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Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on a once-in-a-lifetime win!

Thanksgiving Boot Camp at Water Fresh Farm

Saturday, November 2nd, from 1-3pm


Brine or deep-fried?  Pecan or apple? Chestnut or sausage?  Thanksgiving menu choices are endless – and confusing.  This year, Waterfresh Farm in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, has a solution.  And delicious answers.


On Saturday, November 2nd, from 1-3pm, Water Fresh Farm Executive Chef Russell Thiel will demystify your menu --and add his own unique suggestions with ideas for appetizers, side dishes, and the absolute best way to cook a turkey. Want to wow at Aunt Mabel’s?  Chef Thiel has you covered. And--bring your appetite: There will be plenty of free samples from Water Fresh Farm’s own Thanksgiving menu, as well as wine tastings.


The tasting is part of a series of events that Water Fresh Farm (151 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, Massachusetts) is planning as the holiday season gets underway.


Water Fresh Farm has been a fixture in the Hopkinton community for more than fifteen years, growing hydroponic produce sold at some of the finest grocery stores in Massachusetts. The tomatoes, cucumbers, and other items grown in the warm and inviting greenhouse are completely pesticide free. Building on the success of their farm-to-table operation, last year, owners Jeff Barton and Phil Todaro decided to expand into a retail market selling locally grown items as well as freshly made meals utilizing local ingredients.


The Marketplace, located at 151 Hayden Rowe Street in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, is a sanctuary for fresh locally grown and produced dairy, cheese, baked goods, fruits, vegetables and meals for those who want the unforgettable taste that accompanies fresh food.


If you would like more information, please call Water Fresh Farm at 508-435-3400. See you on November 2.

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton Massachusetts

Compiled for HopNews.com by Eric Montville © 2013 All Rights Reserved
New Transactions from October 22, 2013 - October 28, 2013
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Address Buyer Price Date Seller
58 Lakeshore Drive Christopher Gregory, Deborah Gregory $179,000 October 28, 2013 Louis Przystas
27 Walcott Street Mark E. Walsh $210,000 October 28, 2013 Richard F. Keough, Brunetta Family Realty Trust
34 Proctor Street Greg Allard, Lauren Allard $500,000 October 28, 2013 Brendan Kenney
11 Walcott Street Jessy K. Lichter Maret, Brandon T. Maret $295,000 October 25, 2013 William T. Walls, Melissa R. Walls
69 Walcott Valley Drive, Unit 47 Brenda Hendrick $165,000 October 23, 2013 Wells Fargo Bank
2 Equestrian Drive Equestrian Building Co. $210,000 October 23, 2013 Michael Touzjian, Tracy Touzjian
6 Angels Way Eric R. Benson, Anne S. Beauchamp $350,000 October 23, 2013 Steven G. Doherty
Last Week
5 Warmstone Way, Unit 47 Robert J. Callery, Donna M. Maclean $610,000 October 18, 2013 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
3 Autumn Ridge Drive, Unit 43 Ida M. Triano $481,140 October 18, 2013 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
22 Ash Street John Q. Skilton, Jennifer A. Burgess $440,000 October 18, 2013 Michael R. Neece, Heather L. Axworthy
90 East Main Street Rowan Maclaren Vassoler, Rodrigo Vassoler $222,000 October 17, 2013 Eric Joseph, Elizabeth Joseph
200 Wood Street Frankie Investments LLC $299,900 October 16, 2013 Christine H. Burke
11 Wedgewood Drive Matthew Kaplan, Deborah Kaplan $945,000 October 15, 2013 Bruce A. Bressler, Audrey E. Bressler
196 Lumber Street Patrick F. Donnelly, Sarah W. Donnelly $649,900 October 15, 2013 South Mill Street LLC
13 Connelly Hill Road Gregory A. Findlen, Jennifer K. Findlen $960,000 October 15, 2013 John J. Sullivan, Krista S. Sullivan,
JJS Realty Trust
26 Chestnut Street Tailiang Lin $500,000 October 15, 2013 Gregory A. Findlen, Jennifer K. Findlen
10 Grandview Drive, Unit 19 Sudeep Dutta, Vasudha Dutta $625,930 October 15, 2013 Pulte Homes of New England LLC



  Police Incident Log - Most Recent First
   Updated Monday, October 28, 2013


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

5 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

11 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home Checks.

3 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

3 Times the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

2 Times the Police participated in Community Relations or passenger safety.


Arrest Log

Sunday, October 27, 2013

7:12 pm Officer William Burchard arrested Marco A. Saez Jr., 32, of Wood Street, Hopkinton, on Wood Street and charged him with Assault and Battery, Assault With a Dangerous Weapon and Intimidating a Witness.

6:38 pm Officer William Burchard arrested Elizabeth M. Saez, 30, of Wood Street, Hopkinton, on Main Street and charged her with Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon.

1:38 am Officer Peter Booth arrested John J. Hughes, 25, of Raymond Marchetti Street, Ashland, on Cross Street and charged him with Failure to Keep Right on a Hill/Obstructed View, OUI Liquor and Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle.


Friday, October 25, 2013

6:52 am Officer John Moran arrested Lauro Vincente Quizhpe, 28, of Brancroft Avenue, Milford, on West Main Street and charged him with No Owners Markings, Oversized Motor Vehicle and Operating a Motor Vehicle With License Revoked as HTO.


Incident Log

Sunday, October 27, 2013

4:00 pm A walk-in reported seeing what appeared to be a homeless man who was hanging around the same area on Wood Street all day. Officer Matthew McNeil responded and spoke with the man.

5:38 pm A walk-in from Wood Street reported that her husband was out of control and just assaulted her with a knife. Three officers responded and subsequently arrested a 32 year-old male from Hopkinton and charged him with Assault and Battery, Assault With a Dangerous Weapon and Intimidating a Witness. A 30 year-old female was also arrested and charged with Assault and Battery With a Dangerous Weapon.

1:22 pm A caller reported that a man was wrapped in a blanket laying on the side of Wood Street. Officer Matthew McNeil spoke with the individual who was waiting for a ride.

11:10 am A Hayden Rowe Street resident reported outside construction equipment ongoing in violation of town by-laws. Sgt. Joseph Bennett spoke with a worker on site who advised that there would be no construction work today.

10:19 am A caller reported that a suspicious person, possibly homeless, was walking along Wood Street. Officer Philip Powers spoke with the individual who said they were walking to Baltimore.

12:45 am The Southborough Police Department requested assistance with a residence on Cordaville Road with a chimney fire and unruly house party. Officer Robert Bielecki responded to assist.

12:41 am There were two callers reporting a motor vehicle accident vs. a parked car on Cross Street. Three officers responded and subsequently arrested a 25 year-old male from Ashland and charged him with Failure to Keep Right on a Hill/Obstructed View, OUI Liquor and Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

8:27 pm A 911 caller reported seeing a woman holding a very small newborn in a vehicle with a lot of smaller children in the back seat on Hayward Street. Sgt. Michael Sutton checked the area for the vehicle with a negative find.

8:20 pm A 911 caller reported that two men were fighting inside of a Main Street restaurant. Three officers responded and advised that it was only a verbal argument.

2:17 pm A Stagecoach Way resident reported that there was a man trying to drag a dead deer through his yard and that he advised him not to do that. The resident was advised that a hunter had called earlier to advise that he had shot a deer the night before and that it took off on him.

11:19 am A male caller reported that he had hit a deer last night and was tracking it on Stagecoach Way.

10:53 am A motorist reported that a black Nissan Maxima was driving up the left lane of Route 495 with blue lights on. The State Police were notified.

10:33 am A resident reported that she was jogging on Ash Street and a gold Honda Accord tried to run her over.


Friday, October 25, 2013

5:14 pm A West Main Street employee reported that an individual was sitting in a parked car consuming alcohol. Officer Aaron O'Neil spoke with the individual who was consuming red bull.

3:46 pm A employee reported larceny involving youths fleeing in an unknown motor vehicle heading towards Ashland on Phipps Street. The Ashland Police Department advised that they stopped the vehicle and that the item stolen was thrown from the car. Officer Peter Booth responded and escorted the youths back to the business for restitution settlement.

1:28 pm A resident of Westfield Road reported that a person was harassing him through Craig's List.

6:16 am Officer John Moran stopped a motor vehicle on West Main Street and subsequently arrested a 28 year-old male from Milford and charged him with No Owners Markings, Oversized Motor Vehicle and Operating a Motor Vehicle With License Revoked as HTO.

Super Fans

October 28, 2013 — Workers and clients of the Respite Center in Hopkinton held a rally on the front lawn this afternoon, making clear what side they are on.


A little advice from Hopkinton Tree Warden Paul Gleason


2013 1st Annual Evan Girardi Memorial 5k Race/Walk Summary and Donations


October 27, 2013 — From the September 7, 2013 event:


Event Highlights:

-600+ registered runners and walkers ● 116 volunteers ● $54k total funds raised 25 Loyola University Maryland alumni participants A brilliant, early fall day A unique, memorable, “all Hopkinton” race routePre-Start gathering and Starting Line at EMC Park, Hopkinton, MA Festive post-event (games, vendors, food, live music) on fields behind Hopkinton Middle School, Hopkinton, MA A magnificently attended and supported “Hopkinton Day” A “beyond expectations” event in honor and memory of Evan Girardi The truly successfully culmination of a dream held by Evan’s four really good friends (Jack Nealon, Whitney Mullen, Shane Lavoie, and Rick Odell).








Top 3 Winners:

Male: #1 Evan Park, 17:04, Hopkinton, MA #2 Sean Webster, 17:23, Hopkinton, MA#3 Keiron Tumbleton, 17:46, Hopkinton, MA

Female:-#1 Kellie Lodge, 19:02, Hopkinton, MA#2 Maria Urso, 19:03, Hopkinton, MA#3 Molly Kessler, 20:17, Hopkinton, MA


2013 1st Annual Evan Girardi Memorial 5k Race/Walk Beneficiaries:

● Raised funds allocated: doubled the monetary award and fully funded 2014 Hopkinton High School Evan Girardi Memorial Scholarships (2) & significant contribution to Boston Cardiac Foundation December 2013 Paraguay Mission (www.bostoncardiacfoundation.org) (picture).

Keyhole View

October 27, 2013 — The preserved, historical Lake Whitehall Gatehouse on Highland Street can be seen through a keyhole view from the "S" turn on Wood Street in Woodville. The phrase stems from so-called skeleton keys from long ago, which fit into key receptacles that went all of the way through to the other side, allowing a 3 year-old child a perfect view into the next room.
Crime Prevention and Safety Day

October 27, 2013 — Officer Thomas Griffin, who recently received recognition for 35 years of service, poses next to department's motorcycle and new cruisers during the department's Crime Prevention and Public Safety Day.


Hunting Season Information


Hopkinton has a wealth of beautiful open spaces and the Trails Club encourages everyone to get out and use them. When we go, we always take precautions to ensure our hikes are safe and enjoyable. We bring maps and water, wear appropriate clothes and footwear, and there's always at least one first aid kit in someone's pack.


Autumn is a particularly wonderful time to be out in the woods. The air is cool and the color of the changing leaves can be spectacular. Extra caution is needed at this time of year however. This is deer hunting season and many of the areas we love to explore in Hopkinton are open for hunting.


There are three hunting seasons for deer in Massachusetts. The 2013 dates are:

  • Bow & Arrow: October 21 thru November 30
  • Shotgun: December 2 thru December 14
  • Muzzle-loaders: December 16 thru December 31

You can still enjoy the woods during this time if you use common sense and take a few precautions:

  • Be aware of which areas are open for hunting and when (no hunting on Sundays!)
  • Wear blaze orange clothing (at least a hat)
  • Avoid hikes during prime hunting times (dawn & dusk)


For more information about hunting seasons and safety in the woods, visit the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife (Mass Wildlife) webpage.

From the Hopkinton Trails Club



October 27, 2013 — Winged Euonymus is an attractive ornamental shrub that has been very popular in New England for several decades. However, its ability to self-propagate, and its condition of not having any predators, makes it invasive. It can take over wide areas. Above, a winged euonymus in the foreground is a visual introduction to an entire forest floor of the plants in the background across the Sudbury River near the Southborough Rod and Gun Club in Hopkinton, where it has replaced native species.


Cardinals, Watch Out

October 27, 2013 — Any Cardinal looking at this serving dish might wonder if their goose will be cooked, too, during tonight's game against the Red Sox in St. Louis. Actually, they are quail marinated in raspberry and red wine reduction in the Wright's kitchen.


Obstruction That Allows Automatic Advance
See the play everyone is talking about, courtesy MLB
Click here for link if video does not display

Monster Mash

October 27, 2013 — Woodville Rod and Gun Club partygoers had their best faces on last night, and so did the band, the Road Dawgs.

Witches of East Hopkinton

October 26, 2013 — A group of pagan worshipers from the Society of Elder Faiths met in East Hopkinton to celebrate Samhain, the end of the harvesting season and the coming of winter. Although they gathered to celebrate their holiday in Hopkinton, it was for the hall rental and the access to trails, where they said their ritual words and practiced their craft.

          President of the group, Debbie Fields Popham, explained the system as being ancient beliefs newly reformulated.

          "Gerald Gardner re-founded Witchcraft in the 1950s as a modern religion based on ancient beliefs," she said. Further reading identifies Gardner as the "Father of Wicca."

            Referring to a basket of acorns in front of him, Hunter Heinlen, photo above, said they are seeds of the oak tree, which represents wisdom. They would be given to people in the woods behind the hall on trails lighted by lanterns and refreshed by the subtle scent of the burning of quality incense.

            Their website is www.ElderFaiths.org


Early Chill

October 26, 2013 — Above, a small group of patrons of the Haunted Trail in Woodville chase away the chill of the unseasonably cold weather Saturday night during the event.


Woody in Woodyville

October 26, 2013 — Woody and his girlfriend stopped by at the Woodville Rod and Gun Club Halloween Party that was billed as scary, but was actually a lot of fun for those who attended.


       October 2, 2013 — This stately portico lends an old world charm to this property on South Mill Street as it frames the beautiful landscape beyond.

Silhouettes on the Pavement

October 26, 2013 — The shadows of Jesse Michel and his father Ruben share the basketball court at the middle school with long shadows from the backboard behind them, their basketball, and the flag pole and flag, as the Sun fell low in the sky late this afternoon.

Clare E. Molloy, 84


HOPKINTON - Clare E. Molloy, 84, died Friday, October 25, 2013 in Sudbury after a brief illness.  She was the beloved wife of Morgan P. Molloy, Sr., to whom she was married for 59 years.  Born in Boston, she was the daughter of the late Vincent and Claire (Brine) Burke.  She was a graduate of Lowell State College and received her master's degree at Lesley University.  She taught for 25 years in the Hopkinton public school system. 

In addition to being a dedicated elementary school teacher, she was also a singer, painter, poet, gardener and Civil War enthusiast.  She was co-founder of the History Book Club at the Hopkinton Public Library.  She was a member of the Parkinson's Exercise Group of Ashland.  Clare's vitality, spirit and joie de vivre will inspire her loved ones forever.

In addition to her husband, she is survived by her daughters Kathleen Nollet and her husband Michael of Littleton, Alison Molloy of Seabrook, NH, Pamela Thyne and her husband James of Hopkinton, and her son Morgan P. Molloy, Jr. and his wife Judith Merra of Sudbury.  She also leaves her brother Bernard Burke of Cambridge, her sister Sarah Berenson of Raleigh, NC and a dear cousin Pauline Brine of Amherst, NH.  In addition, she leaves nine grandchildren.

A graveside funeral service will be held Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013 at 10:30 a.m. in St. John's Cemetery, Hopkinton.  Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to the Callanan Cronin Funeral Home, 34 Church Street, Hopkinton.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the American Parkinson Disease Association, 72 E Concord St  Boston, MA 02118, or the Hopkinton Public Library, 13 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA  01748.



Meet and Greet

October 26, 2013 — Representative Joseph Kennedy III held office hours at Bill's Pizza in Hopkinton this afternoon, meeting dozens of constituents and hearing their concerns. Above, the Congressman says hello to Giorgio Vasilakeris, a principal of Bill's Pizza.

Westwood 36, Hopkinton 15


Meeting Announcement :

Ashland-Hopkinton Fire Collaboration to present project update to joint-town Boards of Selectmen


The Ashland-Hopkinton Fire Collaboration Study Group, assisted by the Metropolitan  Area Planning Commission and Municipal Resources Inc., will present an update on the Ashland-Hopkinton Fire Collaboration Study project to a joint meeting of the Ashland and Hopkinton Boards of Selectmen at the Faith Community Church, 146 E Main St,  Hopkinton, at 7:00p.m., October 30, 2013.  The meeting is intended to be a briefing to the boards on progress made so far by the study group which has been meeting regularly since last year. Topics to be discussed at the joint boards meeting include project background, role of fire departments in Ashland and Hopkinton, organizational framework options, governance and next steps for the project. Community wide public sessions, at which the FIre Collaboration Study group will be seeking public input on the project are planned in the future. The Ashland-Hopkinton Fire Collaboration project is funded through the state's Community Innovation Challenge grant program.


Police Incident Log - Most Recent First
Updated Friday, October 25, 2013
The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.
2 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.
4 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home Checks.
1 Motor Vehicle Accident without personal injury.
1 Disabled Motor Vehicle.
Incident Log
Thursday, October 24, 2013
11:18 pm Officer Linda Higgins assisted the Ashland Police Department with booking a female prisoner.
6:23 pm A 911 caller from Davis Road reported that a white male in his 50's knocked on her door and asked to come inside to check on her. Sgt. Michael Sutton spoke with the resident and advised her that it was a staff member of a health care provider.
4:48 pm A walk-in from Church Street spoke with Officer Peter Booth regarding fraud.
Wednesday, October 23, 2013
8:06 am Three officers responded to Davis Road and spoke with a man who was heard screaming.
7:58 am A Schofield Road resident reported that a “historical area” sign was missing. The DPW were notified.


Clare E. Molloy, 84

HOPKINTON - Clare E. Molloy, 84, died October 25, 2013 in Sudbury after a brief illness.  Funeral arrangements, entrusted to the Callanan Cronin Funeral Home, are incomplete at this time.

Lots of Pep!
HHS Press has shared a video
from this morning (10/25) at 7:25 am:

Find HHSPress.org anytime in the "Town" section of our menu bar near the top.
The above video is presented with permission.










Sweet Dog Wants Home



Ryker is a 7 year old, 70+ pound, shepherd mix.  Ryker loves kids of all sizes, dogs and yes even cats!  He is house and leash trained.  Ryker does not enjoy being crated.  He has the most amazing coffee colored eyes.  He knows some basic commands.  He is learning that life inside a house is very sweet.  Ryker wants to please his people, give paw, and snuggle.  If you would like some more information about adopting Ryker please email jennbfdr@gmail.com   or call Beth Malloy at 508-435-0347.


Missing Out on the Quality Conversations?
To read the conversations, just choose the "Quality Conversations" link near the top of the page.
To have your say, go to "Quality Conversations" and register during open enrollment

ZAC Continues to Ponder Medical Marijuana Facilities
Meeting on October 28, 2013, 7:00 pm

October 25, 2013 —  The Zoning Advisory Committee, a group that recommends zoning changes to the Planning Board but has no authority of its own — except that many of its members serve on the Planning Board as well or are former Planning Board members — will be taking up the question of zoning for registered marijuana dispensaries that want to locate in Hopkinton.

         One of the points the committee will cover is approving the distance from the following categories of uses:


•  Schools
•  Licensed day care centers and preschools
•  Public Library
•  Playgrounds (EMC Park & Reed Park)
•  Sandy Beach
•  Athletic fields and recreational facilities (Fruit Street, Greenwood Rd. field, Daniel Shay.


       One proposal being moved forward as illustrated by the dashed red circles in the map above, is modeled after  state guidelines, and would create a 500' buffer around the protected uses. Another issue the committee has considered, but hasn't gotten much traction, is a federal buffer that would create a 1,000' distance from some protected uses for controlled substances. The federal government has not decriminalized the dispensing of medical marijuana, but states that have are proceeding as if their laws supersede federal law. That is not always the case, and the integration of schools in the South is a prime example. But it appears the federal government has not moved against any states that have approved the concept.

       ZAC meets Monday at 7:00 pm at Town all in Room 211.



Friends of Whitehall Fall Clean-up 10/26/2013


The Friends of Whitehall will have their 9th annual fall clean-up on Sat. Oct 26th from 9 a.m. until noon. Please join us at the boat landing at Whitehall State Park on Wood St (Rte.135) in Hopkinton for a little pre-Halloween fun and work! Our goal will once again be to pick up trash and debris from the trails and shoreline around Lake Whitehall.  We will also clean up some roadsides near the lake. Bug spray, gloves, trash bags, tools and water will be provided. Coffee, hot chocolate and doughnuts will be available before we begin and more refreshments will be available after the clean-up. We hope that we will have many volunteers to help us with this effort.

The Friends of Whitehall was started in 2005 and our main mission is to preserve, protect and improve the wonderful natural resource of Lake Whitehall and its surrounding area. Please visit our website www.friendsofwhitehall.org  or join us on Facebook to learn more about us. We are a non-profit 501c (3)organization.


Number One

Hopkinton Youth Soccer Girls U-12 Academy Team took 1st place at the Natick Soccer Tournament over Columbus Day Weekend


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