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Tamara Mills (#6) achieved her 106th career goal at the game against Martha's Vineyard.


Demolition of Hitchings Hardware


HopNews HD video, below,  is sped up double-speed to get the viewer through it in half the time


Premiere Event

May 14, 2011 — The Hopkinton Historical Society held their first event, a meeting and potluck dinner, in their new digs on Hayden Rowe Street, the former Grange Building. Members brought food, drink and dessert and shared stories about each others' specialized historical studies.

Bright, Sunny Day

May 14, 2011 — The Dyer and Kelly families enjoyed an early picnic lunch on the Veterans Memorial Gazebo Friday morning.

Done Deal

May 14, 2011 — Director of Planning Elaine Lazarus and Legacy Farms Project Manager Steven Zieff look on as Planning Board Chairman Joe Markey, in his last official act, puts the ink to the Board's Decision to approve plans for the 240 apartment units that Wood Partners hopes to break ground for in the fall. Mr. Zieff said a Southborough group is close to an agreement with Legacy Farms for an additional 270 units of mixed housing on the southern parcel. 


WWII POW Camps in Mass

May 14, 2011 — Library Director Rownak Hussain is greeted by the bus driver/tour guide of a rolling exhibit of the history of WWII POW camps in Massachusetts. Friday's visit was sponsored by the library and the Hopkinton Historical Society.


With a Little Help From a Friend

May 13, 2011 — Robin Batchelder gets some help hanging a new banner over the entrance to her studio at 34 Main Street, above Action Copy.

Front Row Seat

May 13, 2011 — Yanni Vrahliotis, son of Hiller Cleaners owner George, enjoys a seat on the motorcycle of Officer Thomas Griffin during the demolition of Hitchings Hardware to make room for a new Hiller's Cleaners at 63 Main Street today.

Happy Friday the 13th

May 13, 2011 — Enjoy this reprise of a photo of Dierdre, a Hopkinton witch who posed at Hopkinton State Park for one of her holidays in 2005.

School Committee Ponders School Choice

Teacher's assistant, stuck in elevator with 2 kids for an hour, receives award

Last night’s School Committee Meeting opened with a hearing on School Choice. Chair Rebecca Robak explained that saying yes to School Choice would allow students not from Hopkinton to attend school in Hopkinton, staying through graduation. Their home districts would pay tuition to Hopkinton. Students from Hopkinton may choose to go to school in other school districts that accept School Choice students whether or not Hopkinton chooses to accept School Choice students, Mrs. Robak explained.


One resident questioned the school district’s decision, this year, to accept tuition-based children in the special education department. Her eighth-grade daughter, she said, had been “severely impacted” by this decision. She did not provide any further specifics.


Another resident also came to the mike to speak. She expressed her appreciation that Hopkinton has not said yes to School Choice in the past, given the space constraints in the schools. She also noted that Hopkinton students are leaving the district to attend other schools. Since 2006, she said, more and more students are choosing to attend out of district, at both School Choice and charter schools. “Some people are thinking that something is lacking at the middle school,” she said, noting that it was a long way to drive to Marlboro, where many students are attending the math and science charter school.

The public hearing closed after the two statements, as no other residents wished to speak. The Committee will make their decision on School Choice at a future meeting.

Center School teaching assistant Sarah Ivanoski, a Hopkinton graduate, received a civilian award for distinguished service. Ms. Ivanoski was stuck in the elevator at Center with 2 kindergarten students. “The entire faculty was in awe of how you conducted yourself with grace,” praised Center School principal Jen Parson.


School Committee member Nancy Burdick said that Fire Chief Ken Clark was impressed, and issued the civilian award.

“This was no 5 minute stall, they were in there for more than a half hour,” said Director of Finance Ralph Dumas.

Ms. Ivanoski confirmed that she spent about an hour in the elevator with the students.


Superintendent Dr. Jack Phelan did not attend the meeting, so Assistant Superintendent Dr. Mary Colombo gave the strategic plan update. Many priority initiatives of the strategic plan have been met, Dr. Colombo said, including evaluating the entire Middle and High School Programs of Study. High School math and science requirements have been strengthened, raising graduation requirements to 4 and 3 years, respectively.


For want of funds, however, the Middle School was unable to move towards the stated district goal of increasing foreign language offerings. Principal Alan Keller had asked for 3 foreign language teachers and the requisite textbooks to bring foreign language to the 6th grade, but it was not possible due to budget constraints.


Dr. Colombo said that Hopkinton compares very favorably with other TEC districts with regards to class sizes. TEC stands for The Education Cooperative, a regional partnership among 16 MetroWest school districts in which Hopkinton participates.


International student tuitions brought in $98,600 this year. Nine F-1 visa students, 6 from China, 1 from Germany, and 2 from Italy, have been living and attending school in Hopkinton. By Friday, said Dr. Colombo, the district will have accepted 13 students for next year, at a tuition rate of $12,500 for the school year. The goal continues to be 15 international students.



Downtown Initiative Group

May 12, 2011 — The Downtown Initiative Steering Committee met last night and reviewed suggestions by engineers from the Beta Group to improve traffic and pedestrian safety in the Downtown.

         The proposals include the loss of about a dozen parking spaces, bump-outs with additional crosswalks, traffic lights at Main and Hayden Rowe — as well Pleasant Street and Main — and a narrowing of Main Street in some areas to calm the speed of traffic.

           The group also discussed the possibility of closing the entrance to the rear of Bill's to vehicular traffic and making the exit a two-way so that the crosswalk at Church Street is made safer. and making Marathon Way a one-way.


From Golden Pond?

May 12, 2011 — The original hatchlings in the Canada geese family HopNews has been following showed 6 goslings in one group, and another one in the nest. The family of geese left one day after their hatching and has not been seen since, unless the ones above at Lake Whitehall are in fact the missing family, or what is left of it after a several day trek across water and land. They appear to be the right stage of growth to be our missing young.

Look Through Any Window

May 12, 2011 — This framed scene is in Woodville. Any ideas on the location? Please discuss in Town Talk.

On Track for $10,000 Donation for Cystic Fibrosis

May 12, 2011 — The Learning Center of Hopkinton (TLC) is on their way to collecting $5,000 in contributions to benefit the search for a cure for cystic fibrosis, and the way they proceed is by walking around their island at the wood street location for 50 laps a day. The inspiration for their Team Zach Attack is Zach Scheib, ten year-old cousin of TLC owner Trish Miller.


May 12, 2011 — Hopkinton Police Sgt. Scott van Raalten and Officer Aaron O'Neil pose at the Police Unity Tour vehicle.

        They are bicycling from NJ to the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, DC. and raising money for families of fallen Police officers, the maintenance of the Memorial and the building of the American Police Museum. $1.5 million was raised by 1400 Police Officers nationwide and $3500.- by Aaron & Scott together.

Golden Goslings Gone

May 12, 2011 — Missing since May 4, 2011, this group of golden goslings that hatched on May 3 is part of a family that left their nesting area the next day, apparently for greener grass. This behavior is common, according to other sources on the web, for Canada geese. Following their departure last year, another group of goslings and parents appeared to show up at the Hopkinton Reservoir where they joined a larger group.

Lights, Camera, Makeup!

May 12, 2011 — This alpaca, at an undisclosed Woodville location, enjoys the camera lanes, and it likes him.




14th Annual 2010 Fishing Derby

• Saturday May 14 Rain or shine •

  • 9am – 12 noon •

 Hopkinton Sportsman’s Club, 95 Lumber Street

• Free to all children  • Free T-Shirt to first all children who register

 • Pre-registration can be made by calling the station (508)497-3401

 • Pond will be stocked with trout • Some bait will be provided

 • Prizes will be awarded throughout the day with a trophy presentation shortly after 12 noon.

FREE FOOD FOR ALL! Hot dogs, hamburgers, donuts, coffee, soda, water, juice, chips & snacks.


Any questions call Officer Phil Powers –For donations, Send to:

Hopkinton Police Association

Attn: Officer Phil Powers

74 Main Street

Hopkinton, MA 01748

This event cannot be successful without some assistance from our residents and businesses. To help offset the cost of this fun-filled day, we are asking for contributions. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


Nectar, Nectar Everywhere

May 11, 2011 — This Baltimore oriole spent quite a bit of time singing delightful songs in between taking sips of nectar, from one apple blossom to another, in front of the Adelman's home on Winter Street today.

Time of the Season

May 11, 2011 — These springtime tulips, located at the entrance to the Slit Rock Pavilion are part of the well kept greenery at Hopkinton State Park.

Bad, Bad, Mamas

May 11, 2011 — From left, Jenn Green, Kathleen Dustin and Ashley McNamara are the Bad, Bad, Mamas this evening as the Hopkinton Moms' Club assembled groups of mothers for a tri-town scavenger hunt that will conclude later this evening with a social. Their goal was to take photos of their finds after deciphering about 30 clues, said the group.


Lake Whitehall Spring Clean-up sponsored by the Friends of Whitehall

Please join us on Sat. May 21st at 9 am at the boat ramp parking lot on Rte.135 in Woodville. The clean-up usually lasts until noon. We provide gloves, trash bags, water and snacks. You will choose a section of trail or shoreline to work on. Boats and kayaks are more that welcome to join us. Please help us keep this beautiful area clean.


Senior Moments

Rummage Sale

Senior Center

May 19, 2011

8:00 am

Nancy L. Drawe



May 11, 2011 — It’s almost time, people!   The volunteers have been working for days and hours on end to get the rooms ready for the huge, gigantic Rummage Sale at the Hopkinton Senior Center.   Everyone will be working until the last second when the doors open for the first day on Thursday, May 19 at 8 am.  Then they’ll still be working while checking out all your great bargain purchases!   You won’t believe how much one Great Room can hold—you’ll have to come up and see for yourselves.  The kids are going to go crazy with all the toys in the Toy Room; it’s almost like Christmas in there.    You can’t beat the prices that are marked!  Wait until you see the library—it’s filled with tons and tons of awesome books, videos, jigsaw puzzles, etc.  Everything in there is categorized to make shopping easy for you.  Each room has it’s own specialty—too many things to list, so you’ll just have to come up to the center and see for yourself. 


Can you believe that this is the fifth year for the sale at the senior center? It is sponsored by the Friends of the Seniors and it’s one of their largest fundraisers for the Senior Center.  The money raised helps support the Transportation and Nutrition programs since these are not funded by the Town.    Don’t forget to mark your calendars so you can come and find that perfect item you may have been looking for. There’ll be something for everyone, so, bring your friends, browse around and you’ll be certain to find that one great bargain that you just can’t pass up.  There’ll be all kinds of treasures to look through, including children and adult sizes clothing, white elephant items, craft supplies, videos, children’s toys and games, kitchen items, small electrical appliances and books, as well as small furniture items.  I’m sure this will be a very successful sale once again!  The times again are:  Thursday, May 19 and Friday May 20 from 8 am til 6 pm and Saturday, 8 am – 12 noon.  Saturday is Bag Day—fill up a bag with anything that fits for one price!   Hope to see you there!  Let’s make this yet another great fundraiser for the center!  


Don’t forget to vote at the Town Election on  Monday, May 16 at the Middle School.  Polls open at 7 am and close at 8 pm.  That’s it for now, so if you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me:  Until next time, have a great week! 

In With the New

May 10, 2011 — Tom Pratt tills a few acres this afternoon on the family farm on Fruit Street today; and an older tractor sits idle in the foreground, neglected by the lawn cutter.



May 10, 2011 — This bird, a resident of Hopkinton Reservoir, as well as more than a dozen others in its group, flitted around the Reservoir Dam this afternoon, zig-zagging from insect to insect helping to control the pest population there, as do bats when the season is right.



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