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Forum Rescheduled


Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Landman regrets that he will have to reschedule the community forum planned for noon, July 11th. He will be attending a funeral.


There will be a forum at noon on July 20th. Further details are TBA.

Let The Sunshine

July 9, 2011 — Ten year-old Isabelle Keown of Hidden Acres Farm in Sutton poses as part of her sunflower display at Weston Nurseries Farmer's Market on Friday, on an otherwise gray day.


New Senior Van

Kudos to Cindy and Sally ~ Town Manager


July 8, 2011 — I am pleased to announce that the town has been informed by Ed Carr of Metro West Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) that its application to the DOT’s Mobility Assistance Program (MAP) for a new van for the Hopkinton Senior Center was approved. The van, a 12 seat unit that can accommodate two wheelchairs, will be ready for pick up on July 22nd


The MWRTA is scheduling a joint event on July 22nd to unveil the new van for our community. 

Approval of the town’s grant application by DOT could mean that the $58,000 approved at the 2011 annual town meeting for the purchase of a bus or van for seniors might no longer be acted upon.


Please join me in thanking Sally Almy and Cindy Chesmore for their relentless pursuit of the grant; the Council on Aging for its guidance; the MWRTA Board and its Administrator, Ed Carr, for their assistance in bringing this new asset to the Town of Hopkinton; Brian Herr and RJ Dourney for their advocacy as the town’s representative at MWRTA; and Representative Dykema and Senator Spilka for their support for the town’s application.

The seniors of Hopkinton built our beautiful town.  They certainly deserve our gratitude, and a safe, comfortable ride to and from their activities!

Town Manager, Norman Khumalo

 Tonight's Movie on the Common is cancelled

Hopkinton Parks and Recreation Friday Night Movie on the Common is cancelled for July 8th due to expected inclement weather.  The next scheduled movie is on July 15th at 8:30 featuring How to Train Your Dragon.



Nothing Left to Chance

July 8, 2011 — Hopkinton Firefighters above flush a hydrant prior to pressurizing their hoses to prepare for any contingency on Thayer Heights Road today, as they await the arrival of an NStar worker to seal a gas line ruptured by a contractor digging up the roadway. They checked on the home that is serviced by the ruptured line, and would have evacuated residents if they had been home. An NStar worker arrived 20 minutes later.

Turkey Trot

July 8, 2011 — These turkeys were sauntering around a lawn across the town line in Upton this morning, before heading toward Hopkinton.



July 8, 2011 — Workmen pour cement from a large overhead crane today at 63 Main Street, the future home of Hillers Cleaners.

Live From the White House 7/8/2011 - Now off-air.

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Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Landman Reaches Out to Community

July 7, 2011 — Newly installed Hopkinton Superintendent of Schools Jonathan Landman, far left, reached out to the community this evening to solicit ideas from school advocates on not only how to maintain high standards but how to improve upon them.

       Dorothy Maruska commented about communications between the school department and the general public, and about communications within the schools.

        Ron Foisy encouraged Dr. Landman to become involved in the Chamber of Commerce to foster relationships with the business community.

        Dr Landman agreed that relationships with local businesses could benefit the schools in the way of internships, robotics and biotech labs.

        "Like Dick Egan," said one attendee. "There was only one Dick Egan," she added. The late Richard Egan was the founder of EMC, a diverse information technology company, claiming to be the information storage leader of the world with 40,000 worldwide employees, headquartered in Hopkinton. Mr. Egan generously, and through his company, made contributions to the schools.*        

          The next meet and greet is Noon – 2:00 p.m., Monday July 11, 2011, at the Hopkins School Library.

* The HopNews reporter caught the last 15 minutes of the meeting.


New Grace United Methodist Pastor Invites 



Thomas Francis Hugh Hilditch Jr., 54


Hudson- Thomas Francis Hugh Hilditch Jr., 54, of Hudson and formerly Hopkinton, passed away Thursday, July 7, 2011 at his home. Arrangements are incomplete at this time and are under the care of the Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton.




(Milford, MA.) July 7, 2011 — John Maynard age 36 of 4C Country Club Lane Milford, MA has been charged with 5 counts of burning woods and 3 counts of burning a building after an investigation by Milford Police, State Police and Federal Postal Inspectors Office. Several patrol officers assisted detectives during the investigation contributing to successful filing of criminal charges in Milford District Court. The fires began in late April this year and continued to July 6, 2011. The fires began as brush fires but recently involved two wooden buildings where tenant’s mail was delivered to, and a shed. All of the fires were reported in the early morning hours after 12:00 a.m., and most between 12:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.


The suspect was also recently arrested on Wednesday July 6, 2011 for a restraining order violation reported on Tuesday July 5, 2011 late at night. Officers searched the area for him but he could not be located. In the early morning hours of Wednesday July 6, 2011 approximately 4:37 a.m. a Milford Police Officer patrolling Country Club Lane observed another brush fire and the Milford Fire Department was called. They responded and extinguished the fire. An comprehensive search in the morning of Wednesday July 6, 2011 was conducted by Milford Police with the assistance from State Police and other local law enforcement agencies. The search included a State Police Helicopter and K9 units from State Police and Bellingham Police. Detectives tracked the suspect down in Franklin where he was apprehended by Franklin and Milford Police for violation of a restraining order. The suspect was transported to Milford Police Station and held overnight for arraignment in Milford District Court on Thursday July 7, 2011. ~ Contributed content


Sunset Jazz Series

Free Saturday Evening Jazz Concerts at the CAA Amphitheater
98 Hayden Rowe St    Hopkinton, MA  01748
(Rain date is following day. Updates will be listed here.)

Concerts Start at 7:00 pm

9-July: MetroWest Jazz Project

Thanks From Center for the Arts

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my gratitude to the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce, Bob McGuire and all the local business owners who participated in the Chambers’ “Golf for the Arts” Tournament June 23 at Shinning Rock Golf Club. It was a rainy afternoon but it did not damper anyone’s spirit! As president of the Hopkinton Center for the Arts, I am so grateful for the continued support from this community for our project. Along with the Hopkinton Community Endowment, the Cultural Arts Alliance, Enter Stage Left Theater and the generous supporters of this community I am confident that we can realize our dream of establishing an Art Center which will benefit the entire community in so many ways. The support from members of the business community is instrumental to our success. We want to thank all of the volunteers who helped make the event possible and all of the participants for their generous sponsorship. We look forward to seeing you all at the Center!



Kelly Grill


Hopkinton Center for the Arts

98 Hayden Rowe Street

Hopkinton, MA 01748

Phone: 508-435-2114

CORRECTION: Time is 10:00 am, not as previously stated.

CAA Life is a Circus Performance and Art Show July 8 - 10:00 am

HOPKINTON, MA (July 6, 2011) -- The Cultural Arts Alliance of Hopkinton will be winding up its Life is a Circus summer camp with a public performance and art show on July 8 at 10:00 a.m. at the Hopkinton Middle School. Children from preschool to sixth grade will be showing the results of their time in the 2 week-long Summer Arts Program, which this year featured an “adventures under the Big Top” theme. Admission is free!




Three-Way Surprise at One-Way

July 7, 2011 — The photographer, leaving the office after 14 hours of work, was surprised to see the Mercedes above coming out of the one-way street, Walcott Street, the wrong way at around 12:10 this morning. The driver waited for a westbound vehicle to go by before pulling out fully, which gave the photographer time to power up his video/still camera. It also gave the driver of the westbound vehicle, who was also surprised, time to slow down her cruiser safely, process the information, and ask the now-surprised driver to pull into a parking space for the routine questions; which was likely no surprise at all.

       The photographer did not stick around for the conclusion to the story, but with a previously good driving history and no incidents with the police, a driver in this situation could get a simple written warning, in the hopes that a lesson is learned and a repeat is unthinkable. If the driver does it again, that would be a real surprise.

Editor's Picks

Please enjoy favorite photos by Robert Falcione from the last three weeks. Choose each thumbnail to enlarge.


From the Governor:


Please be advised that Governor Patrick has ordered that the United States flag and the Commonwealth flag be lowered to half-staff at all state buildings from sunrise until sunset on Thursday, July 7, 2011, in honor Army Sgt. Matthew R. Gallagher of Falmouth, Massachusetts who was killed in action in Iraq on June 25, 2011.


This gubernatorial order applies to:


1.      The main or administration building of each public institution of the Commonwealth, e.g. town and city halls

2.      Other state-owned or state-controlled buildings

3.      All state military installations





ESL’s Seussical Workshops Begin July 11


HOPKINTON, MA (July 6, 2011) – Enter Stage Left Theater will be offering three Seussical Summer Workshops this summer. The first, Seussical Jr., is for ages 9 to 14 years and will take place Monday - Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., July 11 - 29, with performances on July 29 and 30. The second workshop, Seussical Chorus, is for ages 7 and 8 years and will take place Monday – Friday, from 12 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., July 18-29. The third workshop, Seussical Theater for Little Ones is for ages 4 – 6 years and one-week sessions will take place Monday – Friday, 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. on July 11-15 and July 25-29.

For pricing and registration please visit



The School Committee is committed to improving its communication with the Hopkinton community. As a starting point, the Committee is interested in making improvements to how it collects information from and shares information with the citizens of Hopkinton. As part of that process, residents are invited to complete a short survey to help the School Committee better understand the community’s preferred methods of communicating.

The survey will be available for completion through July 22, 2011 and may be accessed online via the following link:  Beginning on Monday, 6/27/11, the link will also be available on the school district website: Hard copies are available at the Hopkinton Public Library and the Hopkinton Senior Center.

The results from this anonymous survey will be used with other information to inform and develop a new communications plan for the School Committee.


CAA Life is a Circus Performance and Art Show July 8

HOPKINTON, MA (July 6, 2011) -- The Cultural Arts Alliance of Hopkinton will be winding up its Life is a Circus summer camp with a public performance and art show on July 8 at 10:00 a.m. at the Hopkinton Middle School. Children from preschool to sixth grade will be showing the results of their time in the 2 week-long Summer Arts Program, which this year featured an “adventures under the Big Top” theme. Admission is free!


July 5th

July 6, 2011 — If residents of Lake Maspenock were wondering on the 4th where some of the big sounds were coming from, these spent fireworks packages that appeared on July 5 speak volumes.

Udderly Silly

July 6, 2011 — These girls play "Chase the Cow" at the varsity field last night as part of the Hopkinton Parks & Recreation Kids Summer Track & Field Program.

Community Supported Agriculture

July 6, 2011 — Laura Davis and Donald Sutherland have begun to reach out to farms to gather support for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Hopkinton. Laura explains it in the video above, and offers ways to contact her. She will be at the Farmers' Market at Weston Nurseries on Fridays, noon-6:00 pm.




July 6, 2011 — The scene above at Amato's Farm today, although once a common one, is now a rare sight indeed. Peppercorn Hill is in the background, rolls of hay populate the  center of the photo, and a wagon wheel that has seen better days occupies the foreground. It harkens back to a New England youth full of the sound of tractors, steam shovels and chain saws, the smell of freshly cut hay, and the aroma of rich, overturned soil.

      It is a good time to remind the reader that double-clicking on any word on the front page of HopNews will open the definition in the Free Dictionary, and offer a sound file, too.

Unusual Sight

July 5, 2011 — This great blue heron on the north side of the West Main Street causeway was drying his wings in a rare sight this morning.


WOW, look at all the...

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts


Compiled  for by Robert Falcione © 2011 All Rights Reserved

New Transactions from June 28, 2011 to July 5, 2011



Price Date Seller
56 Lakeshore Drive David E Mason Jr $338,000 July 5, 2011 Ralph A Logan, Tracy K Logan
20 Grove Street Jason Mahon, Danielle Holtschag $324,500 July 1, 2011 Christine West, Adam West
6 Pheasant Hill Road Gregory J Perrelli, Maureen M Perrelli $562,000 July 1, 2011 Michael J Durkot, Anne Marie Durkot
4 Whitehall lane David A Ballas, Bridget M Ballas $354,000 July 1, 2011 Lawrence E McManus, Mary C McManus
2 Walcott Valley Drive Gayle M Thompson $175,000 July 1, 2011 Richard J King, Ann M King
110 Lumber Street Christian D Franklin, Kristen M Franklin $520,000 July 1, 2011 JC Builders, Inc
2 South Mill Street RLJ Parker LLC $215,000 July 1, 2011 Braim Farm LLC
10 Bridgeton Way Daniel P Lundy, Maureen K Lundy $1,075,000 June 30, 2011 Christopher J Cooney, Erin A Cooney
7 Turnbridge Lane 19C James A Godinho, Amy L Godinho $265,000 June 30, 2011 Erik Sperry, Jill Sperry
6 Pinecrest Village Unit 6 Minsoo Lee, Emily Callaghan $196,500 June 30, 2011 Thomas A Gilarde
6 Stoney Brook Road Monica A Best, Benjamin C Best $600,000 June 30, 2011 Danile Philip Lundy, Maureen Kathleen Lundy
71 Front Street Henry E Carroll, Lois S Carroll $757,000 June 29, 2011 RLJ Parker LLC
7 Wildlife Drive Sudheer Bonala $515,000 June 29, 2011 Roland A LaFerriere, Phyllis M LaFerriere
18 South Mill Street Wen Chen, Hestia Chen $225,000 June 29, 2011 Braim Farm LLC
23 Danile Shays Road Brian J Fischesser, Brian J Fischesser $650,000 June 28, 2011 Lam D Nguyen, Adrienne M Nguyen,
12 Maple Street Aimee K Fowler $184,000 June 28, 2011 Thomas Abbate
Last Week        
41 Connelly Hill Road Manuel J Sampedro, Cynthia Sampedro $1,050,-000 Jun 27, 2011 David K Kelley, Sarah P kelley
1 Wild Road Jason Freeman, Juliana O Freeman $499,900 Jun 24, 2011 Daniel Aho
9 Stewart Street Michael Nordling, Sharon P Nordling $561,500 Jun 24, 2011 Bruce P Ottomano, Julie L Ortomano
1 Weybridge Lane Unit 23 Kathleen A MacDonald $242,000 June 24, 2011 John B Hinkel Jr, Helen C West est.
4 Paul Revere Path Unit B#3 William J Fahey III $300,000 June 24, 2011 Stagecoach Heights Realty LLC
3 Canterbury Lane Undra Patrick, Monique D Saunders $815,000 June 24, 2011 Jeffrey A Lauro, Jeannine L Lauro
28 Greenwood Road Kenneth W. Locke, Eileen O Locke $745,000 June 23, 2011 David S Shaffer, Susan L Shaffer
54 North Mill Street Christopher J Nadeau, Tamara C Nadeau $940,000 June 23, 2011 Roger D Pelissier, Nancy S Peissier
8 Canterbury lane Stephen Furlong, Jodi Furlong $840,000 June 22, 2011 Wayne P McDonnell, Jeannone M McDonnell
218 Pond Street Jason R Luce, Mary Luce $588,300 June 22, 2011 Stephen Furlong, Jodi Furlong




 - July 5, 2011


12:39 pm A person walked in  to complain of dog feces on the Common...


3:40 pm Underage youths trying to procure alcohol from patrons of a West Main Street business...


8:58 pm Young suspects suspected in setting a fire on Ridge Road...


5:07 pm A caller complained of youths smoking and loitering on...


Photo: The driver of the truck in the photo, right, was taken into custody this afternoon for driving without a license.

Hopkinton Senior Center

July 14 9:30-2:30


Ashland, Southboro and Holliston Senior Centers have been invited to come for the day…chair volleyball, bocce, ping pong, pool, cards, board games, etc.


July 22 10-2


Seniors are invited to bring their grandchildren or other little buddies for games, crafts, cookout

Arrest Made In Wayland Homicide


WAYLAND– An 18 year old Wayland man has been arrested in connection with the homicide of Lauren Astley, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone and Wayland Police Chief Robert Irving informed the public today.

            Nathaniel Fujita, 18, of Wayland, was arrested early this morning on the charge of murder.  The death was previously determined to be suspicious and has now been declared a homicide.  The cause and manner of death remains under investigation and an autopsy will be conducted today by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (ME).

            Fujita is expected to be arraigned later this morning at Framingham District Court.            

Laura Astley, 18, of Wayland, was found yesterday morning in a marshy area off of Route 27 in Wayland by a bicyclist passing by.  The bicyclist immediately called 911 and Wayland Police and State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney's Office responded and observed a young female’s body, evidencing an obvious wound to the neck. 

Wayland Police and State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office are continuing to investigate the circumstances of the death. 




July 5, 2011 — The roving HopNews camera made it into the Oval at the Hatch Shell prior to last evening gala 4th of July celebration on the Esplanade. When the hour arrives, all the tents, lean-tos and umbrella holders fold up to allow a clean line of sight for everyone else.

More Horribles Parade Photos

July 4, 2011 — Enjoy more water, horses, and irreverence from this morning's Horribles Parade. Choose each thumbnail below to see it as a larger photo.


Hiking with the Crew

July 4, 2011 — Hopkinton’s Venture Crew set out for a challenging hike in New Hampshire’s Presidential Range last weekend in less than ideal weather; the Crew hiked across the shoulder of Mt Adams and to the peaks of Mt Jefferson and Mt Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast (6,288 ft). Venture Crew is sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America and is open to both young men and women between the ages of 14 to 20 years; the program focuses on youth development through challenging outdoor high adventure activities. Hopkinton’s Crew was chartered in 2004 and is sponsored locally by American Legion Post 202.


Monday’s weather was bright and clear after a long day hiking in rain and fog the day before; visibility at the peak of Mt. Washington that last morning was just over 100 miles. The crew is pictured here outside the AMC Lakes of the Clouds Hut 1,300 feet below the peak of Mt. Washington before they hiked to the summit.


In order to develop leadership skills, the trips are proposed, organized and carried out by the young people with the guidance of adult advisors. Other trips have included rock climbing, snow shoeing, dog sledding, white water rafting and mountain biking. Anybody interested in participating as a crew member or adult advisor should contact Randy Kramer (508)783-6359 or .



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