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Police Incident Log - Most Recent First

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Updated Wednesday, July 30, 2012 

 9:14 pm A Front Street resident complained about a barking dog.

8:17 pm
 A 911 caller from Spring Street reported that her ex-boyfriend was at her residence and he was unwanted there. Officer Matthew McNeil spoke with the suspect and advised him to stay away from his ex-girlfriend.

8:13 pm
 A caller reported that two customers at a Main Street business were possibly yelling at each other (photo). Two units responded and advised that they were just talking to each other.

6:44 pm
 A motor vehicle was checked on West Main Street.

4:50 pm
 A resident of Woody Island Road reported that several youths were operating a small motorized scooter on the roadway. Officer Matthew McNeil spoke with several youths.

2:28 pm
 A caller from B Street reported that a rented truck was vandalized.

7:23 am
 A Hayden Rowe Street resident reported that their downstairs neighbor just threatened his wife. Officer Patrick O'Brien spoke with the individuals involved.

1:44 am
 A caller from Peppercorn Road reported a loud party in the area. Officers checked the area with a negative find.
Saturday, July 28, 2012
9:00 pm A motorist reported that he blew out a tire on one of the raised structures on Grove Street. Officer Matthew McNeil responded and placed a traffic cone where the raised structure was.

4:20 pm
 A resident of Ash Street reported that while driving on route 85 youths threw something at his car causing his driver's side window to break. The Milford Police Department was notified.

3:50 pm
 A walk-in reported that someone was laying on the ground and not moving at the Center School playground. Officer Matthew McNeil responded and advised that the person was sleeping.

3:00 pm
 Officer Matthew McNeil responded to suspicious activity near a Main Street gas station.

12:40 pm
 A caller reported a suspicious female, who appeared to be staggering, walking on Hillcrest Drive. Officer Thomas Griffin
checked the area with a negative find.

12:20 pm
 An Oakhurst Road resident reported a suspicious call, after hours, from someone representing an insurance company. The insurance company stated that it was very unusual for someone to call after hours and for an adjuster to come out on a Saturday. The incident was logged.

11:57 am
 A homeowner from East Main Street reported returning home and finding that their house appeared to have been broken into. Officer Thomas Griffin responded and took a report.

10:25 am
 A caller reported that her iPhone was taken from her work place on West Main Street. She then called back and advised that she located her phone.

10:22 am
 Officer David Shane assisted an Environmental Police Officer with a group at the Whitehall boat landing.

8:02 am
 The Framingham Police Department requested an officer check a Wood Street residence for an overdue/stolen white Dodge Caravan. Officer David Shane checked the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.

12:37 am
 A West Main Street resident reported coming home to find a door ajar and some items out of place. Sgt. Michael Sutton checked the residence and advised that there was no evidence of a break in.
Friday, July 27, 2012
10:37 pm Officer William Burchard issued a civil citation for possession of marijuana under 1 ounce on Lakeshore Drive.

9:30 pm
 A motor vehicle was checked on Elm Street.

8:54 pm
 Officer Peter Booth arrested an 18 year old male from Hopkinton on Nazneen Circle on an Arrest Warrant.

11:53 am
 Officer David Shane checked a motor vehicle on Nazneen Circle.

8:54 am
 Sgt. Joseph Bennett spoke with a work crew that was taking up a lane of travel at the intersection of South Street and West Main Street. The crew moved back behind the fog line.


From the Director of ICE

HSI Boston special agents take down child predators

A grim tale began to unfold in November 2010, when our Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) special agents and Massachusetts State Police detectives arrested Robert Diduca in Boston, Mass., on child pornography production charges. He was sentenced to 18 years in prison earlier this summer. A forensic analysis of his computer led us to a Dutch national who was arrested and charged with production, distribution and possession of child pornography, as well as the sexual assault of 87 minors. From there, further investigation revealed a network of sexual offenders that spanned the globe. To date, more than 140 children have been rescued and 42 perpetrators have been arrested — 12 in the United States and 30 in foreign countries.

Two special agents with HSI Boston led this investigation with significant cooperation from our attaché offices and law enforcement partners around the world. Special Agents Greg Squire and Pete Manning, now working with Special Agent Andy Kelleher, have gone above and beyond to ensure that the child predators are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The children abused in this case were often infants and very young children — the youngest was 19 days old. It is a wrong among wrongs, and one we must combat with the full force of the law. We are literally defending the defenseless.

Unfortunately, this case isn't over. Each new predator we put behind bars leads us to yet another person attempting to exploit children. The message I have for them is a simple one. You are not safe. It may take us time and effort, you may be able to hide for a bit, but together with our law enforcement partners, we will investigate you, prosecute you and put you in jail. The border is no barrier. Your computer is no refuge.

John Morton 
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)


Letterboxing has Nothing to do with Pugilism

Join Friends of Upton State Forest and Upton Open Space Committee for a two to three hour hike at Upton State Forest on August 19 at 1PM, (rain date, August 26) to learn the joys of letterboxing. After a brief orientation at 1PM to introduce you to letterboxing, we will hike to discover The CCC Legacy letterbox series of five boxes, placed between the CCC Camp and Dean Pond. Discover this interesting sport and learn about the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps. This is a free, moderate hike with uneven terrain and some hills. There is a long option for all five letterboxes, as well as a short option offered that includes three boxes.

Meet at the Headquarters building near the intersection of Westborough and Southborough Roads in Upton. GPS address is 205 Westborough Road. Dress for the weather. Remember water, sunscreen and insect repellant. Liability waiver required for all, with a parent accompanying and signing for anyone under 18. As a courtesy to others, kindly leave pets at home.

For reminders, or a cancellation notice, send an email to uptonopenspaceevents@charter.net . Questions: 508-529-6610.


Enjoy a piece of a tune performed by Kathleen Regan at the PJB Christmas in July fundraiser last week


Local Granite
July 29, 2012 — This water snake went for a swim before slithering between the blocks of granite at the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam today for a better look from higher ground at the vast water before him. The granite looks like granite from local quarries.


Tonight's Sunday Concert  on the Common Canceled Due to Impending Bad Weather
  Twitter followers and facebook friends were also notified of the cancelation
 via HopNews mobile device.
Back Pages
Musicians Doug Betschart and Inky Fair began working  together about 40 years ago in a 5-piece band called Apoplexy and came known to local people by playing at the former Cricket Lounge in Ashland, where guitar legend Johnny Winter and local superstars-to-be Aerosmith also performed. Their next band on the rise, Moonfast, made it to Boston Garden. During the heyday of area nightclubs, they shrunk their entourage to a 3-piece band, joining Tom Yates as the house band, Fair, Yates and Betschart at Timothy Spirits for several years. And now, 40 years after their gig at the Cricket, they still perform, now as a 2-piece, known to their followers as Back Pages. Betschart plays guitar, harp and bass pedals, and sings, sometimes all in the same song, and Fair sings lead, backup and plays percussion.
        The musicians come to mind now, because FY&B just performed a reunion at TCAN in Natick. Below is a reprise of a video of Inky and Doug at the former Catch 22 in Ashland from New year's Eve/Day 2007, taped with a hard-drive camera, one of the first, and our first on YouTube. But although the video isn't as good as today's, the harmonies are like those of two brothers. If you decide to join the other 2,000 people who have watched the video, be patient in wondering where the bass is coming from. When the camera pans down, please notice Doug performing bass pedals with his foot on these two acoustic Beatles covers.


Door to Door

July 28, 2012 — Marty Lamb, candidate for State Representative, and wife Peri, knocked on a few doors today before the storm. Above, they hand Barbara Kessler some campaign literature and have a short chat. Politics and religion are exempt from the solicitor bylaw that requires people to register daily with the police department.


HOG Farm

July 28, 2012 — The HOG [Harley Owners Group] Ocean State Chapter from Rhode Island had a stop for ice cream at the Water Fresh Farm marketplace on their itinerary today before the storm


Cats and Dogs

July 28, 2012 — A deluge hit Hopkinton and brought with it some thunder and lightning. Lightning struck a tree near a home on Ridge Road and shattered bark and wood all over the yard, broke a window,  and is believed to be the cause of a cable outage in the neighborhood (wires are underground in the neighborhood). The raging stormwater also disrupted a construction site at Grove and Main, sending a substantial amount of gravel into the roadway.



July 28, 2012 — The Hopkinton Running Club enjoys a rest as well as coffee following their Saturday morning run today in front of Hopkinton Gourmet.


Very Minor

July 28, 2012 — Officers David Shane and Thomas Griffin responded with dispatch when a caller reported that a pedestrian may have been struck at the crosswalk at Church and Main Streets. However, it was nary a fender-bender, and the ambulance was waved off.


Intersection Plans
Mouse-over photo to see work

July 28, 2012 — Legacy Farms Developer Roy S. MacDowell, Jr. looks over plans for redesigning the Main/Grove Street intersection with contractor Andy Russo of Russo Brothers today. Mr. MacDowell is keeping  his part of the Host Community Agreement in mitigating, ahead of time, the impact of the increase in traffic expected as a result of new residents expected to populate Legacy Farms.
       As part of the redesign, the interior corner on Colella's side is being widened to comply with standards for truck turns, and Grove Street is being widened for a couple hundred feet on the Colella side to add a lane in the approach from the south.
       To see where the wooden fence will be moved to (red line), mouse over the image. The fence posts that were removed today can be inferred from the square holes in the pavement. They will only move about three feet.


Customer Service
July 27, 2012 — It's all about customer service at Artie Keown's fruits and vegetables stand at the Weston Nurseries Famer's market on Friday. Son Turi was in charge today, taking care of a customer, above.


Dual Purpose

July 27, 2012 — This flagger has a slow sign on one side, and — check out the outline — a familiar octagonal stop sign on the other. Civilian flaggers have been allowed in Massachusetts, the last state in the nation to do so, since 2008. When first implemented, clashes broke out in Boston between police, who until that time were the sole entity allowed to direct traffic, and the flaggers.

The bridge above where preparation for the construction to replace it has begun, is over the Sudbury River on Cordaville Road on the Southborough/Hopkinton town lines.


Hopkinton Reservoir


To: All Church St & Church PL Residents & Businesses



On Tuesday July 31st, 2012 contractors working for the Town of Hopkinton DPW will begin work on Church St and Church PL. Work hours will be 7am-5pm. These roads will be completely reclaimed down to the gravel, graded, compacted, structures adjusted, berm replaced where needed and then paved. We anticipate all of the needed work will be completed in about three weeks depending on the weather, mechanical breakdowns and contractors scheduling issues.


It is important that no one park in the road on either Church St or Church PL during construction as this would prohibit the contractors from doing their work. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.


Should anyone have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at the above phone number or email address.


Thank you for your cooperation during this construction project.




Mike Mansir, Hopkinton Highway Manager


Police Incident Log - Most Recent First

Updated Friday, July 27, 2012 


Incident Log

Thursday, July 25, 2012

9:46 pm Two car MVA South Street (photo). One driver cited for failure to use care while turning.

8:27 pm Checked motor vehicle regarding error by  registry.

8:27 pm Neighbor complained of another setting off fireworks on Oakhurst Road, but the alleged perps had run out of ammo  before arrival of police.

6:59 pm Individual walking through backyard of Peter Porcaro Drive residence could not be found.

4:35 pm A Pond Street resident was informed that his license needed to be renewed.

10:43 am Ash Street resident was concerned about a Lexus lingering near her home. The driver got a flat tire and was in the process of changing it.

8:58 am Cedar Street caller reported two large plows stolen from his property.

8:09 am Checked an East Main Street house under construction for suspicious activity.

4:20 am A West Main Street caller reported a woman screaming in the woods, but Officer Linda Higgins determined it to be a fisher cat.

1:56 am Could not secure open door on pickup truck at Clinton Street construction site.

1:56 am Spoke with a person out and about on Lakeshore Drive.

12:08 am Checked a motor  vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street.


Police Incident Log - Most Recent First

Updated Thursday, July 26, 2012 


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

9:02 pm Officer Peter Booth arrested Albano Correia, 40, of Glen Meadow Road, Franklin, on Panther Way in Franklin and charged him with Violation of Abuse Prevention Order and Assault and Battery.


Incident Log

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

10:07 pm A caller reported hearing what sounded like a gun shot in the woods behind her house on Peter Porcaro Drive. Officer William Burchard checked the area but did not hear anything.

6:31 pm Officer William Burchard checked on a pick up truck that was parked behind a building on Wood Street.

6:08 pm A complaint application was issued to a individual on Baker Lane.

4:41 pm There was a disabled motor vehicle on South Street.

4:40 pm A caller reported that her son witnessed a pickup truck spilling several packing peanuts on Wood Street. A unit checked the area but did not locate any packing peanuts.

4:34 pm Officer Peter Booth assisted that Fire Department with a small fire a homeowner had going on Pond Street.

2:42 pm Several units responded to a two car motor vehicle accident with personal injuries on Teresa Road. Both operators were transported to the hospital.

1:46 pm A resident of Greenwood Road wanted to speak with the Animal Control Officer regarding an issue with a neighbor.

12:42 pm A resident complained about construction trucks on Elm Street.

1:33 pm A caller reported that she was backing out of a parking space on West Main Street when a black pickup truck hit her and continued onto 495. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and will sort everything out with the caller.

11:01 am Officer Gregg DeBoer checked two possible residences for an individual who was reported missing. He was unable to locate the person.

8:12 am A maintenance worker reported vandalism that has been occurring the past three nights on Saddle Hill Road.

2:18 am Three vehicles, that were parked at the basketball courts on Hayden Rowe Street, were checked.


Stilburnin is Still Burnin'
Yet another tune from the very talented Stilburnin from last Suunday's Concert on the Common



Charlotte Marquedant

Charlotte Marquedant passed away after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. Born in October 1937 to Mabel (Wildman) and Lloyd Hazen in
Gardner, MA.

Charlotte formerly worked as an administrative assistant at Data General, Intrinix and for ten years prior to her retirement at St. Cecilia Catholic Church, Ashland, MA.

She is survived by her loving husband of 54 years, Joseph, their children David (Kathleen), Joseph (Heidi), Robert (Lynn), Carol (Dean Ouellette), Stephen (Jeanne) and Mary (Michael Korbey), and grandchildren James, Holly, Timothy, Andrew, Mary, Brigid, Grace Marquedant, Mikala, Cooper and Calli Korbey and Cameron Ouellette. Charlotte also is survived by sisters Norma (Paul) Nordstrom, Dorothy (Eugene) Bartlett and brother David Hazen and predeceased by sister Sylvia Hitchings and brother Donald (Mary Antoinette) Hazen.

Calling hours will be held on Sunday, July 29, 2012 from 4 to 7p.m. at the Chesmore Funeral Home, 57 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton. A mass of Christian burial will take place at St. John the Evangelist Church, 20 Church Street, Hopkinton at 11:00a.m. on Monday, July 30th with burial following at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in
Hopkinton. In lieu of flowers, donations in Charlotte's name can be directed to Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer, 1111 Stewart Avenue, Bethpage, NY 11714 or Rose Monahan Hospice Residence, 10 Judith Way, Worcester, MA 0160. Special thanks for care given by the staff at Cancer Care Unit, 9th Floor at Massachusetts General Hospital and to the staff at Rose Monahan Hospice Home.


Christmas in July
July 25, 2012 — PJB President Cherylann Lambert Walsh poses on Santa's knee at her Christmas in July event this evening, where all of the auction items and raffle tickets were donated by businesses and private individuals and families. In addition to appetizers and desserts, the gathering was entertained by the voice and guitar of Kathleen Regan.
       Project Just Because is a Hopkinton-based charity that provides back-to-school supplies and backpacks, as well as necessities for families in need, and is the hub of the Hopkinton Food Pantry.
       Below, turning the tables, State Representative Carolyn Dykema's ubiquitous camera-phone got a shot of HopNews Editor Robert Falcione [since retouched] with the very photogenic guests, Andrew Young Sr. and wife, Nicole.


Police Incident Log - Most Recent First



Updated Wednesday, July 25, 2012 


Incident Log
Tuesday, July 24, 2012
11:45 pm A 911 caller reported that her mother was assaulted by her soon to be ex-husband on West Main Street. Officer Jacob Campbell checked the area with a negative find. The Franklin Police Department were notified.

9:23 pm
 The Framingham Police Department was looking for a resident, of North Mill Street, who was involved in a hit and run accident in their town.

9:11 pm
 A resident of Front Street reported hearing gun shots. Officer Gregg DeBoer checked the area but did not hear anything.

8:36 pm
 Sgt. Scott vanRaalten assisted DSS with locating an individual.

8:26 pm
 A caller from Partridge Road reported that their cat had escaped thru a window. The Animal Control Officer was notified.

8:22 pm
 The Department of Child and Family Services requested assistance with finding a child that has not returned to their residence on Kruger Road.

8:15 pm
 A caller reported hearing banging at a construction site on Clinton Street. A unit checked the area and found a construction worker retrieving his cooler that he left behind.

6:40 pm
 A motor vehicle was checked on Cedar Street.

5:47 pm
 A resident reported that they found a small white dog on Pond Street.

5:00 pm
 A tractor trailer unit was checked on West Main Street.

4:06 pm
 Two units responded to a motor vehicle accident without personal injury on East Main Street.

3:45 pm
 Two officers responded to a motor vehicle accident with personal injury on West Main Street.

2:20 pm
 Officer Stephen Buckley assisted the Fire Department with a vehicle leaking fuel in a South Street parking lot.

12:07 pm
 A caller reported that a man was walking up the ramp towards 495. Two units checked the area with a negative find.

9:08 am
 Officer Philip Powers stood by while the DPW removed a low hanging branch on Wood Street.

8:29 am
 Officer Patrick O'Brien checked on vehicles parked in a bad spot on Front Street.

2:45 am
 A motor vehicle was checked on Hayden Rowe Street.


Short Video of Monday's Fire in Ashland



Last Seen: Saturday, July 21st at Oak Street Ashland, Ma

Hello, my name is Luna, and I am a drop-dead gorgeous long-haired orange cat who has a loving owner, Amber. Well, at this moment "had"  a loving owner. You see, I walked off and can't find my way home.

I enjoy sardines, being brushed, slapping hanging toys, and scratching leather and cloth sofas and chairs. Oh, and tormenting mice.

If you are the person who found me and is doing your best to take care of my needs, thank you. But I really need to get back to Amber so she doesn't go crazy. She thinks I am human. Give her a call at (774)230-4630 to arrange a meeting.