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July 13, 2015 - "We are excited to be the new home of the Golden Spoon and the future home of the 110 Grill," said Paul Mastroianni, developer of 77 West Main Street following Monday evening's approval of this phase of his development project at the corner of Lumber and West Main Streets.

        "We are excited about the approval tonight, and we look forward to final approval for town sewer, We look forward to getting in the ground as soon as possible, with a February, 2016 grand opening," he said.


The Interview
Crosspoint principals explain their process


by Robert Falcione

July 13, 2015 — Crosspoint Associates father and son team, John (right) and Jonathan Hueber met with this HopNews reporter today at Water Fresh Farm. Crosspoint purchased the Colella's Supermarket property on March 14, 2015.

         John* was provided with questions solicited from readers ahead of time, but first we looked at the timeline. The February 11, 2015 date was indeed  the time of Colella's and Crosspoint agreeing to the terms of a purchase and sale. Many community members have wondered if Crosspoint placed enough emphasis on locating a grocery store at the former Colella's site, and the following dialogue is intended to answer that question.

          John agreed that in most cases, like other developers, Crosspoint would not have moved forward with a purchase unless they had a tenant.

           "In this particular instance, we did not [have a tenant]," he said. "We closed [the Colella sale] without a signed lease.

           "Our marketing encompassed a number of tenants with a particular focus on grocery stores. On February 11, we were in discussions with a number of prospective tenants, and some of them were grocery stores.

            "We had approached them [Colella's owners] two years ago, but they were not interested in selling the location or doing a sell/lease back."

            Son, Jonathan added, "Prior to our conversations [with Colella's], they had been marketing the business for sale as well as the real estate to other grocery stores, and they were unable to get anyone to buy the business and the real estate. So, they came to us, but kept it quiet, because they didn't want to see their sales hurt further or have their employees walk out on them.

             "So, we ended up buying the real estate, and not the business, and exhausted the search for a grocery store. We had a number that were somewhat interested in the beginning, and they did their market surveys, and ended up finding there just wasn't enough in sales in the [demographic] market to support another grocery store." John defined the perspective more fully.

              "There aren't enough sales in the market in their business models. We couldn't find anyone that had a business model that would take this location," John explained. 

                "We gambled on the fact that we could get a grocery store; and lost on that bet. We tried very hard."

                Did the interested stores' decisions weigh on the Colella's sales alone?

               "They do their own due diligence. But when a grocery store presents its sales, you can't hide them.

               "To have a building fully occupied with two tenants is an asset to the community.

                "We have never had this situation [opposition to a project] anywhere. We have won awards in historic districts," he said. He added that he has expended resources having two highly qualified attorneys comb through the process with Colella's and CVS, and they gave them good grades.

                When asked what he might do differently in the future, John made it clear that the secrecy surrounding the siting of CVS is standard for any real estate sale or lease, and that Clearpoint's behavior would not change in the future in that regard. How about in other regards?

                "We would probably do more research. 

                "Hindsight is 20/20," he said. 

                John said they are committed to seeing Downtown Hopkinton thrive.

                "It is a net positive for the town and the Downtown. A 20,000 square foot vacant building would not be a positive for anyone."


*The writer defies HopNews convention and uses the first names, because the last names are the same. 


Editor's Note: The Board of Selectmen have scheduled a continuation of the discussion of CVS/61 Main Street for 7:00 pm Tuesday, July 14, 2015. The meeting is expected to be well attended by interested individuals.


State Police Seek Witnesses to Fatal Truck Crash on Route 495 in Mansfield


July 13, 2015—At about 3:15 p.m. today, State Police from the Foxboro Barracks responded to a crash involving a box truck on Route 495 South, south of exit 12, in Mansfield which resulted in the death of the operator.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Christopher Booth indicates that a 55-year-old Norton man, Bruno Ferrara, was traveling on Route 495 South in a 2003 Ford box truck when he lost control of the vehicle, causing it to leave the roadway and crash into a wooded area off of the right side of the road.  The operator and sole occupant of the truck was extricated by members of the Mansfield Fire Department and then transported by ambulance to Morton Hospital in Taunton where he was subsequently pronounced dead.


The cause of this crash remains under investigation with assistance from the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section (CARS), the State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section, Troop H Detectives, and the State Police Crime Scene Services Section.  No charges have been filed at this time.


It is believed that a red motor vehicle may have cut off the box truck, causing the operator to lose control.  Anyone with any information regarding this crash is asked to contact the State Police Barracks in Foxboro at 508-543-8550.


 Traffic was impacted for about two hours during the investigation and cleanup.


State Police were also assisted on scene by Mansfield Police, Mansfield EMS, and Mass DOT.


Health and Fitness
Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton and Surrounding Towns

Compiled for HopNews.com © 2015 All Rights Reserved
New Transactions from July 6, 2015 - July 13, 2015
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
5 Cold Spring Brook Road Christopher M. Rommel, Colleen M. Rommel $770,000 July 13, 2015 Mark H. Ott, Kathleen A. Ott
21 Huckleberry Road Brent M. Arsenault, Kalah M. Arsenault $705,000 July 13, 2015 Robert E. Kloppenburg, Lianne M. Kloppenburg
14 Duffield Road Anna T. Dorcey, Henry P. Roberts $535,000 July 10, 2015 Thomas Perna Custom Homes LLC
7 John Matthew Road Anderson A. Huang, Melissa T. Huang $905,000 July 10, 2015 Gary Preman, Monica L. Preman
3 Jamie Lane Bryan M. Kessell, Helena A. Kessell $799,900 July 10, 2015 Daniel Aho, Jamie Lane Realty Trust
1 Lilac Court Steven M. McClure, Teresa M. McClure $295,000 July 9, 2015 Victor C. Galvani, Courtney L. Galvani
2 Pegs Way Kimberley A. Treinen, Jeffrey C. Montgomery $730,000 July 9, 2015 Richard C. Pockwinse, Shirwin M. Pockwinse
8 Dogwood Way unit 11 Nickolaos Theodorou $576,430 July 8, 2015 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
91 Arrowhead Circle unit D Shivaprasad Kulkarni, Nirmala Kulkarni $291,000 July 13, 2015 Louise Rochon
35 Captain Eames Circle unit 142A Alex Kushkuley, Larisaa Kushkuley $283,000 July 10, 2015 Ann M. Bruno
5 Crestwood Drive Gaurang Patel, Twinkle Patel $555,000 July 10, 2015 Paul J. Ferraro, Michelle T. Ferraro
330-332 Union Street Jardel C. A. Gomes, Juliana M. Desouza $355,000 July 9, 2015 Anne Bradstreet
8 Macarthur Road Judith A. Pierce, Lisa A. Thomas $360,000 July 9, 2015 Lisa A. Thomas
431 America Boulevard unit D Charles W. Sectish $372,500 July 7, 2015 Louisiana Purchase Realty LLC
6 Flagg Road Kaori Dence $538,000 July 13, 2015 Michael F. Andrews, Eileen A. Andrews
76 Deerfoot Road Madhava Raju Ambathi, Sunita Krishna Bulusu $875,000 July 9, 2015 Sudhakar Arde
11 Cherry Street New England Center for Children Inc. $419,000 July 9, 2015 Richard N. Gordon, Deborah J. Gordon
6 Foley Drive Douglas O. Henson, Beth S. Henson, Jason Henson,
Brandi S. Henson
$314,823 July 8, 2015 Douglas O. Henson, Beth S. Henson
62 Hartford Avenue South Lisa Morton, Jeffrey Morton $400,000 July 9, 2015 Joseph F. Hicklin
1 Howarth Drive Thomas G. Steele, Amy L. Steele $660,000 July 8, 2015 Scott J. Gish, Adriane J. Gish

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Incident Logs Updated today, July 13, 2015

Emergency, dial 911 • Non-emergency, PD dial 508-497-3401, FD dial 508-497-2323



The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

15 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, person, or outside Police agency.

38 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home/Building Checks.

1 Motor Vehicle Accident without personal injury.

3 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

2 Times the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

Incident Log

Sunday, July 12, 2015

10:19 pm Officer Arthur Schofield stopped a motor vehicle on Main Street and subsequently arrested a 51 year-old male from Hopkinton and charged him with OUI Liquor and Speeding in Violation of Special Regulation.

9:06 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Arthur Schofield regarding a neighbor problem.

8:22 pm The State Police Department reported that there were several complaints about an operator using strobe lights on Route 495. Officer John Moran located the vehicle and spoke with the operator.

7:55 pm A resident of Ralph Road reported that his house was egged over the weekend.

7:32 pm A walk-in reported a suspicious incident in which she was being photographed behind some bushes by a man on Main Street. Officer Arthur Schofield responded and spoke with the individual.

4:13 pm A caller reported being harassed by the operator of a motor vehicle while she was riding her bicycle on South Mill Street. Officer Arthur Schofield checked the area for the vehicle with a negative find.

2:14 pm A 911 caller advised that they were following an erratic operator on Cedar Street. Officer Thomas Griffin located the vehicle and stated that he did not observe any erratic operation.

1:32 pm A caller reported that vehicles were illegally parked on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and issued five motor vehicles parking citations.

1:14 pm The State Park advised that they have closed and were at capacity. Officer Stephen Buckley responded to assist with traffic.

12:00 pm Officer Stephen Buckley assisted an Environmental Police Officer who had a cruiser issue.

11:42 am A Saddle Hill Road Resident reported that his “home for sale by owner” sign was taken and placed in front of an Appaloosa Circle residence house. Officer Stephen Buckley assisted the resident with retrieving the sign.

9:10 am Officer Stephen Buckley removed cones which were blocking West Elm Street for no apparent reason.

8:05 am Officer Thomas Griffin spoke with a resident of David Joseph Road regarding his vehicle being egged.

7:07 am A walk-in spoke with Officer Stephen Buckley regarding vandalism.

7:00 am A 911 caller reported that their neighbors were having a verbal altercation. Two officers responded and spoke with them.

1:05 am Officer John Corridan issued a motor vehicle a parking citation on Main Street.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

11:27 pm Sgt. Timothy Brennan advised that he dispersed a party on Blackthorne Circle.

11:26 pm A caller complained about a loud party on Granite Street. Officer John Corridan spoke with the home owner and advised that the party was shut down.

11:11 pm A caller from South Street reported suspicious activity of a female and male arguing. Three officers responded and advised that one individual was placed into protective custody.

9:31 pm A resident reported suspicious activity on Indian Brook Road. Officer Peter Booth responded and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle who confirmed that they were at the reported location.

9:13 pm A walk-in advised that they located a wallet in the roadway on Wood Street. Officer John Moran located the owner and returned it back to him.

8:45 pm Officer Arthur Schofield spoke with an employee of a Main Street business regarding a suspicious individual.

8:31 pm Two officers checked the area of South Street for an erratic operator with a negative find.

6:06 pm A motorist reported that a hitch-hiker was walking in the roadway on East Main Street. Officer Arthur Schofield responded but did not find anyone in the area.

5:20 pm Officer Peter Booth stopped a motor vehicle on West Main Street and subsequently arrested a 27 year-old male from Milford for a Warrant and also charged him with Uninsured Motor Vehicle/Trailer, Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle and Allowing Operation with Revoked Registration.

4:44 pm Officer Arthur Schofield responded to McKay Road for a complaint about a suspicious motor vehicle.

3:51 pm A motorist reported that a black SUV was traveling at a high rate of speed on Connelly Hill Road. Officer Arthur Schofield checked the area but could not locate the vehicle.

1:24 pm Officer Aaron O'Neil spoke with a resident who was concerned about silt from a new project going onto Phipps and Frankland Road.

10:38 am An Environmental Police Officer requested assistance with some kids that were on one of the islands on Lake Whitehall. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded to assist.

10:08 am A Hayden Rowe Street resident requested assistance with removing a two foot snake from her home. Officer John Corridan responded and was able to remove the snake.

8:28 am A resident of Teresa Road advised Officer John Corridan that someone had driven into his mailbox around midnight.

8:19 am A caller reported that a dark colored vehicle was parked in the middle of Teresa Road. Officer John Corridan checked the area and stated that the vehicle was gone upon his arrival.

1:59 am Sgt. Timothy Brennan stopped a motor vehicle on East Main Street and subsequently arrested a 22 year-old male from Northbridge and charged him with Speeding, Registration Not in Possession, Marked Lanes Violation, Number Plate Violation to Conceal ID, Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle, Uninsured Motor Vehicle/Trailer and OUI Liquor, 2nd Offense.

1:32 am Officer John Corridan advised that he witnessed a single car motor vehicle accident on East Main Street and subsequently arrested a 19 year-old male from Hopkinton and charged him with Failure to Stop/Yield, Speeding and OUI Liquor.

Friday, July 10, 2015

11:40 pm A Proctor Street resident reported that their daughter's vehicle was vandalized with egg shells.

10:18 pm A resident of Gibbon Road reported that youths were outside of her home and a beer bottle was thrown which struck her house. Three officers responded to check the area.

10:31 pm A North Mill Street resident reported receiving a suspicious voice mail which was an IRS scam.

6:01 pm Officer Arthur Schofield spoke with some youths in the area of Jackson Street.

3:00 pm A caller reported losing his wallet in a West Main Street parking lot.

2:45 pm A walk-in turned in a house phone that she found in the road.

1:03 pm A caller from Main Street reported that an individual drove off without paying after replacing a bulb. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded and spoke with the operator at their residence.

12:24 pm A walk-in from Tammer Lane reported that there was a poisonous snake in their yard. The Animal Control Officer was notified.

11:50 am A caller from East Main Street reported the theft of a log splitter. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded to write a report.

8:54 am Between the hours of 7:55 am and 8:54 am six residents of Rock Woods Road reported damage to their yards from tire tracks.

8:40 am A motorist reported that a truck was blocking the roadway on Fruit Street. Officer Thomas Griffin responded but the vehicle was gone upon his arrival.

3:23 am Sgt. Timothy Brennan spoke with an individual on Wood Street who was putting a boat into the lake. He stated he would wait until the storm passed.

Personal Services 

July 12, 2015— Enter Stage Left Theater actor Khahnty Daraphet places a temporary tattoo, unlike his permanent one, on a young patron at the Common Sunday.

Joyful Sounds

July 12, 2015—The Roy Scott Big band thrilled the audience at the Concerts on the Common on Sunday.


Long Way Down

July 12, 2015—It's a long way from beak to stomach for this young great blue heron at the Lake Whitehall Dam this afternoon. The bird swallows its catch whole.


Grazin' in the Grass

July 12, 2015—This beauty on Pond Street, Cherry, owned by Chris Casella found some shelter from the heat today in the tall grass.
Watchful Eyes

July 12, 2015—Momma mallard keeps a watchful eye on the human with the camera, apparently worried that the image might be overexposed.

Health and Fitness
Youngest CMA Performer a Southborough Resident
Jessie Chris opening for Chris Young Saturday at Indian Ranch in Webster

Family  Stuff


    Harold Cool, 81

Harold Cool, 81, went to be with his Lord and Savior on July 4, 2015. He was a former resident of Hopkinton, MA and a current resident of Sun City West, AZ and was raised in Dolgeville, NY.

Harold worked at Ken’s Foods in Framingham, MA from 1973-1985 in research and development. He received many distinguished awards over his career there and later at Martin Gillette in City of Industry, CA. He worked directly with Paul Newman developing his line of salad dressings.

Harold was a strong man of God and ministered as God led him over his lifetime. He and his wife Marion held a weekly Bible Club for young children in their Hopkinton, MA home for 12 years. Even in his last days, he was comforted by God’s Word and his love for his Lord was very evident.

His wife Marion went to be with the Lord in 2013. Harold cared for her for over 12 years while she endured Alzheimer ’s disease. His two sons, Brian David Cool and Steven Arthur Cool also preceded him in their journey to Heaven. His love for his wife and children and his sacrifices for them are his lasting legacy.

Harold leaves a daughter, Lynne Cool Dooley and her husband Mark Dooley of Meridian, Idaho; a grandson Jared Brian Herrera of Riverside, CA and Mark’s daughters Kurin and Abbi Dooley in Idaho. His sister, Elizabeth Lamphere lives in Dolgeville, NY. His brother-in-law Reverend David Farnholtz resides in Pennsylvania and nephews Ray, Jerry and Mark Cool of Las Vegas, NV.

Harold’s arrangements are being handled by Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton, MA and he will be buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville, MA alongside his wife Marion and son Brian.

In his memory, and to honor him, Lynne and Mark Dooley have set up “Harold’s House” in Meridian, Idaho which will be a 600 square foot apartment available at no cost to people in need.

Harold’s favorite Bible verse was: Isaiah 26:3 “Thou will keep him in perfect peace those whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee.”

Personal Services 
What Do the Poll Results Mean?


   In just a few minutes prior to doing a screen capture of the poll results (right), the top two answers spiked about 30 votes each, which is unusual, and so, having seen this unusual activity before, we decided to stop the poll.

     The 669 votes may be a record. It is not difficult to believe that all those people decided to participate, given the subject matter, but there could be other forces at work.

     The spikes in the poll could be as a result of social media pages dedicated to the subject matter calling on their followers to vote, and not someone with a little knowledge voting multiple times, as we have experienced in the past. We know of at least two social media pages that are tilted more than a little in one direction, and that could have increased overall participation and skewed the poll.

    The HopNews facebook post on 2/11/2015 announcing  Colella's closing reached 11,400 local facebook users organically.

     In other words, HopNews did not buy any "reach" as some facebook users do. It really reflects the power of social media and reveals a chink in the armor of the poll.

     Welcome to the new age

Health and Fitness

Bust in Lawrence Yields 7 kilos of heroin, 2 guns, more than $350K


July 11, 2015—A multi-agency operation led to the seizure Friday of approximately seven kilos of heroin, two guns and more than $350,000 in US currency. The operation included Massachusetts state troopers assigned to the Transportation Drug Unit and the Attorney General’s Office detective unit, as well as Lawrence Police.


A stop yesterday of a car observed leaving a Lawrence residence led to the discovery of a bag in the car that contained five kilograms of heroin. The driver, who initially gave a false name, was charged with trafficking in heroin; reckless operation of a motor vehicle; and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.


The defendant’s true identity was learned during the booking process, as his fingerprints revealed him to be ALEXANDER SANTANA-DUME, 35, a resident of 15 Alleyn Terrace, Lawrence, a target location of the investigation. He was found to be the subject of warrants from Massachusetts for trafficking cocaine and from New Hampshire for selling crack cocaine. He was additionally charged on those warrants as well as with providing a false name to police and being a fugitive from justice.


The target location of the investigation, 15 Allyn Terrace, was secured and a search warrant was obtained.  A search of the residence led to the discovery of two more kilograms of heroin, two semi-automatic handguns, ammunition, presses used to shape drugs into rectangular forms in which they are sold, and approximately $45,000 in US dollars.


Troopers and officers also seized a Chevrolet Malibu car and Ford F150 pickup truck from the residence. A warrant was sought for the F150 and was granted.  A search of the truck resulted in the discovery of approximately $320,000 believed to connected to the drug operation.


SANTANA-DUME was arraigned yesterday in Lawrence District Court. He was ordered held on $1 million cash bail. His case is being prosecuted by the Essex District Attorney’s Office.

           Rest In Peace, Tom Weaver
Sammy Mac
July 11 at 6:45pm

The annual Thomas Weaver memorial lacrosse game will be held on Saturday, August 22nd from 2-4pm this year at the Fruit Street athletic field complex. $3 admission, proceeds go toward the Weaver Scholarship for graduating HHS seniors. B+ apparel will be available for purchase. Hope to see you there!


Man Arrested at DCR Pool in Waltham


July11, 2015—This afternoon at approximately 4:22 p.m., troopers from the State Police Brighton Barracks responded to the Connors Memorial Swimming Pool in Waltham. The pool is owned and managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation. Troopers were advised of a possibly indecent assault and battery on a juvenile.


Upon arrival, Trooper James Wladkowski was met by the mother of an 11-year-old girl who stated that her daughter had been assaulted while swimming in the pool.


After an investigation, VICTOR LOPEZ, 37, of Watertown was placed under arrest for Indecent Assault & Battery on a Child Under 14. LOPEZ was visiting the pool as a guest, and is not an employee of the Department of Conservation & Recreation.


LOPEZ was brought to the Brighton Barracks for booking. Bail was set at $300 and surrender of passport, pending his arraignment on Monday at Waltham District Court.


The remaining facts and circumstances are under investigation by troopers from the Brighton Barracks. Waltham Police also assisted at the scene. Boston Police Officers Conlon and Paulino assisted at the Barracks with language translation.


Massachusetts State Police Helping to Keep Kids Safe on Massachusetts Roadways

Massachusetts Child Passenger Safety Event scheduled for Framingham


Buckling up is important for everybody, especially children, but more than 75 percent of child seats are not installed correctly. To keep kids safe and raise awareness for common child and booster seat errors, a free child passenger safety seat checkup is scheduled for Saturday, July 18, 2015 from 10 am until 2 pm at State Police General Headquarters located at 470 Worcester Road in Framingham. Nationally certified child passenger safety technicians will be on hand to inspect and properly install child safety seats.


Motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of death among children ages 3 to 14 in the United States, according to theNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Analysis on the effectiveness of child safety seats has shown them to reduce fatal injury by 71 percent for infants (under 1 year old) and by 54 percent for toddlers (1 to 4 years old) in passenger cars. For infants and toddlers in light trucks, the corresponding reductions are 58 percent and 59 percent, respectively. Further analysis has shown that among infants and toddlers, an estimated 263 lives were saved in 2013 by restraint use (NHTSA). The Massachusetts Child Passenger Safety Law requires children who are under 8 years of age or less than 57 inches in height must ride in a child safety seat or booster seat appropriate to their size based on the manufacturers’ recommendations. The Massachusetts Safety Belt Law requires passengers of all ages to wear a seat belt. In addition to the car seat checkpoint, the Massachusetts State Police will utilize a rollover simulator to reinforce the consequences of travelling unrestrained in a motor vehicle.


This checkup is part of a statewide child passenger safety initiative made possible by federal grant funding provided by theMassachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS). Questions on this checkup or any aspect of child passenger safety may be directed to the EOPSS child passenger safety hotline at 1-877-392-5956 or by visiting www.mass.gov/childsafetyseats.


Rhode Island Man Dies in Route 146 Motorcycle Crash


July 11, 2015- At 8:50 p.m last night, troopers from the State Police Barracks in Millbury responded to reports of a single motorcycle crash on Route 146 southbound at the on-ramp from Purgatory Road in Sutton. The operator of the 2004 Suzuki motorcycle, a Rhode Island man, was pronounced dead at the scene. The preliminary investigation indicates that speed was a factor but the cause of the crash itself remains under investigation. Troopers from the Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, Crime Scene Services Section and the Troop C Community Action Team responded to the scene to assist. The Sutton Police and Fire Departments and the Medical Examiners Office also assisted at the scene. The identity of the deceased driver is being held pending notification of next of kin.

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Incident Logs Updated today, July 10, 2015

Emergency, dial 911 • Non-emergency, PD dial 508-497-3401, FD dial 508-497-2323


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

4 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, person, or outside Police agency.

37 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home/Building Checks.

3 Motor Vehicle Accidents without personal injury.

2 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

Incident Log

Thursday, July 9, 2015

11:33 pm A resident of Hayden Rowe Street reported that a motor vehicle had been idling outside of her home for thirty minutes. Sgt. Timothy Brennan checked the area with a negative find.

10:37 pm A 911 caller from Front Street reported that a large group of youths were in her driveway being very loud and drinking alcohol. Four officers responded and advised that they spoke with multiple youths at several locations.

10:11 pm A motorist reported an erratic operator on West Main Street. Two officers located the vehicle and spoke with the operator.

7:25 pm A 911 caller reported that a vehicle was speeding on East Main Street and was now at an Ashland business. The Ashland Police Department was notified and responded.

3:48 pm A walk-in reported that her windshield was cracked by a rock that flew up at a construction job on Oakhurst Road.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

10:02 pm A 911 caller reported that a red light was flashing at the sewer pump house on West Main Street. Officer Philip Powers responded and notified the on-call sewer personnel.

5:34 pm There were multiple 911 calls for a motor vehicle accident with personal injury on West Main Street. Two officers responded and advised that one patient was transported to the hospital.

4:22 pm Officer Peter Booth assisted a tractor trailer unit with turning around in a bad spot on Main Street.

9:46 am An employee on Woodview Way reported that property was stolen. Officer Philip Powers responded and wrote a report.

9:20 am A caller from Heartwood Way reported stolen property. Officer Philip Powers responded to write a report.

2:01 am A resident of Hayden Rowe Street reported that someone gained access into her second floor apartment twice. Three officers checked the parameter of the property but did not find anyone suspicious.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

11:10 pm A caller from Main Street reported hearing a suspicious banging noise inside the building. Three officers checked the area and advised that all was okay.

8:10 pm A Hayward Street resident reported that a number of youths were loitering and causing a disturbance. Two officers responded and removed them from the property.

8:00 pm A 911 caller reported an erratic operator on Cedar Street. Officer William Burchard caught up with the vehicle and advised the operator of the complaint.

7:56 pm A walk-in reported finding a debit card. Officer John Moran located that owner who now had it back in their possession.

4:30 pm Officer William Burchard spoke with a business owner on Rafferty Road regarding an on-going parking situation.

11:46 am A walk-in from Reservoir Road reported that kayaks were stolen on July 4th.

10:37 am A caller reported a suspicious male inside of a gray vehicle in a parking lot on Hayden Rowe Street. Two officers responded and spoke with him.

10:26 am A motorist reported that she was hit by a vehicle backing out of a driveway in Milford and the vehicle continued driving erratically to a South Street business. Two officers spoke with the operator and advised that it was due to a medical condition that they have gotten under control.

Personal Services 

Construction Worker Injured Critically at Logan Airport


July10, 2015—The injured construction worker, a 53-year-old resident of Seymour, Conn., remains in critical condition at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is an employee of Blakeslee Prestress Inc., a subcontractor on the parking garage project led by general contractor Turner Construction.


Preliminary investigation indicates that an approximately 32-ton precast concrete panel fell to the ground while it was being hoisted and secured in place on the third level of the garage. The worker, who had been trying to secure the panel, also fell the approximately 40 feet to the ground.


The project site, located near the Hilton Hotel at Logan Airport, will be shut down pending a review by OSHA. The investigation by State Police and OSHA is ongoing.

Questions for Crosspoint Associates?

Crosspoint Associates purchased the Colella's Supermarket property in the heart of Downtown Hopkinton earlier this year and leased space to CVS, creating much controversy and displeasure. HopNews expects to interview one or more principals of Crosspoint Associates at some time soon. If you have a pertinent question for them, please email Editor@HopNews.com .


Two Out of Three Ain't Bad


July 10, 2015—The driver of this vehicle facing the wrong way said he didn't know you were not supposed to drive the wrong way on the wrong side of the street to park. A reasonable person might wonder how he parallel parked facing oncoming traffic. A reasonable person might also believe that driver education should be a requirement for being issued a driver's license.




July 9, 2015 — From Downtown Hopkinton, a vehicle has to pass about a dozen professionally printed "No CVS" signs before coming to this makeshift construction expressing the opposite viewpoint as his neighbor on Hayden Rowe Street. It was previously used* for a school vote. * Information corrected

Hopkinton Center Trail Grand Opening of Art on the Trail
Nine new sculptures to be unveiled at Aug. 2 Ceremony

July 9, 2015 – Hopkinton, MA) The public is invited to the grand opening of Art on the Trail along the Hopkinton Center Trail on Sunday, August 2, from 2 to 4 p.m. for the unveiling of nine new sculpture installations created by residents of Hopkinton and nearby towns. Some of the projects will be produced with the help of community groups such as the Michael Lisnow Respite Center, the Senior Center, Serenity House, and the Girl Scouts, with others contributed by individual artists.


At 2:15 speakers will deliver introductory remarks at the Center Trail entrance across from Hopkinton Lumber, and at 2:45, the artists will accompany the group on a walk to visit each installation. The exhibition will be on display through September 26.

During the exhibition, nearly 20 local poets, led by Polly Brown and Cheryl Perreault, will respond to the artwork with original poems they will compose en plein air. On September 19 at 2 p.m., a poetry reading along the trail will feature these pieces, adding another dimension to the Art on the Trail.

This exhibition is made possible through a collaboration of the Upper Charles Trail Committee, Hopkinton Center for the Arts, the Hopkinton Area Land Trust, sculptor Michael Alfano, Cheryl Perreault, and Polly Brown. Please join us in celebrating the arts in Hopkinton at the inaugural Art on the Trail exhibition. Contributed content.

Health and Fitness
Neighbors Coalesce to Fight Hayden Rowe Plan for 17 Condos on 2 acres
"It is as detrimental to our neighborhood as CVS is to the Downtown" ~ Ann Tuite


by Robert Falcione

July 9, 2015—The Board of Appeals held a Public Hearing on Wednesday evening to consider the application of RPI Hopkinton LLC, owned by Brett Levy of Riverside Properties of Wellesley, to add 17 two-bedroom condos as a use to their building at 34-40 Hayden Rowe Street. The large brick factory building in the midst of a residential neighborhood zoned residential, currently hosts a day care with 100 or so kids, one floor of office suites, and a floor of commercial space. It is the commercial space they wish to convert to condos. The applicant is seeking an extension of a special permit for the non-conforming use.

         Attorney Jerry Effren spearheaded the presentation on behalf of the applicant, and introduced several professionals who spoke to their specific specialties. However, several abutters were represented by attorney Eric Goldman, also out of Wellesley. Mr. Effren's introductory presentation included a rebuttal to a letter written by Mr. Goldman to the Board of Appeals opposing the project.

         Mr. Effren disputed Mr. Goldman's case law citations and cited his own, as well as Hopkinton zoning bylaws to buttress his arguments.

        The property is currently under conditions to cease activity from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am, something that abutters say were imposed as the result of previous applications for the same property before the same board.

          The applicant's experts said that the driveway and parking area would be paved, and that fewer vehicle trips would be made, but the abutters disputed those claims, too. They were concerned about drainage, which, they said, was not a problem with the current, unpaved driveway. They also believed the vehicular  trips would increase from the current level, and said the expert was using a model of usage and not the current and actual  use.

          "This is a garden apartment," stated Mr. Goldman. "You can't build this development on this lot under the town's bylaw," he said. Mr. Goldman said the bylaw requires 10 acres, and this is only 2 acres.

          A dozen or so neighbors and abutters took to the podium to have their say, and all but two opposed the proposal. The two abutters in favor of the proposal said they feared that the industrial component of the current uses could ramp up if the condos were defeated, a possibility promulgated by the proponent. But the others opposed the plan fully.

         "We are here [asking] for your protection," abutter Jerry Tuite of  4 Price Street told the board. He said that the master plan was not the law of the land, as one speaker implied.

          "Residence A [zoning] is the will of the people of Hopkinton," he said.

           Direct abutter Claire Wright (at podium, above) has lived next to "the factory" for 33 years, a place she said has co-existed with the neighborhood for much longer.

          She envisioned a change that would bring 24 hours of lighting 7 days a week, as well as vehicular traffic and other human activity.

           "There is no restriction that would protect us from this type of activity," she said. "The neighborhood character will be lost."

          "This dense urban model — described by the architect as industrial style — this is so far out of bounds; this has no benefit to the town," said Mrs. Wright, who serves on several town committees, including the Planning Board.

           Most people in opposition agreed their neighborhood's character would be destroyed.

           One said the loudest sound from the property now is the sound of the birds singing.

           The Public Hearing has been continued to 7:15 pm on August 25, 2015. 



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Waiting Game

July 8, 2015, Looking a little like a vulture in a movie scene, this great blue heron awaits a passing fish while perched on a fallen, dead weeping willow today at Bloods Pond.

Personal Services 
Governor Charlie Baker Appoints New State Police Superintendent
Major Richard McKeon to assume command of 2,300 Massachusetts State Police Troopers

BOSTON – Today, Governor Charlie Baker announced the appointment of Major Richard McKeon to serve as Superintendent and Colonel of the Massachusetts State Police (MSP). A 33-year veteran of the State Police, Major McKeon currently serves as Deputy Division Commander of the Division of Investigative Services. Governor Baker also thanked retiring Superintendent, Colonel Timothy Alben, for his leadership and over three decades of service to the Commonwealth as a member of the Massachusetts State Police.

“Keeping the people of Massachusetts safe is paramount to my administration and I look forward to Major McKeon building upon our State Police force’s stellar professionalism and diligence,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “Fostering trust between the community and law enforcement is essential to public safety and McKeon will be essential to strengthening those relationships. I thank Colonel Alben for his decades of service to the State Police and the people of the Commonwealth, and look forward to seeing their strong tradition continue under the leadership of Major McKeon as we continue striving to make Massachusetts a safer place to live, work and raise our families.”



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Incident Logs Updated today, July 8, 2015

Emergency, dial 911 • Non-emergency, PD dial 508-497-3401, FD dial 508-497-2323


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

3 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, person, or outside Police agency.

13 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home/Building Checks.

2 Times the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

Incident Log

Monday, July 6, 2015

10:37 pm Officer John Moran spoke with four males on West Main Street who stated that they were waiting for a ride home to CT.

8:12 pm A caller reported that a man hit him and his vehicle with an egg on West Main Street. Two officers responded and spoke with both individuals involved.

7:44 pm A 911 caller from Elizabeth Road reported that a woman came to her door asking for a glass of water. Officer Arthur Schofield responded to write a report.

7:38 pm A caller reported that her vehicle's window was smashed out by a baseball at a baseball game and wanted it logged for insurance purposes.

6:13 pm Two officers assisted an individual with putting a row boat back on a vehicle which had fallen off on Wood Street.

5:44 pm A Patriots Boulevard resident reported returning home to find her door ajar and the frame of the door damaged. Two officers responded and wrote a report.

5:07 pm A 911 caller reported that an aggressive driver was speeding, tailgating her and yelled at her on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer William Burchard located the operator and advised them of the complaint.

3:50 pm A walk-in reported finding a check and stated that the owner would pick it up at the Police Department.

2:20 pm Officer Philip Powers spoke with an employee of a West Main Street business who reported receiving a counterfeit bill.

1:26 pm A caller reported that a primary electric line was down arching against a tree causing it to catch fire. Officer Thomas Griffin responded and shut down the road until the electrical company arrived.

1:26 pm Officer Philip Powers assisted the State Police with a motor vehicle roll over accident on Route 495.

9:22 am A resident of Canterbury Lane turned in a large bullet that she found in her attic.

7:48 am A Lumber Street business employee reported that a vehicle has been in their parking lot for about a week now and did not know who it belonged to. The owner was contacted and advised that it was there to be serviced.

1:12 am A motorist reported that the traffic lights at South Street were delayed ten to fifteen minutes between cycling. The Highway Department was notified.



Flight Diverted to Logan - Disruptive Passenger Removed

DARREN A. HALLIWELL, 48, of Aspull, a village in Greater Manchester County in England, is currently charged with interfering with a flight crew. Additional charges related to the alleged assault are possible.


Troopers met British Airways Flight 195, on which HALLIWELL was a passenger, when it landed at Logan Airport shortly after noon. State Police had been notified that the flight was being diverted to Logan after HALLIWELL allegedly assaulted a woman he was traveling with and became disruptive. Out of respect for her privacy we are not naming her or commenting on her relationship to the defendant.


British Airways Flight 195 had originated in London and was heading to Houston. After the defendant’s removal from the flight, the plane continued to its destination.


HALLIWELL is expected to be arraigned tomorrow in the East Boston District Court.

Health and Fitness



Rubber Chip Seal resurfacing work is scheduled for Wednesday July 8 with a rain date of Thursday July 9 on the following streets.


Proctor St – From Saddle Hill Rd to the cul-de-sac.

Walker St – Full length.

Oakhurst Rd - Full length.

Ash St – From Stone Crossing Rd to Coburn Rd.


Proctor St and Walker St will be closed while the Rubber Chip Seal is being applied.


Oakhurst Rd and Ash St will have one lane of traffic open during construction.


Please expect delays and seek alternate routes when possible.


Thank you,

Mike Mansir

Hopkinton Highway Manager

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Milford Regional Opens New Laboratory in Medway

Laboratory sites now expanded to 10 locations


MEDWAY – July 7, 2015 - Milford Regional Medical Center now has 10 convenient laboratory locations, with the newest lab now open on Main Street in Medway.


Located within Family Medicine Associates at 74 Main St. in Gould’s Plaza, the lab is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. to provide fast and quick service to any patient regardless of whom their doctor is or where the practice is located.


The new lab is also a child-friendly site where children are given special attention by staff with extensive pediatric lab experience. In addition, the lab is specifically equipped to meet the needs of children with exam tables for infants and babies, draw chairs that adjust to accommodate an adult holding a child, and toys, stuffed animals and other distractions to make children more comfortable.


For more information on the new Medway lab, call (508) 321-1620. For a complete listing of Milford Regional’s laboratory locations, visit the website at  www.milfordreional.org/care-treatment/laboratory-pathology


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