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    The Old Hopkinton...

Brown and Smith's

Hopkinton Icon Remembered

by Robert Falcione

August 15, 2013 — Brown and Smith's sure was a great place to be introduced to the colorful characters of Hopkinton, from the town drunk, who asked if you would be afraid if he was currently packing a .45, to some Town Hall employees who enjoyed extended coffee breaks and robust conversations with the regulars who might be at the counter through two mealtimes.


The place, which was open for breakfast and lunch, was located next to where the bank is, and in the original Bill's Pizza building. As you walked in, the cash register was to the left, next to the door,  and three U-shaped counters with stools were past that. They sold papers and tobacco products; and even in 1970, the two telephone booths on the opposite wall looked old — and they were soundproof, much like people imagined a game show booth would be, or a recording studio's vocal isolation booth.


About half of the floor space was dedicated to greeting cards that no one ever seemed to purchase. And speaking of floors, the boards that showed through the linoleum were worn to the point of having become concave.


The parking was diagonal, given that Main Street was wide and once carried trolleys. It seemed that everyone in town passed through there each morning.


One of my first Baptisms of Fire was when a grumpy old man (Of course, he wasn't really that old.) in work clothes sat down, pounded his fist and immediately demanded his coffee from the young girl attending the counter.

I was overwhelmed with a sense of chivalry and hit with a shot of adrenaline as a result of his combative demeanor, and was ready to challenge this tough guy who I had just seen for the first time. "Who are you to speak to anyone that way?" I thought to myself, preparing to turn the thoughts into real words with a facial expression that apparently gave it away.

Before I could act, he turned ever so slightly in my direction, and might have given me the smallest smile detectable on a human face, and then a very fast wink to let me know that he and the waitress were familiar with one another. I came to learn it was the beloved Cookie Kumlin, and that was his way of  being friendly. He worked for the Highway Department, who drove his truck full of flowers to his gravesite when he died.

There was a couple who were regulars at the head of one of the three U-shaped counters. I will describe them, but because of the subject matter, will withhold their identification. She was ten years his junior, something she often reminded everyone of, and I can't remember if she had her cigarette in a holder, but I recall her holding it as if she did. And she used scatological descriptions for people on a regular basis ("That little sh--.").

One day her other half was having a conversation with a waitress, and he asked the waitress to repeat herself.

"The hearing's the first thing to go," the waitress said jokingly to the white-haired man.

"Oh no it isn't!" said his wife in a crescendo that ended in a sing-song manner, rising with the last word. She rolled her eyes at the sky, making clear her displeasure with her lack of pleasure. "Believe me!" she added for emphasis, looking in the direction of no one.

There was another man, and people smoked at these types of places back then, who was offended to the point of belligerence when I asked if he minded moving the ashtray that held his lit and billowing cigar away from my side of his commandeered area, and to the side of his personal counter space where no one was seated.


One man who ran the cash register for a time, not an original owner, gave me 25 cents short in my change, and I pointed that out to him.


"But you read the paper," he said with contempt.


"So, you saw me put it back?" I asked, declaratively.


"Yes, but I am charging you for reading it," he replied with even more contempt. I never did ask for how long he had been doing it; I just never went back there until his connection with the place was over and done with.


The Librarian, Mrs. Ellsworth, walked across the street to enjoy her coffee and lunch breaks at the counter. The Town Treasurer/Collector Harold Killam also spent his free time at the counter. What great conversations with professionals who treated other people with admiration and respect.

In sum, Hopkinton was an unbelievably warm and welcoming place at that time, and the blue collar workers and their entrepreneurial counterparts, the majority of the residents, were the friendliest people a stranger could ever meet anywhere forty years ago. I hope people who move into Hopkinton these days find it equally welcoming in their own circles.


P.S. The pasta was terrible.

Editor's note: Please email your memory of Hopkinton to Editor@HopNews.com


And His Hair Was Perfect

August 14, 2013 — Jessica Day, who recently joined the professionals at Healthy Paws, brushes Logan after giving him a trim. Logan is a Kuvasz, a shepherding dog from Hungary whose coat is usually longer and wavy.
     "He is more comfortable this time of year with shorter hair, because he is nine years-old," she said.
     Ms. Day is building her Pet Stylist business at the Healthy Paws Veterinarian location, and wants to add non-toxic dyes applied by airbrush to dogs and cats as an added style. Call 508-475-5051 to schedule an appointment with Jessica. And remember that your cat will enjoy a stay at the Black Cat Inn, located at Healthy Paws Veterinary Center, while you are on vacation.


Capital of Hopkinton

August 14, 2013 — Some Woodville residents call their village the Capital of Hopkinton, in jest of course, and with as much fun as some Downtowners might find a little "Green Acres" in that community. Above, a cow and a calf graze on Pond Street.



    Police Incident Log <---- Sign up to get significant traffic and crime alerts

Updated Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

1 Time the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

5 Times the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

Incident Log

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

7:56 pm A caller from Appaloosa Circle was upset about a solicitor knocking on his door at this hour.

7:08 pm A caller from Daniel Shays Road reported a solicitor in the area. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded and advised that it was a non profit organization and they do not have to register.

6:41 am There were several calls for a motor vehicle accident with personal injury on West Main Street. Five officers responded to assist.

Monday, August 12, 2013

11:28 pm A resident of B Street reported kids making a lot of noise and was not sure where it was coming from. Sgt. Scott vanRaalten checked the area and advised that it was the Water Department doing construction work.

1:51 pm Officer Stephen Buckley assisted with a walk-in car seat inspection.

1:46 pm A caller reported that a large tractor trailer was parked on the side of Granite Street causing a hazard. Officer Thomas Griffin located the owner and advised him to move it.

12:13 pm A Wood Street resident reported that a motorcycle did a burnout in front of his house last night at 10:30 pm.

11:14 am A caller from Hayden Rowe Street reported that a person staying at the landlord's home was harassing them. Officer Patrick O'Brien responded and took a report.

8:20 am A resident of Front Street reported that three rings were missing from her house and were possibly taken while she was doing work in the backyard. Officer Patrick O'Brien responded and took a report.

The Work Goes On

August 14, 2013 — For those who missed the memo, the Downtown water main project is being done in the evening and early morning hours for the time being so as not to disrupt commerce and traffic. The above photo is a screen capture from the HopNews webcam located in the office window and taken just before 1:00 am this morning of the service at 20 Main Street, Country Plus.

Board Balks at Beer in Subway

August 14, 2013 — Tuesday evening, the Board of Selectmen held and closed one Public Hearing and voted to hold another at a later date, TBA, on the matter of a Wine & Malt off-premises license for Country Farms. They cited as reasons for hesitating, the current use as a Subway franchise being a draw for school kids, and the floor plan showing more of the store devoted to wine than they would like.

        During Tuesday's Public Hearing, two abutters complained respectively that there were two stores within walking distance that sold alcohol, and that there was not enough parking. 

         The board voted to close Tuesday's Public Hearing, and hold another when a new floor plan is submitted. The new hearing will need two weeks notice as well as abutter notification once again. Because there will be a new plan, abutters will need to be given another chance to participate.

         In another matter, CEO Barbara Finer (photo) appeared before the board to request a PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) program for the non-profit she is moving to South Street. She will be a tenant in a building and use 5,500 square feet of floor space for her TechSandBox. She also requested that Selectmen waive fees for the interior work she will need to do.

         The Selectmen voted to waive the fees, but did not commit on the PILOT program, which is usually given to non-profits that use an entire space. They promised to look into it.

     Below, Town Clerk Geri Holland swears in Amy Markovich and Timothy Kilduff in her office immediately following their appointments to the Parks and Recreation Commission by the Selectmen.


Selectmen Meet Tonight
New Faces • Wine and Malt

Above, newly hired Executive Assistant to the Town Manager, Maria Pittman looks through the office glass as Operations Assistant to the Town Manager, Jamie Hellen, takes care of some business by telephone.


August 13, 2013 — Selectmen will meet in a public session following their closed executive session, at 6:30 pm this evening. Among some of the matters they will attend to are the introductions of several new town employees: Superintendent of Schools Cathy McLeod, Parks an Recreation Director Jennifer Floyd, Assistant Town Clerk Brenda McCann and Firefighter Sarah Jordan, who will be unable to attend.

            The board will also consider approval of a Wine and Malt Off-Premises license for Country Farms (below), which is also home to a Subway franchise. According to the Town Manager's Office, if successfully granted, this will be the final license awarded in this category. Of the five-license limit, two are in use, one by the Vin Bin and one by Water Fresh Farm Marketplace. According to Executive Assistant Jamie Hellen, two more are reserved for the Legacy Farms property as a result of an agreement between them and the town.



Greyhound Officials From Around the World Gather in Hopkinton


Leading members of the international greyhound welfare community came together on Saturday, August 10th for the 7th Annual International Greyhound Update. The event was hosted and organized by Greyhound Friends along with the American-European Greyhound Alliance.


Speakers included Norma Fogarty (see photo), a veterinary nurse for Limerick Animal Welfare, who reported on greyhound issues and concerns in Ireland. Other issues discussed included issues relating to greyhounds, lurchers, Spanish galgos, and hounds around the world and how the continuing decline of greyhound racing in the U.S. and U.K. is having a big impact.


Greyhound Friends Inc.is a small non-profit organization dedicated to saving racetrack greyhounds and placing them in responsible loving homes. Since its inception in 1983, Greyhound Friends has found homes for thousands of dogs and has recently expanded their services to include caring for other dog breeds including beagles and hound crosses. Please call 508-435-5969 or visit www.greyhound.org for more information.


Accident Snarls Morning Commute

August 13, 2013 — A motorist who said he swerved to avoid hitting an animal on West Main Street west of DiCarlo Road shortly before 8:00 am today took down a telephone pole and snarled the morning commute, sending westbound vehicles down School Street and into Upton, and eastbound Upton commuters into Milford. There were no injuries. Sign up to get these alerts on facebook and Twitter. (Unfortunately, we could not get this out to our networking sites this morning due to a lack of available tech, etc).


Individual Located!
August 13, 2013 — According to the Wakefield Police Department, after their missing person blast to the media last night, the 69 year-old Alzheimer's patient who had walk away from his doctor's office was located safe and sound.


Pink vs. Purple

August 12, 2013 — The Women's Softball League is looking to expand from their current six teams and would like players and teams to join them. For more information, email HopkintonWomensSoftball@gmail.com. Above is a shot by Brent Heavey from tonight's game at Hopkins School of the throw to first base, and the batter stepping gingerly to avoid contact with the ball.

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton Massachusetts

Compiled for HopNews.com by Eric Montville © 2013 All Rights Reserved
New Transactions from August 5, 2013 - August 12, 2013
Choose the blue links to see the Town's Property Card for that property
Address Buyer Price Date Seller
36 Greenwood Road Madhusudhana Mathur, Roopa Mathur $920,000 August 8, 2013 Junyao Chen, Xingwang Du
72 Downey Street Yan Rong, Xiaowen Han $168,000 August 8, 2013 Bank of America
1 Cole Drive, Unit 7 Steven M. Kamin, Janis F. Kamin $537,900 August 5, 2013 William A. Depietri, Lumber Street I Realty Trust
7 Edge Hill Road Patrick O. Corbett, Gayle D. Corbett $1,060,000 August 5, 2013 Wayne W. Wall, Pamela J. Norley
Last Week
33 Pinecrest Village Sumit Gaurav, Natasha Gaurav $191,000 August 2, 2013 Werner Christ, Lin Li
13 Pendulum Pass Mark Abbott, Jeneen Peschutter $974,900 August 2, 2013 13 Pendulum Pass Realty Trust, Alfred F.
Bonazzoli, Carol A. Bonazzoli
27 Tammer Lane Srinivas Suram, Radhika Dharanikota $601,000 August 1, 2013 Timothy J. Titcomb, Nancy A. Titcomb
9 Thayer Heights Road Christopher J. Macpherson, Kristina
M. Macpherson
$430,000 August 1, 2013 Raymond A. Gendreau Irrevocable Trust,
Sheila A. Gendreau, Raymond Gendreau
227 Winter Street Ashlie Fan Jie $940,000 August 1, 2013 Ralph A. Perron, Elizabeth L. Perron
4 Stewart Street Gabriel L. Thaisz, Heather G. Thaisz $669,000 July 31, 2013 Margaret R. Gordon
    Police Incident Log <---- Sign up to get significant traffic and crime alerts
   Updated Monday, August 12, 2013


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

2 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

4 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home Checks.

3 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

4 Times the Police assisted with an Animal Call.


Arrest Log

Friday, August 9, 2013

7:23 pm Detective Timothy Brennan arrested Christopher P. Morin, 35, of Granite Street, Uxbridge, on Granite Street for a Warrant.

5:39 pm Officer Matthew McNeil arrested Sharon Wall, 42, of Water Street, Framingham, on East Main Street and charged her with OUI Liquor.


Incident Log

Sunday, August 11, 2013

1:38 pm Officer Stephen Buckley responded to Yale Road for a possible by-law violation.

9:02 am A resident of Cunningham Street reported that someone tried to “blow up” her mailbox. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and stated that he found a firecracker nearby.

1:16 am Officer Jacob Campbell checked and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle parked on Rafferty Road.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

10:27 pm A caller reported that a vehicle was off of the roadway on Hayden Rowe Street and was unsure if it was a medical or motor vehicle accident. Four officers responded and advised that it was a medical and the operator was transported to the hospital.

12:43 am Officer Philip Powers reported finding an odor of natural gas on Wood Street. The Fire Department was notified.


Friday, August 9, 2013

10:12 pm A Lincoln Street resident reported that a strange motor vehicle was parked in front of a neighbor's house. The owner was contacted and advised that it was her son who was visiting a friend.

9:52 pm A caller reported heavy equipment being operated on Mayhew Street. Officer Philip Powers responded and advised that it was just a truck loading equipment.

6:59 pm A resident reported that the road was starting to give way in the construction area on Main Street. The DPW was notified.

6:38 pm Detective Timothy Brennan arrested a 35 year old male from Uxbridge for a Warrant.

4:39 pm The Ashland Police Department reported a hit and run motor vehicle accident with the suspected vehicle heading into town on East Main Street. Officer Matthew McNeil stopped the motor vehicle and subsequently arrested a 42 year old female from Framingham and charged her with OUI Liquor.

7:56 am A caller reported that a contractor was removing a stone wall and taking up a lane of travel on Front Street. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and stated that they needed a detail officer.

  12:17 am Officer Linda Higgins spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on West Main Street who was confused which exit to Route 495 to take.

Jury Finds Bulger Guilty

BOSTON—Following a two-month long trial in U.S. District Court, a federal jury today convicted James J. Bulger, holding him responsible for the murder of 11 people, as well as numerous counts of extortion, money laundering, drug dealing, and firearms possession.

After deliberating for over 32 hours, over five days, the jury found the former fugitive guilty of racketeering conspiracy and numerous racketeering acts of murder, extortion, narcotics distribution, money laundering, and possession of firearms, including machine guns. With this verdict, the jury has found that Bulger played a role in the murders of Deborah Hussey, Paul McGonagle, Edward Connors, Thomas King, Richard Castucci, Roger Wheeler, Brian Halloran, Michael Donahue, John Callahan, Arthur Barrett, and John McIntyre.

Bulger, the former leader of the Winter Hill Gang, ran a vast criminal network that emanated from South Boston and controlled much of the city and the surrounding areas during the 1970s and 1980s. In order to generate money and maintain dominance among other criminal enterprises, Bulger and his associates engaged in numerous illegal activities such as loansharking, extortion of local business owners and bookmakers, trafficking of narcotics and firearms, and murder. Bulger, and associates under his direction, used violence, threats, and intimidation to carry out these illegal activities.

In late 1994, upon learning of his impending indictment, Bulger fled Massachusetts. On June 22, 2011, Bulger and his companion, Catherine Greig, were arrested in Santa Monica, California, after 16 years on the run. Greig was later convicted of conspiracy to harbor a fugitive and is currently serving eight years in federal prison.

U.S. District Court Judge Denise J. Casper scheduled sentencing for November 13. He faces a maximum of up to life, plus 30 years in prison.

United States Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz; Colonel Timothy P. Alben, Superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police; John J. Arvanitis, Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Boston Field Division; William P. Offord, Special Agent in Charge of the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation in Boston; Michael E. Horowitz, Inspector General for the Department of Justice; Vincent Lisi, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Boston Field Division; and U.S. Marshal John Gibbons made the announcement today.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Fred M. Wyshak, Jr., Brian T. Kelly, and Zachary Hafer of Ortiz’s Public Corruption and Special Prosecutions Unit.


In the Lead

August 12, 2013 — Several motorcycle police officers led the ride from Hopkinton through Boston yesterday, including a few from Watertown, where the marathon bombing suspects were trapped, one killed and one captured.


Press Release

Driver Found Dead Following Car Crash


At approximately 10:27 PM, Saturday August 10, 2013, Hopkinton Police received a call of a single-vehicle motor vehicle accident in the area of 161 Hayden Rowe Street. Upon arrival officers observed a vehicle on the lawn at this location. The operator was found to be unresponsive and transported to Milford Regional Medical Center by Hopkinton Fire Paramedics,  where he was later pronounced deceased.


The accident investigation determined the vehicle was travelling north on Hayden Rowe Street when it left the roadway striking a business sign post, causing minimal damage to the vehicle.  It is believed the operator suffered from a medical condition as he was operating. *

*The Hopkinton Police, following this press release, refused to identify the operator, or confirm published reports with his name.


Last Hurrah

August 12, 2013 — Robert Dobinski, Parks and Recreation Commission Chair, introduces the Westwood Swing Band Sunday, the last day of Sunday Concerts on the Common for 2013. Below, residents of the Downtown, the Roberts family, get ready to put on the feedbag with some steaming hot food from Bill's Pizza prior to the beginning of Sunday's concert. Kevin, blue shirt, operates a television camera for the local cable corporation.

Coming Soon...

August 12, 2013 — Recently retired Town Clerk, Ann Click, gives the camera a wave from the 300th Anniversary booth at the Hopkinton Farmers' Market on Sunday. Mrs. Click was preceded in the Clerk's office by her mother and father.

Ride to Benefit Jimmy Fund and MIT's Sean Collier

August 12, 2013 — More than one-thousand motorcycles, police motorcycles in the lead, crossed the Boston Marathon Start line in Hopkinton Sunday. According to NECN, they were riding to support the Jimmy Fund as well as slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier, who is alleged to have been ambushed and killed by the marathon bombers. They staged at Parkwood Drive in Hopkinton, leaving shortly before 11:30 am and rode to the finish line, as well as paid a visit to the site of the ambush at MIT.


August 11, 2013 — As promised and evidenced from the HopNews webcam, work on  the Main Street water main project began their evening routine tonight, and is supposed to go until 3:00 a.m.


Ashland Police Department Thanks Hopkinton PD

August 11, 2013 — On July 2, 2013, Ashland Police attempted to serve a warrant at 13 Metropolitan Avenue to an individual known to them, Andrew Stigliano. The warrant is believed to have been for domestic violence.  According to a press release from the office of the Middlesex District Attorney on that day, Mr. Stigliano fled, entered his home, and armed himself with a shotgun. Police entered the home and an officer shot and killed Mr. Stigliano when confronted with the shotgun.

       According to unofficial sources, while hiding out, Mr. Stigliano called a confidant and told him that he would not be taken alive, and that confidant warned police of that circumstance. The police officer involved in the shooting has been identified by reliable sources as the well-respected Canine Officer Christopher Alberini. Neither the Ashland Police nor the Middlesex DA's office has made more information public since the event.

        However, Hopkinton's Town Manager's office has made public a letter of gratitude received from the Ashland Chief of Police to several officers who responded to a request for mutual aid for conducting themselves "...professionally, skillfully, and with compassion and empathy."

          Those officers are Chief Charles Wallace, Sgt. Joseph Bennett, Detective Timothy Brennan, Officers Aaron O'Neil and Peter Booth, and Dispatch Supervisor Meghan DeRaad.

Armed Operator Shot by Trooper in Chicopee, Dies after Fleeing, Crashing


August 11, 2013 — At approximately 12:22 a.m., a Massachusetts State Trooper assigned to the Springfield Barracks, while operating his marked cruiser on Route 91 southbound in Springfield, was passed by a 2002 BMW 320i with a Massachusetts registration that was traveling at an excessive rate of speed. The trooper activated his emergency lights to signal the operator to pull over.


The operator, a 23-year-old, now identified as WAYNE R. EDWARDS 2d, 23, of Springfield man, pulled over in the vicinity of the intersection of Routes 91 and 291. At the time of the stop, a 22-year-old female was a passenger in the BMW. At the intersection with Route 91 Southbound, Route 291 Eastbound is accessed by a two lane elevated flyover ramp with a breakdown lane extending up to the area of first exit, Exit 2. The trooper directed the operator to pull his car off into the breakdown lane and away from the two active eastbound lanes.  The operator pulled into the breakdown lane and stopped his vehicle.


The trooper exited his cruiser, approached the suspect vehicle, and asked the operator for his license and registration. At that point, the operator became combative and a physical altercation between him and the trooper occurred. During the altercation, the trooper discharged his service weapon, striking the operator. At this time, the female passenger exited the vehicle.


After the weapons discharge, the trooper reported his situation using his portable radio and returned to his cruiser. Meanwhile, the suspect in the BMW drove away eastbound. The trooper began to follow the BMW; about two-tenths of a mile from the scene of the altercation and shooting, the BMW crashed into the protection barrier at the base of Exit 2. The trooper called for assistance and began to administer first aid along with other responding officers.


The suspect was transported to Baystate Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased. The female passenger received an upper arm laceration while she was exiting the BMW (evidence indicates she was not shot). She was transported to Baystate Medical Center where she was treated and released.


Inside the BMW, troopers located a loaded 25-caliber handgun on the driver's seat and a loaded 40-caliber handgun under the front driver's seat. Both guns had obliterated serial numbers.


The investigation into the incident by State Police and the Office of Hampden County District Attorney Mark Mastroianni. The names of the trooper, the deceased suspect, and the passenger are not being released at this time.


MASSACHUSETTS STATE POLICE ADVISORY 081013: Motorcycle Crash on I-495 in Bolton with Serious Injury


Troopers remain on scene of the single vehicle (motorcycle) crash on I-495 in Bolton.  The victim was transported by ground ambulance to UMass Worcester where he is currently being evaluated.  The victim, a 62 year old male from Attleboro, MA, sustained serious injuries as a result of the crash.  It is not anticipated that his name will be released tonight, pending notification of family members.


No further information is available at this time. Please do not call the barracks directly.



YMCA Hopkinton Outdoor Center Celebrates Fifty Years

August 20, 2013 — Branch Executive Director of the YMCA's Outdoor Recreation Center in Hopkinton, John Barclay, known to campers and staff as "the Bear" cuts a celebratory cake. Wife Denise is in the left of the frame.
       "I feel like I'm at a wedding," he said," to which the crowd went into a refrain of, "The Bear cuts the cake, the Bear cuts the cake..." Campers and staff lined up alphabetically, each getting a piece in turn.
        Choose thumbnails below to see larger photos of the campfire.

Owning the High Ground

August 10, 2013 — This cormorant at Blood's Pond today retracts its wings, as a lone turtle and a shoreline of loosestrife bear silent witness.

Familiar Territory

August 10, 2013 — While most birds keep at least 100 feet from humans, this one nearly followed the photographer like a puppy would, posing with a familiar Hopkinton icon in the background. Judging from its plump constitution and lack of fear, its tameness could be the result of lunchtime handouts from people who find respite at the nearby picnic table.


Busy Day

August 9, 2013 — There were more public safety personnel in Hopkinton today per capita than can be imagined, with medical calls, disabled vehicles, details due to construction, water main break details and above, two of four cruisers responding through Downtown to a motor vehicle stop at Peach and East Main of a suspected hit and run driver, who was subsequently arrested for OUI Liquor.

YMCA Day Camp 50th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, August 10, 2013

45 East Street, Hopkinton



11:00am                               Registration begins in Hayes Lodge

11am – 3:00pm                  Camp Activities:  Camp tours, 
                                                Arts and Crafts, Archery, Ropes Course, 
                                                Camp Games, Pool is open for swimming, please  feel free to walk around the camp at your leisure.

12:00 – 2:00pm                  BBQ lunch picnic grove

2:15pm                                 Story of DumDum Dadda with the Bear, 
                                                Soccer Fields

3:00pm                                 Campfire at Camp Fire Ring

3:45 pm                                50th Birthday Cake at Soccer Pavilion


Main Street Water Main Repaired
The water main break that shut down water service in Downtown Hopkinton has been repaired and the water is flowing.

NOTE: The Water Department has not sent an advisory, but drawing from past experience, there will likely be air in the lines, so purge them slowly to avoid a spurt that could send water in unwanted directions. Sometimes sediment gets loose from the main pipes and discolors the water. Many people recommend removing the screens from the aerated faucets to avoid trapping sediment that could plug them. Put the screens back when the air is gone and the water runs clear.


  Police Incident Log <---- Sign up to get significant traffic and crime alerts

Updated Friday, August 9, 2013


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

3 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

4 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home Checks.

1 Disabled Motor Vehicle.

1 Time the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

Incident Log

Thursday, August 8, 2013

8:44 pm A walk-in reported that there was evidence of kids partying on the Fruit Street property. Officer Aaron O'Neil checked the area with a negative find.

8:30 pm A caller reported a suspicious motor vehicle on Huckleberry Road. Officer Aaron O'Neil checked the area with a negative find.

8:10 pm Officer William Burchard checked the area of Chestnut Street for a possible solicitor but did not locate anyone.

5:23 pm Officer Aaron O'Neil responded to Fruit Street to take a report of fraud.

11:46 am Officer Philip Powers responded to West Main Street to take a report of larceny.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

4:27 pm Officer Gregg DeBoer responded to Cedar Street to take a report of a hit and run motor vehicle accident.

3:26 pm A caller reported that there was a teen on a dirt bike near Sandy Beach. Officer Aaron O'Neil checked the area but did not locate anyone on a dirt bike.

12:06 am A caller reported what sounded like a party at the bird sanctuary on Clinton Street. Officer Linda Higgins checked the area and located several people in the woods running around.


Main Street Water Service Affected by Break

8/9/2013 12:29:56 PM EST - Good Afternoon, This Is Interim Police Chief Chuck Wallace calling to advise of a water main break on Main St. Due to this break, water service in the Main St. area will be interrupted for several hours. We appreciate your patience while the break is repaired and service is restored. Facebook an Twitter followers got alerted.


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