Program. MATADOR is a post-release program, which incorporates the use of an injectable form of Naltrexone (a long lasting, non-habit forming medication which blocks the effects of opioids), substance use counseling/programming and continuity of care for participants upon return to the community.


 “I want to thank the Obama Administration for it efforts to address the deadly opioid epidemic plaguing our communities, and ONDCP Director Botticelli for the invitation to present at this convening of national leaders,” said Sheriff Koutoujian. “Today's session was about innovation and collaboration between state, local and federal stakeholders in an effort to establish effective, successful MAT programs." Other jurisdictions invited to present on their MAT programs were the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, Connecticut Department of Corrections and Montgomery County (MD) Department of Correction and Rehabilitation.


Big Crowd at HCA

June 17, 2016 — The Hopkinton Center for the Arts had a great time on the occasion of their first Friday night festival, as NightRythym rocked the substantial crowd, the first of their summer jazz on Friday Nights. There is a short clip below. Above, we hid the Sun behind the post, but the time of day as well as the position of the Sun can be inferred from the very long shadows cast by the children standing in the center of the photo on both sides of the post.


Enjoy a Short Clip From Night Rhythm at the HCA Friday Night

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Great Dinner

June 17, 2016 — Troop 1 held its famous pasta dinner and silent auction on Friday night at the Faith Community Church.


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Incident Log Updated June 17, 2016

Emergency, dial 911 • Non-emergency, PD dial 508-497-3401, FD dial 508-497-2323


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

8 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

20 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home/Building Checks.

3 Motor Vehicle Accidents without personal injury.

2 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

2 Times the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

1 Time the Police participated in Community Relations or passenger safety.

ARRESTS <--- Click for arrests


Incident Log

Thursday, June 16, 2016

10:45 pm A caller reported that she was at her friend's house on Priscilla Road and they would not let her in to get her keys. Officer Philip Powers transported her to the police station to wait for her parents to pick her up.

10:20 pm A 911 caller from Daniel Shays Road reported hearing someone gain entry into their home through a sliding glass door and then began opening draws on the first floor. Three officers responded and advised that the residence was secure.

2:54 pm Officer Arthur Schofield advised of lost property on Lumber Street in regards to a previous investigation.

12:58 pm A motorist reported that an operator lost control of their truck, while launching/hooking up to a boat, at the boat ramp on Wood Street and now the vehicle was completely submerged. Five officers responded along with the Fire Department and the Environmental Police.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

7:23 pm A Spring Street resident reported hearing gunshots behind his house from someone possibly hunting. Two officers checked the area but did not hear any gunshots.

6:29 pm A caller from Davis Road reported that someone was yelling behind her house but was unsure where it was coming from. Two officers spoke with a homeowner and advised them to keep the noise down.

5:33 pm Two officers responded to Mayhew Street and arrested a 25 year-old male from Hopkinton for a Warrant.

5:09 pm A resident of Connelly Hill Road reported that there was a vehicle in his neighborhood that he didn't recognize. Two officers spoke with the operator of the vehicle who was just showing workers a job site.

4:55 pm Officer Stephen Buckley stated finding two dollars on the stairs out back.

4:08 pm A Meadowland Drive resident reported that there was a doll chained to a tree in her backyard. Officer Peter Booth responded to speak with the homeowner.

3:46 pm A caller reported that kids were hanging out by Echo Lake. Two officers responded and advised them to leave the area.

2:13 pm A caller reported witnessing a drug drop off that occurred ten minutes ago on Davis Road.

1:47 pm A 911 caller reported an erratic operator on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Alex Cruzvergara spoke with the operator who was a student driver.

10:21 am A walk-in reported losing a set of keys.

9:24 am A motorist reported that a moving truck was traveling on East Main Street with its rear door open. Officer Thomas Griffin checked the area with a negative find.

1:30 am A 911 caller from Sadie Lane reported that her doorbell rang and then the alarm beeped. Two officers checked the residence and found it secured.


David R. Jones, 46

David R. Jones, 46, died Sunday, May 1, 2016 at UMass Medical Center, Worcester.  Born in Framingham, he was the son of Ruth A. (Marshall) Jones of Hopkinton and  the late Timothy D. Jones.  He was a 1989 graduate of Joseph P. Keefe Technical School, Framingham, and was employed as a medical technician.  

Funeral services were private.  Arrangements were entrusted to the Callanan Cronin Funeral Home, Hopkinton.

(Previously presented without a photo.)

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TLC (The  learning Center of Hopkinton) holds Graduation and Awards Ceremonies

June 16, 2016 — The Learning Center of Hopkinton held a pre-school graduation, as well as achievements, recognitions and superlatives awards that covered not only the children, but the extensive staff as well. Below, on an excitement scale of 1-10, this child hit the meter at 12. Below that photo are the TLC graduates and other students. Need it be mentioned it was an Hawaiian themed ceremony?


Hopkinton Police Department Advises: Use your E-Brake!


  June 16, 2016 — This apparent mishap occurred at the boat ramp at Whitehall state Park in Woodville. It is not a shark's fin protruding from the water in the upper right of the photo, but a piece of granite shaped like one.

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Toll House Demolished

    June 16, 2016 —The 1830's "Toll House" at 123 East Main St. is finally demolished. Very sad to see almost 200 yrs. of history gone.  It was  built as the toll taker's house for the Central Turnpike, which ran from Wellesley into Connecticut - a major thoroughfare for the time, which marked a turning point  for Hopkinton, a primarily agricultural community entering into the industrial age. It was later the home of the Raftery family (Rafferty Rd.) who ran a dairy & owned the home for almost 98 yrs. before selling to Weston Nurseries. Contributed content.

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Kelsey Now at Uptown Salon & Color Studio in Claflin Common
Book now before someone else gets your time!
Found Dog

Everything was fine, well, almost fine. I (the dog in the photo) was running around Pond and Winter Streets after cleverly escaping from my collar and running as fast as I could, enjoying my new found freedom. One problem.

I ran so fast and far that I had no time to leave my scent on every mailbox and tree I passed. Now when I look back, I see roads going this way and that way. Whew! Which one did I come from?


My new, temporary home is wonderful. They have given me a brand new sofa to lay down  on and scratch.


They have fed me and given me water from a gigantic water bowl. And they have given me this huge rope-pull toy that I believe could belong to another, much larger dog.


Before I am forced to meet the other dog, which I assume could swallow me whole, please call the number below if you know who I am and know my owner. Or just call my owner and give them the number before this other dog gets hungry. I'll be hiding under the bed in the master bedroom.




Beautiful Harmonies

Hear a beautiful song performed movingly by Courtney Forsmo, Abigail Hennigan, Gwendolyn Maginnis, Grace McLaughlin at graduation. And then we fast-forward to the Graduation Declaration. 


A Quieter, More Satisfying Life  in Woodville



June 15, 2016 — Artist Roger Kabler moved from L.A to Woodville following a 30-year acting career in movies and TV, settling into the country life a few short miles from where he grew up.

"I've always painted. Painting is a quieter, more satisfying life, and this town is very scenic," says the Framingham native. Roger paints many pet and human portraits with a unique blend of realism and expressionism resonating from his oils. His studio is located in an historic landmark in Woodville. It is filled with artifacts; mostly bottles that Roger excavates from local old farm dumps.


 "I call it the Museum of Crap" he jokes. It also houses a gallery of Roger's artwork (see website).

Upon entering the studio, the visitor is struck by the originality and joy in Roger's work. The atmosphere is rustic and colorful; and there's always coffee; and souvenirs for visitors.






Kabler is becoming well known for his novelty painting called, "Mount Rushhour," featuring "chiseled" images of four of Boston's greatest sports figures embedded into the Blue Hills with the Boston skyline in the background, while rush hour traffic whizzes by. Prints of that unique painting are available on a website dedicated to people who would like a print of just that piece (Click on photo, left).


To tour the studio or discuss a unique painting commissioned just for you,  or the purchase of one or more of his many works, write him at RogerKabler@gmail.com  



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Incident Log Updated June 15, 2016

Emergency, dial 911 • Non-emergency, PD dial 508-497-3401, FD dial 508-497-2323


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

28 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

53 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home/Building Checks.

7 Motor Vehicle Accidents without personal injury.

5 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

7 Times the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

3 Times the Police participated in Community Relations or passenger safety.


Incident Log

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

11:33 pm A 911 caller from Wood Street reported that someone with a flashlight knocked on their door then left the area. Two officers responded to check the area and speak with the resident.

6:41 pm A female caller reported graffiti on a Parker Point Road building with the spray cans left on the ground and what looked liked a previous fire. Officer Brian Sanchioni responded to investigate.

6:06 pm Officer Aaron O'Neil spoke with a walk-in who had questions regarding technology.

3:22 pm A walk-in reported finding a license plate on the side of Grove Street.

2:48 pm A caller reported an erratic operator on West Main Street coming from Upton. Officer Alex Cruzvergara stopped the motor vehicle and spoke with the operator who said that she was fatigued and thought she would fall asleep. She was directed to a parking lot.

Monday, June 13, 2016

10:59 pm A Wood Street resident reported hearing strange sounds coming from the woods behind the highway garage and was concerned for his horses. A message was left with the Animal Control Officer.

6:33 pm A caller reported finding a hypodermic needle in the mulch behind a Main Street business. Officer Brian Sanchioni responded to dispose of it safely.

4:42 pm The store manager of a West Main Street gas station reported receiving a counterfeit $20 bill. Officer John Corridan responded to write a report.

3:05 pm Officer John Corridan spoke with a walk-in regarding the previous graffiti case.

11:34 am A caller reported that the street sign on Overlook Road was damaged. Officer Arthur Schofield responded and notified the Highway Department that the metal post needed to be replaced.

10:00 am A walk-in spoke with Officer Thomas Griffin regarding attempted fraud.

9:45 am A Briarcliff Drive resident reported receiving an IRS scam phone call.

8:21 am A Lumber Street business owner reported that someone stole wood he left at the job site over the weekend. Officer Arthur Schofield responded and wrote a report.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

11:56 pm Two officers spoke with the occupants of a motor vehicle on Main Street and subsequently arrested a 29 year-old female from Hopkinton and charged her with Possession of Class A Substance.

8:53 pm A caller reported that a customer, who appeared to be intoxicated, was harassing one of the employees of a West Main Street business. Two officers responded and checked the area for the vehicle with a negative find.

8:37 pm A motorist reported that an erratic operator passed him across a double yellow line on Wood Street.

7:24 pm A caller was concerned for an elderly driver who was traveling on the wrong side of the road and almost caused a head on collision on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Matthew Santoro checked the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.

1:40 pm A pedestrian complained about dogs at the town common walking around in violation of policies. Officer Arthur Schofield responded and spoke with the program leader.

11:16 am Officer Arthur Schofield removed trash that was illegally dumped on the side of School Street.

10:56 am A caller reported that a bucket truck was cutting down tree branches on Winter Street with no detail officer present. Officer Arthur Schofield responded to speak with the homeowner.

10:56 am Officer Stephen Buckley spoke with an individual on Walcott Valley Drive regarding an on-going investigation.

9:32 am A 911 caller on Davis Road reported that a five year-old child had gone missing and was unsure which direction they traveled in. Officer Stephen Buckley located the child and re-united them with the family.

12:12 am Officer Linda Higgins issued eight parking violations due to vehicles obstructing the path of emergency vehicles on South Barn Road.

12:07 am Sgt. Timothy Brennan placed an individual into protective custody on Granite Street.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

11:38 pm A resident of South Mill Street reported that his daughter was at an underage drinking party and was concerned about being on “the list” for school. Dispatch gave him some advice as all the officers were tied up with the party.

11:10 pm A caller complained about vehicles parking in the road on Granite Street and kids running through a yard. Two officers responded and stopped several youths leaving an underage drinking party. Subsequently, one individual was placed into protective custody.

9:46 pm A resident reported that vehicles were parked on South Barn Road obstructing traffic and there was loud music in the area. Three officers responded and stated that it was an underage drinking party.

8:47 pm A Hidden Brick Road resident reported hearing loud music. Officer Arthur Schofield advised that there was a graduation party in the area but did not hear any loud music playing.

5:01 pm A caller reported trucks driving around on a Fruit Street property in violation of a town by-law. Two officers responded and advised that there was no violation, a truck was just being dropped off for the “touch-a-truck” event tomorrow.

12:45 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Arthur Schofield regarding a job posting that had called her cell phone the other day and she then saw an article online saying it was a scam.

11:31 am A caller on West Main Street wanted an officer's assistance to remove an individual who was working on their vehicle in the parking lot. Two officers spoke with the property owner and advised that the owner of the vehicle had it towed away.

9:41 am A Saddle Hill Road resident reported mailbox damage, possibly from a delivery truck.

7:24 am A 911 caller reported that a man verbally assaulted a jogger in front of his house on Hayden Rowe Street. Two officers spoke with the individual and subsequently placed him into protective custody.

Friday, June 10, 2016

8:40 pm A walk-in reported that his friends cell phone had gone missing.

5:33 pm A walk-in from Downey Street spoke with Officer Matthew Santoro regarding an on-going neighbor dispute.

3:32 pm A 911 caller reported that a black sports car peeled out on Cedar Street and traveled in an unknown direction. Officer Matthew Santoro checked the area with a negative find.

4:48 pm A resident of Downey Street wished to speak with an officer regarding on-going issues with his neighbor.

3:30 pm A caller from West Main Street reported that her mother received an attempted IRS scam phone call.

2:17 pm Officer William Burchard spoke with an individual on Davis Road regarding an on-going issue.

1:39 pm Officer William Burchard investigated suspicious activity on Main Street.

9:43 am A 911 caller reported that a trailer with Maine license plates was driving on the wrong side of West Main Street multiple times throughout his travel. Officer Brian Sanchioni checked the area with a negative find on the vehicle.

8:47 am A Valleywood Road resident reported receiving an IRS scam message saying that she had a warrant out for her arrest.

2:48 am Sgt. Matthew McNeil attempted to locate an individual on Roosevelt Road for a warrant arrest but was unable to find them.

1:10 am A caller in the area of West Main Street reported that a vehicle was parked at the end of their street playing loud music, causing a disturbance. Officer Matthew McNeil responded but the vehicle was gone upon his arrival.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

7:32 pm A resident called back upset because vehicles were parked in a “no parking” zone again on Hayden Rowe Street.

6:20 pm A caller had a complaint about vehicles parking on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Peter Booth responded and advised the operators to move their vehicles.

5:22 pm A pedestrian reported that while she was walking down West Elm Street about half an hour ago a vehicle with three boys in it starting yelling at her and harassing her.

4:29 pm A resident reported hearing several S.O.S calls from a boat on Lake Whitehall in the area of Winter/Wood Street. Sgt. Aaron O'Neil responded and advised that he could see another boat towing the distressed boat back to shore.

4:13 pm A caller reported that a big truck was blocking the roadway on West Elm Street. Officer Brian Sanchioni responded and advised that the operator was on his way.

2:24 pm A female resident reported vandalism in the form of graffiti to the “slow children sign” on North Mill Street.

9:33 am A caller wished to alert the bus company that she witnessed a bus driver texting while driving today.

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We hope you will join us this Friday, June 17 on our new patio for a rocking concert!

Boston's premiere dance band NightRhythm will get the festivities going with music from Top 40 hits to popular dance music from the 80s to today's latest hits. 

Other activities include:

  • Music from NightRhythm on the outdoor patio from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

  • Treats available for purchase from the Uxbridge First Night Food Truck (Tacos!) and Juniper Hills Ice Cream Truck.

  • Raffle prizes! -- Win a Princess Party for Eight, Summer Adventure Package (includes one week kids art class), or our Art Lovers Package (includes a summer workshop of your choice for a teen or adult). Prizes valued between $200 and $375!!! Raffle tickets are $5 each, or 5 for $20.

  • Spin the Wheel for FREE give-a-ways!

  • Face painting for the kids.

  • Free balloons courtesy HopMoms.

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Summer Band Gearing Up

The 12th annual Hopkinton Summer Band had its first rehearsal last night. New members (students and adults) are still welcome to join.
Show up at the next rehearsal Tuesday. 7:00pm high school band room


The Sale Is On!  
Saint John's Rummage Sale continues daily at the parish hall on Church St from 9am to 7pm.  Huge selection of items with new arrivals every day.  The sale goes to this Friday, June 17.  Come on down!

St. Paul’s to Host Public Hearing on Refugee Crisis June 26

HOPKINTON, MA (June 14, 2016) --- On June 26 at 3:00 p.m. at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church will be hosting a Public Hearing on the Refugee Crisis. This event, modeled on Congressional Hearings, will be a town- and region-wide event to examine the refugee crisis led by three outstanding “expert witnesses” with questions by a panel of Christian and Muslim clergy. There will be an opportunity for questions and statements from the floor. The hearing is free and open to the public. The Hopkinton Center for the Arts is located at 98 Hayden Rowe Street in Hopkinton.

Expert witnesses will be:

Lisa Brenan of Ascentria Care Alliance (photo, left), the largest refugee and immigrant resettlement agency in Worcester (a church-based agency). Brenan will address the refugee resettlement process from vetting applicants to getting them to be self-sustaining, including the question of “Is it safe to allow Syrians and others into the country?”

Professor Westy Egmont of Boston College School of Social Work, the Governor’s Advisory Council, President of the International Institute of Boston and NH and for eleven years a commentator on WBZ-TV. Egmont will discuss how New Americans assimilate to their new home country and what their economic impact is on the US.

Jeff Jacoby is an op-ed columnist for the Boston Globe and an important voice for conservative and libertarian ideas in New England. Jacoby will talk about the moral aspects of the refugee crisis.

“A lot of people have questions and fears about the refugee crisis and refugee resettlement, and so we’ve planned this hearing to address their concerns,” said the Rev. Gordon Schultz of St. Paul’s. “The three witnesses are acknowledged experts in their fields, and as they represent different points of view, should help the public understand the issues in greater depth. We also plan to allow time for the public to not just listen, but also speak on these critical issues.”

St. Paul’s Episcopal church is located at 61 Wood Street (Rte. 135) in Hopkinton. For more information call 774-253-4432 or visit www.stpaulhopkinton.org .

Touch-A-Truck and Food Truck Festival Raises $14,000

for the Renovation and Expansion of Hopkinton Public Library



Check out one of the features at the truck and food festival, The Roaming Railroad, above.


June 14, 2016, Hopkinton, Mass. – Hopkinton Public Library Foundation’s 5th Annual Touch-A-Truck and Food Truck Festival raised $14,000 for the restoration, renovation and expansion of Hopkinton Public Library, now under construction.  The event hosted 2000 kids and adults on Sunday, June 12, 2016, at the Hopkinton High School Parking Lot. 

Thank you to all the families who attended Touch-A-Truck in support of Hopkinton Public Library, the generous businesses who sponsored the event and donated their time and trucks to make this such a successful day, and the numerous volunteers from the Hopkinton middle and high schools!

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     Today, Paul Mastroianni land owner of 77 West Main Street and 1 Lumber Street, confirmed that he has under agreement, the property at Elmwood Park owned by Finley Perry, who has been offering the approximately 7 acres through realtor Ria McNamara, who has pitched it as an ideal hotel site for $2million.  Mr. Mastroianni wanted to be clear that although the real estate is under agreement, the papers have not been passed.


Reed Park


June 14, 2016 — This Petrine Cross was painted on the wall of a facility at Reed Park, not known as one of Hopkinton's showcase parks, where doors are ripped off of a building, fires are set, and grass grows in the cracks of the tennis court asphalt. The cross, once attributed to St. Peter's preference to being crucified upside-down, has also been used by anti Christian groups, heavy metal bands and satanic movies.

Mouse over the image to see the commercial site at the top of the image (Legacy Park) traded for housing. Legacy Farms is beginning the approval process over since the election due to 2 members resigning before the election.

 13th Annual Sharon Timlin Memorial Event is taking place this Saturday, June 18th 
Parking/Traffic Alert
Reminder: Saturday, June 18, 2016, Hopkinton High School:

The 13th Annual Sharon Memorial 5K Race/Walk and Family Fun Day to Cure ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).

Please note that traffic will be heavier than usual. There will be a section of   Hayden Rowe Street (Route 85) from Grove Street to Chestnut Street that will be closed for approximately 30 minutes beginning at approximately 8:25 AM.

Police will be available to redirect traffic through these areas.


13th Annual Sharon Timlin Memorial Event: Saturday June 18, 2016 8:30 AM

Help us Raise money to find a cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). 


  • AVOID TRAFFIC AND PARKING HASSLES: Ride your bike and take advantage of the secure bike valet! Open from 7 AM until Noon. 

  • Great raffle and silent auction items will be available at the event on the family fun day field.

  • Honored guests at event: Mike Timlin (former MLB pitcher) and his family

  • Live music by local Hopkinton band, Hot Acoustics with back up band,

  • Dunk your favorite teacher on the family fun day!!

  • FUN FOR ALL AGES!!! Games, Crafts, Obstacle Courses, Food and much more. 

  • Event is held rain or shine!

Schedule of Events: (For those that are able to, packet pick up can be done on Thursday, June 16th at PR Running in Westborough and Friday, June 17th at Webster First Credit Union, Hopkinton (Price Chopper Plaza): See web site for details.)

7:00 AM: Event opens (packet pick up, bike valet)

8:30 AM: 5K Race begins and family fun day opens

9 AM: Dunk tank opens

10 AM: Kids color run 

11:30 AM: Raffle/Silent Auction Closes


Muslim Americans strongly condemn the horrendous crime in Orlando,
express deepest condolences to the victims and their families

BOSTON- June 13, 2016 — The community and leaders of the Islamic Mausemeen Center of New England [Wood Street, Hopkinton], Imamia Muslim Foundation and Masumeen Trust join all Americans in condemning the senseless act of violence perpetrated in Florida today against fellow human beings. Such criminal acts against any human beings are against all belief systems of the world.

We Muslim Americans will not allow ourselves to be represented by anyone who commits acts of violence in the name of our faith, particularly in the holy month of Ramadan which demands compassion, love and forgiveness from its followers.
Our hearts grieve for the victims and their families and we pray for God’s mercy for them.
We demand that the perpetrators of the crime and their ideological mentors be dealt with according to the full force of the law.
– Maulana Agha Mehdi, Imam, Islamic Masumeen Center of New England [right in file photo]
– Dr. Sarwat Husain, President, Imamia Muslim Foundation
– Mahmud Jafri, Trustee, Masumeen Charitable Trust [left in file photo]

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Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton and Surrounding Towns

Compiled for HopNews.com © 2016 All Rights Reserved
New Transactions from June 6, 2016 - June 13, 2016
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
29 Autumn Ridge Drive unit 12 Tejo Panini Nemalikanti, Satyashree Satyavolu $665,000 June 10, 2016 Michael Hafkin, Luba Hafkin
14 Morningside Lane unit 219 Arun Kumar Ashok Kumar, Kinjal Rajesh Vaman Mehta $525,000 June 10, 2016 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
2 Brogden Road Alexander Moheban, Jill Habelow $648,200 June 10, 2016 Richmond Development Corp.
2 Brogden Road Richmond Development Corp. $95,000 June 10, 2016 Steven A. Hickey, Cross Street Realty Trust
51 Trailside Way unit C Detlef Rethage, Alicia Rethage $220,000 June 8, 2016 Monica G. Alley
74 Howe Street Shaun E. Adamec, Elizabeth A. Adamec $555,000 June 8, 2016 Efstathios Sinos, Vivian A. Sinos
156 Captain Eames Circle unit A Paul Kenney, Marianne Kenney $275,000 June 7, 2016 Lisa Klein
No New Transactions        
4 Knowlton Circle unit B Shin Hyuk Park, Gloria S. Park $301,000 June 10, 2016 Brian Evans, Andrea Evans
8 Dogwood Drive Alejandra I. Echezuria, Lavelle Charles $605,814 June 9, 2016 Crosswinds Properties LLC
55 East Street Douglas D. Kanner $445,000 June 9, 2016 Robert J. Driscoll, Christine M. Driscoll
138 Glenview Street Jeffrey P. Grillo, Samantha Ginger $624,500 June 8, 2016 Eric T. Dahl

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Coach Offers Kudos


After the season was over, both Alyssa and Mattie made videos of their post-season dives, and we submitted them for All American consideration.  Unlike swimming, which has a specific time standard, for diving, and independent panel reviews each submission from the submissions from all over American, and determines the Top 100 divers.  To have two divers for consideration is just incredible!!


We found out on Friday, that Alyssa Annenberg is a National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association All American Diver.  (http://www.niscaonline.org/AALists/2016/GDive16.htm) This means she is one of the Top 100 divers in the high school, in the USA.  Even though Mattie Stauss was not chosen, her performance was so close to earning the same honor.


This is the FIRST time in the history of the program, that there has been an All Americans.  You'd have to go back to 2005, when Sean Terry's State Record Breaststroke win, was up for All American Consideration.


Congratulations to both young ladies on an incredible season, and to Alyssa for this incredible honor!!


Coach King


(picture has Alyssa on the left, and Mattie on the right from the State Meet)



Ready to Serve

June 13, 2016 — With the latest opening of Hillers Pizza, owner Petros Sismanis, his wife Eleni, and daughters Sophia and Daphne would like to thank the Town of Hopkinton for their continued support over the past two decades:

"As a long time small business owner in the town, and long-term manager of the former Dino's Pizza, my family and I have been able to participate in a number of charity events, the Special Olympics, and town fundraising events for the schools, town sports, and non-profit organizations. 

"As we begin our newest adventure with Hiller's Pizza, we would like to extend our gratitude to the community for your support over the years, and we look forward to seeing you in Hillers."


The Promise

June  13, 2016 — The colors of an egg, this water lily on North Mill Street reaches for the sky and promises new life, a sharp contrast to the representation of evil that was painted on a street sign four days ago just a  few hundred feet away.


Water Fresh Farm Marketplace
151 Hayden Rowe Street
Fresh produce from the farm every Sunday
(and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, too!)

Personal Services 

June 12, 2016 —Three and a half year-old Camilo Herr Padilla (no relation, we asked) joined hundreds of other kids today at the festival in the Hopkinton High School parking lot.


Imagine a Tennis and Swim Club on Lumber Street on Lot 7 of the Master Plan
Now mouse-over and see the overhead drawing of  the club

Man's Best Insect Friend

June 12, 2016 — Dragonflies enjoy wet or swampy areas that contain a lot of insects. They enjoy eating an entire area full of mosquitoes.

June 12, 2016 — This great blue heron off of South Mill Street has its eyes on the prize, a fish which will mistake the bird's slender legs for stalks of swamp grass or reeds.

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State Police Statement on Orlando Shooting

Orlando shooter referenced Tsarnaev brothers during rampage*

During a conference call with federal law enforcement officials a short time ago, Massachusetts State Police and other local law enforcement authorities learned that the Orlando nightclub gunman, during his rampage, pledged allegiance to ISIS and referenced the Tsarnaev brothers, the terrorists who exploded bombs at the 2013 Boston Marathon. In light of that information, the Commonwealth Fusion Center continues to share information and intelligence with federal authorities investigating the Orlando terrorist act as well as with police assigned to the Boston Regional Intelligence Center.


As previously stated, the names of the gunman and his wife did not appear in any databases of potential terrorist suspects maintained by local authorities; however, law enforcement agencies in Massachusetts continue to work with federal authorities to learn more about the nature of the statement about the Tsarnaev brothers attributed to the Orlando terrorist.

* Omar Mateen has been identified as the alleged gunman.


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Domestic terrorism eyed



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