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The Sky’s the Limit Courtyard Project offers

Final Round of Engraved Bricks & Seeks Leadership Gifts


In an effort to wrap-up fundraising efforts and put the finishing touches on the Sky’s the Limit Courtyard, engraved bricks are once again available for purchase.

The engraved brick program has been our most successful fundraiser to date. The first round of brick orders netted $40,000,” said Maryellen Grady, assistant principal at Hopkinton Middle School. “There have been many inquiries for ordering bricks recently, so we have decided to offer engraved bricks again.”

This round of brick sales combined with leadership gift donations of $1,000 and above are the key to bringing full functionality to the courtyard,” stated Kim Pucci co-chair of the project. “While the courtyard will be open for general use in late fall, these donations are critical to installing full electrical and irrigation systems, shrubbery, and outdoor classroom features such as raised garden beds, convertible benches and outdoor teaching stations.”

Engraved bricks will be placed in the courtyard walkway. Leadership gift donations will be listed on a professionally designed donor recognition sign at the entrance to the courtyard, and on the website (Video of students working on project during summer).

Those interested in purchasing a brick should visit http://tinyurl.com/hms-sky click the Buy-A-Brick tab, print and mail/drop off the order form to Hopkinton Middle School. The deadline is Friday, October 30th. Online orders are not available. To make a leadership gift donation contact Maryellen Grady directly at mgrady@hopkinton.k12.ma.us.


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Washer/Drier Combination

October 5, 2015 — Three cormorants, two of which are holding their water-logged wings out to dry before flying, enjoy the company of a few preening Canada geese at North Pond on the northern side of the West Main Street causeway this afternoon.


Lower Back Pain? You are Invited!

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Selectmen Vote to Put School and Fruit Street Parks and Rec Facility on Ballot

October 6, 2015 - Selectmen Voted last evening to place two questions on the Special Town Election on November 9, 2015. One will be a vote on the new elementary school, and the other will be on a Fruit Street Athletic Facility, below.

Health and Fitness

Hopkinton vs Holliston is up for game of the week for Fox 25.
Please vote and please spread the word!!

Follow this link or just go to Fox 25 website 



Go Hillers!!


Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton and Surrounding Towns

Compiled for HopNews.com © 2015 All Rights Reserved
New Transactions from September 28, 2015 - October 5, 2015
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
10 Dogwood Way unit 110 Hongsong Chou, Weisheng Xu $510,000 Oct. 5, 2015 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
304 Hayden Rowe Street Ralph W. Vezina III $462,000 Oct. 2, 2015 Julien Bradley, Lisa Bradley
29 Blueberry Lane Nicholas Baseel, Maria Baseel $640,000 Oct. 2, 2015 Geoffrey S. Disch, Eileen A. Coughlin Disch
8 Walcott Valley Drive unit 4 Sharron Schofield $217,000 Sept. 30, 2015 Wanda L. Nolet
3 Morse Lane David A. DiGregorio, Laura T. DiGregorio $569,900 Sept. 30, 2015 Michael S. Pandolfi, Karen K. Pandolfi
42 Grove Street Jerry Reubon Varner $290,000 Sept. 30, 2015 Barbara E. Carusi
71 West Elm Street Andrew F. Forti, Kristen C. Forti $634,000 Sept. 30, 2015 Douglas B. Gorham, Linda B. Gorham
6 B Street Arthur T. Kuivanen, Katherine T. Herrick $313,000 Sept. 30, 2015 Peter A. Hebert, Heather H. Hebert
32 Connelly Hill Road Sean Clarke $1,125,000 Sept. 30, 2015 Connelly LLC
2 Dogwood Way Nikhil Bindal, Fnu Ruchi $523,530 Sept. 30, 2015 Pule Homes of New England LLC
4 Lorigan Road Silver Birch Management LLC $180,000 Sept. 30, 2015 Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association
1 Carol Ann Drive Francisco C. Melon, Maureen M. Melon $425,000 Sept. 29, 2015 Thomas J. Ellam, Susan S. Ellam
21 Hearthstone Road Joseph Srodawa, Susan M. Uptain $760,000 Sept. 28, 2015 Christopher A. Lindon, Diana G. Lindon
11 Bellview Heights Paul Norris, Karyn J. Norris $359,900 Oct. 5, 2015 Rebeca G. Breslin Clemons
59 Braeburn Lane unit 4E Christopher J. Deady, Rhoda J. Deady $482,000 Oct. 2, 2015 Beth Ann Brescia, Evelyn E. Debenian,
59 Braeburn Lane Realty Trust
166 Prospect Street Rachael Mona Grace $315,000 Oct. 2, 2015 Michael C. Hoffman, Kathleen Hoffman
10 Algonquin Trail unit A David J. Lindbergh, Suzana Marusic $296,900 Oct. 1, 2015 Laxmi Pramod Bhavanam, Padma Praveena Bhavanam
155 Cherry Street Denise M. Comeau, Susan C. Atherton $550,000 Oct. 1, 2015 Richard A. Comeau
20 Prospect Heights David J. Johansson, Hayley A. Johansson $269,500 Sept. 30, 2015 Allan R. Bailey, Donna L. Beales
144 Oregon Road Richard McCluskey $310,000 Sept. 30, 2015 M G Kane Properties Inc.
79 Arrowhead Circle unit D Joseph J. Barry, Jodi R. Edelstein $339,000 Sept. 30, 2015 Richard A. Vieira, Camille M. Vieira
248 Algonquin Trail Wael Hemdan $299,900 Sept. 30, 2015 Youngho Chung
56 East Bluff Road unit 26-A Rodrigo Villar, Veronica Miyasike Dasilva $275,000 Sept. 30, 2015 Milargros Elisse Carmona
112 Pleasant Street unit 2 Fernanda D. Nogueira $265,000 Sept. 30, 2015 Darlene L. MacDonald, Elizabeth U. MacDonald
93 Braeburn Lane unit 2H Ruth A. Maloof $475,000 Sept. 29, 2015 Helen R. Kaplan
92 Algonquin Trail unit 66C Anandan Rangasamy, Kanimozhi Murugan $285,000 Sept. 29, 2015 Karla C. Fettig
136 Woodland Road Michael Kearney $235,000 Oct. 2, 2015 Jean M. Vacca, Carmine Schembri
78 Fisher Road Sandeep Jain, Preeti Jain $970,000 Oct. 2, 2015 Thomas Swaney II, Kelly D. Swaney
11 Harris Drive Caley Eaton $301,000 Sept. 30, 2015 Nancy E. Demattia
9 Mount Vickery Road Timothy K. Black, Shelby E. Black $450,000 Sept. 30, 2015 Kendall Homes Inc.
24 Liberty Drive Michael Braun, Amelia Braun $757,500 Sept. 29, 2015 Alexander Lopatin, Yelena Lopatin
114 Hopkinton Road Lisa Jones $200,000 Oct. 2, 2015 Stedman Briggs, Susan Briggs
65 North Street Daniel A. Basoli, Elicia E. Basoli $540,000 Sept. 30, 2015 Willis P. Putney III, Amy L. Putney
15 Nelson Street Clifford B. Woody, Elizabeth K. Woody $292,000 Sept. 30, 2015 Timothy P. Gorman, Robin Anne Gorman
5 Pierce Lane Bradley Pelletier, Kyle Pelletier $414,900 Sept. 30, 2015 Robert W. Schare, Susan Schare
179 South Street Michael J. Palmieri Jr., Jodi D. Palmieri $585,000 Sept. 30, 2015 David E. Hanson, Martha J. Gilbertson Hanson
32 Williams Street Katherine D. Howie, Michael V. Kraft $279,000 Sept. 29, 2015 Michael J. Kelley, Jacqueline A. Kelley
17 Picadilly Street Stephen M. Bonina Jr., Julia M Wilkinson $250,000 Sept. 29, 2015 Gregorio Giombetti, Lauren Giombetti


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Incident and Arrests Updated today, October 4, 2015

Emergency, dial 911 • Non-emergency, PD dial 508-497-3401, FD dial 508-497-2323 

The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.
7 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, person, or outside Police agency.
25 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home/Building Checks.
2 Motor Vehicle Accidents without personal injury.
2 Disabled Motor Vehicles.
1 Time the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

Arrest Log

Sunday, October 4, 2015

12:32 pm Officer Arthur Schofield arrested Branden Stevens, 26, of Linden Street, West Haven, CT, on West Main Street for a Warrant.

12:32 pm Officer Philip Powers arrested Bryce Alexander Laister, 23, of Moritz Place, Fairfield, CT, on West Main Street for a Warrant.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

8:14 pm Officer John Corridan arrested Jesse Daniel Wassarman, 19, of Coolidge Road, Milford, on West Main Street and charged him with Larceny by Embezzlement and Attempting to Commit a Crime.

2:53 am Officer John Moran arrested Richard B. Agyemang, 30, of Denmark Street, Worcester, on Main Street and charged him with Criminal Harassment.

Incident Log

Sunday, October 4, 2015

2:02 pm A walk-in reported finding a wallet on Main Street. The owner was tracked down and retrieved it.

2:02 pm A caller complained about loud music from the farmers market.

12:32 pm Officer Arthur Schofield was flagged down by a passing motorist who stated that two occupants of a motor vehicle on West Main Street were yelling. Two officers responded and subsequently arrested a 26 year-old male from West Haven, CT for a Warrant and a 23 year-old male from Fairfield, CT for a Warrant.

1:52 am The Police Department received a suspicious call from the DPW fax with just static on the line. Two officers checked the building and advised that it was secure.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

10:01 pm Multiple callers reported gunshots or fireworks in the Fruit Street area for the last twenty minutes. Officer John Moran responded and confirmed with the Southborough Police Department that it was fireworks at St. Mark's which was just wrapping up.

8:14 pm A West Main Street business reported that they have an employee who stole money. Two officers responded and subsequently arrested a 19 year-old male from Milford and charged him with Larceny by Embezzlement and Attempting to Commit a Crime.

12:31 pm A resident of Davis Road reported losing a black wallet.

11:59 am Two officers spoke with a victim of fraud.

10:27 am A Teresa Road resident reported that three youths just rang their doorbell then hid behind their stone wall. Officer Matthew McNeil responded and spoke with the three boys involved.

2:53 am Dispatch reported observing a vehicle pull into the Police Department parking lot and remain there with the engine running while not parked in a parking spot. Another vehicle pulled into the lot, turned around, then proceeded to do a u-turn then stop in the middle of Main Street. Three officers responded and subsequently arrested a 30 year-old male from Worcester and charged him with Criminal Harassment.

Friday, October 2, 2015

10:28 pm Officer John Moran issued a motor vehicle a parking ticket on Church Street.

7:14 pm A caller reported that two car loads of teenagers were at College Rock. Three officers spoke with five juveniles and advised that a small amount of marijuana was destroyed at the scene and they were all picked up by their parents.

6:35 pm A caller wished to speak with an officer regarding suspicious activity in their neighborhood.

4:36 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer John Moran regarding a parking citation that he issued to her vehicle.


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Freedom Tower

October 5, 2015 — Nancy Drawe, right, shares a photo of her and Sally Drawe taken at Freedom Tower during her recent trip to New York. It is difficult to determine which one is holding the camera.

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Green Canoe Found

Hopkinton Police are seeking to reunite a green canoe found at Lake Whitehall in May with its heretofore unknown owner.
If you are its owner, please call Detective David Shane and tell him the brand of your green canoe, describe other identifying features he may ask for, and then go retrieve your vessel.
Det. Shane can be reached at 508-497-3401 Ext. 1296

Worth the Wait


October 5, 2015 - A long line of children waiting for a ride on a fire engine was alleviated by a long line of fire engines making the loop at the Hopkinton Fire Department's Open House on Sunday.

Health and Fitness


Master and Mascot

October 4, 2015 — Milford Regional Medical Center CEO Frank Saba and hospital mascot Mr.Moose MD, pose for a photo at today's open house. Below, one happy boy was among hundreds who received a plush moose just for stopping by for a tour.


Seeking Its Own Level

October 4, 2015 — This photo of Fiske Mill Pond was taken today with a slow shutter speed (1/15 of a second) to turn the flowing water into the look of angel hair, as it falls down the dam at the Nipmuc Rod and Gun Club.

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Practice Makes Perfect

October 4, 2015 — Merrick Histen, 2 1/2, tries out Tom McIntyre's antique fire engine at the Fire Department's open house Sunday to practice for his role as a fireman on Halloween.

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Hopkinton 28, Medway 0

Senior QB Jake Kelleher threw two touchdowns to Matt Lindquist while Jack Vaccarri had a 70 yard punt return for a touchdown to pace Hopkinton over Medway 28-0 in Friday night action.  The Hiller defense pitched their first shut out of the year led behind Jack Guelfi's 10 tackles.  Connor Hebert scored a 13 yard TD and San Lehman rushed for over 100 yards.  The Hillers take on TVL rival, Holliston next Friday at Dave Hughes  Stadium. 


    State Police Investigate Hit and Run Fatal in Shelburne

Yesterday at about 3:40 p.m., State Police from the Shelburne barracks responded to a three-vehicle crash on Route 2 in Shelburne resulting in one fatality.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Peter McMahon indicates that WYATT PEASE, 20, of Buckland was traveling on Route 2 West in a 1994 Nissan Altima at a high rate of speed when his vehicle rear-ended a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am, pushing that vehicle into the eastbound travel lane. The Pontiac was then struck by a 2004 Honda Odyssey, which was traveling eastbound at the time.


The operator of the Pontiac, SARAH SESSIONS, 51, of Heath, was transported to Baystate Franklin Medical Center where she was subsequently pronounced dead. The operator of the Honda, a 64-year-old woman from Shelburne, was also transported to BFMC for treatment of serious injuries.


Following the crash, PEASE, fled the scene but was later located and subsequently placed under arrest on the following charges:
1. Motor Vehicle Homicide by Negligent Operation
2. Motor Vehicle Homicide by Reckless Operation
3. Operating Under the Influence of Liquor
4. Leaving the Scene of a Crash Involving Personal Injury or Death
5. Leaving the Scene of a Personal Injury Crash
6. Speeding
7. Following Too Closely

PEASE, who was uninjured in the crash, was held on $5000.00 bail pending his arraignment in Greenfield District Court on Monday.



"No More Hurting People... Peace"



To the editor,

I wanted to share with you and your readers our day last Saturday, where my wife Laura, myself and our children attended the unveiling of the statue honoring Martin Richard at Bridgewater State University and the dedication of the Martin Richard Institute for Social Justice.  


In the attached picture are our children Cameron, Jack & Katie.  I am a graduate from BSU in '93 along with Bill & Denise Richard, where we met and have remained friends since.  It was a day filled with inspiration and celebration.  My hope in contacting you today is to help relay Martin's message.

Here is a link to more info about the day and all surrounding it if you or your readers are interested: http://www.bridgew.edu/martin-richard/


Bruce Connolly

188 Ash Street

October 3, 2015

Health and Fitness
Friends of Whitehall Fall Clean-up Oct. 17th 2015

The Friends of Whitehall will have their 11th annual fall clean-up on Sat. Oct 17th from 9 a.m. until noon. Please join us at the boat landing at Whitehall State Park on Wood St (Rte.135) in Hopkinton for a little pre-Halloween fun and work! Our goal will once again be to pick up trash and debris from the trails and shoreline around Lake Whitehall. The lake and trails were heavily used this summer so we will have quite a bit to do. We will also clean up some roadsides near the lake.


Bug spray, gloves, trash bags, tools and water will be provided. Coffee, hot chocolate and doughnuts will be available before we begin. We hope that we will have many volunteers to help us with this effort. Friends of Whitehall is very proud to have received the “Shared Stewardship Award” from the Department of Conservation and Recreation in April and we hope this clean-up will continue to warrant the honor for FOW.


The Friends of Whitehall was started in 2005 and our main mission is to preserve, protect and improve the wonderful natural resource of Lake Whitehall and its surrounding area. Please visit our website www.friendsofwhitehall.org  or join us on Facebook to learn more about us. We are a non-profit 501c (3)organization. We always welcome new members and hope you will consider joining us. Membership forms may be downloaded from our website.

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Taking Back Time Trailer

Important PSA!NZ: September 27AU: October 4UK: October 25US: November 1Video: Nacho Punch

Posted by Timely on Friday, September 25, 2015
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Incident and Arrests Updated today, October 1, 2015

Emergency, dial 911 • Non-emergency, PD dial 508-497-3401, FD dial 508-497-2323


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

7 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, person, or outside Police agency.

24 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home/Building Checks.

3 Motor Vehicle Accidents without personal injury.

1 Time the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

2 Times the Police participated in Community Relations or passenger safety.

Arrest Log

Thursday, October 1, 2015

10:14 pm Officer Peter Booth arrested Kaitlyn M. O'Connor, 25, of Whitwell Street, Quincy, on Main Street and charger her with Marked Lanes Violation, Speeding in Violation of Special Regulation and OUI Liquor, 2nd Offense.

Incident Log

Thursday, October 1, 2015

10:19 pm Two officers spoke with a resident of Amherst Road regarding a loud music complaint.

10:14 pm Officer Peter Booth stopped a motor vehicle on Main Street and subsequently arrested a 25 year-old female from Quincy and charged her with Marked Lanes Violation, Speeding in Violation of Special Regulation and OUI Liquor, 2nd Offense.

9:09 pm Multiple 911 callers reported fireworks in the area of North Street. Officer William Burchard responded and spoke with the home owner.

5:59 pm Multiple 911 callers reported that a tractor trailer unit hit a stone wall on Wood Street causing the rocks to land in the roadway. The DPW was notified and Officer Peter Booth advised that he could not locate the vehicle.

5:07 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer William Burchard regarding an incident of fraud.

3:33 pm A 911 caller reported a hit and run motor vehicle accident on South Street. Three officers responded to speak with the victim and write a report.

10:26 am A Grove Street resident reported that items were being seized at his home and requested an officer respond and make sure no problems arise. Officer Linda Higgins responded to assist.

6:45 am A female caller was concerned about a school van that was driving erratically while picking up students on Wood Street. Two officers checked the area but could not locate the vehicle.

6:42 am A motorist reported that one of the steel plates on East Main Street shifted, leaving a gap. Officer Linda Higgins placed a barrel there until a detail crew could arrive.

4:06 am A caller reported that the lights at West Main Street and South Street were not cycling properly. Officer Jacob Campbell responded and advised that they were working fine.

3:33 am The Upton Police Department reported that a passing motorist advised them that he saw a person walk out of a building on Lumber Street. Officer Jacob Campbell responded and spoke with the property owners who were checking the property to prepare for the day.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

11:16 pm The Upton Police Department requested that an officer responded to West Main Street to assist with escorting a female runner who was involved in a charity relay race. Officer Linda Higgins responded and advised that the Ashland Police Department continued the escort.

11:06 pm A caller reported that the operator of a motor vehicle was passing other vehicles at a high rate of speed on Route 135 coming from Ashland. Two officers responded and issued the operator a verbal warning.

10:48 pm Officer Peter Booth spoke with an individual on Grove Street and subsequently placed them into Protective Custody.

7:06 pm Officer Peter Booth checked on an issue with the traffic lights on Main Street and advised that one of the lights was found in the grass and the others were not working. Three officers responded to assist with traffic and put down temporary stop signs.

6:57 pm A walk-in spoke with two officers regarding property damage which occurred at Pinecrest Village.

5:46 pm A West Main Street business requested that an officer check for a possible credit card skimming device. Detective Gregg DeBoer checked the business with a negative find.

11:43 am Between the hours of 10:47am and 11:43am two officers assisted the Highway Department with flood control on Grove Street and East Main Street.

9:12 am A motorist reported that there was a trench in the roadway on East Main Street. Officer Jacob Campbell responded and spoke with a detail officer at the scene.

8:55 am A caller stated that boulders have been falling off of a stone wall on Wood Street. The DPW was notified.

7:44 am A resident of Rosewood Lane reported that she recently purchased a used vehicle and when she went out to it this morning all the windows were down. She was unsure if it was a manufacture defect or something else.

2:40 am A 911 caller from Cedar Street Extension reported that someone was walking around her yard with a flashlight looking around her barn. Two officers responded and spoke with her grandson who was doing some cleaning.


State Approves "grant of up to" $14 Million toward $42 Million Elementary School


October 2, 2015 - State Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg, Chair of the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), and MSBA Executive Director Jack McCarthy today announced that the MSBA Board of Directors voted to approve a grant of up to $14 million to replace the existing Center Elementary School in Hopkinton with a new facility. One of the next steps is for the District and the MSBA to enter into a Project Funding Agreement, which will detail the project’s scope and budget, along with the conditions under which the Town will receive its MSBA grant.

“Upon completion, the new school in Hopkinton will provide a modern learning environment for the Town’s students,” Treasurer Goldberg said. “Our goal is create the best space to deliver the district’s educational commitments and goals.”

The new 83,256 square­foot school will be built based on a design enrollment of 395 students in Kindergarten through grade 1. The MSBA will contribute 44.50% of eligible costs toward the project, for a total grant of up to $14,058,455. The current school was built in 1928 and suffers from deficiencies in major building systems including mechanical, electrical, plumbing and windows.

“The new Center Elementary School will replace an aging building with a modern learning facility,” stated Executive Director McCarthy. “Students will soon have a beautiful new space which will undoubtedly enhance and improve their ability to excel in the classroom.”

Note: This above content was used directly from the press release distributed by the Massachusetts School Building Authority. Link here:

Selectmen Approve Two New Town Committees:

Pratt Farm Master Plan Team & Irvine­Todaro Properties Advisory Group

The Town of Hopkinton is encouraging all residents who are interested in participating in the planning efforts for the recently acquired town­owned parcels to submit their applications now.

At the 2015 Annual Town Meeting, the town strategically purchased three new parcels of land: the Pratt Farm Estate and two parcels on Hayden Rowe, commonly known at the Irvine parcel and the Todaro parcel; the former primarily being used for a proposed new Center School.

Last week, the Board of Selectmen approved two new town committees to assist in the master planning process for these important strategic initiatives and seek interested volunteers to serve on each respective committee.

The seats that are available are:
1. Pratt Farm Master Plan Team At­Large Member (One At­Large seat)
2. Irvine­Todaro Properties Advisory Group (Three At­Large seats)

For more information on each committee structure and charge, please visit the Board of Selectmen website at: http://www.hopkintonma.gov/home/government/boards/bos

To apply for any volunteer position on any Board or Committee, please visit the Town’s website and fill out the online volunteer form at: http://www.hopkintonma.gov/home/about/hug .

Interested parties may also visit the Board of Selectmen’s Office in Town Hall to fill out an application in person or call the office to have staff assist you in applying.

For more information or questions about the committees, please visit the committee website and contact the respective Board or Committee Chairperson, or call Jamie Hellen, Operations Assistant to the Town Manager’s Office, at 508­497­9700



Program Cracks Down on Underage Drinking on College Campuses


BOSTON – Massachusetts State Treasurer Deb Goldberg along with the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) launched Operation Safe Campus this fall. The program is designed to specifically target underage drinking on college campuses.  This initiative began at the time of year when students return to colleges and universities throughout the Commonwealth.


 “Stepped-up monitoring and enforcement can save lives and prevent tragedies before they happen,” said Treasurer Goldberg. “Operation Safe Campus takes immediate and effective steps that result in the direct prevention of underage drinking and acts as a long-term deterrent to bar and package store owners serving and selling to minors.”


The initiative primarily consists of enforcement in the parking lots and surrounding streets of specific liquor stores and bars that have historically had a serious problem with underage individuals purchasing alcoholic beverages through false identification or through adults procuring alcoholic beverages for them.


The program focuses on front-line prevention, with investigators calling a teen’s parents when violations occur. ABCC officials say that most parents are unaware that their children are involved in the use of alcohol, and that the intervention is a powerful tool toward family involvement in addressing the problem of underage drinking.

In 2015, ABCC Investigators found 201 minors in possession of or transporting alcoholic beverages and 69 adults procuring alcohol for minors. They confiscated 122 cases of beer, preventing delivery to approximately 1528 underage individuals.


Statistics show that three teens die from drinking and driving every day. Alcohol intoxication has also been reported to be involved in 47% of homicides and 23% of suicides involving people under 21. In Massachusetts alone, the overall cost of alcohol abuse by youth is estimated at $1.4 billion.


Senate Passes Opiate Addiction Prevention Bill

BOSTON  — October 1, 2015 — The Massachusetts Senate passed legislation today to address the ongoing substance abuse crisis in the state, Senator Karen E. Spilka (D-Ashland) announced. The legislation focuses on prevention and reducing the number of opiate pills in circulation by working with doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists.

“Too many families in our communities struggle with the heart-breaking consequences of substance abuse and addiction,” said Senator Spilka. “This comprehensive bill targets prevention and education, following up on the Senate’s efforts last session to improve access to treatment. These are important initiatives to fight the opioid crisis, focusing on safe prescribing practices, pain management alternatives and student screening to determine those at risk of addiction.”

The bill provides for verbal screenings by a qualified and properly trained professional to ask middle and high school children about their attitudes and behaviors about drugs and alcohol to prevent further misuse of drugs and refer at-risk teens to treatment to stem the tide of the crisis. By expanding a prescription take back program, the bill seeks to further limit the excessive number of unwanted and unused prescription pills that become accessible to youth and adults for diversion and misuse, and hold private companies accountable for their role in the substance abuse epidemic. The bill also establishes a patient right to fill their prescription for a schedule II opiate, the highest risk classification under DEA rules, in a quantity less than the full prescribed amount, further reducing the quantity of unused and excess drugs.

Health and Fitness

RMV launches campaign to remind customers who “H8 2 WAIT” of its online branch service option

 BOSTON – Thursday, October 1, 2015 – Today, the MassDOT Registry of Motor Vehicles launched a campaign to promote its MassRMV.com online registration and license renewal services as the agency prepares to process more than 1.32 million renewals before December 31, 2015.

“Performing a registration or license renewal on MassRMV.com takes minutes,” said Registrar of Motor Vehicles Erin C. Deveney. “By reminding customers and maybe introducing customers for the first time to our online renewal services, we are trying to help more than half a million people avoid branch lines this fall.”

The RMV is encouraging all customers, and particularly those who “H8 2 WAIT,” to first visit www.MassRMV.com to determine their eligibility for an online transaction before getting in line at a local branch. From the homepage, customers can click to renew their registration or license and find a link to a full list of online branch services.

There will be customers who will still need to visit a branch before the end of year. Branch visits are required for certain commercial registration transactions, for customers with outstanding financial obligations, or those who require an eye test or new license photo which is required every 10 years.

Licenses are eligible for renewal 12 months prior to expiration and registrations may be renewed up to six months in advance. All vanity plates and trailers expire in November and commercial registrations and motorcycles expire in December.

AAA members have the option of RMV renewal services at a dozen AAA locations in the Commonwealth: Burlington, Framingham, Hadley, Newburyport, Newton, Rockland, Saugus, Somerset, South Dennis, West Springfield, Westwood, and Worcester. Renewals for vehicles over 55,000 pounds cannot be processed by AAA.

In its campaign, the RMV is using digital billboards and message boards along state highways as well as ad space on MBTA platforms and inside MBTA vehicles to remind customers of the online service.

The RMV has launched a series of initiatives to enhance customer service efforts. Most recently, the agency announced the availability of a Twitter feed @MassRMV  as another way for customers to interact with the agency in real time and installed free WiFi service at its eight busiest branches.

Customers are encouraged to Tweet feedback at @MassRMV #SkipTheLine .

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10/20/2015: 2 p.m. - 7 p.m., Faith Community Church, 146 East Main St.

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Incident and Arrests Updated today, September 30, 2015

Emergency, dial 911 • Non-emergency, PD dial 508-497-3401, FD dial 508-497-2323


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

5 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, person, or outside Police agency.

20 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home/Building Checks.

2 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

2 Times the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

Arrest Log

Monday, September 28, 2015

5:17 am Officer John Corridan arrested Orlando Gonzalez, 29, of Arlington Street, Framingham, on Hayden Rowe Street and charged him with Speeding and Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle.

Incident Log

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

9:52 pm A caller reported hearing possible gunshots in the area of Sanctuary Lane. Officer William Burchard checked the area but did not hear anything suspicious.

8:18 pm A resident of Appaloosa Circle reported that someone rang their doorbell. Officer William Burchard responded and spoke with a delivery driver in the area.

7:28 pm A motorist reported that a truck was stuck under the bridge at the Southborough town line on Cedar Street. Officer John Moran responded to assist.

6:38 pm Officer John Moran issued a motor vehicle a parking citation on Mayhew Court.

5:22 pm Officer John Moran removed an abandoned bicycle from a driveway on Pond Street.

5:05 pm A walk-in reported witnessing an assault and battery on her commute home. The Southborough Police Department was notified as it occurred in their town.

9:36 am Sgt. Joseph Bennett spoke with a resident of Pond Street regarding noise from construction on Sundays.

9:04 am A caller reported that a man was walking down Cedar Street with a knife. Officer Thomas Griffin responded and spoke with the individual who was just carrying pruning shears.

8:30 am A walk-in spoke with Officer Thomas Griffin regarding an incident of fraud.

Monday, September 28, 2015

8:45 pm A motorist reported that an erratic operator was heading into Southborough on Cedar Street. Officer William Burchard checked the area but could not locate the vehicle. The Southborough and Westborough Police Departments were notified.

8:45 pm The State Police reported an erratic operator on West Main Street. Two officers checked the area with a negative find.

8:17 pm A Fruit Street resident reported that a solicitor was ringing their doorbell after 8:00pm. Officer William Burchard responded and spoke with them.

7:22 pm Officer John Moran issued a handicap parking violation to a motor vehicle on West Main Street.

3:53 pm The Upton Police Department reported that an erratic operator was heading into Hopkinton on School Street. Officer Arthur Schofield checked the area with a negative find.

8:19 am A 911 caller reported that a driver was on the side of Spring Street slumped over the steering wheel. Two officers responded and advised that he was just having a relationship issue.

5:17 am Officer John Corridan stopped a motor vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street and subsequently arrested a 29 year-old male from Framingham and charged him with Speeding and Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle.


Information sessions for $43 Million school scheduled ahead
of Hopkinton’s Special Town Meeting


With a warrant article for Special Town Meeting on the calendar for October 26, Hopkinton’s Elementary School Building Committee has created multiple venues to raise awareness of the school building project, and encourage the community to participate in the vote.

“Our goal is to pass this with overwhelming endorsement from a broad cross­section of the community," said ESBC Chairman Joe Markey. "We believe we have crafted a solution that the community will recognize and can embrace."

Over the past year, the committee has held four workshops at which community members helped define site evaluation criteria, select a site, inspect the educational program, and embark on schematic design.

"This has been a long time coming for Hopkinton, and we're not over the finish line. If we don't get the right turnout, we're back to square one, which is not an acceptable outcome for Hopkinton."

To help get the word out ahead of October 26th Special Town Meeting, the ESBC has been meeting with various committees and civic groups, pushing communications through local media, flyers, social media, and word of mouth; in addition, the committee has scheduled the following series of community information sessions and “office hours” leading up to Special Town Meeting:

­ Monday, October 5, 11:00 AM ­ 1:00 PM at Water Fresh Farm (office hours)
­ Wednesday, October 7, 7:00 PM at Hopkinton Senior Center
­ Wednesday, October 14, 7:00 PM at the Middle School Library
­ Wednesday, October 21, 4:30 ­ 6:30 PM at Water Fresh Farm (office hours)

“More information sessions may be scheduled, and those will be reflected on our website at http://www.HopkintonSchoolProject.com ,” added ESBC Clerk, Rob Nickerson.

The Elementary School Building Committee was formed in 2013 with the following defined mission statement, “facilitate the development of a proposed solution to the operational and educational constraints of Center School that will be supported by the voters of Hopkinton, as well as the MSBA.”


Raining Brush Strokes


September 30, 2015 — Today, a slow shutter speed, 1/80th of a second, "painted" the elongated, driving raindrops onto the canvas of the photo like brush strokes on a painting. A sharp focus on the foreground, and a long lens shot through the passenger side window,  threw the gazebo into a slightly soft focus at Ice House Pond today, on the property of the Golden Pond Assisted Living facility.

Below, as another part of the rain being the big story this morning, a truck becomes enveloped in its own wash as it plows through Main Street near Hillers Cleaners and  Hopkinton Sunoco, where the water was up to the floorboards of most vehicles.

Health and Fitness


Coaches vs. Cancer

  On October 2 the boys & girls varsity soccer teams are hosting a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society's Coaches vs. Cancer program. The girls will play Medway at 5 pm immediately followed by boys at 6:45 also against Medway.

There will be a bake sale, Wall of Hope cards to honor loved ones afflicted by cancer and raffles.


NOTE: Coaches vs. Cancer coaches have raised over $85 million since the program’s inception to support the American Cancer Society’s lifesaving mission to eliminate cancer as a life-threatening disease.


Pumpkin Time

September 29, 2015 - Rob Pratt's Pumpkin Patch on North Street is in its beginning stages of harvest.

Family  Stuff


Personal Services 
Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton and Surrounding Towns

Compiled for HopNews.com © 2015 All Rights Reserved
New Transactions from September 21, 2015 - September 28, 2015
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
4 Dogwood Way unit 113 Louis J. Corbosiero, Susan L. Corbosiero $526,630 Sept. 28, 2015 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
16 Ryegrass Circle unit 105 Yiwei Ma, Wei Su $630,000 Sept. 22, 2015 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
119 Pond Street Kyromina LLC $2,400,000 Sept. 28, 2015 AVB1 Realty LLC
226 Olive Street Erick Dillaber, Elizabeth Hendriks $583,633 Sept. 28, 2015 Daniel Aho, Ashland Nominee Trust
11 Tri Street Himil Inciarte, Conrachael Inciarte $268,000 Sept. 25, 2015 Andrew I. Sucharewicz
213 Trailside Way unit C Alessandro F. Viale, Christina Viale,
Two Hundred Thirteen Trailside Way Trust
$231,000 Sept. 25, 2015 Steven R. Bean, Diane Bean,
Bean Family Revocable Trust
56 Green Street Julianne N. Donlon, Mark J. Donlon $400,000 Sept. 25, 2015 Janet A. Rice, Harper Family Trust
150 Cross Street Lihui Hou, Tong Yun $716,450 Sept. 25, 2015 Richmond Development Corp.
150 Cross Street Richmond Development Corp. $95,000 Sept. 25, 2015 Cross Street Realty Trust, Steven A. Hickey
300 America Boulevard unit 49D Julie N. Monaco $179,500 Sept. 25, 2015 Independence Village Realty LLC
8 Waushakum Avenue Michael J. Callander Jr. $217,000 Sept. 24, 2015 Nathan S. Spear, Eva N. Spear
166 Southville Road unit 166B Jason Camuti $309,000 Sept. 28, 2015 Arthur A. Anderson, 166 Southville Road Realty Trust
21 Fairview Drive Remigijus Bacevicius, Dalia Bacevicius $445,000 Sept. 24, 2015 Bruce H. Patteson
171 Parkerville Road Andrew J. Fabian $512,500 Sept. 24, 2015 Bartolini Properties LLC
31, 35, 37 Lynbrook Road Brendon Properties Four Realty Trust, Leslie S. Carey $975,000 Sept. 23, 2015 Lynbrook Development LLC
1 Glenwood Road David E. Blore, Tara M. Blore $950,000 Sept. 22, 2015 Michael McColgan, Angela McColgan
3 Driscoll Lane Edward F. Stanton III $149,900 Sept. 28, 2015 Helen E. Antenucci
65 Prospect Street Jesse D. Edmands, Michelle K. Murphy $420,000 Sept. 21, 2015 Robert Wright, Camille Jones Wright


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