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Roads Are Dangerous - 4:28 pm

One car off road with injuries on East Main with a patient needing to be extricated — another two-car accident by Hopkinton Lumber.

Be careful.

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State Police Themselves Responded to 137 Crashes Throughout Mass Last Night 

March 1, 2012 — Local police departments were kept busy as a result of last night's storm causing rapid freezing on the roadways. In addition ot local incidents, there were 137 crashes and nearly as many spin-outs on roads patrolled by the Massachusetts State Police. They are listed by Troop/area below:

A Troop (North Shore): 24 Crashes and 17 Spin-outs  

B Troop (Western Mass): 28 Crashes and 9 Spin-outs

C Troop (Central Mass): 22 Crashes and 27 Spin-outs

D Troop (Cape, South Eastern Mass and Islands): 10 Crashes and 14 Spin-outs

E Troop (Mass Turnpike): 31 Crashes and 13 Spin-outs

H Troop  (Boston Area): 22 Crashes and 5 Spin-outs  

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Hopkinton Historic District Commission Approves Hoyt Statue

Above, a graphical representation of the statue and where it will go, created by GRL Architects.

February 29, 2012 — The Hopkinton Historic District Commission [HHDC] approved the application for a Certificate of Appropriateness from proponents of a statue of Rick and Dick Hoyt to be placed on Center School property. It is part of the Historic District that also includes the Common and the structures from 3 Main Street and most of that side of the street.
      Boston Marathon sponsor John Hancock has commissioned Texas sculptor Michael Tabor to produce the work in bronze. School Committee Chair Jean Bertschmann presented the case for the sculpture this evening, offering letters of support from neighbors of Center School as well as the Board of Selectmen. Promoter of the work, 26.2 Foundation (Formerly HAA) Director Timothy Kilduff was also on hand to help move the process forward.
      Commission Members liked the work, citing its can-do message for children as well as it being located at Center School being the appropriate place for display.
      Some criticisms of the work included an idea that the granite base of the sculpture was too thick, that the wheel was too large and solid, rather than spoked, and that a different location on the actual course might help the piece appear to be more full of motion.
      Nonetheless, the HHDC approved the statue as presented, and voted to waive the holding of a public hearing, which would require notification of abutters with a 10-day period to respond with objections.     



Slippery Conditions

February 29, 2012 — This vehicle ran off of the road on Cedar Street on the flats at the same time another vehicle went off of the road on the other side of town.


Hopkinton 46, Walpole 30

February 29, 2012 — Hiller girls defeated Walpole tonight 46 to 30 at the Hopkinton Athletic Center. Above,  Alee Leteria turns the corner.


Stating the Obvious

February 29, 2012 — Nothing more, just stating the obvious.




At the Ready

February 29, 2012 — Enzo stands in silhouette at the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam yesterday, ready to spring, with one leg behind the other. Photo by Eric DeCollibus.







World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine
Faith Community Church’s Students Will Band Together to Fight Hunger, Save Lives

Nearly 8,000 Children Die Each Day Because of Hunger - Another Child Dies Every 10 Seconds

Hopkinton, MA – Wars and natural disasters dominate the world’s daily headlines, but behind the scenes and far from the spotlight, hunger and preventable diseases claim the lives of 24,000 of the world’s children every day. More than 1 billion people go hungry every day. More than 6 billion live on the planet. One in six will go hungry tonight. But world hunger is 100 percent preventable, and teens from Faith Community Church of Hopkinton are ready to help.

On March 2-3, they will be joining the efforts of hundreds of thousands of young people all over the nation who will set aside the usual “stuff” that fills their daily lives. Instead, they will do World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine seeking to “OVERCOME HUNGER” – the theme for this year. By going without food, they get a taste of what the world’s poorest children and families face every day. Prior to the event weekend, students raise funds with the knowledge that every $30 they raise can help feed and care for a child for a month. (To make a donation and to help them reach their group goal of $9000, go to www.fcch.org/30-hour-famine).  

Groups are also encouraged to perform hands-on service projects during the weekend in order to make a difference in their own communities. As part of this year’s Famine, students will work to support Project Just Because and the Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center in Hopkinton to help meet the needs of people in the Hopkinton area. 

About World Vision:

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. For more information, visit http://www.worldvision.org/ .


Two Arrested for Theft from Checked Baggage.

February 29, 2012 — A joint investigation by Massachusetts State Police and the Massachusetts Port Authority resulted in the arrests yesterday of two baggage handlers at Logan International Airport for theft and receiving stolen property.  

Troop F of the State Police was contacted by Massport officials several weeks ago concerning complaints of thefts from checked luggage in Terminal E. State Police and Massport launched a month-long investigation and identified two people who had stolen high dollar items including cash, cameras, tobacco and electronics worth thousands of dollars from checked luggage. 

State Police confronted LASHAWN FONTENOT, 25, of Lynn and JOSHUA WRIGHT, 25, of Mattapan, employees of a baggage handling company that was cooperative in the investigation. After presenting both men with evidence of their involvements into the thefts they were taken into custody without incident in the baggage area.  

At the time of the arrest WRIGHT was found to have in his possession items recently stolen from a passenger’s luggage. Stolen items were also later recovered from the residences of both men.  

The two men were arraigned in East Boston District Court today charged with numerous counts of larceny over $250 and receiving stolen property over $250. Their airport access was revoked by Massport. State Police and Massport are working to return valuables to passengers.

Photo Courtesy ofMassachusetts State police. 


Runners to Help HCA Reach the Finish Line in Fundraising 

HOPKINTON, MA (February 29, 2012) --- The Hopkinton Center for the Arts (HCA) and the Hopkinton Community Endowment (HCE) recently selected Bill York and Vijay Raghavan to be their runners in the Boston Marathon on April 16, and wear the numbers granted to HCA and HCE through the town manager’s office.   The athletes will raise funds for the HCA as they run the 26.2 -mile course from Hopkinton to Boston. Both men work at Mathworks and often run together.  

“We are delighted to have these athletes running on our behalf in the Boston Marathon,” said Kelly Grill, president of the Hopkinton Center for the Arts. “We are hoping their fundraising efforts will take us to the finish line in our quest to raise money for our new arts center. We have already raised over $700,000 so are well on our way to making our dreams come true.” Anyone interested in donating can do so at www.hopartscenter.org 

Runners Revved Up
“I’ve been running for about 10 years and ran my first Boston Marathon in 2005,” said York, of Hopedale, Mass. “In 2006 I met Kelly Grill, and I starting running for Enter Stage Left Theater. I jumped at the chance to do this for the Hopkinton Center for the Arts this year. Local theater is very important to me and my children, and we love the productions we see in Hopkinton and look forward to many more.”

Raghavan, of Brookline, Mass said he didn’t start running until his late 30s, and so thought a marathon was unattainable for him. However, when he learned that marathon runners can raise funds for good causes, he was inspired to try. “I ran marathons in Chicago, Cape Cod and Mount Desert Island, and it felt great to reach the finish line as it meant I helped to make the world a better place,” Raghavan explained. “I believe, as Mother Theresa said, art prevents starvation of the mind. Running the Boston Marathon for the Hopkinton Center for the Arts will help bring the arts closer to many who would otherwise stay hungry in their minds.” Contributed content.




 Senior Moments

Alzheimer's More Than Just a "Senior Moment" 
Nancy L. Drawe

February 29, 2012 — This may be the most significant column I have ever written because it is on a subject that has hit very close to home in my personal life.  I’m talking about a horrible disease called Alzheimer’s.  The simplest definition of Alzheimer’s is “a type of dementia that attacks the brain and causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior.   It is not a normal part of aging, but happens to older people.  The disease gets worse as it develops - it is a progressive disease. There is no current cure for Alzheimer's, although there are ways of slowing down its advance and helping patients with some of the symptoms. Alzheimer's is also a terminal disease - it is incurable and causes death.” 

When strange things start happening with a family member such as a parent, you have a passing moment where you know something just isn’t right.  Certain things might begin to happen; such as they forget how to use the television remote.  You think, “That’s okay, a lot of older people can’t use those things, no big deal.  They misplace something, but who doesn’t?  Then their words don’t come out right, there’s lots of rambling, sentences that don’t make any sense.  Having to be reminded what day it is.  But hey, we all forget that, don’t we?   As time goes on, you may suspect the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s.  Then you start looking up all the websites on Alzheimer’s/dementia and can relate to most of the signs (there are ten warning signs and seven stages), but still, you think… this is not happening. I guess that is what you would call denial.   Things start to get worse—they might not remember what they did that morning, what they had for meals, who certain people are, places that used to be familiar, etc.  It can be very stressful for the caretakers and honestly, sometimes sucks the life right out of you.  It’s not easy to deal with and patience wears thin.  You still don’t want to accept that it’s happening.   THEN…this might occur:  a parent doesn’t recognize you as their child and asks you who your own parents are, that’s when you finally realize…yes, it’s true.   

One place you can turn to for help is the senior center.  The staff at the center couldn’t be more helpful and understanding.  Sally Almy, Assistant Director, got right on the task of planning to have a professional come in to speak and educate our family about this serious disease.   She was able to contact and then schedule a workshop with Judith Chaloux from Beacon Hospice in Framingham, on Monday, March 12 at 10:30 am.   The subject of her workshop is, “GRIEF AND THE ALZHEIMER’S CARETAKER.”  Judith said that the moment a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, there is recognition of loss and the grief process begins, especially for the caretakers.   She will be able to help with the recognition of grief, coping skills and support.  Judith said that a key point from the Alzheimer’s Association is, “The most important thing to know is you can’t do this alone.”   

I urge you to try to attend this workshop.  Even though you may not need the information now, maybe there will be a time in the future when you will, and this workshop just might help you be a little bit more prepared.  Please call the center at 508-497-9730 to sign up.   

That’s it for now, so if you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me:  Punkala@aol.com.  Until next time, have a great week! 


Hopkinton 59, Scituate 39

 Hopkinton boys defeated Scituate in the first round of the MIAA State Tournament this evening, 59 to 39.  Above, Rolly Muench sets up a shot. Tomorrow night at 7pm at Hopkinton High School, the HHS Girls face Walpole in their first round of the tournament.



Selectmen Vote to Support Hoyt Statue at Center School

February 28, 2012 — Public relations specialist Timothy Kilduff, founder of the Hopkinton Athletic Association and a longtime supporter of all things related to the Boston Marathon, and especially father-son team Dick and Rick Hoyt, appeared before the Board of Selectmen this evening with School Committee Chair Jean Bertschman to pitch the placement of a statue of the two marathoners on Center School property. Mr. Kilduff made it clear at the beginning that he was there to ask for support, and not to pressure, as some might mistakenly believe. 

Mr. Kilduff did not make the design available for the Selectmen's perusal, saying that it would be presented to the Historic District Commission tomorrow, and that he wanted to respect the process [and have them see it first]. Mr. Kilduff said after the meeting that there would be a maquette available for display at the Wednesday meeting. Despite the lack of specific visual references to the commissioned work of art, Mrs. Bertschman, pointing to the poster (left) on the wall behind the Town Manager's desk, said about the life-sized work, 'It will look like that." 

Selectman Ben Palleiko, acting as Chairman, asked why there needed to be support for a process of the Hopkinton Historical District Commission that, he thought, had strict guidelines. 

Mr. Kilduff said it was the same process as what happened with the George V Brown statue, "The Starter." That was sculpted by renown Hopkinton Artist Michael Alfano.  

During that process, and in answer to what some called "lackluster" support from the Hopkinton Historical District Commission, someone campaigned hard for its approval, an effort that saw a member of nearly every town board, department or committee write letters of support or attend the final meeting of the Commission that eventually approved the statue. Member Claire Wright remarked at that 2009 meeting that she felt pressured, a sentiment that was apparently answered in advance this evening. 

Despite the absence of the maquette tonight, the one that the HHDC will see tomorrow evening, Selectmen voted three in favor, with one abstention, to approve supporting the effort. Chairman Todd Cestari was not present for this part of the meeting, and so did not vote.

Rick, who was born with spastic Cerebral Palsy, asked his father, Dick, at a young age to push him in his wheelchair at a race to support a paralyzed individual. Dick had spurned the advice of doctors to institutionalize his son, but instead did his best to find inclusion for Rick in all walks of life. This year's Boston Marathon will be the 30th for Team Hoyt. See Website.



Students from Hopkinton Contribute to St. John's Victories 

Reaching the "Super 8" has been the goal all season long for the St. John's High School hockey team. St. John's, fueled by Hopkinton residents Hunter Burdick, Ryan Burg and Chris Coveney, Connor Maloney and Kyle Moss, have worked hard and completed a very successful regular season. As a result of their commitment and achievement, they have earned more time on the ice to achieve their goal of post-season "Super 8" tournament play.

The Division IA State Hockey Tournament at first consists of ten MIAA ice hockey teams considered to be the strongest ice hockey teams in the state.   On Saturday, February 26th, the ten teams were selected by the Tournament Seeding Committee and St. John's of Shrewsbury was selected as the #9 seed.  

The Division IA Tournament, which is power seeded, consists of a Wild Card Preliminary Round and a Two‐bracket Round Robin, a Semi‐Final Crossover and a Final game.  Each of the teams selected is eligible to participate only in the Division IA Tournament with the exception of seeds 7,8, 9 (St. John's), and 10. A IA Wild Card Preliminary Round is played by these remaining four (4) teams. The winners of the two games in the 1A Wild Card Preliminary Round are then placed in the 7th and 8th Seed for First Round play in the "Super 8" Tournament. The losers of the Wild Card Preliminary Round return to their appropriate tournaments and seeded at the top of their appropriate tournament. 

The IA Wild Card Preliminary Round was played last night at Merrimack College with St. John's (15-4-3) paired against Needham (16-4-1). St. John's won the game beating Needham 5-4. The St. John's Pioneers (16-4-3), winners of six straight, advance to the Super 8 Tournament for the first time since 2002. As the the No. 8 seed in Bracket 1, they will meet No. 1 Malden Catholic (15-1-4) at Merrimack College in North Andover, Mass. on Sunday, March 4th; #4 Hingham on March 6th; and #5 B.C. High on March 11th. Contributed content. Photo of Hunter Burdick.



Free Speech

February 28, 2012 — In a testament to the First Amendment, supporters of Lyndon LaRouche occupied space on the sidewalk in front of the Hopkinton Post Office, shouted out to people 20 feet away requesting support for impeaching the president, displayed a photo of the president of the United States with a Hitler moustache, as well as photos of each of the Republican candidates for president wearing Bozo the Clown noses and hair.
      Although they expressed themselves freely for their own purposes, the female said, "I'm not talking to reporters," when asked under what authority they could set up camp on the sidewalk.
      A curious Veterinarian Margo Roman was there and said, "It is fine to have a picture of Obama, but not with a Hitler moustache."
      Another onlooker called the photos "inciting," and said, "Take a picture, please. My husband doesn't believe they are doing this."
      When asked why they weren't allowed to express themselves, the male laughed and said, "We have an official press person. We don't want him to be out of a job."     



Letter from New Candidate for School Committee 

February 28, 2012 — My name is Jon Graziano, and I am running for School Committee. My wife, Erin, and I moved to Hopkinton two years ago. As the parents of three young children (ages 6, 4 and 1), one of the primary reasons we were attracted to the town was the school system, and our experience so far has validated that decision. Over the past year I have been the Appropriations Committee liaison to the School Committee. This role has enabled me to see and appreciate not only the reasons why our schools perform so well compared to other school districts, but also the unprecedented challenges our town faces to maintain our high standards in tight financial times. 

The strategic plan addresses our goals to enable Hopkinton to continue to be a leader in 21st-century learning, but those goals, along with unfunded state mandates to move to a common core curriculum, create additional financial pressure. 

Our facilities need repairs in order to maintain a quality learning environment. While the most obvious need is a permanent solution to Center School, the 2013 school budget reflects that many of our other buildings also need immediate attention. 

At the moment, the most significant challenge facing the School Committee is to craft a fiscally responsible budget that keeps Hopkinton’s schools at the level we have all come to expect without unreasonable increases to taxes or student fees. 

I am a graduate of Boston College with 10 years of professional business experience including management, financial planning, process improvement and innovation. I believe that my experience, coupled with my passion to keep Hopkinton’s schools strong, will help me bring new ideas and new solutions to the School Committee. 

Our schools continue to hire and retain talented, dedicated teachers and administrators. The citizens of Hopkinton have a passion for the schools as well as for the town overall. It’s a great place to live and to raise a family. I would consider it a privilege to serve on the School Committee and help ensure that our children continue to receive the type of education that makes our schools the envy of other towns. I respectfully request your support and your vote at the town election on May 21st.




Elmwood Principal Retiring

February 28, 2012 — Longtime Elmwood School Principal Ilene Silver will be retiring at the end of this school year, according to an email from Superintendent John Landman sent over the school department's listserv yesterday.
         Mrs. Silver's decade and a half of service has seen the institution of the Wee Deliver program to promote reading and writing, the Kenyan elite runner cultural exchange as well as the Education Foundation Art Contest, Elmwood Bell Ringers, the Meeting of the Eagles, and a partnership with organizations to bring technology to the school.

          In his email, Dr. Landman wrote, "I congratulate Mrs. Silver on her long and distinguished career here. Like many of you, I look forward to recognizing and celebrating her contributions to the Hopkinton community in the months ahead."

          The search for Mrs. Sliver's replacement is on the fast track, scheduled for announcement on April 12, 2012, following a lengthy search, interview and site visit process. File photo.


Police News UP-TO-DATE  February 27, 2012

Dial 911 in the Event of an Emergency Only
Hopkinton Police Business Line: 508-497-3401
Hopkinton Fire Business Line: 508-497-2323

3:14 pm A 911 caller from Hayward Street reported motorcycles doing wheelies and burnouts...

9:37 pm
An individual walked into the station to report that someone had thrown a rock through her driver's side window...

A Downey Street caller reported camera flashes coming from her kitchen...

11:34 pm
A Jordan Road resident reported finding plastic forks stuck into lawn...

7:31 pm
A caller reports females laying in the roadway on Winter Street...

8:11 pm
An individual found in the woods behind the Fruit Street pumping station...




Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled  for HopNews.com by Robert Falcione © 2012 All Rights Reserved

New Transactions from February 20, 2012 to February 27, 2012






14 Pike Street Sandra Jane Auen $390,000 February 21, 2012 Jeanette Allen
Last Week        
3 Sanctuary Lane Unit 19 Lois P Robbins $355,000 February 16, 2012 Weston Development Group
43 Oakhurst Road Dawn Smith-Maloney $380,000 February 15, 2012 Keith Blaize Favre, Tracy Turner Favre
Week Before        
20 Rocky Woods Road Sourav Moitra, Rosie Raghu $546,000 February 10, 2012 Edward R O'Donnell, Susan M O'Donnell
12 Connelly Hill Road Bret B Johnson, Allison C Johnson $965,000 February 8, 2012 Steven M Forman, Barbara S Forman



State Police Arrest Driver for Kidnapping on Interstate 93 in South Boston 

February 27, 2012 — Yesterday at approximately 5:25 p.m., Massachusetts State Police General Headquarters answered a cellular 911 call from a 34 year-old Lawrence woman stating that she had been kidnapped by the father of her child. The call was immediately transferred to the State Police barracks in South Boston, where Trooper Jim Gordon, the desk officer, obtained vital information from the emotional caller: that the vehicle she was in was a blue Audi that was traveling on Route 93 in the Quincy area. The line then went dead. Trooper Gordon dispatched cruisers to Route 93 to be on the lookout for the vehicle, while Dispatcher Jack McDonough broadcast the limited information available over regional radio channels. 

Simultaneously Dispatcher Rick Teevens contacted the cell phone provider in an attempt to gather more information. 

Meanwhile, Trooper Joseph Gray, having heard the description of the suspect vehicle, was monitoring traffic on Route 93 northbound in Quincy when he observed a vehicle fitting the general description. Trooper Gray initiated a stop of the vehicle north of Columbia Road and quickly determined this to be the wanted vehicle, a 2000 Audi S4. 

The victim and suspect were separated and questioned by troopers. Upon confirmation of the victim's story, the operator of the vehicle, Kenneth Tozier Jr., 24, of Methuen, was placed under arrest and charged with kidnapping. He is currently being held at the South Boston Barracks on $100,000 cash bail and is scheduled to be arraigned in Dorchester District Court in the morning.

The child that the suspect and victim have in common was not in the vehicle at the time of the incident.


Color Wheel

February 26, 2012 — The sky over Lake Whitehall at sunset one day last week reflected the type of transition between the two primary colors displayed above that would be seen in a photographic or artistic program. The view is from the Whitehall boat ramp.


Maspenock Preservation

February 26, 2012 — Tina MacConnell shares a laugh with Stu and Nancy Glassman at the Woodville Rod and Gun Club during the Lake Maspenock Preservation Association's winter social.



Speeding Ticket

February 26, 2012 — Officer Aaron O'Neil issued a citation for speeding to an individual who pulled into Colella's parking lot Saturday night after Officer O'Neil activated his blue lights. HopNews Video grabshot.



Grade 5 Girls’ Travel Basketball Team

Grade 5 Girls’ Travel basketball team that played in a basketball tournament over February vacation in Mansfield.   The girls won the tournament beating Franklin in the championship game.  The girls played hard and got to play a lot of basketball over the vacation break. 

On the bottom row, from left to right is Maddy Marcou, Emma Mann, Gaby Weilding, Nicole Woodward.

On the top row, from left to right is coach Mike McNamara, Tess Harvey, Danielle Sullivan, Jenna Willwerth, Cecily McNamara, coach Dan Sullivan.

Missing from the photo are Emma Turner and Haley Bernardo.


White Water

February 25, 2012 — These Canada geese hunkered down at Lake Whitehall Dam today, while the wind-whipped water boiled whitecaps.



Winter Sports

February 25, 2012 — Twenty-six year-old Bobby Hutton does a side-saddle wheelie in the Sandy Beach parking lot today while a couple of pre-teen boys looked on, and snow fell quickly.
     "Always wear a helmet," he turned and said to them.


Weather Alert

February 25, 2012 — Lake Maspenock shows the effects of a fast moving sleet squall this afternoon, as a wall of wind and precipitation blanketed the area. Above, exposed rocks due to the lowering of the lake can be seen a quarter mile from the causeway.





February 25, 2012 — The only suspect in this telephone pole break on School Street today is high winds.
      "They just break sometimes with no help," said one police officer.


A Little Help From Friends

September 25, 2012 — Officer Thomas Griffin observes the NStar worker shut off power to a line that was downed on South Mill Street from a tree limb being toppled by high winds. A neighbor stands at the ready on the right with a chain saw.




February 25, 2012 — Old Glory and the Union Jack on the Hopkinton Gourmet are taking a beating in the gusty winds today. Observe that the flag of the United States is mounted higher than the one of Great Britain, which is the protocol when flying the flag of a foreign country — longtime ally or not — adjacent to the US flag.




September 25, 2012 — Intentional or not, the arms of the bucket truck line up almost perfectly with the lines of the roof at the renovated home of Lakeside Tree on West Main Street today.


Hiller Cheerleaders Win Invitational

September 25, 2012 — Last night, at the Shepherd Hill Cheerleading Invitational, the Hopkinton Cheerleaders continued their winning ways by beating their division two rivals with a first place finish and also winning Grand Prize trophy for highest score in the competition. They bested 17 other talented schools to take home that honor. They also won a third award for best tumbling in the competition. Nationals here we come! Photo by John Cardillo.



February 25, 2012 — D.A.R.E. Massachusetts has informed the Milford Police Department that they will be soliciting donations from residents and businesses in the Town of Milford. 

D.A.R.E. Massachusetts is not affiliated in any way with the Milford Police Department. 

The Milford Police Department and the Milford community will not benefit in any way from donations made to D.A.R.E. Massachusetts. 

Tom OLoughlin

Chief of Police




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