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Hopkinton Couple Supports Milford Regional Building Campaign


August 18, 2014 — The Milford Regional Medical Center Foundation officially recognized this week news of a $100,000 leadership gift from Vascen J. and Pamela Bogigian to support the construction of a new emergency department, intensive care unit and private patient rooms.  The gift is part of $18.2 million the capital campaign has already raised towards a goal of $25 million.


 “There are few people in the community as dear to all of us at Milford Regional Medical Center (MRMC) than the man we call “Bogie,” says John Burns, Chairman of Excellence as well as the Board of Trustees of Milford Regional.  “Some years ago, Vascen Bogigian retired from his construction management company and felt strongly he needed to undertake some meaningful work, and we’re so grateful for his decision.  He started as a volunteer with MRMC working on our Mélange Gala committee, and has now served on our Foundation Board for more than five years.  In fact, Bogie’s connection with MRMC is life-long.  He was born here, and both his parents have been treated at the hospital. 


“Very importantly, he played a key role as chairman of the Building Committee in preparation for the transformative project underway on our campus right now.  It is no surprise he has backed up all that work with a generous gift to Excellence as we move forward toward our $25 million goal.  We are appreciative for the Bogigians’ commitment, their endless energy and enthusiasm, and for the countless ways they support this Medical Center.”

Mr. Bogigian moved on from his construction company to become an independent real estate consultant.  He lives in Hopkinton with his wife, Pam, and is active in that community as well, serving as a member of the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce. 


Excellence is supporting a major capital initiative that will result in a new emergency Department, intensive care unit and private patient rooms.  The new two-story structure will more than double the size of the current ED from 30 to 52 private treatment rooms, increase the number of patient rooms in the ICU from 10 to 16 expanding their size to accommodate the latest technology, and add a 24-bed private room unit with the intent to convert all hospital patient rooms to private.


Milford Regional Medical Center, Inc. is a comprehensive healthcare system featuring affiliations with Boston Children’s Hospital, UMass Memorial Health Care and the Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center.  The 145-bed, nonprofit, acute-care facility serves a region of 20-plus towns.  

Personal Services 
Police Incident Log - Updated August 18, 2014

Arrest Log

Sunday, August 17, 2014

12:14 am Sgt. John Porter arrested Ian A. Simoni, 30, of Rhododendron Avenue, Medfield, on Wood Street, and charged him with Marked Lanes Violation, Speeding and OUI Liquor, 2nd Offense.

Incident Log

Sunday, August 17, 2014

10:32 pm Officer William Burchard checked and spoke with a person on Main Street.

9:55 pm The Upton Police Department reported that they were pursuing a motorcycle on High Street in their town. They advised that the motorcycle failed to stop and was speeding and passing other vehicles heading towards Hopkinton. Sgt. John Porter checked the area but could not locate the motorcycle.

9:24 pm Officer William Burchard checked and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle in a parking lot on Lakeshore Drive.

7:01 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer William Burchard.

6:20 pm Officer Matthew McNeil assisted an individual with a restraining order violation on Davis Road.

6:02 pm A caller reported that a vehicle was parked partially in the intersection of Exchange Street and Highland Street. Officer William Burchard responded and stated that the vehicle moved.

5:18 pm A caller reported that a vehicle was parked in a handicapped spot on Ash Street with no handicapped plate or placard showing. Officer Matthew McNeil responded and advised that it was a violation.

4:45 pm Officer Matthew McNeil spoke with the owner of a motor vehicle that was parked at the town common.

4:42 pm A 911 caller reported a motor vehicle accident without personal injury but was unsure if it was in Ashland or Hopkinton. The Ashland Police responded and advised that the vehicle was on Union Street in their town.

12:30 pm A motorist reported that a disabled motor vehicle was left for the night on West Main Street.

1:55 pm A Wood Street resident reported seeing a female get out of a vehicle and head into the woods. While on the phone she reported seeing the female come back to her vehicle and then drive away.

12:26 pm Two individuals walked into the police station and spoke with Detective Timothy Brennan regarding a motorcyclist who harassed them after passing them on a double yellow line on Chestnut Street.

3:36 am A resident of North Mill Street reported that a female on their back porch was intoxicated. Officer John Moran responded and transported her back to her residence.

1:14 am A caller reported that the operator of a motor vehicle passed out in their car on Ash Street. Officer Philip Powers responded and spoke with the operator.

12:28 am Officer John Moran checked a box truck that was parked unattended on Wood Street.

12:26 am A Greystone Lane resident reported that a suspicious pickup truck was in the neighborhood.

12:25 am A caller reported that a residence had it's front door was wide open. Officer John Moran responded and advised that he was able to secure the door.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

11:54 pm Sgt. John Porter stopped a motor vehicle on Wood Street and subsequently arrested a 30 year-old male from Medfield and charged him with Marked Lanes Violation, Speeding and OUI Liquor, 2nd Offense.

9:56 pm Sgt. John Porter checked and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on West Main Street.

9:48 pm Detective Timothy Brennan spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on Main Street.

9:35 pm The Animal Control Officer reported witnessing a car at the town common with a bunch of youths running around and overhearing someone yell "help". Officer Philip Powers responded and advised that the youths were with their parents.

8:42 pm A resident reported hearing loud gun shots or fireworks in the area of Spring Street. Two officers checked the area with a negative find.

8:16 pm The father of a 28 year-old male from Wood Street requested a well being check on him because he had not heard from him. Officer Philip Powers spoke with the son and advised that all was fine.

7:48 pm A caller reported that two male youths were walking on Wood Street with construction cones on their heads. Detective Timothy Brennan confiscated the cones and transported both parties to a West Main Street gas station.

4:24 pm A 911 caller from West Main Street reported a suspicious activity where the operator of a motor vehicle appeared to be taking drugs and then drove onto Route 495 north. The State Police were notified.

3:23 pm A female from Walcott Valley Drive spoke with Officer Philip Powers regarding a possible harassment order.

1:08 pm A Walcott Valley Drive resident reported that her former friend was on the way to her house stating that she wanted her things back. The caller stated that she did not have any of her former friends things and was concerned because the woman has mental health issues. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and wrote a report.

10:27 am Officer Stephen Buckley assisted a disabled motor vehicle on West Main Street.

7:49 am A caller from Cedar Street reported that a company van's rear windows were smashed out and was unsure where it happened.

3:47 am Two officers assisted the State Police with a rollover motor vehicle accident on the Mass Pike.

12:20 am Officer John Moran checked two unoccupied vehicles that were parked in a Hayden Rowe Street parking lot.

12:04 am Officer John Moran checked and spoke with two individuals in a motor vehicle on West Main Street.


Friday, August 15, 2014

10:33 pm A West Main Street resident reported that water was leaking into her basement that smelled like sewage. Officer Philip Powers responded to assist.

10:27 pm A caller reported that a group of kids were screaming and yelling on Sandy Beach. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded and advised that they have moved along.

10:05 pm A caller reported a lot of noise coming from the area of Tammer Lane. Officer William Burchard responded and stated that all was quiet.

8:45 pm A resident of Stewart Street reported fireworks going off in the area. Officer Aaron O'Neil checked the area with a negative find.

7:00 pm Officer William Burchard attempted to speak with a person on Main Street who was involved in a landlord dispute.

5:22 pm A caller spoke with Officer Aaron O'Neil regarding her vehicle being hit earlier today in a West Main Street business's parking lot.

4:52 pm Officer William Burchard attempted to speak with an individual who was involved in a landlord dispute on Main Street.

4:30 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer William Burchard regarding a landlord dispute.

4:08 pm A 911 caller from Nicholas Road reported that a low-rider pickup truck had been driving slowly up and down the street yesterday as well as today. She then stated that her husband spoke with the operator and passenger of the vehicle who began to swear at him and did not allow him to get their plate number. The individuals in the vehicle then came into the station to report that they were just driving around when a man cornered them in a driveway and then confronted them.

3:27 pm A resident of Walker Street reported hearing a dog yelping and crying for some time now. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded and stated that the dog was fine, it was just because it does not like to be on a leash.

2:36 pm Two officers responded to Walcott Valley Drive for a disturbance.

1:59 am Officer John Moran spoke with the operator of a van who was making a delivery on Main Street.

1:46 am Officer John Moran checked a parked motor vehicle on Main Street.

12:53 am Officer Linda Higgins checked a motor vehicle on Whitehall Lane.

12:09 am A caller reported an on-going issue with vehicles parking at the State Park entrance after hours. Officer Linda Higgins responded and advised the operators of the vehicles canoed to the island and refused to leave until the morning.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

10:19 pm Officer William Burchard spoke with individuals who appeared to be hiding by Center School.

9:31 pm Officer William Burchard checked on individuals on the town common who were meeting in regards to a film festival.

3:57 pm Officer Aaron O'Neil notified the telephone company of a cable that was down on Maple Street.

3:25 pm A caller reported a suspicious motor vehicle with Utah plates and the operator walking around Emma Drive with a clipboard. Officer Aaron O'Neil spoke with the party who was an unregistered solicitor and shut down for the night.

11:29 am There were several calls for a motor vehicle accident with unknown personal injury on West Main Street. Two officers responded to assist the Fire Department and advised that the patient refused treatment.

6:26 am A caller reported hearing noises at about 5:30am at a property she was house-sitting on North Mill Street. Officer Linda Higgins responded and advised that all was secure.

4:29 am An employee of a West Main Street business reported that two kids left without paying for items and got into a black vehicle. Three officers responded and stated that the vehicle had already left the area.

3:05 am Officer Jacob Campbell notified the Highway Department about a large tree that fell down and was blocking one lane on Wood Street.

12:50 am Officer Linda Higgins notified the Highway Department to remove a tree that fell down on Saddle Hill Road.


Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton and Surrounding Towns

Compiled for HopNews.com © 2014 All Rights Reserved
New Transactions from August 12, 2014 - August 18, 2014
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
35 Frostpane Lane unit 69 Atul V. Palkar, Tejaswini S. Dalvi $432,980 August 18, 2014 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
31 Autumn Ridge Drive unit 11 Qiwei Zhang $715,265 August 15, 2014 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
20 Downey Place Rens F. Hayes IV $385,000 August 15, 2014 Maurice W. Law, Lianna Law Ramage,
J K L Realty Trust
5 Edge Hill Road Scott Fraser, Kathleen Fraser $957,500 August 15, 2014 William T. Sellman, Marjorie E. Sellman
5 Bowker Road Daniel R. McMinn, Patricia S. McMinn $975,000 August 15, 2014 Edward W. Beckett
37 Valleywood Road David Hagermann, Corinne E. Hagerman $629,000 August 14, 2014 Robert F. Danahy, Anne M. Danahy
1 Coburn Road Sean M. White, Heather K. White $528,000 August 14, 2014 John T. Brush, Gwen M. Brush
13 Saddle Hill Road Jeffrey D. Potter $630,000 August 13, 2014 Peter J. Cronan, Deborah A. Cronan
12 Old Central Turnpike Anatas Dancha, Sarah K. Leboeuf $345,000 August 18, 2014 Michael Gibbons, Mary Gibbons Family Trust
38 Summit Lane Scott A. Goldsmith, Talia Goldsmith $603,870 August 14, 2014 Richmond Development Corp
38 Summit Lane Richmond Development Corp $950,000 August 14, 2014 Steven A. Hickey, Cross Street Realty Trust
193 Prospect Street Charles Gorman, Julia Gorman $265,000 August 12, 2014 Carole Gaudette, John Fannon, Julie Fannon
44 Shadow Creek Lane, unit 21 John Ewan, Jean M. Ewan $499,000 August 12, 2014 Ashland Development LLC
35 Darlene Drive Zubing Robin Qin, Xia Luo $787,000 August 15, 2014 Charles R. Phillips, Brenda A. Phillips
36 Constitution Drive Srinivas Adusumilli, Anuradha Paturi $727,500 August 14, 2014 Charles A. Baumann, Joan E. Baumann
16 Moulton Road Amy Rochford $293,500 August 14, 2014 Philip B. Silva, Jessica C. Corwin
38 Sears Road Bhavani Priyanka Yendluri, 38 Sears Road
Realty Trust
$2,000,000 August 14, 2014 James F. Langway
213 Middle Road Brian Z. Lowe, Emily D. Lowe $580,000 August 13, 2014 John Zearfoos, Jenna Hutchins
31 Glen Court unit 11 Clifford D. Gilbert, Ada P. Gilbert $559,900 August 13, 2014 George W. Gove, Gove Investment Trust,
Judith B. Gordon, Gordon Investment Trust
11 Farrar Road Jamey C. Poirier, Sherri A. Poirier $486,000 August 15, 2014 Michelle L. Healey
78 Main Street Federal Homes Loan Mortgage Corp $271,999 August 12, 2014 Deborah Walsh, William Walsh
78 Main Street Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp $271,999 August 12, 2014 John W. Curley


Seven people Displaced in Northbridge Fire

August 18, 2014 — According to firefighters on scene and published reports, seven people were displaced at 45-43 Church Avenue in Northbridge when a fast moving fire destroyed the residence, but spared the adjacent homes, which were just a few feet away.


8th Annual Hopkinton Tennis Tournament

Sept. 12-14
Hopkinton High School Courts
Hopkinton Residents 18 years and older

FORMAT: Intermediate and Advanced singles, doubles, mixed doubles(mixed doubles open to one resident plus one out-of-town guest)
Register starting Sept. 2 through Hopkinton Parks & Recreation at http://hopkintonrec.org/info/default.aspx

QUESTIONS? : Contact Dex at siglin@gmail.com  or Lyn at CampCalks@aol.com

Family  Stuff

Swan Song

August 18, 2014 — The Glamor Girls topped off a successful series of Concerts on the Common on Sunday this summer, performing their energetic routine, thrilling young and old alike. According to the list, there are no other performances scheduled.

What Where They Thinking?

August 18, 2014 — While this photograph was being taken of a newly written parking ticket on the windshield of an alleged scofflaw, police were busy across the street writing another ticket for the same infraction. This vehicle displayed no placard or plate with a handicap designation, which, in addition to acceptance by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, is required for the valid use of a handicapped parking spot.

People walking are unrelated to the incident.

ROADWORK NOTICE - "Little" Hayden Rowe Street

On Wednesday August 20th Hayden Rowe St will be closed to through traffic from Main St to Grove St from 7am-3pm. A contractor working for the town will be “grinding” the road from Fenton St to Grove St in preparation for a new paved asphalt surface. Several detail officers will be within the work zone to help residents and motorist get around. If you need to get to a business or residence within the work zone please stop and speak with the detail officer and they will help you get there.

Once the grinding has been completed the road will have a “grooved” surface and there will be raised structures until the asphalt paving is completed. Signs will in place to warn motorists. Please drive slow and use caution.

Please seek alternate routes if possible.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this project.

Mike Mansir,
Hopkinton Highway Manager

Personal Services 
Gaga Over Game at the Y's Open House

August 17, 2014 — The YMCA Outdoor Center in Hopkinton held an open house today, featuring the ropes course, archery, Smores, both indoor and outdoor climbing walls, as well as the ever popular Ga-ga, a dodge ball type of game that allows no hits above the knees. Rule violations are shouted out by players in and out od the octagon, and non-compliant violators are admonished by watching parents — at least the ones not playing themselves. Ga-ga, described as meaning touch, touch in Hebrew by Wikipedia, is said to have originated in Israel, has been popular at Jewish day camps, and has taken the general camp world by storm over the last few years. Hitting the ball with an open, but not cupped hand is allowed, and anyone hitting the ball out of the pit is out. It is a game, it has been said, where children teach their parents how to play, instead of the other way around.


  Inside of the Y's athletic center, young and old enjoyed the climbing wall. Mouse-over the image below to see the photo of fearless 8 year-old Nicholas Lombardo zoomed in.


Water Ban

August 17, 2014 — Kaleigha Gillet looks at her mom off to the side after finding the town's bubbler on the Hopkinton Town Common still embarrassingly out of order. For those looking for an answer, the Town Manager's Office may be reached at 508-497-9700.


Labor of Love

August 17, 2014 — Laura Davis and Husband Donald Sutherland of Long Life Farm prepare for their labor of love, the Hopkinton Farmers Market, which Laura manages, Sunday at noon, as soft, soothing jazz on the gazebo wafted thought the air and people began to be drawn to the area. Read their stories about leaving the hustle and bustle to become advocates of health.


Pied Pipers

August 17, 2014 — The Metrowest Jazz Project brought their soft and professional sound to a handful of people who gathered to hear them at 11:30 am today.

Personal Services 


August 16, 2014 — Alex Kirshy, Eric Fliegauf, Joshua Perez, and Sean Mitchell, set up for an act in their most recent endeavor, The Yeah III: Back in Yeahction. The young men are part of Two Paths Productions, a Hopkinton-based film collective.

Time for a Break

August 16, 2014 — This handsome fellow takes a break on a dead twig on Bloods Pond to chew his food.
On Their Own

August 16, 2014 — These flowers on former Weston Nurseries land appear to have been cultivated in the past, and now appear to be doing just fine without human intervention.

Family  Stuff

All About the Art


August 16, 2014 — Hailing from Hopkinton, but now a Pittsfield resident, Photographer Kassy Vorce, photographed portraits today on the Hopkinton Common, starting with this musician and  endng with a family group.

Personal Services 

Christine Louise (Peaslee) Nelson, 93


Hopkinton- Christine Louise (Peaslee) Nelson, 93, died August 15, 2014 at the Beaumont Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center in Northborough after a brief illness. She was a longtime resident of Woodville (Hopkinton), and she had also recently lived in Hudson and Westborough.

Christine was born January 19, 1921 in Framingham, the daughter of William S. and Sarah M. (Mortimer)Peaslee. She was the wife of the late Scott M. Nelson Sr. who died in 1977, as well as the sister of the late George H. Peaslee and Sarah A. (Peaslee) Wells. She grew up in Woodville and Worcester, and graduated from Hopkinton High School in 1938. 
Following school, Christine was employed for several years as a hairdresser in Uxbridge and Hopkinton. She married in 1940. Christine also worked as a children's librarian for 22 years at the Westborough Public Library, retiring in 1985. She attended Woodville Baptist Church for many years, and at her death was the oldest living member.

Christine loved knitting, crocheting, and other crafts and was an avid jigsaw and crossword puzzle fanatic. She also loved playing games, especially card and dice games. Her family was a centerpiece of her life and she loved spending time with her children and their families.

She is survived by 7 children, David Nelson and his wife Joanne of Woodville, Linda Dowden and her husband Charles of Fultondale, AL, Martha Nelson and Elias Zananiri of York, Maine, Susan Wilkinson and her husband David of Hudson, Scott Nelson Jr. of Block Island, RI, Joseph Nelson and his wife Marlene of Palm Harbor, FL, and Richard Nelson andhis wife Lee Ann of Sanford, NC. She is also survived by her special niece, Betsy Stevens of Woodville; her brother, William Peaslee Jr. and his wife Lois of Woodville; 15 grandchildren, 21 great-children, and 2 great-great grandchildren.

Visitation will be held on Tuesday, August 19th from 5-8p.m. at the Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton, 57 Hayden Rowe St.  Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, August 20th at 10:00a.m. at the Woodville Baptist Church, 249 Wood St. Woodville. Burial will follow in Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to either Project Just Because/Food Pantry, 86 South St. Hopkinton, MA. 01748 or to Friends of the Seniors, 28 Mayhew St. Hopkinton, MA. 01748


At Claflin Commons, 76 Main Street, Hopkinton 508.435.4737


   Police Arrest/Incident Log - Updated August 13, 2014
   Arrest Log

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2:15 am Sgt. Scott vanRaalten arrested Paul Eduardo Egusquiza, 20, of Wildwood Avenue, Worcester, on Wilson Avenue in Framingham and charged him with Marked Lanes Violation and Leaving the Scene of Personal Injury.

Incident Log

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

11:47 pm A motorist reported swerving and then sliding off of the roadway to avoid an animal on Saddle Hill Road. Three officers responded to assist the Fire Department.

8:00 pm A Granite Street resident reported a parked motor vehicle that has been there for some time. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded and advised that the vehicle was secure.

7:17 pm A caller reported a suspicious incident where a man was pulled over on Norcross Road and then took off quickly when he was seen.

6:14 pm A resident from Grove Street reported a dog running loose around the neighborhood and in the roadway. Officer Gregg DeBoer checked the area for the dog with a negative find.

4:54 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Gregg DeBoer regarding his wallet being stolen from a West Main Street store last evening.

10:40 am A motorist reported a tree down across the roadway on Pond Street. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and stood by while the Highway Department removed it.

5:29 am A caller reported that a tractor trailer unit was trying to turn around on Curtis Road and was causing a disturbance. A 911 caller then reported property damage to a lawn caused by the truck. Officer Linda Higgins responded and spoke with the operator of the vehicle.

12:59 am Two 911 callers reported that a male had been hit by a vehicle on Main Street and the involved vehicle left the scene heading towards Ashland. The Ashland Police Department advised that they located the vehicle and stopped it. Three officers responded and stated that the patient was bleeding from the head but was conscious. Subsequently a 20 year-old male from Worcester was arrested and charged with Marked Lanes Violation and Leaving the Scene of Personal Injury.

12:27 am A motorist was concerned for a young person who was walking on Main Street toward Ashland. Officer Linda Higgins checked the area with a negative find.


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