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May the Wind be at Your Back

March 21, 2014 — Town of Hopkinton Finance Director Christopher Ketchen, with son Caleb and wife, Kim, above, at a well attended going away party in his honor at the Dynasty at dinner time yesterday; "On our own time," emphasized one party goer earlier in the day.
          The popular Mr.  Ketchen has been hired as the Town Manager in Lennox, Mass., in the area of his youth, and is serving his last week with the Town of Hopkinton.

Sign of the Season

March 21, 2014 — This gull, hanging around Hopkinton Reservoir as more open water becomes available, pushes off for flight yesterday, in a still shot that has graceful motion written all over it.


Wine Tasting
Friday 4-7 pm
Hopkinton Wine and Spirits
77 West Main Street, Hopkinton

Hopkinton Wine and Spirits would like to invite you to come in and see the new changes for 2014!

                 * 90+ Wines

                 * J. Lohr

                  * expanded 2 for $10,$15,$20 wine deals!

                  * GREAT selection of craft beers and single malt scotches!

                  * Many reduced prices!!


We are continuing our wine tastings on Fridays from 4-7 as well as offering beer tastings on many Saturday afternoons!  Please make sure to check your email for upcoming tastings and events.


Friday 3/21- Wine tasting from 4-7

Please 'LIKE' us on Facebook and let us know what you think on YELP!!

We look forward to seeing you in the store. Thank you for your patronage!

Have a Great Day,


The Hopkinton Wine and Spirits Team



HPTA Chili Cook-Off THIS Saturday!

March 22, 2014 6pm

Christ the King Lutheran Church, 600 Central St, Holliston

Purchase tickets online at www.hptaonline.com , Tickets will be available at the door!


*16 chilis for sampling
* pulled pork sliders & mac-n-cheese (donated by Dinner & Company)
* cornbread & dessert (brownies donated by Red Rock/cake pops donated by
5 Star Sweets!)
* soda & water
Above included in your low $25 ticket price

* cash bar - Yuengling beer & red & white wine (provided by vin bin, proceeds
will benefit HPTA)
* 50/50 raffle & silent auctions
* vote for your crowd favorite with cash donations
* Chris Hart, Hopkinton resident, will be selling & signing his newest BBQ book
“Grilled to Perfection”, as well as serving on the judges panel
* Jon Graziano, school committee member & Fire Chief Ken Clark will also serve
on the judging panel
Our traditional chili cookers are:
Kelly Kassab, Kristy Willadsen, Kathy Laflash, Mike Pedroli, Kristen Keefe, Don Cleven/Dan Kelly, Larry Knutson and Carolyn/Andy Fitzpatrick.
Our creative chili cookers are:
Suzanne Sawyer, Ali Burrill, Areli Biggers, Barry Keefe, Michelle Weilding, Dick Hanson, Zahra Ali and Maureen Belger.

Personal Services 

From Congressman Joe Kennedy

Consensus Building on Revitalizing Manufacturing

Dear Friend,

In politics, you often hear about legislation once it's done.  A member of Congress puts out a press release, maybe you read a story in the local news – either way, you see the final product, but rarely get a glimpse of the work that went into it. 
Today, I wanted to change that by giving you a behind-the-scenes update on a piece of legislation that I introduced last year with Republican Congressman Tom Reed from New York. It’s called the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation (RAMI) Act – or H.R. 2996, in official Congressional terms. Put simply, this bill would create a network of regional manufacturing institutes across the country. You can read more about the policy details here, but today I wanted to give you a sense of how we try to move a bill like this through Congress – easily one of the most interesting and challenging things I've done since being sworn in.
Let's start at the beginning.  Where did the idea for this bill come from? Well, my district in Massachusetts is home to several former industrial cities and towns that have suffered mightily from the downturn in traditional manufacturing. Helping businesses, workers and educators in these communities adapt to an economy that is increasingly globalized, high-skill, and high-tech is absolutely critical to their continued recovery and growth. 

With that goal in mind, my office spent several months last summer developing the substance of this bill with staff from the House Science & Technology Committee. Then, we sent our content over to the Office of Legislative Counsel, which takes ideas and puts them into legislative language.  After weeks of going back and forth with new thoughts and edits, the bill became something we could all be proud of – a bill that Republicans and Democrats alike could get behind.  As you know, that's no easy task!  On August 1, 2013 we took that bill down to the House floor and introduced it in the 113th Congress. 
Over the last eight months, there’s been slow but steady progress. Last December, Congressman Reed and I appeared at a hearing before the Science & Technology Committee, where we testified alongside business and industry leaders in support of the bill. President Obama has repeatedly mentioned RAMI as a top Congressional priority, including in his State of the Union address this January. We've also worked hard to secure the endorsements of major manufacturing industry groups, which is especially critical to the most important task of all – collecting co-sponsors. 
Signing up co-sponsors can happen any number of ways. Usually it's Congressman Reed or me approaching a colleague in between votes or in the hallway, armed with information about how our bill will help not just the country's economic growth, but their district in particular. To date, we've signed up over 50 co-sponsors.  Most significantly, they're almost evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. In today's divided Congress, that's not something you see every day.  We believe it’s a real testament to the fact that this bill will help local economies from Indianapolis to San Francisco, Fall River to Little Rock. 
As this bill progresses through the House, we are lucky to have Senators Sherrod Brown from Ohio and Roy Blunt from Missouri moving a companion bill through the Senate. Now, there’s no guarantee our bill will pass – or even get a vote – but our goal is to get it to President Obama's desk this year, and we’re doing everything in our power to make that happen.  
Hopefully this didn’t put you to sleep! But for everything you hear these days about our system not working or being gridlocked to a halt, I thought it might be nice to know that there are places where the simple, unglamorous, everyday work of setting policy is chugging along.  Slowly, yes, but surely
Thanks for taking the time to read this. As always, don't hesitate to drop me a line. 

All my best,






The Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) will be holding their annual, statewide Against the Tide swim, kayak, walk, or run fundraising events again in 2014. Proceeds benefit MBCC, which is the state’s leading breast cancer organization that seeks to understand the causes of breast cancer in order to find ways to prevent the disease.


"We are very fortunate to have such tremendous support from citizens of Massachusetts demanding greater protection of their children's future health in our effort to stop breast cancer before it starts," says MBCC's Executive Director Cheryl Osimo and Co-Founder of Silent Spring Institute. “MBCC often is overshadowed by larger, national breast cancer organizations and messages of early detection, treatment, and finding a cure. We depend on our generous media and supporters to continue our unique goal of breast cancer prevention.”


The Statewide Metro-Boston Against the Tide will be held for the 22nd year in a row at DCR's Hopkinton State Park (30 miles from Boston, 20 miles from Worcester) on Saturday, June 21st. The Cape Cod Against the Tide will be held for the 16th year DCR's Nickerson State Park (Brewster, MA) on Saturday, August 16th.


These family-friendly and inspirational events bring people from all demographics together with one goal in mind: breast cancer prevention. Both events consist of several components: competitive and recreational swim, recreational kayak, recreational walk, and competitive and recreational run. Participants of all ages and abilities can choose 1, 2, or 3 of these exciting activities. The event also offers an Aquathlon “Splash and Dash” component, where participants “splash” in the competitive 1-mile swim and immediately “dash” in the competitive 5K or 10K run (chosen by the participant).


MBCC is inviting people throughout Massachusetts to register for one or both of the events at www.mbcc.org/swim or by calling 617-376-6222. Those who cannot attend are invited to make a pledge to a registered participant or existing team.


Self Confidence Workshop

Friday, March 21st
from 2:30 to 5:30 Hopkinton High School Auditorium
Saturday, March 22nd
from 11am to 2:00 pm Available to any 7 - 12 graders
, April 11th from 2:30 to 5:30 Refreshments will be served
Saturday, April 12th from 11 am to 2:00 pm Free of Cost

Hosted and Organized by Ashley Olafsen and Lexie Phipps, with guest speaker, Maddie Dragsbaek 

­ Each presentation will be same, no matter what date ­ 
The workshop will include speaking, videos, activities, and a breakout session. The topics include women's 
representation in media, self confidence, positive body image, acceptance, stereotypes and empowerment. 
Contact aolafsen@hillers.org  with questions, comments, or concerns :) Chaperoned by Mrs. Grady.


Students can get the form passed out in their advisorys on Thursday at the high school, and the middle schoolers can pick them up in the main office, where there are extra. They can also join the facebook event - https://www.facebook.com/events/1444160142487693/ - which has all of the info!

Remember to bring your form with your parent's signature.

Irish Musician, Hopkinton Resident Protests Cease and Desist
"Something occurred that aggravated me." ~ Jack Buckley

March 19, 2014 — Jack Buckley, a Hopkinton resident and Irish musician, introduced himself to Selectmen last night at the start of the public input period, and got straight to the point.

        "Something occurred that aggravated me," he said.

        Mr. Buckley was referring to a cease and desist order from the Director of Municipal Services, Charles Kadlik, to Cornell's Irish Pub, ordering them to stop Live Entertainment, because it is not allowed on their license. However, Mr. Kadlik's department is not the licensing authority for Alcoholic Beverages Licenses. Mr. Kadlik's letter goes on to explain his opinion that the Live Entertainment at the establishment is also in violation of certain State codes. The previous owner received a similar letter that appeared to define the establishment as a nightclub.

        Mr. Buckley explained that the group that he belongs to plays Irish music as it is done all over the world, and did so at a venue in Westborough until it recently changed ownership. The group gathers in a circle and plays for one another, enjoying the food and the beverages of the host in a social sense and without pay. He asked Cornell's Irish Pub if he and his circle could go there for their session, and owner Ellen Scanlon agreed.

       "We had no pay. No compensation. We would have dinner and a drink or two. I went in last Thursday night and we were told they were given a Cease and Desist," he said to Selectmen. 

         "The building inspector did not attempt to speak with us. He did not understand what we did. We will be in another bar in another town.

         "When I look at all of the vacant stores [Downtown]... Hopkinton always talks about business friendly," he said, implying it is not.

         Selectman Brian Herr said his parents from Ireland were very familiar with the social form. He knew about the letter.

         "I heard about the letter and I was surprised," Mr. Herr said. 

         Mr. Buckley said he was bothered that no one tried to understand what was going on, "Instead of blasting out a letter." 

         Chairman John Mosher said that the Building Inspector was reaching out to the property owner to "...see how we can make things like this allowed."

        Ciao Time, a restaurant formerly at 28 Main Street, next to the HopNews office, received a similar letter following the move by ESL's open mic from their location next door at 30 Main, which had been going on there for years, to the building at 28 Main. Ciao Time ceased operations not long after the music died.

          In other activity last night, the Board of Selectmen voted to support an "Underride" for discussion at Town Meeting and inclusion on the ballot for the May election (more on that later), and to take no action on a proposed general bylaw article that would limit the hours of businesses.


The Sky’s the Limit Courtyard Committee Hosts Family Spaghetti Dinner at the Hopkinton Middle School Cafeteria on Friday, March 28 to Benefit the Sky’s the Limit Courtyard Project

Feed Your Entire Family at the Hopkinton Middle School Spaghetti Dinner and Listen to Live Entertainment by the Band Fuze

Members of the band Fuze, featured left to right: Ben Fargiano, rhythm guitarist/vocalist; Eric Olafsen, drummer: Raj Dandekar, lead guitarist, and Drew Lane, bassist, will entertain diners at the Sky’s the Limit Courtyard Committee’s Family Spaghetti Dinner Night on Friday, March 28 at the Middle School Cafeteria.  Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door per person or diners may purchase a family pass for 5 people for $40.  All proceeds will benefit The Sky’s the Limit Courtyard project.


March 19, 2014 — The Sky's the Limit Courtyard committee will host a family spaghetti dinner with two seatings, 5:30 and 7:00 pm, at the Hopkinton Middle School cafeteria on Friday, March 28.  Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door per person or diners may purchase a family pass for 5 people for $40.  The band Fuze will entertain diners during meal times and all proceeds will benefit The Sky’s the Limit Courtyard project.


The Sky’s the Limit Courtyard project’s goal is to raise funds through private donations to transform the unused, inaccessible “courtyard” at Hopkinton Middle School into a vibrant outdoor learning and meeting space for students and the Hopkinton community. The vision includes an amphitheater, outdoor classrooms, open space and informal gathering areas.


“The family spaghetti dinner is a great way to spend some quality time with family, enjoy a hearty dinner and listen to great music, while supporting a project that will transform learning at the Hopkinton Middle School,” said Maryellen Grady, Hopkinton Middle School Assistant Principal.


The project started as a vision of Maryellen Grady, Hopkinton Middle School’s Assistant Principal years ago. In November of 2011 the students of Mrs. McLean's 8th grade math class and Mr. O'Connell's 8th grade science classes were charged with the task of creating a detailed scaled drawing of the unused middle school courtyard.  The students’ creative plans included classroom spaces, a stage, and a dance floor. These ideas were given to Tom Dawson, a local architect, along with feedback from the middle school staff to create the vision of "The Sky's the Limit" courtyard. Mr. Dawson created his plan based on the ideas, dreams, and drawings of the students and staff.


Tickets to the Spaghetti dinner may be purchased in advance at the Middle School and checks should be made payable to the Hopkinton Middle School with Sky’s the Limit written in the memo section.


Hard Work Pays Off

March 19, 2014 — On Tuesday March 18, 2014 at Forekicks in Marlboro,  the U11 Hopkinton Pirates Lacrosse team defeated a team from Grafton by the score of 10-5 to win the Indoor Lacrosse Championships.   The team consists of 3rd grade and 4th grade boys from Hopkinton who have been practicing and playing since November.  Congratulations Pirates!

Personal Services 
Three Car Collision

March 18, 2014 — Above, police help firemen and a firefighter directs traffic following a 3-car collision on South Street at rush hour. A mother brought her toddler to the ambulance for evaluation, but it didn't appear that anyone took a ride to the hospital. The other two vehicles, off-camera, appeared to be less damaged.


Current Town Board & Committee Vacancy List


The Town of Hopkinton is publicizing the current vacancies on Town Boards & Committees.  If you have been curious or interested in volunteering on behalf of your community, now is an excellent time to get involved!


The current list of town Board and Committee vacancies are as follows (click on the committee link to view more about a particular committee or board):


●       NEW!  2014 Visioning Advisory Group

○       (3 At-Large seats, 2 Associate seats; a brand new committee charge was approved by the Selectmen and Planning Board in February 2014)

●       ADA Oversight Committee (1 seat)

●       Board of Appeals Associate Member (2 seats)

●       Cultural Council (Maximum 26 members)

●       Historic District Commission

○       (1 seat, Boards of Realtor’s Representative Appointment Only)

●       Metropolitan Area Planning Council Rep. (1 seat, Hopkinton Representative)

●       South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC) (1 seat, Hopkinton Representative)

●       Sustainable Green Committee At-Large (1 seat)

●       Sustainable Green Committee Associate (2 seats)

●       Upper Charles Trail Committee Alternate Member (1 seat)

●       Woodville Historic District Commission (3 seats)


To apply for a volunteer position, please visit the Town’s website and fill out the online volunteer form at:  http://www.hopkintonma.gov/home/about/hug


Interested parties may also visit the Board of Selectmen’s Office to fill out an application in person.


For more information about a Board or Committee, please visit the committee website and contact the respective Board or Committee Chairperson, or call Jamie Hellen, Operation’s Assistant to the Town Manager’s Office, at 508-497-9700.



Brian Herr Files Ethics Complaint Against U.S. Senator Ed Markey

In a complaint likely to draw attention to his campaign for US Senate, Republican candidate and Hopkinton Selectman Brian Herr has filed a complaint with the US Senate alleging a "potential" manipulation of stock regarding Herbalife to benefit a Democrat's campaign contributor. Any amount that the political contributor, William Ackman made to Sen. Markey, if any, is not specified in the complaint.

Mr. Herr also alleges that Mr. Ackman retained a firm headed by a former Markey staffer. Tradition as well as ethics procedures dictate a one-year separation from a public position before engaging in business with those connected to the former office as constituents. The complaint does not specify a time period for the allegation.


Police Incident Log - Updated March 17, 2014

Sign up for weather, traffic and crime alerts


Sunday, March 16, 2014

7:47 pm  Officer Matthew McNeil, in response to a 911 call, checked on a disabled motor vehicle on West Main Street.

7:18 pm Responding to the complaint of a loud dirt bike riding up and down Lake Maspenock on the ice, Officer Matthew McNeil shut the activity down for the night.

3:45 pm Officer Gregg DeBoer checked on an alarm on West Elm Street, and left a message for the homeowner.

1:44 pm A driver requested an officer regarding a vehicle that had just backed into his in a parking lot on West Main Street.

3:58 am Officer Higgins checked again on four vehicles parked at the high school.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

11:23 pm Officer Jacob Campbell responded to the report of vehicles on the Greenwood Road soccer field, but they were gone on arrival.

10:48 pm A Spring Street resident reported gunshots behind his home, but Officer Campbell found nothing suspicious.

9:53 pm A woman reported a large group of youths yelling obscenities at her as she drove past them on Greenwood Road.

9:47 pm State Police requested assistance for a cruiser that was struck while on a car stop on West Main Street.

1:39 pm Officer Stephen Buckley spoke with several residents on Lakeshore Drive regarding excessive noise caused by ATVs driving on Lake Maspenock.

1:26 pm A boxful of bottles was found smashed in the roadway on Pond Street.

6:33 am An individual walked into the station to report a deceased deer on Ash Street near the Holliston town line Officer Campbell moved it to the side.

5:21 am A caller reported a fight in progress in the driveway of an Ash Street location. Two units responded.

12:18 am Upton PD requested a check on a Walcott Street resident for a missing Upton 14 year-old girl. She was not there.


Friday, March 14, 2014

4:54 pm School Resource Officer Officer Philip Powers spoke with an individual whose phone call was deemed suspicious by the receiver. The caller will not call back.

3:43 pm A Nazneen Circle resident reported her large trash barrel stolen.

1:33 pm Officer Buckley responded to Teresa Road in an attempt to remove an apparently sick raccoon from a resident's garage, but was unsuccessful. Animal Control Officer William Proctor was made aware of the situation.

11:38 am Report of a minor crash on Main Street with no personal injuries,

8:17 am A West Main Street resident reported an unfamiliar male ringing her doorbell and looking inside her garage. Four units responded but were unable to locate the individual.

4:26 am Officer John Moran checked a vehicle in the midst of an alarm call on Main Street.

4:07 am Officer John Moran removed a deceased deer from the travel lane of East Main Street.

2:23 am Officer Jacob Campbell checked on a vehicle on Walcott Street.


The REAL March Madness
Special Olympics vs. Hopkinton Police
12:00 noon Saturday, March 22, 2014
Middle School

As he usually does, Director of Hopkinton Special Olympics, Alec Levine, has been putting his Special Olympians through some grueling practices since their most recent victory over the Hopkinton Police Patrolmen's Association last year. The Olympians are hungry for another victory.


The Hopkinton Police seem to be taking it seriously this year, as Officer Patrick O'Brien is at a youthful weight, and appears to have been working out in preparation for this event.


School Resource Officer Philip Powers will not be playing, because he believes that with his basketball playing ability, if he joined in, it would tip the scales in favor of the police and be unfair.


Stop by at noon on Saturday to see if the Hopkinton Police can finally win a game after years of playing second fiddle to the Olympians.

HopNews file photo by Austin Falcione.


Personal Services 

Kathryn L. Curry to Run Again for
Daniel E. Colella Scholarship Fund

Dearest Friend and Neighbor,

Let me start as always thanking all those who have supported my efforts in the past. My last run was two years ago in the hot 90 degree weather. Thanks to all, we raised over $4000 including the sales on the Common that encompass both marathon weekend and marathon day. Although the marathon is Easter weekend this year, I intend on being out there again to donate all profits to this most wonderful charity. In my past 5 runs, we have been able to raise over $17,000 for this charity. How wonderful for the community-minded, hard-working, deserving high school seniors who receive this scholarship.


The run in 2012 was especially hard because of my own physical condition. I was having trouble controlling my asthma, with the allergies caused by the warm winter, and was advised to skip the marathon by many (including the BAA). Since I had 16 prior marathons under my belt, I thought I could do it safely and decided it would be best to retire from this marathon in the future. It was very slow going, but I did finish. Last year the weather was perfect with no real allergy effects for me, but as we all know the conditions were far worse and tragic than my mere personal difficulties of 2012. Read Full Letter Here.


Soles of Love

March 17, 2014 — People carrying on the memory of Meg Cross Menzies placed a statue of nearly 400 running shoes near the one-mile mark of the Boston Marathon in the shadow of the "Spirit of the Marathon," a permanent statue commissioned by New Balance and sculpted by  world-renown sculptor, Mico Kaufman.

       According to a facebook page set up by a friend, Mrs. Menzies was killed by a drunk driver while out on her morning run in January of this year, presumably in Richmond, Virginia.

Time of the Season

March 16, 2014 — Canada geese and mallard ducks enjoy this former irrigation pond at Legacy Farms South today, some of the only open water around. Further away is a male hooded merganser, and his mate.






Hopkinton 6th Grader , Maggie Allen, shown with Michelle Picard, Silver Medalist and member of Team USA Woman's Ice Hockey.  Maggie had the honor to meet Shelly at her annual end-of-season hockey banquet for the Mass Spitfires girls hockey program (www.spitfireshockey.com). Shelly Picard got her start in the Mass Spitfire hockey program and encouraged the hundreds of young girls attending the banquet to work hard and dream big because dreams can come true.


    Two Hopkinton relay teams traveled to New York this weekend for the New Balance Indoor Track Nationals. 





The Distance Medley Relay came in 21st of 28  (39th in the national rankings per milesplit) 

Mary-Paule Monks
Liz Allen
Isabelle Giordano
Lauren Hazzard


The 4xmile came in 14th of 28 (14th in the national rankings per mile split)

21:38:99 - new school record and I was told 8th of all time in MA

4xMile Relay (Pictured)
Lauren Hazzard
Shelby Aarden
Mary-Paule Monks
MaryKate Cavanaugh


link to results


Dressage and Two-Phase Schooling Show
Sponsored by the Woodville Trailbusters and Crafty Cats 4-H Clubs
Sunday April 13, 2014
Carriage Hill Farm (2 Mechanics St, Hopkinton, Ma)


 Dressage and jumping times will be assigned upon registration and emailed directly prior to the event

Contact: Sue Lukey 508 435-4129 for more information
Personal Services 


UPDATE ---> Solution to puzzle below:


Driving along, the photographer noticed a Russell Crowe, "Beautiful Mind" moment, when the rear window lit up like one of his character's hallucinations, the sun striking it just right. He took a photo and put it up without explanation, encouraging people to email a solution explaining more than one element in the photo (See below).


Although nearly everyone guessed that they were water drops, there is just too much going on to let that simple observation suffice as a winning guess worth $25, especially when people were asked to identify elements (plural). The solution follows, and the graphic to the left explains much of it, too.


The drop is on the rear window of a Honda Civic, and it was photographed from the front seat. Because the water is on the outside, its height, and surface tension, are observable from the outside only. The height can be inferred from the photo, because of the shadow cast by the sun on the bottom part of the drop.


The water drop is acting like a photographic lens, inverting and reversing the image (See pinhole camera). Please note the sun and sky are on the bottom half of the drop, as are the tree branches, which are upside down, and the land is on the top part.


The black lines that some thought were the joints on an asphalt roof, and others thought were tile grout, solar panels or outdoor pavers are actually the heater elements of the rear window. And as for the billions of little, far away galaxies, they are likely fine particles that have fallen with the rain through the trees and left a sheen on the window.


How to give the $25 away? We'll think of something else. Thanks for trying.

What Is It? Win $25!

 March 15, 2014 — As part of the 25th Anniversary Year of Photographic Images, we offer $25 to the first reader to identify the elements in the photo above, taken today. Whoever is first to identify the most elements wins. Editor@HopNews.com . In our previous puzzle, Teresa Boyce was the first to correctly identified the Cedar Street location of the hornet's nest and sent a photo of her own. Solution is above.


Roving Camera

March 15, 2014 — This ice-skier was was in his windy element this morning as the Roving HopCam caught his act at Whitins Pond in Whitinsville.

Best of Both Worlds

March 15, 2014 — This well-equipped ice-fisherman enjoyed the sun, as well as the fact that a foot or more of ice does not melt in two days of warm weather. The 54 degree temperature brought people out, shaking off the winter cob webs.
Personal Services 
Traffic Enforcement

March 15, 2014 — Hopkinton Patrolman and Training Officer Matthew McNeil, while doing traffic enforcement at the corner of Grove and Main Streets, issued a verbal warning to the operator of this motor vehicle for a red light violation. Although the specifics of this particular violation are unclear, many warnings are issued for right on red to drivers heading north on Grove and turning right onto Main. The turning move, previously allowed, is no longer allowed with the most recent signal pattern, because it is dangerous.


Senior Center Open House

April 5, 2014

28 Mayhew Street


The Open House, to be held at the Center on Saturday, April 5, is our way of offering the people who cannot come during the week the opportunity to come into the Center, learn some things, get a feel for the place and meet some of the staff. There are no age restrictions - all are very welcome.
As you read further along in the newsletter you’ll find more information about the offerings of the day.

I would like to encourage non-seniors to come in, too. So spread the word! We are a wonderful resource for visiting friends and family - especially long term visitors. We are a welcoming place to come to, we have durable medical equipment that can be borrowed, etc. You just never know what the needs may be.

Please stop by on Saturday, April 5. We’d love to say hello!

Cindy Chesmore, Director

NOTE: This information was taken from the Senior Center Newsletter. Read it here..


Thin Crust, Anyone?

March 14, 2014 — A patron of Cornell's Irish Pub, Rich Johnson, demonstrates the thinness of the pizza crust in the pizza that chef Kaitlyn Beaulieu is delivering to him this afternoon.  Today's Special pizza is a mix of shrimp and chopped garlic, chopped fresh tomatoes, fine cheese, olive oil, and arguably the thinnest crust on record. Great for weight watchers, and good to note that the pizza shown above is a small and costs only $8. The tomatoes were chopped fresh, not from sauce.

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