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Water Fresh Education

May 26, 2012 — Water Fresh Farm Marketplace turned some floor space into a classroom today, with the master himself, Dr. Merle Jensen, designer of the hydroponic displays in the Land Exhibit at Epcot and consultant to Water Fresh Farm since its inception, talking about hydroponic growing to a captive audience. NOTE: Double-clicking on any word on Page One will open the dictionary to that word and will provide not only meaning and pronunciation, but a sound of the word as well. Try "hydroponic". For one that a lot of people mispronounce, try "angst" and listen to the pronunciation.


Summertime on Little Pond

May 26, 2012 — This family of Canada geese spent time eating and swimming this afternoon on Little Pond at the Southern end of Lake Whitehall. In fact almost all of their time is spent eating and swimming.



Communication Breakdown

May 26, 2012 — Someone in the driving education of this young woman apparently omitted the part about driving on the right side of the road. The photographer advised her of the correct side to drive and park on and assisted in her exit to the proper side of the road. It might be good to note at this time, that when exiting a one-way road, such as the Middlesex Bank lot, a person should signal their intention with the appropriate directional that is usually provided on the left side of the steering column, and move to that side of the drive or road they wish to turn from.


Making Progress

May 26, 2012 —(5:50 pm) New poles are being put up by Verizon following this morning's accidental tearing down of wires and three poles, two of which landed flat onto Grove Street.


No Need for an Explanation

May 26, 2012 — This sign has appeared on a resident's lawn on West Elm Street, which has become a speedy cut-through for people going to route 495.




Curiosity Killed the Snake

May 26, 2012 — This snake in the water at the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam spillway swam across its width to sniff the photographer with its forked tongue. And then, sensing some primordial impulse, swam away very quickly. The markings above and below its "lips" look like large teeth, an illusion that may keep some predators away.



Where's the Beaver

May 26, 2012 — Photographed with a long lens from about 100 feet away, this clumped up critter that came out of the water after swimming across its pond appears to be a beaver. HopNews no longer identifies the location of these animals, because people have trapped them following each photo.


Domino Effect

UPDATED: May 26, 2012  — A tractor trailer making a delivery to Colella's and driving through the side lot caught a low-hanging wire and started the cascade that brought down three telephone poles at 8:15 am. The Mass State Police truck team spoke with the driver. Several homes and buildings on Grove Street had the services ripped from the buildings, and the power on Grove Street has been shut down. A transformer is leaking fluid and Colella's is running on another power source. Above, Officer Matthew McNeil places cones and looks at the connections above the Main/Cedar intersection. Our Twitter followers and those who "like" HopNews on facebook already received a traffic advisory about this. Selectman Brian Herr, an electrical supplies specialist, also arrived on scene to survey the damage. Photo by Ed Thompson, News Director WMRC Radio 1490 AM.



The Historical Perspective of Nancy Clark

By Blair Guild
May 25, 2012 — Mrs. Nancy Clark has plans to retire this year, completing her twenty year employment period at Hopkinton High School. During those twenty years she has brought unforgettable teaching skills, leadership, and overall excellence to the high school.

“I’ve always loved history and teaching just seemed to fit my personality,” said Mrs. Clark, History teacher and Curriculum Team Leader for History and Social Sciences at Hopkinton High School.

Since she started working at the high school, Mrs. Clark has become a major part of the history department, students’ lives, and the HHS community. In addition to teaching, she coaches Girls Varsity Tennis and is the faculty advisor for Student Council.

“I’m ready to retire. I’m looking forward to it but I know I’ll miss school,” explained Mrs. Clark.

Mrs. Clark said that above all else, she will miss her students.

“Hopkinton has a great bunch of kids. I love students and I love working with them,” she added.

Mrs. Clark will not just miss her students, her students will miss her as well. Many have expressed that they will be sad to see her officially retire.

“Mrs. Clark is really special to a lot of students,” said Maddie Oleson, a student of Mrs. Clark’s AP United States History course. “Most of her students have had her for two years in a row now, so it will be emotional to see her leave,” she added.

The sentiment that Mrs. Clark will be missed is felt by nearly everyone who came to know her, including teachers. Garrett Sawyer, a co-teacher of the AP US History course, expressed how he will miss Mrs. Clark very much once she has retired.

“She’s helped me a lot as a teacher but also plays a really important roll keeping the history department together,” explained Mr. Sawyer.

Mrs. Clark has made many plans for her retirement. She plans to do more volunteer work, read more often, travel to see her family and grandchildren, and play more tennis and golf. Most importantly though, she says history will always remain a part of her life.

“Contemporary United States History is my favorite. I love anything from World War Two and on. Partially because it’s my life. I grew up during such a great historical time,” explained Mrs. Clark.

Mrs. Clark says that she will be able to look back at her years spent teaching with fond memories, “One of my favorite memories of teaching is just the general sense of camaraderie between the AP US History students. Every year they make t-shirts and get excited about taking the AP test, I’ll miss that”.

Mrs. Clark still cares about the future of the history department, offering her words of wisdom that “teachers try to challenge their students and students try to challenge themselves.”

A replacement teacher has yet to be hired, but the position is open. The new teacher will have big shoes to fill because Mrs. Clark has left such a lasting impression on Hopkinton High School. She will be dearly missed by the staff and students of HHS during her retirement.

This story republished with permission from HHSPress, always linked above.


3-vehicle Collision Sends One to Hospital
Creates Gridlock Downtown

UPDATE: The FD has cleared the scene, the vehicles have been towed, and traffic is moving much more quickly.

May 25, 2012 — (3:20 pm) A three-vehicle chain-reaction rear-end collision occurred on Main Street just west of Pleasant Street this afternoon, taking up an entire lane of traffic and causing gridlock to form quickly on all of the arteries in Downtown. One woman was transported to UMass Worcester by Hopkinton Ambulance. Two vehicles were ordered towed from the scene. HopNews Facebook fans and Twitter followers got this timely information as a traffic alert to help readers avoid the jam moments after it occurred.




Hopkinton Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jonathan Landman Resigns 

The Hopkinton School Committee and Dr. Jonathan Landman wish to announce that the School Committee is in receipt of the resignation of Dr. Landman as Superintendent of Schools, effective June 30th.  Dr. Landman is grateful to have had the opportunity to work within this strong public school system with wonderful staff, students and community leaders who share his commitment to educational excellence, innovation, and the well-being of young people. 

Although he remains devoted to public service through educational leadership, after much reflection and discussion with family, friends and colleagues, he has come, respectfully, to recognize that his style and strengths have not been a good fit with the expectations and approach of the Hopkinton School District.  He has concluded that he can better serve public education in a different setting. 

The School Committee wishes to acknowledge Dr. Landman's unquestionable dedication to student achievement, thank him for his year of service and wish him success in his future endeavors. Contributed content. HopNews file photo.




Police Incident Log -

Most Recent First
Updated Friday, May 25, 2012

, May 24, 2012
9:24 pm
Officer Matthew McNeil, responding to the report of neighbor stuck in a smoking car, found instead that a vehicle had crashed into a home on Pleasant Street, causing much damage to the front of the home. NStar Gas, Art's Towing and the building inspector were called to the scene. The operator, who declined the ambulance services of the Hopkinton Fire Department, will receive a summons for
Operating to Endanger.
9:06 pm
Officer Aaron O'Neil reported on an accident on Wood Street where there were no injuries.

9:03 pm
A West Elm Street resident thought three youths walking down the street was suspicious, but Officer O'Neil spoke with them and learned they wee waiting for a friend to return home.

7:07 pm
Three units responded to 911 calls that a vehicle hit a house on West Main Street and kept going. The vehicvle was found at the Mobil station and the driver was taken to the hospital.
12:53 pm A College Street homeowner complained that construction materials were dumped at the end of her driveway.

12:15 pm
Hopkinton Police placed an individual into custody who was then transported to Salem by that town's police.

11:15 pm
Officer Thomas Griffin spoke with an individual in a vehicle on Main Street.

11:03 am
Units spoke with an individual on Hillcrest Drive.

10:57 am
Officer Thomas Griffin spoke with the site manager on West Main Street about a violation of the town's bylaw forbidding construction work or machine delivery before 7:00 am.

7:59 am
Officer Buckley notified the property owners on South Street about a complaint that the town bylaw was violated.

7:22 am
A caller reported being cut off entering West Main Street from Route 495. Vehicle was GOA.

6:11 am
A tree completely blocking B Street at Walcott was removed by the Highway Department.

4:35 am
Assisted Upton Police administer a Breathalyzer test at the station.

1:13 am
Checked a vehicle on Wood Street.

12:49 am
Several vehicles on West Main Street were checked and found secure.

12:06 am
Responding units could not find gunshots being fired as reported on Daniel Shays Road.



Video of Accident Scene on Pleasant Street

Two Different Hopkinton Homes hit by Two Separate Vehicles Hours Apart
Second accident, scroll below two photos

May 24, 2012 — Remarkably, a vehicle struck a home on West Main Street around 7:30 pm, and later this evening at 9:24 pm, a different, unrelated vehicle struck a different home, this time on Pleasant Street (above) after driving across neighbors' lawns. The vehicle above can be tracked across neighbor's lawns (see video), including that of the father of the woman who owns this home. It ripped up shrubs, the front door storm and outside door assemblies, the steps and railing, as well as other minor items before tearing the gas meter from the side of the house. An apparent safety device, or firefighters, shut the gas off, because there was no odor at all at the scene. NStar, the Building Inspector and Art's Towing all arrived on scene to do their jobs. Officer Matthew McNeil said the operator, who refused medical treatment, will receive a summons for Operating to Endanger.
      Neighbors, press and curiosity seekers gathered at first in front of the house, and then at a short distance after firefighters and police placed yellow tape around the perimeter of the front and sides of the property, and colored lights from public safety and tow vehicles made the scene look almost festive.
      Below, Hopkinton firefighters determine the source of a fluid leak from the wrecked vehicle.




First of Two Homes Struck Today Was on West Main Street

Above, debris stays in place for the time being while police and firefighters tend to the drivers of the vehicles involved, one of whom was transported (below) to the hospital by Hopkinton ambulance.



Traffic Advisory 

Motorcycle accident 495 South (4:49 pm Thurs.) between Mass Pike and Exit 21 A, Hopkinton. Suggest other routes. UPDATE: Clear at 5:30 pm.

Facebook likes and Twitter followers already got this alert.



Hi! Thanks to HopNews the Grey Tabby has found her way home! :-). Thanks for your help! ~ Alison

No Mistaking It

May 24, 2012 — The color of this hawk's tail makes a misidentification of its type difficult. It was fleeing a group of smaller birds this morning, which were likely protecting their eggs or young, a favorite food of hawks, hundreds of feet above the Woodville Rod and Gun Club.


D.A. Leone and Police Chief Flannery To Unveil Hopkinton’s New Drug Collection Unit

New Drug Collection Unit Addresses the Dangers of Unused Prescription Drugs by Offering Safe Disposal

WOBURN – On Wednesday, May 30, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone and Hopkinton Police Chief Richard Flannery will unveil Hopkinton’s new drug collection unit, comprising one of the 29 units that the MDAO has funded to be installed at police departments throughout Middlesex County.

The units provide a free, safe method to dispose of unused or expired prescription medication. The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office purchased the units for the departments through drug forfeiture funds, which can be used for the purpose of drug rehabilitation, drug education and other anti-drug efforts.

The effort is part of the District Attorney’s goal to address issues of substance abuse among young people. An estimated 2.4 million Americans misused prescription drugs for the first time within the past year, and about a third of those users were age 12 to 17, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Heath, more than 70 percent of people who abused prescription pain killers got them from relatives or friends. The bins offer a safe way to dispose of these drugs.

Every day, on average, 2,500 teens use prescription drugs to get high for the first time, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. The DEA also reports that 56 percent of teens say prescription drugs are easier to get than illicit drugs. Two in five teens believe that prescription drugs are safer than illegal drugs.




Needed Repairs

May 24, 2012 — Mike Whalen, American Legion Post Adjutant General re-points bricks at the Woodville Honor Roll kiosk in front of Woodville Baptist Church this morning. He credits Mike and Karen Shepard for doing most of the restoration work on the kiosk.



Memorial Day Itinerary
The restored Comey Chapel will be open for viewing on Memorial Day. Hours: 9:00 - 9:45 before the veterans ceremony @ Evergreen & after the Memorial Day ceremonies, from 12 - 4 pm.  




Police Incident Log -

Most Recent First
Updated Thursday, May 24, 2012

, May 23, 2012
10:46 pm
Responding units were unable to locate the individual dressed in black and flailing his arms on Exchange Street.

10:03 pm
Salem Police requested a check of a Blueberry Lane residence for an individual with a Probable Cause to arrest.

8:00 pm
A Hayden Rowe Street resident reported the possibility of suspect vehicle from a past larceny returning the the scene of the crime. Gone on arrival.

6:10 pm
An accident without personal injury was investigated on Cedar Street.

5:56 pm
A Wyman Lane caller reported an erratic operator on the wrong side of the road. It was gone on arrival.

5:48 pm
A caller reports she was just run off of the road by another vehicle, which could not be located. She was winched out by Art's Towing.

3:48 pm
A Hayden Rowe Street caller reports her car being egged overnight.

1:02 pm
A resident reported someone dumping a metal backpack on her lawn. Officer Stephen Buckley brought it to DPW for disposal.

11:21 am
An individual reported two slashed tires on his van happened overnight.

10:34 am
Highway removed a tree down on Lumber Street.

7:51 am
Highway notified of a branch hanging over roadway on West Main Street.

12:27 am
Officer John Moran spoke with an individual who pulled into a Hayward Street parking lot.


Epcot Designer to Speak at Water Fresh Farm 

11:00 am 

Saturday, May 26, 2012 


Dr. Merle Jensen, designer of the hydroponic displays in the Land Exhibit at Epcot and consultant to Water Fresh Farm since its inception, will be doing a talk at 11am on Saturday, May 26th.  

The subject of his talk will be Hydroponic Growing, Past, Present, and Future, including projects that have brought fresh vegetables to the food deserts of the world, the new hydroponic greenhouse in the Antarctic and the work being done in the lab geared toward growing on the moon.  

On a more personal level, he’ll discuss how consumers’ growing interest in locally grown produce has resulted in the growth of small, family run hydroponic farms that can operate and serve the communities in which they are located. It is this High Tech/High Touch interest that led to the establishment of Water Fresh Farm in Hopkinton, MA, where consumers can step from the market “buying environment” directly into the greenhouse “growing environment” and see how the vegetables that they are eating are being grown.





I Am Lost FOUND!!

Someone has taken me in on Spring Street.  I wandered away from my home, because I got curious.  

I was never good at English, so I am not sure what my name is, but people have called me Tigger for some reason. If you are not sure it is me in the picture, let me give some clues. I enjoy being petted, go crazy over a saucer of milk and love to torment mice. Sound familiar? 

 If you are my regular family, please call Alison at XXX-XXX-XXXX and arrange to bring me home. Thank you!



at Sandy Beach. Please come join the fun!
Saturday, June 9th, 2012, Rain Date: Sunday, June 10th
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
General Meeting and Executive Board Elections. Lunch provided by LMPA
Topics of Discussion: A recap of the last year, the Extended Draw Down, repairing the boat ramp and the potential rezoning of EMC property to Industrial
12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m
, - AnimalAdventures.net  Demonstration with Live Animals and Reptiles!!

LMPA Gear (sweatshirts, hats, towels, etc.) will be available for sale.

This event is free to all LMPA members and their families.
One year renewal for $25.00, $45.00 for 2 years and $10.00 for Seniors Please bring a chair or blanket.

If anyone is missing a 12 foot Jon Boat with Ohio numbers, please let us know





Important seminar for people nearing 65
by Susan Flanagan of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MA
Topics will include enrollment periods and penalty for not enrolling on time, Original Medicare, HMOs, PPOs and supplements, prescription drug coverage and more.
TUESDAY, MAY 29 at 9 A.M.
Rsvp (508) 497-9730



Two Vehicles Off of the Road

May 23, 2012 — Two vehicles went off of the roadway heading north this afternoon just before Route 495 Exit 21A. According to one Mass State Trooper on scene, a vehicle in the center lane attempted to change lanes into the right lane, where a vehicle was already travelling. The resulting collision sent both vehicles off of the roadway and into the wooded area on the right side.
        In the top photo, a woman is secured to a transport stretcher for a trip to the hospital. On the wood line on the far, upper right, a firefighter can be seen at the open door of a vehicle where a patient sits awaiting transport. The opposite point of view from two minutes earlier is below. According to Hopkinton Fire Chief Ken Clark, neither patient had life-threatening injuries.





Police Incident Log -

Most Recent First
Updated Wednesday, May 23, 2012

, May 22, 2012
9:37 pm
A Chestnut Street caller reported a suspicious vehicle in his driveway, but discovered a package from a delivery company upon further investigation.

3:26 pm Several calls reported a vehicle off of the road and into a ditch on West Main Street. Art's Towing assisted.  

1:06 pm The property manager at Pinecrest Village reported that a resident observed a female dump 5 bags of trash into the dumpster without authorization. The license plate of the vehicle led to the suspect, who promised to return and remove the trash she dumped.  

11:59 am An individual stated he was calling from Woodland Road in Ashland, but the e911 system displayed a Hopkinton address. Ashland PD responded. Misinformation will be corrected.  

9:04 am Officer William Burchard assisted an individual who ran out of gas on West Main Street.  

9:04 am Officer Burchard assisted the Fire Department responding to an alarm on South Street.  

8:14 am A Granite Street resident reported a branch over the roadway. He took care of it himself.  

2:36 am Officer John Moran checked on a vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street.


Solar 101

Learn how to benefit from the sun - May 30, 2012

The town of Hopkinton has been awarded a Solar Grant by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (CEC). Hopkinton’s Sustainable Green Committee has scheduled an informational “Solar 101” event for May 30th at the Senior Center meeting room from 7:00 to 9:00pm. The CEC will be there to explain in detail how the Solarize program will work for town residents and business owners. The event will consist of a brief presentation followed by a Question & Answer session. Whether you are itching to install solar, or have never given it a thought, come and see what it is all about. The Solarize program allows residents and business owners to choose how the systems are ultimately purchased, so leave those ‘cost’ perceptions at home and venture over to the Senior Center for an enlightening event. You just might be able to reduce your energy bills for the next 20-30 years!

For more information, please visit our website at www.hopgreen.com. Please contact Caroline McManus at caroline.mcmanus1@gmail.com with any questions regarding this event. ~ Caroline McManus


Selectmen Reorganize Board

May 22, 2012 — Selectmen's first order of business this evening was to reorganize the leadership of the board following yesterday's uncontested reelection of two incumbents, Michelle Gates and Todd Cestari.
        Falling back on tradition in nominating the two who are up next for reelection, Brian Herr nominated Ben Palleiko as Chairman, and outgoing Chairman Todd Cestari nominated John Mosher as Vice-Chairman.
        Two vendors were approved to sell wine and offer samples at the Weston Nurseries Farmers' Market this year after promising to limit samples to one ounce per person.
      Wood Partners  VP of Development Adelaide Grady stopped by for approval from the Selectmen to name the roadway off of Legacy Farms South into their approved 240-unit apartment project as Woodview Way. She got her approval and told a reporter that they would like to begin their project in July.
         Attorney Joseph Antonellis requested approval of a transfer of the package store license at Star package from Brian Bento to a corporation controlled by William Tetlow. Mr. Tetlow was approved by the board previously, but a later snafu by state governing boards put the license in limbo, and so had to be reapplied for. In the meantime, Mr. Tetlow had been in a "liquor-related" incident, and the board asked him to return when his probation had been successfully completed. He did so this evening.
         Mr. Antonellis spoke of Mr. Tetlow's "artistic desire to restore and rehabilitate the building [at 70 Main Street]." He promised that Pam French would be the manager.
         Chairman Palleiko said, "This is fairly disturbing," alluding to the alcohol violation. "I hope this is the last challenge." The board voted unanimously in favor of the license transfer.
         South Street Associates left empty-handed after telling Selectmen that they wanted an abatement of $50,546.34 of their $105,498.11 sewer betterment at 71 South Street, because they were treated unfairly, and because the betterment has not improved their property.
         Town Counsel Ray Miyares was on hand, as was Principal Assessor Robert Bushway, who countered the claims of unfair treatment by presenting comparable assessments.
          Chairman Palleiko said, "It is not that the assessment is too high, it is not the best and highest use [of the property]."
          The town had argued that the property could be used for a three-story hotel, and therefore was improved by a sewer going past, because the existing Title V configuration would not handle that use.
          The Selectmen denied the abatement this evening, giving the applicants extra time to appeal their decision. If they took no action instead, then the applicant would have needed to wait until June 1, 2012 to apply for relief through an appeals process.



May 22, 2012 — Candidate for State Representative Marty Lamb and an entourage did a stand out at the Hopkinton Middle School yesterday during some of the voting. The highest sign is of a standard size, but the others are of a super-sized variety.



Candidate Extends Thanks

This year we had a highly contested race for School Committee. I think it a testament to our town that interest in our schools is so high. Unfortunately, I was not able to garner enough support to win either available seat.

That said, the amount of support I received was tremendous. So, please indulge my need to offer a few thanks. First, I want to thank my family for supporting me in this important process. Eve, Dante, Heather, Olin, and Cameron, thank you for manning the signs (with a smile) in front of Collela's along with all the great campaign advice. Thank you to the dozens and dozens of folks who were willing to host a garish red sign on their front lawn. Thank you Ken Weismantel ("145 Ash St"), for the design of the garish red sign. Thank you Ken, Eric, Phil and Kim for all the campaign advice, and to the entire HRTC for its generous support of my candidacy.

Thank you to other candidates for sacrificing their time to discuss the key issues. Jean and Jon, I wish you Godspeed in representing our entire community as you make critical decisions on behalf of our children.

Last, but not least, I want to thank the voters for coming out and casting a vote. Thank you for your vote; please stay engaged between elections, educating our children is too important.

Best regards,
Frank Sivo
14 Stone Crossing Way
May 22, 20012






 Sport of the Week

Hiller Softball Coasts in 8-0 Victory Over Westwood, TVL Title Becomes Interesting!

By: Lou Ottaviani

May 22, 2012 — The 2012 TVL softball championship will come down to the final season game, as two teams (Hopkinton and Bellingham) will be vying for that top spot. Hopkinton and Bellingham are currently tied for first place with identical 14-1 records in the TVL division. And, with both teams splitting their games against each other this season, a Hopkinton win over Ashland tomorrow would secure, at minimal, a tie with Bellingham for a share of the TVL crown provided Bellingham defeats Holliston. A loss by Bellingham to Holliston and a Hopkinton victory over Ashland would secure Hopkinton with sole possession of the TVL title. A Bellingham and Hopkinton loss, respectively, will still allow these two teams to share the TVL title.

Yesterday’s Bellingham 6-4 victory over Norton and Hopkinton’s 8-0 disposal of Westwood just makes the outcome of these top two TVL teams more interesting and important with only one remaining season game left to play.

Over the years, rivalries between certain towns in the TVL, is what makes up these healthy traditions and competitive play. When it comes to records, rivalry teams could care less about that. It all becomes a matter of bragging rights and pride for one’s school.

Take for example, Ashland and Hopkinton. It doesn’t matter what sport is being played, neither team likes losing to each other. And tomorrow will be no different. The same goes for Holliston and Bellingham. All four of these schools have established respectable softball programs that have grown and developed over the past decade and any team on a given day can find a way to win against each other.

Both Hopkinton and Bellingham will have the motivation to win because of what is at stake for the TVL tiltle. Ashland and Holliston would like nothing better than to be spoilers at the party, not to mention that Ashland even has a chance to make the playoffs should they come away with a victory over the Hillers. So there is a lot at stake still, and it should be exciting to see what the outcomes are.

For Hopkinton, it’s been a very nice ride this season behind the pitching performances of senior Nicole Mellor and freshman Alissa Karjel. Coach Jeff Kearney has done a nice job of platooning these hurlers by alternating their starts all season.

Yesterday’s 1-hit performance by Karjel showed that this young freshman had the poise to battle, as she demonstrated it by hurling seven shutout innings while keeping the composure of a veteran on the mound. The freshman struck out five batters, while walking three. The furthest a Wolverine base runner advanced throughout the game was second base, and that only happened once in the game.

The Hillers picked up their first run in the bottom of the first when leadoff batter, Jaclyn Foisy (2 for 4; 2 runs) took a 1-1 pitch to right field for a single. Erica McBride laid down a sacrifice bunt to put Foisy on second. Two consecutive passed balls brought Foisy across the plate for the Hillers first run.

Hopkinton added two more runs in the third, with hits by McBride (2 for 2; run) and Nicole Mellor (1 for 2; 3 RBI; SAC). The Hillers took advantage of a sloppy Westwood defense and picked up a run in the fifth with Mellor knocking home Carolyn Monaghan with a sacrifice fly to right and four more runs in the sixth, behind four hits (Foisy, McBride, Lara Murray (2 for 3; run) and Kristen Cooprider) and two costly Westwood errors.

“I thought that we got off to a slow start but we picked things up in the third,” said Coach Kearney. “Westwood has a strong pitcher (E.B. Messineo) and are a well-coached team. We wore them down and got a great pitching performance from Alissa. Our defense played well and eventually we were able to put enough runs on the board to control the game. I thought that Erica had a solid day at the plate.”

The Hillers scattered 9 hits on the day. Tomorrow’s game between Hopkinton and Ashland will be at 6:30 PM at Ashland. “This should be a big game for both teams,” said Kearney. “For us, we have the TVL championship at hand and for Ashland a win would allow them to qualify for the state tournament and for the healthy rivalry there is between both teams.”





Police Incident Log -

Most Recent First
Updated Tuesday, May 22, 2012


, May 21, 2012

9:10 pm An individual was arrested on a warrant on Walcott Street.
6:51 pm
A walk-in reported identity theft.
6:15 pm
Officer Thomas Griffin, while on a detail on South Street, reported an individual speeding.
4:47 pm
A caller witnessed a Tractor Trailer unit flee after taking done some wires on West Elm Street. Responding units were unable to locate. Verizon was notified.
4:30 pm
Upton reported a DMV on West Main Street near School Street that backed up traffic to the Mobil station. Art's Towing responded to remove the vehicle.
4:22 pm
Sgt. Michael Sutton checked a motor vehicle parked at a  Hayden Rowe Street location.
2:07 pm
Department received several calls from people who were contacted by telemarketers using the name of the Hopkinton Fire Department fraudulently. Advised the callers. Fire Chief will make a statement.
1:42 pm
School Resource Officer Philip Powers reported a senior prank. Someone parked a car on the tennis courts.
6:32 am
Officer John Moran spoke with an individual on Hayden Rowe Street.
12:49 am
Sgt. Scott vanRaalten conducted a well being check at a Hillcrest Drive residence on behalf of Ashland PD.


Greyhound Mix Missing 


Greyhound Friends needs help getting the word out about Atlas, a greyhound mix who got out of his fenced area and is on the loose. He's skittish and we're worried he could get hurt if he's not caught and brought back safely.

He was last seen this afternoon between 44 Saddle Hill Rd going toward Proctor. If anyone has seen him, or can volunteer to help look, please visit the Facebook page
http://www.facebook.com/groups/GreyhoundFriends or call Greyhound Friends at 508-435-5969. I'll see if there's an after hours number as well.

Many thanks,


Scam Alert

To Hopkinton Residents,

It has come to my attention today that a company or companies are conducting telephone requests for funding to assist the Hopkinton Fire Department. At this time the Hopkinton Fire Department and Hopkinton Permanent Firefighters Local 3772 ARE NOT conducting any fund raising efforts with outside entities. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for the residents of our community.

Fire Chief Ken Clark


Official Election Results

Above, School Committee winners Jon Graziano and Jean Bertschmann are sworn in by Town Clerk Ann Click after the official vote tally this evening. A total of 1,829 voters showed up to cast their ballots. 

Thanks to those who tuned in to the live webcast from the MS Auditorium for having patience during our initial difficulties in broadcasting. Nonetheless, HopNews readers got the results about the candidates first, and heard from them first live on this page. 

Following are official results for the contested races for School Committee and Board of Library Commissioners Unexpired term 2014: 

School Committee, 2 seats:
Jean Bertschmann 1,188
John Graziano 836

Frank Sivo 745
Frank D'Urso 591

Trustees, 1 seat:
June Harris 965
Dick Duggan 595

Question results:  BALLOT QUESTIONS 2012  

Election results: Election 2012 

Drive for Life Awards to Honor the Everyday Heroes of Law Enforcement
Hopkinton Officer Peter Booth one of forty officers of local departments to receive award
Award Winners Made Over 2,000 Drunk Driving Arrests in 2011

(Burlington, MA) May 21, 2011 -On Wednesday morning, May 23rd , at 9AM MADD Massachusetts will honor twenty-one Massachusetts State Troopers, over forty local police officers representing twenty-nine police departments for their commitment to enforcing drunk driving laws and keeping our roads safe at their annual Drive for Life Law Enforcement recognition breakfast at at the Springhill Suites Devens Common Center (31 Andrews Parkway, Devens,MA).

The featured guest speaker for this year's breakfast is Ron Bersani. Ron is the grandfather of Melanie Powell for whom the landmark 2005 "Melanie's Law" was named after and was the driving force behind the legislation. Ron continues to be a strong advocate for improving our OUI laws in Massachusetts.

Annually there are between16,000-17,000 OUI arrests in Massachusetts every year, averaging out to nearly 44 drunk driving arrests per day.

"Keeping our roads safe is dangerous and thankless work," said David DeIuliis, MADD Program Manager. "We consider the men and women of law enforcement everyday heroes and Drive for Life is MADD's way of saying thank you for their commitment to enforcing our impaired driving laws."

"While we've made progress over the last few years, drunk driving remains a very serious problem in Massachusetts,"said DeIuliis. "MADD will continue to support initiatives to save lives, including the passage of
Senate Bill 1746 which would require ignition interlock devices (IIDs) for first offenders in Massachusetts."

Interlocks are proven to be up to 90 percent effective, yet it is estimated that only one in eight convicted drunk drivers each year currently get the device, and most of those are repeat offenders. Sixty-five percent of the public support mandatory interlocks for first time offenders, and 85 percent of the public support mandatory interlocks for repeat offenders.

Wednesday's event will begin promptly at 9:00am, with breakfast being served at 9:10 am and the speaking program to begin at 9:30am. For directions to Devens Common Center click here.  Contributed content. HopNews file photo taken today.



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