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 Uncommonly Hopkinton


Hopkinton Community Summer Band

Mouse-over image to see view from gazebo

August 9, 2010 — The Hopkinton Community Summer Band packed the Hopkinton Common with regular concert-goers, music lovers, friends and relatives last evening in their first performance this year in the Sunday Concert on the Common series.

Mouse-over the image to see the view from the gazebo.

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Mano a Mano

August 9, 2010 — Dave Henderson's hand provides scale, as Larry Jackson looks on, for the claw of the 10-pound lobster that was a raffle prize at Woodville Rod and Gun Club's annual Seafood Bake on Saturday.

Name Street "Peloquin Drive"


We had known Marjorie for about 20 years when we heard that she had sold her property. Having helped her with many needs around her property, we know how dedicated she was to the environment and her town. We feel it is a great injustice to Marjorie NOT to continue her legacy somehow, like the naming of the street that leads into her once treasured "heaven" (as one writer stated). Please consider that "Peloquin's Drive" has a much more meaningful and memorable sound than any other name. Thank you for considering this memory.


John and Patti Rydberg

6 Clinton St.

Hopkinton, MA. 01748

August 9, 2010

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Mother and Child?

August 8, 2010 — It appears that an offspring of the great blue heron in the photo is to its right. But after further digital zooming, it proves to be an illusion; nothing but the water-worn broken trunk of a young tree. The photo was taken on Saturday at the pond in Woodville that once housed the fire house.


Young Performers

August 8, 2010 — Ciao Time Restaurant hosted a special edition of ESL's Open Mic on Saturday evening featuring talented students associated with the group, many who are attending college in the fall.

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Turtle Island

August 8, 2010 — The lone turtle suns on a rock shaped like itself, Saturday in the overflow of Lake Whitehall.

Free as a Bird

August 8, 2010 — Swimmers at the Hopkinton State Park beach on Saturday provide a background for the flight of this gull, who repeatedly scooped something out of the water.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Woodville Rod and Gun  Club Feeds 130

August 8, 2010 — From left, Paul Niedzialkoski, Larry Jackson and Frank Wylie tend to a batch of chickens broiled in their pit on site at the Woodville Rod and Gun Club Saturday afternoon. The club sold 130 tickets for a day of music, lobster, camaraderie, horseshoes, raffles and other family fun.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010


28 Main Street, Hopkinton

Sign up 7pm
Performances start at 7:30pm 
$5 to stay or to play!
Good Food, Good Friends
and Good Music!!

Candidate's Corner


August 7, 2010 — Robert Delle of Westborough, Republican candidate for Congress from the Third District, spent some time at Candidates' Corner in Downtown Hopkinton this past Wednesday and spoke to the HopNews camera for a few minutes.

End of an Era

Hitchings Hardware to close September 15, 2010

after nearly 50 years

Above, 2006 file photo of Hitchings Hardware Manager Ray Murphy.


by Robert Falcione

August 6, 2010 — In 1961, Don Hitchings became the third owner of the hardware store on Main Street that has modestly displayed his name on the western-style façade  for nearly fifty years. The Claflin family owned it for three or four generations before him, he said in a 2006 HopNews interview. He said he assumes, that because there is a scale dated 1867, the store was there before then; but a fire at Town Hall destroyed records of the store and all public proof of its inception.

      The hometown feel of a friendly hardware store that has the household "trinkets" the box stores don't carry — and services, like screen repair and faucet washer replacement — will come to an end when the doors close on September 15, 2010. Daughter Cheryl Hitchings said today that they are negotiating a sale with the owner of Hillers Cleaners, George Vrahliotis, who would like to demolish the building and build a new three-story mixed-use building with on-site dry cleaning machines, retail on the first floor, and apartments and office on the other floors.

       Ms. Hitchings said that she hopes a purchase and sale agreement can be in hand by October. The sale would be contingent upon Hillers' ability to acquire all of the permits necessary. According to experts in the field, Hillers' system is modern and non-toxic, which would allow for the business being located in a building with residences.

       Mr. Hitchings discovered Hopkinton and started a taxi business after World War II, when he served in the United States Marines, seeing combat in Okinawa, working as an airplane mechanic in a unit that held the record of 126 planes shot down. He also ran Hopkinton school buses, but had his eye on the hardware store Downtown for a while, finally purchasing it in 1961.

      For the last few years, Mr. Hitchings' dry wit has been absent, as he retired and left the running of the business to relatives, and longtime employee Ray Murphy, whose walk to work has been but a few hundred feet for several years.

      Convenience, price, service and expertise are now 50% off until the doors close on September 15, 2010.

      Thank you, Don Hitchings.   

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

From "Town Talk" Discussion Page

Please visit our discussion pageAugust 6, 2010 — Someone wondered on the discussion page (Town Talk) what led to the demise of a stand of trees visible from Clinton Street. A neighbor was gracious enough to let the photographer in to see the area that has been swamped for years. It appears former beaver activity combined with storm water runoff flooded an area of several acres, killing the trees.


August 5, 2010 — The Hopkinton Fire Department didn't have far to go when occupants of a Main Street business evacuated their building and called the Fire Department situated across the street and complained of burning odor, that the firefighters confirmed as an electrical smell.

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To the Hospital

August 5, 2010 — Firefighters and police responded to the call of a worker for the new Irving Gas owner who complained of receiving a head injury, and took him to the hospital, according to witnesses.


Pat Mahon to be Honored at Bethany Tournament Dinner

Columnist Lenny Megliola to emcee and auctioneer

August 5, 2010 — Pat Mahon of Hopkinton will be honored this year at the fourth annual Bethany Health Care Golf Tournament, which is scheduled to be held on Monday August 30 at the Charter Oak Country Club in Hudson, it was announced today. (HopNews file photo)

Mahon, who is the second recipient of the “Outstanding Community Service Award”, is being recognized for “his tireless dedication to youth sports in Hopkinton and the surrounding area, over the last ten years”, according to Tournament Chairman, Tom Carey. Mahon’s resume includes being President of the Hopkinton Little League from 2002 until 2009. For the last six years he has served as Vice President of the Hopkinton /Ashland Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading Organization, and President of the Hopkinton Babe Ruth League. Pat has also volunteered the last three years as a member of Hopkinton’s Marathon Committee and was elected to Hopkinton’s Parks and Recreation Commission in 2006, a post he continues to hold today.


Mahon follows retired Deputy Chief of the Framingham Fire Department David Lumsden, who worked thirty-two years as a Framingham Firefighter, who was the first winner of the coveted award.


A native of New Jersey, Mahon was educated at Saint Benedict’s Prep in Newark and attended Hartwick College, N.Y. Mahon earned a Law degree at Seton Hall. He attributes much of his success to the lessons learned through Catholic education.


Celebrating the occasion as emcee and auctioneer during dinner will be Natick’s own celebrated sports columnist, Lenny Megliola. Mr. Megliola has been a sports columnist in the Boston area for over 35 years. He has won numerous New England and two national awards for excellence in sports writing. Currently Megliola writes for the MetroWest Daily News, Boston Globe and New England Baseball Journal. Mr. Megliola has covered everything from the World Series and Superbowls, NHL and NBA Finals, to the World Cup of Soccer and Championship boxing.


Distinguished guest at this year’s tournament is former Boston Celtics great and NBA Hall of Fame honoree Tom Heinsohn. After a prolific college basketball career, Heinsohn played as a power forward for the Celtics. Known for his hard-nosed style of play, yet possessing a superb shooting touch and good body control, Tom Heinsohn was a vital cog in the Boston Celtics’ dynasty of the 1950s and 1960s. Chosen as NBA Rookie of the Year in 1957, Heinsohn helped the Celtics win eight NBA titles. After retiring as a player in 1965, Heinsohn then served as head coach of the Celtics from 1969 until 1978. Tom now works as the lead color commentator for Comcast Sports New England, the official broadcast home of Boston Celtics Basketball. A graduate of the College of the Holy Cross, Tom graduated as the all-time leading scorer in the school’s history.


The golf tournament has raised $135,000 over the last three years for the Bethany Health Care Center, which is located in Framingham. Bethany, which has won several awards for providing outstanding patient care in recent years, is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston. “The proceeds of the tournament assist the Sisters in their efforts of providing outstanding care in a very challenging health care environment.” Carey said.

For more information on the tournament, please visit Bethany’s website at Dinner reservations can be made by calling Bethany’s Mission Advancement Office at (508) 271-2324 or (508) 270-8698.

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Board of Public Works to be Dissolved

August 5, 2010 — According to Senator Karen Spilka's office, bill H4882, an act to disband the Board of Public Works in Hopkinton should be on the governor's desk this week for his signature.

      The Board of Public Works was created by a special act of the legislature after being tied up for several years. In the interim, the Home Rule Charter was created, and passed at Town Meeting at the same time. According to an opinion by Town Counsel Ray Miyares, the Charter gives the Town Manager  authority over the Department of Public Works. As a result, the previous board members proposed its dissolution.

      But the act creating the Board enabled an election of three members at the last town election, while Bill H4882 went through the process. Political foes, on one side Nancy Peters and Kevin Khort, and on the other side Ron Clark, Eric Sonnett and Ken Weismantel. The latter group won the election.

     "We've had six meetings since the election," said board member Ron Clark today. He said the group has been focused on reviewing policy and regulations and getting them sorted out and ready for the new process, which will be governed by the Town Manager and Director of Public Works. He said the Water/Sewer Commissioners are the Board of Selectmen, who could choose to appoint a DPW Advisory Board.

     He said when bill H4882 is signed, the responsibilities will go to the Selectmen.     

Exemptions to Municipal Water Ban August 5th 2010


Under the State’s water management act regulations and as stipulated by our water withdrawal permit, we are required to implement further water restrictions. These restrictions are based on the current level of the Hopkinton Reservoir. Due to the continued decline in reservoir levels, all outdoor use is now BANNED with the following exemptions:

  • Hand watering of flowers and vegetable gardens before 9:00 AM and after 5:00 PM.

  • Where required by regulation

  • To meet the core functions of a business

  • For health and safety reasons

  • For the maintenance of livestock

These restrictions apply only to users of the municipal water system. Thank for your cooperation in this extremely important matter to help maintain an adequate water supply for daily essential needs and fire protection.

  Regional Crime/Justice 


(Milford, MA.) Milford Police Detectives have charged Craig Allen Carr 2nd, age 24 of 40 Pearl Street Milford, MA for breaking into 5 homes in the past week. Carr was first arrested early Wednesday morning for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace on Meade Street while Milford Police were actively investigating several house breaks. Several undercover police officers had participated and assisted in the investigation after receiving several reports of house breaks throughout town in the recent week. Police Detectives continued the investigation during the day and evening which resulted in the recovery of several pieces of jewelry and video entertainment games worth in the thousands of dollars. The recovered stolen items were located at a local business and another out of town business who cooperated with police during the investigation. In addition Police Detectives recovered some jewelry at the first floor apartment at 13 Genoa Avenue during a search warrant during the evening. The suspect also confessed to housebreaks which had occurred on Grant Street, Emmons Street, Meade Street, West Walnut Street and Cedar Street during the past week.


Craig Allen Carr

DOB 10/12/1985

40 Pearl Street Milford, MA is being charged with:


(5) Counts of Breaking and Entering with intent to commit a felony

(5) Counts Larceny over $250

(1) Count of Larceny over $250 by Single Scheme

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Wants Street Named Marjorie Peloquin Drive



I would like to take this opportunity to vent the frustration and disappointment of the residents of Front, Ash and Clinton Streets in Hopkinton at the name of Marjorie Peloquin's driveway at 30 Front Street- what was to be named Peloquin Estates by Summit Realty.


Marjorie Peloquin was a generous lady that gave of herself in many ways.  She was a self taught typist, and an accomplished musician as was her husband Verne.  Verne was a professor at the New England Conservatory of Music and tortured many a music student during his Sunday sessions.

Marjorie played the piano, french horn, violin and flute.  She was an avid bird watcher and dog lover.  All 4 of her beloved dogs rest in peace on what was her property.   



She allowed anyone who respected her property access with the exception of motorized vehicles out of respect for the creatures that called her property home. 


Many a Wednesday, several mounted riders would march on to the property and the hunt would commence complete with real fox and hound.  She allowed horse enthusiasts, bird watchers, dog walkers and just plain folks to picnic on her beautiful property. 

I was told by Marjorie that the builder of her home walked in to the woods until he could no longer hear traffic - and built.  This was her heaven.  This was where she was happiest and spend her days until the age of 93 when health forced her to be cared for elsewhere. 


She struggled to keep the land as is for not only her enjoyment, but the enjoyment of all who wanted access and for the respect of the environment.


Cobbler's Way? 


I'm told that research was done and that there was once a cobbler here in the Front/Ash/Clinton Street area.  I've researched and found a barber - and records of a Speak Easy during prohibition - but no cobbler.  There was a potato farm across the street - and a black Angus farm up the street.  There was a horse farm as well - but no cobbler.  Aparilla Farm was named exactly that - named after the Black Angus farm.


Marjorie Peloquin's Drive should be named exactly that - Peloquin's Drive - or at least something that is associated with Marjorie.   Perhaps a petitions in order - because you got a lot of unhappy tax payers in the Front, Ash and Clinton Street area.


Please re-consider the name Cobbler's Way out of respect for a long time resident that was loved and is missed.


Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.


Jan Lake (For her Mom)

Jeanne Taylor

19 Front Street

Hopkinton, MA 01748

August 4, 2010

Hopkinton State Park Main Beach Closed

Upper Beach Open

August 4, 2010 — A DCR employee looks at the signs on the lifeguard station as a red, graphical "no swimming" flag took the place of the half-dozen or so red-suited lifeguards, who were sitting at a bench behind the main building instead. The beach was closed due to a high bacteria count, according to one employee.

       The upper beach is still open, the employee stated, because the larger mass of water can disperse bacteria more easily.


Contractor Looks to Finish Downtown Signals by August 18, 2010


In an email to Baystone Development's Steven Zieff, Joe Bellofatto of Bell Traffic, contractor for the project outlined the following timeframe for completion of the new traffic signalization required of Legacy Farms in the Host Community Agreement with the Town of Hopkinton:


·     8/6/10-Sawcut road crossings for trench excavation, installation of New Control Cabinet/bypass meter, install Mast-Arm Shafts, ornamental pedestal, ornamental  dress covers.

·       8/9/10- Mast Arm/Signals/Video Detection installation

·    8/10/10-8/13/10- roadway trench excavation, conduit installation, trench restoration, multi-conductor/grounding cable/service wire installation towards end of this week.

·         8/16 -8/18-Finish Cable-Wiring and activation of new Traffic Signal System and video detection, remove and stacking of existing Traffic Signal System and existing foundations w/ related sidewalk patching, fine tune and adjust new Traffic Signal System operation.


NOTE photo: Orange barrels cover bases for lights and control systems.

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Municipal Water use restriction update August 4th 2010

Please be advised that we are required to implement further water restrictions based on the water levels in the Hopkinton Reservoir [Above]. Due to the continued decline in reservoir levels, all outdoor use other than hand watering of flowers and vegetable gardens outside of the hours of 9 AM to 5:00 PM, is now restricted. These restrictions apply only to users of the municipal water system.


Thank for your cooperation in this extremely important matter to help maintain an adequate water supply for daily essential needs and fire protection.

Eric Carty, Water/Sewer manager

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Selectmen Approve of Khumalo's Choice for DPW Director

by Derek Dobachesky

August 3, 2010 — The Hopkinton Board of Selectmen welcomed the town’s new Director of the Department of Public Works and debated, inconclusively, whether to extend the town-wide hiring freeze it instituted two years ago at its meeting Tuesday night.

                The Board of Selectmen also delayed setting goals for Town Manager Norman Khumalo and deciding whether to temporarily lift the current hiring freeze to fill an administrative assistant position at the Community Preservation Committee.

                The meeting followed an executive session in which the Selectmen engaged in contract negotiations for the police lieutenant’s position. Selectman Ben Palleiko, who was out of town, was absent from the meeting.

                The new DPW Director, Brendan O’Regan, was appointed by Khumalo with the approval of the Selectmen at tonight’s meeting, following a process that included two interviews, a background check and interviews with his references.

                O’Regan has worked in public works for the past 14 years, first as superintendent of the sewer department for nine years and then for five years as Director of Public Services for the city of Newburyport, MA. He earned his master’s in civil engineering from Northeastern in 1992 and his bachelor’s in 1988.

                Selectmen Todd Cestari, who was involved in the interview process, said of O’Regan, “ I think he’s going to be a real benefit and a strong addition to the town.”

                The Board of Selectmen engaged in some heated debate over whether to extend the current hiring freeze it implemented starting in fiscal year 2009. Selectwoman Michelle Gates voiced her opinion that the Selectmen should consider lifting the hiring freeze permanently. Gates said that, while she has not approved most of the six hires the Board of Selectmen has made, all of the candidates that Khumalo recommended to the Board of Selectmen were ultimately hired, with the Selectmen temporarily suspending the hiring freeze each time—indicating the Board of Selectmen generally trusts Khumalo’s judgment.

                Five of the six hires were to fill positions that had become vacant, while the one new position filled was that of IT Director for the town—a task that had previously been completed by several employees in different departments.

                “I’m inclined to believe that we would have arrived at the same number of hires that arrived at with the hiring freeze,” Khumalo said of the process.

                Board of Selectmen Chairman RJ Dourney spoke in favor of the hiring freeze.

                “I think staying the course of this fiscally conservative point of view is the right thing to do,” Dourney said.

                Ultimately, the Board of Selectmen decided to continue discussing the hiring freeze as part of its working session with Khumalo to determine his goals for FY2011, with the possibility of incorporating a specific hiring limit for the fiscal year.

                The Board of Selectmen announced the town had received an award of $1 million in Affordable Housing Trust Funds for the Mayhew Court project from the Department of Housing and Community Development. The project, which is being undertaken by the Hopkinton Housing Authority, includes a total of 12 affordable housing units, of which there are seven two-bedroom and five three-bedroom units.

                In other business, the Selectmen approved the sale of a 4,211 square foot piece of land at 84 West Main St. for $5,400 and signed the conveyance of the deed for the land. The Selectmen were authorized to sell the land by a vote at the Annual Town Meeting on May 3.

                The Selectmen did not act on an item to temporarily lift the hiring freeze in order to hire a part-time administrative assistant for the Community Preservation Committee. Khumalo and Dourney stated that the person in this position would ensure accountability by overseeing the CPC’s finances and making sure that the committee, which is composed of volunteers, was spending and awarding its funds efficiently. Gates voiced concern that the administrative assistant would be completing tasks that the Permanent Building Committee can perform. The Selectmen delayed action on this item due to the absence of CPC Chairman John Coolidge, and will reconsider it at a future meeting.

                The Board of Selectmen meets next on Tuesday, August 24 at 6:30 p.m. in Room 215 at Town Hall.

Seniors Have Friends

Senior Moments

Nancy L. Drawe



August 3, 2010 — “You’ve Got A Friend,” was once again the theme of last Friday’s annual “Bring a Friend Day” at the Hopkinton Senior Center—their fourth year!   Since the first three years of this event were such a huge success, the seniors were once again invited to bring their “little friends” to the center for another fun afternoon.  The friends could be grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors, etc.  It was amazing to see the vast array of age groups that arrived—from toddlers to teens.  It was cute watching everyone give their grandchildren tours of the place; they all got to see where Grandma and Grandpa come for their own fun time!  One of the nice things was to actually meet some of the grandchildren that we hear about so often and to see the “returns” who came back for their fourth year in a row, as well as lots of new little faces. 


Previously, the Friends of the Seniors had set up “Game Stations,” where the kids could play such games as Bean Bag Toss, Fishing, Chair Volleyball, etc., but this year, they opted for something a little bit different.  They hired Mike Catalano, owner of Little Feats in Milford to come and entertain the kids with his various fitness games.  Mike got everyone (parents and grandparents alike) involved--all playing hula hoop, bumper cars, a mini fitness course and the very popular parachute!  It was so nice to see kids enjoy the fun games that were also great exercises for them.


Lunch time was pretty quiet since everyone was eating hamburgers and hot dogs grilled by George Brown and Maureen Aylward.   Lunch was free for all the kids and only $5.00 per adult. Special treats of cookies and cupcakes were made by June Mackin.   It was too funny, there were lots of little ketchup and watermelon covered faces running around—very cute!     


A display table was set up with little stuffed animals, fun hats, whistles, bouncy balls, airplanes, etc.   As each child arrived, they received a prize ticket, and at the end of the afternoon when their number was called, they got to choose a prize from the table.   That was so exciting for them, looking over everything and deciding which one to pick.  Everyone left the center that afternoon with their special prizes and a happy smile, already looking forward to next year for “Bring a Friend Day 5!”  A sign of a pretty successful day, don’t you think?


Cheers to everyone who made “Bring a Friend Day 4,” such a wonderful time for everyone! 


That’s it for now, so if you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me:  Until next time, have a great week!

“Hopkinton Summer Sizzler American League"

Runners-Up for the age 9/10A division



The team enjoyed a successful season with 7 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss. They went on to win both games in the first two rounds of the play-offs, but were defeated by Medway in the Championship game on Sunday, August 1st.

Above: Front Row:  Zachary Rogers, Michael Ianelli, Jake Rodriguez, Jake McDonald. Second Row:  Jimmy Adams, John Morningstar. Third Row:  William Huebner, Spencer Asselin, Alex MacDonald. Fourth Row:  Ryan Hardenbrook, Ethan Student. Back Row:  Coach Karl Morningstar, Head Coach John Rogers, Coach Bernie Student

Missing from photo:  Andrew Palleiko and Coach Ben Palleiko

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Photography Enthusiasts

August 3, 2010 — These young women are using their break time from Stryker Biotech on South Street to take photographs of Hopkinton Downtown, which they will share with one another and offer critiques and constructive criticism.

Sidewalk Garden

August 3, 2010 — Austin gives a little extra effort weeding the sidewalk this morning in front of the HopNews office.

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Family Hosts Fresh Air Child


Photo:TJ Olney (10) and Devonte Cenat (11) Taken at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln


August 2, 2010 — Last summer we signed up to host a boy from Bronx, NY, Devonte,  for one week, mainly to keep our then 9-year old son, TJ, company while his sisters were away on a church-sponsored mission trip. He is a participant in the Fresh Air Fund. We took Devonte to a family vacation house in Mattapoisett, where he swam in salt water for the first time, learned how to ride a bike, took a ride on a motor boat for the first time, and experienced summer nights outside playing flashlight tag with a group of kids.


Devonte had never been allowed outside at night before because his mother was “afraid of stray bullets” in the city. It was a wonderful experience not only for him, but for our family as well. My son realized he has a wealth of things he can do that other children do not have. We knew we would invite Devonte back again this year and we were able to take him back to the beach house, which he loved, but also spent a lot of time going to local farms and farm stands, exploring vegetable gardens teaching him how different vegetables grow. He got to see a cow being milked, collected eggs from a hen house and helped cook the fresh produce we had picked up. He enjoyed going sailing, climbing trees and sitting on the deck for dinner and listening to the crickets at night.


There are so many wonders of nature that we take for granted. Children from the city are amazed to see where food really comes from. It was a great experience for us and him. We are already thinking of new adventures for next summer!


~Martha Olney

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New DPW Director Hired - To Be Confirmed by Majority Vote of Selectmen Tuesday

August 2, 2010 — Brendan O'Regan, former Director of Public Services for Newburyport, Massachusetts, has been hired by Hopkinton Town Manager Norman Khumalo to be Hopkinton's new Director of Public Works; but now must pass muster with the Board of Selectmen, who have put the matter on their agenda for Tuesday evening. A majority vote of the Board is necessary, according to Mr. Khumalo, to "affirm" the appointment.

        "I look forward to working with the town and getting as much done as possible," Mr. O'Regan said in a phone interview this afternoon.

         David Hanlon, Chairman of the Newburyport Sewer Commission said today, "Brendan comes with a tremendous amount of public works experience, as well as with capital budgets and rate setting." (Photo not yet available)


Police News UP-TO-DATE

August 2, 2010

Click above for full report


8:42pm Leman Lane, Woman  reports there is a bat in her home...


1:46pm  The Manager from Papa Gino's in Ashland reporting their delivery driver was just bitten by  a dog on North Mill Street...


5:24pm A Cross Street caller reports a man she has a no trespass order against just tried to open her back door...


August 2, 2010 — Dan, a cook at Bill's Pizza, awaits his ride among the lush Hopkinton Garden Club plantings in front of Town Hall this afternoon. Hopefully, those legs will familiar to his Mom, who is picking him up.

Orange Crush U12 Softball Champions


August 2, 2010 — The Hopkinton based U12 Orange Crush softball team last weekend went 6 and 0 and defeated the Maine Frozen Ropes 7-0 in the finals to capture the Gilford, New Hampshire club tournament championship.  On Sunday in elimination games they defeated 2 teams from New Hampshire 9-0 in 5 innings and 15-0 in 3 innings.  The team has the following 7 players from Hopkinton: Hanna Engstrom, Kate Welzel, Kayla Sullivan, Courtney Tapley, Juliet Hulme, Alissa Karjel, and Brooke Martin. 

     In the first game on Sunday, Hanna Engstrom and Casey Sheehan sparked the offense with big hits and Lea Hyland was strong at 3rd base.  Alissa Karjel tossed a no-hitter with 11 strikeouts on the mound over 5 innings in a mercy run win.

     In the second game the hitting of Kayla Sullivan and Courtney Tapley led the attack as the team scored 15 runs to end the game after 3 innings in a mercy run win   Juliet Hulme did not give up a hit and struck out 6.

     In the championship game Kate Welzel led the offense with 3 hits and 3 RBI’s and Brooke Martin keyed the defense with her outstanding play behind the plate.  On the mound Alissa Karjel and Juliet Hulme combined on a 2 hit shut-out.

     Over the course of the spring and summer season the Orange Crush team went 47-9. The team advance to the finals of 4 tournaments, came in 3rd place twice including at the Mass State A level championship, and went 4 and 2 in the double elimination New England Regional.  The only teams to defeat the team were Regional or New England State Champions.

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