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Colella's new hours: Mon-Sat 8am-8pm; Sun 9am-6 pm
Salon Passes Hands
New Team Moves Forward - One chair waiting for the right stylist

Above, Ann-Michele Dragsbaek, Eileen Rockwell and Rosemarie Cugini Walsh at the Uptown Salon & Color Studio.

February 25, 2015 — Wanting and needing to spend more time with her family, and less  time as a salon owner, inspired Ann-Michele Dragsbaek to find a solution. She has sold her salon  to Rosemarie Cugini Walsh, but will continue as a hairdresser with her own chair in the same location, which is now called the Uptown Salon & Color Studio.

      And at the same time, Rosemarie was looking to bring her involvement to the next level as a salon owner. 

     "It was fateful that we both got what we wanted," she said.

     "What I bring to the table is another level as a colorist," she said. 

      Rosemarie worked at MG Salon and Spa in Medway for 10 years of her career, after having worked for hair color companies Goldwell and KAO, teaching other stylists in the profession.

         "I am an American Board Certified Colorist," she added, saying that there is room for growth and opportunity at Uptown Salon.

         "We have a chair to fill for an enthusiastic and talented stylist who would love to continue to perfect their craft."


Saddened by Colella's Closing

Dear Editor,

I am deeply saddened by the news of Colella's closing.  This location has been the anchor for all of uptown Hopkinton, and will be sadly missed.  As one of the past owners of Main Street Specialties, a specialty foods market that was across from Town Hall, I want the population to know just how helpful Dale was to our business.  She was always willing to help in any way possible, even though we were competitors in some ways. Whenever I was short on a product, needed ice or any other items, Dale was always there to help us out.  Colella's has ALWAYS had a helping hand out to the town, helping with the Marathon, supporting any and all charitable organizations, as well as donating time and money to town functions.


It is extremely unfortunate that the town has not supported the uptown businesses, and as a result, we now see another business leaving town!  

Colella's has the BEST meat market around, and the homemade sausage is the best in the state, in my opinion.  The prices of merchandise is/was very reasonable and competitive.  


I think the town needs to stand up for the local businesses and support them.  Many times in your site, I see people stating,  "Why can't we be more like Wellesley"?  Well folks, they get the support from the neighbors, and they support their local business.


I want to Thank Colella's for being here for the past 70 years, and our family will continue to support you!  I now wonder what will become of this soon vacant property? Maybe we will get another Dry Cleaner.

Many Thanks to Dale and her family!

Our Very Best,

Paul and Carole Nathan

9 Summer Street 


Family  Stuff

Thanks to Lou Mongiat


I would like to add my congratulations to Lou Mongiat upon his retirement. I had the distinct pleasure of working alongside Lou during many marathon weekends. He was a dedicated worker, a good friend, and Cookie’s ever-present right hand. Enjoy your time, Louie; you’ve earned it!


Rob White
Caribou, ME

February 25, 2015



Police Incident Log Updated February 25, 2015

Emergency, dial 911 • Non-emergency, PD dial 508-497-3401, FD dial 508-497-2323



The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

2 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

23 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home/Building Checks.

5 Motor Vehicle Accidents without personal injury.

4 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

2 Times the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

Arrest Log

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

1:32 pm Detective Gregg DeBoer arrested Crystal Chiavarini, 23, of Davis Road, Hopkinton, on Davis Road for a Warrant.

Incident Log

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

6:10 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Gregg DeBoer regarding a family situation.

5:16 pm A 911 caller reported that an erratic operator crashed into a snow bank on Quaker Street in Northbridge. The Northbridge Police Department was notified and responded.

4:29 pm A caller reported that her vehicle was hit while parked in her parking spot on Nazneen Circle. Officer Arthur Schofield responded to write a report.

3:30 pm A 911 caller reported that a vehicle was parked in a handicapped spot with no placard on South Street. Officer Arthur Schofield checked the area for the vehicle with a negative find.

1:32 pm Two officers responded to Davis Road to attempt to serve court paperwork and subsequently arrested a 23 year-old female from Hopkinton for a Warrant.

12:57 pm A walk-in spoke with Sgt. Joseph Bennett regarding visitation with their children.

5:25 am Sgt. Timothy Brennan notified the Water Department of a small water leak on West Main Street.

5:04 am A motorist reported icy road conditions at the top of a Route 495 on-ramp. The State Police were notified and contacted the Mass DOT.

Monday, February 23, 2015

10:31 pm A home owner on Daniel Shays Road reported hearing loud noises coming from the roof. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded to assist the Fire Department with investigating.

10:05 pm A 911 caller stated that her friend from Ash Street reported hearing noises coming from downstairs and was home alone with her son. Two officers responded to checked the home and advised that everything was secure.

7:15 pm Sgt. John Porter notified the Fire Department of a gas detection unit that was flashing red at the pumping station on Fruit Street.

6:32 pm A 911 caller from Winter Street reported that there was a bat in her home. She then advised that she was able to open a window and the bat was no longer in the house.

2:59 pm The bus company reported that one of their buses could not get by a bobcat that was on Stewart Street and the company would not move it. Officer Aaron O'Neil spoke with the landscaping company who would find another locating for the machine.

8:06 am A 911 caller reported that someone in a van keeps opening the door while they were moving on Main Street. Sgt. Joseph Bennett responded and spoke with the occupants of the vehicle who should be okay to continue.



Hopkinton Police vs Hopkinton Special Olympic Basketball Game which will be held
Saturday March 14. at the Hopkinton Middle School starting at 10:00 a.m.
Personal Services 

Lou Mongiat Honored


Jean Scarlata, who retired this past fall, was on hand as the Selectman honored, Louie Mongiat, who retired after 46 years of service to the town. Louie started with the Highway Department in 1968. He moved over to the water department and also was on call for emergencies for the sewer department.


Louie also worked many years as an on-call Firefighter. He truly embodied the spirit of helping out any and all departments and any citizen he encountered. He was a member of the Marathon Committee and was a prominent figure involved in the painting of the starting line each year.


Louie took over the duties of his late friend, Cookie Kumlin, and made sure the Doughboy Statue and the war veterans memorials were taken care of each year. Louie is best known as the guy who ”Knows where everything is”. If you need to know where a pipe is buried, where a drain discharges to, or where a rarely used spare part was, you asked. Louie and he always knew.

His Co-Workers wished him the best of luck and his union members presented him with custom DPW jacket. Louie plans to remain active in his bowling league and he still stops by to visit at the Wood Street garage.


~ Eric Carty


Thank You Colella's


"Hopkinton is ... respectful of our past, engaged in our present, and actively preparing for our future...." (excerpt from the Town of Hopkinton’s mission statement). One has to wonder.



Colella’s Supermarket has been an anchor for our Town for 70 years. As customers of Colella’s for 36 years, we know that it is a rare gem. While you may not be aware, Dale Danahy and her family supplied free food to Hopkinton families that had fallen on hard times, long before food pantries. The store also supported just about every Town group (Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, Hockey, Little League...) and helped other small businesses and non-profit groups get onto their feet, and back onto their feet when times were tough.


Selfishly, where am I going to get my meatballs? My caramel brownies? My hamburger and my Thanksgiving turkey that I know hasn't been dyed or injected with God knows what? My daughter’s birthday cake — a yearly treat that has become tradition?


Did the developers of the large supermarket complex at the corner of West Main and South Street, also Hopkinton residents, consider what retail stores the Town needed? Did they consider their effects upon fellow residents? Did their actions even have an impact upon Colella’s fate, or is it simply not a store that matched the needs of newer Town residents? Is Colella’s simply a business that could not survive in today’s world of strip malls, brand name chain stores, and massively overdeveloped multi-use properties?


Thank you Colella’s, and we can only hope that there is another chapter in your history !


Peter/Susan Cholakis

30 Twin Island Road

February 25, 2015

Health and Fitness
Four TVL titles in a row


Congratulations go out to the Hopkinton High Cheerleaders for winning their fourth TVL title in a row (no other Hopkinton Hiller Cheer team has ever accomplish this feat).
This season has been especially difficult for the Hopkinton cheerleaders for a couple of reasons. All this snow has forced schedule changes and missed practices. Also, several injuries have forced teammates to the sidelines. Still, they’ve been able to overcome all these obstacles and continue their winning ways.
One thing this team is especially proud of this season is receiving the TVL Sportsmanship Award. The Hiller Cheerleaders , and Hopkinton Hiller sports in general, hold this particular awarded in high regard. The combination of humility, hard work, and the spirit of winning are paramount, and have always been essential to the success of this team. A special thanks for Eric Karjel for his support. He was on hand to award the girls the TVL First Place Trophy and the Sportsmanship Plaque.
It has been a difficult year; however, because of the inner strength of this team, they have been able to overcome all the challenges before them. They continue to accomplish their winning tradition and exhibit Hiller pride. They will now move on to the regional competition this coming weekend. Please join us and support this wonderful group of young women at:

MSSAA 2015 Winter Cheerleading South Regionals
Whitman Hansen High School 600 Franklin Street, Whitman MA.
March 1 2014 Competition starts at 2:00 PM


Planning Board Holds Hearing on Zoning Articles
One big winner, one big loser at last night's meeting

February 24, 2015 — Last night the Planning Board held a Public Hearing to receive input on several zoning suggestions for Town Meeting Articles, but two of the proposals drew the most attention..
        One, brought forward by developer Steven Zieff (Photo, left) and home builder Finley Perry (Right), would add up to 375 "multi-family dwellings" and buildings as tall as 100 feet, in a new district called the Crossroads Redevelopment District.  Mr. Perry, a homebuilder, is the former Chairman of the Land Use Study Committee, who helped pave the way for the current Legacy Farms Development, for which his partner in this endeavor, Steven Zieff, was the Project Manager.

          Selectman John Coutinho, an enthusiastic  supporter of growth, spoke as a member  of the Zoning Advisory Committee, which first heard the proposal. He advocated for the development, saying the zoning changes needed to be in place so the developers "would know what to put there."

         "375 units. That's going to be a huge impact on our town, our schools... we haven't solved the school situation from 2000, and it's 2015. We are going to have such a burden on our schools," said Jackie Potenzone.

          Cliff Kistner, who owns a piece of land across from the Golden Spoon, which recently sold for $1.7 million, posed many questions about the project, but was firm about one thing.

          "If we are pulling more residents in, we're not solving a problem, we're creating a problem. And then we'll say it's too late." He said the area is already zoned commercially, but the residential component would be problematic.

           "I don't believe in any aspect that this is right for the town of Hopkinton at this time."

           One attendee said in the hallway after the hearing, "That project is dead in the water." However, at the end of the meeting, the board did give the proponents a laundry list  of things that could help gain their support.

           The big winner of the evening was Roy MacDowell, Jr., who brought a revised plan to the board to swap 200,000 square feet of commercially zoned land and reduce the amount of single family homes in Legacy Farms North from 50 to 15, in exchange for a change in the Host Community Agreement that would allow 180 Age restricted homes. Only Planning Board member Frank D'Urso spoke against the change, saying that the deal was made at Town Meeting, and that they should be made to comply with it.

         But another member explained that business can change over time, and that what was going on on 2007 has changed a lot today. When Mr. MacDowell was proposing 450,000 square feet of commercial development in 2007, another company, Taurus New England, said that there would not be as much interest in commercial, and so their proposal at the time offered substantially less commercial space, which is more like today's proposal from Mr. MacDowell.

           Mr. MacDowell cited $1.8 million in payments to the town for trails, the Downtown and public safety, as well as over $15 million in net positive fiscal benefits over ten years.

Family  Stuff

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton and Surrounding Towns

Compiled for HopNews.com © 2015 All Rights Reserved
New Transactions from February 18, 2015 - February 23, 2015
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
6 Ryegrass Circle unit 117 Raghuvir Leelasagar, Priti Srinvasan $516,275 Feb. 23, 2015 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
85 West Main Street Thurken MA I LLC $1,701,197 Feb. 20, 2015 William W. Morgan
1 Grandview Drive unit 25 Srinivas Kukunoor, Saritha Tummalapalli $575,000 Feb. 20, 2015 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
1 Birchwood Lane unit 5A Steven Schaub, Etie-Lee Schaub $262,500 Feb. 20, 2015 Patrick R. Daly, Joyce Z. Daly
21 Connelly Hill Road Stephen C. Weber, Lynn M. Weber $1,152,598 Feb. 19, 2015 Connelly LLC
5 Ryegrass Circle unit 84 Girish Maniprasad, Shilpa Ganesan $476,000 Feb. 19, 2015 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
5 Cole Drive unit 12 Michael R. Keane, Karen B. Keane $515,000 Feb. 19, 2015 Rebecca Robinson
26 Queen Isabella Way unit 55D Natarajan Alagappan, Priyanka G. Padma $339,000 Feb. 20, 2015 Independence Village Realty LLC
21 Main Street 21 Main Street LLC $379,000 Feb. 20, 2015 Casey Jenkins
6 Robert Gonfrade Way Jason G. Prince, Danielle B. Prince $406,000 Feb. 19, 2015 David A. Kinsman, Brandi E. Kinsman
76 Marlborough Road David Elkinson, EB Realty Trust $360,000 Feb. 23, 2015 Stephen A. Lahaye
42 Wildwood Drive unit 63 Robert C. Delaurentis, Danielle A. Hanson $528,000 Feb. 20, 2015 Mitchell S. Maxwell, Tiffani Maxwell
39 Sears Road David M. Ferris $1,100,000 Feb. 20, 2015 Beth C. Florin
91 Main Street 91 Main LLC $156,900 Feb. 20, 2015 Doreen M. Smith-McAuliffe, Michael D. McAuliffe
25 Florence Circle Srinavasa Siddagangiah, Jacqueline Siddagangiah $405,000 Feb. 20, 2015 James C. Bradley, Barbara A. Bradley


Frank & Wendy Saba to Receive 2015 Butch Moore “You Touched Upon My Life” Award


February 24, 2015 — Butch Moore was a local singing legend who toured throughout Ireland, Europe, and the United States initially with The Capitol Showband and later with his wife Maeve as the famed singing duo Butch and Maeve. His signature song “You Touched Upon My Life” spoke volumes about a man who had touched the lives of so many around him with his music, his smile, his generosity, and his big heart. With Butch’s passing away in early 2001 WMRC-First Class Radio created this award in his honor.

Past recipients include Kevin Meehan, and (the late) Billy Hood, Linda Varney, Judge Francis and Virginia Larkin, Senator Richard T. Moore, Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, Tony and Virginia Brenna, Chris Morcone, Gina Oliva-Tarolli, Tom McGovern, Paul Surapine, the Kimball Family, the Ellis Family and Justine Brewer.

The official award presentation for Frank & Wendy Saba will take place at the WMRC---Milford Area Chamber of Commerce St. Patrick’s Business After Hours on Wednesday March 11th. The event will be held at Scioli’s Pizza Bar on Route 140 in Milford starting at 5PM.  [NOTE: Frank Saba is CEO of Milford Regional Hospital.]

For additional information contact WMRC-First Class Radio at (508)473-1490
To reserve tickets for the event contact The Milford Area Chamber of Commerce at (508)473-6700. Contributed content.

Personal Services 


David Mark Doss, 56


David Mark Doss, 56, of Hopkinton, passed away unexpectedly on Friday, February 20, 2015 at Milford Regional Hospital. He was the beloved husband of Diane (Gallagher) Doss and loving father to his son, Zach Doss, both of Hopkinton.

David was the Vocational Director at Minuteman Arc in Concord where he worked with adults with disabilities. He was a loving father and husband and was a past Boy Scout leader and basketball coach. David was an avid Patriot's fan and enjoyed gardening, landscaping, and playing guitar in various bands.

David also leaves behind his sister, Jeanne Doss of Lancaster and his in-laws, nieces and nephews. He is predeceased by his parents, Mary (Nichols) and Jim Arthur Doss.

Visitation will be held on Thursday, February 26th from 4-6:30p.m. at the Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton, 57 Hayden Rowe St. A prayer service will follow visitation at 6:30p.m. in the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, donations in Dave's memory may be made in Zach's name and sent to Bank of America, 77 West Main St. Hopkinton, MA. 01748.

Health and Fitness


Police Incident Log Updated February 23, 2015

Emergency, dial 911 • Non-emergency, PD dial 508-497-3401, FD dial 508-497-2323



The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

9 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

50 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home/Building Checks.

2 Motor Vehicle Accidents without personal injury.

4 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

1 Time the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

3 Times the Police participated in Community Relations or passenger safety.

Arrest Log

Sunday, February 22, 2015

5:16 pm Officer Arthur Schofield arrested Brian K. Ramsey, 47, of Woodland Road, Southborough, on Cedar Street and charged him with OUI Liquor, Marked Lanes Violation and Possession of Class B Substance.

Friday, February 20, 2015

5:12 pm Officer John Corridan arrested Eric M. Bromley, 21, of Washington Lane, on Washington Lane for a Warrant.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

1:37 am Officer Linda Higgins arrested Eric Robert Kaniu, 34, of Main Street, Millbury, on South Street and charged him with OUI Liquor.

Incident Log

Sunday, February 22, 2015

5:16 pm A caller reported that a pickup truck was involved in a motor vehicle accident on Cedar Street and was stuck in a snow bank, blocking traffic. Three officers responded and subsequently arrested a 47 year-old male from Southborough and charged him with OUI Liquor, Marked Lanes Violation and Possession of Class B Substance.

4:43 pm A resident of Rice Street was concerned that he had no water and that his neighbor did have water. The Water Department was notified and responded.

3:24 pm Officer Arthur Schofield assisted a walk-in with getting fingerprints for his passport.

2:08 pm A Pleasant Street resident reported seeing black smoke come up from their basement. Officer Arthur Schofield advised that he smelled the smoke but it was not noticeable.

1:52 pm A caller reported that a speed limit sign on East Main Street was hit. A message was left for the DPW.

1:51 pm A resident of Downey Place reported seeing black smoke. Officer Patrick O'Brien responded to assist the Fire Department.

1:19 pm A Main Street resident reported that someone keeps calling her telling her that she needs to have her computer repaired. She believed that they may be connecting on to her computer and reading her emails.

11:56 am A telephone companies employee reported that he drove off with his black canvas case, which had a meter in it, on top of his truck.

11:51 am A caller reported that ice had fallen off of a house on Hearthstone Road and there was now a smell of natural gas. Two officers responded to assist the Fire Department.

7:48 am A Meserve Street business reported that two vehicles were parked on the side of the road making it difficult for their trucks to get in and out. Officer Matthew McNeil responded and spoke with the owners.

6:16 am The Highway Department requested assistance with the removal of a vehicle parked on the sidewalk on Hayden Rowe Street impeding snow removal. Officer Linda Higgins spoke with the home owner who moved the vehicle.

1:36 am Officer Linda Higgins issued a parking ticket to a motor vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street.

1:28 am Officer Linda Higgins issued a motor vehicle a parking ticket on Main Street.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

3:27 pm A caller reported that she had not water at the building she owns on West Main Street but there was nothing wrong with the pipes. Officer John Corridan checked the area for any leaks with a negative find. The Water Department was notified.

2:06 pm A motorist reported that a man hole was open on East Main Street and the cover was partially in the middle of the road. Officer Patrick O'Brien responded and notified the Ashland Police Department as it was in their town.

2:00 pm A Westcott Drive resident reported that a female was going door to door talking about water waste. Officer Thomas Griffin located four solicitors in the area and notified them of the town by-law that they must register first.

11:50 am A resident of West Elm Street requested to speak with an officer regarding verbal abuse/threats from her landlord and also about harassment from another tenant. Officer Thomas Griffin spoke with the caller and advised her on obtaining a harassment order from the court.

9:06 am A walk-in spoke with Officer Thomas Griffin regarding an on-going lottery scam. He stated that he received a check in the mail after informing the scammer that he could not afford to pay the acceptance fee for winning the lottery. He was informed to ignore any further contact with this person.

7:43 am Multiple callers reported a single car motor vehicle accident with personal injury on Hayden Rowe Street. Two officers responded to assist the Fire Department.

Friday, February 20, 2015

9:45 pm A caller complained about vehicles parked on Fruit Street. Sgt. Scott vanRaalten spoke with a home owner who was hosting a party and had the vehicles clear out.

8:20 pm A resident of Priscilla Road was concerned about very deep snow on the roof of a neighbor's house who was away. The home owner was contacted and would have someone remove the snow.

7:36 pm A 911 caller from Greenwood Road reported a large amount of water in the house and a possible partial ceiling collapse. Two officers responded to assist the Fire Department and advised that there was no roof collapse but a pipe did burst.

5:12 pm Two officers responded to a residence on Washington Lane and subsequently arrested a 21 year-old male from Hopkinton for a Warrant.

1:08 pm Officer Thomas Griffin responded to South Street to assist the Fire Department with a burning odor in a building and advised that the business was evacuated.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

11:12 pm A caller reported seeing a suspicious motor vehicle with people inside of it parked on Hazel Road. Two officers spoke with the individuals and sent them on their way.

10:25 am A caller reported that a trailer was losing part of its load on Cedar Street. Officer Thomas Griffin responded and spoke with the operator who reloaded the items.

9:16 am A walk-in turned in a license plate that was found in a snow bank on Frankland Road. The owner was contacted and will pick it up.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

10:11 pm A walk-in spoke with Sgt. John Porter regarding an on-going neighbor situation.

3:46 pm Officer John Corridan spoke with a caller from Main Street regarding information about obtaining a restraining order.

1:20 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Stephen Buckley regarding possible credit card fraud.

8:49 am The Fire Department reported finding a horse stuck in the snow on its back on Chamberlain Street. Officer Thomas Griffin responded and was able to assist with getting the animal back on its feet.

6:14 am Sgt. Timothy Brennan notified the Water Department of a possible water leak on Wood Street.

6:04 am A resident of Yale Road reported that water was seeping up through the floor over their water meter. Officer Linda Higgins responded but was unable to access the meter because there was six feet of snow in front of it. The Water Department was notified.

1:37 am Officer Linda Higgins stopped a motor vehicle on South Street and subsequently arrested a 34 year-old male from Millbury and charged him with OUI Liquor.


Theresa Ann Nealon


Theresa Ann Nealon passed away quietly, with her family at her bedside, on Saturday February 21, six days after the death of her husband of 63 years, Edward J. Nealon. Terry was the daughter of Michael and Rose(Ferraro) Notturno both originally from Italy. She was born and raised in Milford where she graduated from Milford High School. It was also in Milford where she met her future husband Ed at a local soda shop. Ed and Terry were married two years later at Sacred Heart Church in Milford.

They moved early in their marriage to Hopkinton where they remained to have a rich and wonderful life raising their children and traveling with friends and family.

Terry began working at Carbone’s restaurant in Hopkinton. From there she was employed at AT&T in Boston where she excelled in the public relations department. She loved traveling into Boston each day on the train. After her first retirement she began working part time at the town hall in Hopkinton. She loved being around people and made everyone she met feel like family. Hers was the house where everyone felt at home.

Terry is survived by her devoted children, Kerry Nealon of West Yarmouth, Donna Jones and her husband Frank of Westborough and Colleen Peters and her husband Jeff of Woodville. She also leaves her loving grandchildren, Gregory, Jillian and Kimberly Jones. She is also survived by three wonderful sisters, Ann Halsing of Mendon, Rosemarie Herbst from Ohio and Marylou Notturno from Connecticut. Her sister, Phyllis Mendoza and her brother, Frank Notturno, predeceased her.She also leaves behind many nieces and nephews.

One very special niece, Beth Peacock, helped care for her and support her cousins over the last six months of Terry’s life at Countryside HealthCare of Milford. They will be forever grateful to her for all the help and kindness that she provided.

In lieu of flowers donations made be made to the Resident Activities Fund C/O Countryside Healthcare of Milford or in her husband’s name to The Longest Day, a charitable walk for the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Association.

Funeral Mass will be held Friday February 27 at Saint Matthew’s Church at 10:00 a.m.. No calling hours. Burial will be private. Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to the Callanan Cronin Funeral Home, Hopkinton.

Family  Stuff

World  Renown Hopkinton Sculptor Michael Alfano Showing at Attleboro Arts Museum
Watch video of movable sculpture, with musical accompaniment  by son, Freeman, and times and dates at end of video (Hint: Ends Saturday)


JV Win back to back championships!

The Hopkinton Hiller JV hockey team avenged their only league loss of the season, by defeating the Hudson Hawks 2-0 in to win back to back championships at the North Star Forum in Westoboro. As was the case was last year, a large contingent of past and present JV and Varsity players were on hand to cheer the team on. The teams traded chances for the first two periods without anyone being able to break through on the score board. In the third period, the Hillers picked up the attacked. Kyle Schlicke fired home a pass from Matt Carnes and Henry Kosheff to give the Hillers the lead. Soon after Kyle Canty wristed one home on a rebound from Brett McIntire to make it 2-0. Hopkinton had to kill off 2 late penalties to preserve the win with Jake Neary making some outstanding saves to record his 5 shut out of the season. After the game captain Kyle Canty accepted the JV championship plaque.


The JV squad put up some impressive numbers while finishing the season 12-2-2. They averaged 3 goals a game while only allowing an average of 1. They outshout their opponents by a 3-1 margin and went the entire season without giving up a power play goal. More impressively, they did all of that with only two true defense on the team. All of the forwards, took turns throughout the year filling in on the blue line.


The team was comprised of Nick and Hunter Temple, Matt Carnes, Brett McIntire, Zack Griffin, Jason Bachman, Freeman Alfano, Peter Mitchell, Harrison Black, Kyle Schlicke, Henry Kosheff, Tim Bloomer, Jake Neary and Klye Canty. The team was coached by Mike Messier and Eric Carty.

Before and After

February 22, 2015 — The "before" of 30-34 Main Street is the background for this photo of the newly erected sign showing the finished restoration of the building alongside the one to be built on the empty lot, by Kathy and Greg Mazur. It is appropriately named Central Place, a nod to the historical building  that stood there before its demolition a few years ago, a 19th Century-looking structure that was an inn called the Central House. On the ground level was a bar called the Tap Room that wrapped around a small package store  that also had frontage on Main Street. A historical Photo is below.

Personal Services 
Picnic Table Sled

February 22, 2015 — This youngster found some reason to roll a picnic table down the slope of the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam today.


Off Road Vehicle


February 22, 2015 — An individual called to report this pickup truck off of the road, a truck, the caller said, that was travelling in the opposite direction prior to the crash. The driver was taken into custody following field sobriety tests performed above by Officer Arthur Schofield this afternoon.

Health and Fitness

Leon W. Botteron, 84


HOPKINTON - Leon W. Botteron, 84, died Saturday February 14, 2015 in Milford.  He was the husband of Marjorie (Simmons) Botteron.  Born in Manchester, CT, he was the son of the late Charles and Louise (Schaler) Botteron.  

He served in the U.S. Coast Guard with the 3rd Division of New York.  He worked as a general foreman and technician for TWA and American Airlines.

In addition to his wife, he leaves his children Marjorie Grabmier and husband Joseph of Hopkinton, and Leon and wife Linda of McKinney, TX.  He also leaves his grandchildren Maggie, Ryan, Joseph, Neal, Jennifer, Eric and Angelie.

Burial of cremains will take place at the family's convenience.  Donations may be made to the charity of one's choice.  Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to the Callanan Cronin Funeral Home, Hopkinton.


Golden Spoon Sold! $1.7 million
Plans to relocate and reopen in  late 2015

Facebook and Twitter followers got alerts

by Robert Falcione

February 21, 2015— It finally happened, the purchase of a Hopkinton landmark, and the end of an era. The Golden Spoon Restaurant was  sold yesterday by  owner Bill Morgan to businessman Richard Landry, who wants to develop the property, for $1,701,197.48. Mr. Landry, who attended the several Planning Board  meetings that preceded  the sale, has shown a Starbucks and a Unibank with a drive-thru as his two anchor businesses on his drawings. The current building will be demolished. As part of the development plan, the owner will give up a strip of land to accommodate a future right turn lane onto Lumber Street.

        The Spoon was started in 1981 by Jeanne and Fred Rousseau, who ran it for 20 years. Then, daughter Michelle and husband Tom Fillingim took over the reigns until Monica and Bill Morgan bought the business in 2001. The couple, parents of two children going through the Hopkinton school system, made the place more of a restaurant, than a coffee and sandwich shop, and offered short-order breakfast and fast, low-priced meals for lunch.

        Most recently, the Spoon offered dinners in the evenings, beginning with $3.99 fish and chips one night, $6.99 chicken dinner another night; and fresh haddock every night for $9.99, "...that you can pay $25 for elsewhere." Their claim to fame, which Mr. Morgan says he will repeat elsewhere before the year is up, is fresh seafood. He worked at Capt. Marden's for ten years, and since purchasing the restaurant, on most days of the week, a Capt. Marden reefer could be seen delivering the daily catch to the The Spoon.

        "We cook to order," said Mr. Morgan in an interview this afternoon. 

        "The standard has risen in the knowledge base of the consumer when it comes to seafood. They want it fresh, and they know when it is fresh. People are more aware," he said.

        Mr. Morgan's wife Monica passed  away in 2012, a few months after the original owner, Fred Rousseau passed away. Both, he said, were pretty essential to helping him in the business, although other staff did help pick up the slack. A lot has happened, he said.

         "But a lot of it has been great. I'd like to replicate the hometown feel that we've had. It's a great business. It's a great culture. And we'll see if we can improve on anything that needs improving."

         Mr. Morgan plans to reopen the Golden Spoon in a new location across Lumber Street in a building to be built by Paul Mastroianni, he said, before the end of 2015.

NOTE: The Spoon will close on March 1, 2015.   

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Wind Wave

February 21, 2015 — Cheryl Rose shares this photo of three individuals trudging up the side of the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam against icy, biting winds to take another thrilling ride down to the bottom again through the maelstrom.


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Look, It's a Bird...

February 20, 2015 — Ganfeng Wu, out on his morning constitutional, was surprised to see from afar what looked like an eagle; but upon closer inspection realized it was a wild turkey.

Planning Board to Discuss Supporting Rezoning Articles
Developer wants up to 100' tall buildings - 375 high-rise apartments
Public Hearing on Monday

February 20, 2015 — Builder Finley Perry and developer Steven Zeiff, calling their project for Elmwood Park "Crossroads" are asking the Planning Board to endorse their Article for rezoning at May Town Meeting. Please open the Planning Board Agenda in the link below and learn exactly where it is going.

       From the Planning Board Agenda for Monday, February 23, 2015

"The Crossroads Redevelopment District (CRD) includes dimensional requirements for lots and structures, including a maximum floor area ratio, pervious surface area, and three building height zones with maximum heights ranging from 25 to 100 feet. New uses would be permitted, including up to 375 multifamily dwelling units."

       The board will hold a Public Hearing on Monday February 23, 2015 at 7:30 pm to entertain supporting or not supporting this proposal and several other several changes to the Hopkinton zoning bylaws and map.


Golden Years

February 20, 2015 — Pictured with Pearl Marini, Golden Pond's eldest resident at 98, are great-grandsons; Dylan DelGiudice, & and Max Levy. Dylan also entertained the residents with his Jazz Guitar performance in honor of the celebration.

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Spring Fervor - $1.00 hot dogs Saturday and Sunday!

February 20, 2015 — Water Fresh Farm owner Jeff Barton and barista Karen Deiana are enthused about the $1 hot dogs they are offering as part of the Water Fresh Farm Farm family tradition.

     "Happy Pitchers and Catchers Day, which is the traditional “first day of spring” in my family.  We are going to celebrate the beginning of Spring Training with $1 hot dogs on Saturday and  Sunday," says Mr. Barton.


Brown Horse Down

     February 20, 2015 —  Officer Tom Griffin and members of the Fire Department helped a horse on Chamberlain Street who fell but couldn't get up on Wednesday.

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Golden Touch

February 19, 2015 — Barry Zeltzer, PhD recently took over the reins of Golden Pond Assisted Living as Executive Director, and poses for a moment in one of the luxurious sitting rooms in the facility.

         Dr. Zeltzer, who has vast and varied experience at an executive level with health care, and especially memory care, said he chose Golden Pond because he saw a growth opportunity.

         "The main reason why I chose Golden Pond is because I saw growth opportunity in terms of bringing it to the next level with alliance development, program development and going the extra mile in terms of taking care of the residents," he said.

          The facility recently added 33 assisted living apartments, bringing the total of residential units to 82.


Saturday Ice Fishing Event Cancelled
The Kid's Ice Fishing Event & Family Fun Day sponsored by the Hopkinton 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee and the Woodville Rod & Gun Cub scheduled for Sunday, February 22 has been cancelled due to poor ice conditions.   Unfortunately, this event will not be rescheduled.   Please visit the 300th website at www.hopkintonma300.com  for information about other upcoming events.


Pizza Maker


February 19, 2015 — Visitors to Vinnie's New York Pizza at 30 Main Street will see  their old  friend Andrew Young, who worked there under another regime, as well as at other institutions in the Downtown area, and is back to stay.


Alcohol Compliance Checks

The Hopkinton Police Department will be conducting annual Alcohol Compliance Checks of all licensed establishments beginning in February 2015 through June 2015.

These compliance checks are made to ensure that all establishments licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages In Hopkinton follow and comply with all rules and regulations pertaining to the safe sale and service of alcohol within town.

This notice is made in accordance with compliance policy and with the recommendation of the ABCC (Alcohol Beverage Control Commission)

Any questions can be directed to Detective Gregg DeBoer 508-497-3401 x1279.

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Hiller Hockey Seniors go out Winners with 5-3 Victory over Northbridge

Seniors Brandon Carty, Mike Messier Brendan O’Leary and Jordan Carroll were out on the ice to start the game VS. Northbridge. The seniors made the most of their last High School game with all four of them registering points. Brandon Carty put the Hillers on the board first, taking a pass from Billy Allen and splitting the defense then roofing a backhander top corner for a power play goal. Carty scored his second power play goal tipping a perfectly placed shot by Brendan O’leary, with the other assist to Mike Messier for an all senior goal. Will Karpenski scored the third goal with great wrist shot to the top right hand corner of the net. Jordan Carroll garnered the assist. Owen Delaney ripped another great wrist shot top corner on a great feed from Mike Messier. Everett Rolph capped of the scoring with yet another perfectly placed wrist shot on the power play to finish out the scoring. Carroll and Will Pickens had the helpers. Dylan O’Leary was solid in the net making 15 saves. The four seniors finished out their careers with the last shift of the game.


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