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Webster First Federal Credit Union Announces Chairman of the Board


WORCESTER – Louis W. Sroczenski of Webster, a businessman and long-time director of Webster First Federal Credit Union has been named Chairperson of the Board of Directors.  Mr. Sroczenski has been a director of the credit union since April 5, 1973.  His 39-year tenure as a board member brings a vast amount of experience to our dedicated Board of Directors.


At the annual meeting of the credit union held January 10, 2013 Louis Sroczenski succeeds Dr. Zenon  Szlyk.


Webster First Federal Credit Union with $625 million in assets has offices in Webster, Douglas, Whitinsville, Dudley, Charlton, Worcester, Spencer, Auburn, West Boylston, Saugus, Fitchburg, Winthrop, Boston, Hopkinton and online at www.WebsterFirst.com.


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Hehn Property, Adjacent to Center School Land, Offered for Sale to Town/School Dept.
Mouse -over image for satellite view

February 24, 2013 — Brandon W. Hehn, formerly of 25 Ash Street, who died last April at age 89, had been approached over the years by the Town, according to February 11, 2013 correspondence from his children, which was interested in purchasing his land that abutted the Center School property, but nothing came of it. And now, his children have reached out to the Town and the School Department offering the land for sale, land that would nearly double the amount of land in the Center School parcel if purchased; and if put into use with Center's idle parcel, would quadruple the amount of Center School land being used. Again, Center School is only using half of the parcel it owns (Mouse-over image to see satellite view.)

         The Center School parcel is noted above. Only the western portion of the parcel, 5-6 acres, is currently in use. The entire parcel is about 11 acres and is split by a 100' wide strip of Edison (Now, NSTAR) property that carries electrical lines that end up on East Main Street and cross the road there. During the presentations of the Fruit Street property for use for a new school, and arguing against the use of Center School, the architect at the time said the Edison strip was carrying gas, but he was 100% incorrect. There is only electricity along that strip. Nearly one half of the Center School property is not in use, noted in the graphic above, and is undeveloped.

          There is about 31 acres of town-owned land east of both the Center and Hehn properties; but during a previous visit to the Town's website, the parcels appeared to be under some open space or conservation restriction, likely as a result of a Prestwick Drive Open Space plan, and so that parcel's value is unclear..

         Correspondence from the children of Mr. Hehn is on the Selectmen's agenda for discussion and action on Tuesday. Although the correspondence from the Hehns was made available, there were no replies available from others on the CC list, which included the Town Manager, the Superintendent of Schools, the Board of Selectmen and the School Committee.


 Robotics Team Returns with Medals

Photo, above: Top Row:  Kyle Heavey, Ashoke Ghosh, Mike diBenedetto, Robert Lahaie (Driver), Brent Heavey (Coach), Sterling Worrell, Blake Dobay  Bottom Row:  Erica Stefano, Hunter Phipps, and Rish Shadra. Photo by  Peter G. Lahaie.


by Peter G. Lahaie 

February 24, 2013 — The Hopkinton High School Robotics Club drove to the University of Vermont this weekend to participate in the First Tech Challenge (FTC).  UVM hosted the FTC with over 25 Robotics teams competing from all over the Northeast region. The FTC robotics competition has teams partner up and two pairs of robots face off against each other in a competition of skill, agility and strength to accomplish a task. Each team designs and builds their robot based on certain criteria to accomplish that task. This year the robots were required to move plastic donuts from one section of the ring and place them on hooks of various heights to score points, all while other competing robots are trying to keep you from scoring.
The Hillers lost their first match, but came back strong to win the next 3 bouts, moving them up into 8th place. After losing the 5th match the Hillers team finished in 12th place overall, but the day was not over for the Hillers Robotics Team. They were selected by the first place team in the competition to form an Alliance of 3 teams and moved on to the semi-finals. After a tying score in the first round of the semi-finals, the Hillers team came back with a strong defense, minimized the scoring of the competing robots, and held on for a key victory. The Hillers moved into the finals against the best robots in the competition. Unfortunately their number one partner in the competition from New Jersey was having technical problems with their robot and had to back out of the competition. Their second alliance partner stepped in and at the last minute had to drop out also due to programming issues with their robot. The Hillers robot was strong and ready to go.
Time was running short and the judges said the competition must move on. The Hillers team was facing tremendous odds and had to go it alone. It was like David vs. Two Goliaths with two huge robots against the more nimble Hillers robot. The Hillers robot fought to the finish and ultimately lost the championship bout.
Everyone finished the day proud and exhausted. The Hillers Robotics team finished with a second place Finalist Alliance Trophy and Medals for the 2012-2013 Vermont State Championship.

(Photo, by Marc Dobay:
With their robot strategically positioned for the start, Hopkinton High School Robotics Team members Brent Heavey (green plaid), Mike D (green T-shirt), and Robert Lahaie (blue plaid) prepare for the tele-op period of a qualifying match at the Burlington, VT championships.)

Members of The Hillers Robotics Team who participated in the event included:  Driver Robert Lahaie, Coach Brent Heavey, Pit Crew: Mike diBenedetto, Hunter Phipps, Kyle Heavey, Blake Dobay, Erica Stefano, and Rish Shadra.  Student Advisors from Hopkinton High School are Sterling Worrell and Ashoke Ghosh.
The FIRST Tech Challenge is designed to inspire and recognize science and technology achievements for students interested in computer science, technology, engineering and robotics.


Hopkinton Education Foundation Casino Cocktail Party Fundraiser

Attend Casino Night on March 9 - a great night of gaming, dancing and bidding!




Saturday, March 9, 2013 from 8pm to midnight

At the Warren Conference Center, Hayden Lodge in Ashland


Tickets are $90 each and include $1,000 in gaming chips

Register at www.biddingforgood.com/HEFGALA


For more information or to make a contribution to the Hopkinton Education Foundation, please visit www.hopkintoneducationfoundation.org.


Fast Snow

February 24, 2013 — In spite of a fairly fast (1/120 of a second) shutter speed, the snow flakes in this snapshot are elongated due to their speed in falling.


World Marathon Majors Introduces Tougher Anti-Doping Penalties for Elite Athletes

Elite Athlete Contracts Revised to Include Suspension of Payment and Repayment of

 Prize Money for Athletes Found in Violation of Anti-Doping Code


 – World Marathon Majors (WMM) members Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York have collectively revised their elite athlete contracts to include stricter anti-doping penalties. New provisions will include the right for the events to suspend payment and to demand repayment of prize money, appearances fees, and performance bonuses for any athlete found in violation of a criminal offense involving drugs, anti-doping rules, or if for any other reason the athlete’s result has been nullified by a relevant governing body.


These new penalties are part of WMM’s continuing effort to be a leader in the anti-doping movement, having gone above and beyond standard drug testing at its events. WMM has supported increasing the number and frequency of out-of-competition drug tests in Ethiopia and Kenya. The events aim to ensure the integrity of the athletes competing in their races, with the majority of top male and female competitors hailing from these two countries. Additionally, WWM has previously agreed that any athlete found guilty of a doping offence will not be invited back to its races.


"This is a great initiative and a very positive and strong move by the World Marathon Majors, which is once again leading the field by example,” said Paula Radcliffe, the current women’s world record-holder in the marathon and past winner of the London, Chicago and New York City Marathons. “I would love to see all major events follow its lead. The cheats need to understand that they are not welcome in our sport and will be caught and made to pay. This is a step forward in increasing the deterrent and showing athletes and managers that cheating won't be tolerated. Having to pay back all money won while cheating is common sense and a logical element that has been missing for a long time. It is clear that any monies won while cheating are tantamount to fraud and should be returned."


New anti-doping provisions in WMM elite athlete contracts will include the following:


·         The athlete acknowledges that his/her right to receive payment is conditional upon remaining fully compliant with all applicable anti-doping rules

·         If the athlete is found—before, during or after the term of the agreement—to have committed a criminal offence involving drugs, or an anti-doping rule violation, or if for any other reason the athlete’s result in the marathon is later nullified by a relevant governing body, then the marathon organizer will have the following rights:

o       The right to reduce or suspend payments due to the athlete, or to terminate the agreement with immediate effect

o       The right to repayment from athlete of all or part of the money paid to the athlete under the agreement



In 1967, Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to run the BAA Boston Marathon, then a men's race, albeit without noting her gender ahead of time. Race official Jock Semple, in front of the press truck, tried to force her off of the course, but her football playing boyfriend intervened. Five years later, women were officially part of the race. Above is an excerpt from a three-hour PBS/AOL landmark documentary, MAKERS--Women Who Make America, a compelling story of amazing women trailblazers. It will air at 8 PM on Tuesday, February 26 on local PBS.

Interview with Hopkinton Author George Leal
Meet Mr. Leal at Authors' Night at Barnes and Noble in Bellingham, February 26, 2013, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
A version of this video was presented a week ago, but this current, more professional version was just processed on new equipment.


Missing a Snowboard?

A good Samaritan found an unattended snow board at the intersection of Smith and Kimball Road and turned it into the police department. 508-497-3401.


Police Incident/Arrest Log - Most Recent First  

Updated Friday, February 22, 2013


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

2 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

2 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home Checks.

Incident Log

Thursday, February 21, 2013

11:18 pm A Main Street resident reported that his wife believed that someone was trying to open the back screen door to their house. Officer Linda Higgins responded but was unable to locate anyone.

7:36 pm A resident of Clinton Street reported a solicitor at her door. Officer William Burchard responded and advised that the solicitors were registered.

7:31 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Peter Booth regarding the window of his backhoe was vandalized while it was parked behind a Main Street business.

3:02 pm An employee of a Main Street bank reported that a pit-bull was in the foyer and appeared to be injured. The Animal Control Officer was notified but was not able to responded because he was out of town.

1:32 pm A motorist reported that she was just involved in a two car motor vehicle accident on West Main Street. She stated that 12 year olds in the car may have bumped their heads. Officer Patrick O'Brien responded and assisted the Fire Department.


Hopkinton Drug Lecture Series Kickoff a Success
Acclaimed Milford Regional Ortho Surgeon is First Lecturer

February 21, 2013 — Hopkinton Drug kicked off its winter/spring 2013 lecture series with the first of seven tonight at the Hopkinton Senior Center. Dr. Richard Mulroy, Jr., whose practice is in Milford counts 5,000 joint replacements to his credit. As an orthopedic surgeon at Milford Regional Hospital, Dr. Mulroy came in the US News and World Report's Top Doctors list with a dozen other Milford Regional physicians.

         This evening's audience numbered a couple of dozen people interested in joint replacement.

         The next lecture will take place on March 7, 2013 at 7:00 pm at the Hopkinton Senior Center and will feature Kenneth Blanchard MD PhD Endocrinologist who will explore the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism.



ESL’s Character Pancake Breakfast at Applebee’s March 2




HOPKINTON, MA (February 21, 2013) – Looking for something to do with the little ones on a cold winter Saturday?  Then check out Enter Stage Left Theater’s Character Pancake Breakfast at Applebee’s in Milford (91 Medway Road) on March 2 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.  Your child will have the chance to meet Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Light Year, Elmo, Buzz, Dora, Clifford, Pooh and others while enjoying a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, juice, and coffee (for the adults). 


Tickets are $20 and include a live interactive character show, autograph books, meet-and-greet & photograph opportunities, goodie bags, and take home activities.  Advance ticket sales are suggested as space is limited. Tickets are

available at www.hopartscenter.org  or by calling 508-435-2114.


“This promises to be such a great event for the little ones – It’s always fun to see their reactions when they meet some of their favorite characters,” said Kelly Grill, executive director at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts.  “Plus, the food is delicious, too!”


Police Incident/Arrest Log - Most Recent First  

Updated Thursday, February 21, 2013


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

2 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

4 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home Checks.

0 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

Incident Log

Wednesay, February 20, 2013

9:38 pm Officer Peter Booth issued two Criminal Complaints for Minor in Possession of Alcohol.

9:15 pm A Hayden Rowe Street resident arrived home and reported that a breaking and entering occurred during the day.

9:10 pm Jamie Lane residents reported via 911 a large group of youths running through her yard and down the roadway.

7:58 pm, 6:22 pm A Cross Street resident reported a large-framed black male banging on her front door for over five minutes; and then left in a silver Nissan Altima. The individual returned 90 minutes later and knocked again. The resident reported the male was a passenger, and the driver was a female. They were not found.

5:26 pm A resident of Little Hayden Rowe reported that a green Jeep drove through his curbside trash twice in 24 hours. Officer Peter Booth caught up with the suspects and had them pick up the rubbish and report to its owner.


A Picture is Worth...

September 21, 2013 — A truck delivering food has parked on a crosswalk, blocked another crosswalk, parked in a no-parking zone (hash marks), parked going the wrong way, parked too close to an intersecting way, and diminished line of sight to Church Street to zero. The driver did not appear to mind being photographed the entire time.


US Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III Visits Water Fresh Farm for Chamber of Commerce event
See and hear Mr. Kennedy and others in their own words in the full presentation:

NOTE: HopNews has just invested in new equipment to bring these kinds of videos to readers more quickly and with more pizzazz!
Be on the lookout.


Police Incident/Arrest Log - Most Recent First  

Updated Wednesday, February 20, 2013


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

2 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

1 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home Checks.

2 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

Incident Log

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3:56 pm A caller reported that a woman was hitchhiking on Route 85 in Southborough. The Southborough Police Department was contacted and responded.

10:50 am A caller from Hayden Rowe Street reported vandalism to a window in the rear of the building. Officer Patrick O'Brien responded and took a report of the broken window.

Monday, February 18, 2013

11:14 am Officer Thomas Griffin spoke with the operators of four tractor trailer units who were parked on the side of Cedar Street waiting to turn into the headquarters. The trucks were moved.

8:02 am A motorist reported that snow drifts were making Frankland Road unsafe. Officer Thomas Griffin responded and advised that the DPW did not need to be notified.


MetroWest Regional Transit Authority Advisory Board Vacancy Announcement


The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) is currently seeking a volunteer member of the Hopkinton community to serve on the Authority’s Advisory Board.  The available position is for the Disabled Community  Member seat of the Advisory Board only.  This position is an excellent opportunity for a member of the disabled commuter population from Hopkinton who wishes to be a passionate advocate for community and regional transportation related issues for persons with disabilities.


Interested parties should apply by Wednesday, March 6, 2013.  To apply, visit the Town’s website and apply through the online volunteer form here:




Residents may also apply by submitting a brief letter of interest to: Jamie Hellen, Operation’s Assistant to the Town Manager’s Office, 18 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748.  Interested parties may also contact Mr. Hellen at 508-497-9700 with any questions regarding expectations or details about the position, or the MWRTA.


Opening in 2006 to better serve the region’s public transportation needs, the MWRTA serves twelve communities in the MetroWest region and seeks to build a public transportation system that delivers convenient and dependable service that enhances mobility, environmental quality and economic vitality in the region.  The MWRTA is guided by a 13-member Advisory Board.  State statutes mandates that the chief elected official, or a chosen designee, serves on behalf of the community on the Advisory Board.  In addition, a member representing the disabled community also serves on the advisory board.  Pursuant to Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 161B, Section 5, each MWRTA member town takes a turn appointing a member to the Disabled Community Member seat of the Advisory Board. 

Robotic-Assisted Surgery Now Offered at Milford Regional



February 20, 2013 — Surgery has been taken to a whole new level at Milford Regional Medical Center with the introduction of the da Vinci® Surgical System, a sophisticated robotic platform designed to expand the surgeon’s capabilities and offer a minimally invasive option for major surgery.

Until da Vinci came along, surgical options included traditional surgery with a large open incision or laparoscopy, which uses small incisions but is typically limited to very simple procedures. Thanks to this breakthrough surgical technology, there is a new category of minimally invasive surgery that offers a minimally invasive option for complex surgical procedures. By providing surgeons with enhanced capabilities, the da Vinci Surgical System makes it possible to treat a broader range of conditions using a minimally invasive approach. This means you can have major surgery with only a few tiny incisions. With da Vinci, the surgeon controls the movement of miniaturized wristed instruments from a console where he can view a magnified, high resolution 3D image of

the surgical site. Unlike traditional laparoscopic surgery where the surgeon is limited by rigid, hand-operated instruments, the da Vinci System provides greater surgical precision, increased range of motion, improved dexterity, enhanced visualization and improved access. Benefits to the patient may include a shorter hospital stay, less pain, less risk of infection, less blood loss, fewer transfusions, less scarring, faster recovery and a quicker return to normal daily activities. Currently, robotic-assisted surgery is being provided in gynecology and urology.

“Milford Regional has remained on the leading edge of surgical services because of the vision and quality of our medical staff and hospital personnel,” says Edward J. Kelly, president of Milford Regional. “Their extraordinary efforts in bringing robotic-assisted surgery to Milford Regional and the expertise of our robotic surgeons and OR staff ensure patients will benefit from the very latest in surgical technology.”

For more information on the da Vinci® Surgical System at Milford Regional, go to our Web site at www.milfordregional.org  ; click on Health Services and then Surgery.


Jacquelyn Lavoie, 72

HOPKINTON – Jacquelyn Lavoie, 72, died Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at home with family by her side.  She was the wife of Robert J. Lavoie Sr., to whom she was married for 52 years. Born in Salem, MA, she was the daughter of the late Hugh and Blanche (Moulton) Irving.  

She was a 1958 graduate of Hopkinton High School, where she excelled in athletics.  In later years she worked at the Hopkinton Public Library.  She was a member of St. John’s Parish and the Hopkinton Historical Society, and volunteered at many charitable organizations including the Mustard Seed of Worcester and the Pine Street Inn in Boston.


In addition to her husband, she leaves her children Andrea Hamilton of Hopkinton, Adam Lavoie and his wife Stephanie of Upton, Robert Lavoie Jr. of Hopkinton, Adrian Lavoie and his wife Mary Beth of Hopkinton and Sabrina Wiley and her husband Jason of Hopkinton.  She also leaves 11 grandchildren.  She is predeceased by her siblings Deborah, Wendy and Anthony Irving.


A funeral Mass will be celebrated Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. in St. John the Evangelist Church, 20 Church Street, Hopkinton.  Burial will follow in St. John’s Cemetery.  Calling hours at the Callanan Cronin Funeral Home, 34 Church Street, are Friday, February 22, 2013 from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.  

Donations may be made to St. John’s Parish, 20 Church St., Hopkinton, MA  01748.


Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III Visits Water Fresh Farm (cont.)

February 20, 2013 — Above, Rep. Kennedy gets a rundown from owner Jeff Barton on the operations of Water Fresh Farm's hydroponic gardening, where soil-free acreage can yield multiple times that of conventional farming. The story that began yesterday on the Q&A that followed a tour and introduction, continues below...

           Former selectman Ron Clark (Photo, left) asked Mr. Kennedy, "What is the number one issue facing the United States and what legislation would you like to see Congress pass to address that issue?"

        "Getting the economy moving again and getting our long-term debt and deficit under control," answered Mr. Kennedy.

          "I would like to see a Grand Bargain — we want to get our debt under control, but you don't want to do that at the expense of future generations and our country's future ability to innovate and create jobs and education and capture the jobs 20 years down the line.

        "We need to invest in workforce training, investments in community colleges, investments in education and infrastructure; getting people back to work and building up the infrastructure that we need in order to compete in the long term...

           "Pairing that with a long term debt and deficit reduction strategy that gets that debt to GDP ratio in the long term, back to a sustainable margin," he said.

           Mr. Kennedy went on to discuss a recent Democratic retreat where Bill Clinton spoke. 

          He suggested that the present is a good time, with low interest rates of borrowing, to take care of he infrastructure needs of not only Massachusetts, but the nation.

          "President Clinton said we spend about 8% of our GDP on the debt. If interest rates were back to what they were, when he was president, that would be about 15%. Interest rates are going to go up.

            "If you don't change this, that interest on the debt comes out of discretionary spending," he said.

    Mr. Kennedy lamented an "intractable political force" that stands in the way of compromise, but challenged Chambers of Commerce to become involved and use their "very powerful voice"  to help find compromise.

     "We need to find some way to come together. That's what this country is going to need. And that power rests with all of you just as it does your elected officials.

     "So, I ask your help,"  he concluded, to applause. 

HopNews will  have a complete video of the event tomorrow.


Boys Swim and Dive at Harvard

Sportsmanship Award - Front Row - Assistant Coach - Karen Terry, Austin Schofield, Andrew Devine, John Nadeau, Josh Perez, Sean Kelley, Head Coach - Bryan King, 
Second Row - Andrew Madigan, Chris Kimura, Captain Brian Doyle, Captain Spencer Franklin, Reece Donahue, Matt Dickason


This past weekend, the Boy's Swimming and Diving Team participated in the State Championships held at Harvard University.  The day started with members of the team being presented with the MIAA State Sportsmanship Award.  This is an incredible honor for the program, and one of the highest awards given in the state.  As for results during the meet, the relay team of Josh Perez, Spencer Franklin, Andrew Madigan, and John Nadeau placed 10th.  But the biggest highlight was freshmen Reece Donahue who placed 2nd in the diving, with an All American consideration score of 429.60.  The team finished in a tie for 23rd place out of 60 teams.

Photo, below - Relay Team - Spencer Franklin, Andrew Madigan, John Nadeau, Josh Perez. Contributed content.