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Joanne M. Alexander, 81


Joanne M. Alexander, 81, of Holliston, passed away Monday, October 18th 2010. Born in Belmont, she was the daughter of the late Edwin and Beatrice Marsh. Joanne was the loving wife of Thomas W. Alexander of Holliston, and sister to Norma Marsh, Beatrice Cabeceiras and Nancy Sanderson, as well as the late Edwin Marsh Jr., Robert Marsh and Marion Marcott.

Joanne was a 1947 graduate of Belmont High School and graduated from Framingham State College in 1951. She worked for many years at W.A. Wilde Co. of Holliston, retiring in 1994.

She was the loving mother to her sons Thomas and his wife Andrea of Falmouth, Scott and his wife Toni of Hopkinton, Bruce of Hadley, and her daughter Laurie Greenwood and her husband Roger of Milford. She also leaves behind her much loved grandchildren Nicci, Tommy, Scott, Paul, Brian, Emily, Jackie, Jonathan, Bryan, Ava, Sarah, Joshua and her great grandson Sebastian.

Calling hours will be at Chesmore Funeral Home in Holliston, Sunday Oct. 4th from 4 - 7p.m. Funeral service will be held on Monday Oct. 25th, 10:00 a.m. at the First Congregational Church of Holliston. Burial to follow at the Lake Grove Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to The Alzheimer's unit at the Marlborough Hills Healthcare Center, c/o Susan Drezik, 121 Northborough Rd. East, Marlborough, Ma. 01752

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S


ESL’s It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

at Weston Nurseries

Oct 23, 24


HOPKINTON, MA (October 20, 2010) – Enter Stage Left Theater, Inc. will once again be presenting It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! at Weston Nurseries, Rte. 135 in Hopkinton, on October 23 and 24. The 30-minute renditions of Charles Schultz’s beloved Halloween story will take place at 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m. Tickets are $5 and are available at the Weston Nurseries Garden Center. Children are invited to attend the show in their Halloween costumes, have their faces painted, and take part in a parade after the show featuring Charlie Brown and friends. The event is being sponsored by Weston Nurseries and The Milford National Bank.

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Brother Allegedly Shot by Brother


NORTHBRIDGE, MASS - October 20, 2010 - Northbridge Police were called to the scene of a shooting at 6:09 pm on Tuesday at 25 East Street in the Whitinsville section of that town.  Police tape later surrounded the scene, and cruisers blocked passage at both ends of the street.

       According to the Worcester County DA's office, 24 year-old Mark B. Clark has been arrested and will be charged on Wednesday at Uxbridge District Court with manslaughter in the death of his step-brother, 20 year-old Michael Lewis, who was rushed to UMass Worcester and pronounced dead at 8:38 pm.

      The brothers lived at the address, but it is unclear whether the shooting took place inside or outside of the residence. Tape was also wrapped around some vehicles on the street in front. The poorly lighted street was in stark contrast to the festive lights surrounding the entrance to the residence; homicide detectives and other police came and went.

      Immediately tipped off about the incident by a neighbor of the brothers, HopNews was the first organization on the scene, and spoke with young people who had gathered in the street across from the home, who said they were friends of the two, . The victim was described as Caucasian, while his step-brother was described as native American. The friends said the brothers were handling a firearm when it discharged.

      Tensions rose in the street near the residence when a couple of young men in a group of seven people threatened a video photographer from a Boston television station and ordered him to leave the neighborhood, although they lived in a different town themselves. One of the young men later kicked the man's camera when it was on the sidewalk next to his tripod, and the police were alerted to the escape vehicle's plate number and description.

      Northbridge Chief of Police Walter J. Warchol directed all inquiries to the DA's office and offered no further information.

     Shortly after the incident in Northbridge began, the State Police STOP (Special Tactics and OPerations) team captured a man in Blackstone who had been reported to be in the woods behind a home with a firearm. The STOP team specializes in less-than-lethal weaponry and tactics.


Keen Eye and Hard Work lead to Arrest of Burglary Suspect


October 20, 2010 — On Monday 18 October 2010 at approximately 2:30 pm, Hopkinton Police received a call from a resident reporting he had arrived home, where he encountered an unknown person inside of his residence. This person fled the residence. The homeowner was able to provide the description of the suspect and the motor vehicle he fled in. The homeowner stated jewelry was taken from the residence. Hopkinton Police searched the area but were unable to locate the vehicle.


A police teletype of the incident was sent to all surrounding agencies. A Framingham Massachusetts State Police dispatcher reviewed the teletype and conducted a query of the registration plate given. Through his efforts, a possible suspect was identified. Hopkinton Police officers further investigated this incident which lead to an arrest warrant being issued for the suspect at Framingham District Court this morning.


Detectives from Hopkinton Police, with the assistance of detectives from Framingham Police, Shrewsbury Police, Northborough Police and Marlborough Police, arrested Ryan M. BURGESS, 30, of 2332 Red Bud Way, Marlborough, Mass for breaking and entering a residence in the daytime with the intent to commit a felony, and larceny in a building.


At this time, BURGESS is undergoing booking processing. ~ Content provided by Hopkinton Police.

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Silence Truly Can be Golden


Senior Moments

Nancy L. Drawe



October 20, 2010 —  “The bidding closes in FIVE minutes!”  If you were at the Senior Center this past Saturday for the Silent Auction, those were the words you heard right before the bidding closed for all items.  What is a “Silent Auction,” you may ask?  It’s where each person receives a numbered ticket upon entering the auction—they then walk around looking at all the items up for bid.  Each item has a bidding list in front of it, so if there’s something that person would like to bid on, they write down the dollar amount they’re willing to spend, along with the number on their ticket.  This way, people don’t really know who they’re bidding against.  If someone else bids higher, they may go back and re-bid as many times as they want.  So, when it was announced that the bidding was just about over, there was a rush of people checking on their items--to re-bid if necessary.  After the bidding is closed, the winner then gleefully takes their item to one of the cashiers and pays the winning amount.   Now that you know how a silent auction works, you’ll be all set to come to the center the next time they hold one of these auctions.   It’s a lot of fun! 

      The amount of items in the auction was amazing!   Among them were  a Bose Radio System, a Keurig coffee machine, many gift baskets made by members of the Friends of the Seniors, as well as lots of various gift certificates from businesses around town.    There were also two raffle items: a week’s vacation at the Trapp Family Lodge up in Stowe, VT and a beautiful hand knit afghan.   These two items had a lot of hopeful ticket holders, but the winner of the VT vacation was Betty Hennessey from Milford and the afghan winner was Geri Silvestro. 

      This auction was hosted by The Friends of the Seniors, whose purpose is to raise funds for the Senior Center by donations, grants, gifts and fundraising events.   The proceeds from the auction will benefit the transportation and nutrition programs at the center—and from what I was told, over $5,000 was raised from this event.  That’ll certainly help pay for the van and kitchen expenses!    Great job to everyone who helped make this event a huge success!

       Next week, you’ll get to read all about the Golden Tea that was held at the center for any Hopkinton resident age 80 and over! 

       That’s it for now, so if you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me:  Until next time, have a great week! 

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"Yes, it is Black Angus!"

October 18, 2010 — Rob Cornell, after assuring one customer that the juicy cheeseburger's delightful taste was indeed due to being made with Black Angus beef, turns to another patron as Emily shows off her latest heart-felt effort; raising money for St. Jude Hospital.

Hopkinton High School’s Class of 2013 is proud to present:


Frank Santos, Jr.
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cost:  $10
Everyone is welcome!!

Planning Board Hears New Library Plans

"Putting the cart before the horse" ~ Claire Wright

by Robert Falcione

October 18, 2010 — Hopkinton Library Director Rownak Hussain, Adult Services Librarian Susan Marshall, Architect Stuart Roberts and Chairman of the Permanent Building Committee John Ferrari spoke to the Planning Board on Monday evening to explain their push to have a design for a new library completed, and a grant application submitted to the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC), by January 27, 2011.

       Calling his graphical presentation a draft schematic, Mr. Roberts listed criteria that the MBLC insists upon before they will release up to 50% of the cost of the structure if they approve the application. He said they will not pay for parking. Although only 56 spaces are required, the plan shows 171 on the 11 acre site.

       Referring to so many spaces in front of the building, Planning Board member Claire Wright said she was not happy with the "Wal-mart" look of putting so many spaces in front of the structure.

       Members of the board asked several questions such as what would happen if the Center School did not move?

       Mrs. Wright said that she believes the Library contributes to the vitality of the Downtown, but could not say the same for the move behind Center School.

       "Has anyone brought up regionalization?" asked Planning Board member John Coutinho. He said it could be better if a couple of towns got together instead of applying for the same money individually.

        "There wasn't enough time," said Mr. Ferrari. Mr. Ferrari gave that same answer to several other questions Planning Board members had about considering other options.

         "I'm uncomfortable with the grant process sucking the heart and soul out of the Downtown," said Mrs. Wright.

         "We're letting this grant drive the bus. Let's let the community's needs drive the bus and figure out how to finance it," said Planning Board Vice-Chair Mark Abate. The Building Committee did not consider the option of not applying for the grant, and building or expanding without state funding.

         Chairman Joe Markey said that there was a new study of what to do with the other buildings if the Library, Town Hall and/or Center School become vacant.

          "These buildings are anchors," Mrs. Wright said.*


From Library's web site --->   Feasibility Study Part I      Feasibility Study Part II

A couple of words were changed for better attribution.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Strides for Cancer

(Hopkinton, MA) - On Sunday, October 3, EMC Corporation employees based in Hopkinton headed into Boston to participate in the American Cancer Society's 18th annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. Some 40,000 people gathered along the Charles River Esplanade to raise awareness and $3 million to fight breast cancer. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer supports the American Cancer Society’s unique mission to save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays by helping people stay well by preventing cancer or finding it early; helping people get well by being there for them during and after a cancer diagnosis; by finding cures through investment in groundbreaking research and by fighting back by encouraging lawmakers to pass laws to defeat cancer and by rallying communities worldwide to join the fight. Boston's Making Strides is the nation’s oldest and largest one-day walk, raising more than $42 million since its inception in 1993. It’s not too late to make a donation. Donations can also be made by calling 1-800-227-2345 or visiting

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Police News UP-TO-DATE

October 18, 2010

Click above for full report


5:23 pm Dispatcher Luis Gonzalez advised a Wood Street resident that she would have to seek action in civil court over $500 paid to a contractor who was supposed to have started work last August...


3:45 pm Hopkinton Police assisted Ashland regarding the armed robbery at CVS...


2:55 pm A caller from Baypath Humane Society reported that one of the dogs was attacked by a German Shepherd and a St. Bernard...


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Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled  for by Robert Falcione © 2010 All Rights Reserved

New Transactions from October 6, 2010 - October 17, 2010



Price Date Seller
280 Ash Street Andrew P Sharon, Pamela J Sharon $667,000 Oct 15, 2010 SW Holmes LLC
1 Snowey Owl Road Scott P Howe $625,000 Oct 15, 2010 Paul E Kulinski, Maureen F Kalinski
2 Bullmoose Run Roshan K John, Jesha R Robson $520,000 Oct 15, 2010 Deborah L Young
31 Nazneen Circle Unit A Mina Cherubim, neama Abdel Malak $186,900 Oct 14, 2010

Ahmed Mirajuddin TR,

Peppercorn Village Realty Trust,

4 Glen Road Yi Yi Zu, Yunhui Li $690,000 Oct 12, 2010 Jay Willadsen, Kristy Willadsen
19 Trevor Lane Unit 14, G John T Anderson Laura P Anderson $482, 500 Oct 12, 2010 Maillet & Son LLC
211 Winter Street Paul A Petracca Tr, STL Realty Tr $95, 086 Oct 8, 2010

Saleem Nasrullah

2004 Revocable Trust,

 Sallem Nasrullah Trust

39 Nazneen Circle John Nickerson $186,900 Oct 6, 2010

Ahmed Mirajuddin TR,

Peppercorn Village Realty Trust,

Two Weeks Ago:        
36 Nazneen Circle Hesham M A Hammouda, Noha M K Hassanien-Elkhzek Noha M $588,000 Oct 5, 2010

Ahmed Mirajuddin TR,

Peppercorn Village Realty Trust,

104 Hayward Street Molly Steen, Joshua Steen $435,000 Oct 1, 2010

Deborah B Field Trust.

Deborah B Field Living Trust

9 Baker Lane Barbara Pini, John Pini $525,000 Oct 1, 2010 Albert Schmidt, Marsha H Schmidt
71 Front Street Parker RJL, LLC $215,000 Oct 1, 2010 Braim Farm LLC
5 Sanctuary Lane Bonnie W Li $156,500 Sept 30, 2010 Weston Development Group
213 Hayden Rowe Street Amanda Deroches $251,500 Sept 30, 2010 Linda Lane, Linda Thacker
16 Trevor Lane Ganfeng Wu, Rui Kang $447,500 Sept 29, 2010 Maillet & Son



Below are Nov 2, 2010 ballot questions from the Commonwealth's website.

See the site here.

QUESTION 1: Law Proposed by Initiative Petition

Sales Tax on Alcoholic Beverages

Do you approve of a law summarized below, on which no vote was taken by the Senate or the House of Representatives before May 4, 2010?



This proposed law would remove the Massachusetts sales tax on alcoholic beverages and alcohol, where the sale of such beverages and alcohol or their importation into the state is already subject to a separate excise tax under state law. The proposed law would take effect on January 1, 2011.


A YES VOTE would remove the state sales tax on alcoholic beverages and alcohol where their sale or importation into the state is subject to an excise tax under state law.

A NO VOTE would make no change in the state sales tax on alcoholic beverages and alcohol.





QUESTION 2: Law Proposed by Initiative Petition

Comprehensive Permits for Low- or Moderate- Income Housing

Do you approve of a law summarized below, on which no vote was taken by the Senate or the House of Representatives before May 4, 2010?


This proposed law would repeal an existing state law that allows a qualified organization wishing to build government-subsidized housing that includes low- or moderate-income units to apply for a single comprehensive permit from a city or town’s zoning board of appeals (ZBA), instead of separate permits from each local agency or official having jurisdiction over any aspect of the proposed housing. The repeal would take effect on January 1, 2011, but would not stop or otherwise affect any proposed housing that had already received both a comprehensive permit and a building permit for at least one unit.


A YES VOTE would repeal the state law allowing the issuance of a single comprehensive permit to build housing that includes low- or moderate-income units.

A NO VOTE would make no change in the state law allowing issuance of such a comprehensive permit.

QUESTION 3: Law Proposed by Initiative Petition

Sales and Use Tax Rates

Do you approve of a law summarized below, on which no vote was taken by the Senate or the House of Representatives before May 4, 2010?


This proposed law would reduce the state sales and use tax rates (which were 6.25% as of September 2009) to 3% as of January 1, 2011. It would make the same reduction in the rate used to determine the amount to be deposited with the state Commissioner of Revenue by non-resident building contractors as security for the payment of sales and use tax on tangible personal property used in carrying out their contracts.

The proposed law provides that if the 3% rates would not produce enough revenues to satisfy any lawful pledge of sales and use tax revenues in connection with any bond, note, or other contractual obligation, then the rates would instead be reduced to the lowest level allowed by law.

The proposed law would not affect the collection of moneys due the Commonwealth for sales, storage, use or other consumption of tangible personal property or services occurring before January 1, 2011.

The proposed law states that if any of its parts were declared invalid, the other parts would stay in effect.


A YES VOTE would reduce the state sales and use tax rates to 3%.

A NO VOTE would make no change in the state sales and use tax rates.

Grand Old Party

October 17, 2010 — Hopkinton Republicans came out in force to support candidate Ed McGrath who is running against incumbent Democrat Karen Spilka for State Senate. 

From right to left, former Selectman Eric  Sonnett, former Selectman Len Holden, Planning  Board  member  Dick  MacDonald (rear), Ed  McGrath candidate for  State Senate, former Selectman Brian Herr, former Planning  Board member  Scott Aghabahian, and  Planning  Board memeber  and  Chairman of  Hopkinton Republican Town Committee Ken  Weismantel.


Carolyn Dykema at "Candidates' Corner"

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Jonathan Loya at West Main and Lumber Streets


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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Armed Robbery at Ashland CVS

(Facebook fans got an alert of this crime. Sign up now if you haven't already)


ASHLAND, MA - October 16, 2010 - At approximately 3:35 PM today, the Ashland Police Department responded to an armed robbery at the CVS Pharmacy at 47 Pond Street (Route 126), Ashland.


Employees at the store reported that a white male entered the store at approximately 3:30 PM, and approached the pharmacy. The suspect, wearing a white mask, leaped over the counter, pointed a black handgun at the pharmacy employees and ordered them to open a safe. The suspect removed several bottles of prescription pain medication from the safe and fled from the store through a rear door. Nobody was injured during the incident.


The Ashland Police K-9 Unit tracked the suspect to Rodman Road, where the scent ended. It is believed that the suspect either had a car parked on Rodman Road or was picked up there by an accomplice.


The suspect is described as a white male, approximately 6’1 to 6’3, 210 – 215 lbs, wearing a black hooded jacket or sweatshirt, blue running pants with a white stripe down both legs, and black sneakers.


The Ashland Police Department was assisted by the Framingham Police Department. Ashland Police Detectives, along with the Massachusetts State Police Crime Scene Services, are currently processing the crime scene, interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance camera footage.


Anyone who witnessed the robbery or who recognizes the suspect is urged to contact the Ashland Police Department at (508) 881-1212.


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Hopkinton Jeweler Extends Invitation and Thank You

50% Off everything!

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Tangerine Trees

October 16, 2010 — The photographer pumped up the color saturation in this picture of the Firemen's Pond north of Lake Whitehall to enhance an otherwise dull color scheme.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Revolutionary Entertainment

October 16, 2010 — Entertainment Dave Downs chats with some patrons of the Senior Center Silent Auction this afternoon.

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13th Annual Michael's Run

October 16, 2010 — The runners took off at noon at the 13 annual Michael's Run.

     Michael Lisnow was born 16 weeks premature, weighing just over a pound.  As a result of his premature birth, Michael had cerebral palsy and was blind.  He touched the lives of countless people with his smile and laugh.  Through this run the Spirit of Michael lives on and we celebrate the time he was able to spend with all of us.  ~Respite Center.


October 16, 2010 — Scenes like this one on Winter Street are all over Hopkinton. Got a good scary scene to share? Attach one image to an email and send it to HopNews.


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October 16, 2010 — These birds, cormorants and seagulls, are tucking in Friday morning against an increasingly strong wind on a large rock on North Pond that resembles, at least in a small way, Captain Ahab's nemesis.

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Suspected Drunk Flees Cops, Crashes into Trooper's Cruiser


MEDWAY, MA - October 15, 2010 - A Massachusetts State Trooper was struck by a suspected drunk driver in a pickup truck last night in Medfield as the trooper tried to help local police stop the fleeing suspect.


The crash into MSP Cruiser 996 operated by Trooper Jonathan Nickles occurred at 10:01 p.m. on Route 109 in Medway. The vehicle that hit cruiser, a white 2003 Ford pickup operated by DANA J. SCOVIL (DOB 12/18/73) of Webster was being pursued by Milford and Medfield Police at the time.


Milford Police had initiated pursuit for failure to stop. The pursuit continued from Milford to Medway on 109 East at high rate of speed. At the above time, Trooper Nickles in MSP Cruiser 996 was heading westbound on 109, just west of Summer Street, in Medway. Upon seeing the pickup being pursued by local cruisers with lights and sirens activated coming at him in the opposite direction, Trooper Nickles activated his lights.


With emergency lights activated, Trooper Nickles stopped his cruiser straddling the median strip in an attempt to help stop the pickup truck. The pickup then apparently attempted to take evasive maneuvers and veered to its left. While doing so, the pickup hit a 1997 Pontiac Coupe that had pulled over in the west bound lane, and then struck the right front of the cruiser with significant force, ripping the right front tire off and causing extensive front end damage. Trooper Nickles was not injured.


The pickup came to rest in a parking lot on the eastbound side of Route 109. The driver, SCOVIL, then tried to flee the scene before being apprehended and arrested by Milford Police. He is charged with OUI Liquor (2d offense); operating after suspension; failure to stop; operating to endanger; stop sign violation, and marked lanes violation. For more information on the defendant and the charges, as well as the reasons for the pursuit, please contact Milford Police.


Trooper Nickles is assigned to Troop B, which covers the western part of the state. He was commuting to his shift at the time of the crash.


Trooper Nickles acted selflessly and courageously in helping bring to a close the pursuit of a dangerous fleeing suspect. Trooper Nickles suffered minor injuries to his arm and shoulder (lacerations, bruises), but refused medical treatment. We are grateful he was not injured. He is to be commended for risking his own life to get a drunk driver off the roads before the suspect killed an innocent person.  ~ State Police



Practice Makes Perfect


by Firefighter Fran Clark

October 15, 2010 — On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week members of the Hopkinton Fire Department participated in a structural collapse training exercise as members of the District 14 Technical Rescue Team. Members responded to a simulated building collapse at 466 Chestnut St. in Ashland. The simulated exercise required the shoring and breaching of interior and exterior walls and floors to gain access to victims and remove the victims to the exterior.


The District 14 Technical Rescue Team comprises members of 5 communities, Hopkinton, Ashland, Milford, Southborough, and Framingham with a total of 27 members. The team train monthly in different disciplines consisting of high angle/ low angle rope rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, and building collapse. The process of shoring involves collecting the weight of portions of the failed structure and distributing it downwards onto a solid, secure and safe point or area.


The process of breaching involves gaining access through interior or exterior walls or floors that normally do no contain an entry spot. In this week's drill, they used hand tools, battery operated tools, such as hammer drills and saws-alls, and power tools to breach interior walls and stairwells.


The stairwell was 6” thick concrete. The team had to breach (create) an 18” x 18” opening in the stairwell to gain access to the lower floors and extricate a victim. They used an electric hammer drill and diamond tip saw to create the opening and cut and remove rebar so we could place team members down through the opening to gain access to the victim.


The team used hand tools and battery operated tools to breach walls and door ways and build temporary shoring systems, throughout the first and second floors to simulate tunneling through the collapsed structure.  As the team breaches, they have to shore to make entry and work our way through the collapse areas. The team has search cameras and listening devices to look through or into small openings to scan the area prior to breaching that area.


Above: Firefighter Clark uses the Search Cam 2000 to look over onto the balcony to search for potential victims and possible structural damage. The camera gives a clear color picture of what you may encounter prior to entering the area. (inset) camera picture of balcony and doors and windows.


Enter Stage Left Proudly Presents...
The Glass Menagerie
Tennessee Williams classic play comes to life
October 15, 16, 22 and 23
7:30pm, HCAM TV Studios
77 Main Street Hopkinton

Happy Birthday To You

Tried to quit smoking and can't? Thousands have been helped by Yefim Shubentsov, known as The Russian by many people. He is at 1680 A Beacon Street in Brookline, Mass. (617) 232-3930. Make an appointment, quit smoking, and enjoy an extra birthday.

Marine Corps Marathon to Receive Marathon Flame in Hopkinton, MA

MCM to Make Hopkinton First Stop on Battle of Marathon Tour Starting Oct. 21


QUANTICO, VA (Oct. 15, 2010) – The Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) will celebrate the military roots of long distance running while receiving the Marathon Flame from the Municipality of Marathon, Greece, during a ceremony in Hopkinton, MA, the sister-city of Marathon. The ceremony will be held at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 21 outside the Hopkinton Police Department on 74 Main Street. The public is invited to attend.


The MCM shares its 35-year anniversary with the 2,500th marking of the Battle of Marathon and the legendary run by Pheidippides recognized as the origin of long distance running. Certifying this union, a perpetual flame that rests at the memorial for those soldiers lost in the Battle of Marathon will be shared with the MCM.

Representatives from the City of Hopkinton will present the Marathon Flame to the MCM team who will carry the flame on a multicity tour to four cities over two days. In addition to the Hopkinton ceremony, the MCM will host a second ceremony in Boston on at 2 p.m. on Oct. 21, at the site of the USS Constitution.


On Friday, Oct. 22, the MCM team will continue on the tour with an early-morning stop in New York City and then arrive to host a ceremony at the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Front and Spruce Streets in Center City. The Philadelphia ceremony will be held at 3 p.m., and is open to the public.


The MCM Battle of Marathon Tour is sponsored by Dasani, also a sponsor of the 35th MCM. "The People’s Marathon" will be held on Sunday, Oct. 31 with 30,000 participants from all 50 states and 54 countries and each of the U.S. armed services. The start of the MCM will be broadcast live on Comcast SportsNet beginning at

7 a.m. The official start of the marathon is 8 a.m.

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Friday, October 15th
4 - 7 PM 
Wine Values from South Africa, Italy, California, and Australia

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Hopkinton 20, Millis-Hopedale 6

October 15, 2010 — Mike Decina spun his way into the end zone against Millis-Hopedale as Ryan Bohlin, number 10, declares the touchdown in the first drive of the third quarter.

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Hopkinton Public Library and Hopkinton Senior Center
Author George F. Leal

Wednesday, Oct. 20th
6:30 p.m.
Hopkinton Public Library

Join us as Mr. Leal discusses his latest historical fiction novel in his Spanish conquistadors trilogy entitled "Sayola, The Cities of Gold"
It is the story, told by Sayola, of Coronado’s search for the Seven Cities of Gold in the American southwest and northern Mexico in the 1500’s.

George Leal, a one time Hopkinton resident, is the author of many historical fiction books.

Seniors may sign up at the Senior Center for a ride to this event.

For more information contact Susan at 508-497-9777

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NEW MADD Garden of Hope Dedication

Eisenhower Park Memorial Plaza, East Meadow, NY

Saturday, October 16, 2010, 11:30 AM

Featuring Sculpture by Hopkinton Artist Michael Alfano


“The MADD Garden of Hope is being dedicated in the hope that the violent crime of drunk driving will someday be eliminated and with it the terrible pain and suffering it causes its victims and so many others in our community.” said MADD volunteer and victim survivor Anneliese Bosco of Levittown. The focal point of the Garden is the statue – “Stand Up, Speak Out” by Michael Alfano, an East Meadow native.


The garden design was donated by Goldberg & Rodler and landscape architect Ashley Palko worked with Kiwanis and the park staff to implement the plan. “This demonstrates what can be accomplished when the community, Kiwanis, and the county all pull together.” said Jim Mancuso, president of the Kiwanis Club of East Meadow.


“I am very pleased to have this lovely spot in the town I grew up in as the home for this piece that has special meaning to me.” said Michael Alfano, the sculptor, who was inspired to create “Stand Up, Speak Out” after his girlfriend was killed by a drunk driver.


Due to the weather forecast the homecoming football game has been moved to Thursday at 7pm against Millis/Hopedale.

Get your gear for tonight's game -- Booster store also open Saturday


The varsity football game against Millis has been changed to tonight at 7 p.m. due to adverse weather conditions expected for Friday evening, and Leslie Moothart of Hopkinton High School prepares for the big event by shopping for some new Hiller gear!  Temperatures are expected to get down into the low 50s and the new sweatshirt shown above has been popular with the kids and staff preparing for cold weather.  Store hours are: every week day during the lunch block, Wednesdays 1:30 to 3 p.m., and special store opening, this Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. when many of the students will be back at school taking the PLAN and PSAT college preparatory tests.  Come cheer on the Hiller football team -- in style!

Comedian Dane Cook's Half-brother Sentenced for Stealing

Millions from Entertainer

                WOBURN – October 13, 2010 — A Wilmington man has pled guilty and was sentenced to serve time in State Prison in connection with stealing millions of dollars from his half-brother, entertainer Dane Cook, Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Office announced today.

            Darryl McCauley, age 45, pled guilty today in Middlesex Superior Court to charges of Larceny over $250 (27 counts), Forgery (3 counts), Embezzlement by a Fiduciary, Uttering and Conspiracy.  After the plea was entered, Superior Court Judge Mary Lou Rup sentenced McCauley to serve five to six years in State Prison, with a concurrent probationary period of six years.  After the completion of his State Prison sentence, McCauley will have to serve another 10 years of probation.  As conditions of his probation, McCauley has been ordered to pay restitution to the victim and submit to financial monitoring by the Department of Probation.  He was ordered to relinquish all interest in several properties and business ventures in Maine and Massachusetts that were obtained using the stolen funds. READ FULL PRESS RELEASE and video (Caution: R-rated).


State, Federal and Local Police Capture Violent Fugitive


BOSTON October 13, 2010 — The Massachusetts State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section, along with the United States Marshals Service, the New Bedford Police Department and the Boston Police Department  Fugitive Unit this morning captured a man wanted for a violent kidnapping and assault of his girlfriend and the shooting of her friend.


State troopers, marshals, and officers arrested PARIS K. TILLERY, 39, inside an apartment at 825 Blue Hill Ave. in Boston. TILLERY tried to run when police hit the apartment. When he saw that the residence was surrounded, he realized his efforts were futile, turned around, and surrendered.


Police had been seeking TILLERY since May, when he assaulted his girlfriend and refused to let her leave her New Bedford apartment. She was finally able to escape, but TILLERY returned to her apartment the next day, May 29. When he saw another man in her apartment, TILLERY got angry and left, only to return later with a handgun.


TILLERY allegedly forced his girlfriend into his car and made her drive around New Bedford in search of the man he’d seen earlier in the day. While they drove he threatened to kill his girlfriend and the man.


TILLERY allegedly found the man driving near the Carney Elks Lodge on Mill Street in New Bedford. Evidence suggests TILLERY cut the man off, and then when they both got out of their cars, shot him in the leg. TILLERY’S girlfriend escaped and called police, but as officers closed in on TILLERY’S house, he jumped out of a second floor window and got away.


State Police fugitive unit troopers, along with marshals and New Bedford detectives, conducted extensive efforts to locate TILLERY. As part of that investigation, police developed information that led them to the residence on Blue Hill Avenue.


TILLERY will be arraigned in the New Bedford District Court, possibly as soon as today, on warrants charging him with the following offenses: kidnapping; armed assault with intent to murder; aggravated assault and battery; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (3 counts); possession of a firearm in commission of a felony; discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling; carrying a firearm without a license; possession of a firearm without an FID card.


TILLERY was featured on “America’s Most Wanted” this summer in an attempt to generate leads on his whereabouts.

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 Selectmen's Meeting

Honoring the Past and Looking to the Future

by Muriel Kramer

October 13, 2010

Honoring the Spirit

On Wednesday night, October 20th, the public is invited to a welcome dinner for the United States Marine Corps Marathon officials and the unveiling of a painting that celebrates Hopkinton veterans from the battle on Iwo Jima. The painting is inspired by the seven (7) Marines with Hopkinton ties that served on Iwo Jima; miraculously all seven returned home safely.

According to one of those veterans, John Cahill (File photo, right), “young, green guys were turned into veterans after two days if they lasted; many didn’t make it that long.”

From the book, Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley: “It was America’s most heroic battle. More medals for valor were awarded for action on Iwo Jima than in any battle in the history of the United States. To put that into perspective: The Marines were awarded eighty-four Medals of Honor in World War II. Over four years, that was twenty-two a year, about two a month. But in just one month of fighting on this island, they were awarded 27 Medals of Honor: one third their accumulated total.”

Click on small icon for video of some of the honored vets on Iwo Jima Day, February, 2010.


Dinner will be at the First Congregational Church; RSVP to or call 508-293-1139. Doors open at 6pm and dinner will be served promptly at 6:30. Since space is limited to 230 people and the event is filling up rapidly. To attend the dinner people MUST RSVP by 4-17-2010.

Additionally on October 21st at 10 AM outside the Hopkinton Police Station, Marine Corps Marathon officials will receive the Marathon Flame. Courtesy photo above: Mt. Suribachi in the background, man standing playing a fiddle, and arrow pointing to Hopkinton veteran Paul Phipps.

Former Board of Public Works Overview

The Board of Public Works elected in May 2010, served just over three months until the special legislation passed to disband the group, and in that time they held 7 meetings.


Eric Sonnett reported, “The enterprise funds are in excellent shape with both operating in the black. There are no rate increases for this year, and the rates won’t go up any time soon barring some disaster.”


The committee also updated all the existing rules, regulations and policies as well as the sewer main extension policy to accommodate new capacity when the Milford connection is finalized and the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Fruit Street goes online. The group also voted to expend money from the enterprise funds to upgrade the pump station on South Street to expedite the connection to Milford.

The group further met outside of the public forum after being formally disbanded by legislation to consider a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen. Their recommendation to the Board is that “there should be some advisory board to capture the history of the project and keep everyone on the same page going forward. There should be some form of ongoing Fruit Street Development Committee.”

Selectman Ben Palleiko, a former member of the Appropriation Committee, asked if the loans from the General Fund to the Enterprise Funds had been paid back. Mr. Sonnett replied, “All that has been paid.”


Brendan O’Regan, DPW Director, gave a brief update of the Milford Sewer connection. The final work on the Hopkinton side is scheduled to be completed by the end of October. Further, as long as an agreement is reached with Milford that Hopkinton can use the flow meter on the Hopkinton side temporarily, sewer flow from Hopkinton to Milford may begin as soon as November.


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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Silent Auction on Saturday

2:00 - 5:00 pm

Senior Center


Senior Moments

Nancy L. Drawe



October 13, 2010 - A HUGE reminder to all!   Don’t miss the Silent Auction at the Hopkinton Senior Center this Saturday, October 16, from 2-5 pm!    If you’re looking for something different to do on a Saturday afternoon, the auction is the perfect activity.  There’s tons of awesome items that will be auctioned off, including a Bose Wave Radio and a Keurig Coffee Machine, as well as many beautiful gift baskets and gift certificates from many local businesses.  


A special raffle for this event will be held—the winner will receive a one-week stay at the Trapp Family Lodge Guest House up in Stowe, VT from July 23-30, 2011.  Tickets are $25 each or five for $100, and the lucky winning ticket will be drawn at the Silent Auction (winner need not be present to win).  The auction is being hosted by the Friends of the Hopkinton Senior Citizens, whose members plan different fundraisers throughout the year to help the cost of running the center.  All monetary donations they receive from these fundraisers go towards the center’s transportation and nutrition programs, functions and other events that are not covered under the Council on Aging budget.   Come on over to the center, bring a friend, enjoy some light refreshments and have a great time bidding on your favorite items!


If you are 80 years old or older, you’ve probably already received your invitation to the Annual Golden Tea that the Council on Aging hosts every year.   This very special occasion will be on Tuesday, October 19 from 2:00 -3:00 pm.  It’s such a lovely way for the members of the COA to honor all these seniors.  They’ll have a chance to reconnect with some of their friends from way back when and talk about the good all days!   Transportation will be available, so please call the center if you would like a ride.  You may also be escorted by a guest!  


Can you believe it’s October already?   Enjoy these warm days and cool nights of autumn!  Have fun watching all the leaves from your trees fall to the ground, and have even more fun raking them up! 


That’s it for now, so if you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me:  Until next time, have a great week! 



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