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Hopkinton Gives Back

January 20, 2014 — What was a day off for students became a day on for many, who decided to join their fellow countrymen in a day of giving back, many through their scouting, church or youth organizations in honor of the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martín Luther King, Jr. Above, Jennifer Fischesser and daughter Ella, 6, as well as Ioanna Selibas, 7, write letters to servicemen thanking them for their service.

         Below Zoë Montalto models a scarf that she and her friends were making to sell. The proceeds are going to the Sky's the Limit in memory of their classmate, Shayne Desroches, who was killed in an accident while riding his bike home from school last year. Choose a thumbnail below to enlarge.



Public Alert! - Frozen pipes

Note this number:  508 843 3656


ZERESKI PLUMBING & HEATING, of Hopkinton MA ,warns of high probability for frozen pipes this week as temperatures drop to single digits and will not rise above freezing most of this week!!!   Be prepared and keep house temperatures set much higher than normal and keep cabinet and vanity doors open to allow heat near pipes! 


Keep fixtures prone to freezing set to a slow drip overnight to stop ice from forming.  Slight freeze ups on water supply pipes can be thawed with a hair home dryer or heating pad if you catch it early. Be sure to not leave ANY heating device un-attended! Any freeze on a heating pipe should be thawed right away or you might loose the whole heating system making the house un-livable until it has been repaired.  Usually the frozen area of pipe will be near a door or window. If you notice a zone of your home is not heating up even with the thermostat turned up to the max, call us right away for electric pipe thawing service before a hard freeze sets in. If a pipe stays frozen for more than a few hours it may rupture and burst causing water damage!  If you need help with frozen pipes call us at 508 843 3656 as soon as you notice the problem, so we can get it before it gets you!


NOTE: Peter Zereski Plumbing & Heating has the latest flameless equipment for safely thawing frozen pipes. People may know Mr. Zereski from his videos:



January 20, 2014 — Bill Morgan, owner of the Golden Spoon, says "Come on down" to 85 West Main Street and take advantage of some great specials, some early bird, some all night. Pay half price for any entree Monday through Wednesday from 4-6 pm. The Thursday fish and chips special is very popular, so arrive while there is still some left. If your palate is more discriminating, try the haddock, baked or fried. It is the same haddock other places charge $25 for. Really, he gets it from the same place, Captain Marden. The fish is delivered fresh EVERY DAY!

           And what about the prime rib? See the photo on the right? That is not a small plate, but the cut is having a problem fitting on it. Have your choice of two sides with it. Pasta, broccoli, squash, salad and more.

           For those who haven't been there, and who are thinking about breakfast on the weekend, either camp out the night before or get there early, because it is incredibly popular.  Or come during the week for a roomier breakfast with the kinds of specials that chefs might surprise you with.

             Lunch prices couldn't be any lower. There are often luncheon specials for 5$ or $6; for a full plate of comfort food! Mac & cheese, meatloaf, pasta, etc. You'll have to visit The Spoon to see the wine and beer list.

           But Bill says it is really about the new specials, and that is why we present this today. BTW, the graphic of the menu, above, is not the complete menu. Find it here.



1800 readers have read posts by fewer than 20 people on this one subject alone. Express yourself. Be one of the posters.

Enrollment is open. The Quality Conversations link is always in the top section.


Limbo Lower Now!

January 19, 2014 — Amanda Faucher's snowman brings to mind many song lyrics: "Let the sunshine in," "Limbo lower now," "Put your left foot in;" and if he had legs, the "Keep on Truckin' " cartoon by R. Crumb. 


Keeping it Safe

January 19, 2014 — Hopkinton Firefighters look over a gasoline leak in the drugstore parking area from a disabled vehicle that a tow driver apparently refused to hook before firefighters stabilized the situation on Friday evening.

The Circle Game

January 18, 2014
Above, Hopkinton Singer/Composer Amanda Maffei takes her turn at the Hopkinton Library this afternoon, for the Song Circle in honor of the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Below, another speaker reads from a composition he wrote about Dr. King, as the attendees took turns speaking, playing or singing.
Back in the Day

January 18, 2014 — This axle assembly from a cart or wagon, shows the wear from many winters past, this morning at the former Amato Farm on the Upton/Hopkinton line. At last report, the land has been approved for home construction.

Let it Snow

January 18, 2014 — The gazebo on the Golden Pond property offers its iconic view during today's storm.



Pinewood Derby Reminder


Cub Scout Pack 97s annual Pine Wood Derby will be held on Saturday, February 8th from 9am - 11am at St. John's Church in Hopkinton.




MLK Day Activities Begin Today!


Jan 18 - Hopkinton Public Library - 3 - 4:30 PM MLK Song Circle, Public Welcome

Jan 20 - Hopkinton Middle School -

     9:00 AM  - 2 PM Public Welcome

    9:00 AM   - Breakfast

    9:45 AM   - Speakers - State Rep Carolyn Dykema and Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop One Hopkinton

    10:30 AM - Activities in Brown Gym for ages 5 - 95. See attachment for list

    10:30 AM - Service Projects out in Community by various Youth Groups


See ALL activities HERE.



Please note that Monday's trash and recyclables collections will occur as scheduled and will not be delayed by the Martin Luther King holiday. 
Have a wonderful weekend!
John K. Westerling
Director of Public Works

Police Incident Log

- Updated January 17, 2014


  Incident Log

Thursday, January 16, 2014

9:44 pm A resident of Patriots Boulevard reported that a suspicious motor vehicle was in front of her house. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded and advised that all appeared to be normal.

8:26 pm The Southborough Police Department requested that a Hopkinton resident contact them.

6:49 pm A walk-in from West Main Street spoke with Officer William Burchard regarding a hit and run motor vehicle accident.

6:04 pm A walk-in from Paul Revere Drive spoke with Officer William Burchard regarding an attempted phone scam.

5:39 pm There were several 911 calls for a two car motor vehicle accident with no personal injury on West Main Street. Two officers responded to assist.

2:39 pm A caller reported that an intoxicated male was laying on the ground outside of his residence on College Street then got up and started walking towards Hayden Rowe Street. Five officers responded and subsequently detained two individuals.

12:34 pm A motorist reported that she saw a green van with WA plates turn onto Connelly Hill Road and was unsure if it was related to the Amber Alert that was sent out. Officer Patrick O'Brien located the van and advised that it was a painter working at a residence.

9:32 am A caller reported that she was on a trail in the State Park when she saw someone through the woods, outside of a vehicle on Aikens Road, burning something. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded and spoke with the individual who stated that he was burning tax return receipts.

8:41 pm A motorist reported that she was just involved in a two car motor vehicle accident without personal injury on Cedar Street. Officer David Shane responded and took a report.



Superintendent Supports Full Day Kindergarten

"...I support your recommendation and send you back to do your homework.” ~ Chairman Alvarez-Burdick



by Muriel kramer

January 17, 2014 — It was standing room only at the School Committee Meeting last night and, by a show of hands, all were there to support the proposed Full Day program for all kindergarteners. After a brief presentation and summation by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Cathy Macleod and some Q&A with the attendees, the School Committee resolved to make tuition free Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) a priority issue for FY ’15; the audience of approximately 100 parents responded with polite applause. The issues still to be resolved are not insignificant, but remarkable traction has been made in a very short time since the idea was first presented as a possibility in early November by Dr. MacLeod and Lauren Dubeau, principal at Center School.

                The decision to have FDK creates a substantial budget impact that has not yet been fully addressed. For next year, it adds an approximately 1.4% overall increase to the superintendent’s proposed budget that already included a 4.4% increase over FY’14, making for a total 5.8% proposed increase. The School Committee will be addressing the budget more completely in its next two meetings before voting and sending its recommendation to the Board of Selectmen by February 1st.

                There will be no lottery this year for FDK; next year the Superintendent and the SC hope to provide FDK for all incoming kindergarteners. If parents are interested in a ½ day program, they should still indicate that while registering their child(ren) because it is possible that there will still be a ½ day offering as well as FDK for those that want it. The details are unfolding real time, but the superintendent and SC have decided to work towards making FDK for all students a reality in the district for next year.

                FDK has generated substantial parental interest in the form of letters, emails and attendance at a recent coffee held at Water Fresh Farm. Providing FDK continues to be a goal included in the District’s Strategic Plan. According to Dr. MacLeod, FDK allows better access to curriculum as well as better opportunities for assessment and intervention as necessary. Beyond the money questions are challenges because of space at Center School, and Dr. Macleod has found a way to address that in the near term indicating there may be a way to utilize extra space at Elmwood or modular classrooms. Neither option is optimal, but for the time being, the options will provide the space needed for a FDK program.

                One parent asked, “What is the opposition?”

                Dr. MacLeod responded addressing that there are other things that need to take place in town, so the budget is a big challenge. Additionally some families still want the choice of a ½ day option.

                Another parent asked if there was data on the benefits of FDK versus 1/2DK on our own students. Dr. MacLeod responded that that data was being compiled, “but from personal experience in other communities, the differences are outstanding within a matter of months.”

                MacLeod and Dubeau maintain in presentations that the big drawback to the district in having some students as full day and others as ½ day limits the extent that the FDK program can be enriched and implemented because the district must maintain parity for all students. Keeping some students in 1/2DK means that the District cannot fully realize the potential of a FDK program.

                Addressing the SC members, Dr. MacLeod presented detail on budget numbers for next year. Loss of tuition revenue totals $670,000; to help balance that, there is $80,000 in the revolving account currently for FDK, $50,000 in savings for the eliminated midday bus trips, $26,000 in requested technology improvements that Dubeau agreed can be deferred to future years, $70,000 in administrative cost savings, $14,000 in reduction in supplies and $10,000 from foundation reserves.

                SC member Jean Bertschmann proposed considering a reduction in tuition to help soften the increase in the budget.

                SC Chairwoman Nancy Alvarez-Burdick summarized, “I am hearing you say that this has to be a priority issue in the budget. When people get to Town Meeting, they are going to vote on a budget. What you are saying is that when they vote on it, they will get FDK for free.”

                Dr. MacLeod responded, “I recognize this is a high number. The more I learned about the district and the more I learned about this need, the more I understand that we need to do this. Yes, I am asking you to support this number.”

                Alvarez-Burdick responded, “Well, I am not going to support that number, but I support your recommendation and send you back to do your homework.” The SC will be addressing the final budget recommendation in its next two meetings before sending their recommendation forward to the Selectmen.

                Board of Selectman Chairman John Moser asked about what happens once the program has been in place for a year and how does the budget get impacted in the out years.

                School Finance Director Ralph Dumas acknowledged that the funding for next year includes a lot of one time funds and that the budget impact for future years has not been fully investigated. That discussion is part of the homework that the administrative team needs to do before taking this initiative to the voters.

                The SC also addressed the feedback that Dr. MacLeod provided on her progress in accomplishing her goals thus far this year. SC members universally spoke to the challenging goals, as well as additional challenges that have arisen, and responded positively. Ellen Scordino acknowledged being impressed at what Dr. MacLeod has been able to accomplish, “it’s been better than smooth sailing.”

                Upcoming:  State of the Schools presentation January 21st at 7PM at HCAM studios and Adolescent Health Survey Results February 4th at 7PM in the High School Auditorium.

Fay Day Camp 2014
Registration Now Open! 
Eight one-week sessions, June 23 - August 15, 2014

Fay Day Camp, for campers ages 3 to 15, features a busy day full of fun camp activities for campers grouped by age. Campers who want to pursue a hobby or interest in more depth can choose from weeklong Specialty Camps, which offer a half-day focus on one topic coupled with a half-day of traditional camp activities. Swim lessons take place each day for campers in both programs. Visit www.fayschool.org/summer/daycamp to register today!
2014 Specialty Camps
Circus Arts 
Horseback Riding 
Kodály Vocal Vacation
Wood Shop


Joe P. Tassia, 82


Joe P. Tassia passed away peacefully on January 15, 2014 in the company of his son and daughter. 


Joe, a resident of Punta Gorda, Florida in the winter and Hopkinton, MA in the summer, was born in Baltimore, MD on November 15, 1931.  He spent his early years in York, PA working in the family produce business alongside his grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, brother, two sisters, and cousins.  As a teen, one of Joe’s fondest memories was working behind the soda fountain at the Valencia Ballroom, also owned and operated by the Tassia family, while listening to some of the greatest musicians of the time – like Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey.  These childhood experiences instilled in Joe a lifelong love of music and ballroom dance. 


After serving his country in the Korean War, Joe received his degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University, followed by his Masters in Engineering Management.  He spent ten years working as an engineer before switching to real estate, a career he truly enjoyed.  He bought Able Realty Associates in the early 70’s and worked 40 years, until just two months ago,  selling real estate in Southborough and the surrounding communities.  A resident of Hopkinton for over 50 years, Joe enjoyed spending his free time on Lake Maspenock - fishing, swimming, and bird-watching.  During these years, he was blessed with two children, David and Diane, and three grandchildren, whom he loved dearly. 


When the winter cold became too much to bear, Joe headed down to Florida, to enjoy the warmth.  Over the past ten years, he formed many wonderful friendships there while playing tennis, kayaking, and fishing.  And of course, he was a regular presence on the dance floor, in both Punta Gorda and the Boston suburbs, where he was fortunate to form some of his most loyal friendships.   He also was grateful for his wonderful neighbors in both Punta Gorda and Hopkinton who were so much more than the person next door; they were among his closest and most trusted friends.  He will be missed.


Celebrations of Joe’s life will take place in Punta Gorda, FL as well as Hopkinton, MA at dates to be determined.  In lieu of flowers, kindly consider donations to The American Cancer Society.  Please email dtcoopozi@gmail.com for further details.


Suspicious Activity

January 16, 2014 — Watchful neighbors made police aware of suspicious individuals in the College Road area of Hopkinton today, who were walking on that road, but were from other towns. At the same time, police searched for a black pickup truck that was reported as suspicious, and whose number plate was run by two other area towns as well. The investigation was conducted in three areas in the southern part of Hopkinton.






Staties Seize 36 Pounds of Marijuana on Car Stop in Sturbridge


January 16, 2014 — Yesterday,  at approximately 9:50 p.m., Trooper Yuriy Bukhenik of the Sturbridge Barracks was on patrol of Interstate 84 in the town of Sturbridge when he stopped a BMW SUV for motor vehicle violations.  The operator was identified as SHUI TIM LOUIE, 38, from ElmHurst, NY.  Trooper Patrick Robinson with K-9 Jari also assisted Trooper Bukhenik with the motor vehicle stop.


As a result of an investigation and subsequent search of the motor vehicle, approximately 36 pounds of green vegetable matter, which is believed to be marijuana, was located.


LOUIE was placed under arrest and transported to the Sturbridge Barracks.


LOUIE was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class D Substance.  Bail was set at $5,000.00.  LOUIE will be arraigned in Dudley District Court.  LOUIE was also issued a civil citation for Speeding and Marked Lanes Violation.

~Mass State Police Media Release


Police Arrest/Incident Log

- Updated January 16, 2013


Arrest Log

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1:57 am Officer Linda Higgins stopped Natalie Gallagher, 28, of Grove Street on Grove Street for a Marked Lanes Violation. Officer Higgins arrested her and charged her with that violation as well as Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, OUI Liquor and Dinking Alcohol from an Open Container in a Motor Vehicle.


Incident Log

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

11:25 pm Officer John Moran checked on a motor vehicle on Main Street.

5:27 pm Officer Aaron O'Neil assisted at an accident on Main Street, where there were no injuries.

4:46 pm Passed on a call reporting an accident on Route 495 to State Police.(Photo: Two car MVA on Route 85 near Carbone's this morning, Thursday.)

3:32 pm Officer O'Neil responded to  past Breaking and Entering on Wilson Street and wrote a report.

1:57 pm OnStar reported an accident in a parking garage on South Street. Officer Stephen Buckley responded to assist. Patient refused treatment by Fire Department Ambulance personnel.

1:49 pm A Trailside Lane caller reported her Golden Retriever, Lily, has gotten loose. Animal Control Officer William Proctor was notified.

1:28 pm A fox is in a Cedar Street yard, and will not leave when directed to do so by the homeowner. ACO Proctor will assist.

12:59 pm Sgt. Scott vanRaalten assisted a disabled motor vehicle.

12:52 pm A Winter Street caller had water coming out of a light fixture.

10:45 am A Cedar Street individual spoke with Officer Patrick O'Brien regarding a larceny/scam.

9:35 am A College Street resident reported a suspicious black pickup truck in which a passenger ducked when he saw him. Unable to locate.

8:24 am Hearing a school bus give off a loud sound caused concern for a caller. Subsequently, an inspection of the bus followed.

8:19 am Officer Stephen Buckley established a safe environment for a DPW crew repairing a large pothole.

7:18 am A vehicle got stuck on a stone wall on Ash Street. No injuries.

7:11 am A caller reported one of his employees was involved in a crash on Main Street with no injuries.

6:50 am An ongoing complaint was lodged again regarding the new traffic signals at West Main and School Streets.

6:50 am The report of icy conditions and vehicles off the road on Cedar Street were a negative upon arrival.

1:36 am Officer Linda Higgins was assisted by Officer John Moran in the arrest of an individual on Grove Street for OUI Liquor.

12:05 am Officer Higgins came upon an unoccupied vehicle on Legacy Farms Road with its trunk open. She secured it.



Massachusetts State Police Media Release—01152014—Rhode State Police Active AMBER Alert


The Massachusetts State Police is sending this information on behalf of the Rhode Island State Police to the Massachusetts Media.  Massachusetts has NOT activated an AMBER Alert.


The Rhode Island State Police in conjunction with the Woonsocket Police Department are asking for the public’s help in locating an abducted 6 year old male child from Woonsocket, RI.  The child Daniel Britt, is described as a white male approximately 4’3” tall, weighing 50 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.


Daniel is believed to have been abducted by his non-custodial mother, Andria Britt, 34, from Woonsocket, RI. Andria is described as a white female approximately 5’5 “tall, weighing 135 pounds with light brown hair and blue eyes. Andria was due to appear in RI Family Court on January 8, 2014 but failed to do so and has neglected to return Daniel to his custodial father.  There is reason to believe Andria may cause harm to the child.


It is believed Andria Britt is operating RI 942649, a red 2004 Ford Focus. 


If you have seen and/or know the whereabouts of Daniel Britt and Andria Britt please call the Rhode Island State Police at 401-444-1000.


State Rep. Guilty in Assault on Arlington Woman


            CAMBRIDGE – State Representative Carlos Henriquez was found guilty on two counts of assault and battery related to a July 8, 2012 incident in Arlington, Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan informed the public today.


            “This case demonstrates the complexities involved in the prosecution of incidents of domestic violence,” said District Attorney Ryan.  “The conviction of an elected public official, a person who was expected to uphold the law and serve the public, reflects the stark fact that domestic violence can and does happen everywhere in our society.  Domestic violence is about power and control and occurs in all our communities, regardless of gender, or social, educational, or economic circumstances.  That is why we are committed to ensuring fair, yet aggressive, prosecutions, and to leading education, training and innovative prevention initiatives to end this epidemic of violence.”


            The guilty verdict on the two assault and battery counts followed a week-long trial in Cambridge District Court in Medford.  Following the announcement of the verdict, Cambridge District Court Judge Michele Hogan sentenced the defendant to two and one half years in the House of Correction with six months to serve, with the balance suspended for two years and the following conditions: attend a certified batterers program and stay away from and have no contact with the victim.  Henriquez, 37, of Dorchester, was found not guilty on charges of larceny, witness intimidation and a third count of assault and battery.


            According to authorities, the defendant, who had had a relationship with the victim, met her outside of a residence in Arlington in the early morning hours of July 8, 2012.  Following a disagreement, the defendant held the victim down and punched her in the chest.  The defendant then departed the area with the victim still in the car and drove to Boston.  There the victim was able to escape from the car and Boston Police were subsequently notified.  Henriquez was arraigned July 31, 2012 in Cambridge District Court.


            The case was investigated by Arlington Police and Boston Police.  The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Clarence Brown.  The Victim Witness Advocate was Alyssa Donovan. From DA Ryan.


“In light of today's jury verdict, Representative Henriquez should immediately resign from the House.”


Police Incident Log

- Updated January 15, 2013

Incident Log

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

7:30 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Aaron O'Neil regarding harassment.

6:18 pm Officer Matthew McNeil advised the DPW of large potholes in the roadway on Wood Street.

5:34 pm A detail officer reported that a disabled motor vehicle was causing a large traffic jam on South Street. The vehicle was gone upon Officer Matthew McNeil's arrival.

5:32 pm A 911 caller reported a fire alarm activation of Tammer Lane. Sgt John Porter responded and assisted the Fire Department.

5:07 pm A caller from Marlborough reported that her ex-boyfriend was harassing her. The Marlborough Police Department was notified.

3:00 pm A 911 caller reported a motor vehicle accident without personal injury on West Main Street. Officer Matthew McNeil responded and took a report.

10:08 am A motorist reported that a pig was running in the roadway on Front Street. Officer Patrick O'Brien checked the area with a negative find.

8:29 am A Lumber Street resident reported finding a hypodermic needle on her property. Officer Thomas Griffin responded and spoke with the caller.

7:45 am An employee opening a West Main Street business reported that a suspicious motor vehicle was watching the building. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and spoke with the operator who was waiting for a meeting.

7:09 am Officer Philip Powers notified the DPW that the Middle School traffic lights were malfunctioning.

7:01 am A caller reported that the traffic lights at West Main Street and School Street were cycling every nine minutes. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and advised that it appeared to be a normal cycle.

2:21 am A caller reported a tree in the roadway on West Main Street. It was removed before Officer Robert Bielecki's arrival.

12:52 am Officer Jacob Campbell checked a motor vehicle on East Main Street.

12:26 am Officer Robert Bielecki checked and spoke with an individual walking on West Main Street.


Brian Herr Considering US Senate Bid

January 15, 2014 — According to a story in the Boston Globe, Hopkinton Selectman Brian Herr, a moderate Republican, is considering a run for the US Senate seat currently held by Edward Markey, a Democrat. The seat was made vacant by the appointment of Senator John Kerry as US Secretary of State.
        The story with quotes from Mr. Herr can be read here.


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