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Letters to the Editor

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Bye, Bye Birdies!

May 10, 2014 — This pair of cardinals, the male on the right, caught the photographer's eye this afternoon as he was, by happenstance, driving past the very Legacy Farms land that was up for a change in use via the Host Community Agreement between Legacy Farms and the Town of Hopkinton at the recent Town Meeting. The birds would have been great neighbors for the 200 senior citizen homes that were proposed. Instead, Town Meeting members held Legacy to the original Host Community Agreement that calls for 200,000 square feet of commercial development on the land.

Third World

May 10, 2014 — Women casting nets, men with backpacks, a dike in the background, and dogs running loose, are fitting elements for a scene from Southeast Asia. However, this photograph was captured today at Hopkinton State Park, where the Main Beach swimming pond has not yet been filled with water. Sunday, a triathlon will take place in the park.

Personal Services 

Click on the photo above to view all three candidates for School Committee at the corner this morning in full HD in Full Screen mode.


Support For Kelly Knight

Dear Editor:
For our schools to stay at the top of our game we need a School Committee that is  focused, aware of challenges and new ideas ,and also  someone who welcomes feedback  to create solutions that will be the best for our kid’s education.

As a working mom and an effective Project Manager Kelly will bring new  ideas  and professional approach to the School Committee.  In our experience, Kelly has the ability to focus on the problem at hand and work collaboratively.  This is essential   for our children’s education in Hopkinton.

For these reasons, we are voting for Kelly on May 19th, and we hope you will do the same.

Thank you,
Sonia Mathew
9 Courtney Circle
May 10, 2014


Support For Kelly Knight



I have lived in Hopkinton for 20 years and met Kelly in 2009 when she and her family moved in across the street.  I was delighted to find that my new neighbor was a friendly, intelligent, outgoing person with a wonderful sense of humor and a commitment to civic engagement.  As I have gotten to know Kelly better over the past five years, I have come to admire and respect her many outstanding qualities, and heartily endorse her for election to School Committee. 


Kelly has the skills and temperament needed for effective School Committee leadership.  She is intelligent, positive, and thoughtful; open-minded and objective; engaged in the community; and dedicated to her family and the town.  Kelly has been a supporter of the schools since she arrived in Hopkinton, and has been actively involved with the Zoning Board of Appeals for the town for the past 4 years. 


Kelly is a thoughtful listener and an effective communicator who seeks creative solutions to problems.  She thoroughly researches the details while maintaining a sense of the big-picture objectives.  I learned much about Kelly’s perseverance and problem-solving skills when she and I investigated installing solar panels on our homes during the MassSolar program in town two years ago. 


The technical and financial details of this new program were complex, and after careful research Kelly decided to invest in solar panels.  The initial conclusion of the town’s solar contractor was that her property was not well suited for solar.  However, Kelly persevered and worked with the solar contractor to find a solution that made installation both feasible and cost-effective. 


I have seen Kelly’s commitment and creative problem-solving abilities in action and know that she will apply the same dedication and creativity to meeting the needs of our children and our town in her role as a member of the School Committee.  Please join me in voting for Kelly Knight for School Committee on May 19.  Thank you.



Wanda Ratliff

4 Ledgestone Drive

May 10, 2014


Library Foundation President Supports Expanded Library

Editor – HopNews

This is in response to Kevin Shea’s recent letter concerning his perception that the library is a “lame shamble of a library” and essentially not worth renovation and that there will be cost overruns on this project. He also stated that he understands that we are spending $6 million on this refurbishment. He wants a better library but doesn’t “want the excessive cost of remodeling a dinosaur of a building”.

While I understand his concerns, I want to clarify exactly what we are proposing to do here. First the project is proposed at $11.7 million total costs and that does include all construction and contingency costs to cover the issues inherent in renovating and adding to a historic building, includes all fees, expenses, utility charges, furniture, computers, project management, temporary relocation, moving of books and also includes 5 years of escalation costs from the original estimate to cover the anticipated construction schedule of 2015 to 2016. We have it all covered.

And best of all we have a $4.5 million Grant from the state and better yet in just six months we are already half way to our goal of $1 million in private donations - so the final cost to the town will only be $6.25 million. To get an expanded, renovated, accessible and state of the art library for $6.25 million is a very good investment for the town!

And when completed we will have a library that will really service the needs of the community today and well into the future– all while honoring our town’s history and character.

People are using libraries more than ever and will continue to do so. This library is designed to be flexible so that it can respond to future changes in technology and user’s needs, and will also provide training, classroom and presentation spaces in addition to greatly expanded computer terminals and gatherings spaces. It will once again be the literary and community center right in the downtown that we are all seeking.

For those of us that really use our library, and don’t consider it a “dinosaur” and appreciate what it can be, this is our unique opportunity to do what is right for the community.

I encourage you to vote yes on May 19th and continue your commitment to our Town’s future!

Scott Richardson,
President - Hopkinton Public Library Foundation
President – Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce

May 10, 2014


8th Grade Students at Hopkinton Middle School

 Raise $3600 for Project Bread


More than 30 students and teachers walked 20 miles and raised over $3600 for Project Bread on Sunday, May 4th by participating in Project Bread’s annual Walk for Hunger.


Participants in the walk raised funds by asking sponsors to pledge them for each mile they walked.  They had to be at school bright and early Sunday morning (6:30 a.m.), but everyone walked on without complaint.  The students were filled with spirit, compassion, and perseverance.  At the end of the day, participants had a few blisters and were awfully tired, but also very proud of the accomplishment.


As always, the middle school was blessed with the support of the incredibly generous Hopkinton community.


The 20-mile walk raises money to provide nutritious meals and groceries to children, the elderly, the unemployed, the disabled, and the working poor throughout Massachusetts.  According to Project Bread, “the Walk for Hunger funds more than 400 food pantries, soup kitchens, food banks, and food salvage programs in 130 communities across Massachusetts.” 


Thank you once again to the Hopkinton community and the 8th grade walkers.  You were excellent ambassadors to the Hopkinton schools and community.

Personal Services 

Support For Kelly Knight

I have known Kelly for the last 5 years and am constantly impressed by her dedication to her children, her career and her community.  Kelly is reasoned and pragmatic. She will never make a decision without being well-informed, educated and willing to hear all sides of the issue.  


These attributes will enable sound decision making.  She is also open and candid. This means the community will not have to guess at what she is thinking.  She will tell us.  Let's take advantage of her stepping up and elect her.

As a community, and as individuals, we are diverse. We have varying needs and wants. We will not always come to the same conclusions and we cannot expect that of any candidate.  But, what we should expect is a sound process and we should vote for the decision maker we trust.  We are fortunate to have Kelly as a candidate for School Committee. 

Please join me in voting for Kelly Knight on Monday, May 19th.


Nila H. Gray

2 Lyn Path

May 10, 2014


Support For Kelly Knight

Dear Editor,
We have had the pleasure of knowing Kelly Knight for over four years. Kelly is very thoughtful, taking the time to research information fully before forming an opinion. She is analytical, using data gained from a variety of sources to form her opinions and uses this data to relay her opinion to others. It is precisely for these reasons that we feel she will be a good addition to our school committee. Kelly listens to all points of view and asks thoughtful questions to gather information, which is what our school committee needs at this time.

Kelly Knight is the right candidate at the right time, for Hopkinton. She has the energy and will to immerse herself with the issues that face Hopkinton schools in the next few years. She stands for transparency from the school department especially in budgeting matters and for community input.

We hope that you will join us in voting for Kelly Knight for school committee on May 19th.

Kyla McSweeney and James Burton
8 Cunningham Street

May 10, 2014


Support for Expanded Library


We are writing this letter to voice our support for the Library Expansion Project and to urge our neighbors throughout Hopkinton to vote “YES” for the Library on May 19 at the town election as they did at Town Meeting. In addition, we ask you to join us, as so many already have, in the very successful fundraising campaign now underway. We are proud to say that we are one of the “1000 Homes for Hopkinton Library”.

The proposed newly expanded downtown library, designed with townspeople input and sized for the growing population is needed. The fact that it would be paid for in part through a large state grant and significant private fundraising underway as well as town funds makes this a win for residents. The average tax bill to support this important project that will benefit us all, would only rise by $95 a year and tail lower. A newly renovated and expanded library will serve to jump start downtown revitalization that we as a town most assuredly need.

The current library was built in the late 1800’s and was most recently renovated in the late 1960’s. It has served the town well. However, it is truly too small for a town our size and for a town the size we are to become. In addition, it is not easily accessible to handicapped, elderly and the upstairs children’s room is not able to accommodate either wheelchairs or strollers. Having a new library that is larger and accessible to all and is able to support programs for all is a necessity. Libraries in the 21’st Century, like the building envisioned by the renovated and expanded library, serve as community centers and provide expanded programs technology and the like for all our citizens, young and old, rich or poor.

The citizens of Hopkinton truly deserve a new, state of the art, accessible library that will serve all the citizens of this great town for the next 100 years and beyond. Please join us as we vote “YES” for the Library on May 19!

John and Maureen Belger
14 Colella Farm Road

May 10, 2014

Support For Kelly Knight

I am supporting Kelly Knight in her candidacy for Hopkinton School Committee. We have known Kelly, our neighbor, since the day she first moved into the neighborhood. As a fellow professional woman and mother, the key traits of Kelly that immediately jump to my mind as being absolutely critical for a member of the School Committee are empathy, commitment, curiosity, and ability to communicate.

Empathy: Kelly cares about the ideas and feelings of others, and she will take the time to actively listen to the issues and concerns the community has surrounding our schools. She will take the time to understand her customers, Hopkinton citizens.

Commitment: School Committee members must earn the public’s trust, and must continue to uphold that trust. This requires understanding what concerns the public and being extremely open and honest with the community.

Curiosity: Kelly doesn’t care about the status quo and neither should any School Committee member. The goal should be continuous improvement. If we believe our schools are doing fine, they can be good. If good, they can be great. What will it take to get us there? Kelly will be an asset to the town in helping drive the Hopkinton School District to greatness. She will accomplish this by asking questions, by seeking answers, and by exploring new ideas.

Communication: Communication is key to this role! What are the issues at hand, what progress is being made, what meetings are public, when can I find out about the topics that interest me. Kelly will keep us all informed.

I encourage you to join me in supporting Kelly Knight for School Committee on May 19th!


Andrea Abernathy

22 Hidden Brick Road

May 10, 2014


Police Incident & Arrest Log - Updated May 9, 2014

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   Arrest Log

Thursday, May 7, 2014

10:44 pm Officer Matthew McNeil arrested Kristina L. Defazio, 36, of Cunningham Street, Hopkinton, on Leonard Street and charged her with OUI Liquor.


Incident Log

Thursday, May 7, 2014

10:00 pm A motorist reported that a male and female were stopping cars at the Southborough train station attempting to get a ride to Framingham. The Southborough Police Department was advised.

7:31 pm A caller reported finding a dog with Hopkinton tags in the Upton State Forest. The Upton Animal Control Officer was notified.

6:29 pm Officer Matthew McNeil spoke with three individuals on Trevor Lane and subsequently issued a verbal warning for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

5:00 pm A 911 caller from Chestnut Street reported that a male was causing a disturbance at the end of a driveway. Officer Gregg DeBoer responded and spoke with the resident who was upset over someone tailgating him.

4:27 pm A resident of Hayden Rowe Street reported that her cat has been missing for a few days now.

2:41 pm A C Street resident reported that a contractor was walking around her house looking at the windows. Officer Patrick O'Brien responded and advised the individual of the town by-law.

9:38 am A caller reported that a motor vehicle with a laptop mounted on the dashboard was riding around the High School parking lot.


Wednesday, May 6, 2014

10:10 pm A 911 caller reported that a motor vehicle crashed into a telephone pole on Leonard Street. Two officers responded and subsequently arrested a 36 year-old female from Hopkinton and charged her with OUI Liquor.

8:18 pm A caller reported that a man at the town meeting may have given a false name and address.

7:03 pm A motorist reported some large pot holes on the Fruit Street bridge. The Westborough Police Department was notified because the potholes were in their town.

6:58 pm A Davis Road resident complained about heavy equipment being operated. Officer Matthew McNeil spoke with the operator who would wrap up shortly.

6:53 pm A 911 caller reported being cut off by two motorcycles that were speeding on West Main Street and continued towards Upton. The Upton Police Department was notified.

3:10 pm A caller reported a golden retriever running in and out of the roadway on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Matthew McNeil checked the area with a negative find.

2:04 pm A caller reported an erratic operator riding a motorcycle on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Stephen Buckley checked the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.

1:46 pm A West Elm Street resident reported striking her house cleaners vehicle while backing out of her garage.

11:50 am Officer Stephen Buckley checked a motor vehicle that was parked in an odd spot on Lumber Street.

10:54 am Officer Stephen Buckley assisted the Fire Department with a fire alarm activation on Hayden Rowe Street.

10:42 am A resident of B Street reported that a vehicle had been parked in front of her house for the past ten minutes. Officer Stephen Buckley spoke with the operator who was just pulled over to make a phone call.

9:57 am Officer Stephen Buckley assisted with installing a car seat on Main Street.

9:02 am Officer Stephen Buckley assisted a disabled motor vehicle on Cedar Street.

1:15 am Sgt. John Porter responded to a minor motor vehicle accident without personal injury on West Main Street.


Favorite Fans

May 9, 2014 — These diehard Boston sports fans at the Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center may have given the Bruins that needed boost yesterday to help propel them to the win in last night's game.


Support for Kelly Knight

Please join us in voting for Kelly Knight for Hopkinton School Committee. 

We have had the pleasure of  knowing Kelly and her family for the past 4 years and believe that her skills are exactly what the School Committee will benefit from right now. 

In her job as a Program Manager, Kelly is able to develop clear plans, problem solve, and deal with issues that arise efficiently and objectively all while keeping the big picture of the project in mind.

Kelly has been serving on the Hopkinton Zoning Board of Appeals. In this role she has dealt with gray areas by interpreting information and negotiating a maze of potentially delicate situations. All sides have some valid points to make, but consideration needs to be given to the rights of the property owner, what is best for the town, and interpretation of the bylaws in order to make the best overall judgment.

Kelly's critical thinking and judgment skills will be an asset for our school committee.  Please join us in voting for Kelly Knight on May 19.

Ed Johnson & Anne Burtenshaw
132 Lumber Street
May 9,2014

Personal Services 

Library Will Have Cost Overruns

Dear Editor,

I am ashamed, embarrassed, bewildered and proud of our recent Town Meeting.

I am proud and want to profusely thank all the volunteers and town employees who make this unique democratic event possible. I have attended almost every year even when I did not “have a horse in the race”.

I am ashamed of everyone who spoke ill of 40B subsidized housing and especially those who were absolutely shameless in demonizing section 8 housing. We are our brother’s keeper. Not everyone can earn a decent living whether they try hard and even those that don’t try usually have some portion of fate against them. It is well documented that dispersing section 8 housing in all communities avoids (like Framingham etc), of having all the problems feeding off each other in one town. Again we are our brothers keeper.

I am bewildered by those that voted to spend 6 million dollars for refurbishing a lame shamble of a library, instead of recognizing that there will be cost overruns themselves which are inherently natural when remodeling an ancient structure. Come on folks.

Compounding my bewilderment is the simultaneous rejection of an annual 1.6 million dollar tax windfall for a minor change in zoning for Legacy Farms. That windfall is gone for the near future courtesy of a few dozen NIMBY ingrates at town meeting. For those thousands that did not attend Town Meeting, that's on you too, and rightly so hitting you in the wallet come real estate tax time because I believe zoning requests can not be voted on at a town election.

The library is up for a vote at town election on Monday March 19th.

I want a better library, yet, I don’t want the excessive cost of remodeling a dinosaur of a building. This will cost more than the 6.5 million advocates are claiming it will cost. Think what the money could do in hiring reading instructors in every K to 6 grade classroom in town. I ask all to consider how better we are off without over-spending to remodel the dinosaur of a building called Center School. Life went on didn't it? At least make an educated rational decision about this when we vote on it next week.

We can do these things so much better if we looked at this more like a business would than the emotional standpoint from which most referendum decisions come from at town meeting.

Please vote anyway you chose but vote, it is your duty to exercise this right of freedom.

Ashamed, bewildered and proudly a Hopkintonian,

Kevin Shea
25 Thayer Heights Road

May 8, 2014


MmmHmm... This Is a Tasty Robin

 May 8, 2014 — Christopher Nadeau wonders who might know the type of hawk this is which just ruined a perfectly good robin in his backyard.


Support for Lori Nickerson


Karen and I have been lifelong residents of our fair community.  We raised five children here and all have gone on to successful careers.  Four of our grandchildren currently reside in Town and hopefully two more will join them shortly.   We are both products of the Hopkinton School system and have absolutely no regrets about our decision to stay in Town.  The schools have improved to the point that they are the envy of most communities in the Commonwealth.  We both understand well the need to give-back to the community a sentiment that is shared by Lori Nickerson.


A strong school system needs strong leadership.  The School Committee is charged with managing our schools and providing an enlightened product, our children.  Lori Nickerson provides an energetic but measured approach to leadership, a skill she has gleaned as an attorney in the corporate world.  Her skill set as a Mom and an attorney will serve the School Committee well in the coming years.


Lori understands well the need to foster growth among employees to assure that any gaps in leadership or teaching skills are quickly filled to provide smooth transitions for the benefit of our children.  Lori is engaged and will assure that the needs of our children are met while ensuring that funds provided for the schools are expended much the way they are in the corporate world - to assure that we the taxpayers get the greatest return (our successful children) for our money.


Please join us in supporting Lori Nickerson for School Committee at the polls on 19 May.


Mike and Karen Shepard

11 Hill Street

May 8, 2014


Support for Frank Sivo


"Great Schools Managed Well" to me is more than a campaign slogan.  It is something we all should be striving for in Hopkinton, when it comes to our schools, considering the huge financial, educational and emotional investment, we have made and continue to make in them.  Having served with Frank Sivo on the Town Appropriations Committee, I know this will be his mission each and every day when he is elected to the School Committee.  However, it will not just be a matter of dollars and cents, but rather it will be a blend of what makes educational, financial and most of all COMMON SENSE, when it comes to determining policies, procedures and vision for our schools. There are a number of issues that the School Committee and we as a town will face (Center School options/Changes in Technology/Teacher Contracts etc) in the coming years, that will take reasoned, experienced leaders, who will address these issues head on with transparency, fortitude and a sense of what, impacts their decisons, will have both in the short and long term for our schools and the overall Hopkinton community.


I am asking you to join me in voting for Frank Sivo for School Committee. 


Very Truly Yours,

Pat Mahon

5 Ledgestone Dr

May 8, 2014


Support for Frank Sivo


I support Frank Sivo for election to the School Committee.

I have known Frank for the past few years and have been impressed by his intelligence, caring, and commitment to conservative management of our tax dollars.

When it comes to local public education, Frank and I have the same goal: a great education at a cost that the town can afford.

My twelve years on the School Committee provided me with an intimate understanding of what it takes to be an effective advocate for our children while being a strong fiscal steward of our taxes. I feel confident that Frank has the experience and judgment to strike the proper balance between investing in our children’s future and controlling spending increases.

Please join me in voting for Frank Sivo for School Committee.

Phil Totino
17 Whalen Road



Two Framingham Caretakers Arraigned on Charges of Elder Abuse

FRAMINGHAM – Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and Framingham Police Chief Kenneth Ferguson announce today that a Framingham woman and man have been arraigned in Framingham District Court on charges of abusing residents at a Framingham assisted living facility.

Damaris Diaz Escobar, 18, of Framingham, was arraigned on charges of assault and battery on a person over sixty years of age (three counts), and photographing a person in the nude (two counts). Samuel Ayekple, 25, of Framingham, was arraigned on charges of assault and battery on a person over sixty years of age (two counts).

Framingham District Court Judge Robert Greco ordered each defendant’s bail to be set at $1,000 and ordered the condition that each defendant stay away and have no contact with the victims or their families.

The defendants’ next court date is scheduled for June 18 for a pretrial hearing.

“We allege that these defendants abused the most vulnerable among us, elderly residents who live in an Alzheimer’s unit at an assisted living facility,” District Attorney Ryan said. “These residents deserved to be cared for with dignity and respect and, instead, we allege the defendants subjected them to callous and inhumane mistreatment.”

According to authorities, they received information that Ms. Diaz Escobar had a recording of herself on her phone abusing residents at the Emeritus At Farm Pond assisted living facility where she worked. It is alleged that officers obtained the phone and discovered recordings documenting abuse of two residents. Mr. Ayekple is depicted “slap boxing” a resident, and then slapping him causing him to lose his balance. Ms. Diaz Escobar is depicted pushing, hitting and pinching another resident, who was partially undressed. Ms. Diaz Escobar’s phone also contained a still photograph of a third resident in a state of partial undress.

These charges are allegations and the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The prosecutors assigned to the case are Assistant District Attorney Lisa McGovern, Chief of the Elder Abuse and Disabled Persons Unit, and Assistant District Attorney Christina Lucci. The Victim Witness Advocate is Lori Riccio.

HOV Lane Violator Cited For “Fake” Passenger

May 8, 2014 — This morning, at approximately 6:35 a.m., Trooper John Carnell assigned to the Motorcycle Unit was working a paid detail in Quincy when he observed a vehicle enter the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane with what appeared to be a counterfeit passenger. Trooper Carnell stopped the vehicle on Route 93 northbound.

After further investigation, Trooper Carnell discovered the operator had propped up a work jacket with a mannequin head affixed to the top of the jacket in an attempt to create the illusion of a true passenger. The operator of the vehicle was issued a citation for operating on an excluded way.

In order to utilize the HOV lane, a driver must be operating a vehicle that is occupied by at least two persons. The purpose of the HOV lane is to alleviate the number of cars on the roadway during the morning and evening commute times. This is accomplished by encouraging carpooling.

This is not the first time that Trooper Carnell has stopped an operator for exhibiting a false passenger. In April of 2013, Trooper Carnell stopped a vehicle and discovered that a woman had placed a full size doll in a car seat in an attempt to pass the doll off as a legitimate passenger. That operator was also cited.

Falcon Ridge Road

May 8, 2014 — Most people from Hopkinton would not have the occasion to go down Spring Street all of the way into Upton, and of those who do, few would be curious enough to check out Falcon Ridge Road*, above, just before the town line off of Snowy Owl on the left. Some people take a trip there to see the beautiful landscaping and thoughtfully planted and spaced flowering trees and shrubs in the springtime. Above is a photo taken in HDR (High Dynamic Range) and adjusted for brilliance and saturation.  This is a scene so beautiful that a normal range photo would not do it justice.

* The name of the road was misstated earlier.

Personal Services 
Police Begin Unity Tour

From left, Hopkinton Police officers Phillip Powers, Aaron O'Neil and William Burchard, from Sherborn Police Dept. Hopkinton resident Luke Tedstone, from MIT Police Department, Bill King, from Cambridge PD, Paul Timmons and from UMass Boston PD, Paul Parlon.


May 8, 2014 — Seven Police Officers from five departments left Hopkinton shortly after noon today on their way to New Jersey, where they begin their leg of the Police Unity Tour, which will end in Washington, DC during National Police week.

          The two-fold purpose of participation is to raise awareness of police officers who have died in the line of duty, and to raise funds for the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial and Museum. Each participant pledges to raise $2,000. LEARN HOW TO HELP HERE



2nd Lt. Jeremy Gram, HHS Class of 2010


On Friday, May 2, Jeremy Gram received his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve.  A member of the HHS Class of 2010, Jeremy has been assigned to a Transportation unit in the Army Reserves, based in Brockton, MA. In addition, he will attend the Army Logistics School at Fort Lee, Virginia in the near future, where he will participate in specialty training focused on Supply Chain and Logistics.


The next day, May 3, Jeremy also graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor,  receiving a Bachelor's in Political Science.


He is the son of Michael and Ivy Gram, long-time Hopkinton residents.



Endorsement for Kelly Knight


I have known Kelly Knight for several years as our daughters have been on the same Destination Imagination team.  First, I want to thank you for providing myself and others in our community, the ability to express our points of view across numerous town topics, including this year’s School Committee candidates.


Second, I believe Kelly Knight should be one of your choices for the two open seats on School Committee.  She will continue to keep our current School Committee committed to an open communication philosophy; she will dedicate the time to research and investigate; and she will keep an open mind when addressing all areas that impact our children’s education.  Kelly is willing to put in the time and effort this volunteer position requires and will work as a part of the team to not only get the job done but to get it done well.  She has a natural inquisitive mind that will prove to be an asset to this position.


Kelly has shown that she can successfully juggle the time commitments of being a mother of two active children, a full time employee and a volunteer as she has volunteered for our town on the Zoning Board of Appeals for the past four years.  Please join me in voting for Kelly Knight for School Committee as she will prove to be an excellent School Committee member.


Finally, I encourage everyone to go and vote on Monday, May 19th.


Cindy Bernardo       

5 Susan Drive


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