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Seeking Veterans for Photo and Video Record
Just got home? Give them a call

Many Hopkintonians are aware of the documentation that is being developed to pay tribute to our local military veterans.  Men and women who have served as early as 1900, to the present time have been identified and recorded in the Vets Photo Gallery on local cable .  Other veterans can be seen in face-to-face conversations where first-hand experiences are recollected on video.

To maintain the growth of the documentation of Hopkinton's military history, for the education and enjoyment of all, it will be helpful to know of veterans who are willing to participate in a Veterans Remember conversation.  As well, if there are Vets or family members who have photos that can be included in the Vets Photo Gallery, please contact us.

     > Senior Center, 508 497-9730
     > Dick Gooding, 617 901-2100
     > Hank Allessio, 508 435-4882


Above, recently departed veteran Paul M. Phipps (arrow) at Suribachi on Iwo Jima, Japan.  Mr. Phipps showed this memorable photo taken in February, 1945  during his interview on cable by Dick Gooding. The producers would like to hear from younger vets, too.

Gigantic Birthday Card

January 15, 2013 — It's only a year-old, but Water Fresh Farm looks like it has belonged forever. Happy Birthday to them.


Winter Can Be Colorful
50% OFF Holiday Decor - Final Days

January 15, 2013 — Weston Nurseries is in its third year of being open year-round. During the winter, they will be open 10am - 5:00 pm Wednesday through Sunday and are now featuring a 50% off holiday decor sale.  In addition, for those looking for live color in a drab season,  there are bright specials going on in the greenhouses.


Hopkinton’s Park and Rec Interim Director, Joan Bannon, Resigns

Ken Driscoll, Chair of the Park and Recreation Board, and Norman Khumalo, Town Manager, regret to announce that Ms. Joan Bannon has resigned from her position as Interim Director for the Park andRecreation Department effective Wednesday, January 23, 2013.

Ms. Bannon’s commitment to stepping up to the plate to fill in at the time of the former director’s departure was demonstrated in the tremendous job she has done in working with the youth and families of Hopkinton. Her dedication and efforts towards ensuring the best possible service to our citizens during her employment as the Assistant Director and the Interim Director are sincerely appreciated, and she is wished the very best in all her future endeavors.

NOTE: Her resignation letter is here.


MLK Day of Giving Back
Monday, January 21, 2013
9:30 – 2:30 at Hopkinton Middle School

Please join us for 9:30 AM breakfast treats, 10 AM inspiring speakers and 10:30 – 2:30 community service activities in the Brown Gym, Red Cross Blood Drive in the Doyle Gym, and service projects around town. In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr., Hopkinton will be celebrating volunteerism and “giving back”…
And we need YOUR HELP!!
Please consider collecting these items to bring on MLK day:
Toiletries, laundry detergent or underwear for infants through high school
Project Just Because
Fuzzy, one size fits all socks PJB Cancer Care Kits youth/adults
Quality body lotion and lip balm
Small stuffed animals (new)
Activity books, puzzles, small games

Women’s small items for inspiration and comfort Serenity House
small pencils/pencils/notepads, chocolate/hand lotion/teabags

Old blankets, sheets and towels Greyhound Friends

Thank you for anything you can do to make MLK Day 2013 a day of Giving Back to our community – let’s make it a day on, not a day off!!


Final Hopkinton School Superintendent Candidate Interview

by Robert Falcione

January 14, 2013 — Monday night, Wellesley High School Principal Dr. Andrew Keough became the third, and with the withdrawal of candidate Joseph Baeta, the final candidate for the top job in the Hopkinton School Department to be interviewed by the School Committee. The committee grilled Dr. Keough this evening beginning at 7:00 pm; and then at 8:40 pm  took a back seat to let the audience, the largest at any of the three forums, gather around the table, and the room, and ask questions.

      Dr. Keough began by relating how his four years in Hopkinton was a "crossroads" for him, helping him decide to stay in education, and saying, "Hopkinton was a nice fit for me.
      "I  prefer to do the [superintendent's] job in a place I fit,"  he said, adding that by living in nearby Sherborn, Hopkinton has been part of his life.

       There has been concern in the community about  early education.

       Dr. Keough promised he would go after achievement gaps "where ever they are," and added, "It is so much easier to attack a gap before it is a gap."

        With the 2011 defeat of the passing of a new school on Fruit Street still fresh on everyone's mind, and the problem of an aging Center School still unsolved,  School Committee member Rebecca  Robak asked Dr. Keough if he had any experience with the MSBA (Massachusetts School Building Authority).

       "In Medfield, I was dealing with a major renovation project. We did a mid-year swap," he said.  

       He spoke about being involved in Wellesley with all aspects of the process of building the $156 million High School, and tearing down the old one, which he called a landmark built in 1938. He said he was involved in the Town Meeting process, the building process and the political process.

        "I had to be cognizant of the fact that people loved the [old] school. 

        "I think I can do the same here,"  he said. 

        He used the term "bombardment of information" when asked how he would reach the community.

        Dr. Keough sad that in the six years he has been at Wellesley, they brought the special education students back.

         "I do not want any challenged learners to be left out in the lurch."

         Drawing on his own difficulties in middle school, Dr. Keough said, "You can struggle as a high school student and still be incredibly successful in life."

         "With the right amount of hard work and problem-solving skills, we can do anything," he said.

         Speaking to the size of Wellesley High School, and how that relates to a superintendent's position, Dr. Keough said, "My school is like a district within a district."

         Dr. Keough gave retired superintendent Dr. Jack Phelan high grades for implementing a strategic plan when he, Dr. Keough, served in Hopkinton.

         School Committee member Scott Aghababian wanted to know how Dr. Keough would deal with an overreaching School Committee.

         "It is important the Superintendent and the School Committee Chairperson have a very special relationship.

        "School Committee members should not go with their pet projects to principals. I feel very strongly about that," he said.

         In answer to a question about budgets, Dr. Keough said that he has caught people making budgets by simply by asking for the same amount or adding onto the year before, a practice he found without merit.

         "Whoever you choose for Hopkinton, you really have to look at things."

         Recurring themes throughout the interview and the public Q & A were his love for children, personal integrity and leadership, a passion for education and a balanced approach  to most everything.

         Muriel Kramer asked if his high school project came in on time and on budget.

        "It came in on time and under budget," he said.

         Mrs. Kramer, mother of six children, expressed concern that fees disenfranchised some kids who can't afford them.

        "Public education should be paid for by the public, not just the parents of the students. But eliminating fees could be a half-million dollar proposition," he said. 

        "It  is painful as a parent paying an athletic fee, and then having to buy a ticket to see my kid perform," he said.

         Hearing that there was a controversy about hats when Dr. Keough last worked in Hopkinton,  Diane Welch asked, "What is your hat policy?"

         Stating he had none, Dr. Keough added, "It's  not what's going on the head, it's what's going on in the head [that is important]."


Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts


Compiled  for HopNews.com by Eric Montville © 2013 All Rights Reserved

New Transactions from January 7, 2013 to January 14, 2013






2 McGill Court, Unit 5, Bldg 22 Kathryn Edmiston $503,065 January 11, 2013 William A. Depietri, Lumber Street I Realty Trust
2 Lincoln Street Patrick Smith, Crystal Smith $329,000 January 10, 2013 Dorothy A. Mahoney
3 McGill Court, Unit 4, Bldg 21 Jean T. Chin $500,000 January 10, 2013 William A. Depietri, Lumber Street I Realty Trust
5 Patriots Boulevard, Unit 3D Colleen T. Lahan $173,500 January 8, 2013 Stagecoach Heights Realty LLC
35 Valleywood Road Sean G. Hayward, Kathleen F. Hayward $585,000 January 8, 2013 Leslie Russell-Fahn, Michael Fahn
Last Week        
8 Ridge Road Christopher W Davis, Jessica L Davis $575,000 January 4, 2013 Mark T Rosky, Debra A Rosky
19 Patriots Boulevard Unit C, Bldg 9 Timary Feeley, Katie Stoico $301,990 January 2, 2013 Stagecoach Heights Realty LLC
Week Before        
56 Ash Street Michael Decandia, Linh Decandia $454,900 December 28, 2012 Maryellen Patterson
9 Amherst Road Hanan Cohen $224,900 December 28, 2012 U.S. Bank National Association
2 Downey Street Robert M. Siebart $40,000 December 27, 2012 Alison M. Siebert
7 Patriots Boulevard Ronald Ekstrom, Laurie Ekstrom $270,000 December 26, 2012 Stagecoach Heights Realty LLC
97 Ash Street Town of Hopkinton $1,300,000 December 21, 2012 Trust for Public Land
97 Ash Street Trust for Public Land $1,390,000 December 21, 2012 Kenneth C. Crater, Alan Greenwald, Abbott
Realty Trust
4 Sanctuary Lane unit 22 Grace C. Looney $377,463 December 21, 2012 Weston Development Group Inc.
Whisper Way Town of Hopkinton $162,000 December 20, 2012 Eileen M. McIntyre, Daniel J. McIntyre
157 Ash Street Robert F. Arena $12,000 December 18, 2012 Anthony Michael Arena


Police Incident/Arrest Log - Most Recent First

Updated Monday, January 14, 2013

Arrest Log

Sunday, January 13, 2012

2:51 pm Officer William Burchard arrested Luis Martin, 46, of Oxbow Road, Wayland, on Cochituate Road in Wayland and charged him with Assault and Battery.

Incident Log

Sunday, January 13, 2013

9:06 pm A motorist reported that a deer ran into the side of her car on Ash Street then took off into the woods. Officer Aaron O'Neil checked the area with a negative find.

6:29 pm Officer Aaron O'Neil assisted the Fire Department with an investigation on Jordan Road.

1:44 pm Officer Patrick O'Brien assisted the Fire Department with a fire alarm activation on East Main Street.

8:52 am Officer Patrick O'Brien checked and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on Main Street.

1:44 am Officer Jacob Campbell arrested 46 year old male from Wayland, on Cochituate Road in that town, and charged him with a domestic Assault and Battery.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

10:45 pm A 911 caller from Fruit Street reported that her husband just attempted to choke her and left the area, possibly heading back to his residence in Wayland. Three officers responded and the Southborough and Westborough Police Departments were also notified to be on the look out for the vehicle.

6:18 pm A 911 caller reported an erratic operator on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer William Burchard checked the area with a negative find.

5:17 pm A 911 caller from Falcon Ridge Road reported setting off her smoke alarm while cooking food. Officer William Burchard responded and assisted the Fire Department.

4:16 pm The Framingham Police Department requested an officer pass on a message to a resident of Cedar Street. Officer Matthew McNeil responded and advised that no one was home.

2:24 pm Officer David Shane assisted the Fire Department with a fire alarm activation on South Street.

9:44 am A motorist reported that there was a large pipe wrench in the roadway on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Stephen Buckley checked the area with a negative find.

9:26 am A caller reported that a dog was running loose on Hayden Rowe Street. The owner was contacted and retrieved the dog.

12:11 am Officer Jacob Campbell assisted the Fire Department on Main Street.


Friday, January 11, 2013

10:34 pm Officer Matthew McNeil checked and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street.

6:02 pm A 911 caller reported that a vehicle was driving very slowly and was all over the road on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Matthew McNeil spoke with the operator who was lost and was trying to find his way using a gps.

5:14 pm Officer William Burchard assisted a disabled motor vehicle on West Main Street.

2:30 pm Officer Thomas Griffin checked and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on West Main Street.

8:44 am A resident of Aikens Road reported an odor of natural gas inside their house. Officer Thomas Griffin responded and assisted that Fire Department.

7:07 am Officer David Shane responded to a motor vehicle accident without personal injury on West Main Street.

2:16 am A caller from Turnbridge Lane reported a suspicious male in the area who appeared not to belong there. Officer Linda Higgins checked the area with a negative find.

12:08 am Sgt. Scott vanRaalten assisted the State Police with a traffic stop on 495.



Please join the


For an



Saturday, January 19, 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Applebee’s Restaurant, Milford

Cost is $10.00

* includes all you can eat pancakes and beverages



January 13, 2013 — This great blue heron touching down on the banks of the beaver pond on Clinton Street shows off its feathers before folding them up. The warmer than normal temperatures are likely contributing to a more visible bird population.


Hopkinton Grad Selected for Team, Seeks Funding


Dear friends and family,


            This past November I was invited to play abroad in Australia for collegiate team USA in the “Down Under Cup” lacrosse tournament. I am honored to have been selected and I am beyond excited for the experience to come; as I will be traveling around Australia for ten days. However, the invitation is not without a price tag, I must provide a total of roughly $4,500 to cover flights, meals, ground transportation, hotels, etc.


            I have already knocked off around $1,000 from the total thanks to my work-study position at Saint Anselm College, so I’m reaching out for financial help of any sort in order to finance the trip and raise that final $3,500. Hopefully with your help and additional fundraising I have planned, I will be able to represent the United States in Australia and play in the “Down Under Cup”.


            I’ve been playing lacrosse for fourteen years now and thought that collegiate lacrosse was the peak of all my sport endeavors. Obviously, playing overseas in a land full of kangaroos, koalas, and lacrosse teams from around the world is a step up from my previous idea of an ideal lacrosse experience. Anything you could do help me would be appreciated; whether it be donations or advice on ways to fund raise!


            Thank you for your help and have a great year!




Samuel MacDonald

Saint Anselm ‘14

Lacrosse #40




Celebrate The Fresh Air Fund’s 137th Summer

Fresh Air summers are filled with children running barefoot through the grass, gazing at star-filled skies or swimming for the first time. Join host families in and around the Central Massachusetts area for our 137th summer and open your heart and home to a Fresh Air child! Each summer, over 4,000 inner-city children visit suburban, rural and small town communities across 13 states from Virginia to Maine and Canada through The Fresh Air Fund’s Volunteer Host Family Program.

“The Fresh Air Fund enriches everybody’s lives; you don’t have to entertain the child, just let him or her be a part of your life," says Nikki, a Fresh Air host.

The Fresh Air Fund, an independent, not-for-profit agency, has provided free summer experiences to more than 1.7 million New York City children from low-income communities since 1877. Fresh Air children are boys and girls, from six to 18 years old, who live in New York City. Children on first-time visits are six to 12 years old and stay for one or two weeks. Children who are reinvited by host families may continue with The Fresh Air Fund through age 18 and can enjoy extended trips. Over 65 percent of all children are reinvited to stay with their host families, year after year.

For more information on hosting a Fresh Air child this summer, please contact Theresa Kane at 978-618-0676 or The Fresh Air Fund at 800-367-0003. You can also visit The Fresh Air Fund online at http://www.freshair.org/ .


Hopkinton High School

Class of ‘63

50th Class Reunion Celebration

Save the Date!!!


To the members of Hopkinton High School Class of 1963.


This letter serves as a “Save the Date” notice. We are sending this out in advance because we want everyone to have enough time to make arrangements to attend our 50th reunion.  We all know how quickly the years have passed and this one will be no different.


It is fortunate that we will be able to use the Laborer’s Training Center on East Street in Hopkinton.  It has a very unique setting overlooking the “infamous” pond.

The date will be Saturday night, September 21, 2013.  There will be a DJ, a buffet catered by TJ’s and a charge bar.  More details will follow.


Please contact our coordinator, Mary Lou Ellsworth, by November 30, 2012 if you plan on attending or if you are not planning on attending.  We look forward to hearing from you at ellsworth16@verizon.net or 508-435-5438.

As a side bar, if anyone is interested in playing a round of golf on Friday, Sept. 20th please contact Dave Hughes at dhughes200@gmail.com or 508-435-4921. 


Save the Date!!!!

Foggy Bottom

January 12, 2013 — The ice-covered water on the northern side of the causeway on West Main Street that is connected to West Elm gives the illusion, as it leaves converging tracks going toward a culvert to Lake Maspenock in the foreground, that it is rushing down a steep grade. It is only an illusion.


Into the Mist 

January 12, 2013 — These Canada geese on Hopkinton Reservoir paddle toward dense fog on the surface. It is thick and high, too, as the treetops on the opposite shore are barely visible on the top left, and the shore itself is not.



Hopkinton 104, Medfield 80

January 12, 2013 — The team had a huge win Friday night over Medfield 104-80 with strong performances by John Nadeau, Spencer Franklin and Josh Perez just to name a few.  For the girls Carly Adams, Bridget Coffey, Nikki Annenburg and Brianno Gallo contributed in a big way to the win.  Divers Renee Salois and Reece Donahue helped clinch the Hiller victory. ~ John Daley. Photo of  Bridget Coffey, above,  by John Daley.


Superintendent Search:
Candidate Withdraws from Consideration
Press Release
Hopkinton, MA

The Hopkinton School Committee has been notified by the New England School Development Council (NESDEC), that after being chosen for the Superintendent position for the Norton Public Schools, Joseph Baeta has decided to withdraw from the Hopkinton search. 

He wrote, "It is appropriate that I withdraw my candidacy in Hopkinton at this time.  I do this with mixed feelings because of the tremendous opportunity that Hopkinton is for its next Superintendent.  Please thank the Hopkinton Search and Screening Committee and the School Committee for considering me. They will continue to be an outstanding district with a bright future.  I wish them luck in their selection process."

The School Committee will interview its third candidate, Dr. Andrew Keough, on Monday, January 14th. Following the completion of the finalists’ district visits, interviews, and Community Forum, each will host a site visit team from Hopkinton.

For more information, please visit the Superintendent Search Page on the Hopkinton Public School District website: www.hopkinton.k12.ma.us.


Paul H. Coyne

Paul H. Coyne, formerly of Hopkinton, MA passed away on January 9, 2013 in Bonita Springs, Florida. He was predeceased by his parents Agnes and Anthony Coyne of Dorchester, MA and his son Edward Paul Coyne, his sister Margaret O’Brien, his brothers Joseph and Leo Coyne and his stepdaughter Pamela Casler Curley of Holliston, MA.


Paul is survived by his beloved wife Barbara Hill Casler Coyne; his stepson Dr. Stephen Casler of Meadville, PA; brother John (Blanche) Coyne of Milton, MA, granddaughters Nicole Pamela (Robert) Leventry of Carver, MA and Megan Barbara Curley of Holliston, MA, two great-grandchildren, Ryan and Madison Leventry and many nieces and nephews; Butler, Coyne, DeWolfe, Klinkhamer, Hall, Hill, Garcia/O’Brien, Seto and O’Brien.


Paul was born in Dorchester, MA, on April 19, 1928, graduated HS Commerce in 1945 and was awarded a BS from Boston University in 1957.  He served in the US Army during World War II and in the Korean Conflict 1950/51.  His professional career covered 15 years as Director of Administration at Ewen Knight Corp., Natick, MA followed by twenty years of Federal Service with US Dept of Transportation, Cambridge, MA and Department of the Army, retiring in 1990 as Deputy Director of Acquisition at the Army Research, Development and Engineering Center, Natick, MA.  Among numerous awards he received was the prestigious Army Meritorious Civilian Service Medal.


Paul was a life member of the DAV, the VFW, Post 4254, Bonita Springs, FL and was an AARP Tax-Aide in Bonita Springs since 1994.


A memorial service and internment will be held at a later date at Lake Grove Cemetery, Holliston, MA.  Arrangements by Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton, www.ChesmoreFuneralHome.com


Hopkinton 60, Medway 59
Hank Rudden scores a dramatic three-pointer at buzzer to win game by one point

January 11, 2013 — Above, Hank Rudden (#21). left. watches his three-point shot drop through the net as the buzzer sounds in the last shot of the game, bringing Hopkinton one  point ahead of what many thought was clinch for Medway, which had been ahead 59-57. There were less than three seconds on the game clock when the Hillers got the ball, and Rudden gambled for the win rather than a tie with a two-point shot.


Pandemonium broke out as the Hopkinton fans came alive and the Hiller team bench emptied and swarmed Rudden (below); and loyal and vocal Medway fans; and parental fans left dejected after believing they had won.


Police Incident/Arrest Log - Most Recent First

Updated Friday, January 11, 2013

Arrest Log

Wednesday, January 9, 2012

10:22 pm Officer William Burchard arrested Candice N. Blackmore, 22, of East Main Street, Milford, on East Main Street and charged her with Marked Lanes Violation and OUI Liquor, 2nd Offense.

Incident Log

Thursday, January 10, 2013

11:50 pm Officer Linda Higgins checked and spoke with the operator of a motor vehicle on West Main Street.

9:58 pm Officer William Burchard assisted the Ashland Police Department with a motor vehicle stop on Cross Street.

5:58 pm Officer Aaron O'Neil responded to a minor motor vehicle accident without personal injury on South Street.

5:06 pm Officer William Burchard assisted a disabled motor vehicle on Main Street.

2:35 pm Officer Patrick O'Brien assisted a disabled motor vehicle on West Main Street.

1:22 pm Officer Gregg DeBoer responded to a minor motor vehicle accident on South Street.

5:53 am A caller reported that a tree limb was down, blocking part of East Street. Officer Thomas Griffin responded to assist.

4:34 am A motorist reported that he struck a tree that was in the roadway on Chestnut Street. Officer Thomas Griffin responded and removed the tree from the road.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

9:50 pm Officer William Burchard stopped a motor vehicle on East Main Street and subsequently arrested a 22 year old female from Milford and charged her with Marked Lanes Violation and OUI Liquor, 2nd Offense.

8:08 pm A motorist reported that they hit a deer on East Main Street. Officer William Burchard responded to assist.

5:55 pm A caller from Wedgewood Drive reported that his house alarm went off and a vehicle left his driveway. Two officers checked the area with a negative find.

2:23 pm A Valleywood Road resident reported past credit card fraud.

12:52 pm Officer Philip Powers requested an ambulance at the High School.

12:17 pm Officer Patrick O'Brien checked a motor vehicle on Parkwood Drive.

11:23 am Officer Gregg DeBoer checked on an an individual ice fishing off of Cedar Street.

11:05 am A 911 caller reported a strong odor of natural gas on West Main Street. Officer Patrick O'Brien responded and assisted the Fire Department.

11:04 am A 911 caller reported a strong odor of natural gas on East Main Street. Officer David Shane responded to assist the Fire Department.

8:15 am The Ashland Police Department requested assistance with searching for a motor vehicle on Pleasant Street. Two officers responded but were canceled while in route by the Ashland Police Department.


Friday, January 11th

4 - 7 PM

Tasty and Inexpensive Wines


     This week, we have an all red tasting.  These wines are new to Hopkinton Wine, inexpensive, and really tasty.  We have a Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon, a pair of Grenache wines from Calatayud, Spain, and a fun red blend from the Central Coast.



Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone Announces That He Will Not Seek
Reelection To A Third Term As DA


This evening, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone (file photo) told the staff of the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, at an office-wide annual awards and recognition ceremony, that he will not seek reelection in 2014 to a third term as Middlesex District Attorney.

Leone has served as Middlesex District Attorney since being elected in 2006 and was reelected when he ran unopposed in 2011. Leone has previously served as the First Assistant U.S. Attorney and Anti-Terrorism Coordinator at the Massachusetts United States Attorney’s Office from 2001-2005; as the Chief of the Criminal Bureau at the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office from 1999-2001; and as the Senior Managing Director and Regional Counsel at Vance/Garda, an international investigation and security consulting firm, from 2005-2006.

Leone also told the staff and guests that he is not running for another elective office, intends to leave government when he leaves the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, and has no specific plans at this time.

The text of his remarks are below.

Lately I have been asked by several people in our office, and several people outside the office, about my personal plans for the immediate future.

To be open together, to lend clarity around that inquiry, and to minimize disruption to our Office, I wanted to tell you all tonight together in person about my intentions.

For the last 30 years, the last 3 Middlesex District Attorneys have not run for reelection to a 3rd term as Middlesex District Attorney. Like my predecessors, I too will not run for reelection to a third term as Middlesex District Attorney in 2014.

However, unlike my predecessor Middlesex District Attorneys, I am not running for another elective office, and in fact, I intend to leave Government service when I leave this office. I do not now know what I will do when I leave. But, I do know that anyone who is interested in competing to succeed me needs time to compete. I want that field of potential successors to be as rich and deep as the job deserves. And, therefore, I am expressing my intentions publicly now.

I said what I meant, and meant what I said, when I stated that this job was the only elected office that I wanted. I endured the electoral process to hold what I continue to believe is the absolute best job in Government and Public Service in Massachusetts. Helping and serving people, and speaking for people who have no voice, remains a passion of mine.

Although this decision means change, it should not mean angst or concern. I say this especially for those who have not been here long enough to have seen a change in District Attorney. The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office is not about me or any one District Attorney. It is about you and us, collectively, as an Office. I made that point when I returned as the elected District Attorney, and will continue to repeat that theme during my time here.

This Middlesex District Attorney’s Office is about the collective whole of all of us, made up of outstanding individuals who protect and serve the public with commitment, dedication and passion. It is an outstanding legacy that we all share in, and it does not depend upon, nor evolve around, any one person.

Just continue to do your jobs as well as you are now, and let's continue to work together on behalf of others.

Lastly, please know that these decisions regarding whether to run for elected office are very personal. These decisions are, and should be, predicated upon what is best for the person and their family. What is best for me and my family is that I not seek another term. As someone who is much smarter than I am once said, "I must be willing to give up what I am, in order to become what I will be." Other than a husband and father, I am not yet sure what that will be when I am no longer a District Attorney.

I remain thoroughly engaged and enjoying this terrific job which I love, and will continue to do so until the day that I leave.

See you at work tomorrow, bright and early.

Thank you.

Editor's Note: The above was received this evening as a press release from the Middlesex District Attorney's  office. Gerry Leone is a Hopkinton resident.


Shapes of Things

January 10, 2013 — A lone worker at the Wood Partners' apartment site at Legacy Farms this evening cast a silhouette above the roof trusses against the south western sky as one building after another shows great progress toward completion.



Downtown Design Ready for Prime Time

25% design available for review  

Thursday, January 17th from 10:00 to 11:00 am

EDITOR'S NOTE: Above is a small excerpt from the design to be submitted to the state for approval.  It shows new dedicated lanes, bumpouts,  islands, and less available parking. The actual design encompasses the area  of Main Street from Ash to Wood.


The Town is providing an opportunity for those who are interested in reviewing the 25% Project Design, as recommended by the DISC, with the Town Engineer, DPW Director and Director of Land Use Planning and Permitting.
The Project includes improvements on Main Street from Ash to Wood Streets including aesthetic improvements, roadway realignment, sidewalks, pedestrian safety, on street parking, bike lanes, and changes to major intersections.
The Project is ready for submission to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation for review but the Town is offering this meeting to the public with key staff members. Staff will provide a brief summary of the key elements of the Project, the process moving forward through Final Design and eventual construction.
Your comments and recommendations will be conveyed to the DISC and to the Board of Selectmen (BOS) at one of their upcoming meetings.
The purpose of the meeting is to provide an update to the public and to gather additional input for DISC and the BOS prior to formal submission to MassDOT.  With town meeting deadlines on the horizon, this will help to inform and shape the decisions that will be made as to how the Town will proceed with the various elements and the overall Project.
Please consider attending this daytime meeting which will be held in Room 215 (Board of Selectmen meeting room) at the Hopkinton Town Hall 18 Main Street, on;
1.      Thursday, January 17th from 10:00 to 11:00 am
In addition to this meeting the Project will be presented to the Board of Selectmen at their January 22nd meeting in Room 215 of Town Hall.
For more information contact Town Engineer -            

David Daltorio, P.E.
Email: ddaltorio@hopkintonma.gov  
Phone: 508-497-9738



An official BAA Hopkinton Marathon Number is available through the Town’s Hopkinton 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee.

 Applicant must raise $2,500 (more is great) all of which will support the town’s 300th Anniversary

· Applicant must pay the BAA’s Registration Fee separately to the BAA

If interested contact hop300th@gmail.com for further details.
Wake Up Call

January 10, 2013 — A Mayhew Street family must have been more than a little shocked to hear this come crashing down. The other side of the story is below. Thanks to George Robinson for the photo and the tip.





2011 in Photos Part I2011 in Pictures Part II





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