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You Lookin' at Me?

April 19, 2014 — You don't have to ring the dinner bell to get the attention of these animals on Pond Street. Just pull up and stop.

 New ‘Hopkinton Strong’ Shirts Available At Marathon Start

Hopkinton High School student-athlete Jenna Yaggy models one of the new “Hopkinton Strong” T-shirts which will be on sale for a special reduced price of $15/each at the  town common Monday morning during the start of the Boston Marathon. All proceeds benefit Hopkinton High School athletics.  Stop by the tent and get yours while supplies last! Sale begins as early as 6:30 a.m


  Candidate's Statement - Frank Sivo


At the April 17th school committee meeting, I was aghast to hear a parent (Tim Ritterbusch) report that there is consideration to substantially reduce the amount of TechEd exposure our children receive in the Hopkinton Middle School.  Mr. Ritterbusch’s report compels me to weigh-in on the importance of TechEd and, more broadly, STEM in our curriculum and our children’s futures.


For me, TechEd is the heart of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).  While the world moves toward an increased reliance on STEM, might our schools actually be considering a move in the opposite direction?    Could it be that we have somehow come to define “technology” to be the use of tools (like 1:1 computers), as opposed to the Mirriam-Webster definition (“the practical application of knowledge”)?


A hands-on TechEd program, like we currently enjoy at the middle school, gives everyone an opportunity to use their science and math skills via “practical application of knowledge”.  TechEd can also show those who struggle on the academic side, that their innate skills and intuition are actually superior.  “Shop” (as we called it in the last century) gives everyone an opportunity to engineer a product, solve problems, build something (memorable), and learn more about the physical world.


By discovering that math and science actually had practical applications, my passion for science, technology, and math was triggered in Middle School “shop”.  Years later with degrees in Mechanical Engineering (BS) and Material Science (MS), I went on to work in exciting STEM fields, such as:   nano-composites, superconductors, software development, and drug research.  In these fields, I have had a very successful and rewarding career.  Through these experiences, I have also been given opportunities to become a patented inventor and a published author.  Without my wonderful exposure to the practical side of STEM via “TechEd” (shop), I wonder if my passion for STEM would have been ignited.


According to the National Commission on Science and Technology, “Sixty percent of the new jobs that will open in the 21st century will require skills possessed by only 20 percent of the current workforce”.  In my opinion, reflective of these facts, we need more members of our School Committee who understand the dominant role that technology, engineering, and science will play in our children’s future.  Further, we need members of the School Committee who fully appreciate the dire consequences of, for example, reducing STEM (TechEd) content in our schools.  


I am not suggesting that every Hopkinton High School graduate be directed toward a STEM career.  However, I feel we should fully inspire, through classroom instruction and applied experiences, every child to be ready to embrace (i.e. not be intimidated by) the wonders of a career in science, technology, engineering, and math; if they are interested.


I think the Hopkinton School Committee would benefit from someone who, by training and experience, is a STEM-professional to keep our goals aligned to a rapidly changing, technology-driven, world.   As a member of the School Committee, I will be dedicated to developing a strategic plan that inclusively embraces STEM, core academics, the arts and athletics.  I will support the district and Superintendent in executing against the strategic plan to produce graduates ready for the globally connected, STEM-driven 21st century.  Finally, I will foster data-driven decision making processes that focus on continuously improving the education of all children; whether engineering, poetry, or any other vocation is in their future.

     Frank Sivo
     April 19, 2014


Frances M. Coutinho, 96


Frances M. Coutinho, 96, of Hopkinton, MA passed away peacefully on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 surrounded by her loving family. She was the beloved wife of the late Manuel N. Coutinho and devoted mother of Anne-Marie Moore, Barbara Coutinho and husband Thomas Williams, Cissy Coutinho and Michael Childs, John Coutinho and wife Brenda, and Paul Coutinho and fiancé Paula Kwerder. She also leaves eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren as well as many extended family members and devoted friends. She was the sister of Dolores Murphy and the late John Cancian.

A lifelong learner, Frances was a Registered Nurse, award winning educator, published poet, and accomplished artist.

Visiting hours are Monday, April 21 at Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton from 5-8PM. Funeral Mass at St. John the Evangelist in Hopkinton on Tuesday at 10 AM. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Campaign for Milford Regional Medical Center (www.supportexcellence.org ) or the Manuel N. Coutinho Endowment Fund at Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers ( www.maps-inc.org )

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Countdown to Marathon Monday

April 19, 2014 — A few of the vendors expected on race day set up today on the Hopkinton Common to erect their tents, pitch their projects, and sell their wares, from tee shirts, bells, sausage and peppers, to the International Marathon Center, a brainchild of Timothy Kilduff, President of the 26.2 Foundation, formerly the Hopkinton Athletic Association. Above, a rendering of the center by local architects GRLA that is displayed in one of the tents on the Common, where people can see more of the plans and donate to the cause, too. Below, Hopkinton Chief of Police Edward Lee and family chat with Officer Jane Goodman at the Marathon Committee's Information Tent. And below that, a real treat.

Last year, Amanda Maffei, who has run the Boston Marathon, was inspired to write a song that flowed out, like someone else was writing it, she said. HopNews recorded the original one-mic video and it was a hit. Then, Amanda got some friends together, and put a wall of beautiful voices behind her that sing positively about running the marathon strongly, "Run Boston Strong," and HopNews mixed its exclusive video clips of the Marathon, and of Hopkinton, with it . Watch it, or watch it again, below. In addition, Amanda has put a website together that features this version, as well as two others, one with an animated video, and one audio-only mix with a Gospel presentation, here.


And the Winner Is...

A few days ago, HopNews displayed a larger version of the photo on the near left and asked readers to be the first to send in a photo of their own of the same tree to win $25.00.

One person sent in a photo, far left, but did not want to be named, citing privacy concerns. So, we agreed that the $25.00 would be given anonymously to the Milford Hospital Cardiac Care's American Heart Association funding drive, and so, that is what we did. Another reader, George Robinson, sent in a correct photo, but it was after we paid the check.
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Hopkinton Marathon Committee Will Honor Two Veterans at Start of 118th Boston Marathon


HOPKINTON, MA (April 19, 2014)—The Hopkinton Marathon Committee will honor two veterans at the start of the 118th Boston Marathon on Patriots’ Day, April 21, 2014. Veterans Morgan Molloy and Philip Powers, Jr., both Hopkinton residents, will be honored at the starter’s platform.


“Since 2002, we’ve honored local veterans at the start of the Boston Marathon,” said Hopkinton Marathon Committee chairperson, Dorothy Ferriter-Wallace. “Since the marathon is held on Patriots' Day, the committee feels it's especially important to recognize veterans for their service to our country. They have made great sacrifices for our country and this is one small way to recognize and thank them.”


Molloy, a World War II veteran, served with the 41st Bombardment Group of the U.S. Air Force, and worked as a tail gunner on a B25 in the air corps. He spent 20 months in parts of the Pacific. Raised in Maynard, Molloy has lived in Hopkinton for 43 years. He worked for General Motors in Framingham for more than 40 years. He and his late wife, Clare, a former Hopkinton teacher who passed away last year, were married for 59 years and raised a son and three daughters. He has nine grandchildren.


Powers served our country for five years as a military police officer. He deployed to Afghanistan with the 344th Military Police Company Army Reserve Unit and spent 10 months in Afghanistan training the Afghan National Army to guard their prison full of Taliban. He grew up in nearby Hopedale and moved to Hopkinton during high school. A 2009 graduate of Hopkinton High School, he studied criminal justice at Bridgewater State. He is back in Hopkinton and working to become a police officer.


The Hopkinton Marathon Committee was established in 1979 to work in conjunction with the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.), the organizers of the Boston Marathon, to ensure that the annual running of the race is an exciting, successful and safe event for all concerned. Committee members contribute their efforts throughout the entire year to the planning, organization, and coordination of multiple facets of the race, working to protect the best interests and welfare of the town, its residents, businesses and visitors.

Hopkinton Marathon Committee Selects Three Starters for Boston Marathon


HOPKINTON, MA (April 18, 2014)—The Hopkinton Marathon Committee has selected Hopkinton residents Bill McRobert, Bob Santucci and Amanda Desroches as starters for the second, third and fourth waves of the 118th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21. Retired Hopkinton Police Chief Bill McRobert will start wave two, retired Hopkinton Fire Prevention Officer Bob Santucci will start wave three, and Amanda Desroches will start the fourth and final wave in memory of her son Shayne, who died in an accident last fall.


“The B.A.A. has given the Hopkinton Marathon Committee the honor of selecting the starters for the later waves since it implemented the wave start in 2006. With the larger field this year requiring four main waves, the committee was able to select three starters” said Dorothy Ferriter-Wallace, chairperson of the HMC. “This year we selected two longtime Hopkinton public safety officers in appreciation of the heroic role public safety officials played after the tragedy at the Boston Marathon finish line last year. For the fourth wave, we chose Amanda to recognize the impact Shayne had on the whole community.”


McRobert worked for the Hopkinton Police Department for 34 years, the last 11 as chief, and retired in 1998. He was chief during the 100th marathon in 1996, with a record 38,708 entrants. He will fire the starter’s pistol for wave two at 10:25.


Santucci worked for the Hopkinton Fire Department for 29 years, most recently as Fire Prevention Officer before retiring in June. For many years he has worked or volunteered for the department on the Hopkinton Town Common each Patriots’ Day. He will start wave three at 11:00.


Desroches’s son Shayne, a Hopkinton Middle School student, died in an accident last fall. She will start the fourth wave in Shayne’s memory at 11:25


A Plea For Library Expansion

To the Editor:


I’ve lived in Hopkinton since the mid-60’s and have watched our town grow from a rural community with several working farms and dairies to the bedroom community it is today,  regarded as one of the most desirable places to live in greater Boston, with one of the state’s finest school systems.  And I think we all wear that crown proudly. 


Currently we have an opportunity to add a “crown jewel” to our town – the renovated and expanded Library.  With this addition to the town we will add to our healthy educational offerings, affording our residents instruction, opportunity and resources.  The Library building plan includes a young adult area, a more accessible children’s room, increased space for various media collections, study areas, increased computer access, and room for events for the Library as well as other community gatherings.  It is a plan that is more befitting our times, our town and our population, now and in the future. 


We have a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the Mass Board of Library Commissioners grant for a large part of the cost of the expansion.   Hopkinton Library is currently #3 on the waiting list to receive its $4.5 million grant.  


The Hopkinton Public Library Foundation (HPLF) has formed to take on the task of raising funds privately to offset the tax implications of funding a bond for the project.   HPLF is looking for 1000 homes and businesses in Hopkinton to pledge $1000 each to the renovation and expansion project.  HPLF has made the pledges flexible, from a single donation to pledging the amount over 4 years in 4 installments or in smaller monthly installments.   This campaign to raise at least $1,000,000 over the next 4 years reduces the amount the town will need to raise through taxes. 


Our library was originally built and funded by fifteen citizens who pledged an average of $900 each in the year 1895. The renovated and expanded Library, planned for 2016, is for all of us.  The cost of the project is $11.5 million, which means the town’s responsibility will be $6.25 million.  For a 20-year bond, this will mean a tax impact of about $95 on average for property tax for the first year of the bond when the largest payment is due.   Details on the project and its funding are available on the HPLF website.


With help from the state and help from the Library Foundation, we still need to do two things as voting citizens to make the expansion happen.  We need to pass Article 15 for the expansion of the library with a 2/3 vote at the Annual Town Meeting on May 5.  And we need to approve the debt exclusion money of $6.25 million to complete the funding for the project in the town election on May 19th.  Please jot down those dates and participate in this opportunity.  


Beth Mezitt

Phipps Road

April 19, 2014


Candidate's Statement - Kelly Knight


One of the state mandated goals for a School Committee is to review and approve the school budget.  Doing this right requires extensive discussion and prioritization among the administrators, superintendent, and the School Committee, leading up to the Annual Town Meeting vote. So how do we get there? 


Our budgeting process must be open to the public and offer multiple opportunities for input.  This requires an engaged and trusting community. 


Hopkinton’s Superintendent, Dr. MacLeod, has demonstrated that she welcomes community input, but this is just a first step.  Next, the School Committee needs to adopt a revised Strategic Plan with long-range goals.  This will minimize surprises, allow for multi-year budgeting, and build trust. 


Each goal must then be aligned to prioritized initiatives, implementation strategies, and measurements of success.  Following approval, every School Improvement Plan, budget item, and technology request should align to the Strategic Plan.  As long as the School Committee maintains its focus, owns the plan, and keeps it relevant, Dr. MacLeod’s leadership team is well equipped to manage the “how.” 


The “how” will require money, but it should be anticipated, planned and predictable.  This does not ensure that the entire community will agree, but it will allow us to engage in higher level discussions.


If elected I will promote this level of pro-active community engagement.  While communications have been greatly improved this year (community forums, office hours, online presentations, open-door policy of our Superintendent) misinformation continues to exist and voices appear to be left unheard.  I will make a concerted effort to minimize the amount of PULL the people in town must do to gain insight into the decisions being made so that our community remains informed and ready to engage.


I respectfully request your support and your vote at the town election on Monday, May 19th.


Kelly Knight

April 19, 2014 


Candidate's Statement _ Lori Nickerson


My passion to give back to the Hopkinton community is what drives me to seek election to the School Committee.  Yet, it is my specialized skills as a corporate attorney that makes me uniquely qualified for the position.


Over the past twelve years, my extensive analytical and problem-solving skills have made me a go-to resource for both the executive teams and board of directors of the publicly traded companies I support. In this position, I have a fiduciary responsibility to manage the legal risks and financial exposure of the company, while also protecting the investments of its stockholders.  The specialized role of corporate counsel directly correlates with a School Committee member’s role:  to advocate for enriched educational opportunities for all students, while equally ensuring taxpayer investment is protected from frivolous spending.  My career success demonstrates my persistent approach of seeking answers to tough questions, evaluating an issue from every angle, requiring clear communication of the business justification and implementation plans, while always keeping in mind budget and resource constraints.  


My primary goal is to ensure that the schools continue to make smart investments that deliver the most value in the classroom.  In order to accomplish this goal, I will seek a thorough review of the budget.  My analysis of the proposed expenditures would include rigorous questions requiring comprehensive answers, evaluation of proposals from all perspectives (e.g. students, parents, teachers and taxpayers), and confirmation of clear strategic initiatives justifying the expense, as well as verifying budget sustainability.  I look forward to working with Dr. MacLeod, members of the School Committee, and the community to ensure that this level of analysis is given to every strategic initiative to ensure the town gets the most value for every tax dollar spent. 


I respectfully request your vote at the Town Election on May 19th.


Lori Nickerson

April 19, 2014

Water Fresh Farm
Wine Tasting
Saturday, April 19, 2014
151 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton

Come join us from noon to 3pm on Saturday, April 19th and sample boutique wines from small family-run wineries.  Todd Verhoeven from Cafe Europa will be here to talk pairings and share the stories of a variety of wines and the families that run the vineyards.



Police Incident Log - Updated April 18, 2014

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   Incident Log

Thursday, April 17, 2014

6:26 pm A caller reported seeing a suspicious motor vehicle parked in a “no parking” area near the Boston Marathon start line. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded and spoke with the operator, a photographer for the Boston Herald.

4:14 pm Officer Aaron O'Neil spoke with a victim who reported that checks were stolen out of their vehicle while in Boston.

8:39 am A 911 caller from Bridgeton Way reported that a motor vehicle parked in a cul-de-sac, and the occupant got out and walked into the woods with a gun. Officer Patrick O'Brien spoke with the individual who had a cane not a rifle and was rock hunting.

6:11 am Officer John Moran placed traffic cones in two parking spaces on Main Street.

4:03 am Officer Linda Higgins checked a motor vehicle that was parked by the sewer pump station on West Main Street.

3:40 am Officer Linda Higgins assisted the Fire Department with an investigation on Glen Road.

2:48 am Officer John Moran issued a verbal warning to an individual who was emptying dumpsters outside of permitted hours.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

6:15 pm Officer William Burchard assisted the Fire Department on South Mill Street.

5:22 pm Two officers responded to a three car motor vehicle accident without personal injury on South Street.

4:46 pm A caller reported a three car motor vehicle accident without personal injury on West Main Street. Two officers responded and wrote a report.

4:10 pm Officer William Burchard removed a trash barrel from the roadway on Front Street.

10:02 am Officer Patrick O'Brien assisted a disabled motor vehicle on West Main Street.

9:58 am Officer Patrick O'Brien assisted a disabled motor vehicle on West Main Street.

3:33 am Officer Linda Higgins advised the Highway Department of bad road conditions.

Photo: Department of Energy chopper in one of several high-speed treetop passes over Downtown yesterday


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Weston Nurseries in Full Bloom

New Hardscape Specialist for Expanded Offerings


April 18, 2014  – Weston Nurseries welcomes Brian Scanlon as their new Hardscapes Sales Specialist.  He will work out of the Hopkinton location but will oversee the stone business in their Chelmsford store as well. 


Brian comes to Weston with a strong background in hardscapes and green goods.  He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Design.  After College, Brian started his own landscape and remodeling business, Scanlon Design Build.  He became a wholesale sales representative at Bigelow Nurseries and then served as General Manager for Camosse Masonry Supply in Worcester.  Most recently Brian worked with Terrascaping & Construction, Inc. where he was the lead in sales & design.


Weston Nurseries, well known for plants, realized there was strong demand from their customers for stone products.  President, Peter Mezitt says; “Our staff has been convinced we should offer stone products lines to our customers because stone, along with plants comprise the majority of products our customers need for their landscape projects.  We needed a champion and we are very excited to have Brian on our team.  He has a tremendous amount of knowledge with all aspects of hardscaping.  Not only can he manage the purchasing and selling side of the stone business, but he will help train our staff to become more knowledgeable about the manufactured and natural stone product lines and offer design assistance to our customers.   What’s more, he really knows his plants!  We think he will be a very strong addition to our team.”


Weston Nurseries is a fourth generation family business headquartered in Hopkinton Massachusetts.  Currently in their 91st year, they have been known by homeowners and trade professionals for their exceptional trees, shrubs, and perennials, including their own introductions of azaleas and rhododendrons. Their staff offers sound horticultural advice and landscape design to help customers beautify their landscape, enhance their lifestyle, and increase the value of their homes.  They opened their second garden center in Chelmsford in March of 2011


New Video for Anti-bullying Campaign

Budget Will Include FFDK

by Muriel Kramer

April 18, 2014 — The Hopkinton Public High School has introduced its new campaign to counter bullying, cyber bullying, and harassment; the “I Will” campaign is intended to eliminate silent bystanders to bullying by asking people to pledge to speak up. The video features a wide variety of students, teachers and administrators taking the pledge – “I WILL” speak up – if they witness or learn of bullying, and the music background is “All You Need is Love”. The video was put together by Drama teacher Valerie von Rosenvinge and Adjustment Counselor Jane Gomes; the video is part of the administration’s response to the results of the Adolescent Health Survey that indicated a widespread problem of bullying, especially cyber bullying, that our students reported in the survey.


The SC reported that discussions were ongoing with the Appropriation Committee (AC) in preparation for Annual Town Meeting (ATM) that begins Monday night May 5th at 7PM in the Middle School Auditorium.  According to SC Chairman Nancy Alvarez Burdick, the AC has voted to recommend all the School’s capital articles on the warrant, they include new ceiling tiles for Hopkins, 2 new trucks for building and grounds, IT improvements at Center, improvements to the Middle School stage and performance area, and new fire alarms with strobes. The AC is still vetting the overall budget request number that includes free full day kindergarten (FFDK). In particular, the AC wants to be sure the program once begun is financially sustainable in the future. The AC held a well-attended Public Hearing on the budget the previous night, and most in attendance were in support of the FFDK. Some spoke in support of waiting until a solution for Center School had been identified and implemented before initiating FFDK and many asked questions about tax impact. The overall budget request, Article 7 on the ATM warrant, currently includes the SC’s requested budget that includes FFDK.


SC member Jon Graziano gave an update on the work of the Elementary School Building Committee (ESBC). He reported that they have received a fully executed feasibility agreement from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) and are now able to advertise for, select and hire an Owner’s Project Manager (OPM); that selection and hiring is a joint effort with the ESBC and MSBA. Graziano made the point that “the work of the committee and the professional staff has kept us ahead of the game”; the ESBC is currently preparing a detailed update for ATM as part of the discussion for Article 1, Reports of Committees.


Families in need of bus passes are reminded that bus fees are due by May 1 to avoid late fees or delays in service; if you are mailing the fee on May 1st, please remember to get the Post Office to hand stamp the postmark. Any bus request postmarked after May 1 will be subject to late fees.


The Superintendent evaluation process is in full swing. At the SC Meeting May 1st, Dr. MacLeod will offer a detailed presentation on her performance and goals for the first year. The SC members then have until May 5th to provide their feedback to Alvarez Burdick, so she can consolidate the feedback and prepare the SC evaluation. The SC will conduct the evaluation in public on May 15.

NOTE A communication from a School Department member informs us AC voted to support the TM budget which includes the funding for FFDK.


Police Unity Tour


          The mission of the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund is to generate increased public support for the law enforcement profession by permanently recording and appropriately commemorating the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers; and to provide information that will help promote law enforcement safety.  National Police Week is a collaborative effort of many organizations dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifice of America’s law enforcement community.

          This year, three members of the Hopkinton Police Department; Officers Aaron O’Neil, William Burchard and Phil Powers will be participating in the Police Unity Tour (www.policeunitytour.com) to honor the 105 officers who died in the line of duty for 2013.  The primary purpose of this four day, three-hundred and twenty mile bicycle ride is to raise awareness of Police Officers who have died in the line of duty.  The secondary purpose is to raise funds for the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial and Museum.  During our time in Washington D.C., we will be visiting and paying our respects to our fallen brother and sister officers.

          Each participant in the Police Unity Tour event, which begins in New Jersey and ends in Washington D.C., is responsible for raising approximately $2,000.00.  We are asking for your support in helping to defray some of the cost each participant is responsible for raising.  If you or your organization would like to make a tax-deductible (Police Unity Tour Tax ID #22-3530541) donation to support this honorable cause, please fill out the attached sponsor form.  Any charitable donation you or your organization can offer will help bring us one step further to representing the Town of Hopkinton and our Police Department at the Law Enforcement Candlelight Vigil during National Police Week 2013.



Before and After

April 17, 2014 — Dr. Binh Ngyuen, CCSP, of Cedar Chiropractic and Sports demonstrates a pneumatic compression device that is designed to relieve muscle aches and tenderness attributed to high levels of physical exertion. Whether practicing or funning for real, this treatment can put an athlete in the right frame of mind. And after the race, slip this suit on and watch the pain go away.

In addition, Dr. Binh equips athletes with kinesiology tape to help blood flow and offer structural support  for the muscles and skeleton.
Besides his regular hours, he will be open extended hours over the weekend for those who need his services: Until 5:00 pm on Saturday, and on Sunday, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. And after the race, not only is the pneumatic therapy recommended, he also offers Graston technique and cold laser. To make an appointment, call 508-435-8182.


The Run Around

April 17, 2014 — Elmwood School students were joined by members of the Hopkinton High School Varsity cross country team and elite runners who were visiting from Kenya in a run around the island in the front of the school. They participated in a cultural exchange at the school, Scholars and Stars, sponsored by John Hancock Life Insurance. Much more coverage on the event later today.


Below, 2011 Boston Marathon champion Sharon Cherop is accompanied into the Elmwood School gathering by a Hopkinton High School Cross Country Team member this morning to a cheering crowd, and rock music. Check back later for much more.



Busy Skyway

April 17, 2014 — The skies over Hopkinton were busy today. Above a Massachusetts State Police Air Wing helicopter made several circles over Downtown Hopkinton this afternoon. At the same time, a young bird of prey, its age evidenced by its flawless wings, circled undoubtedly curious about the whirlybird; and earlier in the day, as if on cue, four large Red Cross helicopters flew over Elmwood School property as the Kenyans and Elmwood students began their annual symbolic run around the front of the building.


The A Team

April 17, 2014 — The Hopkinton Respite Center's Mary McQueeney, Mike Mullins and Sharon Lisnow walk from the Elmwood gathering, Scholars and Stars, with the students and Elite Kenyan runners this morning, shortly before the latter ran two laps around the front island. Mike will be singing the National Anthem at the Fenway Park on May 1, 2014 prior to the Red Sox game.

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WESTON, MA – The following student from Hopkinton was named to the honor roll at The Rivers School in Weston in recognition of his excellent academic performance during the winter term of this year: Trevor A. Ballantyne, Grade 9.

About The Rivers School
The Rivers School is a coeducational, college preparatory day school in Weston, Mass. that serves students in grades 6 through 12. Rivers offers 35 honors and Advanced Placement courses, exceptional college counseling, an intensive study program for talented student musicians at The Rivers School Conservatory, award-winning music, co-curricular, and studio arts programs, and championship-caliber athletics as a member of the ISL. For more information, please visit www.rivers.org .


    Police Incident Log - Updated April 16, 2014

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  Incident Log

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4:58 pm A 911 caller reported that she was broken down on Hopkinton Road in Upton. The Upton Police responded to assist.

4:42 pm A caller reported that a tree fell and was being held up by other trees on Lumber Street. Officer Matthew McNeil responded and left a message with the DPW.

4:07 pm A caller reported a motor vehicle accident without personal injury on Ash Street. Officer Gregg DeBoer responded to write a report and transported one individual back to their residence.

1:08 pm Officer Stephen Buckley removed a branch from the roadway on South Street.

10:11 am Officer Stephen Buckley checked a parked motor vehicle on Saddle Hill Road.

10:05 am The Framingham Police Department requested that an officer attempt to make contact with a resident of Hayward Street regarding a hit and run that occurred in their town. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and spoke with a resident of the house who advised that the registered owner lived in Framingham.

Monday, April 14, 2014

5:46 pm Officer Gregg DeBoer checked and spoke with an individual on Main Street.

5:23 pm Officer Matthew McNeil advised that he came upon an intersection on Elm Street with a large amount of pea-stone dumped in the roadway. The DPW was notified and responded.

4:32 pm A North Mill Street resident reported that there had been a suspicious motor vehicle sitting in her driveway for approximately 15 minutes. Two officers responded and advised that they were registered solicitors.

4:11 pm A caller reported that there was a tree down on Huckleberry Road. Officer Matthew McNeil responded and notified the DPW to remove it.

3:47 pm There were multiple 911 calls reporting a power line down in the roadway on Ash Street. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded along with the Fire Department and notified the electric company.

3:12 pm A 911 caller from West Elm Street reported that there was a brush fire in her side yard. Two officers responded to assist the Fire Department.

2:52 pm A motorist reported a large tree limb in the roadway on East Main Street. Sgt. John Porter responded and checked the area with a negative find.

8:42 am Two officers responded to a two car motor vehicle accident with personal injury on South Street.

7:21 am A 911 caller reported that a tractor trailer unit was blocking traffic on East Main Street. Sgt. John Porter responded and advised that it was gone upon his arrival.

1:26 am Officer Jacob Campbell checked and spoke with an individual at a West Main Street gas station.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

5:05 pm A resident of School Street reported seeing a suspicious man in the woods. Officer William Burchard responded and checked the area with a negative find.

2:52 pm A Forest Lane resident reported finding a lost dog.

2:02 pm A caller reported that a suspicious individual was taking pictures of houses on A Street. Officer Stephen Buckley located the person who was just taking outdoor photos.

12:34 pm Officer Stephen Buckley assisted with installing a car seat on Main Street.

11:27 am A resident of Summer Street reported that there was a rabid skunk in her neighborhood. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and located the skunk inside of a trap. The Animal Control Officer was notified.

10:30 am A motorist reported low hanging wire mesh on West Main Street from the Route 495 bridge. Officer Thomas Griffin checked the area and advised that it was just red tape.

10:15 am Officer Stephen Buckley helped install a car seat on Main Street.

8:27 am A caller from Hayden Rowe Street reported finding a lost dog in his back yard. The dog was later re-united with its owner.

12:21 am Officer John Moran stopped a suspicious motor vehicle on Walcott Street and subsequently issued a verbal warning for tinted windows and possession of marijuana.

12:17 am A Chestnut Street resident reported loud music coming from a neighbor's house. Sgt. Michael Sutton responded and advised that the music was turned down again.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

10:38 pm A caller reported loud music coming from a party on Chestnut Street. Two officers responded and spoke with the home owner who turned the music down for the night.

10:28 pm A motorist reported hitting a pothole on Ash Street causing damage to her vehicle. Officer Matthew McNeil checked the area but could locate any potholes.

8:35 pm Officer Philip Powers checked and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on Wood Street.

8:18 pm Officer Philip Powers assisted the Fire Department with a possible illegal burn on Wood Street.

6:22 pm A caller from Main Street reported that a man was yelling and swearing at him. Officer Philip Powers checked the area with a negative find.

5:48 pm A caller was concerned about some dogs locked in a vehicle with the windows up on Cedar Street. The vehicle was determined to be in Ashland so the Ashland Police Department was notified and responded.

4:25 pm Officer Matthew McNeil responded to a motor vehicle accident without personal injury on Main Street.

3:34 pm A passerby reported possible drinking in public at the EMC Park. Officer Matthew McNeil checked the area with a negative find on anything suspicious.

2:14 pm A caller reported that a wire came down and was laying across Ash Street. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and the electrical company was notified.

1:30 pm Officer Stephen Buckley performed a community policing act on Hayden Rowe Street.

12:23 pm Officer David Shane assisted a disabled motor vehicle on West Main Street.

10:30 am Officer Stephen Buckley performed a community policing act on Hayden Rowe Street.

7:07 am There was a report of a large tan dog standing in the middle of the roadway on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Stephen Buckley checked the area with a negative find.

7:05 am A South Mill Street resident reported that a flatbed truck was idling in front of his house. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and spoke with the operator.

2:01 am Officer John Moran checked a parked motor vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street.

1:22 am Officer Stephen Buckley responded to Route 495 to assist the Milford Police Department with a cruiser that was struck by a hit and run.

1:18 am Officer John Moran spoke with two employees who were just getting out of work on Main Street.

Friday, April 11, 2014

10:33 pm Officer William Burchard checked on a disabled motor vehicle on East Main Street.

8:54 pm A resident of Wild Road reported an on-going issue of her feeling threatened by a neighbor's pit-bull. The Animal Control Officer was notified of the situation.

7:46 pm A caller from Main Street reported receiving a harassing and threatening text from a male party. Officer William Burchard contacted the male and instructed him to stop or a harassment order would be filed.

6:55 pm A walk-in reported finding a dog with no tags on at the EMC Park. The Animal Control Officer responded and took possession of the dog.

12:56 pm A Hayden Rowe Street resident reported that their mailbox was just hit by a vehicle heading towards Milford. Officer David Shane responded but was unable to locate the vehicle.

12:27 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Patrick O'Brien regarding larceny by check.

9:35 am The DPW reportedly hit a low hanging telephone wire at a residence on Hayward Street. The telephone company was notified to respond.

8:48 am Officer Thomas Griffin checked and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street.

5:15 am A caller reported that the lights on West Main Street were not working properly. Officer Linda Higgins responded and advised that they appeared to be functioning properly.

12:51 am Courtesy calls were made on behalf of the Highway Division regarding vehicles parked in the way of line painting on various streets.

NPR Host Peter Sagal Guiding Blind Runner in Boston Marathon

BROOKLINE, MA – Peter Sagal, host of the National Public Radio game show Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! since 1998, will be running the Boston Marathon again this year as the sighted guide for a blind runner. Sagal, a Harvard graduate, guided visually impaired runner William Greer in 2013’s Marathon, and wrote about their experience in an article in Runner’s World, where he is a regular columnist. This year Sagal will be guiding returning Visually Impaired Division top-3 finisher and paratriathlete Erich Manser.

For 15 years, Peter Sagal has hosted his popular NPR game show, which has become one of the most popular shows on public radio, heard by nearly three million listeners on 520 public radio stations nationwide, and heard by a million people every month via podcast. In 2008, when Wait Wait celebrated its 10th anniversary on the air, it was the recipient of a Peabody Award for excellence in broadcasting.

Sagal is the author of one book and numerous plays and screenplays. In his article for Runner's World last year, he wrote about his experience as a member of Team With A Vision, guiding Greer across the finish line just minutes before the first bombs went off.

The Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (MABVI) has fielded Team With A Vision in the Boston Marathon for 21 years, and the 118th running of this historical event features many world-class athletes who are proving that with the right support, people who are visually impaired can do anything they set their minds to. Runners, both sighted and visually impaired, run for the Team to raise funds and awareness, and inspire others with disabilities. The team is a member of the 2014 Boston Marathon John Hancock Non-Profit Program.

“Last year, I ran my favorite marathon ever, helping to guide William Greer through his first ever Boston Marathon,” Sagal said. “I’m thrilled this year to be coming back to run it again, this time as a guide to Erich Manser, an accomplished para-athlete. These guys do a lot more for me in terms of inspiration than I’ll ever do for them.”

Sagal’s running mate, Erich Manser, is something of a celebrity himself. In addition to his past Boston Marathon runs, Manser is a paratriathlete training for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games and a champion swimmer.

Erich is a ten-time marathoner (2014 Boston will be his 11th), a member of the 2012 U.S. Paralympics Emerging team for swimming 50-yard freestyle (that year he set a Pan-American record in the 1500-meter freestyle for S13 visually-impaired), and he still holds the 23-year-old Massachusetts YMCA record in the 50-yard freestyle. Manser also took first place in the 2011 Augusta 70.3 Ironman physically challenged division, and although he is currently recovering from knee surgery from a meniscus tear he acquired during Ironman training in 2013, completing a full Ironman race remains high on Erich's athletic priority list. Erich is also working with Team With A Vision as an Athlete Coordinator.

The 41-year-old Manser lives in Littleton, MA with his wife Lisa, daughters Ellie and Grace and Boarder Collie Charlie, who accompanies him on most of his training runs. More than competing, Erich enjoys the friendships and camaraderie of athletics, and the empowering potential of athletics for people with disabilities. His personal motto is, “You don't need eyesight to have vision.” Contributed content


Traffic Advisory
Fiske Mill Road in Upton is Flooded - 3-car MVA on West Main (4:48 pm)
April 16, 2014 — Fiske Mill Road in Upton is the continuation of School Street in Hopkinton, heading south. This afternoon, the pond was flooding and crossing the roadway. It was passable, but definitely not where you want to take your freshly washed vehicle, or one that has issues with wires getting wet.
-->>>>  At this time there is a 3-car motor vehicle accident on West Main Street at Price Chopper (4:48 pm). Clear at 5:20pm.


State Police Investigate Double Fatal Crash on Route 90, Framingham

April 16, 2014 — At 5:13 a.m. troopers from the State Police Barracks in Weston received several calls for a serious crash on Route 90 eastbound in Framingham. On arrival troopers found a tractor trailer had crashed into the side of a minivan. Both occupants of the minivan, a male and a female, were determined to be deceased on scene. The operator of the tractor trailer was transported for non, life-threatening injuries to Metro-West Medical Center.

Preliminary reports indicate that the van spun-out and was then struck by the tractor trailer. Troopers are looking at the possibility the crash was weather-related.

At this time we have no information on the occupants of the minivan.

The left and middle travel lanes were closed for close to five hours to allow for crash investigation, recovery of the victims and eventual clean up. All lanes are expected to reopen shortly. Traffic was impacted during the morning commute with traffic delays up to 18 miles on the eastbound side.

The facts and circumstance of the crash are under investigation by Troop E of the Massachusetts State Police with assistance State Police Collision Analysis Reconstruction Section, Crime Scene Photo and the State Police Commercial Vehicle enforcement Unit. Troopers were assisted on scene by Framingham Fire Department and Mass Department of Transportation. ~ MSP

Personal Services 
It Started Here

April 16, 2014 — The Norden brothers, who each lost a leg in last year's marathon bombing, began a relay to Boston yesterday morning with family and friends taking part. Their journey began at the Start line in Hopkinton, and ended at the Finish line on Boylston Street. Above, they pose with members of the Hopkinton Police and sport Hopkinton Police Department caps given to them before their trek. Photo supplied by Hopkinton Police.


Swan Lake

April 16, 2014  — For the morning, at least, Lake Whitehall became Swan Lake for these neighbors of Tom Dawson, who caught the image from shore on Pond Street.


Eagles Receive Proclamations

April 16, 2014 — Three Eagle Boy Scouts received recognition from the Selectmen this evening for their projects in Hopkinton that enhanced use of the outdoors. Left, Joshua David Bernardo rebuilt a wooden bridge over a collapsed trail on Lake Whitehall State Park;  Nicholas Ferris built memorial benches at Hopkinton State Park; and Cameron Field rejuvenated the Zettek Overlook on Greenwood Road. Each project averaged a year's time.

Destination Imagination

April 15, 2014 — Destination Imagination teams, from Hopkins School, above with the Selectmen, and from Hopkinton Middle School, below, received proclamations this evening for achieving their State championships. They will travel to Knoxville, Tennessee in May and compete with 1,300 other teams from around the world.
       Adult leader of the Hopkins team was Cindy Bernardo who reported on her team's choice of community service as an endeavor, and how they created Helpful Heroes at Hopkins to assist senior citizens, and even paid for their transportation to the school.

         Leda Arakelian, leader of the Middle School team, below, explained their choice of community outreach, too, and what special significance it had for her family for the group to choose to support a teammate who was affected by 9/11, because her son is part of the team, and his father is a professional soldier who has been deployed overseas many times in the wake of the attack on America.


Tentative Roadwork Schedule


As we approach the start of our roadway resurfacing season I would like to thank the residents of Hopkinton for their continued support of our Pavement Management Program. We had a very successful 2013 season and hope to continue that in 2014 as funding allows. Each street that is on this year’s list has been inspected and evaluated to determine which treatment method is best based on its current condition. This will help ensure that we are maximizing the use of our Chapter 90 money in the most effective way.


Every year our goal is to begin Pavement Management work as soon as school ends in June and finish in September when school begins. Due to the inevitable weather related issues, mechanical breakdowns & scheduling conflicts it is difficult to hold to a strict time schedule. We will post updated construction dates as we move forward with each project.


Under the Town of Hopkinton’s Road Opening Permit Policy, No permit will be granted for a period of 5 years on newly paved streets except in the case of an emergency. If your street is on this year’s list and you are considering having any utility work done to your home that would require the road to be cut I would recommend contacting the appropriate utility company and schedule the work to be done before June 16th, 2014. This will ensure that you get the work you need done before we begin resurfacing that street.

Please visit our web page and click on 2014 Tentative Roadwork Schedule to view a complete list of planned Pavement Management work. You will notice that the date column is blank. This will be updated as we get closer to construction season; however an estimated time frame would be June 23rd – Sept 1st.


Once work begins on each project please expect delays and plan accordingly. The DPW appreciates your patience and cooperation during this 2014 construction season.



Mike Mansir, Highway Manager


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