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Grand Marshals

July 4, 2011 — After years as the organizers, Lily and Len Holden got to be the Grand Marshals in this year's Horribles Parade.

Maspenock Boat Parade

July 3, 2011 — Dozens of boats took to the water on Lake Maspenock today, and spectators, perhaps hundreds, lined the shoreline along the route to cheer them on and enjoy the creativity that the boat owners displayed in decorating their boats. Unlike Lake Whitehall, which is a state reservation with a multiple boat launch and a far-reaching draw, Maspenock, also known as North Pond, is a more tightly knit neighborhood with a more difficult launching area that could discourage some people from putting their boats in.

       The boaters lined up today, most members of the Lake Maspenock Preservation Association, and circled the lake to the delight of their passengers and spectators.

Taps Vigil

July 3, 2011 — Veterans and others gathered on Sunday at 7:00 pm, as they do the first Sunday of every month, at the cemetery Downtown this time, to honor with a Taps Ceremony those service members who have lost their lives.

LMPA Boat Parade

July 3, 2011 — The Lake Maspenock Preservation Association  held its annual boat parade today with participants congregating in the vicinity of Sandy Island and proceeding to the Milford end before returning. They waved flags and showed their colors to those along the shore who were having their own parties, or who just just gathering to watch. Several dozen boats took part, and will be in the video that is being processed at this time, as well as a daring rope swing jump and a boat of bubbles.



Over the Line

July 3, 2011 — This commuter rail brushes by Hopkinton on its way from the Southborough T Station to the one in Westborough. The tracks above are adjacent to the Sudbury River, which marks the border of the Hopkinton town line. Mouse-over the image to see what a train, albeit a miniature one, looks like behind Weston Nurseries. The link to the MBTA route is always above, near the top of Page One MBTA.

Quiet on the Set!

July 3, 2011 — These young actors and crew filming a video at the doorway to the CAA building on Hayden Rowe Street are part of Enter Stage Left Theater's Film Camp.



Promotes Cautious Spending and Increased Efficiency


(BOSTON) – July 1, 2011 — When other states are shutting down and laying off thousands of employees, the Massachusetts Legislature today passed a $30.59 billion spending plan for fiscal year 2012 aimed at increasing government efficiency, cutting costs and shielding essential services. The budget reduces the state’s FY12 Stabilization Fund draw by $15 million and closes a $1.9 billion budget gap with funding reductions, ongoing revenue initiatives and one-time revenues.

     “I am happy the legislature was able to deliver a bi partisan, balanced, on-time budget that protects our most vulnerable citizens and delivers much needed education and local aid,” said Senator Karen Spilka (D-Ashland). “The budget gives our partners on the municipal more tools to meet the fiscal challenges we all face as our economy recovers.”

     The budget increases Chapter 70 funding by $140 million and the SPED Circuit Breaker funding by $80 million over their FY11 appropriations. $65 million in local aid will also be made available from unexpended fiscal year 2011 funds to offset the previously expected cuts.

     The spending plan also includes no new taxes while preserving services for some of the neediest and most vulnerable residents of the Commonwealth, including the elderly, the disabled, and those with mental health issues.

     “In the worst fiscal climate since before the second World War, the Massachusetts State Legislature has turned out a solid, mature and compassionate budget, which includes municipal health care reform, a 65% increase in the special education reimbursement, an increase in educational funding and serious help for our municipalities”, said Representative Chris Walsh (D-Framingham).  “Keeping in mind this was all done without raising taxes on the citizens who could ill afford to pay them; I’d have to say that I believe this to a balanced and fair budget that we can all work with.”

      Included in the budget was Spilka’s “Gift of Life” Act, which creates an individual income tax deduction for citizens of Massachusetts who donate an organ, while living, to another human being. This deduction of up to $10,000 is to cover expenses incurred from his or her organ donation which have not already been reimbursed. These include travel expenses, lodging expenses, and lost wages by the donor.

     “I am so happy that my act was included in the final budget proposal,” said Spilka. “It is vital to ensure that living donors do not incur financial loss for their altruistic organ donation. This legislation will also raise awareness for living organ donations, and help those in need of a transplant to receive an organ in a shorter period of time, and ultimately save lives and state money every year.”  ~ Contributed content


More Lemon

July 2, 2011 — From left, cousins Caleb Garcia, Shaheer Sutton and Pedro Luna saw the camera and came to a like-minded and simultaneous decision to pose as they are above at Hopkinton State Park today.

Out of Retirement

July 2, 2011 — Fruit Street farmer Joe Pratt, who will turn 92 this year according to his son Tom, tills the fields today behind his home. Mr. Pratt's voice, "Mr. Moderator!" was distinguishable at Hopkinton Town Meetings for decades.

Stopping for a Snack

July 2, 2011 — These geese families landed onshore to see if any of the humans were offering snacks today at the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam.

Sprucing Up

July 2, 2011 — The DPW made sure the Common was dressed up last week in time for the Horrible's Parade.




July 2, 2011 — This scale at the Pratt Farm on Fruit Street is of the mechanical type, old but not as old as the farm itself. It awaits customers at their honor-system farm stand.


Town Finance Director Gone


July 1, 2011 — In response to questions posed by HopNews, Town Manager Norman Khumalo and Director of Human Resources Maryrose DeGroot have declined to comment on the circumstances of the departure of Town of Hopkinton Chief Financial Officer, Heidi Kriger, each saying they cannot comment on personnel matters.

         Shortly after the May election, Assistant Town Clerk Deborah Holbrook resigned, complaining about the procedures that followed a tie vote for Library Trustee. That position has been posted on the town's website, but before the CFO position is posted, the Board of Selectmen must lift the hiring freeze to facilitate the filling of the position.

          When asked if there was a lawsuit surrounding Ms. Kriger's departure, Mr. Khumalo said, "Not that I know of."

          An email on official stationery from Mr. Khumalo to the press this afternoon follows:

Mmmm, Mmmm, Good!!

July 1, 2011 — Holly Kenny looks ecstatic sampling Julie Gross's zucchini bread the the Farmer's Market at Weston Nurseries today. Ms. Kenny offers Elsie Kay Glassworks at the market, which opens every Friday from Noon to 6:00 pm. In addition to traditional farmers' wares, some vendors offer crafts, Italian Ice and hot food.



July 1, 2011 — Eighteen month-old Parker Rivera naps on the shoulders of mom, Amanda, while shopping at Weston Nurseries today.


Ralph Leroy Sprague, 70

Hopkinton- Ralph Leroy Sprague, 70, passed away Sunday, June 12, 2011 at his home in Hopkinton. Born in Uxbridge, he was the son of the late Ernest Elgin Sprague and Ollie "Olive" Jane (Blankenship) Sprague and the step-son of the late Millicent (Stanley) (Jenks) Sprague.

Ralph moved to Hopkinton as a young man and worked as a painter until he retired. He enjoyed reading, fishing, horticulture and solitude.

He is survived by his sister, Charlotte M. Natyniak of N. Smithfield, RI, many nieces and nephews, his former wife Christina Poirier and her family, as well as many friends and neighbors. He is predeceased by his siblings, David, Hollis and Patricia Miller; his niece Dawn (Miller) Gurney and nephew, Darrell Miller.

All are welcome to attend a graveside service at Evergreen Cemetery in Hopkinton on Saturday, July 16th at 12:00p.m Arrangements are under the care of the Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton.



Prelude to the 4th

June 30, 2011 — Hopkinton State Park is gearing up for a full house on July 4th. The park is usually to capacity before and closed before noon on the Fourth of July every year and reopens later in the afternoon. The distances in the photo above are compressed from a lens the equivalent of a 500 mm; from the camera to the  background is more than 1,500 feet.


June 30, 2011 — It appears the Medway player is safe, both players showing great form, during this softball game at Carrigan Park today.

Fair Exchange

June 30, 2011 —  Timothy Kilduff, 26.2 Foundation Director, receives a gift from his Chinese guests on Wednesday evening during the reception in their honor at the Marathon Restaurant at North Pond.

Please join us for the Fifth Annual Lake

Maspenock 4th of July Boat Parade

(Sponsored by the Lake Maspenock Preservation Association)


We will start to line up in front of Sandy Beach at 1:45pm.

Washout Date: Monday, July 4th at 2pm

We will send out an e-mail by 11am

ALL boats are welcome – motor boats, kayaks, canoes, etc.

Dress yourselves, your kids and your boats in fitting regalia! (

Please renew your LMPA membership – your lake needs your support!

Email news, updates and photos to us at

Reception for Xiamen Visitors 

26.2 Foundation Fetes Chinese Delegation


June 30, 2011 — Last night the 26.2 Foundation, formerly known as the Hopkinton Athletic Association, held a meet and greet for visitors from Xiamen, China, who were in Hopkinton as a part of a cultural exchange initiative started by Timothy Kilduff, a public relations specialist who is responsible for bringing the Kyriakides statue to Weston Nurseries and the George V. Brown statue to the Hopkinton Common. Mr. Kilduff is also responsible for the initiative in making Hopkinton, Mass. and Marathon, Greece "sister cities."

      The reception with community leaders at the Marathon Restaurant at North Pond was a chance to further bond with the guests who had spent the day with civic, business and educational leaders.

      Hear the Town Manager, Principal Ilene Silver, work renown marathon champion Bill Rogers and others speak about the visit, and see some of the event, all in the HD video below.



Run With It

June 29, 2011 — A delegation from Xiamen, China poses with models of the full sized bronze sculpture by Michael Alfano, "The Starter," given to them by their Hopkinton hosts. Mr. Alfano, third from right, is joining world renown marathon winner Bill Rogers in giving the thumbs up sign. Two positions to Mr. Rogers' right is sports writer/broadcaster Thomas Burke, grandson of the subject of the sculpture on the Hopkinton Common, George V. Brown, who started the tradition of a Brown family member firing the starter's pistol.

     "His family [George V. Brown]," said 26.2 Foundation President Michael Neece, "at one time managed the Boston Celtics, the Boston Bruins, the Boston Garden and the Boston Arena. And he was born in Hopkinton."

     The Foundation held its own marathon of sorts today, leading the delegation from China to meet with the town's political leaders, as well as business and educational leaders.

      A HopNews HD video featuring community leaders speaking about the intercultural initiative, as well as a bit of the event, is being processed at this time and will be available in the morning.


Family  Store

June 29, 2011 — Anne Marie Smith made her purchase this evening after reading the back of the potato chip bag, with its guarantee signed by the President of Cumberland Farms, Ari Haseotes. She did not know until after the above photo was taken, that he was the man behind the counter she was sharing a laugh with. Mr. Haseotes can run 300 stores easily, he said, but likes to come in and work with the team a little on the ground level.

       Mr. Haseotes is the third generation of a family owned business begun 70 years ago. Under his watch, stores like the flagship Hopkinton store have modernized not only the physical plant, but the product line as well, with an array of fresh coffee, sandwiches and fruit salads, as well as the "Chill Zone," where 79¢ sodas are a magnet for young people.

       "He's the owner of ALL of them?" Ms. Smith asked, surprised.

       The answer is "yes."


Friends of Hopkinton Football Golf Outing 2011 

Fundraiser to support the Hiller Football Program

 Monday, August 8th 2011

8:00 AM-Shotgun Start

Shining Rock (Northbridge, MA)

$150 per player

      Includes: 18 holes of golf!


                  Gift bag!


                  Raffle prizes!


                  Mulligan Purchase! 

Checks should be made out to Hopkinton Athletics and mailed to: Kathy Farrell, 14 Jackson Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748   Attn: Hiller Football. Contact:  Coach Girard       email:   

Join us in a toast to celebrate Coach Hughes’ induction into the Massachusetts High School Football Coaches Hall of Fame (Inducted in April, 2011) 

 Registration forms can also be found on our team website as well:

Selectmen Reduce Water Rates by 2%

by Muriel Kramer

June 29, 2011 — The Board of Selectmen opened their meeting last night with a moment of silence in honor of Charles Zettek who died on June 17, 2011 at 89 years old; Mr. Zettek was a decorated WWII veteran and long time town volunteer. Mr. Zettek wrote the Town of Hopkinton’s first Master Plan, served on the ConCom, the Elmwood School Building Committee, the Planning Board and as Town Moderator for many years.

The Board held a Public Hearing to set the water and sewer rates for the upcoming year; they voted to leave the sewer rates the same, but reduced the water rates by 2% across all tiers. Rate Consultant Mark Abraham from the Abrahams Group presented detail that indicated that the Sewer Enterprise Fund was operating with a surplus for the first time in many years and had been stable for two years. The Water Enterprise is operating with a very healthy balance and currently has retained earnings of $1.1 million with an anticipated surplus this year as well. Enterprise Funds are intended by law to cover the costs of operating the department and to be funded exclusively by the users of the enterprise. Given that the Water Enterprise was in terrific shape, the Selectmen voted to return some money to the rate payers. Supporting his motion to decrease the water rates for the coming year, Selectman Brian Herr commented that there is excess cash, and “I believe firmly that cash be left with the taxpayer whenever possible.”

DPW Director John Westerling and Water/Sewer Department Head Eric Carty had hoped the Selectmen would consider leaving the rates level, as there are several big projects looming for the future including developing a two pressure zone to address the pressure issues faced by some users, replacing water pipes in the center of town that date back to the 1800’s and making necessary changes to water treatment as new requirements are adopted. Additionally, the Department was hoping to formally address developing a capital reserve, maintaining an operating reserve and establishing a sewer abatement reserve. The Selectmen addressed setting the rates and left the discussion of formally adopting reserves for a future meeting.

Tom Nealon reported to the Selectmen on the status of the Downtown Initiative Steering Committee currently working with the Beta Group to address the downtown area along Main Street from Ash Street to Wood Street. As a group they are addressing traffic issues now and projected for the future, parking, public safety and more. Over the next several weeks the group will be seeking input from residents to help shape the work of the group. Selectman Herr clarified, “Our plan is to change the streetscape in downtown Hopkinton.” He encouraged interested residents to participate sooner rather than later; “Now is the time to engage the plan. The plan is to change the look and traffic flow of downtown Hopkinton; if that energizes you in any way, now is the time to get involved.”

A brief flare of controversy presented itself in the form of the draft agreement between the Town and Demons Youth Hockey; the Demons organization is hoping to put a hockey rink on property that has been set aside for recreational uses by Legacy Farms in East Hopkinton. No tax dollars are to be spent in that endeavor. Intending that the document largely cover administrative concerns and allow the Town Manager to manage the project ensuring no cost to the taxpayer, the Town Manager acknowledged that Parks and Recreation had been left out of the agreement with the Demons organization. Ken Driscoll, Chairman of Parks and Rec, pointedly objected to being left out and asserted that his Board had voted not to support the draft document. Mr. Khumalo attempted to clarify that the document was meant only to address administrative issues and is “not intended to take away from Parks and Recreation’s role in championing this project.” In the end, all parties agreed in principle that Parks and Recreation is intended to be very involved in the project and development of the larger recreational area onsite. Mr. Khumalo and Ken Driscoll will meet tomorrow to rework the draft document clarifying Parks and Rec’s role in the project.

In other news, the Town Manager announced that the Town has received matching funds of $50,000 from the MA Historical Commission’s Round 17 MA Preservation Projects Fund to be used towards the restoration of Town Hall. Additionally Selectman Michelle Gates encouraged all to come out and enjoy the summer concerts on the Common Sunday nights beginning July 10th.

Chinese Delegation to Visit Hopkinton

26.2 Foundation, Inc. new name for former Hopkinton Athletic Association


June 28, 2011 — Building on an incentive begun last year, the 26.2 Foundation, formerly called the Hopkinton Athletic Association, has invited construction, government and sports representatives from Xiamen, China to continue to build a network of relationships in "government, business, and education," according to Timothy Kilduff, a Director of the organization.

      The delegation will meet with government, business and school officials on Wednesday, June 29, and visit the statue of 1946 Boston Marathon winner Stylianos Kyriakides at Weston Nurseries, with his son, Dimitri Kyriakides (File photo, left), a resident of China, who is also a Director of the 26.2 Foundation. 

      The day will conclude with a dinner at Marathon Restaurant at North Pond, where they will meet United States Congressman Mr. James McGovern, State Representative Mrs. Carolyn Dykema, and world renown Boston Marathon winner, Bill Rogers (File photo, right).

One is the Loneliest Number

June 28, 2011 — If all goes as planned, the belted kingfisher above will be joined by hundreds of human neighbors when the planned complex by Wood Partners at Legacy Farms is complete.

Time of the Season

June 28, 2011 — Just down from the Lake Whitehall Dam Gatehouse today, this great blue heron sought peace, solitude and fish.



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