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Daniel Christopher DeMore, 22


Daniel Christopher DeMore, 22, Daniel Christopher DeMore, 22, of Hopkinton, passed away Friday, February 25, 2011. Born in Concord, MA. on December 4, 1988, he was the son of Andrew and Elizabeth DeMore of Hopkinton.

Dan graduated from Hopkinton High School in 2007 and attended UMass Amherst to pursue a dual degree in pre-med and pre-law with an interest in psychology. He worked at MIT for a few years. At an early age, he loved to draw and was fascinated by dinosaurs. He saved wounded birds from the street and a baby turtle from a soccer field. He loved spending time at Sebago Lake in Maine, The Cape with friends and the St. Lawrence River inNew York with the Sweetapple family.

Besides his parents, Dan is survived by his four younger siblings, Andrea, Tony, Nicole and Rachel; his great-grandmother, Florence DeMore of Belmont, MA; his grandparents, Andy and Grace DeMore of Stow, MA, Gene and Helen Rhoades of Grafton, MA; his aunts and uncles, Chris and Kristin Joseph of Upton, MA, Bill and Gretchen DeMore of Framingham, MA, Jerry and Stefanie Marsh of Dover, NH, Bill and Laura Rhoades of New Hartford, NY. He also leaves behind nine cousins, Michael, Grace and Matthew Joseph, Mia and Lauren DeMore, Alexis and Zachary Marsh, Emily and Calvin Rhoades; his girlfriend and true love, Halley Sweetapple, and many, many friends who loved him. Dan was the great-grandson of the late Frank DeMore of Belmont, Anthony and Josephine Serra of Belmont, MA, Luther and Mary Rhoades of Tipp City, OH, and Everett and Faith Shively of Bradford, OH.

Family and friends are invited to St. John's Church in Hopkinton on Friday, March 4, 2011 from 3:00 - 8:00 p.m. for visitation. Dan's funeral service will be held at St. John's Church on Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. Burial will follow in Stow. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Hopkinton Middle School Gift Account to be used for student leadership development, payable to Hopkinton Public Schools, Attn: Students Leadership Development, c/o Hopkinton Middle School, 88 Hayden Rowe St., Hopkinton MA 01748. Arrangements are under the care of the
Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton.


"Opportunity is Knocking" - Support for the New School



Hopkinton has to make a choice regarding the proposed elementary school and shift to neighborhood schools.  It’s a subject of great debate in town prompting excellent dialogue regarding how we move forward educationally.  At the height of this debate is the subject of neighborhood schools, parity, expenses and dispute over the feasibility study.  These are certainly excellent topics to discern and dissect; however, absent from the core of this discussion are our children, the students themselves. What is in their best interest, not just short term but long term?


Because Hopkinton has been “doing fine” shouldn’t be the impetus to close the doors on proposed educational opportunities if it potentially cultivates a better landscape for the future.  I’d like to see the discussion return to what is in our children’s best educational interest, long term.  How can we provide them the best advantage so they are well prepared to be successful both emotionally and academically by the time they reach middle school?  We need to keep the doors open to the possibilities.


A substantial body of new research demonstrates that smaller schools with broader grade spans (K-5 neighborhood schools) provide a stronger educational platform for success.  The emotional and academic benefits of fewer transitions are indisputable.  There isn’t a study demonstrating that what we currently have in place is superior over what is being proposed.


Additionally, I look to the Strategic Plan’s Steering Committee laden with Hopkinton Principals and staff/teachers supporting its effort.  I look to the HESBC Member listing and see the same.  The Center School Forums have the support of our educational leaders.  What is being proposed is in a student’s best interest long term.  And, getting there is exceedingly opportunistic given the current relationship we have cultivated with MSBA, which cannot be undermined.


I personally respect both points of view because it only leads to better solutions.  I am also mindful that accepting the proposal means change evoking many real and heartfelt emotions.  However, I feel we are progressively getting off track in our discussions, missing the forest for the trees.


Hopkinton is who we are because of our great history, people and families residing here.  We extend ourselves beyond our schools because we are incredibly active within our community through places of worship, scouting, after school activities, philanthropy, the arts, town sports and summer programs.  Our values, sense of community and appreciation for one another are what sustain us. This goes beyond our schools because it’s at the core of our community.


I hope we strive to respectfully honor both points of view ensuring the focus of this discussion be the students, creating the best educational opportunities for their academic and emotional success, long term


If this truly remains the focus of our discussions, Hopkinton will yield the best solution for every student because we all value a strong educational system that will continue to strengthen and sustain our vibrant community. 

The opportunity is present and knocking...


Selina Paolucci

53 Greenwood Road

March 1, 2011

Planning Board Hat Trick

• Zoning change gets green light

• Quarry permit approved

• New Hiller's Cleaners approved

February 28, 2011 — This evening, the Planning Board approved the endorsement of a plan to alter zoning in the Downtown to facilitate the expansion of the Hopkinton Public Library, which will occur if it gets public and private funding, as well as grant approval. The board voted to put the zoning change proposals on the warrant and recommend their passage at the May Town Meeting.

     Minutes after the Library proponents left the room, representatives of the former Fletcher Quarry site (Above) on Lumber Street, Granites of America, walked in, sat down and in the first few minutes of their pitch for a new permit said that if the Library ever wanted to expand, they would need the granite from their quarry.

      After the laughter died down and the board informed them of the irony, CFO Annemarie Ramos (Photo) explained that many of the building in the Downtown were constructed with the "Milford Pink" granite from the Hopkinton site.

     However, the greatest use of the granite, said Mrs. Ramos, would be in the renovations to take place at the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall.

     After hearing that the Director of Municipal Inspections had given his blessing, and after assuring abutter Joe Marquedant that a piece of equipment would be screened, as well as getting satisfactory answers from an engineer on their behalf, the board approved a new earth removal permit for the quarry. The owners said they are anxious to get started.

     Hiller's Cleaners owner George Vrahliotios, after having satisfied questions from the board and his attorney Doug Resnick agreeing to conditions, received a unanimous approval for his Major Site Plan Review. He said he would like to begin construction as soon as possible, using the same company that put together Bill's Pizza.    


Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled  for by Robert Falcione © 2011 All Rights Reserved

New Transactions from February 21, 2011 to February 28, 2011



Price Date Seller
12 Stoneybrook Road Michael T Gibbs, Marilyn W Gibbs $675,000 February 28, 2011 Steven Medina, Kelly A Medina
15 Connelly Hill Road Gregory S Sward, Amanda EW Sward $974,900 February 28, 2011 Connelly LLC
144 Spring Street Brandon M Peoples $260,000 February 17, 2011 T Wilson Properties LLC
Last Week        
240 Spring Street Brandon M Peoples $260,000 February 17, 2011 T Wilson Properties LLC
198-224 South Street Brandt Properties Co $1,200,000 February 16, 2011 Joseph E DiCarlo, Judy J DiCarlo
Week Before Last        
32 Nazneen Circle Lot 4 Iffat Ahmed, Syed T Ahmed $195,200 February 8, 2011

Ahmed Mirajuddin TR,

Peppercorn Village Realty Trust, Peppercorn Condominium




February 28, 2011


2:35 pm Officers Stephen Buckley and Thomas Griffin responded to the allegation of a Hopedale woman visiting the neighborhood that a Downey Street man photographed her vehicle, sideswiped her vehicle intentionally...


8:11 am The operator of a vehicle and a passenger were reported by another operator in front of them to be smoking from a "bong device"...


11:32 pm Caller reported intoxicated person left Cross Street...


11:23 am A Front Street caller reported 2 males carrying rifles...

A Debt to Next Generation

To the Editor:

The proposed new Fruit Street elementary school is an emotionally charged topic and it is understandable that people are passionate about it. When we moved to Hopkinton it was in large part because the town believed in and supported education - Hopkins was new and the High School was about to open. Ten years later the town has a new need – to replace Center School. Center School has many physical and structural limitations that inhibit teaching and learning. The MSBA will pay 43% of the proposed Fruit Street school’s cost, thus making it the most cost-effective solution. According to six different elected Hopkinton School Committees, our Administrators and various committees, it is also the best educational model for our students.


We understand that the change to neighborhood K-5 schools makes some residents anxious and in our hearts we do not want Hopkinton to district our elementary schools. But times have changed – graduating classes have grown to almost 300, not the small groups of 80 they once were.


We are not educators. We cannot speak from professional experience on the pros and cons of neighborhood schools in a town like ours. However, Dr. Phelan recently said something that really struck a chord with us - to paraphrase; he said that since he’s been in Hopkinton decisions such as these have been made based on what we had the ability and capacity to do. This is an opportunity to make a decision based on what we believe is the best educational model.


We need to take advantage of the opportunity we have:

  • to give our children a smaller environment in which to forge friendships and gain confidence during those formative elementary school years

  • to give families time to get to know and be vested in their elementary school

  • to make scheduling logistics easier for families with multiple children

  • to shorten bus routes for everyone, start secondary schools later and save money by eliminating a bus run

  • to create the best educational model for our children

Parity is a legitimate concern but we have to solve one problem at a time. Resolve the problem with our neediest school first and then allocate funds to bring the other elementary schools up to comparable standards. It is up to the town to support each step of this process. For those of us who are concerned with our property values, continuing to invest in our future – our children and their education - is an excellent way to secure those property values.


We are amazed and grateful for the quality of education students receive at Center School, despite the physical hardships. We can only imagine how great things will be with a new building that eliminates those hardships. As adults, we owe our success to previous generations who believed in and invested in education. As a community we owe the same to the next generation.


Beth and Mark D’Alleva

43 Blueberry Lane

February 28, 2011




Daniel Christopher DeMore, 22


Daniel Christopher DeMore, 22, of Hopkinton, passed away Friday, February 25, 2011. Born in Concord, MA. he was the son of Andrew and Elizabeth DeMore. Arrangements, entrusted to Chesmore Funeral Home, are incomplete at this time.

I See You See Me

February 27, 2011 — The photographer got a taste of his own medicine this weekend, when after enlarging the zoomed shot at the southern end of Lake Whitehall, he discovered someone was looking at him, too.  The young men appear to have a homemade sled and are chipping a hole to measure ice depth.


Drilling for Fish

February 27, 2011 — This fisherman is well prepared at the northern end of Lake Whitehall today as he drills his holes with a power auger, and a long lens compresses the background shore from about a mile away.





The School Committee is conducting a public information forum to provide information regarding the Elementary School Building Project and longer grade span elementary schools.

The public is invited to come to ask questions and offer comments.

Monday, March 7, 2011

6:00 pm: Tours of Center School Available

7:00 pm: Public Information Forum regarding Districting and Building Project

Center School Cafeteria

Snow Date: March 16, 2011, 6:00 pm, Center School Cafeteria



Hopkinton 3, Westborough 0

Hopkinton Seniors celebrated after their final game of the season with a shut out against Westborough 3-0. Seniors:  Andrew Surman,  Joe Fujiyoshi, Brian Aggerbeck, David Ramsey, JT Riga, and Andrew Preite. Contributed photo.

It's the Lake

February 26, 2011 — An observer might ask "why" and the answer would be, "It's the Lake." Lake Maspenock, that is!

Plush, Plump Predator

February 26, 2011 — It's the lake.

On the Road Again

February 26, 2011 — Dustin Neece poses with his Dad, Michael and his painting "Honoring the Spirit" at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, Virginia.

Alice L. Cook

ROCHESTER, NH -  Alice L. Cook passed away peacefully at her home in Cocheco River Estates on February 4, 2011, with Alan, her loving husband and soul mate of 34 years by her side. Born in 1928, Alice learned self dependence at an early age, losing her mother to cancer when she was 12 years old, and her father and older brother 10 years later. A native of the Newton/Belmont section of MA, she  had a rich and varied career which included a clerk's position in a drugstore, a secretary, a sales girl, and a member of the Newton Police Department.   Alice retired 20 years ago as an answering service supervisor in Brookline, MA and moved to Dover, NH, her beloved husband’s birthplace.
In addition to her husband, she is survived by her daughter Kathleen Penney and her husband Richard of Hopkinton, MA, her granddaughters Michelle St.Angelo and Julie Gilson, and her extended family of Lee Cook, Marcia Tarr, and Sharon
Smith, all of MA, and Richard Cook of CA.  Alice and Alan’s family include 11 grandchildren and five great grandchildren. She is predeceased by her precious grandson  Richard J. Penney III.
The family wishes to acknowledge and gratefully thank the loving and caring attention given her by the Seacoast Cancer Center in Dover, NH, especially the staff  and most notably her nurses Carlene and April of Seacoast Hospice.
Family and friends are kindly invited to join together in a celebration of her life at a memorial service on Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. at The First Congregational Church Chapel in Hopkinton, MA.  Arrangements are by the Callanan Cronin Funeral Home, 34 Church Street, Hopkinton, MA (

Alice was a friend and supporter of the Cocheco Valley Humane Society 262 County Farm Road, Dover, NH 03829. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that contributions be made in her memory to that organization.


Massachusetts State Police, FBI, Brockton Officers Seize Assault Rifle from Suspect


In Separate Case, Troopers Seize Loaded Large-Caliber Handgun in New Bedford


February 25, 2011 — Members of the Massachusetts State Police Gang Unit, an FBI agent and Brockton Police detectives last night arrested a marijuana dealer and seized an AK-style assault rifle with a round in its chamber and nine more rounds in its magazine. Police also seized hundreds of rifle bullets, several bags of marijuana, drug distribution paraphernalia and several hundred dollars.


The arrest and seizure followed execution of a search warrant just before 6 p.m. Thursday at 33 Custer St. in Brockton. The target, HAROLD V. WATSON, 21, was charged with possession of a large capacity firearm; possession of a large capacity feeding device; possession of ammunition; possession of a firearm without an FID card; and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.


In a separate case, this morning the State Police Gang Unit and the State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section recovered a loaded large-caliber handgun from a man in New Bedford.


Last night’s arrest was the result of an investigation into a street-level drug dealer. When troopers went to the 33 Custer St. residence, a 12-year-old boy – a relative of the target – answered the door. Police entered the house and determined that WATSON was upstairs. State Police Gang Unit Trooper Erik Telford then observed WATSON at the top of the stairs leading to the second floor. Trooper Telford announced himself as a police officer and ordered WATSON to the ground. Instead, WATSON ran down a hallway with troopers, the agent and detectives behind him. Gang Unit Trooper Frank Walls kicked open a closed door and found WATSON standing beside a cushioned chair that was next to his bed.


Trooper Walls looked under the chair and found an assault rifle loaded with a banana clip magazine. The gun had a 7.62 mm round in its chamber and nine 7.62 mm rounds in the magazine. Police also found on the floor of the closet a green metal ammo case containing 345 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition. On a shelf, inside a zip lock bag, were three clear bags of a substance believed to be marijuana, while two large zip lock bags containing suspected marijuana were found in the closet and a small plastic bag of marijuana was in a backpack. Troopers also found $550 cash – most of it denominations of hundreds and twenties, a digital scale, and other items used in the distribution of narcotics. Police also seized the suspect’s Apple iphone.


 The approximately preliminary weight of all the suspected marijuana seized from WATSON was 513 grams – well over a pound.


Following his arrest, WATSON told the troopers, agent and officers that when he ran into the bedroom he was going for the gun because he initially thought he was being robbed. He said decided not to retrieve the gun because he realized he was being chased by police, not robbers. WATSON told troopers he bought the assault rifle for $1,000 last year from an unidentified person. He bought it for protection, he said, after he was robbed of marijuana by two masked men who were wielding an AK-47. He said he did not report the robbery because he did not want to alert police to his drug dealing.


WATSON was held without bail at the Brockton Police Department overnight and was expected to be arraigned today in the Brockton District Court.


In the other case, at 8 a.m. today Massachusetts State Troopers assigned to the Gang Unit and the Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section went to a residence at 438 Bolton St., New Bedford looking for the subject of an outstanding warrant. They did not find that target, but found his brother, BRANDON MEDEIROS, 25, and a second man, PATRICK ALVES, 20, who was lying on a futon under a sheet.


Troopers observed ALVES, under the sheet, moving around and refusing to show his hands. Troopers removed the sheet and saw a .45 caliber handgun on the futon. Inspection of the gun revealed that it had an obliterated serial number and seven rounds in its magazine. A subsequent sweep of the apartment revealed a box of .380 caliber ammunition on the floor of MEDEIROS’s bedroom.


The gun and ammunition were seized and both men were arrested and transported to the State Police Barracks in Dartmouth for booking on weapons charges. ALVES is charged with a second offense for unlawful possession of a firearm. The men are expected to be arraigned in New Bedford District Court.


Electronic and Appliance recycle day

March 12th  9 a.m to 2 p.m.

United Methodist Church, 61 Wood Street

All are welcome to Electronic and Appliance recycle day to be held at the  parking lot of Grace United Methodist Church, 61 Wood Street, Hopkinton, MA  on Sat. March 12th from 9 a.m to 2 p.m. Accepting all electronics to include but not limited to monitors, TV's, computers, printers, fax machines and copy machines for recycling as well as any appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, ac units, dehumifiers, etc. In addition we will be accepting snow blowers, lawn mowers with gas removed, exercise equipment. This is a fund raiser for the Grace United Methodist Church with low fees of $5 each monitor or computer, $10 any appliance or small TV and $15 each TV over 20". Any cell phones, car and truck batteries, bikes are free. Any questions


William Tetlow Withdraws Zoning Change Petition

February 24, 2011 — Hopkinton landowner William Tetlow, looking to expand his plaza at 25 Hayward Street, which currently includes Dunkin' Donuts, Marathon Restaurant, and a vacant Milford Federal Bank, brought a citizen's petition to rezone an adjacent group of lots from lakefront to rural business to the Zoning Advisory Committee last month. ZAC voted against recommending the change, a step, had it passed, could have brought Planning Board approval at Town Meeting in May. Nearby lake residents, mostly members of the Lake Maspenock Preservation Association, appeared at that meeting to stand against the proposal, as they had in 2008. The measure would have needed a 2/3 majority to pass. The vote at the 2008 Town Meeting failed to pass.

       Mr. Tetlow withdrew the petition article today in a letter personally delivered by him to Town Hall today. (File photo).


Location, Location, Location

No one was able to identify the locations of each of the three photographs below for a $50 prize. From left, Fruit Street Bridge, Wilson Street Cemetery, Lake Whitehall Dam.

"The Violence Must Stop" - President Obama

Presidential address from, always linked above White House



Registration for Hopkinton Demons Youth Hockey’s 2011-2012 season is now open. The program provides competitive co-ed youth hockey at all skill levels for more than 200 children ages 6 to 16. All players must be registered in order to participate in tryouts.  Every child who tries out is placed on a team.  To register, go to Please be sure to register by March 1, 2011.  If you have any questions e-mail the registrar at

Assault on Downey?

February 23, 2011 — A Downey Street resident was asked to call for an individual who had allegedly been assaulted by a driver after she stopped to ask him why he was photographing her vehicle.



February 23, 2011 — “I am very pleased that the Department of Justice and President Obama have determined that the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional. This is a position that we have held and argued since we filed our lawsuit in July 2009. We brought our case based on a firm conviction that to achieve equality for all married couples in Massachusetts, we need to ensure that all citizens enjoy the same rights and protections under the Constitution. Today’s decision is another important victory for the civil rights of same-sex couples and their families, as it now means that DOMA has been declared discriminatory and unconstitutional by a federal judge, the Department of Justice, and the President of the United States. A letter sent today from Attorney General Eric Holder informed Congress that it has the ability to continue to defend these suits. Exactly what that means for our litigation pending in the First Circuit Court will become clear in the next few days.”


Superintendent Search: Candidate Withdraws from Consideration


In a press release today, The Hopkinton School Committee has announced that Mr. James Jolicoeur, candidate for Superintendent of Schools, has withdrawn his candidacy. It has been reported in a Marlborough Enterprise story that Mr. Jolicoeur, Assistant Superintendent in Marlborough, has taken the superintendent position in  Leominster.


That leaves the following candidates on the short list:


Dr. Jonathan Landman holds a Doctor of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He also holds a Master of Arts in Teaching History & Social Studies degree from Tufts University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Brandeis University. He is currently the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning for Randolph Public Schools. He has previously served as High School Principal for Belmont Public Schools, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Community Education for Acton Public and Acton/Boxborough Regional School Districts. He began his career as a social studies teacher at the Boston Latin Academy as well as in the Brookline school system.


Dr. Karen LeDuc holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Educational Studies from Lesley University, a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Lesley College, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Framingham State College. She is currently the Assistant Superintendent for Natick Public Schools. She has previously served as Literacy Specialist and Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator for Framingham Public Schools. She began her career as a Grade 6 mathematics and literacy teacher and as a Grade 6-10 Title I teacher.


Dr. Stephen Russell holds a Doctor of Education in Educational Administration from Boston University. He also holds a Master of Education/Guidance degree and a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education from the University of New Hampshire. He is currently the Superintendent for Dartmouth Public Schools. He has previously served as Superintendent the Gilford, NH Public Schools, as well as the NH School Administrative Unit (SAU) #30. He also previously served as Assistant Superintendent for NH SAU #30, and Principal of NH SAU #15. He began his career as a Grade 6-8 guidance counselor in the Barnstable school system.

Dr. Anne Wilson holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Educational Administration from Boston College, a Master of Science degree in Education California State University-East Bay, and a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education/Mathematics from Bloomberg University. She is currently the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources for Brookline Public Schools. She has previously served as Assistant Principal, and later, Principal of Diablo Vista Middle School in Danville, CA. She began her career as a mathematics teacher in Florida and California.


Girls Varsity Basketball Senior Night

Girls Varsity Senior Night... Katie Sousa, Emily Mitsock, Robyn Cashman, Nicole Anagnostaras and their parents posed last Friday with their flowers.


Trooper Fatally Shoots Fleeing Driver


ASHBY– February 22, 2011 - The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office and the Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office are conducting an investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding a police-involved fatal shooting in Ashby.

 According to authorities, at approximately 1:15pm this afternoon, a Massachusetts State Police Trooper assigned to the MSP Gang Unit was attempting to make a motor vehicle stop of a vehicle in Ashby.  Instead of stopping for the trooper, it is alleged that the decedent fled and a pursuit ensued.  The decedent subsequently went down a dead end road. The Trooper followed, became stuck, and then exited his vehicle, ordering the decedent to stop.  Instead of stopping, it is alleged that the decedent then drove his vehicle at the trooper.  In an attempt to avoid being hit by the decedent’s vehicle, the trooper discharged his firearm, striking him.

             The decedent, who has been identified as Roger Reyes Padilla, 21, of Fitchburg, was pronounced dead at the scene.

            Authorities have since discovered drugs at the scene.  The investigation into the circumstances of the shooting continues and further details, including the name of the officer involved, will be released upon completion of the investigation.

Shapes of Things - Win $50.00

February 22, 2011 — The first person with the correct locations of each of the three shots in this grouping gets $50. Email from here only:


February 22, 2011 — These friends on Hopkinton Reservoir, an apparent day off from work, share ice-fishing and all of the things that go with it on a frigid day; conversation, wood fire and ice-cold beverages.

Drab and Dreary

February 21 2011 — This "drive-by shoot" of Aikens Park keystone arch bridge taken today is so winter-grey that simple sunlight hitting it would have brightened things up. February is unrelenting as the temperatures are dipping down to the single digits the next two mornings.

Due to a miscommunication, the above video was unavailable for a while today.



Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled  for by Robert Falcione © 2011 All Rights Reserved

New Transactions from February 14, 2011 to February 21, 2011



Price Date Seller
240 Spring Street Brandon M Peoples $260,000 February 17, 2011 T Wilson Properties LLC
198-224 South Street Brandt Properties Co $1,200,000 February 16, 2011 Joseph E DiCarlo, Judy J DiCarlo
Last Week        
32 Nazneen Circle Lot 4 Iffat Ahmed, Syed T Ahmed $195,200 February 8, 2011

Ahmed Mirajuddin TR,

Peppercorn Village Realty Trust, Peppercorn Condominium

Week Before Last
1 Wild Road, 3 Wild Road Daniel Aho $60,000 February 7, 2011 Harold W Holskey
25 Maple Street Patrick J Keary $241,000 February 4, 2011 James K Hoyt
13 Main Street Inhabitants of the Town of Hopkinton $1.00 February 1, 2011 Hopkinton Public Library




February 21, 2011

9:35 pm Four units responded to the report of a domestic assault...


3:32 pm Caller reports protesters at the Post Office on Cedar Street throwing snowballs...


10:57 am After receiving a report of the protesters at the Post Office approaching cars and causing a hazard... (File photo)


9:32 pm A passing motorist on Hayden Rowe Street called out of concern for a man walking who he thought looked homeless...

Moon Over Hopkinton

February 19, 2011 — With a 30 year-old Canon EOS lens made for film, and a modern Canon EOS digital SLR camera, the Moon is brought up close enough to see the craters. Got a closer photo? The Editor says, "send it along!"

Three's Company

February 19, 2011 — From left, Nathan Weiner, his Dad, Matt, and brother Adam return from using some glassy ice, untouched by snowmobiles, on Lake Whitehall this afternoon.


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