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Police Incident Log - Updated March 13, 2014

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

7:05 pm A motorist reported that a vehicle was off of the roadway on Route 495. The State Police were contacted and responded.

6:45 pm An Ash Street resident spoke with Officer Matthew McNeil regarding credit card fraud.

5:54 pm A caller reported that he was out of gas on Route 495. The State Police were notified.

1:00 pm The Southborough Police Department reported an erratic operator traveling south on Cedar Street. Officer Stephen Buckley checked the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.

12:44 pm A Jamie Lane resident reported that a male with white hair was walking around her house and there was a white van in the driveway. Sgt. Joseph Bennett spoke with the man who was replacing an electric meter on the house.

11:47 am Officer Stephen Buckley responded to a minor motor vehicle accident in the High School parking lot.

10:50 am Officer Stephen Buckley assisted the Water Department with traffic on Grove Street.

9:07 am A motorist reported that she went off of the roadway on Fruit Street. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded to assist.

8:55 am A caller reported that the lights on West Main Street were not cycling properly. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded and advised that the lights were functioning properly.

8:01 am Officer David Shane assisted the Fire Department with the investigation of an outside odor of natural gas on Elm Street.

1:00 am Sgt. Scott vanRaalten checked a motor vehicle on Heartwood Way.


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Hopkinton Democrats are (again!) called to CAUCUS.


All Democrats in Hopkinton are invited to help choose nominees for the local election in May.  Offices on the ballot will be:

Board of Selectmen ------------------ 1 opening, 3 years

Board of Assessors ------------------ 1 opening, 3 years

Board of Health ------------------------ 1 opening, 3 years

Board of Library Trustees ----------- 2 openings, 3 years

Cemetery Commission     ----------- 1 opening, 3 years 

Commissioners of Trust Fund ------1 opening, 3 years

Hopkinton Housing Authority --------1 opening, 3 years

Parks & Recreation Commission - 2 openings, 3 years

Planning Board --------------------------1 opening, 5 years

School Board ---------------------------- 2 openings, 3 years

The caucus will be held on Saturday, 4/5 at the Fire Station on Main St at 11am.  The meeting room is upstairs (rear entrance) and handicapped access is available.

Please contact Dick Duggan at 508-435-4007 or dduggan47@gmail.com with any questions.


First Place at Groove Dance Competition

Heartbreaker, choreographed by Maddie Dragsbaek, won 1st Overall in the Senior Trio Division at the Groove Dance Competition.


Hopkinton Wine and Spirits
77 West Main Street
Saturday Beer Tasting
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Police Incident Log - Updated March 13, 2014

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Incident Log

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

11:09 pm  Officer Linda Higgins transported an individual to his residence after breaking down on South Street.

10:48 pm Checked a motor vehicle on Pleasant Street.

8:47 pm Checked on a disabled motor vehicle on Main Street.

7:52 pm Hopkinton and Ashland searched for an individual following a domestic altercation on East Main Street out of concern for his safety.

5:39 pm Checked on a disabled delivery truck on West Main Street.

3:05 pm Five units responded with the fire department to the report of a motor vehicle off of the Route 495 Bridge and onto West Main Street.

11:50 am An individual walked into the station to complain about a noise ordinance violation at a prior time on Woodview Way.

3:04 am Sgt. Scott vanRaalten assisted with a structure fire in Ashland.


Ali Balster & Mara Power raising funds for of Friends of Hopkinton SPEAC


What makes these women special?  Well, for starters, they’re both Moms and they are raising money for special education.  The two have been training and fundraising for the past several months.  Not an easy task considering the harsh winter and taking care of their (combined) five young children (ages 2 – 8).


 It’s wonderful to see these women working together as a team.


The money they raise will go towards special education programs, as well as providing scholarships to graduating Hopkinton High School seniors that have received special education services during their school years.


Please join SPEAC in wishing our runners good luck on Marathon Monday and consider helping Ali and Mara meet their fundraising goal by visiting their website:    https://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/running-the-boston-marathon-for-special-education/136599 


Contributed by:

Sue Lallier

Treasurer, Friends of Hopkinton SPEAC


Statement from Third Candidate for One of Two School Committee Seats


My name is Lori Nickerson, and I am running for School Committee.  My husband, Rob, and I moved to Hopkinton in June of 2012 with the desire for a tight knit community with excellent schools.  As parents of three young children (ages 6, 3.5 and 11 months), we could not be happier with our decision and are deeply invested in both the community and the continued success of the school system. I am positive my fresh perspective, analytical and problem solving skills, as well as my goal of fostering continued success at all levels of the school system will make me an excellent addition to the School Committee.


I have over 12 years of legal and business experience working as a Senior Corporate Counsel for multiple public companies.  As a legal advisor and business partner to my clients, I work within tight budgetary and legal constraints to achieve successful outcomes for my company’s stockholders.  Similarly, the School Committee must act on behalf of all Hopkinton citizens to evaluate the schools’ administrators, provide sound financial planning, process improvement and innovation. My experience, coupled with my passion to keep Hopkinton’s schools strong, will help me bring new ideas and solutions to the School Committee in order to achieve their goal of finalizing a sound Strategic Plan.


Over the past two years I immersed myself in the community by volunteering for the HPTA and being an active member of the Hopkinton Moms Group.  In addition, my family and I participate in many town activities, such as the Hopkinton Women’s Softball league, youth soccer, youth softball and the Girl Scouts.  My passion for volunteerism is not limited to Hopkinton as I also work with organizations such as the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.


As a member of the School Committee, my primary goals will be: 1) to finalize the Strategic Plan; 2) improve upon and align the budget process with the Strategic Plan; and 3) foster an environment of innovative problem-solving in order to ensure fiscal management and delivery of the best educational programs for all grade levels.


The citizens of Hopkinton have a passion for the schools as well as for the town overall.  I share that passion and I would consider it a privilege to serve on the School Committee to help ensure that each and every child continues to receive the type of education that makes our schools a model for other towns.  I respectfully ask for your vote on May 19th.


Lori Nickerson

30 Glen Road

Personal Services 
<------- NEW CANDIDATES - Several new candidates for the May election have taken out papers. Choose the Election 2014 icon to see who. The only position that has more candidates than available seats is the Parks & Recreation Commission. So far, only un-enrolled or Republican candidates have taken out papers. However, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have yet to hold their caucuses, which are expected to yield additional candidates.


Milford Regional Building Project Affects Back Entrance


Due to preparations for the initial phase of Milford Regional Medical Center’s new 78,000 square foot building project, the Route 16 back entrance to the hospital will be restricted to construction vehicles temporarily. However, patients can continue to access all other entrances as usual. Everyone is encouraged to use Milford Regional’s free valet parking service located in the rear of the hospital by the Hill Health Center entrance.

Milford Regional’s new $54 million building project will include an expanded emergency department and intensive care unit as well as a full floor of private patient rooms. Groundbreaking is scheduled for Friday, March 28, with completion of the new building in 2015.


Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Warns of IRS Telephone Scam Caller fraudulently claiming to be Middlesex Deputy Sheriff

The Middlesex Sheriff’s Office is warning citizens of a telephone scam involving an individual – or individuals – fraudulently claiming to be a Middlesex Deputy Sheriff collecting money owed to the Internal Revenue Service.

“We want citizens to be aware of this scam so they can properly protect themselves,” said Middlesex Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian. “The public should be assured these calls are not legitimate.”

The Office has been notified of three incidents in the last week in which a caller has fraudulently claimed to be a Deputy with the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office. In two of the incidents, the caller claimed to be collecting money owed to the IRS and threatened arrest if the money was not paid immediately by credit card.

Making these calls even more believable for those on the receiving end, the scammer allegedly provided two call back telephone numbers to the intended victims, including the legitimate numbers to the administrative office of the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office (781-960-2800) and the IRS telephone assistance line (1-800-829-1040).

Similar scams are occurring all over the country and all too often, victims lose hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars. Fortunately, none of the three people who reported the scam calls to the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office provided the callers with any credit card or bank information and none lost any money.

“No one should ever be scammed out of their hard-earned money,” said Sheriff Koutoujian. “Middlesex Sheriff’s Deputies will never demand money over the phone and will never threaten arrest in such a manner.”

The Middlesex Sheriff’s Office is advising anyone who receives similar calls that they should not give any personal information to the caller and should immediately report the call to their local police department. We also ask that you contact the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Investigation Unit at 978-932-3220 and file an online complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at www.ftc.gov.


Vehicle "Launched" Off of Route 495

March 12, 2014 — Hopkinton Police and Fire, as well as Mass State Police responded to the reports of a vehicle "launched" off of Route Interstate 495 next to the highway bridge and onto West Main Street eastbound in Hopkinton. From reports at the scene, two occupants were evaluated by Hopkinton FD and refused further treatment or transport.





Police Incident Log - Updated March 12, 2014

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Incident og

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

8:25 pm An individual complained that the tow bar of a pickup truck on West Main Street heading toward Upton was extending so far back as to create a hazard. Upton Police Dept was notified.

8:15 pm Vehicle on Cedar Street checked out to be a news truck doing a story.

4:36 pm A motorist on Oakhurst Road complained of chickens in the roadway creating an issue.

6:30 am Officer Linda Higgins checked on a vehicle whose owner had issues, but the operator was not the owner.


New Hire

March 12, 2014 — Arthur Schofield, a Southborough resident and candidate for an open patrolman position on the Hopkinton Police Department, is flanked by Field Training Officer Matthew McNeil, left, and Interim Chief of Police Charles Wallace prior to last night's meeting of the Board of Selectmen and his introduction to that board.

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Article by Casey Rector
HHSPress entered Suffolk University’s 44th Annual Greater Boston High School Newspaper Competition, held March 6, 2014. HHS Press, conjoined by both class and club contributors at HHS, won an Honorable Mention for Excellence in Online Journalism.

As this is the first student journalism competition www.hhspress.org has entered, the news of the award came as a happy surprise to the staff.

HHS teacher Fred Haas, who co-teaches journalism with Sterling Worrell, stated, “HHS students continue to show exceptional growth, producing work of recognized merit. In fact, we even have student work occasionally picked up and republished by local media outlets, like HopNews, Hopkinton Patch, and Metrowest Daily News.”

HHSPress was compared to over 40 student newspapers from high schools in the greater Boston area. The award won was judged on the written content. All other awards competed for in the competition were based on writing, with the exception of an award for general excellence, which was won by Newton South High’s Lion’s Roar online student newspaper.


Reprinted with permission


Juliana Tordella To Run 2014 Boston Marathon for Hopkinton Education Foundation

My name is Juliana Tordella, and I will be running my first Boston Marathon this coming April for the Hopkinton Education Foundation. Growing up in Hopkinton, Marathon Monday was always one of the most exciting days of the year, with downtown Hopkinton so full of energy and pride. When I graduated Hopkinton High School in 2012, I could never have imagined I would be training for the same marathon just shy of two years later.

Currently, I am a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where I am studying Chemistry and Spanish in the honors program. I hope to one day go to medical school and use my Spanish fluency to practice medicine in a Spanish-speaking country. At UMASS, I am a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta National Honors Society and have received honors including the CRC Freshman Chemistry Award, which is awarded to the top four General Chemistry students. I have also made the Dean’s list during each of my three semesters. In addition to my classes, I am an Undergraduate Research Assistant in a lab that focuses on organic synthesis of nanoparticles as well as functionalized ligands. These nanoparticles have varied applications including optics, electronics, biomedical, and sensory/diagnostic purposes. Outside of my studies, I enjoy running, hiking, and biking, as well as my summer job as a waitress at Stone’s Public House in Ashland.

Coming to the University of Massachusetts from such a tight-knit community as Hopkinton was a huge transition for me. In that transition, I found peace in going for long runs to explore the beautiful trails in Amherst and the surrounding area. I really developed a love for running, but still never imagined I was capable of running a marathon. After the tragedy at the Boston Marathon last April, however, I became determined to train and run the marathon as a way to show support for the spirit of strength and pride that the Boston Marathon imparted on me throughout my childhood.

I want to run for the Hopkinton Education Foundation because Hopkinton schools truly shaped me in my pursuit of excellence in academics as well as my personal drive to explore my interests. Much of the funds and resources that allowed for the high degree of education I received in Hopkinton came from the Hopkinton Education Foundation. I am so honored for the opportunity to fundraise for the Hopkinton Education Foundation as well as to represent both Hopkinton and Boston in the 118th Boston Marathon. I would appreciate your support in helping me to reach my fundraising goal of $4,000 dollars.

NOTE: Please visit Juliana's page here.



Outraged by Selectmen Hiring Chief Outside Department


I am outraged by the decision made by the Board of Selectmen to go outside the Town of Hopkinton for a new police chief. I wrote a letter of support for Interim Chief Wallace and sent it to all 5 Selectmen. In response, John Mosher came to see me the day before the Selectmen's vote to choose the chief to discuss it. He assured me he "would do what is best for Hopkinton".


 After some discussion about Woonsocket it became evident he was trying to justify his decision to hire Captain Lee. That only validated the rumors I heard several months ago that an out of town candidate would be hired. I think decisions were made long before the interviews started. All of our police chiefs have been officers who were promoted from the ranks of the department and have resided here in Hopkinton. In the past Hopkinton has had a high profile murder investigation that was successfully solved, countless house break-ins that were solved (including my own), and many other police matters. Our police department has one of the best reputations in the area. I hope the commitment of the chief residing in Hopkinton also continues. We should be proud of the involvement of our police department in the community, especially with our senior citizens and our youth. There is an officer in the schools who gets to know the students and builds relationships with them.


The police department watches out for our seniors as well. Hopkinton is one of the safest most desirable towns to move to in Massachusetts. Ask any realtor. What message are we sending our loyal police officers that work hard hoping to be promoted? Interim Chief Wallace has served this town for the past 28 years with integrity, intellect, respect, and loyalty without any public recognition for a job well done these last 9 months by the Board of Selectmen as interim chief. What a slap in the face to have the Board publicly propose a new position for Sgt. Bennett without offering it to his fellow officers as well. Is this legal? How does the police union feel about the offer? Shame on the Board of Selectman! This whole process has been a complete disappointment. My faith in our Board of Selectmen has been shaken.


Dale Danahy

East Main  Street

March 11, 2014 



Disappointed With Outside Hire of Police Chief


As a 26 year veteran of law enforcement and a 18 year resident of the Town of Hopkinton, I could not be more disappointed with the Board's choice for Police Chief. While I'm sure Capt. Lee is qualified for the position, I know Interim Chief Wallace and Sgt. Bennett are equally as qualified.


I have policed every corner of this state and count Hopkinton Police Dept. among the finest I have encountered in my career. The Department has operated flawlessly for the two plus decades I've been paying attention and going outside the Department for leadership may prove to be a mistake. We have to look no further than our neighbors in Ashland to realize hiring an outside Chief (Melnick) can throw a department into a complete state of dysfunction. When they tried to fix the situation, Chief
Roma took over an already unmanageable situation and exacerbated it. This always happens in small town politics.

Town managers and selectmen attempt to glean loyalty from the new chief, and as a result they inevitably and inexplicably act small. I hope the residents of Hopkinton are not haunted by this decision. In my humble opinion, the guys we got now are really, really good.

James Canty
Hopkinton, Ma



Police Incident Log - Updated March 11, 2014

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Arrest Log

Sunday, March 9, 2014

9:52 pm Officer Matthew McNeil arrested Joseph J. Varrichione, 65, of School Street, Hopkinton, on School Street and charged him with Assault and Battery With a Dangerous Weapon.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

2:20 am Sgt. John Porter arrested Kevin M. Riggs, 23, of Oak Street, Ashland, on South Street and charged him with Speeding and OUI Liquor.

Incident Log

Monday, March 10, 2014

7:05 pm A resident of Heidi Circle reported that a suspicious male wearing a blue jacket and jeans was on his property. Two officers checked the area but were unable to locate anyone suspicious.

5:31 pm Officer Matthew McNeil came upon a motor vehicle accident without personal injury on West Main Street and issued a civil infraction for a red light violation.

3:20 pm A walk-in reported that her daughter was bitten by her ex-husband's dog over the weekend. The Animal Control Officer was notified and would handle the incident.

10:14 am Sgt. John Porter stopped a motor vehicle on Route 495 and issued the operator a written warning.

10:00 am Sgt. John Porter issued a written warning to the operator of a motor vehicle on Route 495.

7:33 am A caller reported that a dog had been struck by a motor vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street. Two officers responded but could not locate the dog.

3:15 am Officer Jacob Campbell checked a parked motor vehicle behind a West Main Street building.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

8:40 pm A caller from School Street reported that her parents were abusing her and that she had marks on her face and strangle marks on her neck. Three officers responded and subsequently arrested a 65 year-old male from Hopkinton and charged him with Assault and Battery With a Dangerous Weapon.

2:45 pm A motorist reported a minor motor vehicle accident without personal injury on East Main Street. Officer Patrick O'Brien responded and wrote a report.

12:59 pm The Westford Police Department requested an officer make contact with a resident of Patriots Boulevard and have them call their department. Officer Thomas Griffin responded and left a note at the residence.

3:07 am Officer Jacob Campbell assisted the Fire Department with an odor investigation on Stone Crossing Way.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

9:42 pm Officer William Burchard checked on the status of disabled motor vehicle on West Main Street with the Mendon Police Department who advised that the owner was drinking at a party earlier and left the area. The vehicle was towed away.

9:02 pm Officer Jacob Campbell checked and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on East Main Street.

5:40 pm A caller reported that he was approached by a female, wearing a large brown fur coat on Main Street, asking if he wanted to do some drugs or if he had any. Officer David Shane checked the area but could not locate her.

1:50 pm A resident of Blueberry Lane reported a domestic disturbance between a mother and daughter. Two officers responded to assist.

12:17 pm Officer Thomas Griffin responded to a two car motor vehicle accident without personal injury on Main Street.

2:28 am The State Police requested assistance with a wrong way driver on Route 495 north bound. Officer Jacob Campbell checked the area but the vehicle was gone upon his arrival.

1:54 am Sgt. John Porter stopped a motor vehicle on South Street and subsequently arrested a 23 year-old male from Ashland and charged him with Speeding and OUI Liquor.

1:25 am Officer Jacob Campbell checked a parked motor vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street.

Friday, March 7, 2014

7:51 pm Officer William Burchard assisted the Fire Department with a fire alarm activation on Hayden Rowe Street.

5:08 pm A 911 caller from Front Street reported that she left some food on the stove too long and now there was smoke throughout the house. Officer David Shane responded to assist the Fire Department.

2:00 pm A 911 caller reported a motor vehicle accident with personal injury on Hayden Rowe Street. Two officers responded and assisted the Fire Department.

1:14 pm Officer William Burchard spoke with a photographer on Clinton Street and advised her to move her car.

9:58 am Officer William Burchard spoke with a delivery driver on South Mill Street regarding an incident that occurred the day before.

Milford Regional First in Massachusetts
to Use Miniature Insertable Cardiac Monitor

Milford Regional Medical Center is the first hospital in Massachusetts to implant the smallest long-term, insertable cardiac monitoring (ICM) device available for patients with recurrent fainting, heart palpitations, unexplained stroke or atrial fibrillation. Cardiologist William Shine, MD, successfully completed two implants recently at the Medical Center.

Called The Reveal LINQ ICM from Medtronics, this miniature cardiac monitoring device is approximately one-third the size of a AAA battery (~1 cc), making it more than 80 percent smaller than other ICMs. While significantly smaller, the device is part of a powerful system that allows physicians to continuously and wirelessly monitor a patient’s heart for up to three years. Its remote monitoring capabilities notify physicians if patients have significant cardiac events between regular medical appointments. Plus, through its global cellular technology, the cardiac device diagnostic data can be transmitted to clinicians from nearly any location in the world.

“This new cardiac monitoring device is so discreet that most patients will not even know it is there and can go about their lives without interruption or discomfort
from the device,” says Dr. Shine. “Additionally, the device has the ability to communicate wirelessly with the patient’s physician while the patient is sleeping, allowing them to continue living their lives normally, even when travelling away from home.”

Placed just beneath the skin through a small incision of less than 1 cm in the upper left side of the chest, the ICM is often nearly invisible to the naked eye once inserted. The device is placed using a minimally invasive insertion procedure, which simplifies the experience for both physicians and their patients. It also allows patients to undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) if needed.

“Milford Regional is pleased to offer our patients the very latest advancement in cardiac diagnostics,” says Edward J. Kelly, president of Milford Regional. “As a community hospital, we have always been committed to providing our patients with the most up-to-date diagnostics available. Once again, I am proud to say that Milford Regional finds itself in the forefront of offering leading-edge technology to our community.”

Personal Services 
Popular Hopkinton Running Club Program Limited to 60 Participants
APRIL 6 – JUNE 21, 2014

Back by popular demand the Hopkinton Running Club is offering a Couch to 5K Learn to Run program beginning on April 6th leading up to the Sharon Timlin 5K Road Race on June 21, 2014. Under the direction of certified trainer Erin Mahoney, the program is designed to help novice runners and those with some running experience successfully train and complete a 5K road race. Couch to 5K participants will meet at 8 a.m. on Sunday mornings for a group workout and also receive weekly training programs, access to an online training group, advice from experienced trainers and runners, and race day support. The $75 registration fee includes a full year membership in the Hopkinton Running Club, a technical running shirt and a donation to the One Fund. Past participants have come from many area towns and have boasted an impressive success rate. Interested community members can register at www.runhopkinton.org . For more information email Eileen Warren at emcswarren@gmail.com .


Planning Board Presented Redevelopment Plan Prepared for Town Meeting
Includes Eight-Story Buildings - "I'd like to see ten [stories]." Developer Steven Zieff

In the concept drawing above, 6 and 10-story buildings dwarf the existing Perkin Elmer complex, even though some of the larger proposed buildings do not appear to be drawn to scale, or the floors could be less tall.

March 11, 2014 — Monday evening, developers Finley Perry and Steven Zieff pitched their Warrant Article for a Crossroads Redevelopment District to the Planning Board, hoping to get their stamp of approval for May Town Meeting. The district would be located at the end of Elm Street and Parkwood Drive.
The warrant creates a new zoning district that would allow an 8-story hotel as well as retail, manufacturing, health and biological research facilities. Mr. Zieff, who did most of the talking, proposed a roadway through the new district, and onto Wood Street by way of a series of bridges through apparent wet lands and former landfills, that would alleviate the lion's share of traffic now using Elm Street and Wood Street. He also proposed a "roundabout" near the Lumber Street extension as part of his"...level of improvement beyond the site." He said he wanted to, "Improve the whole sense of arrival in Hopkinton."
     Planning Board member John Ferrari pointed out that problems already exist at the West Main Street area. It is common knowledge that crashes occur frequently at the entrances to the two gas stations in the area. 
     Mr. Zieff said the eight-story buildings would be limited to the western side of the site, the Route 495 side. And although he said he would like ten stories, he said his proposal is for eight. Mr. Zieff said he has people who are ready to finance the plan. He also said, referring to the magnitude of the project, that it has to be a balance between density and mitigation.
     Planning Board Chairman Ken Weismantel said he was uncomfortable with the water and sewer aspect of the development. And he said, that the way the district was written, "A Motel 6 could go in there." The way the current hotel district was conceived, a Motel 6 would be excluded from the plan de facto.
      Mr. Weismantel said that a lot of townspeople expressed concern about the height of the buildings as well as the density.
      "I am a little concerned about 375 housing units."
      "I need to get more comfortable, and so does anyone else who intends to attend Town Meeting," Mr. Weismantel said.
      The board needs to deliberate more at another meeting, and the language needs to be refined for a final wording of the Article before the Planning Board gives a thumbs up or down. Zoning articles need a 2/3 approval to pass at Town Meeting.
       The proposed Town Meeting Article can be read here.

Winner of $25

The hornet's nest featured this morning is located on Cedar Street, Route 85, just north of Rafferty Road, hanging over the northbound lane.  Reader Teresa Boyce, Snappy Dogs co-owner, was the first to submit a photo this morning, and so wins the $25 we offered as a prize. We verified her photo with a trip there this afternoon to confirm that it was in fact the same nest. Some people sent in the location before her, but with no photo attached.

Congratulations to Teresa, and thanks to everyone who participated.


Hopkinton Center for the Arts to Host Annual
Hopkinton High School Honors Art Show

The Hopkinton Center for the Arts is thrilled to once again host the Hopkinton High School Honors Art Show, which runs March 17 – April 9, 2014. The Honors Art Show features the high school’s advanced young artists, who have created work in various media.

The artists are Mackenzie Britt, Helen Gao, Erica Hudson, Lili Kinsella, Amanda Urlage, and Kaylyn Venuto. “We look forward to hosting the high school students each year,” says Kris Waldman, HCA Artistic Director. Waldman continues, “The level of skill and the work these students display is inspiring, and to show their work in the gallery is just one of the many ways we hope to continue fostering arts education throughout the community.”

The show begins March 17, but a public opening reception will take place on Thursday, March 20 from 6:30-8:30 pm. The students work is guided by Hopkinton High School faculty members, and this year’s show is being run by HHS teacher Kris Kellenberger. 



Police Incident Log - Updated March 10, 2014

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

8:10 pm A resident of Davis Road reported finding drug paraphernalia inside of her home. Sgt. Michael Sutton responded and wrote a report.

7:52 pm A walk-in from South Mill Street spoke with Officer William Burchard regarding him finding his missing wallet, without the cash in it, on his front door step.

7:07 pm A caller from Kimball Road reported that a white dog without tags on its collar was running loose around the neighborhood.

6:57 pm A caller reported that two operators in motor vehicles parked next to her were talking to each other. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded and spoke with a person who was attending a canine class.

5:23 pm Officer Aaron O'Neil responded to a two car motor vehicle accident without personal injury on South Street.

4:56 pm Officer Aaron O'Neil checked and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on Grove Street.

4:08 pm The Ashland Police Department reported that a motor vehicle heading into Hopkinton on East Main Street was speeding, going through stop signs and driving to endanger. Officer Aaron O'Neil checked the area with a negative find.

2:53 pm A Glen Road resident reported finding a lost dog with no tags and had it secured in her garage. The Animal Control Officer was notified.

2:48 pm The Ashland Animal Hospital requested to speak with the Animal Control Officer regarding Hopkinton dogs that were dropped off at their facility.

12:58 pm A caller reported that a wire was down on Wood Street. Officer Gregg DeBoer advised that it was a communication line and the telephone company was notified.

9:09 am Officer Gregg DeBoer spoke with a resident of Summit Way regarding a suspicious phone call.

8:21 am Detective Timothy Brennan wrote up a report regarding larceny on Hayden Rowe Street.

8:09 am Detective Timothy Brennan assisted the Ashland Police Department with a motor vehicle accident without personal injury on West Union Street.

7:41 am Officer Thomas Griffin checked on a disabled motor vehicle on Elm Street.

7:20 am Three officers responded to Hayden Rowe Street to assist the Fire Department with the investigation of an odor of natural gas.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

9:14 pm Sgt. Michael Sutton assisted the Fire Department with a fire alarm activation on Rocky Woods Road.

7:40 pm The Fire Department responded to a medical call on Hidden Brick Road but were canceled while in route due to the resident accidentally hitting a life line button.

5:00 pm Sgt. Michael Sutton assisted the Fire Department with an oven fire on Wilson Street.

2:37 pm The Middle School reported a false fire alarm activation.

2:15 pm A 911 caller from Glen Road reported that she just got a call on her cell phone stating that she hit someones vehicle. Officer Gregg DeBoer responded and spoke with the resident.

11:24 am Officer Gregg DeBoer issued a warrant of apprehension to an individual on Claflin Place and transported them to the Framingham District Court.

8:18 am A resident of Pendulum Pass reported a past breaking and entering incident. Officer David Shane responded and wrote a report.

4:54 am A caller from Hill Street reported that a motor vehicle was off of the roadway and into a tree with its airbags deployed. The owner was located in Northbridge and advised that a resident of Spring Street was borrowing the vehicle. Officer Linda Higgins located the individual and transported him back to the scene then to his residence.



Sign on Route 85 Reminding people of the recommencement of bridge construction and accompanying  changes in traffic flow. If the sign were a merchant's sandwich board, it would be reasonable to assume the merchant ran out of the letter G.
Fire Inside EL Harvey & Sons Recycling Building
Hopkinton, Westborough, Southborough, Ashland Fire Departments respond

  March 10, 2014 — Emergency calls from an employee and the alarm company at about 12:37 pm today brought companies from at least four towns to E. L. Harvey's MRRF Building 6 for an active interior fire. An automatic sprinkler system did kick in, but ittis  clear how much of that was responsible for the rapid knockdown of the flames, and how much the fire companies accomplished.  The visibility was near zero at the exit doors, and the moving smoke presented somewhat of a hindrance, if not a hazard to traffic on both sides of the Massachusetts Turnpike. , which the Harvey land borders.Hopkinton Fire command is still on scene assessing resources and needs (1:30pm).  unclear how much of that was responsible for the rapid knockdown of the flames, and how much the fire companies accomplished.  The visibility was near zero at the exit doors, and the moving smoke presented somewhat of a hindrance, if not a hazard to traffic on both sides of the Massachusetts Turnpike.  Hopkinton Fire command is still on scene assessing resources and needs (1:30pm).


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