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Accident at East Main and Cross Streets

May 28 2013 — A driver caused a world of trouble this afternoon when he crashed into a telephone pole on East Main Street, causing it to snap nearly in two, and closing the road entirely. Traffic was diverted from Hopkinton onto Clinton Street, and then Olive Street.

       While police awaited the ambulance, they let one lane pass, and a tractor trailer ripped another line down, causing the pole to fall even farther, and sending people at the scene scurrying for cover.

        Some westbound traffic diverted themselves through the Woodland Road residential neighborhood, and as a result, a tractor trailer clipped a low-hanging wore on that road, tearing it down.

        Crews are still working at the scene (1:50 pm) at this time. Facebook and Twitter followers got the alerts immediately.


Memorial Day 2013

May 27, 2013 — Above, members of the Old Guard motorcycle riders fire a 21-gun salute at Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville honoring fallen veterans on Memorial Day. The group of riders, members of the Hopkinton American Legion, members of local government, scouts, as well as veterans and interested residents repeated the rituals of prayers, speeches, taps and at each of the town's main cemeteries and concluded the observance at the Veterans memorial Gazebo on the Town Common, where the band played, the flag was raised and people spoke. See a very large gallery of the observance below.


May 27, 2013 — Marathon Restaurant at North Pond has now transformed itself into Marathon Burgers and Barbeque, offering the same fine quality, freshness and great service, but "This is more fun!" says owner Michael Tobins. Mr. Tobins said that the restaurant always had some great barbeque items, like pulled pork and ribs, but The Beast gives them greater capacity.

       "We can do off-site corporate events for hundreds of guests," he said. 

      And speaking of fun, they have added video games in the lounge area, a jukebox — and trivia on Wednesday evenings. They also have sports memorabilia signed by Robert Parrish and Pedro Martinez; and 58 types of bottled beer.

       When asked just how far they would go to ramp up the fun, Mr. Tobins said there'd be NO talking moose..


Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton Massachusetts

Compiled for HopNews.com by Eric Montville © 2013 All Right Reserved
New Transactions from May 22, 2013 - May 27, 2013
Address Buyer Price Date Seller
51 Grove Street Douglas Edward Lankford, Judy Ann Lankford $646,802 May 24, 2013 Greenstar Property Development LLC
14 Weybridge Lane, Unit 26B Reggie S. Orozco, Cheryl S. Orozco $258,500 May 22, 2013 Kevin Wallace Jr., Amanda Aulenback
Last Week
53 Grove Street Phillip A. Kuehne $556,400 May 21, 2013 Greenstar Property Development LLC
26 Rocky Woods Road Matthew Lahair, Melisa Lahair 685,000 May 20, 2013 Brian T O'Keefe, Susan D O'keefe
8 Meserve Street Michael Manzella, Karen Stonemetz 203,000 May 17, 2013 Deborah L Wright, Maxine E Adams
87 Front Street Anthony D Gonzalez, Lauren M Gonzalez 355,000 May 17, 2013 Ryan Detzel, Angela Detzel, Angela Burrows
2 McDermott Lane Brian D. Midkiff, Michelle D. Midkiff 667,500 May 17, 2013 Richard P. Barbieri
22 Walcott Valley Drive, Unit 11 Alexander Potapov $145,000 May 16, 2013 Gail Sweatt
7 Jackson Street Scott Chase, Natalie F. Langlois $820,000 May 16, 2013 James C. Ryan, Angela M. Ryan
121 Ash Street Stephen D. Franks, Keryn A. Franks $508,000 May 16, 2013 Paul D. Gillin, Lori Robak
Previous Week - No New Transactions


Police Incident/Arrest Log

Updated Monday, May 27, 2013


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

2 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

2 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home Checks.

2 Motor Vehicle Accidents without personal injury.

3 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

2 Times the Police assisted with an Animal Call.


Arrest Log

Saturday, May 25, 2013

10:04 pm Officer Philip Powers arrested Daniel L. Glovan, 42, of Evergreen Street, Spotswood, NJ, on Colonial Avenue and charged him with Assault and Battery and Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon.


Incident Log

Sunday, May 26, 2013

1:36 pm A motorist reported that the operator of a vehicle was passing cars on the double yellow line and making obscene gestures heading into Milford on Hayden Rowe Street. The Milford Police Department was advised.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

9:26 pm A 911 caller reported that a woman was screaming for help on Colonial Avenue. Three officers responded and subsequently arrested a 42 year old male from Spotswood, NJ and charged him with Assault and Battery and Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon. The victim was transported to the Milford Hospital.

5:19 pm A caller reported a vehicle all over the roadway on Meserve Street. Officer Philip Powers responded and spoke with the operator who was looking for a relatives residence.

9:50 am A resident of Harrington Way reported that the street sign was taken from a pole. A message was left with the DPW.

1:59 am Officer Jacob Campbell assisted the Ashland Police Department with locating an intoxicated youth in the woods behind his residence on West Union Street.


Friday, May 24, 2013

11:25 pm A caller reported being involved in a motor vehicle accident with personal injury on Westcott Drive. Three officers responded and advised that the passengers refused medical treatment.

2:31 pm A resident reported that her son's bus driver gave him a license plate number of a vehicle that was parked on Equestrian Drive but was unsure of the reason why. Two officers responded but the vehicle was gone upon their arrival.

2:24 pm A walk-in from Hayden Rowe Street spoke with Officer Thomas Griffin regarding her son's violin being missing and last scene at Hopkins School.

1:09 pm A Front Street resident reported that his and his wife's class rings were missing. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and took a report.

11:36 am A hydro seeding company was reportedly pumping water from Lake Whitehall on Pond Street. Officer David Shane responded and advised them that they could not pump from bodies of water without permission from DCR.

11:19 am A caller reported that a landscape truck pulled out in front of them and was operating erratically on Wood Street. Officer Thomas Griffin responded and spoke with the operator.

5:58 am A walk-in from Hayden Rowe Street wanted an "emergency no-trespass" order signed by dispatch. When asked if she had a minute to speak with an officer she left the copy and then stormed out in a huff while demanding it be given to Detective Timothy Brennan.

The One That Did NOT Get Away

May 27, 2013 — Brandon Carty's 8½ lb. large-mouth bass won him the crown at yesterday's Blackstone Valley Bass Anglers tournament on Lake Whitehall.

Out To Dry

May 27, 2013 —  The cormorant, a diving bird on Pout Rock on Lake Maspenock this morning, appears to have a broken wing, but it does not. It spends so much time diving that its oils get washed off, waterlogging its wings. The bird is holding them out to dry in the sun before it flies. When it does fliy with wet wings, it can be seen running across the top of the water, using is as a runway to gain speed for altitude.


Early Lead

May 26, 2013 — Number One has an early lead at the 21st Team Hoyt race this past Thursday in the children's warm up to the main race.



May 26, 2013  — Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville is looks ready for Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, 2013, where Hopkinton and the country pay respects to their war dead and other veterans who have passed in the last year. The events of the day will take place at all of the cemeteries, but will begin at Evergreen. Arrive at 9:30 am. Click on the thumbnail to see the schedule.


Team Hoyt 21st

May 24, 2013 — Many familiar Hopkinton faces are in the crowd at the beginning of the 21st Annual Team Hoyt 5k race, running for the first time in Hopkinton, on Thursday.



Police Incident/Arrest Log

Updated Friday, May 24, 2013


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

2 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

1 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home Check.

4 Motor Vehicle Accidents without personal injury.

1 Time the Police assisted with an Animal Call.


Arrest Log

Thursday, May 23, 2013

12:28 am Officer Linda Higgins arrested Fabian Guido Zhumi, 34, of Chauncy Street, Westboro, on South Street and charged him with Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, OUI Liquor and Drinking Alcohol From an Open Container in a Motor Vehicle.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

7:07 pm Officer Peter Booth arrested Jamie E. Taft, 37, of Water Street, Milford, on West Main Street for a Warrant.


Incident Log

Thursday, May 23, 2013

4:15 pm A resident of Holliston reported that her son was almost struck getting off the school bus by a motor vehicle that passed the bus with it's flashers on. Officer Peter Booth left a message with the owner and spoke to the operator.

2:50 pm A resident of Nazneen Circle reported that a stone wall in front of his house was struck by a motor vehicle. Officer Peter Booth responded and took a report.

10:27 am A caller reported that he was behind an erratic operator who almost struck a detail officer in Westboro. Officer David Shane checked the area with a negative find and the Westboro Police were notified.

4:15 am A Proctor Street resident reported that a red Honda had been up and down the street with its interior light on. Officer Linda Higgins responded but the vehicle was gone upon her arrival.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

11:39 pm A caller reported a rear-end motor vehicle accident on South Street. Two officers responded and subsequently arrested a 34 year old male from Westboro and charged him with Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, OUI Liquor and Drinking Alcohol From an Open Container in a Motor Vehicle.

10:13 pm A Davis Road resident reported that his daughter was out of control. Two officers spoke with her and advised that all was now quiet.

9:53 pm A caller reported an erratic operator on East Main Street. Officer Peter Booth checked the area with a negative find.

9:05 pm A resident of Ash Street reported hearing two gunshots in the area. Officer William Buchard checked the area with a negative find.

6:40 pm Officer Peter Booth arrested a 37 year old male from Milford on West Main Street for a Warrant.

5:50 pm A 911 caller reported a serious motor vehicle accident with personal injury on Hayden Rowe Street. Two officer responded to assist.

4:30 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Peter Booth regarding a threat of being murdered. The report was referred to the Sutton Police.

3:48 pm A caller from North Mill Street reported dirt bikes in the area. Officer William Burchard responded and spoke with kids in the neighborhood.

3:36 pm The State Police advised that they were looking for a person who lives in Hopkinton and caused a serious motor vehicle accident on the Mass Pike then left the scene. Officer Peter Booth responded to the residence and was able to confirm that he was the operator.

1:53 pm A resident reported that a silver Honda Civic with two male occupants were pulling into driveways, staying there for a moment, then leaving to another. Officer Gregg DeBoer checked the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.

1:02 pm A caller reported that a Honda Accord just exited Blueberry Lane speeding and nearly hitting her. The male operator stated that he had to get to school.

Girls Varsity Softball Team Wins Tri Valley League Championship

The girls varsity softball team defeated Westwood 5-1 on Wednesday to capture the Tri Valley League Championship! (contributed photo by Gregg Lentoni)


Precious Cargo

May 24, 2013 — Jennifer Calagione wheels some hanging potted plants to another area of Weston Nurseries for display yesterday.





Civil War Tours


Memorial Day, May 27 at Evergreen Cemetery, Woodville   Come hear the stories of some of the veterans of the Civil War who are buried at Evergreen Cemetery. Learn who they were, how they gave “the last full measure,” and how these, Hopkinton’s own, were part of the pivotal battles that shaped our nation and determined the outcome of the Civil War 150 years ago. 

Walking tours ongoing 10-11 AM & 12-4 PM, starting at the Comey Chapel.


Scholars Night

Back row: Roderick Towner, Josh Perez, Tyler Mikulis, Alex Kirshy, Connor Zanini, Alex Kraieski
Front row: Ali Mourey, Ashley Kaiser, Shreya Patel, Alexis Stefano, Molly Abate, Megan Franchock, Sydney Lauro

On May 21, 2013 the Milford Area Chamber of Commerce held the 25th Annual Honors Scholars Night at the Myriad Ballroom in Mendon.  Graduating seniors from surrounding towns who placed academically in the top 10% of their class were recognized and honored at this event. The Scholars from Hopkinton High School who attended were introduced by class president Connor Zanini.


Faith Community Church June 8th Fundraiser to Support Summer Youth

Missions Trip to Dominican Republic

HUGE Garage Sale/Plant Sale/Car Wash

HOPKINTON, MA -- (May 23, 2013) Faith Community Church’s Student Mission Team is hosting a Garage Sale/Plant Sale/Car Wash fundraiser on Saturday, June 8, from 8am - 2pm at Faith Community Church, 146 East Main Street, Hopkinton. All proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards this summer’s student mission trip to the Dominican Republic, from June 28 - July 6.

The funds will support a team of 88 people (68 students and 20 leaders) who will travel to Santo Domingo to construct three chapels that will double as school rooms and feeding centers for the local church there. The group will also minister to Dominican children in three vacation Bible school programs.

Attendees to the sale are encouraged to bring their dirty cars with them, and then shop the garage sale and plant sale while members of the Student Mission Team wash their cars! Garage sale items at this sale typically include: furniture; toys; books; sporting equipment; house wares; and decorative items. The sale will be held rain or shine in the 30-car garage of Faith Community Church.

Faith Community Church of Hopkinton mission is to guide people to a deeper relationship with Christ and a greater love for others.

Hopkinton Education Foundation Golf Ball Drop

On June 4 (rain date June 6) at the Hopkins School athletic field, the Hopkinton Education Foundation will be dropping 1,000 golf balls from a hot air balloon (or construction lift, depending on the weather) to see who wins $1,000!  In addition to the drop, we will have face painting, tethered balloon rides and concessions.  Join us from 5:30-7:30pm. 

Golf Ball Drop raffle tickets are $10 each or 6 for $50.  Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased from any Education Foundation board member or by emailing event@hopkintoneducationfoundation.org.  You do not need to be present to win.




HopSwap is a rare opportunity to exchange children's clothing, maternity clothing, baby gear (no car seats and high chairs), toys, games, sport equipment, trikes and bikes, books, DVDs, and more!  Prices are extremely low and the money raised goes towards the HPTA and HopMoms.  It is the ultimate recycling event as we trade children's items with our fellow Hopkinton parents.


Donations Needed - Friday, May 31st between 4pm-9pm

·        Please bring your GENTLY used and CLEANED items to the HS on Friday, May 31st between 4pm-9pm. 

·        Please have clothing sorted by gender and size.  Event coordinators will ask for your help to set up your items if you have a few minutes to spare.          Everyone who makes a donation will get a discount for the sale.

HopSwap Details - Saturday, June 1st

·                     8am-9am:  Volunteer Shopping

·                     9am-12pm:  HopSwap open to the public

·                     Fill a bag for $15ea ($10ea for when you make a donation)

Please contact hopswap@gmail.com if you can't drop off your items on Friday, or if you would like to volunteer, or if you have any questions.  For more details, visit www.hptaonline.com.

Hopkinton Native: 2013 Worst Town Meeting Ever


I have been attending Town Meetings for about 40 years and this year's Town Meeting was a big disappointment from beginning to end.

When it was announced that one budget (both school and the rest of the town) was being proposed to make the meeting more expedient it became obvious it was at the expense of voters. It seemed this year that any past decisions made at other Town Meetings were no longer pertinent.


For example, several years ago it was voted that Town Meeting would end at 11:00 pm and resume the next day.


This year, on the second night with 10 plus articles still left to go, a vote was taken to continue because the Moderator was concerned it would be difficult to get a quorum the next day. But when the "no" voters left the hall and we no longer had a quorum, the Moderator concluded that a quorum was not necessary since there were no money articles left. (Photo for illustration only).


If that is true, then why did we vote several years ago to increase the quorum from 50 voters to 100 voters if we don't even need a quorum to vote? But after voting on several articles we came back to the Article that appropriated $130,000 to pave behind Town Hall. So if the Moderator did acknowledge there was no quorum, but it didn't matter because we aren't voting on money articles then what happens to the money we appropriated without a quorum?


Is it a valid vote? And since when do you not need a quorum for non-money articles?


As always, these controversial articles are strategically placed at the end of Town Meeting when they can be rammed through because of the late hour and debate is curtailed because everyone wants to go home. Who wants to debate hot top at 12:20 am? That is when Town Meeting ended.


And as far as debate goes, some times people were allowed to speak several times on an issue and then other times debate was ended. Sometimes, when a question is moved we continue debate and other times when a question is moved debate ends. There was no consistency to the rules.


For me it was a very disappointing Town Meeting. Let's get the rules straight and stick to them.


I see we are ready for a vote.


Dale Danahy

25 East Main Street

May 23, 2013


Hopkinton Resident, Kevin Hrusovsky, to leave PerkinElmer


May 23, 2013 — Hopkinton resident, Kevin Hrusovsky, President of PerkinElmer Life Sciences, is stepping down from his position with PerkinElmer in favor of "next chapter" of his career. Mr. Hrusovsky, having earned two degrees from Ohio, is known for his penchant of giving newly met people a buckeye from his large bag of buckeyes that he keeps for such occasions.

     Mr. Hrusovsky filed the appropriate papers and informed his company of his decision earlier in the month, and sent a letter, below, to colleagues and friends.

    In November, 2011, Mr. Hrusovsky was the president and CEO of Caliper Life Sciences when PerkinElmer, a much larger company, acquired them. Mr. Hrusovsky stayed with the new company, earing the title od Senior Vice-President and President of Life Sciences. The company negotiated an agreement for a TIF with the Town of Hopkinton that involves a robust expansion, and the addition of 300 professional jobs to the town in exchange for tax beaks.

      During his recent career with Caliper Life Sciences, Mr. Hrusovsky, a scientist at heart, used his business acumen to help acquire many other companies to add to Caliper's portfolio and product line.

     In addition to his education in business and science, Mr. Hrusovsky has enjoyed his yearly seminars dressing up up in a role (above, left) as a metaphor to express his passion and dedication to the presentation of the latest science to the gathered scientists and doctors assembled to hear him and others speak about the vision of eradicating cancer and heart disease in this decade. Enjoy a reprise of HopNews video with Mr. Hrusovsky here.

     His letter is below: 


Hi Friends,


I hope you are doing well.   We just learned that due to an email glitch, many of you did not receive this letter last week.  Sorry if you are receiving this for the second time.


After 17 years with Zymark (7 yrs), Caliper:  CALP (8.5 yrs) and PerkinElmer:  PKI (1.5 yrs), I’ve decided this is the right moment to depart and begin the next chapter of my career.  Late last Friday, following the close of the markets, an 8k Form public filing was issued communicating my decision.  I’ve agreed to advise PKI on a part-time basis for a year primarily in the area of strategy, corporate portfolio and development and to help ensure a smooth transition to Jim Corbett (my successor leading LST) and Rob Friel (CEO).  They are impressive individuals with relevant experience to continue the journey to revolutionize medicine and inspire some of the most talented minds and people in all of life sciences.  It has been an honor to work with this talented team of people. 


As many of you know, this has been a very tough decision to make given the many friends, colleagues and soul mates that I have been blessed to be associated with throughout this industry for over the past 25 years.  This is not a good bye, but simply a transition to the next chapter.   Nancy and I have been extremely fortunate to have had your friendship and collaboration over all these years and I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for your belief, support and many contributions over this period.  We have built and collaborated in so many different areas of science, and for this, I am confident that the world is a better place.  I have personally never been more inspired than I am right now regarding the progress being made in our quest for global health and the eradication of cancer and many of the hideous diseases that take life prematurely and create unnecessary pain and suffering.  I very much look forward to our future collaboration whether it be with today’s or tomorrow’s science and technologies to improve health and wellness. 


On a personal note, in addition to advising PKI, I recently joined 908 Devices Board of Directors (incredible disruptive innovation company innovating a game changing hand held mass spectrometer) and have been asked to consider joining several other bod’s that are linked to the vision and strategy of revolutionizing personalized health through

1.  early detection / diagnosis (dna, rna, protein),

2.  next generation treatments (therapies, surgeries and med devices) and

3.  the newest and most exciting area, disease prevention and wellness (i.e, personalizing lifestyle choices, diet – eliminating sugar, managing epigenetics and environmental factors, etc).   I also hope to make investments into some of these game changing technologies, leaders and people.  As we have always said, it is all about the people and it is vital that we  keep people / patients first as we search for ways to accelerate and inspire advances in medicine and health.   I am always open to your ideas and inspirations in these rapidly progressing fields and fully intend to keep the dream alive for achieving  global personalized health.


Please find below my current and future contact information and please feel free to drop me a line or stop in and see me.  I intend to be on site in our Hopkinton Personalized Health Innovations Center until May 31.


Thank you for all you have done and for being part of some of the best times of my life.


All the best,   




  2011 in Photos Part I2011 in Pictures Part II





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