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Police Incident/Log
   Updated Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

2 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

1 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home Check.

3 Motor Vehicle Accidents without personal injury.

2 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

2 Times the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

1 Time the Police participated in Community Relations or passenger safety.


Incident Log

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10:38 pm A School Street resident reported that someone rang his doorbell and when he looked outside no one was there and all he saw was a basketball. Officer Matthew McNeil checked the area and spoke with the caller.

5:40 pm A caller reported that she was a nanny for a resident on Greenwood Road and while playing outside with the kids a beaver ran toward them and managed to crawl inside the vehicles engine compartment. Officer Matthew McNeil responded to assist with removing the beaver however it could not be located.

5:02 pm The Milford Police Department advised to be on the look out for a female walking on South Street who assaulted her mother and was suicidal. Officer Matthew McNeil responded to check the area.

1:48 pm A resident of Falcon Ridge Drive spoke with Officer Stephen Buckley regarding ID theft that has been occurring for the past year.

7:11 am A walk-in from Winter Street spoke with Officer Patrick O'Brien regarding a TV that was taken in a breaking and entering at his residence.

8:02 am There was a report of a motor vehicle accident on South Street. Two officers responded and advised that the operator was issued a complaint application for unlicensed operator of a motor vehicle.


Monday, June 24, 2013

3:33 pm The Dover Police Department requested an officer check for a motor vehicle that was possibly at a residence on Wood Street.

3:03 pm A caller reported that a man appeared to be stumbling on Hayden Rowe Street near the town line. Officer Aaron O'Neil located him and transported him to his residence.

7:24 am A caller from Lakeshore Drive reported that a female in a gray car was going through curbside trash and then leaving the trash on the ground after going through it. Officer Stephen Buckley located the individual and advised her of the complaint and stated that he did not see any trash on the ground.

Lost Bunny Wants to Go Home

This bunny was found in our yard Greenwood rd./Everett Circle/Overlook Rd. area and is clearly a domestic pet.

A friend with rabbit cage/supplies has it while we search for owner. mgcovino@comcast.net


Still Time To Become A Fresh Air Host


The Fresh Air Fund will celebrate its 137th summer of serving NYC children! The Fresh Air Fund, an independent, not-for-profit agency, has provided free summer vacations to more than 1.7 million New York City children from low-income communities since 1877. Fresh Air children experience simple pleasures like running barefoot through the grass, gazing at star-filled skies and creating memories that last a lifetime. Through the eyes of Fresh Air children, families often rediscover the beauty of their own communities. The bus will be arriving July 19, 2013 for a one week, 10 day, or two week visit.

For more information on how you can sign up to become a volunteer host this summer, please contact Theresa Kane at Theresa.kane@friendlytown.org; 978-618-0676 or The Fresh Air Fund at 800-367-0003. Additionally, you can find more information online at www.freshair.org .

Quad-A Champions

The Hopkinton Little League Quad-A Pirates beat the Red Sox 10-6 on Wednesday night to win the league championship.

Front row (L-R) Alex Brown, Brian Keefe, Jack Rodgers, Jacob Calka, Jesse Chambers.
Middle row (L-R) Ryan Lundy, Zach Pryshlak, Aidan Stewart, Francesco Duca, Jacob Sullivan, Max Rodgers.
Back row (L-R) coach Jerry Keefe, coach Todd Chambers, head coach Kenny Rodgers, coach Ken Brown, and coach Jim Calka. Contributed Content.


Greyhound Program Educates Public About Breed
Greyhound Friends Travel to New England Schools, Community Centers

June 26, 2013 — There are numerous misconceptions about Greyhounds and animal welfare nonprofit Greyhound Friends is doing their best to educate the public about this gentle, graceful breed.

The Greyhound Friends Educational Outreach Program’s core message stresses kindness to animals and the value of involvement in one’s community, while educating students about the unique history and characteristics of the greyhound breed. A team of trained presenters and dogs travel to elementary schools, libraries, and other community locations throughout New England teaching children and families about greyhounds.

“The reaction to the program has been tremendous,” said Greyhound Friends Founder Louise Coleman. “It’s a way for us to reach out to communities throughout New England, meet wonderful people, while educating people young and old about this beautiful breed of dog. The students especially love that they can reach out and touch a living, breathing greyhound.”

The program lasts approximately 50-60 minutes and features question and answer sessions. There’s no charge to bring The Greyhound Friends Educational Outreach Program to a school or group. Photo by John Mottern

HPTA Scholarship Winners

The HPTA is pleased to announce the winners of their Annual Scholarship.  They are from left, Alexis Stefano, Meghan Beidleman, and Connor Zanini.  All of these winners demonstrated the Spirit of Volunteerism!  We wish them the best for the future.


Trans-American Relay to Raise Funds for Bombing Victims
3300 miles non-stop from LA to Boston


A 3300 mile non-stop running relay left Los Angeles earlier this month, bound for Boston. The epic event is being organized thousands of miles away by a trio of running enthusiasts from the UK who wanted to show their support for Boston following the tragic events of April 15.


One Run For Boston started from Venice Beach, LA, at 10am on Friday 7 June and is scheduled to reach Boston at 8pm on Sunday 30 June. Hundreds of runners from across the USA keep the relay going non-stop around the clock through fourteen different states and four separate time zones, passing a specially designed baton between them. Supporters will be able to follow their progress online thanks to a GPS Ninja Tracking device fitted to the baton which will update its location every 15 minutes.


The three friends from England who are the driving force behind the relay are Kate Treleaven, Danny Bent and Jamie Hay.


“When the news from Boston reached us on April 15, we were completely stunned” said Danny Bent. “It took a little while to digest what had happened, but we each reacted in exactly the same way - we just knew we had to do something.”


The trio are no strangers to organising epic fundraising events. Past efforts include a 9000 mile bike ride from London to India and an 8000 mile non-stop running relay around the British Isles which took eight weeks and involved 2000 runners.


“One Run For Boston is a chance for runners to come together and show solidarity in a really dynamic way” said Kate Treleaven. “It’s a chance to be part of something remarkable, to demonstrate the strength of human spirit and send a powerful message of support to the city of Boston and those whose lives were changed on April 15.”


By collecting donations from each of the participating runners, the relay is raising money for The One Fund Boston, set up by the Mayor of Boston to assist the victims and families most seriously affected by the bombings. The One Run For Boston team have recently confirmed that donations made by runners who sign up to run in Oklahoma will be donated to the OK Strong Disaster Relief Fund set up in the wake of this week’s devastating tornado.


The relay will travel through the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and finally, Massachusetts. The 3300 mile route has been divided into 319 separate stages. Most of the stages are around ten miles with a few as long as 26 miles and some group stages in the big cities just five miles. Runners can sign up to run a stage via the One Run For Boston Website (www.onerunforboston.org). At time of writing over 1,500 runners have already signed up to run and over $58,400 raised for The One Fund.


“We’ve received incredible support from runners, businesses and the odd celebrity” explained Jamie Hay. “We’ve seen some amazing stories from runners uniting to make this event happen and had tweets from Kevin Spacey and Al Rocker. We’re hoping to receive more national news coverage to really raise awareness of this epic relay!”


Danny and Kate have been following the baton in a support vehicle since Friday 7 June in LA. From there they’re driving the route, following the relay all the way to Boston, posting daily updates from the roadside and running the occasional stage. Jamie will continue to co-ordinate from the UK before flying out to New York on Wednesday June 26 and is available for media interviews until Saturday June 29 where he will join the team in Central Park and from there the trio will carry on to Boston. ~ Contributed content.


HHS Freshman to Perform


Michael Fajardo, a Freshman at Hopkinton High School, performed in front of a packed Showcase Live audience at Patriot Place in Foxboro on Fathers’ Day. Michael is one of an elite group of performers known as Electric Youth, trained at the Franklin School for the Performing Arts . Backed by an eight-piece band of world class musicians, Electric Youth delivers high energy music including contemporary pop, classic rock and country hits. As they prepare to perform across England and France for the month of August, EY’s Showcase Live concert featured fully choreographed performances of songs from the Stones and Guns N’ Roses, to Fun and The B-52s. This fan favorite performance offers high powered, non-stop family entertainment with music for all ages.

Electric Youth will perform at several more Massachusetts events this summer before their European tour, including Norfolk, at Town Hill on Thursday, July 18th, @6:30pm.

Here is an amateur video of a recent performance: Sweet Child O’ Mine: http://youtu.be/nnd3YTbzTnI . It has the HopNews stamp of approval.

Michael Fajardo of Hopkinton H.S. 14, performing "Sweet Child O' Mine", with Jenna McDermott and Electric Youth, an elite performance company trained at the Franklin School for the Performing Arts.

Contributed content.



Flower earrings in baggie found on Main Street near Hayden Rowe.
If they are yours, contact
brenraia@yahoo.com to claim them.


Ed Markey Wins State 55% - 45%
Gabriel Gomez Wins Hopkinton, 1,876 - 1,366

Jun 25, 2013 — With 3,257 Hopkinton voters casting ballots, Republican Gabriel Gomez came away with nearly 58% of the vote, beating Ed Markey in all four Hopkinton precincts in the special election for the US Senate to fill the seat left vacant by John Kerry's appointment as Secretary of State. In addition to the numbers below are 15 write-ins, blanks and votes for Heos.

        Precinct 1 = Gomez 489, Markey 314

        Precinct 2 = Gomez 453, Markey 335

        Precinct 3 = Gomez 469, Markey 380

        Precinct 4 = Gomez 465, Markey 337


   Right, Election Warden Jack Palitsch announcing the end of voting as the last voter crosses the threshold into the middle school  hallway.


At this time, 9:55 pm, Channel 7 has Markey ahead 55% to 45% with 96% reporting. Gabriel Gomez has conceded the race.


The Long Arm of the Tree Guy

June 25,2013 — Tree workers, one bucket truck's arms frame another, were busy as bees today in and around the Downtown area cutting back growth that is impinging on NSTAR primary electrical lines, according to DPW Director John Westerling. Trees and shrubs have been growing healthily with an abundance of precipitation in the last year.


"The Turnout is Incredibly Good.
"But Please Remind people to Get Out and Vote." - Ken Weismantel

June 25, 2013 —According to Hopkinton Republican Town Committee Chairman Ken Weismantel, above, a count of 1,905 voters by 4:00 pm today is incredibly good for a special election.

David Vincent Cardito, 38

David Vincent Cardito, 38, of Hopkinton, passed away unexpectedly while playing Hockey, on Monday, June 24, 2013. He was the husband of Melissa (Cacace) Cardito of Hopkinton. Arrangements are incomplete at this time and are under the care of the Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton.


Collapsed Building to be Stabilized

June 25, 2013 — After installing some protection over the doors, residents were allowed to return to their partially collapsed residence at 188 Hayden Rowe Street that has recently changed hands. Following the collapse, the police closed through traffic on Hayden Rowe Street until the building could be stabilized.,

         According to Director of Municipal Inspections, Charles Kadlik, the brick needed re-pointing and needs to be integrated into the construction of the roof. A construction engineer has advised workers on best practices to shore up the roof.




Peter Devereaux led the walk and delivered a speech with the state’s leading breast cancer organization, the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC), at the 21st annual statewide Against the Tide Swim, Kayak, Walk, or Run event on June 22nd. He is a former marine who was diagnosed with Stage IIIB Male Breast Cancer in 2008. A few months later, he received a letter from the government informing him that he may have been exposed to water contaminated with TCE, PCE, and benzene. He made the connection immediately, and there are now 83 confirmed cases of male breast cancer among the Marines from Camp Lejeune. “We chugged down eight to ten quarts a day,” says Pete, “and between training and regular life, we were taking two to three showers a day.” His experiences, and the experiences of his fellow marines, led Pete to his interest in breast cancer prevention, and its environmental causes.


Pete became involved with the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC), the state’s leading breast cancer organization that seeks to understand the causes of breast cancer in order to find ways to prevent the disease. This past weekend on June 22nd, MBCC held its 21st annual Against the Tide swim, kayak, walk, or run fundraising event in Hopkinton, MA!  Peter spoke about his experience and his passion for breast cancer prevention from the podium at the event, followed by Silent Spring Institute Director of Research, Ruthann Rudel. This inspiring morning event in Hopkinton, MA on June 22nd featured many exciting components, with Mrs. Massachusetts International and the Girl Scouts of America in attendance. This inspiring event consists of a competitive or recreational swim, kayak, walk, or run components. It also featured an Aquathlon, consisting of the competitive 1-mile swim and the choice of a competitive 5K or 10K run. This family-friendly, statewide event brought together people from all demographics and of all abilities with one goal in mind: breast cancer prevention.


MBCC's Executive Director and Co-Founder of Silent Spring Institute, Cheryl Osimo, explains, “It was inspiring to hear from one of the 83 Camp Lejeune marine breast cancer victims who served their country. Peter’s compelling story brings to light the importance of MBCC’s unique goal of breast cancer prevention. We are honored that Peter led the walk with several others including members of the Girl Scouts of America, this past Saturday.”


MBCC is inviting people throughout Massachusetts to participate in the 14th annual, statewide Against the Tide Swim, Kayak, Walk, or Run event at DCR’s Nickerson State Park on August 17, 2013 in Brewster, MA.


For more information on MBCC or make a pledge, please visit www.mbcc.org .


Donations may be sent to:

Against the Tide c/o MBCC

333 Weymouth Street, #13

Rockland, MA  02370


From the FBI:

 Race Against Time
Holiday Bomb Threat Averted

Huntington, NY — It was one of those cases like you might see on TV or in the movies—where the FBI and its partners work feverishly behind the scenes, racing to stop bombs from going off and lives from possibly being lost.

But this was real—and the stakes were high. The target was one of the nation’s largest retailers in one of America’s most populated areas. And the day of reckoning was Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.

It all started last October 15, when the Home Depot in Huntington, New York—a town on the north shore of Long Island—received an ominous anonymous note. The sender demanded $2 million or he would “shut down” three Home Depot stores on Long Island the day after Thanksgiving by remotely setting off bombs filled with roofing nails using a cell phone. As proof of his ability to hide a bomb, he said that he had planted a live device in the Huntington store’s lighting department.

The man wasn’t bluffing. Home Depot immediately contacted the Suffolk County Police Department, which found an operational pipe bomb hidden within a light fixture inside a box on a shelf. Bomb techs rendered it harmless through a controlled detonation.

Suffolk County and FBI bomb techs later agreed that if a store employee or customer had come across the bomb and picked it up, it could have exploded. And the device made it clear that the bomb-maker knew what he was doing.

Two days later, the man called Home Depot and repeated his demands. Five days later, the store received a second letter, this time lowering the ransom to $1 million and setting up a “money drop” for October 26.

According to the criminal complaint filed in the case, on the day of the money drop, the bomber intended to be “wired up like a Christmas tree” with “2 devices strapped to a belt and 1 to a neck chain I will be wearing, wired together and attached to a deadman switch in my hand.” The man also stated that “to keep from being shot at a distance,” he intended to place an additional explosive device in a Home Depot store.

But just before the scheduled money drop, the would-be-bomber made a second phone call to Home Depot to call it off…for the time being.

All the while, a multi-agency team of investigators from federal, state, and local law enforcement were compiling a list of suspects and working to narrow it down. A prime suspect soon emerged—Daniel Patrick Sheehan, an employee of the Home Depot store in nearby Deer Park.

On November 7—after using a variety of innovative investigative techniques—law enforcement located and arrested Sheehan in the vicinity of one of the Long Island Home Depot locations. Found in Sheehan’s possession was the cell phone used to make the threatening phone calls to the store.

On June 17, 2013, Sheehan was convicted by a federal jury of extorting his employer and using a destructive device. As then-FBI New York Acting Assistant Director in Charge Mary Galligan said after Sheehan’s arrest, “Whatever his motivation …[Sheenan’s] scheme caused economic loss, was a huge drain on law enforcement resources, and threatened the safety of untold numbers of innocent people, any one of which is unacceptable.”

Dunkin' Donuts Approved by Planning Board 6-1


The above conceptual drawing is the most recent one available, but does not have the most up-to-date features. For one, all of the hanging lights will be gone, and the individual sign letters will be lit on the interior, changes suggested by the Design Review Board. The consultant showed it to demonstrate color.


June 24, 2013 — The proponents of building a Dunkin' Donuts at 78 West Main Street returned to the Planning Board tonight with recommendations from their visit to the Design Review Board last week. After some loud back and forth between some neighbors and the Chairman, they got their plan approved, but with some conditions.

         DRB wanted all of the lights to be dropped from 22 feet to 15 feet, but the proponent refused to comply fully, and the Planning Board did not insist that they should.

         A standing room only crowd of neighbors opposed to the plan packed the oppressively hot meeting room. 

         "I don't see why you are still married to 22-foot poles. They are too tall," neighbor and former Planning Board member Sandy Altamura (Photo) said forcefully. She asked how many lumens will be measured under the poles.

         "Eight and a half," the consultant answered. 

          "Do you realize how bright that is?" she yelled to the board. 

         The proponents agreed with shortening their delivery hours, installing "No Parking" signs on the roads, and "No Left Turn" signs from West Main Street onto the property.

          They also agreed to their best efforts to be sure that a neighbor who abuts the entrance access to the property has shrubs installed, either on her property or the town-owned right of way on High Street to mitigate the inevitable lights that will strike her house from vehicles entering from the west.

          Elm Street residents were especially opposed to the use of  Elm Street, and then the turn onto High Street as one of the entrances into the site.

        "A van can't make that turn," Mrs. Altamura said.

        "I made the turn," said Chairman Ken Weismantel.

        "I don't believe it," she said tersely, drawing a strong warning from the Chairman.

        "You are out of order," Mr. Weismantel said, in a warning that can precede removal from a meeting.

        Mr. Weismantel explained in answer to a question by Muriel Kramer that the roadway entrance could not be closed because there is no other way to get in.

        An attorney appearing on behalf of an abutter implied the plan was flawed, because the lot is, by statute, actually smaller than stated; but the board took no action on his complaint.

         Planning Board member Claire Wright cast  the sole dissenting vote. 

        People feeling aggrieved have 20 days to appeal following the decision being filed with the Town Clerk.


Neighbors Blame Clear-cutting for Increase in Flooding at West Elm Street

Above, the former Wright property on West Elm Street. The structure on the left is a home that was built years ago on behalf of the former property owners. The town denied an occupancy permit, and the building has never been occupied all of these years. According to Doug Resnick, attorney for the developer, the building will be demolished.


June 24, 2013 — Site development for Maspenock Woods, a 31-unit garden-style apartment plan on 15 acres of former woods on West Elm Street was begun recently, but has halted as a result of recent wet weather.

         Neighbors went before the Planning Board this evening to complain that their properties were being flooded as a result of the land being clear-cut without sufficient mitigation for storm water runoff. 

          Selectman John Mosher, an abutter, said "Hay bales were in the road. There's no question it's coming off that hill."

           An engineer suggested it was the high lake level causing flooding of basements.

          Planning Board Chairmen Ken Weismantel  asked him if he had measured it or just observed it.

          Hearing that he had observed it, Mr. Weismantel said to a longtime lakefront resident, "Bea [McMullen], is the lake high?"

         "Yes," she said succinctly, answering the question for all.

        The Planning Board will ask the town's consulting engineers to suggest a solution.

Early Campaigning

June 24, 2013 — In supporting Karen Spilka to campaign for Ed Markey's seat in Congress is the implicit belief that Mr. Markey will win the open Massachusetts seat for the Untied States Senate in tomorrow's special election against Gabriel Gomez. Fellow Democrats and  Spilka supporters showed up with their checkbooks at the home of Dr. Bruce Karlin early this evening for a show of support and some festive celebrations. If Mr. Markey wins as they are counting on, the results will need to be certified before he is seated in the Senate. Presumably, the race for his Congressional seat will then officially open up.


Hopkinton Middle School Staff’s First Annual Trivia Afternoon Raises $630 for Project Just Because


More than 40 staff members from Hopkinton Middle School were able to raise $630 for Project Just Because this past Friday, June 21st by holding an afternoon of trivia at PINZ in Milford.  Participants included administrators, teachers, administrative assistants, librarians, technology and guidance staff.  Each staff member paid $20 to attend the event, and several staff members who were unable to attend still donated to the cause. Expenses were kept low thanks to PINZ donating the space for the event.


Competition was fierce among the 8 teams.  Staff members got creative with team names which included The Fightin’ Balboas , The No-Mercyers, Michael Hayes & The Supremes, The Kearneyvores, A Day Late & A Dollar Short, The Dowd Dominators, Rally Around McNally, and the Bye Bye Baumans.  Although scores fluctuated greatly throughout the event, Michael Hayes & The Supremes took the ultimate prize in the end, The HMS Trivia Cup, which will have to be passed on next year if they can’t defend their title.  HMS staff had such a great time they hope to make this an annual event for the charity.


Project Just Because supplies adults and children in and around the Hopkinton community who are in need with support by providing a variety of items including clothing, toiletries, gift baskets, career items, school supplies, blankets, toys, furniture, baby items, housewares, and more.  If you would like to make a donation to Project Just Because, log on to www.projectjustbecause.org Contributed content.


FREE Movie Thursday

Hopkinton Parks and Recreation is offering a FREE Walk-In Movie on the Town Common this Thursday, June 27th. The movie begins at 8:30pm. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets to the Town Common to view a family movie "Drive -In" style. This week's movie is Thunderstruck. We hope to see you all there! ~ Parks and Recreation.


Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton Massachusetts

Compiled for HopNews.com by Eric Montville © 2013 All Rights Reserved
New Transactions from June 17, 2013 - June 24, 2013
Address Buyer Price Date Seller
16 Sanctuary Lane Werner Christ, Lin Li $422,238 June 24, 2013 Weston Development Group
16 Sanctuary Lane, Unit 28 Weston Development Group $100,000 June 24, 2013 Sanctuary Lane LLC
72 Old Elm Way Jonathan T. Burrill, Alexandra Burrill $925,000 June 21, 2013 John M. McPherson, Pamela A. McPherson
152 Hayden Rowe Street Angela Bovill $655,000 June 20, 2013 Patrick J. Sansonetti, Shannon E. Sansonetti
21 Curtis Road Jeffrey C. Bouzan, April S. Bouzan $380,000 June 20, 2013 Lesley D. Nelson, Matthew K. Nelson
Last Week
12 Stonegate Road Matthew K. Nelson $907,500 June 17, 2013 Michael G. Najnigier, Jill A. Najnigier
33 Woody Island Road Jochen Daneil Muehlschlegal, Susanne
$332,000 June 17, 2013 Richard R. Beidleman, Beth A. Beidleman
185 Hayden Rowe Street 185 Hayden Rowe Realty Trust, Elizabeth V.
Davidson, Thomas Orent
$370,100 June 14, 2013 James Maloney, Maloney Family Nominee Trust

188 Hayden Rowe Street

Elizabeth V. Davidson, Thomas Orent, 188
Hayden Rowe Realty Trust


June 14, 2013

James Maloney, Maloney Family Nominee Trust

21 Valentine Road David W. Sykrora, Patricia J. Sykora $445,000 June 14, 2013 Jay S. Jacobson, Victoria M. Jacobson
8 Ledgestone Drive Marc G. Locoche, Meghan Lacoche $640,000 June 14, 2013 David W. Sykora, Patricia J. Sykora
10 Sterling Drive James R. Odierna, Michelle L. Odierna $723,000 June 14, 2013 Debra A. Defranzo
12 Colella Farm Road Robert F. Keohane, Dianne L. Keohane $610,000 June 14, 2013 Christopher E. Fuchs, Susan S. Fuchs
42 Chestnut Street Robert R. Zeigler, Deborah L. Zeigler $418,000 June 13, 2013 Paulo S. Mendes, Dulce C. Pinto
9 Cole Drive, Unit 16 Eileen O Locke, Kenneth W. Locke $479,900 June 12, 2013 William A. Depietri, Lumber Street I Realty Trust
Previous Week
49 Walcott Valley Drive, Unit 37 Joseph M. Keller, Doris M. Keller $137,500 June 6, 2013 Sean P. Fitzpatrick, Lisa B. Fitzpatrick, Lisa B. Nobilini
3 Pond Street Alexander W. Harris, Christina S. Harris $550,008 June 7, 2013 Hope Whitman Martin 2012 Living Trust, Hope
Whitman Martin, Catherine Manegold
28 Greenwood Road Junsheng Wang, Li Wang $799,000 June 7, 2013 Kenneth W. Locke, Eileen O. Locke
2 John Matthew Road Amanda N. Ross $775,000 June 7, 2013 Vincent S. Accorsini, Jean Accorsini
18 John Matthew Road Bruce S. Lutz, Maureen B. Lutz $170,000 June 7, 2013 Richard Barbieri

Ashley Olafsen, the Sophomore Class Vice President at Hopkinton High School says that when you go to Frutti Cup in Westborough, mention you are from HHS and 10% of sale goes back to Sophomore class.


Hopkinton Drug to show at Farmers Market June 30  
Hopkinton Drug
will be participating in the Hopkinton Farmer’s market on Sunday, June 30, 2013 from 1pm – 5pm. on Hopkinton Common

They will have a tent and a table and will provide:

-         Vitamin & Supplement samples

-         Zinc Deficiency Testing

-         Exercise activities for children

-         Information on our Lifestyle Education and Liver Detoxification programs

-         And more!

   Police Incident/Arrest Log
   Updated Monday, June 24, 2013


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

3 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

4 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home Checks.

2 Motor Vehicle Accidents without personal injury.

1 Disabled Motor Vehicle.

5 Times the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

Arrest Log

Friday, June 21, 2013

1:10 am Sgt. Scott vanRaalten arrested Tina M. Murray, 48, of Hardwick Road, Natick, on West Main Street and charged her with Marked Lanes Violation and OUI Liquor, 2nd Offense.


Incident Log

Sunday, June 23, 2013

10:55 pm A Trevor Lane resident reported that there was an unwanted person at his residence and wanted him to leave. Three officers responded and advised that the individual had left.

7:55 pm A caller reported that a suspicious motor vehicle, full of teenagers, was traveling at a high rate of speed on Hayward Street. Officer William Burchard checked the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.

7:09 pm A Greenwood Road resident reported vandalism to a motor vehicle. Officer William Burchard responded and took a report.

4:16 pm A walk-in reported that he was harassed and followed into a West Main Street business by a male who was operating a black Jaguar.

4:03 pm A caller reported that a bulldozer was operating in the area of School Street. Officer William Burchard responded and spoke with the operator.

12:16 pm A caller reported that a man asked her six year old daughter some inappropriate questions in a Main Street parking lot. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and located the individual who denied any involvement.

11:59 am A resident of Lakeshore Drive reported a suspicious motor vehicle in a residence driveway. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and advised that it was a cleaning crew waiting for a family member.

11:53 am The Southborough Police Department requested assistance with a foot pursuit of a person that had a warrant on Cordaville Road.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

10:34 pm A North Street resident reported that a vehicle was parked in an unusual location near her house. Officer William Burchard responded but the vehicle was gone upon his arrival.

10:11 pm A caller from Fruit Street reported that two individuals were outside of her house, then walked down the driveway and left in a motor vehicle. Officer William Burchard checked the area with a negative find.

8:35 pm A resident of DiCarlo Road reported that around 11:30 pm the night before he believed someone had shot a paintball at his front door.

8:20 pm A caller reported several teenagers outside on Church Place yelling things and was concerned about something happening to her and her friends vehicle overnight. Officer Matthew McNeil responded and advised that all was quiet.

7:16 pm A caller reported returning home on Cedar Street to find damage done to their stone wall caused by an unknown vehicle. Officer Matthew McNeil viewed the damage and took a report.


Friday, June 21, 2013

6:52 pm A resident of Third Road reported a possible scam over the telephone.

5:55 pm The Ashland Police Department reported an erratic operator on East Main Street. Officer Philip Powers checked the area with a negative find.

2:52 pm Sgt. Michael Sutton investigated suspicious activity on Blueberry Lane.

12:18 pm Four officers and the Fire Department responded to the report of a house on Hayden Rowe Street that appeared to be collapsing. Hayden Rowe Street was closed from Chestnut to Granite Street.

10:42 am A motorist reported a male walking in the middle of Pond Street and was concerned for his safety. Officer Patrick O'Brien responded and spoke with the man.

3:40 am An attendant of a West Main Street gas station reported that a person had been sleeping in a vehicle for the past hour and a half. Officer Linda Higgins spoke with the operator of the vehicle who stated that he was tired and went home.

12:43 am Sgt. Scott vanRaalten stopped a motor vehicle on West Main Street and subsequently arrested a 48 year old female from Natick and charged her with Marked Lanes Violation and OUI Liquor, 2nd Offense


Hopkinton Song Played at BAA 10k

"Run Boston Strong," a song written and arranged by Hopkinton's Amanda Maffei as an anthem for the Boston runners — a gift from her and the dozen or so performers and engineers who helped put it together — was played three times at the BAA 10k in Boston today. It was the first BAA run since the tragedy during the 2013 Boston Marathon.

            Today's men's winner was Kenya’s Stephen Sambu, 24, won the men’s title in a time of 28:06 over 2013 Boston Marathon® champion Lelisa Desisa, 23, of Ethiopia, who finished in 28:15. Desisa gave his medal to Boston Mayor Thomas Menino prior to the beginning of the awards ceremony.

Black Bear at Weston Nurseries (in Chelmsford)
June 23, 2013  — Melissa Oothout, Manager at the Weston Nurseries branch in Chelmsford, shares this video of a black bear, apparently full-size, perusing the blueberries on a cultivated blueberry bush for sale in the garden center. He decided they needed a little more time, and went on his way.


Massachusetts State Police Advisory--06-23-2013--State Police Investigate Report of
Woman Thrown From Moving Vehicle on Route 495 Northbound in Merrimac

June 23, 2013 : at 3:38 p.m. 

Troopers from the Massachusetts State Police Barracks in Newbury responded to numerous reports of a woman being thrown from a moving vehicle on to the highway on Route 495 northbound, south of Broad Street in Merrimac.  Merrimac Fire Department and Ambulance were also immediately dispatched to the scene. 

Upon arrival of emergency responders discovered a female victim suffering from serious injuries. 

The female victim was transported to Anna Jaques Hospital by ambulance and then taken by medical helicopter to a hospital in Boston.  

One of the persons who reported this incident was an off duty police officer.  The off duty officer reported to the State Police the make and model of the vehicle from which the woman was thrown. Additionally, this off duty officer reported the location of the suspect vehicle allowing troopers to stop the vehicle on 495 southbound, south of the rest area in Merrimac 

As a result of the traffic stop of the suspect vehicle two males were taken in to custody and transported the the State Police Barracks in Newbury. 

The suspects are identified as the following:

1. HENRY MATOS, 45 of Lawrence.   He is currently charged with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol 

2. MOISES MATOS 43 of Lawrence.  He is currently in Protective Custody. 

The identification of the female victim is not being released at this time. 

The facts and circumstance surrounding how the female victim sustained her injuries is being actively investigated by troopers from the Sate Police Barracks in Newbury along with Troopers assigned to the Essex County District Attorney's Office. 



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