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Endorsement for Jean Bertschmann


I am writing to endorse Jean Bertschmann for re-election for School Committee. I have known Jean for over ten years. We met when our daughters were in kindergarten together. She has been a friend and someone I have worked with in several capacities over the years. I was able to see Jean in action as she led the HPTA. She was forward-thinking, innovative, approachable and very dedicated. She attended all the events, whether she needed to or not, just to show her support. I became active with the SPEAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council) board and have been the liaison to the School Committee.


I always found Jean willing to listen and advocate for all Hopkinton school children. Jean is very intelligent, a graduate of Williams College, cool-headed, open, approachable, hard-working and dedicated to ensuring that the children of Hopkinton receive a great education. These attributes, along with her experience from the last year, will serve us well, as we figure out solution/solutions for Center School. This is why I am supporting Jean for School Committee on May 21st in the polls.


Thank You.

Maura McNamara
13 Smith Road
April 25, 2012





Chuck Joseph, EMC Leave Selectmen Meeting Without Nod 

April 24, 2012 — Chuck Joseph appeared before the Selectmen this evening seeking support from them for a Town Meeting vote to petition the legislature for an act supporting an additional package store license, specific to his 22 South Street commercial plaza, but left without an endorsement. Mr. Joseph has been successful in locating a Price Chopper Supermarket, Zio's Quattro and (Zio's) Bison Burger, Webster Federal Credit Union, as well as a nearly-fully leased building with one empty storefront that he says is desired by people wanting to open a package store.

       Mr. Joseph asked for the board's blessing in a letter that stated the town is allowed another package store license because it has grown over 15,000 population; but the ABCC (Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission) looked at the last census, 2010, which "falls approximately 75 short...." of the 15,000 needed. He states in his letter that the petition is "site specific" to his Hopkinton Square commercial development.

       "Do we need another package store in town?" asked Selectman John Mosher. "How would this impact other businesses in town?" Selectman Michele Gates expresses similar concerns.

       "It is almost like restriction of trade," Mr. Joseph shot back.

       In answer to one question, Mr. Joseph said that the legislators told him the act would move through the legislature as a matter of course.

       Selectman Chair Ben Palleiko said that the issue was fundamental fairness, that other groups should be able to apply for the license [that Mr. Joseph wants for himself]. He also expressed concern that the Board of Selectmen could be bypassed in the process.

       Town Manager Norman Khumalo at first firmly assured Mr. Palleiko that the the license Mr. Joseph was seeking was over and above what the town would qualify for when it is certified for the population having passed the 15,000 mark. He said that an additional license would be available for all to apply at that time [The next federal census is in 2020].

       Selectman Brian Herr asked, "Where else would you put another one?" He noted that there were two licenses Downtown, and one on West Main Street. One person noted that there is one reserved for Legacy Farms.

       After asking Mr. Khumalo again if he was sure that this particular license was not part of the town's count, Mr. Palleiko noted that Mr. Khumalo's answer was not as firm as his first response.

       "This doesn't feel like a fair process," Mr. Palleiko said. He said they would be seeking clarification.

       Mr. Palleiko, hearing no motion from his board, said they would table the matter for now.

       Kimberly and Paul Winshman visited the selectmen this evening to expand the liquor license for their approved Zio’s Quattro restaurant at 22 South Street from 2,865 square feet an additional 1,000 square feet to accommodate a Bison Burger concept . Mr. Winshman said that the restaurants would share staff and floor space as well as the liquor license.

        The Selectmen agreed to move the application forward to the ABCC.

        EMC appeared before the board for a nod for their Town Meeting Article petition for a zoning change of 14-acres of a 111 acre parcel  from agricultural to Industrial in order to accommodate the construction of a parking area 200 feet from residential properties on Amherst Road.

        Lori Barnes, who with her husband submitted an op-ed, below, opposing the change, spoke passionately against the change in zoning.

        EMC representative Paul Fitzgerald was on hand to explain that the use of the space was changing, and the resulting additional workspace  would be filled by people needing to park.

        Part of the zoning change for that parcel would include a restrictive covenant to limit the parking to one story, and to limit the use for parking only.

        Mr. Palleiko said the board would revisit considering throwing its weight behind the proposal after looking more deeply into the proposed covenant, and took no action this evening.



Hopkinton vs Natick

April 24, 2012— Evan Dackowski gets ready to fire one back at his Natick counterpart at Hopkinton High School this afternoon.




Bison Burger Restaurant Addition Before Selectmen Tonight


April 24, 2012 — Kimberley and Paul Winshman, owners of the Zios restaurants, including Zio's Bistro at 15 Main Street and the under-construction Zio’s Quattro at 22 South Street would like to add another 1,100 square feet to the 2,865 square feet already-approved South Street restaurant. The new facility will be called Bison Burgers, seat 25 people, according to documents filed with Selectmen, and will be operated by the same staff as Zio's Quattro, which will seat 80. The liquor license would be extended to the new floor space, which will be offering "comfort foods" as well as Bison Burgers.

         The Winshmans have the blessing of Police Chief Flannery, Fire Chief Clark, DPW Director Jon Westerling and the Director of Land Use, Planning and Permitting Department Elaine Lazarus, who are recommending approval of the change. The Selectmen's nod would send the revised application to the ABCC for their approval.

          Chuck Joseph's is scheduled to be before the Selectmen this evening to ask their blessing for a proposal to add a liquor license to Hopkinton's inventory by way of a petition to the General Court for a special law granting a package store license for the premises at 22 South Street.

          EMC is expected to offer the Selectmen a presentation of their highly opposed proposal to add a 14 acre parking area 200' from residential lake properties.

          Check back for a report by Robert Falcione.





Police Incident Log - Most Recent First

Updated Tuesday, April 24, 2012



Monday, April 23, 2012

9:43 pm Sgt. Michael Sutton assisted an individual whose son's vehicle was broken down on Rocky Woods Road. 


5:07 pm Officer Matthew McNeil assisted the Fire Department on Nicholas Road.


4:16 pm Officer McNeil spoke with an individual reported to be suspicious, who was placing political ads near mailboxes on Emerson Way.


2:01 pm Sgt. Scott vanRaalten checked a motor vehicle whose plates were registered to another vehicle, but had been recently purchased within the 7-day grace period that is allowed for transfer.


1:54 pm A Wood Street caller reported a possible larceny of jewelry, which she believes her daughter may have.


11:32 am A Third Road caller thought it suspicious that a white Dodge Caravan with ladders on the roof pulled into his driveway and stated, when questioned, that they were there to pressure-wash the house, even though it was raining out and he didn't hire anyone for that job. They left, saying they must have the wrong house. The homeowner called 45 minutes after the fact, and the van was GOA.


8:48 am Officer Thomas Griffin reported a wash-out on Front Street of construction-related roadwork. The contractor did not respond to phone calls, but the Highway Supervisor, Mike Mansir located an individual and advised about the need for immediate repair.


9:06 am A motor vehicle operator reported she was involved in a minor collision on West Main Street and no one was injured.


12:51 am Officer John Moran checked on a vehicle on Hayward Street.


12:15 am Officer Moran checked a vehicle on West Main Street.



Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled  for HopNews.com by Robert Falcione © 2012 All Rights Reserved

New Transactions from April 13, 2012 to April 23, 2012






26 patriots Boulevard # 10A Robert Langimoier $315,000 April 20, 2012 Stagecoach Heights Realty LLC
Last Week        
1 Sanctuary Lane # 20 Bernard L Garron, Sandra A Garron $390,000 April 12, 2012 Weston Development Group Inc
36 North Mill Street Todd Garron, Carrie L Garron $300,000 April 12, 2012 Bernard Lent Garron Jr, Sandra A Garron
92 Frankland Road James Mayer, Mary Ellen Mayer $390,000 April 12, 2012 Michael C Bacon
6 Turnbridge Lane #19B Dennis Sullivan, Kimberly Sullivan $210,000 April 11, 2012 John Postizzi, Katherine C Postizzi
Week Before        
6 Apple Tree Hill Road 6 B Matthew Campbell $146,500 April 6, 2012 Vicki L Tonelli
35 Wedgewood Drive Patrick M MacCarthy, Skye S MacCarthy $845,000 April 6, 2012 Daniel J Moore Tr, Grace M Moore Tr
76 Hayden Rowe Street Brian K Gassett Tr, Brian W Cheever Tr, Summit Realty Tr $215,000 April 5, 2012 Michael P Leveille, Laura A Leveille
Commonwealth Ave SW Homes, LLC $125,000 April 4, 2012 Terese M McElhaney
5 Lakeshore Drive Garry Russell, Jessica Fleet $209,500 April 4, 2012 Daniel Quinones, Karen Quinones




Rezoning Petition for EMC Would Worsen Neighborhood's Stormwater Troubles


by Jeffrey and Lori Barnes


On April 9, 2012, the Planning Board voted unanimously to endorse an Article at the upcoming Town Meeting that would allow EMC to rezone 14.2 acres of land currently zoned Agricultural to Industrial A to facilitate the construction of a parking lot. According to the EMC facilities and engineering representative, Paul Fitzgerald, present at the meeting, the proposed lot subject to rezoning would reportedly provide approximately 700 supplemental parking spaces in addition to the 3,200 currently existing spaces at the 176 South Street EMC facility.


The 14.2 acre parcel of land proposed to be rezoned is a portion of 112 acres of undeveloped, wooded land located on the south side of South Street, is within the ecologically fragile watershed of Lake Maspenock, and serves as a buffer between the industrial development along South Street and the Lake Maspenock residential neighborhood. Further, when EMC acquired the property over ten years ago, it was their intent for the 112 acres of Agricultural-zoned land to remain undeveloped and protected to serve as a buffer, which Mr. Fitzgerald conceded during EMC’s presentation to the Planning Board.


If the Article for rezoning is approved at Town meeting, the parking lot will be constructed and operated in an area within 200 feet of the residential neighborhood and approximately 800 feet from the Lake. There are numerous valid and practical reasons for this land to remain Agricultural and undeveloped. These include light and noise pollution to the abutting neighborhood from the proposed lot, incremental carbon emissions from additional vehicles negatively affecting air quality in proximity to a residential neighborhood, displacement of wildlife, the current traffic burden within South Street and West Main Street (which is expected to get worse when the Price Chopper development is complete) and, in particular, drainage issues.


We have lived on Amherst Road for approximately 16 years during which time there has been considerable development along South Street. During this period, drainage from the South Street areas and the wooded buffer flowing down to the residential neighborhood and into the Lake has become significant, problematic and unmanageable. Within the past few years, basements and houses have been flooded and sediment, debris and entrained pollutants (i.e., road salt, oil, lawn herbicides and pesticides) flow through the neighborhood and into the Lake during precipitation events. I’ve provided a few photographs below from the moderate rain event from yesterday and today. These pictures clearly depict that drainage and the infrastructure to manage it have not been properly addressed and clearly will only get worse if the proposed 14.2 acres of wooded land with a >30 degree slope is clear-cut and a parking lot is constructed. Further, if the proposed parking area is rezoned, it sets a precedent that the remaining area zoned Agricultural could also be rezoned to Industrial A at some point in the future which would undoubtedly only exacerbate the drainage and other aforementioned issues.


We encourage the residents of the Town of Hopkinton to vote against the Article at Town meeting on May 7 for the rezoning of this parcel from Agricultural to Industrial A. EMC has been a good neighbor and the Town has certainly been a benefactor of EMC’s success in the form of local jobs, tax revenue and philanthropic initiatives. However, this proposed development is irresponsible and unnecessary. There are other options that EMC can explore, including utilizing the vacant facility at the corner of Hayward and South Streets or other available property along South Street that is already zoned Industrial, to name a couple.


Lastly, I would also encourage anyone who has doubts about the magnitude of the drainage issues in this area to contact the Lake Maspenock Preservation Association or the DPW Director, John Westerling. Thank you for your consideration.

Photos taken today.






A cast and crew of more than 100 students will present “Oliver!” on April, 27, 28 and 29 in the Hopkinton Middle School auditorium, 88 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton. Admission will be discounted by $2 for anyone who donates school supplies for children in need served by Project Just Because.


While Project Just Because runs a back-to-school drive every summer, hard-hit families can find it difficult to replace school supplies that break or run out during the school year. Especially needed are backpacks; stationery such as pens, pencils, crayons and markers; new underwear, socks and t-shirts; toiletries; gift cards for new clothes or shoes; educational software; dictionaries and other school items.


“Oliver!” depicts the adventures of the orphaned Oliver -- including his hardships in the workhouse, his adventures with a band of youthful pickpockets led by Fagin, and his change of fortune when a long-lost relative finds him. The show, which first hit the stage in 1960 in London, includes many well-loved songs, among them “Food, Glorious Food,” “Consider Yourself,” “As Long as He Needs Me,” and “I’d Do Anything.”


Showtimes are at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28 and at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 29 in the Hopkinton Middle School auditorium. The full ticket price is $12 for adults and $10 for students and seniors. The Project Just Because donation must be made at the time of purchase to get the $2 discount. Tickets will be available at the Middle School office or at the door. Contributed content. Pictures by The Rosenzweig family.



Hopkinton, MA – On Saturday April 28, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Hopkinton Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will give the public another opportunity to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs. Bring your medications for disposal to Hopkinton Police Headquarters at 74 Main Street Hopkinton, MA. The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked.


National Prescription Drug Take Back Day addresses a vital public safety and public health issue.  More than seven million Americans currently abuse prescription drugs, according to the 2009 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health.  Each day, approximately, 2,500 teens use prescription drugs to get high for the first time according to the Partnership for a Drug Free America.  Studies show that a majority of abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, including the home medicine cabinet.


Last October, Americans turned in 377,080 pounds—188.5 tons—of prescription drugs at over 5,300 sites operated by the DEA and nearly 4,000 state and local law enforcement partners. In its three previous Take Back events, DEA and its partners took in almost a million pounds—nearly 500 tons—of pills.

Congress has passed legislation amending the Controlled Substances Act to allow the DEA to develop a process for people to safely dispose of their prescription drugs.  DEA immediately began developing this process after President Obama signed the Safe and Secure Drug Disposal Act of 2010 on October 12.  Until that process is complete, however, DEA will continue to hold Take Back Days every six months.


Locally this event coincides with Hopkinton’s very own Sustainable Green Committee (HopGreen) which is holding its annual town- wide “Spring Green-Up Day”; now complete with a “Shred Day”! Both events are scheduled for Saturday April 28th and will begin at 9am at the Town Common. For more information, please visit www.hopgreen.com.




The MetroWest YMCA FAMILY OUTDOOR CENTER IN HOPKINTON Invites Kids and Parents to Attend Earth Day & Healthy Kids Day®, April 28


HOPKINTON, MA - Earth Day & Healthy Kids Day® will take place at the MetroWest YMCA Family Outdoor Center at 45 East Street, Hopkinton from 10AM-12:30 PM on Saturday, April 28th. For the fourth year in a row, the MetroWest YMCA Family Outdoor Center has partnered with National Environmental Education Week for their Earth Day celebration and combined it with the Y’s Healthy Kids Day®, the nation’s largest health day for children and families across the country.


Healthy Kids Day® promotes year-long wellness and healthy living. While summer is the ideal time for kids to get up, get out and grow, the sad reality is that many kids lose exposure to activities that stimulate their mind and body, causing them to gain more weight and fall behind academically. Healthy Kids Day® can help parents begin thinking early about ways to keep their kids both physically and intellectually active this summer.


This combined event will feature family-based activities such as nature walks, outdoor rock climbing on a climbing tower, soccer and basketball games, nature crafts and more. Everyone is welcome. There is no cost to attend the Earth Day & Healthy Kids Day® event and it is open to all ages.


For more information, please call 508 435-9345 or go to www.metrowestymca.org.



Brian Herr Accepts Invitation to Join Presidential Scientific Advisory Committee

April 23, 2012 — Having just finished his 23rd consecutive Boston Marathon as part of the  Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge, Hopkinton resident and Selectman Brian Herr has accepted an invitation to serve on the Institute's Barr Program Presidential Scientific Advisory Committee. The committee's invitation congratulates Mr. Herr on his recent Marathon finish and expresses gratefulness for the years of support he has given. Mr. Herr is founding member, former Chairman, and holds the distinction of being the only individual who has run the Boston Marathon each year since the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge began 23 years ago. 

According to the invitation, the BPPSAC provides advice to the President regarding the impact of Barr Program awards and basic cancer research initiatives that the program might fund going forward. The BPPSAC first convened in 2011, and the 2012 meeting is scheduled for June 14 and 15 at the Institute.


Hopkinton Women’s Club presents

The 25th Annual

Meet The Candidates Night

Wednesday April 25th @ 7pm

HCAM-TV Studio (77 Main Street)





Police Arrest, Incident Log - Most Recent


Updated Monday, April 23, 2012


Saturday, April 21, 2012

11:26 pm After pulling her over for a Marked Lanes Violation on West Main Street, Officer William Burchard arrested 40 year-old Kerry Ann Batte of Main Street and charged her with that offense as well as OUI Liquor.



Sunday, April 22, 2012

4:41 am Officer John Moran checked on a vehicle parked on Main Street.

3:58 am Officer Moran checked on an individual walking on Cedar Street whose vehicle was disabled on Forest Street.

3:38 am Motor vehicle check on Hayden Rowe Street.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

11:05 pm Someone placed cones across Cedar Street.

10:50 pm An off-duty dispatcher from another agency reported that a passenger in a vehicle last seen on Downey Street pointed some type of laser in his eye as he was driving. He did not know if it was a laser from a weapon.

10:50 pm Sgt. Michael Sutton checked on Wilson Street residents who were out walking who someone called on after becoming concerned.

8:17 pm Officer John Moran did not find the ATVs running up and down Spring Street following the complaint of a caller.

7:31 pm Solicitors were gone on arrival following the complaint to Officer Philip Powers by an individual on Glen Road who wanted to remain anonymous.

4:52 pm An individual who officers Powers and Burchard were involved with earlier, who had refused to leave a neighbor's apartment on Main Street, was arrested for OUI Liquor, and then released into the custody of the hospital.

3:27 pm Animal Control Officer William Proctor was called for a 5-foot long snake in a Nazneen Circle garage.

12:53 pm Officer Patrick O'Brien informed an individual shooting firearms in the town-owned Fruit Street property that it was not allowed. He noted that it is not posted as such.

1:43 am Individual sleeping in a vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street. Checked okay.


Friday, April 20, 2012

12:14 am Three boys in a vehicle were picked up by their parents after Officer John Moran issued citations for marijuana.

11:38 pm Units checked Sandy Island Beach because there were 15 vehicles in the parking lot. A vehicle operator was issued a civil citation on Hayward Street.

6:05 pm Vehicle on Meadowland Drive checks okay.

5:38 pm A School Street resident reported that his mailbox was stolen, and he believes with the mail in it.

1:16 pm Officer Thomas Griffin spoke with the operator of a dump truck on Cedar Street following reports of such a truck spilling some of its uncovered load. He cautioned the driver.

8:43 am Officer Patrick O'Brien stood by a disabled motor vehicle on West Main Street until Art's Towing arrived.

1:01 am Officer Linda Higgins spoke with an individual at the HSP boat ramp who was switching boats, but had no positive ID. Officer Higgins sent him on his way.




Official word is that Sunday's 2012 Little League Parade will be postponed due to 100% chance of rain. New date is April 29.

NOTE :Twitter followers and facebook fans already received this timely update. Sign up to get them, too.

From Little League Site:

Sunday, April 29 2012
Season Opening Parade: Apr 29, 2012 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
All teams and coaches meet 12:45 at the Town Common. Everyone marches to Carrigan Park - led by Wally the Green Monster!

Town Common to Carrigan Park

Lake Whitehall Clean-up- April 28th, 2012

The Friends of Whitehall will have their 8th annual Spring Clean-up on Sat. April 28th from 9 a.m. until noon. Please meet us at the boat landing at Whitehall State Park on Wood St. (rte 135) in Hopkinton. We will concentrate on raking and revitalizing the lawn areas at the parking lot and cleaning up the shrubbery around the perimeter of that area. Please bring a rake if possible. If time and manpower permit we will also do trail clean-up around the lake.


Friends of Whitehall is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization which started in 2005. Our main mission is to preserve, protect and improve the wonderful natural resource of Lake Whitehall and its surrounding area. If you would like to become a member, please contact us at: FOW, Box 216, Woodville, MA 01784 or visit us at http://www.friendsofwhitehall.org/ . Also, join us as a fan on Facebook. We look forward to your help on Sat. April 28th! ~ FOW


From the Radical Middle

The Good Ole Days

by Robert Falcione

April 21, 2012 — The Good Ole Days. Those were the days when 11 year-olds actually walked places.

          Back then, a kid might grab a piece of tall grass and stick the tasty end in his mouth on the way to the store or to a friend's house, and chew it like cud until the sweetness was gone. He might have stopped to rest on top of a rock on the way and watched the inevitable parade of insects.

          The ants get boring really quickly. They dart here and there without rhyme or reason. And they are determined to climb on and over an individual on their way to wherever they were going before the human skyscraper sat down.

          Those little spiders are a bit scary. No one wants to find out if Mom was right when she declared that ALL spiders bite.

          But if experience is the best teacher, it is not true that the four-winged flying insects will sew up your lips. They are not sewing needles, but dragonflies. When they land near a person, they often look at the person, perhaps as curious about the human as the 11 year-old is about them. They are friends to humans, because they eat mosquitoes, God's greatest mistake. Dragonflies have proliferated in recent years, perhaps as a result of bats, the other mosquito lovers, getting the white nose fungus and dying off by the gazillions. Even so, I would feel more comfortable if a dragonfly landed near me and looked at me, than if a bat did the same. Who wants to find out if Mom was right about them getting in your hair and refusing to leave?

          The 11 year-old might notice that as he walks, the birds keep about a 100-foot radius from him at all times, like Moses parting the Red Sea. The 11 year-old doesn't know why. He just wants to see them more closely and become friends with them, like he is with his dog. But then again, he might have wanted to shoot them with the BB gun he was carrying, as some 11 year-olds did in the Good Ole Days. The birds will begin to inhabit the area around the 11 year-old after he sits for a bit, after a while of him not shooting them with a BB gun, and not throwing rocks at their heads like a fiery fastball to the third baseman's glove at Carrigan Park.

            Any boy or girl, now or in the Good Ole Days, who has paused on a rock anywhere, might have noticed a little red bug crawling toward them. The first instinct is to flick it away, but that task becomes apparently impossible, because even touching the tiny red bug causes it to be crushed and to smear. And it smears a thick, brilliant red line, much brighter and larger than its diminutive size would indicate; it is truly a bit of a miracle. And because of this miracle that is repeated in South America with a larger insect, the crushed essence of that bug, cochineal, has been used as a red dye in clothing, cosmetics and in food coloring since long before I sat on a rock as an 11 year-old and was stunned by the phenomenon. I smeared, on purpose and in disbelief, the next red bugs* that came toward me. Mom never knew about this, because in the Good Ole Days, boys were the ones who got the chemistry sets with the little jar of cochineal in it, and the girls got other stuff.

           Among other things in the chemistry set was a chemical, and instructions on how to mix it on a saucer with Clorox Bleach to release poisonous chlorine gas, the type the Germans aimed in much greater concentration at my grandfather in France ten years after he arrived in America from Ireland. Mom never knew about the noxious smell in the basement or its source. She never had a chemistry kit. Besides, she was too busy warning my siblings about the sewing needles flying all over the lawn at the height of children's lips, as well as inventing blackened pork to ward off trichinosis, and blackened chicken to quell salmonella, malicious bacterial "bugs" that will eat people if given the chance. I have never figured out why the swordfish was blackened. Don't tell her I said that, okay?

           Someone in this lifetime was apparently disturbed by the notion of eating crushed bugs and invented red dye numbers 2 and 5. Great! No more eating bugs. But, like so miracles of chemistry — asbestos, DDT and creosote come to mind immediately — those red dyes became suspected of causing cancer in some of the people who ingested them. And so it was back to eating bugs. There has never been any public debate or education about this whispered way of coloring our Chinese pork strips; and the baseball cap with the red "B" for the Little League team in every Massachusetts town that aspires to be like its Boston namesake. But now, the complaint of a vegan or two has turned this time-honored tradition on its head.

         According to reports everywhere, nationwide barista Starbucks has announced it will no longer use cochineal to enhance the visual brilliance of its red-colored drinks, due to complaints from customers. Vegans do not eat things with brains, we are told, and cochineals have brains, we are also told. Instead, Starbucks will use a tomato-based coloring to lure people to its fruity, red delights. I've smeared a tomato or two in my lifetime and have never seen anything even remotely resembling the Miracle of the Bug. How many tomatoes will it take to equal the same amount of color extracted from the insect? Probably enough to create a tomato shortage if everyone gets into the act.

         Most people react to the knowledge of the miracle insect and its place in our diet with revulsion. And so, things could get out of hand, the world could be much less red if this knowledge gets into the minds of the general public, and revulsion turns to revolution.

         So, it would be best if people keep to themselves the fact that we eat bugs on purpose, albeit unknowingly, every single day.

         And don't tell Mom, okay? I'll never get another chemistry kit if she finds out.

*The local red bugs are mites, and are not used as food coloring, as far as we know.



April 21, 2012 — Friends, Hopkinton High School Seniors Zach Sellman, left, Evan Dackowski and Rory O'Riordan (off-camera) enjoy part of their vacation Slacklining on the Hopkinton Common this afternoon in dry, refreshing, springtime weather.




Young Lions

April 21, 2012 — These young Lions, members of the Leo's Club, signed up people for the grocery dash to be held in Colella's on June 13. Read below:


The Hopkinton Lions Club is proud to announce an event called ‘The Grocery Dash’. The event will be held at Colella’s Super Market on June 13, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. A lottery drawing will be held on June 8, 2012 and two winners will be chosen by Ms. Dale Danahy of Colella’s Market. The cost of tickets will be fifteen ($15.00 ) dollars and allows each winner ---- four (4 ) minutes to choose items from each and every aisle throughout the store. Grocery carts will be supplied at each end of every aisle as all items MUST be within a cart to be counted. There are some exclusions and they are as follows: lottery tickets, gift cards, alcoholic drinks and all smoking items and the winner will be restricted to three (3 ) meat items either fresh or frozen. Note: a sample dash undertaken recently generated a total of fifteen hundred and six ($1506.00 ) dollars worth of items in the allotted four minutes. The winners will be notified after the drawing and must be at least eighteen (18 ) years of age or they may choose a proxy who also must be at least 18 years of age.


The Hopkinton High School Leo’s Club, sponsored by the Hopkinton Lions, will be assisting in the ticket sales on week-ends, beginning in mid-April, at Colella’s entrances. The local Leo’s Club is one of only a few in the area and presently has well over one hundred active teen members. Each member of this group of young people works throughout the Town in many endeavors to satisfy the requirement of donating their time in charitable events at least once a month. Please take advantage of this terrific ‘Dash’ event to fill your cupboards and freezer and to help the Lions Club continue their local efforts to help those in financial need.



Bernard P. "Barney" Reilly, 87


Bernard P. "Barney" Reilly, 87, died Saturday April 21, 2012 in Milford. He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Evelyn (Hubbs) Reilly. Born in Manhattan, he was the son of the late Charles and Alice (Smith) Reilly. He was a sergeant in the U.S. Army, serving in World War II. He was a long-time employee of Pepperidge Farm.

In addition to his wife, he is survived by his daughters Jean Race and her husband Robert of TX, Dolores Beadle and her husband Thomas of TX, Alice Reilly of Hopkinton and Christine Nastarowicz and her husband Michael of NJ; and his sons Charles and his wife Jeannie of FL, Brian Reilly of NJ, Michael Reilly of NJ, John and his wife Patricia of NJ, Thomas and his wife Theresa of NJ, Patrick and his wife Lorrie of NC and Joseph and his wife Lois of NJ. He also leaves 32 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

The funeral will be held Wednesday, April 25 at 9 a.m. from the Callanan Cronin Funeral Home, 34 Church Street, Hopkinton (www.callanancronin.com). A funeral Mass will follow at 10 a.m. in St. John the Evangelist Church, 20 Church Street. Burial with military honors will follow in Mount St.Mary's Cemetery, Flushing, NY. Calling hours at the funeral home are Tuesday, April 24 from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Large Pizza for $6.01?

Beat the Clock is Back - Mondays only

Whatever time you call Bill's Pizza is the price you pay for one

large Cheese Pizza, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

One per family - Cannot be combined with other offers - toppings may not be added


Down on the Bayou

April 20, 2012 — The moss on the water and the clusters of trees on the shore might be reminiscent of another part of the country, but it is Pratt's Pond on Fruit Street in Hopkinton today.



Free Bird

April 20, 2012 — This raptor photographed from North Street today appears to be a red-tailed hawk, but its brilliant red wing markings on the top of the wings, not seen above, made it look like something the photographer cannot identify.







Public Meeting Notice


Pursuant to Chapter 186 of the Town of Hopkinton General Bylaws; there will be a public hearing held on Monday evening, April 30th at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall Lower Level to discuss the removal of three trees as identified on the 2010 Weston & Sampson Town Common Plan and publicly marked at the Common. The Town Hall is handicap accessible.


Hopkinton Parks and Recreation Department




Police Incident Log - Most Recent First


Updated Friday, April 20, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

4:38 pm A jogger on Pleasant Street reported a woman screaming followed by a dog barking.  Two officers checked the area with negative results.


2:46 pm Two units responded to East Main and surrounding streets for an operator who was reported to be driving erratically, but got no results.


12:25 pm A Snowy Owl Road resident reported a suspicious looking vehicle that turned out to be landscapers.


10:51 pm A truck that turned into a driveway on Marshall Avenue after reportedly removing decals from the exterior, turned out to be a group of painters.


10:19 am Officer Patrick O'Brien responded to a report of an individual acting suspiciously at the Hopkinton Depot building at Ice House Pond. He spoke with the individual who was known to him.


7:42 am Concerned citizen reported nails in the roadway at Main Street near his workplace.



Greyhound Friends to Hold Spring Open House

May 19 & 20 -Noon to 5 pm (both days)

167 Saddle Hill Road, Hopkinton, MA


The Greyhound Friends Spring Open House will give animal lovers the opportunity to spend a few hours meeting greyhounds available for adoption as well as adopted greyhounds and their owners.


Visit the spacious kennel, enjoy the company of other greyhound lovers, partake in a silent auction and raffle and shop for greyhound goodies (for both hounds and humans). Your greyhounds can run in our fenced field and participate in the Not Quite Westminster Dog Show.


Greyhound Friends depends on the kindness of supporters and anyone interested in greyhound welfare. Those attending the event are welcome to bring donations of dog food, rawhides, blankets for bedding and bird food for our bird friends. Financial donations are also appreciated and needed. Greyhound Friends is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and donations are tax deductible. Please call 508-435-5969 or visit http://www.greyhound.org/ for more information. Photo by John Mottern




The Waiting

April 20, 2012 — Ice House Pond Goose, or should she be called "HopGoose," sits camouflaged on top of the nest while her mate swims nearby, hoping all is well with the incubation of their eggs on Ice House Pond.  We'll try to get the goslings photographed on the day they hatch.




Drain pipe replacement work is set to begin on Spring St between Pond St and the Upton town line on Monday April 23 – Friday May 11th. Work hours will be 7am-2:30pm.


One lane of traffic will be open but please expect some slight delays. Please seek alternate routes if possible.


This work is necessary to replace old failing metal drain pipes & stone drain culverts.


Thank you for your cooperation during these projects.



Mike Mansir, Highway Manager








Relay for Life Dough Raiser


The Relay For Life Committee organized a "Dough Raiser". 15%-20% of your total bill at Pizzeria Uno's in Westborough or Bellingham will go towards the Hopkinton Relay For Life. It is taking place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 4/20, 4/21, 4/22. It can be applied to take out as well! You must bring a ticket. Click on a link for tickets to print in that town.


Philip Thibodeau Lt. USNR (Ret)

8-14-1934 – 4-8-2012

Philip Thibodeau passed away at home early on Easter Monday. He is survived by his wife of 55 years, Sandra, daughters Cynthia and Michelle, grandson Paul, and nieces and nephews. A memorial service with military honors was held at the Jacksonville National Cemetery on Monday, April 16, 2012.

Phil was born near Boston, and grew up in Hopkinton, Mass. He lived on a small family farm, so chores and weeding were a necessary but unloved part of his life. When chores were done, he enjoyed roaming the woods. His parents were both Scout leaders, and Phil and his sisters enjoyed Scouting and camping for many years. As a teen-aged “new driver”, he rebuilt a 1940 Ford convertible, and always admired them.

Phil was a member of the last class of Naval Cadets (pilot training) that included enlisted men (which he was at the time). When he graduated from the program, he received the rank of Ensign. Phil and his family witnessed the last flight of the last Navy blimp at Lakehurst Naval Air Station. While at Lakehurst, he was a member of the rifle and pistol team, and competed in a match at Annapolis, Maryland. His deployments included Malta and the Mediterranean, Turkey, Beirut and the Caribbean.

After leaving active service, Phil served out the remainder of his twenty-three years in the Naval Reserve, investing one weekend each month and two weeks each year toward his retirement.

In civilian life, Phil was sales manager at Graham Boat Yard in Jacksonville, and worked for Morgan Yachts in St. Petersburg, Florida. When he retired, he was the manager of the Mandarin Senior Center in Jacksonville. For several years before that, he was sent to different senior center that needed extra work and TLC.


Troopers Find Missing Bernardston Man, Deceased


Troopers from the Massachusetts State Police Special Emergency Response Team (SERT), K9 Unit, Airwing, and troopers from the Shelburne Barracks have concluded search operations for an 18 year old Bernardston man who has been missing since Sunday. He was located near School St. in Bernardston at approximately 4:20pm today with what initially appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.




Massachusetts Celebrates Fenway Park’s 100th Anniversary

A banner celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park hangs on the front of the Massachusetts State House. (Photo credit: Eric Haynes / Governor’s Office). View full size photo.


BOSTON – Thursday, April 19, 2012 – Governor Deval Patrick, Senate President Therese Murray, House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo and Massachusetts legislators this week celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park. A banner commemorating this milestone currently hangs on the front of the Massachusetts State House. Fenway Park hosted its first professional baseball game on April 20, 1912.


“I am proud to celebrate 100 years of great Red Sox baseball at Fenway Park,” said Governor Patrick. “Its rich history and character make it one of the finest and most beloved ball parks.”


“Fenway Park is essential to the fabric of our landscape and our identity as New Englanders,” said Senate President Murray. “Fenway is not just the home of our beloved Red Sox; it has become the enduring and ultimate symbol of the American Pastime. I am proud to support and participate in this historic celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the world's greatest ballpark.”


“Looking back as we celebrate Fenway’s hundredth birthday, we remember how great a role the ballpark has played in shaping Boston’s history,” said House Speaker DeLeo. “For the past hundred years, Fenway Park has been a staple of Boston tourism and is home to so many precious moments, a curse reversed, and a timeless baseball club whose spirit will live on for many more years to come.”


The Boston Red Sox will commemorate 100 years of history at Fenway Park with a large-scale pre-game ceremony Friday night before they play the New York Yankees. The Red Sox played the same team (then the New York Highlanders) on April 20, 1912. Both teams will wear 1912 throwback uniforms.

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The Hopkinton Center for the Arts

98 Hayden Rowe Street

Saturday, May 5, 2012

11:00 a – 5:00 pm

Free Admission

Contact: info@hopartscenter.org


The Hopkinton Center for the Arts presents its Spring Arts Festival, a celebration of art, music and theater. This year’s festival features over 60 vendors of crafts by local artisans as well as food. Free Admission. There will be live entertainment for all ages. Performers include the electrifying Jenny’s Tribe, the cast of Enter Stage Left’s Broadway Today and our singing groups The Treblemakers and Tone Deft Too. For more information, visit www.hopartscenter.org.




Tot Missing from Rockport 

The missing young girl in Rockport is identified as CALEIGH ANNE HARRISON. She is 2 years, 9 months old. She has light brown hair and blue-gray eyes. She was last seen wearing a light pink T-shirt and dark pink Capri pants. We do not yet have a height and weight. Mass State Police and Rockport Police continue to collect details on her disappearance.  





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