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HHS presents ‘Singin’ in the Rain’


    The Hopkinton High School drama troupe will present the musical comedy, “Singin’ in the Rain,” November 20 through 23.


Based on the blockbuster 1952 movie starring Gene Kelly, Singin’ in the Rain tells the story of a group of silent movie actors in the 1920s who must make the transition to talkies, with hilarious results. Musical numbers include the iconic title song as well as other favorites -- such as “Make ‘Em Laugh,” and  “Good Morning” --that will inspire young audiences and evoke much nostalgia in older ones. Dozens of HHS tap dancers, singers and actors will recreate the beloved musical, assisted by students in the crew and orchestra.


Show times are 4 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 20; 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 21 and 22; and 2 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 23.  General admission is $10 for adults and $8 for students and seniors.

Health and Fitness
For the Animals

October 26, 2014 — Hopkinton Drug President Dennis Katz delivers a check for $3,000 to Massachusetts Animal Coalition (MAC) founder Ann Lindsay at their annual meeting at Tiufts to help with their spay and neuter programs, bringing their total contributions since 2011 to $15,000. Hopkinton Drug is a pharmacy of traditional medications as well as alternative herbs and supplements, and compounding for humans and animals.

         Hopkinton Drug Director of Marketing Michael Macione was on hand (off-camera) to distribute samples of a special treat for cats that carries and masks important medicine inside of it.


Temporary Inconvenience

October 26,2014 — East Main Street is detoured around Frankland Road to Peach Street to facilitate the shaving of the roadway. The road will be reduced about 4' of vertical height to increase the line-of-sight approaching and exiting Legacy Farms South Road, where a traffic signal is slated to be installed at some point. In addition, the portion of Frankland Road being used for the detour will eventually be abandoned, as will Peach Street. Legacy Farms Road will continue across East Main and through what are now the entrances to a back parking area for Weston Nurseries.


October 25, 2014 — These birds at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Hopkinton stand sentinel over the surroundings, like the vine-choked trees with near-human form, below, that stand sentinel over the Soldiers Mound, upon which a soldier stands sentinel, below that, over the veterans and others buried there.

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Changing Seasons
Mouse-over image for "before"

October 25, 2014 — It took only one season to get this home, designed by HopNews supporter architect Jeanette Thomson, ready for occupancy. Mouse-over to see the photo taken exactly four months ago, on June 25, 2014, and the progress since. About the only thing left to do is the foundation planting.

       It isn't too late to get your foundation laid and your addition or new home begun. Please consider giving her a call at 508-435-2294 to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.  www.thomsonarchitectsinc.com

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Young American

October 25, 2014 — Sean Markey (No relation) helps Dad, Joe, hold signs for Democrat candidates at the four corners in Downtown Hopkinton on Saturday. The Democrats were the only ones on the corners this morning.


Westwood 34, Hopkinton 33

October 25, 2014 — Hopkinton Quarterback Pat Ryan takes this keeper through a hole made in the Westwood defense during last night's squeaker.

Health and Fitness

Police Incident - Updated October 24, 2014

Emergency, dial 911, Non-emergency, dial 508-497-3401

   Incident Log

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

11:19 pm Sgt. John Porter advised the Highway Department that there was flooding downtown on Main Street.

10:30 pm A Priscilla Road resident reported that there was a wire down across her driveway. Sgt. John Porter confirmed that it was a power line and placed barricades down to block the roadway. The electrical company was notified and responded.

10:15 pm A 911 caller reported that there was a tree down across School Street. Sgt. John Porter responded and advised that he was able to remove it from the roadway.

10:14 pm A caller reported that a wire was down across the roadway on Pond Street. Two officers responded and advised that it was a cable wire and were able to tie it up.

9:40 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Arthur Schofield regarding a previous incident.

9:39 pm A motorist on Oakhurst Drive reported that a tree was leaning on a wire and appeared that it would fall at any moment. Sgt. John Porter checked the area and advised that it could fall soon if not taken care of but was not an immediate hazard. The electrical company was notified.

9:22 pm The Fire Department relayed a report of a large tree limb in the roadway on Lumber Street Extension. Sgt. John Porter checked the area with a negative find.

6:08 pm Two officers responded to West Main Street to take a report of a past breaking and entering.

6:01 pm Officer Matthew McNeil spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on East Main Street and advised them of the road rules in a construction zone.

5:45 pm Officer Matthew McNeil checked and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on Main Street who had a valid foreign drivers license.

5:53 pm A caller reported that a vehicle ran over a small tree and now had the tree stuck underneath the vehicle and was stuck in the roadway on East Main Street. Sgt. John Porter responded and advised that the vehicle was towed.

5:06 pm A caller reported that a large tree limb was down across the roadway on Front Street. Officer Matthew McNeil checked the area with a negative find.

5:00 pm A motorist reported a large tree limb down in the roadway on East Main Street. Officer Matthew McNeil advised that there was no limb in the roadway but saw tree debris left over.

4:47 pm A caller reported that a large tree limb was down, completely blocking the roadway on Knoll Road. Officer Arthur Schofield responded and advised that he was able to move the limb to the side of the street. The DPW was notified to remove it in the morning.

2:26 pm Chief Edward Lee assisted an individual on East Main Street.

6:55 am A motorist on Mayhew Street reported seeing an erratic operator but was unsure of its travel direction.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

7:03 pm A resident was concerned about vehicles parked on both sides of Saddle Hill Road causing a hazard. Officer Matthew McNeil checked the area and advised that the vehicles were moved.

6:32 pm Officer Matthew McNeil assisted the State Police with a motor vehicle stop on West Main Street.

6:17 pm A resident of First Road reported that a neighbor was cutting up the road with a machine. Officer Matthew McNeil responded and advised that the person was cutting pavement on his end of the property but requested the DPW to investigate.

3:19 pm Officer Arthur Schofield responded to a motor vehicle accident with personal injury on Lumber Street.

2:19 pm Officer Thomas Griffin responded to a two car motor vehicle accident without personal injury on Hayden Rowe Street.

11:11 am The Upton Police Department reported that they were in pursuit of a motorcycle on West Main Street. Officer David Shane was canceled while in route because the vehicle went into Milford.

Monday, October 20, 2014

8:42 pm A female reported that a possum was hit by a vehicle on Alprilla Farm Road and may have still been alive. The Animal Control Officer was notified.

8:29 pm Officer Arthur Schofield checked a motor vehicle that was parked on Main Street.

8:12 pm Officer Arthur Schofield checked and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on Rafferty Road.

4:21 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Arthur Schofield regarding threatening phone calls and intimidation of a witness.

3:40 pm Officer Arthur Schofield assisted a disabled motor vehicle on West Main Street.

8:41 am Officer Thomas Griffin responded to Emma Drive to write a report of mailbox vandalism.

2:13 am Officer John Moran checked and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on Main Street.

1:23 am Officer John Moran checked a secured motor vehicle on Claflin Place.




Support for Carolyn Dykema

To The Editor:

On November 4th it will be a privilege to again cast our votes to re-elect Carolyn Dykema as our state representative.  Two adjectives that best describe Carolyn Dykema are caring and dedicated, ironically her initials as well.


From past experience as a board member of the Hopkinton Friends of the Seniors and volunteering in scouting events, Carolyn is everywhere supporting the efforts of our youth to our seniors in our community.


Carolyn Dykema played a strategic role connecting our son with the Hopkinton Housing Authority for his Eagle Scout service project.  From initial introductions, to supportive follow up during the project to playing a role at his Court of Honor was a tremendous asset.


We appreciate having a state representative who is so engaged, responsive and involved in our community who truly cares and is tirelessly dedicated to the residents of Hopkinton   


Please join us on November 4th and re-elect Carolyn Dykema as our state rep.


Darlene & Michael Hayes

1 Third Road


October 24, 2014

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Support for Carolyn Dykema

To The Editor:

I wanted to write to you about a notable experience I had with Representative Carolyn Dykema. I recently went to renew my driver’s license and car registration, and was shocked to discover that my routine applications were denied. Some overzealous government agencies and their ill-thought out computer systems gone haywire at the DMV, MBTA, and private parking lot vendors had conspired to create a nightmare that threatened to put my very livelihood at risk.

After failing to resolve the issue between these various, unhelpful, and frustratingly apathetic departments, I decided to write to Ms Carolyn Dykema, whom is my representative. It was a desperate action – this had nothing to do with the legislature!

Much to my surprise, I received an email within an hour from her office, with a sincere message to help. I also met with Ms. Dykema in person at one of her routine open hours that she holds at local cafes. Even more to my surprise, she remembered my case, and reassured me.

On 9/31, at 10:00 AM, the expiry date of my license/registration, Ms. Dykema’s office informed me that the matter had been resolved.

As the media frenzy around the perennial Republican vs Democrat debate escalates into the election, Ms. Dykema’s actions reminded me about a simple fundamental idea – what matters is whether your representative can represent you. While I lean conservative myself, Ms. Dykema has my vote to be my representative.

Best regards,

Milan Shah
8 Everett Circle
Hopkinton, MA 01748

October 23, 2014

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October 23, 2014 — Actually, the front of 30 Main Street is the only skin on the building remaining after the asbestos siding was removed from the other three sides. Kathy and Greg Mazur added this building at 30-34 Main Street to their inventory of Downtown properties, paying $775,000 on August 1, 2014. Their previous purchases were the lot at 38-42 Main that faces Main Street and 5 Walcott for $500,000 on July 17, 2014. Following that, they purchased 7 Walcott Street for $260,000 and tore it down shortly thereafter for parking for a building intended to be built on Main Street.

        Engineers and architects recently on site had no visual plans to share on the outcome of the renovation. 


Blind Runner Runs Boston Marathon Backwards

October 23, 2014 — The end of Simon Wheatcroft's journey into Hopkinton from Boston.  He is a UK based ultra-marathoner, who is blind, and is running from Boston to NYC, and then running the NYC marathon.  He was joined by 2 members of the Hopkinton Running Club, Jeff Howard (white hat) and Graham Pettengill (BAA blue and yellow shirt) in Ashland, who ran into Hopkinton with him.  Simon is in the red jacket, and the others are members of his support team.


Simon will continue is trek tomorrow, running from Hopkinton into Upton, starting at 7:00 am from the start line.  Several members of the Hopkinton Running Club are expected to join him again in the morning.  He'll then continue on into RI. 

Photo and story by Emily Pilotte

Health and Fitness
Massachusetts Has Lowest in US Commercial Vehicle Fatality Rate in Class

Pictured from L to R: Massachusetts Division Administrator Richard Bates, Lieutenant Thomas Fitzgerald, Division of Field Services Lt. Colonel Edward Amodeo, Deputy Superintendent James Hanafin, Eastern Service Center Director for Region 1 Mr. Curtis Thomas, Major Richard Prior and Sergeant John O’Brien.

October 23, 2014 — Members of the Massachusetts State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section recently accepted an award from the Federal Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Safety Administration for having the lowest commercial motor vehicle fatality rate for a medium sized state.

In 2013, the Massachusetts State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section inspected approximately 17,000 commercial vehicles. As a result of those inspections, 41,905 violations were detected and 3,759 commercial vehicles and operators were placed “Out of Service” and removed from driving on Massachusetts roadways. Due to those enforcement efforts, Massachusetts has sustained one of the lowest commercial motor vehicle crash fatality rates since 2006. — MSP Release.


All About Pets

October 22, 2014 — Liz Jefferis, Executive Director of Baypath Humane Society, a no-kill shelter in Hopkinton, speaks to animal lovers at Hopkinton Drug's Free Lecture Series on Wednesday at the Hopkinton senior Center. Above, she is explaining a slide show about rescues they have done.


Art Educator of the Year


Congratulations to Fay School faculty member Billy Claire, who has been named the Middle Level Art Educator of the Year by the Massachusetts Art Education Association (MAEA)!

Billy was one of ten art teachers in the state—and the only one for his division—to be recognized this year for his exceptional achievements in art education. Now in his 35th year at Fay, Billy currently serves as Fay’s Visual Arts Coordinator; he has inspired generations of Fay students in their study and practice of art.

The mission of the Massachusetts Art Education Association (MAEA) is to advance high quality visual arts education throughout the state by empowering art educators to excel in the practice, instruction, promotion, and celebration of visual art.


Senior Night At Hopkinton Football – An Honored Tradition

   A group of senior football players and parents recently were recognized at the traditional Hopkinton High School “senior night” football game which was home this year against Medfield. Says Hillers Head Coach Jim Girard, “Tonight, we celebrate our group of 19 seniors who have embarked on a special journey playing this great sport. They will always have a special connection to this team and each other and I am proud to be a part of this great Hiller tradition.” Shown above are senior players (front row, left to right): Haiden Pereira, Danny Dragin, Colin Walsh, Mitch Nagel, Pat Ryan, Chris Liberta, Jimmy Hart, Andrew Donohue, Chase Lampert and Matt Decina; (back row) Austin Sayegh, Alex Neary, Conrad Lavoie, Adam Giordanno, Tom Shambo, Paul Gahinet, Sean Bennett, Dan Barra and Jordan Carroll. Come cheer on the entire team as they travel to Westwood this Friday in exciting football action starting at 7 p.m. Photo by John Copley

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Parks & Rec Vacancy


Hopkinton Parks & Recreation Commission Vacancy Announcement The Board of Selectmen voted at its October 21, 2014 meeting to accept the resignation of a member of the Parks & Recreation Commission and is currently seeking candidates for this position.

A joint meeting, consisting of the remaining members of the Hopkinton Parks & Recreation Commission and the members of the Board of Selectmen, will convene and vote at a later date to appoint one individual to temporarily fill the seat until the next Annual Town Election in May of 2015.

The Hopkinton Parks & Recreation Commission is an elected five member body whose mission is to provide a sustainable parks and recreational program that enhances the quality of life for the Hopkinton community. The Parks & Recreation Commission’s vision is to be the community leader in providing and promoting high quality recreational experiences and park facilities that enhances the lifestyle for residents and visitors of the community. The Parks and Recreation Commission meets on the second and fourth Monday’s of every month.

Interested parties should by apply by Monday, November 3, 2014 by 4:30 PM. To apply, please visit the Town’s website and apply through the online volunteer form here: http://www.hopkintonma.gov/home/about/hug Residents may also apply by submitting a letter of interest to: Jamie Hellen, Operation’s Assistant to the Town Manager’s Office, 18 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA 10748.

Interested parties may contact Kevin Nathan, Program Coordinator for the Parks & Recreation Commission, at 508-497-9750 or Bob Dobinski (the Chair of the Committee) as a contact for candidates to direct their questions to. Bob can be reached at: dobinski@corpcom-events.comwith any questions regarding expectations or details about the positions.


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Video of Emergency School Committee Meeting Tuesday Evening
Committee met to discuss and be brought up to date regarding OUI arrest of Hopkinton school bus driver

(Video capacity ran out about 5 minutes prior to conclusion. Meeting was held upstairs in a room that was open to and overlooking the Selectmen's meeting, which is the reason for the loud background conversation.) 
Health and Fitness
Press Release:

Governor Patrick Announces 31 New Infrastructure Projects

Hopkinton Receives 5.5 million grant


AMHERST—Tuesday, October 21, 2014 — Governor Deval Patrick today announced a new round of MassWorks Infrastructure Program grants to advance local development projects across the state. The grants total over $66 million in improvement projects that will support thousands of jobs in Massachusetts communities. Through these awards, the state will partner with cities and towns to support housing developments, infrastructure developments, road safety and revitalization projects.


“Our commitment to investing in communities has created thousands of jobs and improved infrastructure across the Commonwealth,” said Governor Patrick. “The MassWorks program is a prime example of what government can do at the local level to support economic development.”


Through these grants, the Patrick Administration will partner with cities and towns making targeting investments in infrastructure such as roadways, streetscapes, water and sewers to facilitate and support new and sustained housing and economic growth throughout Massachusetts.


“The Patrick Administration has been committed to providing support to communities so that they can grow and prosper,” said Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Greg Bialecki. “Revitalizing a community through infrastructure improvements will make it easier for businesses to grow and communities to flourish.”


Among the grants announced in the release, is a considerably large one for Hopkinton:


Hopkinton - $5.5 million to support Phase II of the Legacy Farms Smart Growth Development project near Hopkinton Town Center. Phase II will include 425 multi-family and single family homes and over 200,000 square feet of commercial space. The funds will construct a new public road opening up the north side of the 730 acre site (500 acres to be dedicated open space). In addition, $500,000 of this award will be used to assist in reconfiguring Main Street in the downtown.


Emergency School Committee Meeting Tuesday
"There won't be anyone driving in our district with a prior" Cathy MacLeod, Superintendent

by Robert Falcione

October 22, 2014 — The School Committee posted a meeting without the usually required 48-hour notice, because it was deemed an emergency, which allows such short notice. The subject, which is the talk of not only the town, but the area, is the OUI arrest of a Hopkinton school bus driver who had just unloaded 25 students at the school after a cross country meet and a trip from the Cape last Sunday.

         Dr. Cathy MacLeod noted that the individual, who has been identified by police and in the press as Robert E. Murphy, 59, had two prior arrests for OUI that did not show up under the state's 5-year look back at a person's record.  His Third Offense OUI arrest on Saturday was accompanied with a Child Endangerment charge. Dr. MacLeod said that the standards for Hopkinton are higher, that she could look all the way back into a person's life to the age of 17; but she was not clear if that was the case with Mr. Murphy. Dr. MacLeod said the state CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) only goes back five years, and she would like to see that changed.

         "They won't be driving in our district with a prior," she said. 

         "We need to take this to the state," she said. "This is outrageous." 

         Many people had attended the meeting [many more were standing behind the camera] both to ask how this slipped through the cracks or to offer support to a coach who had been on the bus, Jennifer Fairbanks. She reported the driver's behavior to the police. Ms. Fairbanks had been featured on news reports being interviewed at her apparent home, something Dr. MacLeod may have alluded to when she told the School Committee members they did the right thing by funneling parent and press queries to her. She praised School Resource Officer Phil Powers for keeping the press away from students at the school and the homes of the students who were on the bus.

           One parent asked, in defense of Ms. Fairbanks but without naming her, "I am wondering what kind of message we will be sending the children if we come down hard." Ms. Fairbanks is a universally loved and respected cross-country coach who is also a teacher in the district. There was another coach  on the bus, too, but he has not been publicly identified.

           "I worry about the message one way or the other," Dr. MacLeod said. She said that it was a personnel matter and that it was still under investigation, and that one day it will be concluded. And the outcome?

            "You'll never know," she said. 

Editor's Note: HopNews recorded most of the meeting, and will be available for viewing later Wednesday morning.

Newly Hired Police Officer Introduced to Selectmen


October 21, 2014 — Former Hopkinton Police Dispatcher John Corrigan was hired by Chief of Police Edward Lee as a police officer, and introduced to the Selectmen this evening, who affirmed his choice. Officer Corrigan was sworn in by Town Clerk Geri Holland following the appointment.


After working as a dispatcher in Hopkinton, Officer Corrigan took the exam given to all applicants, went to the police academy, and was hired in Longmeadow, Mass. Chief Lee explained that the Hopkinton Police Department sought him out and got a waiver from the union to hire him. The waiver was necessary because he did not land in the top three of those administered the most recent test. Nearly one-hundred applicants took that test..


Chief Lee said Officer Corrigan will begin riding with a training officer on Thursday.


Winchester Homicide Suspect Arrested in North Carolina

WOBURN – Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and Winchester Police Chief Kenneth Albertelli announced that police in Belmont, North Carolina arrested Matthew McAveeney this afternoon. He is in custody, held as a fugitive from justice on a Massachusetts warrant.

The defendant is expected to be brought before a judge on Wednesday in Gaston County District Court in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Police in Belmont, North Carolina stopped McAveeney in a store parking lot at approximately 3:45p.m. Tuesday afternoon and arrested him.

“In light of the terrible allegations in this incident, the horrific beating and murder of a 70-year-old woman in her own home, we are pleased that the defendant is now in custody,” District Attorney Ryan said. “We await his return to Massachusetts so that our prosecution can move forward.”

McAveeney has been charged with murder for the beating death of his mother, Barbara McAveeney, whose body was found in her Winchester apartment on October 14. Winchester Police discovered her body after a well-being check at her home.

"I am pleased with the amazing level of cooperation and hard work shown by police across multiple jurisdictions, who worked together to ensure that this alleged killer would not remain on the loose. This was a horrible crime, and all we can do as police officers is ensure that justice is served," Chief Albertelli said.

These charges are allegations and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Personal Services 

Gastroenterologist Appointed to Milford Regional Medical Staff



 Milford Regional is pleased to welcome gastroenterologist, Brett Hassan, MD to the active medical staff.  He has joined Milford Gastroenterology Associates in Milford, Massachusetts.


Dr. Hassan earned his medical degree from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, MA in 2006.  He also performed his residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in gastroenterology at UMass Medical Center.  Dr. Hassan is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in gastroenterology.  Prior to joining Milford Regional, Dr. Hassan practiced at Newburyport Gastroenterology. 


“We welcome Dr. Brett Hassan to our medical staff, states Edward J. Kelly, president, Milford Regional Medical Center.  “We are very pleased to have such a highly trained physician join our gastroenterology team.”


Appointments with Dr. Hassan can be made by calling 508-478-6363.  Milford Gastroenterology Associates, Inc. is conveniently located just up the street from Milford Regional at 215 West St. in Milford.


Hopkinton Drug FREE Lecture Series
7:00 pm Hopkinton Senior Center
28 Mayhew Street

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Health and Fitness

   Support for Carolyn Dykema

    Dear Editor –


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter in support of State Representative Carolyn Dykema.  As a member of the Hopkinton School Committee, the Chair of the Hopkinton 300th Anniversary Committee, and a twenty-three year resident of Hopkinton, I have had countless opportunities to work with and observe Carolyn’s dedication to our district.


Carolyn is a powerful resource and strong advocate for issues related to our schools.  She frequently facilitates communication between School Committee members in the towns of our district and works hard to stay informed of our needs, which is invaluable support.  Carolyn has initiated or supported important legislation including: bus transportation; special education funding; unfunded state educational mandates; and online education.  As Chair of the 300th Anniversary Committee, I am particularly grateful to Carolyn for pro-actively initiating a $50,000 grant from the state to support Hopkinton’s year-long anniversary celebration.    


Carolyn is a constant presence in Hopkinton, always involved in community events and accessible to residents.  She is tireless in her efforts to support our students: reading at the elementary schools; hosting tours at the State House; facilitating internships for our older students; and celebrating our students’ achievements via social media.


In short, Carolyn represents the very best in public service.  We are lucky to have her advocating daily on our behalf.  I will be voting to re-elect State Representative Carolyn Dykema on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.  I invite you to join me.




Jean Bertschmann

4 Cider Mill

Hopkinton, MA

October 21, 2014




Player of the Week


Hopkinton resident and Boston College hockey defenseman Teddy Doherty was named Hockey East Defensive Player of the Week today. The junior not only recorded his second career three-point performance with a goal and an two assists, but he also recorded his first career game winning tally last Saturday night against RIT.

Missing a Mailbox?

October 21, 2014 — These mailboxes were dumped in front of a home on Emma Drive, but they did not come from that street. If one is yours, give Hopkinton Police a call at 508-497-3401 for their location.


Poll Results
Fewer than half of participants approve
Nearly half disapprove
Readers were asked in the poll to the left if they approved of the new Town Hall hours, which will continue 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, except on Tuesday when it will be open until 7:00 pm, and Friday, when it will close at 2:00 pm, allowing Town Hall employees an extended weekend every weekend.
Personal Services 
Starbucks, Bank Take One Step Forward at 85 West Main Street
Golden Spoon Restaurant will stay in Hopkinton

October 10, 2014 — Thurloe, Kensington Development, LLC., and their proposal to redevelop land at the corner of West Main Street and Lumber Street were the subject of a Public Hearing before the Planning Board this evening. The board had suggestions of its own, as well as input from their peer consultant, BETA Group. The property under consideration is where the Golden Spoon Restaurant is currently located, and would mean a friendly relocation of that business.

          Longtime Hopkinton resident (1954?) Bea McMullin said she would be upset "if we lose an affordable restaurant." 

           Property and Golden Spoon owner Bill Morgan said he would relocate to a new building if the contingency sale goes through.

          John Cusack of Bohler Engineering presented the outline for a bank with a drive through, which will require a separate approval, and a Starbucks coffee spot, which will add the most to the traffic increase into the site, which Mr. Cusack said would amount daily to between 5 and 19 new trips from the west and 5-14 new trips from the east.

          Another consultant said that 90 % of all traffic going into a Starbucks is traffic that is already there. Starbucks will have outdoor seating on the Lumber/West Main Street side of the property.

          Planning Board Chairman Ken Weismantel suggested there is a need for a dedicated right turn from West Main Street onto Lumber, given that Paul Mastroianni's development will add its own traffic. Mr. Mastroianni, whose continued public hearing was next, interjected that he would be putting sidewalks on his side of Lumber Street, implying less of a need for a sidewalk on the opposite side. His point was made after Elm Street resident Bob Winner brought up the subject, especially in light of several other projects that will impact the intersection, he said.

          The public hearing was continued to a date in November.


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