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Left, former Hopkinton businesspeople Michelle and Joe Palmquist (Action Copy Plus) with their two children and their inner city guest, David. See a story about their experience here.


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Center for the Arts Takes Another Step Forward
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Pedestrian Stuck, Killed on Mass Pike in Natick


July 7, 2015—Early this morning at approximately 3:10 a.m., troopers from the State Police Weston Barracks responded to reports of a pedestrian being struck on Interstate 90 Westbound at the 117 mile-marker in Natick. The pedestrian was reported to have fatal injuries.

Upon arrival, troopers discovered that a 1999 Sterling AT95 tractor-trailer, operated by a 49-year-old man from Waterbury, Connecticut, struck a pedestrian. The pedestrian, identified as RAMUEL RAAGAS, 40, of Framingham was determined to be deceased at the scene as a result of injuries sustained from the incident. The investigation into why the victim was in the roadway is ongoing.

The truck is owned by Bozzutos Incorporated of Cheshire, Connecticut. The driver of the truck, as well as the trucking company representative, have been cooperative with the investigation.

The right lane and breakdown lane were closed until approximately 5:35 a.m. for the investigation.

The remaining facts and circumstances of the crash are currently under investigation by troopers from the State Police Weston Barracks and troopers assigned to the State Police Detective Unit attached to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office. State Police Crime Scene Services Section (CSSS, State Police Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Section (CVES), State Police Collision Analysis Reconstruction Section (CARS), State Police Troop E Headquarters, Natick Fire/EMS Department, Massachusetts Medical Examiner’s Office, and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation assisted at the scene.

Staying Alive

July 6, 2015— A small "No CVS" group held signs in front of Town Hall prior to the Planning Board meeting, which they later attended to learn about the workings of government, keeping alive their hopes in keeping CVS from the center of Hopkinton by using the democratic process. They presented a document suggesting the changes to the zoning bylaws that would add "medications" to the exclusions of the allowed uses of a drive-up.
        Currently, the CVS plans for the former Colella's Supermarket building submitted to the Planning Department, which are being implemented, do not include a drive-up window, and are largely changes to the interior of the building.

Moving Forward

July 7, 2015—The hearing continued for Paul Mastroianni's expansion of 77 West Main Street (inset) at the Planning Board this evening. Mr. Mastroianni also appeared before the Selectmen at their last meeting seeking approval to connect this parcel to the town's sewer system. They deferred him to the DPW Director, giving him the final say on the matter.

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Tests for Heat Pump


July 6, 2015—The Permanent Building Committee would like to announce that as part of the Library Project, a well driller will begin drilling for a geothermal test well at 9 Church Street starting the week of July 13, 2015. The drilling is planned to take up to five days with hours of operation planned from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Once drilling is completed a continuous 72­hour pump test will commence. The 72­hour pump test is required to determine the water withdrawal capacity of the well. The Town apologizes for any inconvenience this project may cause while this necessary work is being completed. Thank you for your patience and support!


Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton and Surrounding Towns

Compiled for HopNews.com © 2015 All Rights Reserved
New Transactions from June 29, 2015 - July 6, 2015
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
30 Trevor Lane unit 17 Rama K. Devagiri $490,000 July 2, 2015 Yulan Shen
15 North Mill Street Dana J. Gonzalez, Erik B. Gonzalez $615,000 July 2, 2015 Jeffrey F. Hodge, Stephanie Hodge
15 Overlook Road Barbar Rao, Saima Raja $1,200,000 July 2, 2015 Afrah M. Jama, Mohammed Ali
4 Lyn Path Michael Nicholson, Alexandra Nicholson $633,653 July 1, 2015 James P. Beauregaurd, Karen McNally Beauregaurd
14 Forest Lane unit 17 Ellen S. Poisson $330,900 June 30, 2015 Ashish Kasturia, Silky Narang
53 Forest Lane unit 36 Peter J. Wood $327,500 June 30, 2015 Kristyn M. Traversi, Alfred A. Traversi
2 Crispwater Way unit 196 Sridhar Krishnamurthy, Pinky Jose $439,850 June 30, 2015 Pule Homes of New England LLC
69 Half Crown Circle unit C Shyam Adiddela, Anusha Katkuri $348,000 July 2, 2015 Irena Geshev, Ivan Geshev
114 Captain Eames Circle Felix Deleon $275,900 July 2, 2015 Camillo A. Tascione, Camillo A. Tascione Revocable Trust,
Mara Trumbour, Dennis J. Trumbour
140 Cross Street Nelson Mariona, Gina Mariona $629,830 July 1, 2015 Richmond Development Corp.
140 Cross Street Richmond Development Corp. $95,000 July 1, 2015 Steven A. Hickey, Cross Street Realty Trust
101 East Bluff Road unit 30B Lena Barskov, Igor Barskov $295,000 July 1, 2015 Amit Deshpande, Meghana A. Deshpande
1 Kings Row Sangram T. Thorat, Kranti V. Gaikward $476,000 July 1, 2015 Kenneth W. Brayman, Linda G. Brayman
49 Woodland Road Joseph J. Magnani, Nicole B. Magnani $351,000 July 1, 2015 Kelly A. Washek, John B. Washek Jr.
Butterfield Avenue Dionigi Loffa, Giovanni Loffa $250,000 July 1, 2015 Butterfield Drive LLC
415 Main Street Heather Starkel, Dorothy Fitzmaurice $340,000 June 30, 2015 Marc M. Connelly, Paula Connelly
200 Captain Eames Circle unit D Daniel Kim, Zhiyuan Shen $295,000 June 30, 2015 Paul Lavoie, Bonnie Lavoie
154 Fountain Street Nicholas A. Girard $312,000 June 30, 2015 Michael E. Mosca, Loretta A. Mosca,
Michael and Loretta Mosca Family Trust
5 Wayside Lane Willas Gracis George, Prabha John Xavier Money $387,000 June 30, 2015 Pralabh Dayal, Juhi Shahin
167 Myrtle Steet James Ambrosoni, Yoko Miyamoto Ambrosoni $300,000 June 30, 2015 BHR Development LLC
15 Wadsworth Road Lisa Ann Zager, Korey Fuellhart $594,000 June 30, 2015 Timothy M. Milewski, Laurie A. Milewski
439 America Boulevard unit 64A Purshottam Ramawatar Vishwakarma,
Arnika Vishwakarma
$371,750 June 30, 2015 Louisiana Purchase Realty LLC
112 Algonquin Trail unit A Michael Rozenblum, Svetlana Rozenblum $345,000 June 29, 2015 Shubham K. Bhat, Divya Bhat
51 East Bluff Road unit 34B Piyush Ramuka $271,000 June 29, 2015 Karin Burke-Lewis
14 Pearl Street Armando Vinciguerra Lariot, Alegna Zavatti Yanes $451,000 July 6, 2015 Venu Madhava Raju Ambathi, Sunita Bulusu
75 William Onthank Lane Patricia Boudreau $364,900 July 3, 2015 Robert T. Keaveny, Rita M. Keaveny 2008 Irrevocable Trust
8 Wyeth Circle Michael Lochhead, Christina M. Lochhead $1,050,000 July 1, 2015 Gerald A. McGuire, Storm D. McGuire
7 Newton Street Yanet Kaps $334,000 July 1, 2015 Peter G. Falconi
189 Middle Road Ramiro Torres Jr. $540,000 June 30, 2015 Anthony F. Buono, Robert Wagner
4 High Street Benjamin J. Cutone, Jessica M. Cutone $674,450 June 30, 2015 Joseph A. Digiovanni Jr., Margaret M. Digiovanni
3 Green Lane Leigh Fallon, Michael Fallon $629,909 July 6, 2015 Shawn P. Reilly, Linh T. Reilly
32 Plain Street James M. Kempton, Donna R. Kempton $217,500 July 2, 2015 Richard L. Porter, Eunice M. Porter
9 Christian Hill Road Christopher R. Coukos $435,000 July 2, 2015 William Moshier, Andrea Moshier
32 Knowlton Circle unit A Scott E. O'Brien, Nicole M. O'Brien $302,000 June 30, 2015 Stephen Brown, Kristen M. Brown

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Incident Logs Updated today, July 6, 2015

Emergency, dial 911 • Non-emergency, PD dial 508-497-3401, FD dial 508-497-2323



The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

8 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, person, or outside Police agency.

46 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home/Building Checks.

1 Motor Vehicle Accident without personal injury.

5 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

7 Times the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

2 Times the Police participated in Community Relations or passenger safety.

Incident Log

Sunday, July 5, 2015

9:09 pm Officer Arthur Schofield checked the area of Hayward Street for what sounded like fireworks.

8:18 pm Officer John Moran spoke with security on South Street regarding a driver that had an active warrant and two other police agencies were looking for the employee's whereabouts.

3:53 pm A female reported that she found an iPad in Southborough and was checking to see if anyone was looking for it.

12:42 pm A motorist complained that the traffic light on West Main Street flashed after each cycle. Officer Aaron O'Neil observed the light and advised that it seemed to working fine.

9:57 am A 911 caller reported that a woman was walking down Wood Street wearing a mask, winter boots and carrying a squirt gun with a tank on her back. Two officers checked the area with a negative find.

12:53 am Sgt. Timothy Brennan spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle which was suspiciously parked in a Grove Street business's parking lot.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

10:12 pm A caller from Spring Street reported hearing fireworks that sounded like an automatic weapon. Officer John Corridan responded but did not hear anything suspicious.

9:14 pm A resident of Trevor Lane reported that she was scared because there were fireworks going off in the neighborhood. Officer Philip Powers checked the area with a negative find.

9:12 pm An Oakhurst Road resident complained about fireworks in the area. Officer Peter Booth responded and advised that the fireworks were coming from a barge in the middle of the lake.

8:55 pm A caller reported fireworks and a lot of smoke on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Philip Powers checked the area and advised that the smoke in the area was coming from a fire at the reporting parties house.

6:39 pm Officer John Moran spoke with a male who he observed walking through the woods on Wilson Street with a backpack on.

12:42 pm A motorist reported that her vehicle was struck with water balloons while driving through town.

10:55 am A motorist reported that the entrance to the preserve on Cedar Street was blocked by vehicles. A detail officer responded to relieve traffic.

6:15 am A caller reported that there was a large volume of traffic near the state park on Cedar Street. Sgt. Timothy Brennan responded to assist with traffic control.

1:12 am A resident of Hayden Rowe Street reported loud noise and fire crackers sounding from a neighbor's house. Two officers responded and shut the party down for the night.

Friday, July 3, 2015

10:36 pm A Thayer Heights Road resident reported that a suspicious vehicle pulled into his driveway. Two officers checked the area but could not locate the vehicle.

9:02 pm A caller from Davis Road complained about a non-resident vehicle parking in a resident parking spot.

4:55 pm A 911 caller reported an erratic operator on West Main Street. Officer William Burchard responded and spoke with the operator.

4:21 pm Officer Peter Booth spoke with an individual who was marking Hayden Rowe Street for a charity ride.

3:36 pm A detail officer reported seeing a young female ride her bicycle out of the state park without her helmet on and on the wrong side of the road. The Southborough Police Department was notified.

11:16 am A caller reported that a small dog was left in a silver Lexus with the windows up for approximately half an hour on West Main Street. Officer Stephen Buckley spoke with the owner and advised that the dog was not in distress.

9:52 am A resident of Davis Road reported that a carpet cleaner slammed her door and now she can not get it open. Officer Thomas Griffin responded and was able to gain entry.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

9:30 pm A caller reported seeing two youths possible stumbling on the side of Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Aaron O'Neil checked the area with with a negative find.

8:17 pm Officer Philip Powers spoke with a resident of Davis Road regarding a mail delivery problem that has become a neighbor problem.

6:31 pm Officer Philip Powers spoke with a caller from Holt Street who had questions regarding a family situation.

5:51 pm Officer Philip Powers spoke with an unregistered solicitor on Cobblers Way.

5:32 pm Officer Aaron O'Neil advised that he came upon a motor vehicle on Granite Street that had a window shot out by a BB gun.

4:00 pm A caller complained about construction vehicles parking on the side of Lakeshore Drive causing a traffic hazard. Officer William Burchard spoke with the crew who had the vehicles off of the roadway.

12:36 pm Officer Thomas Griffin responded to Mayhew Street to follow up on a previous hit and run incident.

10:58 am Officer Thomas Griffin responded to a hit and run involving a tree on Mayhew Court.

12:00 am A walk-in reported that the traffic light on Main Street did not change to green coming up the hill on Cedar Street.

Health and Fitness

Two Men Charged with Murder in Shooting of Woman at Extended Stay America Hotel in Burlington
       Woburn, MA - July 6, 2015—Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and Burlington Police Chief Michael Kent today announced that two men have been charged in connection with the fatal shooting of a woman in Burlington on July 2, 2015. 
Epshod Jeune, 24, of Burlington and Derrell Fisher, 21, of Roxbury, are each charged with murder, attempted armed robbery and unlawful possession of a firearm in connection with the shooting death of Sanisha Johnson, 34, of the Bronx, NY, at the Extended Stay America Hotel in Burlington on July 2, 2015.
Additionally, Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and Woburn Police Chief Robert Ferullo announced that each man is also charged with armed robbery and armed assault in a dwelling of a woman at the Red Roof Inn in Woburn in the late evening of July 1 into the early morning of July 2, 2015, shortly before the Burlington murder.
The defendants will be arraigned in Woburn District Court on Monday, July 6, 2015. The prosecutor assigned to this case is Chief of Homicide Adrienne Lynch.
These charges are allegations, and the defendants are innocent until proven guilty.

Personal Services 
Peaceful, Easy Feelin'


July 5, 2015— Some actors are apparently reading parts at the Hopkinton Common this afternoon, while the music takes a holiday weekend off. Concerts on the Common resumes next Sunday, 5:00pm - 7:00pm featuring "The Roy Scott Big Band." Arrive early for children's entertainment from 4:00pm - 5:00pm.


Six Unit-building Burns in Whitinsville

July 5, 2015—A fire on D Street in the Whitinsville section of Northbridge spared life and limb, but destroyed a 6-unit apartment complex shortly after 5:00 am this morning. One resident said she awoke to smoke detectors long after the fire had become heavily involved. A resident across the street  said he was awakened by the arrival of police cruisers, and within minutes, the building, built in 1910, was engulfed in flames.


Above is the rear of the building, and the thumbnail, left, is the front. Northbridge Fire had its own ladder truck on scene, as well as one from another town. Several towns, as far away as Spencer, answered calls for mutual aid. Hopkinton was not one of them, but a Hopkinton firefighter was on scene to assist with "rehab" for the firemen, bringing water and other help, from a regional organization.


The Red Cross was on scene earlier on, and the owner of the property, Jay Gadoury, said he would be assisting the residents in finding shelter.


This unit is a stone's throw way from another six-unit condo building that was destroyed 5 years ago from a carelessly disposed lit cigarette into bark mulch.

Channel 5 caught some video of this morning's fire. A neighbor, college student Jennifer Leclerc, took the video below from her front porch with her iphone:


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Lake Maspenock Boat Parade July 4, 2015
Click photo for HD photo gallery
Once opened, chose the PLAY button to advance the slideshow automatically.

Flag Overboard!

July 4 ,2015 — Above, a boy jumps into the water off of the back of the boat to retrieve a flag that had fallen from it at the Lake Maspenock Annual Boat Parade. Check back later for many more photos.


Rollover on Pike Kills One


Today at 4:05 p.m., troopers from the State Police Barracks in Weston responded to the report of a one car rollover crash on the exit 12 ramp from I-90 eastbound in Framingham. Members of the Framingham Fire Department also responded to the scene.


Arriving first responders determined one person deceased at the scene as a result of the crash.


The exit 12 ramp from I-90 eastbound is closed for investigation of the crash.


Troopers are being assisted at the scene by members of the State Police Crime Scene Services Section, Collision Analysis Reconstruction Section, Troopers assigned to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office, and the Office of the Chief Medical Eximaner.  Additionally, members of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation have also responded to the scene to assist with traffic.


There is no information on the type of vehicle involved or victim  at this time.

Norma B. (Morse) Bancroft Surette, 84
HOPKINTON - Norma B. (Morse) Bancroft Surette, 84, died February 11, 2015.  A memorial service will be held Saturday, July 11, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. at the home of her daughter, Sherri Jackson, 10 Oakhurst Road, Hopkinton.  Arrangements are by the Callanan Cronin Funeral Home (www.callanancronin.com
Health and Fitness
Horribles Parade Photo Slideshow
Although the parade was smaller than usual, and the crowd was thinner,
there were some great political jabs and an endless supply of enthusiastic participants and observers.
See them in this animated HD video slideshow of HD photos of the participants.

Personal Services 

Chairman Requests Sidewalks for Fruit Street Bridge


July 3, 2015—Chairman of the Planning Board Ken Weismantel has replied to correspondence from MassDOT seeking comments on their plan to replace the crumbling Fruit Street Bridge that spans the Sudbury River and the CSX railroad tracks.

        Mr. Weismantel wrote in part, "Hopkinton is concerned with walkability and pedestrian safety, and to that end, the Planning Board requests that the bridge be designed to accommodate a sidewalk on one or both sides. This would be consistent with the Town’s intent to construct new sidewalks over time, especially in higher density areas, areas near public facilities, and along roadways with high traffic volumes and/or speeds which can pose a danger to pedestrian safety. Fruit Street is a roadway with relatively high traffic volumes and speeds in this area, and serves as a major connector to Flanders Road in Westborough and Southborough. Nearby public open space areas and residential development results in some pedestrian traffic, and there could be more if safety is improved. A bridge which accommodates pedestrian traffic will be important for the future."

         The bridge on Route 85 over the Sudbury River at the town line with Southborough was originally designed with no sidewalk, but was installed at the urging of town leaders.


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Incident Logs Updated today, July 3, 2015

Emergency, dial 911 • Non-emergency, PD dial 508-497-3401, FD dial 508-497-2323



The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

3 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, person, or outside Police agency.

14 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home/Building Checks.

1 Motor Vehicle Accident without personal injury.

1 Disabled Motor Vehicle.

1 Time the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

Incident Log

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

10:19 pm A 911 caller reported that he just witnessed a man beat a dog on Woodview Way. Two officers spoke with the individual and wrote a report.

5:51 pm Officer John Moran issued a motor vehicle a parking ticket on Davis Road.

4:52 pm A detail officer reported that tractor trailer units were parking on the side of South Street causing a road hazard. Officer Arthur Schofield spoke with the operators and advised them to move.

4:07 pm Officer John Moran advised that he issued two motor vehicles parking citations on Davis Road.

3:41 pm A caller reported that there was a possible unregistered solicitor on Teresa Road. Officer William Burchard responded and advised that they were registered with the town.

10:06 am A resident reported that there was an abandoned motor vehicle in the roadway on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and spoke with the owner who was working in the area.

6:19 am A female caller reported that there was a suspicious gray station wagon parked at the end of Rocky Woods Road with its flashers on. Two officers checked the area and the surrounding streets with a negative find.

24 Year-old Victim in Fatal Route 495 Methuen Crash Identified


The man who was killed in yesterday afternoon’s crash on Route 495 southbound in Methuen is identified as RAFAEL J. SANDOVAL, 24, of Lawrence. The investigation is ongoing to determine whether Mr. Sandoval was the operator or passenger of a 2015 Honda Accord involved in the crash.


Preliminary investigation by Troop A of the Massachusetts State Police and the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section indicates that the Accord was traveling southbound on Route 495 when, for reasons still under investigation, it veered into the breakdown lane. The operator tried to turn back toward the travel lanes but could not do so completely, striking a flat bed tow truck in the breakdown lane that had a car on its bed. The Honda then struck an Acura TL that was traveling in the right lane.

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Perhaps Thou Protesteth Too Loudly



Having read and watched the various letters, meetings, picketings, etc, regarding the changes in the heart of Hopkinton, and paraphrasing Mercutio (Romeo and Juliet), “A plague on all our houses, we’ve ripped out the heart of Hopkinton.”  Yes, we.  We have voted at Town Meeting.  We have voted with our feet.  We have voted in elections.  There are consequences to how we vote, and we’re certainly seeing the consequences of our votes this year in Hopkinton.  Crosspoint Associates is not the bad guy in this specific case.  The Colella family are not the bad guys in this either.  To see the bad guy, just look in the mirror and stop whining.  “Things without all recourse should be without regret.  What’s done is done.” 




Edwin E Harrow

8 Spring Lane

July 3, 2015


Editor's note: Although it can be assumed that Mr. Harrow is referring to events outside of the subject of his discourse, it must be noted that there was no Town Meeting vote, and certainly no ballot vote having to do with the sale of Colella's Supermarket to Crosspoint Associates or the leasing of the space to CVS. As for voting with our feet, we (the editorial "we") did not vote against Colella's. In fact with our frequent trips there, it would be reasonable to assume that this writer spent well over  $100 weekly, just on coffee, lunch, snacks and hard goods.

Geographical convenience for the people of Woodville and Lake Maspenock, as well as access without as much as one traffic light, was a main factor in their change of habit (Mr. Harrow?) for many former Colella's customers. I was one of the people who voted, and I do mean literally, with my feet, and my feet stayed in the Downtown out of loyalty and a sense of duty to fellow small business owners.

I refuse to share the guilt or the blame with Mr. Harrow, or my mirror. He speaketh only for himself.



Pink Drink Night Raises $16,000 for the Renovation and Expansion of Hopkinton Library



    About 250 ladies celebrated the start of summer at Hopkinton Public Library Foundation’s “Pink Drink Night” on Wednesday, June 24.  This fun night of tasting and shopping raised $16,000 for the Library renovation and expansion project set to break ground this fall.


Thank you to all who participated in the planning and partying, and to all the sponsors, restaurants, caterers and pink drink providers who made this such a successful and fantastic event. For more pictures from the evening, please visit the HPLF website at www.HPLFinc.org and the HPLF Facebook page: www.facebook.com/HPLFpage.


And Save the Date for Hoptoberfest, which will be back this fall!  Anyone wishing to keep up with all the latest info & ticket sales is welcome to visit www.HPLFinc.org to sign up for the HPLF newsletter or contact us at info@hopkintonpubliclibraryfoundation.org.


HOPTOBERFEST - Save the Date!

Date: Friday, October 23, 2014

Time: 7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

Location: St. John the Evangelist Church Parish Center, 20 Church St, Hopkinton


Personal Services 

REMINDER:  ‘Honor Box’ Payment System at MBTA Lots to be Eliminated Monday

BOSTON- Thursday, July 2, 2015 — Effective July 6th, the so-called ‘honor box’ payment system will no longer exist at MBTA parking lots.  The MBTA is eliminating the antiquated process of folding individual dollar bills and stuffing them into tiny slots.  The easier, more convenient payment method is PayByPhone which allows customers to pay parking fees by using any phone or any internet connected device.  PayByPhone is already used by more than 75% of MBTA customers parking in ‘honor box’ lots throughout the transit system.  


Another convenient option for customers is the monthly permit system, which includes a built-in discount.   At ‘honor box’ lots where the daily parking fee is commonly $4.00, a $70.00 monthly permit can save daily parking customers up to $30.00 a  month.  In August, monthly permits will have another benefit when they become ‘universal.’  One permit will be accepted at any MBTA parking facility with the same or lower daily parking fee.  To learn more about the monthly permit, more information is available at http://www.mbta.com/riding_the_t/parking/default.asp?id=25316.


For customers who choose not to sign up for PayByPhone, the MBTA will mail a monthly invoice to the address listed on the vehicle owner’s registration.  Customers choosing the invoice method of payment will pay 50 cents more than PayByPhone customers.  If invoices remain unpaid for more than thirty days, subsequent reminder invoices and notices of non-payment will be accompanied by a fine. Similar to All Electronic Tolling used on the Tobin Bridge, this payment system is licensed plate based and eliminates the need to pay for MBTA parking using cash.


Effective Monday, July 6th, PayByPhone customers can make payment over the phone at 1-866-234-7275, or using the PayByPhone app. Customers are encouraged to sign up for PayByPhone at www.paybyphone.com.   


Parking prices:

PayByPhone customers pay $4 to $7 depending on parking lot.

Invoice customers pay $4.50 to $7.50 depending on parking lot.

Discounted monthly permits range in price from $70 to $90.


Invoice Schedule plus fines and penalties:

Monthly invoice: For parking transactions within the preceding 30 day period, customers have 30 days from invoice date to make payment.

30 days after invoice: 2nd notice mailed - each unpaid parking transaction is assessed a $21 late fine.

30 days after 2nd notice: 3rd notice mailed - each parking transaction not paid as of 3rd notice date results in a hold on the vehicle owner’s driver’s license and/or vehicle registration. The hold cannot be removed until all parking fees and fines are paid. A $20 per ticket RMV fee is added at this time.

Total late fines will be capped at $500.00 per calendar year per vehicle plus the $20 per ticket RMV fee. 


Tickets issued prior to 7/6/15:

The current notice would be used for these tickets. The 1st notice is mailed after 21 days from ticket issue date, 2nd notice is mailed 21 days after the 1st notice date and 3rd is mailed when the ticket is marked at the RMV.


General information:

The PayByPhone payment structure applies to all parking facilities that used the honor box payment system. Garages and staffed parking lots are not affected.


Please visit www.mbta.com/parking with any questions.


Family  Stuff



Mary L. Bridges Defrancisco, 85

Mary L. Bridges Defrancisco, 85, of Hopkinton, passed away Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at the Kathleen Daniels Nursing Home in Framingham. Born in Saxonville, she was the daugther of the late Stanley and Mary (Rousseau) Flannery.

She leaves 5 children, Bill, John, Susan, LuAnn and Robin; 5 brothers, Richard, Gene, Ernie, David and Robert; 5 sisters, Maureen, Patricia, Dorothy, Cathy and Barbara. She was the sister of the late Stanley, Raymond, Frederick, Joan, Marlene and Phyllis.

There will be no visitation. A graveside service will be held on Wednesday, July 8th at 10:00a.m. at Evergreen Cemetery in Hopkinton. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Alzheimer's Association, P.O. Box 96011 Washington, DC 20090 or alz.org Arrangements are under the care of the Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton. 


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Incident Logs Updated today, July 1, 2015

Emergency, dial 911 • Non-emergency, PD dial 508-497-3401, FD dial 508-497-2323



The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

13 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, person, or outside Police agency.

62 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home/Building Checks.

5 Motor Vehicle Accidents without personal injury.

4 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

1 Time the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

2 Times the Police participated in Community Relations or passenger safety.

Arrest Log

Monday, June 29, 2015

1:32 pm Detective Gregg DeBoer arrested Kevin Sean Higgins, 41, of Winter Avenue, Marlborough, on Main Street and charged him with Larceny From a Building, Larceny of a Credit Card, Receiving Stolen Property Under $250 and Larceny Under $250.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

10:47 pm Officer John Corridan arrested Michael G. King, 49, of Conant Road, Framingham, on Wood Street and charged him with Marked Lanes Violation, Improper Turn and OUI Liquor, 2nd Offense.

Incident Log

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

11:33 pm A caller reported that three youths, with skateboards and backpacks, came out of the snow dump area off of Cedar Street. Two officers spoke with the youths and advised that everything appeared to be in order.

10:35 pm Officer John Corridan checked the area of Hayden Rowe Street for a complaint of fireworks but did not see or hear anything suspicious.

8:50 pm A caller complained about an aggressive operator of a motorcycle earlier on East Main Street.

8:17 pm A walk-in reported that a suspicious motor vehicle was parked at EMC Park earlier.

7:59 pm Officer John Moran spoke with a resident of C Street regarding a large pet bird that was making a lot of noise.

5:52 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer John Moran regarding neighbor troubles.

4:34 pm A walk-in from Overlook Road reported losing her phone a few days ago.

3:26 pm A resident of Sylvan Way reported that a suspicious motor vehicle, which was occupied by someone, had been parked at the end of the roadway for several hours. Officer John Moran responded and spoke with the operator.

1:57 pm An Auciello Drive resident reported that two vehicles had been parked in front of his vehicle all day. Officer Thomas Griffin responded and spoke with the owners who were just neighbors doing tree work.

9:10 am A caller reported receiving messages on their answering machine regarding an IRS scam.

2:48 am Officer Peter Booth reported damage to grass at a Hayden Rowe Street location.

Monday, June 29, 2015

10:20 pm A female resident of Falcon Ridge Drive reported coming home and finding an open door. Two officers checked the residence and advised that it was secure.

8:39 pm A male caller reported vandalism at the Stoney Brook Road continuation project. Officer Arthur Schofield responded and wrote a report.

8:12 pm The Upton Police Department reported that an erratic operator exiting Route 495 and headed towards their town. Sgt. John Porter checked the area until the town line with a negative find.

7:11 pm A resident of Hidden Brick Road reported that she saw smoke coming from the woods when facing Chestnut Street. Sgt. John Porter checked the area with a negative find.

1:32 pm Detective Gregg DeBoer arrested a 41 year-old male from Marlborough, on Main Street, and charged him with Larceny From a Building, Larceny of a Credit Card, Receiving Stolen Property Under $250 and Larceny Under $250.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

3:44 pm A motorist reported that a part of Cedar Street was washed out and would soon be a hazard. Officer John Moran checked the area and notified the Highway Department to respond.

1:38 pm A Pond Street resident reported that chainsaws were being run and work was being done outside. Officer Philip Powers responded and notified them about the town by-law.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

7:55 pm A caller from Lumber Street reported that his friend's vehicle was parked on the side of the road when a dark colored Acura hit his vehicle, causing front end damage, then took off towards Milford. Officer John Corridan responded to write a report and spoke with a neighbor who witnessed the incident.

7:00 pm A caller reported receiving a strange phone call at 2:30 am from a person claiming to be a relative and believed that this was the start of some scam. Officer Philip Powers responded to speak with him.

4:42 pm A resident of Yale Road reported that the house across the street from her is for sale and has multiple cars park in the middle of the road every day, making it impossible for her to pull into her driveway. She stated that she spoke with the realtor about the incident but it has continued anyway.

4:10 pm A caller reported witnessing two families pull a picnic table from Sandy Beach into the water. Officer John Corridan responded and advised that the families were gone upon his arrival but some kids had pulled the table back onto the beach.

3:48 pm A walk-in reported losing his wallet and wondered if it had been turned in.

12:47 pm A resident reported that her pink wallet was lost while at a West Main Street business.

7:13 am A caller complained about landscapers working on Grove Street. Officer Philip Powers responded and notified them of the town by-law.

6:22 am Officer Matthew McNeil spoke with a heavy equipment operator on West Main Street and notified him of the town by-law.

Friday, June 26, 2015

10:56 pm Officer John Corridan spoke with a group of youths on Smith Road who were walking home from a neighbor's pool.

10:18 pm A caller reported hearing fireworks in the area of Greenwood Road. Officer John Corridan checked the area with a negative find.

9:57 pm A resident reported hearing fireworks in the area of Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Aaron O'Neil checked the area with a negative find.

9:26 pm The Ashland Police Department reported an erratic operator on East Main Street. Two officers checked the area but could not locate the vehicle.

7:08 pm Officer Matthew McNeil spoke with a walk-in regarding her son being bullied at school.

6:13 pm A walk-in from West Main Street spoke with Officer Aaron O'Neil regarding a hit and run accident.

4:10 pm A 911 caller from Ash Street reported that there was an unwanted person in his home. Two officers responded and removed the unwanted individual.

12:37 pm A Pendulum Pass resident reported vandalism to their mailbox.

12:19 pm A resident reported that a vehicle was just sitting in the same spot on Hearthstone Road. Officer Thomas Griffin responded and advised that he was a home inspector.

11:40 am A motorist reported that vehicles along Elm Street were blocking the roadway. Officer Stephen Buckley checked the area and stated that the vehicles moved into the Elmwood School.

10:29 am Between the hours of 6:37 am and 10:29 am there were fifteen incidents of vandalism to mailboxes on Hidden Brick Road and Pendulum Pass.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

10:47 pm A 911 caller reported an erratic operator on Wood Street. Three officers responded and subsequently arrested a 49 year-old male from Framingham and charged him with Marked Lanes Violation, Improper Turn and OUI Liquor, 2nd Offense.

10:03 pm Officer Stephen Buckley advised that he removed five youths from the Sandy Beach area.

9:12 pm Sgt. John Porter responded to Morse Lane to assist with locating a family member and advised that they were located upon his arrival.

9:05 pm A 911 caller reported that an erratic operator was all over the roadway on Birchwood Lane. Officer Stephen Buckley caught up to the vehicle pulling into a driveway and advised that the operator stated he dropped his cell phone and was trying to pick it up.

8:36 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Stephen Buckley regarding bank fraud.

7:10 pm A Front Street resident reported that his granite mailbox post was hit by a vehicle within the past few hours. Officer John Corridan viewed the damage and wrote a report.

6:38 pm A 911 caller from Sylvan Way reported that there was a man lying at the end of her driveway and believed that he was just resting. Two officers responded and advised that he was waiting for a ride from his boss. The officers stood by until he was picked up.

4:53 pm A caller reported that a man was driving a golf cart down North Mill Street with two young children and a dog inside. Officer John Corridan checked the area but could not locate the golf cart.

4:01 pm A motorist reported that he was just hit by a tractor trailer unit on the Mass Pike and the truck took off on Route 495 south. The State Police were notified.

3:41 pm A School Street resident reported that a vehicle has been parked on their private property for several days. The owner was contacted and would remove it tomorrow.

3:28 pm An Ash Street resident reported that her “black lives matter” sign was stolen within the past couple of days.

3:22 pm The bus company reported that a large number of vehicles were parked on the side of Pond Street making it difficult to pass. Officer Thomas Griffin checked the area and stated that they were not a hazard at this time.

3:12 pm Officer Stephen Buckley spoke with a walk-in who reported losing his NY license plate.

2:38 pm A Yale Road resident turned in a cell phone that was found several weeks ago.

2:45 am A resident of Woodview Way reported that their window was broken by a neighbor's grandchildren. Sgt. Scott vanRaalten responded and wrote a report.

12:26 am A caller complained about a dog barking in the area of Pleasant Street. Sgt. Scott vanRaalten checked the area with a negative find.

Busty at Montreal Jazz

July 1, 2015—Our friend Mike McCann, trumpet, right, and his band, Busty and the Bass, pumped up a dedicated crowd at the Montreal Jazz Festival in spite of the rain last night. Mike, of Upton, was the bugler at all of the veterans events and Taps Vigils in Hopkinton throughout his school years before leaving for Canada to attend McGill University. Some may remember when they brought it home to the Rose Garden in Upton last December after winning a contest as the best university band in Canada, on their way to a gig in New York..

Health and Fitness
Sandy Beach Officially Reopened

Above, Amy Kafazzo and son, Tim, 6, enjoy the exhilarating breeze at Sandy Beach late yesterday afternoon as Tim balances on Mom's knees.
July 1, 2015—Yesterday was a great day for an outing.  The Lake Maspenock Preservation Association provided the watermelon, lemonade and hot dogs, town officials were on hand to discuss the process of rejuvenating Sandy Beach, and the mosquitoes and black flies knew enough to stay away.
See Robert Dobinski and Eric Sonnett speak to the process and if your kids are grown and you expect grandkids, take a look at the video to see a Gaga Ball pit in action, because this game is no passing fad, and you will want to be a modern grandparent.
See also many still shots of the action embedded in the video below.


Family  Stuff


HHS Grads, Golf Team Members, Curran and Bradley Win Charity Classic
Former Coach Dick Bliss on hand both days of tournament
Click here if video player does not display


A Real Breeze

June 30, 2015—Principals in the renovation and construction of Sandy Beach gathered for a celebration this afternoon, ending in a ribbon-cutting on the path onto the property at 7:00 pm. Check back for more photos and video later tonight.

Personal Services 
The Sandy Beach Grand Opening is today, Tuesday, June 30th 5:30-7:30.
Tell your friends and c'mon down! It's looking like beach party weather!!


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