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Parakeet Perched at Petrol Pumps

May 21, 2012 — A beautiful bird has found a temporary home at Hopkinton Gulf, 60 Main Street, flitting between the bird feeder on the Cedar Street side and the nearest tree. He turns his head toward the person who says, "pretty boy," "pretty birdie," or who whistles at him. He enjoys seeds and short flights. Call 508-435-6738 to help him find his way home or visit Hopkinton Gulf to see if it is your lost bird.




"Perhaps the Lowest Turnout I've Seen" - Ken Weismantel
 Urgent - Please Vote!

May 21, 2012 — Unopposed incumbent Planning Board candidate Ken Weismantel, an election poll numbers aficionado, called today's turnout disappointing, and perhaps the lowest turnout he has seen in years.
       Others holding signs for candidates also expressed disappointment in a process that people in other countries risk their lives over.
       We were asked to remind people yet again that there is an election today that could determine the course of the town and the future of a few projects. Please Vote!




Police Incident Log -

Most Recent First
Updated Friday, May 21, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

10:05 pm
Sgt. Michael Sutton and Officer William Burchard gave field sobriety tests to an operator of a motor vehicle on Cedar Street.
9:55 pm
Sgt. Michael Sutton and Officer William Burchard spoke to an individual on Main Street.
9:25 pm
A security company reported a suspicious vehicle on South Street. Officer Philip Powers responded but could not locate the vehicle.
8:46 pm
Sgt. Michael Sutton and Officer William Burchard were flagged down by a woman on Church Street. She stated that her vehicle was broken into. Sgt. Michael Sutton and Officer William Burchard responded to take a report.
8:39 pm
A Church Street resident reported a loud party. Sgt. Michael Sutton and Officer William Burchard responded and spoke with the homeowner who stated that they will turn the music down.
6:23 pm
A caller from Ray Street reported that a group of college students were going door to door to look for a home that they can stay in during the summer.
6:22 pm
A 911 caller from Haven Road reported that his vehicle was broken into. Upon a call back the individual said the this happened in Milford.
2:13 pm
A caller complained about the alarm at the sewer plant. A message was left with the Highway Department.
1:36 pm
A caller reported that a white, 1980's Camaro had just pulled onto Hayden Rowe Street from Maple at a high rate of speed with the vehicle sideways. Officer Philip Powers checked the area with a negative find.
12:02 pm
A resident of Tammer Lane reported receiving a call from the State Police regarding making donations on behalf of the Hopkinton Police Department. The resident wished to have this incident logged in.
11:40 am
Officer Gregg DeBoer checked North Street to and Fruit Street for the report of ATV's. He advised that he could not hear or locate any ATV's.
10:32 am
A passing motorist reported that there was a tree down on wires in Milford near the Hopkinton town line. The Milford Fire Department was notified.
9:30 am
Officer David Shane assisted another police agency.
8:31 am
A developer working on the new development off of Wedgewood Drive, reported some vandalism. Someone spay painted on the window of a front end loader.
12:39 am
Officer Matthew McNeil checked on a motor vehicle on Fruit Street. The vehicle was found to be secured.


Saturday, May 19, 2012
12:48 am
A caller reported a loud motorcycle driving around the neighborhood on Lakeshore Drive for several hours. Officer Linda Higgins checked the area with a negative find.
12:50 am
Sgt. Scott Van Raalten checked a vehicle out on Rafferty Road.
2:38 am
Sgt. Scott Van Raalten checked and spoke with the operator of a vehicle on Clinton Street.
5:15 am
A 911 caller reported a motor vehicle accident with an individual trapped inside. Officer Jacob Campbell assisted the Fire Department and one person was sent to the hospital.
10:10 am
A 911 caller reported that a man, operating a motorcycle on Lakeshore Drive, had hit a large rock and flipped over the handle bars. Refusal of medical treatment by the operator.
1:37 pm
Officer Patrick O'Brien spoke with a walk-in regarding a domestic situation.
5:20 pm
A resident reported that a cat had been struck by a car on Fruit Street. The Animal Control Officer was contacted and responded.
9:17 pm
There were several calls regarding a camp fire on Sandy Beach. Sgt. Scott Van Raalten and Officer McNeil responded and subsequently issued complaint applications.
10:11 pm
Officer Aaron O'Neil checked a motor vehicle operator. He sent them on their way.
10:30 pm
A caller reported that two youths were walking up and down the roadway on Ash Street, acting suspiciously. Officer Aaron O'Neil responded and spoke with the individuals, who said that they were lost and were trying to find their friend's house.




Fan Base

May 21, 2012 — Candidate for School Committee Jon Graziano gets playful with one of his biggest fans, two year-old daughter Molly, who will not be able to cast a ballot for her favorite candidate for a few years. She is being held by her grandmother, Marianne Quinn.


Tryouts for the Hopkinton Senior Babe Ruth team are set for Tuesday May 22nd at 6:00PM at Hopkinton High School Field 5.
Players are eligible to try out for Senior Babe Ruth if:
• Age 16-18 (age as of 4/30/2012).
• Age 15 (age as of 4/30/2012) AND currently playing High School baseball.
Please pre-register at http://www.hopkintonbaberuth.com/


Safety First

May 21, 2012 — The contractor working on the Town Hall was ordered off of the sidewalk by Officer Thomas Griffin on Friday after applying caution tape that directed the kids coming Downtown from early release onto the street. The worker found work to do on the other side of the building.


Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled  for HopNews.com by Robert Falcione © 2012 All Rights Reserved

New Transactions from May 11, 2012 to May 18, 2012






38 Wilson Street Brian E Gillis, Kristen L Gillis $570,000 May 18, 2012 Daniel Aho Trust, Fiske Hill Realty Trust
59 Grove Street Michael J Wheaton, Colleen F Wheaton $293,500 May 18, 2012 Brian E Gillis, Kristen L Gillis
11 Greystone Lane Aaron D Boghosian, Cristina Boghosian $605,000 May 17, 2012 James W Hendry, Irene B Hendry
29 Oakhurst Road Kevin J Hilson, Tasha L Hilson $390,000 May 17, 2012 Roger J Mahoney, Linda L Mahoney
10 Walcott Valley Drive #5 Montgomery Dale, Jessica Dale $170,000 May 17, 2012 Choong Koo Kim, Oksoon Kim
26 Overlook Road Shashidhar Ayachitam, Kalpana Kuncham $910,000 May 15, 2012 Cartus Corp
26 Overlook Road Cartus Corp $910,000 May 15, 2012 Bradley R Roark
(?) Winter Street Micahel Todisco, Debra Todisco $22,500 May 14, 2012 Trusts of Brian T Flaherty, Mary Ann Flaherty
1 Erin's Way Steven Jackson, Jame Jackson $330,000 May 14, 2012 Navy Federal Credit Union
Last Week        
11 Hazel Road Alexey Shvechkov, Sofia Senderski $442,000 May 11, 2012 George Blum, Elaine A Blum
24 Patriots Blvd Chelsesa Lucier $173,500 May 11, 2012 Stagecoach Hghts REalty
3 Tammer Lane Robert E Silva, Maria Silva $655,000 May 4, 2012 Alaoui-Ismaili Moulay Hicham, Colpin Francoise
Terry Property (W Main, Lumber, Chamberlain) REC Hopkinton LLC $3,000,000 May 4, 2012 Terry Family Ventures II LLC
5 Apple Tree Hill 5B Tatiana Hartman $152,500 May 3, 2012 Jason E Coleman, Raehl M Coleman
19 Hearthstone Road Richard P Barbieri $204,250 May 3, 2012 Gregory M Clifford
78 South Mill Street Constantine W Velentzas, Danielle Velentzas $681,326 May 2, 2012 South Mill Stret LLC
13 John Matthew Road Lara McCann, Patrick McCann $880,000 May 1, 2012 Scott A Berkey, Patricia A Berkey
Week Before        
20 Turnbridge Lane unit 22D Ronald D Denaro, Kathleen Lally Denaro $259,900 April 27, 2012 Victor Robidouz, Karen Ann Skaza
1 Oliver Lane Timothy J Norton, Deborah B Norton $485,000 April 27, 2012 Ronald D Denaro, Kathleen Lally Denaro
99 Hayden Rowe Street Robert E Brown $212, 500 April 27, 2012 Bank of America
1 Equestrian Drive Anthony R Colletti, Julie M Colletti $566,000 April 27, 2012 Michael P MacDonald, Lisa F MacDonald
14 Yale Road Hanan Cohen, Nirit Cohen $245,000 April 26, 2012 Christopher A Gorman, Giok Nio S Gorman
17 Curtis Road Scott J Mickle, Pauline L Mickle $195,905 April 26, 2012 Fannie Mae
4 Yale Road James E Wallace Jr, Jonathan Garrison $114,000 April 25, 2012 Natick Federal Savings Bank
114 Lumber Steret Matthew J Bearfield, Heather B Bearfield $540,000 April 25, 2012 JC Builders, Inc
26 Patriots Blvd Unit 10A Robert Lagimonier $315,000 April 20, 2012 Stagecoach Hghts Realty LLC



Comey Chapel Rededicated

May 20, 2012 — On Sunday, May 20th at 2 PM, the town’s Comey chapel in Evergreen Cemetery (304 Wood St.) reopened and was rededicated, followed by a Civil War walking tour of the cemetery, focusing on the Comeys and other Hopkinton veterans who fought for the Union. The chapel, built in 1918 by son of Woodville and Civil War Veteran Henry Newton Comey, had been closed for over 30 years and had fallen into disrepair. It was dedicated to the many members of the Comey family who served during the war, as well as to H.N. Comey’s wife Augusta Wood Comey. Through volunteer efforts and Community Preservation Act funding for roof replacement, this charming stone chapel has been restored for the townspeople to use again for memorials or other small services. ~ Contributed content




Old Friends

May 20, 2012 — Thanks to Maria Gross for sharing this photo of a possibly plastic pair of people perched on a park bench. Strangely, though, they have the features of a couple of (unrelated) Hopkinton people seen around town.





May 20, 2012 — The photographer, shooting with a long lens from a distance, noticed nothing on the large piece of driftwood in the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam spillway far from the lens, but thought the piece of wood provided a great illusion of large snake or serpent. But alas, upon closer examination, it is revealed that sprawled across the illusion was a real snake.



Enjoy a few shots from the Grand March


Grand Finale

May 19, 2012 — Life imitates art in the photo above as dandelions about to lose their seeds resemble fireworks on the Fourth of July.



Police Incident Log -

Most Recent First
Updated Friday, May 19, 2012

, May 18, 2012
9:06 pm Animal Control Officer William Proctor was called to assist with a sickly baby raccoon on Cunningham Street. 

8:41 pm Officer Gregg DeBoer spoke with people who were locking up a Hayden Rowe Street business. 

8:38 pm Officer Matthew McNeil assisted the Fire Department on Route 495 South with a vehicle that had a device overheat and smoke. The FD removed the device. 

8:23 pm Officer Matthew McNeil issued a citation to an individual on Valleywood Road who was allegedly operating heavy equipment in violation of the Town bylaw banning such activity after 7:00 pm on weekdays. The neighbor who complained said it had been going on nightly. 

6:57 pm A caller reported a dangerous gap in steel plates covering a ditch on the roadway in the area of road construction at Price Chopper on West Main Street. Officer Matthew McNeil responded and said that a motorcycle tire could indeed fit into the opening.  

6:38 pm Officer Aaron O'Neil responded to a call regarding a motorcycle passing in a no-passing zone and found the vehicle had pulled into a Hayden Rowe Street business. 

3:51 pm Officer O'Neil spoke with a foreman on a construction project on Connelly Hill Road about reported gunshots. The foreman heard none. 

3:45 pm A caller was worried that a person with a no-trespass order was violating it, but Officer O'Neil had seen the individual on Main Street 

10:48 am Sgt. John Porter assisted with a minor motor vehicle accident on Hayden Rowe Street. 

7:27 am A Commonwealth Ave resident complained about a nearby company making a loud bang a 6:45 am. officer McNeil spoke with the company. 

3:52 am Officer Linda Higgins checked a vehicle parked on West Main Street. 

12:38 am Officer Jacob Campbell spoke with an operator who was having difficulty with his vehicle.


No Cause for Alarm

May 19, 2012 — Air Products, which runs the Liquefied Natural Gas facility on Wilson Street, had $10.1 billion in revenues worldwide in 2011. A part of the operation involves the burning of impurities, which can be seen from two burners above from the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam. People unfamiliar with the process, who might see only the tip of the large flame because they are at a distance, sometimes call to report a fire, especially in the evening.



Dorothy M. “Dotty'” Nugent, 84 

Dorothy M. “Dotty'” Nugent, 84, passed away, Friday May 18, 2012, after a long illness. She was the widow of Arthur J. “Brud” Nugent, Jr., who died in April 1986. Born in Cambridge, she was the daughter of the late George and Emma (Rowan) Gallagher. She was a longtime resident Hopkinton, MA, where she and her husband built a home and raised their family. She was a charter member of the Worcester Eagles. She was involved in her community as a Scout leader, an advocate for preserving Lake Maspenock, and was a fixture at Town Meetings until the onset of her illness. What was most important to Dotty was spending time with her family, doting on her grandchildren, and sharing coffee breaks with her special friends.


She is survived by her sons Arthur "Buster" Nugent and his wife Marianne of Cambridge and James and his wife Lucy of North Grafton; her daughters Nancy Buck and her husband Leo and Kelly Whitney and her fiance Charles Masterman, all of Southborough; and Pamela Frechette and her husband Daniel of West Boylston. She also leaves 11 grandchildren, three great-grandchildren and her siblings George Gallagher of Salem, NH, James Gallagher of Wilmington, and Emma McLeod and Barbara Keohane, both of Somerville.


The funeral will be held Saturday, May 26 at 9 a.m. from the Callanan Cronin Funeral Home, 34 Church St. (http://www.callanancronin.com). A funeral Mass will be celebrated at 10:00 a.m. in St. John the Evangelist Church, 20 Church Street. Burial will follow at Evergreen Cemetery, Hopkinton. Calling hours at the funeral home are Friday, May 25, from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. Donations may be made to the Alzheimer's Association, 311 Arsenal St., Watertown, MA 02472.


Grande March

Above, a couple at the HHS Cafeteria awaits the start of the Grande March prior to the Junior Prom yesterday afternoon. Below, a few friends mug for the camera. More photos later today.



Support for Frank D'Urso


On Monday, please vote for Frank D’Urso for School Committee. The School Committee faces a great many challenges including addressing the needs at the Center & Elmwood Schools, tackling budget pressures with innovation not simply increasing fees on parents and addressing building maintenance and asset management within the budget structure. Frank D’Urso has been a consistent voice pursuing constructive action on these and many issues. 

For Center School and Elmwood he has said that the School Department needs to do a better job maintaining their buildings. Moving forward, his suggestion is to “to bring in Modern Modular construction that is solid, energy efficient and can be accomplished swiftly and paid for by slight increases in the FDK tuition over a ten year span. Harvard University uses EXACTLY this type of building for their daycare center in Cambridge.” Frank advocates a position that asks “What do we NEED for our schools?” instead of “How can we get a NEW school?”

Frank has championed an idea to park our school bus fleet in town. “Parking the bus fleet in Hopkinton would, according to business manager Ralph Dumas, save us over $100,000 a year on fuel costs and excise taxes.”

Frank is a very active volunteer in town; he currently serves on the Keefe Tech School Committee, on the Conservation Commission, and the Sustainable Green Committee. As part of his work on the Sustainable Green Committee, he played a role in helping Hopkinton get $140,000 in grant money that was applied directly to energy conservation measures that have reportedly saved the schools over $200,000 dollars already. 

Frank has a proven record of taking a stand on important issues, asking challenging but respectful questions and pursuing innovative solutions. He has worked as a teacher, so he brings an invaluable perspective to the School Committee. He will champion Hopkinton’s strong educational focus while at the same time advocate for an affordable and sustainable budget that includes maintaining the existing facilities. Please join me in voting for Frank D’Urso for School Committee. 

Muriel Kramer
39 North Street
Hopkinton, MA 01748
May 19, 2012





May 18, 2012 — A woman went into "full labor" inside the Marathon Restaurant this evening and was transported to MetroWest Medical Center by Hopkinton Fire Department ambulance. According to Fire Lt. Patrick Gross, the miracle of birth did not occur during the trip.




Short Flight

May 18, 2012 — The landing gear never fully retracted during this flight, which the bird apparently knew would be a short one.


Your Questions are Answered
Several readers have asked the cost of the ballot questions. The Town has provided an analysis of what each article will cost homeowners on average:



Suspects From This Afternoon's Ashland Home Invasion Captured at Gunpoint

May 18, 2012 — At approximately 2:45 pm today, the Ashland Police Department responded to a Meadowbrook Lane residence for a report of an armed home invasion. The victim reported two masked individuals entered his residence through an open door brandishing firearms and demanding money. The suspects fled from the area in a blue Dodge pickup truck.  

Through the course of the investigation, information was obtained that led investigators to believe that the victim and suspects may have known each other. Further information led officers to a residence on Oakridge Lane where they discovered the unoccupied blue Dodge pickup truck parked..  

With the assistance of the Southborough and Holliston Police Departments, officers prepared to surround the Oakridge Lane residence. As they were doing so, two occupants exited the residence. They were ordered to the ground at gunpoint and handcuffed. Officers then surrounded the residence and ordered two more occupants from the residence. Four suspects were taken into custody without further incident. The Ashland Police K-9 conducted a search of the residence for further occupants with negative results.

At this time, investigators are still conducting interviews with the victim and questioning the four suspects. Two vehicles were towed from the scene and have been secured at the Ashland Police Department.



Police Incident Log -

Most Recent First
Updated Friday, May 18, 2012

, May 17, 2012

11:10 pm Officer Linda Higgins checked vehicles parked at the tennis courts on Hayden Rowe Street.
10:54 pm
An individual reports a couple acting suspiciously on Granite Street.
10:20 pm
Officer Philip Powers checked on a report of an underage drinking party on Sterling Drive.
9:06 pm
A resident of Fruit Street spoke with a shift supervisor about ongoing gunfire at Rod & Gun Club. Sergeant Michael Sutton checked the range and could not locate the source of the noise.
8:26 pm
An individual spoke with Officer William Burchard regarding an attempted breaking and entering into his car on Hayden Rowe Street while he occupied it.
4:25 pm
Officer Matthew McNeil spoke with an individual regarding a man staggering along in the road way on a bicycle, possibly drunk, on Wild Road.
11:25 am
Several callers reported a white pick up truck operating erratically, tailgating and passing in no passing zone. Officer Thomas Griffin attempted to locate the vehicle, but was unable to.
11:14 am
A caller reported a motor vehicle crash on Wood Street. Officer William Burchard requested both cars to be towed.
10:44 am
Officer Stephen Buckley spoke with the operator of a vehicle regarding passenger safety. A car seat installation was necessary.
8:20 am
A caller reported that the driver's side of her window was smashed out of her car overnight, nothing appeared to be stolen.
7:08 am
Chief Rick Flannery checked a vehicle parked on the side of the roadway. A message was left for the owner, who later was found and identified as a high school student.
2:37 am
Officer Jacob Campbell assisted Southborough Police at a report of two people in a backyard. He also assisted at the train station after two people ran into the woods away from the Southborough Police Department.


Support for Jon Graziano

My name is Troy Mick and I am writing in support of Jon Graziano for School Committee. I have had the pleasure of working with Jon through his role on the Appropriations Committee and specifically as liaison to the School Committee and am always impressed by his well researched and thoughtful comments and answers as we worked though the school budgets.

Jon’s education and business background in financial planning and process improvement will be an asset as the School Committee looks at solving many of the issues that exist in our schools today. Jon will have the ability to bring new ideas to the table and balancing the desire to improve our school system without unnecessarily increasing the tax burden on our entire community. 

Jon has 3 young children, so he also brings the perspective of a parent looking for a long term solution to many of the challenges that currently face our schools today. With his background on the Appropriations Committee Jon understands the importance of balancing the needs of our schools with the priorities of the entire town. 

In the 2 years since Jon and his wife moved to Hopkinton with their family they have jumped in to volunteer throughout the schools and community, and Jon has the experience and insight needed to help drive our schools forward in the future. I hope you will vote with me for Jon Graziano for School Committee on May 21. 

Troy Mick
11 Smith Rd
May 18, 2012




Supports Question 7

Well, this is it… It all boils down to the town election on Monday …

We have heard rumors of a small number of chronic “no more tax increases for anything” voters who intend to vote no on all the Questions, even though our Question #7 represents only $17 per year added to the average tax bill for the next 6 years. SO IT IS CRITICAL FOR ALL OF US TO VOTE MONDAY per the details of time and place below. 

Nancy and I voted by Absentee ballot at Town Hall earlier this week since we will be out of town on Monday. 

PLEASE BE SURE EVERYONE WHO CAN VOTE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLDS ACTUALLY SHOWS UP AND VOTES YES ON QUESTION 7? If you can all do just that, we can still win our traffic light by the Holidays. 

One other item: We have received a huge amount of support from John Westerling, our Director of Public Works, and Normal Khumalo, our Town Manager, during this whole multi-year effort to get us to this point. They are also working on several other initiatives that will benefit us all, but are asking for our support on one in particular: taking the next step towards securing the funding for the design of a new DPW facility. We have attached a letter that highlights the need and has a link to the presentation given to the Board of Selectmen. 

They need all the support they can get for this, and we believe they deserve it. Take a moment to look this over and if you agree, please Vote YES on Question #2 as well???? 

Thanks, fingers crossed for us and also for John and our DPW … 

Errol & Nancy Dickey
13 School Street

May 18, 2012



Library system software will change during the Memorial Day Weekend

Hopkinton Public Library along with other neighboring libraries in the CW/MARS network, will be changing to an updated library system called the “Evergreen.” It means that the online library catalog that you use to search for library materials, check status of items and place holds will look and work a bit differently. The new system is expected to be up and running as of May 29, 2012. 

Please remember the following as we prepare for the change:
 Library Closing: The library will close at 5 pm in Friday, May 25th and will re-open on Tuesday, May 29th. Our Library System will NOT be accessible during this time.
 Current PIN/Password: When you login to the new catalog on May 29, your old password will not be effective. Use the barcode on your library card to log in. Your NEW password will be your last name in UPPER CASE.
 Reading History and Current Wish List: Your current reading history and/or wish lists will not be moved to Evergreen. If this information is important to you, remember to export it prior to May 25. There is an “Export List” button to choose at the top of the list. Then select the “Brief Display” option and send to your e-mail address or print it. 

The “Evergreen” library system offers many new features such as easily searching all network libraries in the Central and Western Mass. and the ability to share reading lists and recommendations with others. For more information please feel free to contact us.


Letters to the Editor to End Soon

As seasoned veterans of the Hopkinton political scene know, HopNews selects a random moment on the weekend before a Monday election to cut off the acceptance of Letters to the Editor. It could happen immediately following this post, it could happen tomorrow. Sometimes, it happens even sooner. Get your letter in soon, and please do it at this late date without mentioning your opponent.





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