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One Last Ride

by Trooper Christopher Coscia 


January 28, 2014 — [From Mass State Police facebook] It was a cold snowy day, training was cancelled due to the snowstorm, and I was left with the unenviable task of when I should make the decision to put my partner of nearly nine years to sleep.


Dante was a great dog. He was big, beautiful, black and tan shepherd. I often described him as a look-a-like for the dog in the show “Run Joe Run,” for those old enough to remember that program. He had a regal look, with his big head, ears and large stature. He had his own personality. Most dogs are just dogs, but you sometimes run into ones that are somehow as much human as they are dog. A Type A dog was only to be touched by those closest to him, and sometimes not even by them.


Dante was best described as a one-person dog, and as tough as he was for other people to get close to, our relationship never wavered. Every morning when I opened the door to his kennel he would jump up on me, wrap his paws around my waist, get his morning greeting and pat from me, storm up the stairs, and push the door open ready to go to work.


During Dante’s career he was able to answer calls in towns as far west as Lee, North Adams, and Shutesbury, and calls as far east as Brighton, and even, for a few of his last successful calls, on the South Shore. Once he was able to track and locate a guy who had just murdered his girlfriend, and another time he located a cash seizure that was several times greater than the previous largest seizure in Commonwealth history. During his career he helped to rid the streets of drugs. He was able to locate and assist in the seizure of more than 1,000 grams of Heroin, more than 8,600 grams of cocaine (one seizure alone of more than 7 lbs. that had been canned mechanically), more than 1,000 lbs. of marijuana, and more than $14,000,000 in cash.


Dante was very intelligent; one day when I was out with him I made the mistake of teaching him to open the cruiser door — a task which took five minutes once I showed him how. From that, Dante figured out that doors open with handles, and all you have to do is grab them with your mouth and pull or turn. He took this new knowledge and taught himself to slide open the door that separated us in the cruiser, his way to always be close to me.


While on patrol he would occasionally stick his head through for his occasional ear rub. When you see such a powerful, intelligent dog so helpless at times somehow made the events that follow even harder.


It all started one day while taking Dante out to his kennel. He collapsed on me, falling like a rock with no control of his body. After several tests it was obvious to the vet that Dante had pulmonary hypertension, a disease of unknown cause that prevented him from getting enough oxygen to his lungs and making him collapse. The right side of his heart was enlarged, causing poor blood circulation. As the weeks went on, he started getting seizures because of the same lack of oxygen to his brain. He had one of these seizures in the yard the other day, and after I sat on the ground in the snow with him patting him calmly waiting for it to be over, I came in the house. Upon walking in, to my dismay, I realized my wife and two children had been intently watching us to make sure all was okay. But it wasn’t and when I walked in the door, my wife and daughter were crying, knowing what was to be coming, possibly sooner than we were ready. My son was sitting very somberly, thinking if we don’t dwell on it things it will get better. My son and daughter were 3 and 1 when I, respectively, when I got Dante. They knew him practically their entire lives.


The day came when it was time to take him to the vet for the inevitable. After more than 2,300 rides that we took together, the dog who had trouble making out to the yard just feet away sat upright in his car for One Last Ride.


It was a ride I had I delayed for eight hours, just driving around with him as we did so many times, struggling with the decision to put him down. He sat upright, alert as ever, checking the perimeter always on guard. How does the dog who can barely breathe remain upright and vigilant for so long?


I sit here writing this obituary in a parking lot not two miles before we reached our final destination. My story is as written, and although it jumps about it is written from the heart. I write this story with tears in my eyes and flowing freely down my face. Dante is still somehow sitting upright watching me as I write about him, every once in a while sticking his head through the cage, letting me know things will be alright. But the more he reassures me, the more I wonder if what I am doing is right. I am glad he made it through the holidays. My wife’s birthday was yesterday. I did not want to do that to her; for her to remember her birthday as the day we put down Dante would forever bring a tear to her eye. Much as it does to me as I write this with every new thought and remembrance of my partner, each paragraph brings a new thought and anguish for me.

NOTE: Thanks to local police officer Craig Stanley for tipping us off to this heart-wrenching story. Above, HopNews file photo of Dante and Trooper Coscia.


Green Tornado

January 28, 2014 — Derek Pryor is enjoying this tornado in a bottle at The Learning Center of Hopkinton this afternoon, while his mates where engaged in other fun activities. That is a "funnel" in the center of the top bottle.


John W. "Jack" Long, Jr., 55


WORCESTER - John W. "Jack" Long, Jr., 55, died of lung cancer January 25, 2014 in Worcester, MA . He was predeceased by his wife, Michelle, who died in 1988.

Jack was the eldest son of Sybil (Chambers) Long and the late John W. Long, Sr., of Hopkinton. He graduated from Joseph P. Keefe Technical HS, became an electrician, then moved to California where he met his wife, Michelle. After returning to Massachusetts, he discovered a passion for computers and had been an IT consultant.

John was a faithful friend and sponsor to many who will miss him dearly. Besides his mother, he is survived by his loving sisters, Carol, wife of Savas John of Franklin and Joan, wife of William Gorman of Hopkinton; his brothers, Jeffrey Long and his wife, Michelle, of Hopedale, and James “Jamie” Long and his wife, Kaseigh of Columbia, TN. Jack is survived by his nephews, Ryan and Matthew, and his nieces, Amy, Laura, Colleen, Chelsea, Nicole and Bailey. He is also survived by an uncle, aunts and many cousins.  John leaves an extensive network of internet family and friends whom he loved, laughed with and cared about deeply.

A funeral Mass will be celebrated Friday, January 31, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. in St. John the Evangelist Church, 20 Church Street, Hopkinton. Calling hours will be held Thursday, January 30, 2014 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Callanan Cronin Funeral Home, 34 Church Street, Hopkinton. In lieu of flowers, donations in John's name may be to the Hopkinton Public Library, 13 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748.


Trails Club Walk at Audubon's Wasseka Sanctuary on Sunday
(No pets allowed)

Sunday, February 2, 1PM: Waseeka walk. Ron Wolanin from Mass Audubon will lead a walk through the Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary, sharing his amazing knowledge of the area. This is a great family hike. The distance is moderate, the walking is easy, and Ron keeps everyone engaged. The walk starts at the parking area on Clinton Street.

File photo of Pileated Woodpecker by Alan Kett



Friends of Whitehall Meeting -
Maspenock residents invited

The Friends of Whitehall will be  having their annual meeting and Feb 4, 2014., at 7:30, at the Woodville Baptist Church.

The guest speaker will be Tom Flannery from the DCR, the subject will be Invasive Plant Species and the possible solutions. We hope some interested Lake Maspenock residents might attend.

After a brief introduction from their president the guest speaker will begin and then there will be a Q & A lasting until about 9pm.


John W. "Jack" Long, Jr., 55

WORCESTER - John W. "Jack" Long, Jr., 55, died January 25, 2014 in Worcester. 

Funeral arrangements, entrusted to the Callanan Cronin Funeral Home, Hopkinton, MA, are incomplete at this time.

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton Massachusetts

Compiled for HopNews.com by Eric Montville © 2014 All Rights Reserved
New Transactions from January 24, 2014 - January 27, 2014
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
Address Buyer Price Date Seller
43 Pleasant Street Tyler S. Sakats, Mallory A. Mason $330,400 January 24, 2014 Timothy Fitzgibbons, Christine Fitzgibbons,
Christine M. O'Brien
Last Week
194-196 South Street 194-196 South Street LLC $350,000 January 23, 2014 Angelo D. Paolini
58 West Elm Street Jarrod O. Clement, Jody Y. Clement $720,000 January 23, 2014 Scott H. Jarr, Kelly A. Jarr


  Police Incident Log - Updated January 27, 2014

Updated Monday, January 27, 2014

Arrest Log

Friday, January 24, 2014

7:27 pm Officer Peter Booth arrested Bryon A. Delcid, 46, of McBride Street, Northbridge, on West Main Street and charged him with Operating a Motor Vehicle With License Suspended, Subsequent Offense and Operating a Motor Vehicle With License Suspended for OUI.

Incident Log

Sunday, January 26, 2014

11:30 pm Officer Aaron O'Neil assisted the Ashland Police Department with a roll over motor vehicle accident.

2:20 pm A resident of Church Street reported that her dog ran away.

12:43 pm Officer Thomas Griffin assisted the Fire Department with a fire alarm activation on Davis Road.

12:23 pm Officer Stephen Buckley responded to Lumber Street to speak with a resident regarding a hit and run with property damage.

10:41 am A Church Street resident reported discolored drinking water. The Water Department was notified and advised that it was due to a pipe break the evening before.

8:40 am A 911 caller reported smoke in a West Main Street building. Two officers responded and assisted the Fire Department.

3:16 am Officer Jacob Campbell checked on a motor vehicle that was parked in an unusual spot on Clinton Street.

2:16 am Officer Robert Bielecki advised that he shut off a bobcat that was left running with it's lights on behind a West Main Street building.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

11:30 pm A caller reported that a vehicle with it's headlights on was parked at the end of Proctor Street. Officer Robert Bielecki checked the area but the vehicle was gone upon his arrival.

5:33 pm A pedestrian reported that he was almost hit in a crosswalk by a vehicle that ran a red light on Main Street. Two officers responded and checked the area for the vehicle with a negative find.

2:25 pm A resident of Valentine Road reported that he believed he found mountain lion prints in his back yard. The Animal Control Officer was notified and would check it out.

1:09 pm The State Police were notified of a disabled motor vehicle on Route 495 south.

12:55 pm A caller reported that a turkey was crossing the road on West Main Street. Officer Thomas responded and advised that it safely crossed the road and was now in the woods.

11:39 am A School Street resident reported finding a dog with a 2011 tag. The Animal Control Officer was notified and picked up the dog.

11:07 am A resident of Erika Drive reported that a tall light brown dog was running around the area without a collar on. A message was left with the Animal Control Officer.

10:45 am A caller from Cranberry Lane reported that her husband kept getting calls on his cell phone from someone saying that they were down the road and needed a loan.

1:54 am Officer Philip Powers checked a parked motor vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street.

Friday, January 24, 2014

6:51 pm Officer Peter Booth stopped a motor vehicle on West Main Street and subsequently arrested a 46 year-old male from Northbridge and charged him with Operating a Motor Vehicle With License Suspended, Subsequent Offense and Operating a Motor Vehicle With License Suspended for OUI.

6:21 pm A postal worker reported being locked out of the building. The postmaster was contacted and responded.

2:27 pm Officer Stephen Buckley assisted a disabled motor vehicle on Grove Street.

12:25 pm Officer Thomas Griffin stopped a motor vehicle on Pleasant Street and advised the operator that the back door to the vehicle was open.

1:40 am Officer Robert Bielecki assisted the Southborough Police Department with a motor vehicle accident.


Parent Against Free Full-Day Kindergarten Currently


In regards to free full day kindergarten:


As a LONG TERM educational goal I am for free full day kindergarten [FFDK].  I support the efforts of this educational platform with its plans to have equality, no lottery and not be based on affordability.


So, I want to stress as a LONG TERM, a proper plan to correlate with the elementary building solution and NOT for the 2014-2015 school year.  This seems to be pushed in haste at the cost of other budgeted school programs, make shift class space in multiple locations and an already “over budget” proposed budget. 


The school department is one of other departments in town who encompass the largest portion of our budget in such also the largest tax burden.  In addition to increased tax burdens the parents are paying bus fees which used to be considered part of the school budget, oddly even paying bus fees the late bus was eliminated to further burden parents of older children while the younger ones are getting dropped off at wrap around programs.  Also, additional financial fees are burdened onto parents including parking, sports, clubs, increased class dues, laptop leases are a lot of $$$ to bear along with raised taxes to cover going over budget again and again.


As an FYI any sliding scale or financial aid is based on Federal guidelines not on our regional cost of living.  Our cost of living is a great deal higher than many other regions in the country so MANY don’t qualify for any assistance and denied even though within our community these are our fellow struggling neighbors, there is a great deal of need.  Ask PJB how many local families are hurting?


Again, I want to stress long term this is a good educational goal when we can afford it within budget and within the solution for the elementary school building needs.  At this point presented costs, potential grant numbers all seem to be unknown and not sustainable for true budgeting.  I watched the SC meeting to hear Mr. Dumas say multiple times “that number is unknown” and the Center School Principal say a grant was already a “fraction” of what she anticipated.  We need long term real numbers of costs and potential government grants. 


Not to seem harsh but for those who want this NOW can opt for tuition based fdk as currently offered or private fdk options and not rush a short term personal goal in lieu of a long term sustainable one within a proper elementary school building solution.  Our goal is to offer an excellent public education that the town can support & afford, not worry what our neighboring communities are doing.  It is not a keeping up with the Jones if you truly are looking “for the children”, plan it right as a long term goal.


The additional priority focus needs to be an elementary school building solution then build a viable long term goal of FFDK within the future of the elementary school building solution. 


I am NOT in support of FFKD at this current time in the 2014-2015 budget.


Darlene Hayes

1 Third Road, Hopkinton

January 27, 2014

Ed Note: This letter was sent to the Superintendent of Schools simultaneously.


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Parent Not in Favor of Free Full Day Kindergarten


Let me start by saying I respect Dr. MacLeod and the job she is doing for our town.   However I do not support free full day kindergarten.   We need to be in consideration for the good of the whole town of Hopkinton with this proposed tax increase.   Many of us who have students in the town’s excellent school system.   What we, the tax payers, pay out to the school system each year is a good bit of our tax payments each year and yet each year there is a sudden new absolute need for yet more money.   I see this as a ‘rushed must have new program’ that this town is not ready to take on.  The future holds either a refurbishing or replacement of Center School; this will bring it with it huge tax increases.  We may need to purchase land in order to get a new school built.  We may need to do some major improvements to access the land behind the school if we choose to refurbish Center School.  This has been in the works for years, and we aren’t there yet, but we will be.  Some talk about the hard work that has gone into the proposal of FFDK.  Can you imagine the time and money that has gone into the planning of Center School?  So let’s take first things first.  There is a proposed new library to be voted on in the near future, again big bucks.   Then take into account the other departments that will be bringing their needs to the table at ATM.


I too have been following closely the FFDK proposals and meetings.  Dr. MacLeod was asked by the School Committee to go back to the drawing board and crunch the numbers.  This was done, not by much.  So in return for FFDK they want are taking away professional development for our teachers?  Taking away from one end of education to pay for the other?  That is just wrong.   So now it is abruptly imperative that our 5 year olds get this full day instruction in order to prepare them for reading in first grade?  This was to help children with their phonetics and reading skills, any reading deficiencies still may not be found until the end of 1st grade or into 2nd grade.   Cutting extraordinary maintenance?  What exactly does that mean?  By making this cut would we be looking at an override in the future for replacing something we didn’t maintain?


As far as the School Committee’s job being doing what’s best for our students, yes it is, but it’s also their job to look at the cost extended to the tax payers.   To come to an agreement on a reasonable budget to propose to the town at ATM if they want the budget approved on the first go.  I am proud of the SC members who did not sign off on FFDK.   They were around for the proposed Fruit Street School, and districting.   By lumping them together at ATM and some telling us we didn’t have a choice it was going to happen anyways, it failed.


 I already pay $220.00 per child for the bus, $340.00 for the one to one laptop for my sophomore, second year doing that, with 2 more to go.  I do not want to pay for free full day kindergarten.  I do not agree in taking away from one level of education to provide for another.   I do not agree that the future of our 5 year olds is in jeopardy by not moving forward for FFDK, taking into account that kindergarten alone is not mandated by our state.  I do believe that if you feel so very strongly about your child getting this instruction that you, be given the ability to make that choice, pay the tuition that accompanies it.   I know there are many people in Hopkinton that feel the same way.  I ask you to please attend ATM and vote NO if FFDK is included in the SC proposed budget.


Beth Malloy       

190 Lumber Street

January 26, 2014

Hopkinton Historical Society Meeting

January 26, 2014 — The period home of Cathy and Ron Yankee was the setting for the 2014 Hopkinton Historical Society meeting and winter social this afternoon. Dozens of members enjoyed each others' company, homemade food with inventive recipes, and warm conversation in front of a stoked fire.

Third Annual Mother-Daughter Princess Tea

January 26, 2013 — Hundreds of girls and their moms poured into the Doubletree Hotel in Westborough this afternoon in support of the Hopkinton Public Library Foundation for a mother/daughter tea and dance.


The Class of 2014 at Senior Night, above:

Front Row from left to right: Sammy Scheman, (Capt), Amanda Karpacz (Capt.), Ashley Windheuser (Capt.), Jackie Ferri, Maura Maginnis, Catherine Cote (Capt.), Antonia Faller.

Second Row from left to right: Spencer Franklin (Capt.), Chris Kimura, Andrew Devine, Patrick Reimonn, Andrea D'Avack

The Hiller Swimming and Diving Team beat Ashland Thursday night to clinch its 5th straight TVL Championship!!  Lead by captains Amanda Karpacz, Catherine Cote, Spencer Franklin, Ashley Windheuser, Samantha Schmman, this year's squad had some incredible meets leading up to the big meet on Thursday.  The team now prepares for the TVL Conference meet to be held on February 2nd at 9:00 at Wheaton College, and then many swimmers and divers will be off to the post season to compete in the sectionals an states. ~ Bryan King



January 25, 2014 — This picture of boy scouts from troop 4 today at the Knox trail council freeze out. Also joining us were some 5th grade cub scouts (called 2nd year webelos) to come learn more about boy scouts. Boys graduate out of cub scouts in the 5th grade and many decide to continue on into boy scouts. We are camping out tonight...spent the day at a variety of winter skills stations (hanging bear bags, hatchet throws, fire starting, ice rescue, sled races and much more.). ~Kim Brennan


Another Couple wants Free Kindergarten



I have been extremely engaged in the full day kindergarten conversation this year, attending many public forums and school committee meetings and really coming to understand and appreciate the vision that Dr. MacLeod has, not just for the future of the kindergarten program, but for all of the Hopkinton schools.


I left the public portion of last week’s school committee meeting feeling hopeful and proud – proud not just of the superintendent but also of the committee for agreeing to support Dr. MacLeod’s proposal for tuition-free full day kindergarten for all Hopkinton students.  It was clearly a difficult decision for two school committee members to make, but they seemed committed to doing what was best for the district and for the kindergarten program – even if the numbers still needed to be crunched a bit.  I was in the room, along with many other supporters of tuition-free full day kindergarten, when the chairperson stated that she would support Dr. MacLeod’s proposal for tuition-free FDK.  The chairperson directed Dr. MacLeod to revisit her proposed budget (to “do her homework”) and look for ways to reduce costs – but made it clear that while she did not support the proposed increase brought to her that night, she WOULD support the superintendent’s initiative to implement tuition-free full day kindergarten in September. 


What a difference a week (or one school committee member) makes.  Last night Dr. MacLeod delivered exactly what the school committee asked of her.  She brought to the table a proposed budget of 5.03%, and she did not come to that number – or the modifications to her plan – lightly.  She did it because it was what she had been asked to do.  She did it because she felt she had the committee’s support, she was committed to making tuition-free full day kindergarten a reality, and delivering a reduced budget was her part of the deal.


The stance taken by three members of the school committee last night shocked me.  It was a total reversal of the support that the superintendent had received just a week earlier.  (Of course one member of the committee was not in attendance last week, nor was he there, as I was, on January 2.) It was unfair, it was weak, and it was appalling.


And now what?  Now only two members of the school committee are standing by the support that was originally given to Dr. MacLeod.  And she is left with no clear direction. What more does she need to do? And how is this town ever going to hold onto qualified, committed administrators if this is how we treat the good ones?


The school committee’s job is to support a budget that best serves the students.  There is a massive group of advocates for tuition-free full day kindergarten.  We are a community not just of parents whose children are starting kindergarten next year or the year after that, as one member of the committee continues to suggest, but also of parents whose children have already gone through kindergarten – whose children will never “directly benefit” from implementing tuition-free FDK.  We believe in doing what is right for ALL students in Hopkinton.  We believe in the continuum of education that Dr. MacLeod keeps talking about.  We believe in making ours the best school system it can be.  And we believe that kindergarten is a critical year in every child’s life.  We cannot forget that the 189 children beginning kindergarten in September will never get that year back to do over. 


We are committed to helping you make sure that this goes through at town meeting.  Please think about the students, not just those 189 children who are starting kindergarten in the fall, but all of the students in Hopkinton who stand to benefit from everything that Dr. MacLeod envisions for them, next year and for years to come.



 Danielle and Mark Owens

 15 Walcott Street

January 25, 2014

This letter, too, was sent to the School Committee


Born Free

January 25,2014 — This dog charges forward to catch up with another dog that had been let loose by another family member ahead of it, today at dusk on the Lake Whitehall Dam in Woodville.



Couple Wants Tuition-Free Full Time Kindergarten

To the Editor:

We watched last night’s school committee meeting with complete dismay.  Last week, the majority of the school committee (four members present, one notably absent) agreed to support Superintendent MacLeod’s proposal for tuition-free full day kindergarten for all Hopkinton students.  Three members said out loud that they supported the superintendent's recommendation.  However, the school committee insisted that the proposed increase to the budget was too large and had to be reduced.  Dr. MacLeod was given clear direction to find all possible reductions, and she did so.  She returned to last night’s meeting with a plan that included tuition-free full day kindergarten as well as some well-thought out modifications that reduced the proposed budget increase to a more reasonable 5.03%.  Despite the fact that Dr. MacLeod did exactly what she was asked to do, several members of the committee seemed to forget where we were in this process, and waffled on their decision to support the proposal.  We found this equivocating behavior deplorable, unprofessional and unacceptable.


Dr. MacLeod and her team of expert educators had to make some difficult decisions to achieve this reduction; and in final analysis, we non-experts should respect their position when they state that any further cuts would reduce the quality of education in Hopkinton.


We recognize that getting the town to pass a larger-than-expected budget will be difficult, but the role of the School Committee is to approve the budget that best-serves the students.  An unprecedented number of parents attended last-week’s school committee meeting to show their support of this initiative – and, rest assured, we were all watching last night’s meeting at home as the majority of us have small children.  We will all work together to HELP YOU get this passed through the town budget. 


Bringing tuition-free full day kindergarten to Hopkinton is inevitable, whether it happens today, next year or the following year, it’s going to have to happen and we are just wasting precious time and energy debating a topic that cannot be denied. We cannot allow neighboring communities to continue to grow and strengthen while Hopkinton is one step behind, it’s just not fair to our children. We must grow and advance ourselves – Hopkinton’s core is family, our children and their education. This is why the majority of the families in this town decided to call Hopkinton their home and we will not just standby and allow this to happen.


It is not enough to say that you support tuition-free full day kindergarten if you will not approve the modest budget increase that accompanies it.  It is also not enough to say that you have hired a strong administrative team if you will not support their top initiatives.  We sincerely hope that you will reconsider your positions ahead of next week’s school committee meeting.


 We stand behind Dr. MacLeod 100% and hope you do the same


Ozlem and Ozgur Yilmaz

2 Briarcliff Drive

January 24, 2014

NOTE: This letter was originally sent to the School Committee.

  Police Incident Log - Updated January 24, 2014
   Updated Friday, January 24, 2014

Arrest Log

Thursday, January 23, 2014

9:57 pm Officer William Burchard arrested Derek Holden Dempsey, 29, of Fruit Street, Hopkinton, on Hayden Rowe Street for a Warrant.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1:28 pm Officer David Shane arrested Sean F. Hagan, 54, of Chandler Street, Marlborough, on Hayden Rowe Street and charged him with Marked Lanes Violation, Speeding, Leaving the Scene of Property Damage, OUI Liquor and Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle.

Incident Log

Thursday, January 23, 2014

9:46 pm Officer William Burchard stopped a motor vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street and subsequently arrested a 29 year-old male from Hopkinton for a Warrant.

8:04 pm A resident reported that dogs on Cedar Street Extension were barking for several hours.

6:04 pm A caller reported a two car motor vehicle accident without personal injury on South Street. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded and advised that both vehicles were towed.

10:57 am Officer Thomas Griffin spoke with a resident of Marshall Avenue regarding credit card fraud.

9:41 am Officer David Shane responded to East Main Street to assist a disabled motor vehicle.

8:18 am A motorist reported that he was just involved in a two car motor vehicle accident without personal injury on West Main Street. Officer Patrick O'Brien responded and wrote up a report.

7:19 am Officer Patrick O'Brien responded to West Main Street and assisted a disabled motor vehicle.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

7:22 pm There were multiple calls for a vehicle that slid off of a Route 495 ramp. The State Police were notified and responded.

7:18 pm Intern Chief Charles Wallace assisted a motor vehicle that was off of the roadway on Mendon Street in Upton.

5:31 pm A motorist reported that there was black ice on a Route 495 ramp. The State Police were advised.

5:13 pm A caller reported a two car motor vehicle accident without personal injury on South Street. Officer Aaron O'Neil checked the area with a negative find.

4:12 pm A caller reported that occupants of a motor vehicle, that was merging onto Route 495, were using marijuana. The State Police were notified.

1:35 pm Officer Gregg DeBoer reported that it appeared that a truck with a trailer was disabled on Wood Street.

12:57 pm A 911 caller reported that a red pick-up truck just hit him on Cedar Street and did not stop. The operator stated that he followed the truck and observed it speed, hit guardrails and almost hit another vehicle. Officer David Shane stopped the motor vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street and subsequently arrested a 54 year old male from Marlborough and charged him with Marked Lanes Violation, Speeding, Leaving the Scene of Property Damage, OUI Liquor and Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle

10:45 am Officer Gregg DeBoer assisted a disabled motor vehicle on Wilson Street.

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton Massachusetts

Compiled for HopNews.com by Eric Montville © 2014 All Rights Reserved
New Transactions from January 14, 2014 - January 24, 2014
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
Address Buyer Price Date Seller
194-196 South Street 194-196 South Street LLC $350,000 January 23, 2014 Angelo D. Paolini
58 West Elm Street Jarrod O. Clement, Jody Y. Clement $720,000 January 23, 2014 Scott H. Jarr, Kelly A. Jarr
Last Week
5 Claflin Avenue Mark Agostinelli, Christina Agostinelli $370,000 January 13, 2014 Michael R. Pedroli, Kristine E. Laggis-Pedroli
7 Palomino Drive Benjamin J. Clark, Michelle P. Clark $607,000 January 10, 2014 Randy Charland, Jennifer Charland
14 Patriots Boulevard Smitha S. Abraham $336,000 January 9, 2014 Stagecoach Heights Realty LLC
11 Frostpane Lane, unit 57 John Xiao, Shiqin Wang $491,625 January 8, 2014 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
5 McGill Court, unit 46 Elizabeth Clancy $464,900 January 8, 2014 William A. Depietri, Lumber Street I Realty Trust
29 Ash Street Philip Adamo, Elise Adamo $315,000 January 7, 2014 Alyssa J. Omara, Jacquelyn M. Hodgman


Sunday, January 26
Midwinter social gathering
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Home of Ron and Kathy Yankee (144 Pond Street)
Hopkinton Historical Society members and their guests only

To become a member, call Bill Shaw at 508-435-0074


Once again, we will be holding our annual midwinter social at one of our member's cozy homes.  Please join us to come shake off the winter doldrums with your friends and neighbors at an informal HHS social gathering to be held on the afternoon of Sunday, January 26, at 2 pm.  Just bring your favorite dessert, beverage, or hors d'oeuvres to share.  This year, the event will be held at the home of Ron and Kathy Yankee (144 Pond Street).  This is a totally informal and stress-free event, so no need to coordinate food or dress up - just come as you are!  From the center of Town, take Main Street west, then right turn onto West Elm Street and right turn onto Pond Street.  Thank you, Ron and Kathy for hosting this gathering at your beautiful home!  If the weather looks bad on the day of the event, watch for an email about a possible cancellation.  If you need a ride to the event, or if you have questions, please send an email to: hopkhistsoc@hotmail.com or call Bill Shaw at 508-435-0074.


Man wanted on Fugitive from Justice in Maine Arrested in Lynn


This morning, at approximately 1:00a.m., members of the Massachusetts State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section (VFAS) arrested PAUL COYNE, 31, from Maine, as a Fugitive from Justice.  Maine Law Enforcement Officials requested assistance from the Massachusetts State Police in apprehending COYNE who was wanted in the state of Maine for several warrants and a shooting that occurred on January 23, 2014 in the town of Gardiner, Maine. 


VFAS Troopers were assisted by the State Police Gang Unit, State Police Detectives assigned to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Officers from Lynn and Chelsea Police Departments.  Lynn Police located COYNE in a 2001 Gray Chevrolet on Park Street in the city of Lynn.  Also located in the vehicle and subsequently arrested was MICHAEL COYNE, 33, from Maine and MARTHA BROWN, 22, from Lynn.


As a result of an investigation and search of the motor vehicle a 9mm HI Point firearm, ammunition, a powdery substance believed to be Heroin and drug paraphernalia were located in the vehicle.  


PAUL COYNE, MICHAEL COYNE and MARTHA BROWN were placed under arrest and transported to the Lynn Police Department.  They were booked and subsequently arraigned in Lynn District Court.


PAUL COYNE was charged with the following offenses:

1. Fugitive from Justice/Maine NIC#W510129093

2. Disguising Identity to Obstruct Justice

3. Knowingly being present where Heroin is kept

4. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws


MICAHEL COYNE was charged with the following offenses:

1. Knowingly being present where Heroin is kept

2. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws


MARTHA BROWN was charged with the following offenses:

1. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws

2. City of Lynn knife ordinance violation

3. Knowingly being present where Heroin is kept

4. Unlawful Possession of a Firearm

5. Unlawful Possession of Ammunition


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