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The HipShot Band Plays at Sunday Concerts on the Common


July 25, 2010 — The HipShot Band brought their high energy performance to the Hopkinton Common for the Sunday night concert on the common. See a high definition video clip of a song, as well as an introduction by the drummer's young son for HopNews readers only.

Lone Occupant Escapes House Fire

July 25, 2010 — A lone occupant escaped a house fire early Saturday morning on Priscilla Road after being awaked by battery-powered smoke alarms. According to Lt. William Lukey, the fire started in the electrical service in the basement, knocking out power to the home. Hopkinton has required the installation of hard-wired smoke detectors in all new construction, upgrades, property transfers and refinancing, since a Town Meeting vote in 1988, according to the lieutenant. Lt. Lukey said it has worked out well; but he was unsure if this 1950's era ranch home had both battery-powered and hard-wired detectors.

      According to Fire Chief ken Clark, all new or upgraded construction requires hard-wired detectors as well as a battery backup.

      "Fortunately, no one was hurt. Unfortunately, he lost a couple of cats," Lt. Lukey said.

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The Hardy Brave the Storm


July 25, 2010 — Thanks to modern technology, Doppler radar and good decision making by organizer Michelle Gates, the HipShot band stayed to entertain the crowd on the Hopkinton Common, despite several minutes of rain and dark clouds. Doppler showed the top edge of the storm passing by, with the bulk of it passing to the south. Above, three singers from HipShot Band Tristian Leach, Ashley Leveroni, Tori Boyd.

      Thanks to recently acquired technology, this photo was uploaded from the Common while the band performed.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Gimme Shelter

July 25, 2010 — This group had a great place to conduct their meeting yesterday, as the skies opened up all around them.

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Ready, Aim, FIRE!!

July 25, 2010 — This group of sailing students felt skilled enough to stand and fire water cannons at one another this past week on Hopkinton Reservoir. Photo by Amy Markovich.

 ESL's October play will be:
The Glass Menagerie
Directed by Paul Champlin
Auditions Monday July 26, 7:00 p.m. at the CAA/ESL Farmhouse
98 Hayden Rowe St., Hopkinton
or by appointment (contact us to schedule a time)
Show will take place in October
Audition consists of readings from the script

Parts include:

  • Amanda Wingfield, a woman abandoned by her husband some 16 years ago, trying to raise her children under harsh financial conditions. Her devotion to her children has made her, she admits at one point, a "witch," and she longs for the kind of Old South gentility and comforts which she remembers from her youth for her children. Once a Southern belle, she still clings to whatever powers vivacity and charm can muster.

  • Laura Wingfield, Amanda's daughter. She is slightly crippled and has an extra-sensitive mental condition.

  • Tom Wingfield, Amanda's son. He works in a warehouse but aspires to be a writer. He feels both obligated toward yet burdened by his family.

  • Jim O'Connor, a workmate of Tom's (a shipping clerk) and acquaintance of Laura's from high school, he is also the physical representation of all Laura's desires and all Amanda's desires for her daughter. He is invited over to the Wingfields' house for dinner with the intent of being Laura's first gentleman caller. He seems like a dream come true for the Wingfields.


    Rumbling Overhead

    July 24, 2010 — At the first rumble of thunder, Hopkinton State officials evacuated the beaches for safety reasons. It appears, judging from the umbrella in the foreground, that at least one family planned on returning.

    Seafood Bake

    Woodville Rod & Gun Club

    Saturday, August 7, 2010

    Beginning at 1:00 pm


         The Woodville Rod and Gun Club is having a Seafood Bake on Saturday, August 7 at 1:00 p.m. The menu consists of a lobster, steamed clams, clam chowder, clam fritters, corn, and mussels in wine sauce.

         For an adult ticket  ($30.00) you get the works: a Lobster, steamed clams, chicken  etc. Mussels come out at 1:00 p.m.  Steamers at 3:00.  Chicken and lobsters come out a 5:00.  For $10.00: no lobster or steamers, but you get everything else.   Kids under 12 pay $5.00.   Kids 5 years and under are free.  There will be free hot dogs and hamburgers all day.

    Summer Rerun 

    Inky Fair and Doug Betschart perform in the reprise video below, one of the first HopNews YouTube videos. (Poor video quality, great sound).
    They will be joined by former bandmate Tom Yates at TCAN tonight, July 24, 2010


    From TCAN (The Center for the Arts in Natick):

    14 Summer Street
    Natick, MA  01760

    Saturday, July 24 at 8pm.


    Fair, Yates & Betschart


    "Now an annual event at TCAN, expect another "spirited" reunion of friends at this special FYB concert event.

    It was 1977 when Inky Fair, Tom Yates (also lead guitarist with the Paisley Project, together with TCAN's own David Lavalley), and Doug Betschart started performing weekly at a spooky little mansion in Framingham called Timothy's Spirits Company - and five years later they were still packing the house to a very dedicated following.

    With an unusual combination of bass pedals, drums, organs, and guitars Fair, Yates & Betschart perform originals and an eclectic mix of covers ranging from David Bowie to Genesis, Pure Prairie League to Frank Zappa, Hendrix to Neil Young. Expect some surprises."

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    Herr Questions Lamb's Republican Credentials


    HOPKINTON - Brian Herr, Republican candidate for Congress, questioned Marty Lamb's inflammatory campaign tactics Thursday morning following a story in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette on Lamb's public voting record.
    Lamb "first enrolled as a Republican less than a year ago and voted as a Democrat in state and presidential primary elections in 2006, 2004 and 2000," the Worcester Telegram & Gazette reported Thursday.

    "The facts are the facts in the article," said Herr.  "In his latest release he is trying to deflect attention from his public voting record by throwing Ronald Reagan's name around and making outrageous claims.  It does not change the fact that Marty Lamb voted as a Democrat in primary elections in 2000, 2004 and 2006."

    Herr continued: "I have been a Republican activist and elected official for many years.  Mr. Lamb voted as a Democrat in 4 out of 5 elections held from 2000 to 2008.   I understand that he is frustrated by these damaging facts, but I am not the one who pulled Democrat ballots at the polls.  Our campaign only deals in facts and public policy issues, not personal attacks."
    "I think the real question is if he has been so willing to change his party registration in the past, how do we know if he was elected to congress that he won't do it again?" asked Herr. HopNews File photo.

    Hopkinton Center for the Arts Completes Phase I of Fundraising

    Goal of $50,000 met - Next Goal is $400,000

    Please take 87 seconds to check out the young ESL actors in the HD video below. They did an improvisation at the request of the HopNews cameraman and they came across like pros. This skit is also featured in the longer video of the event.


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      H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

     10 yr old Tondorf Champions

     Hopkinton's 10 yr old Tondorf  team finished with an overall record of 12-1-1 and captured the Tondorf Championship with a victory over Ashland Wednesday night in Medway.


    Front: Batboy Andrew Gaughan

    Row1: Coach Ed McMillan, Brett McIntire, Ryan Wolfe, Johnny Schiloski, Scott Babigian, Dawson McMillan, Marc Saklad, Head Coach Ray Leblanc

    Row2: Coach Scott McIntire, Justin Blanchard, Brian Gaughan, Anthony Farina, Jake Leblanc, Zack Sisitsky, Griffin Zack, Coach Don Wolfe


    Positively Hopkinton

    Couple Sets Lofty Goal

    Wants to raise $30,000 for Pan Mass Challenge

    Above, guests at the Bird's garden party enjoy some hors d'oeuvres while others check out the auction items. The Band Shut Up James played as party goers enjoyed the atmosphere.


    July 23, 2010 — Moved by the death of his sister from cancer, Stephen Bird and his wife Diane of Hearthstone Lane held an extravagant lawn party last evening to bring attention to their 184-mile bicycle ride for the Pan Mass Challenge, an event dedicated to Dana Farber Institute. They will be joined by friends Sam Green, Suzanne Wright and Vicki Griffin. In a letter to friends, Stephen writes:

    "We have all been touched by cancer in some way.  The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is working diligently to put an end to this horrible disease.  Since 1980, the PMC has contributed more than $300 million to cancer treatment and research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.


    I hope you will support my challenge of raising $5,000 by giving a gift and in doing so help bring an end to the challenge of cancer.  100% of your tax deductible donation will go directly to cancer research!


    To make an e-gift, you can access my PMC website by going to:

    To donate via check, please make it payable to PMC Fund and mail it to my attention at 9 Hearthstone Rd, Hopkinton, MA 01748."


    Below, see the beautiful setting for the party in the Bird's backyard, see them speak, and check out Shut Up James as they play.



    Three Towns Join Forces to Lobby for Regional Say in Casino Choice

    Chairmen of the Boards of Selectmen of Ashland, Holliston and Hopkinton have jointly sent letters to three state representatives and three state senators who are heading conference committees that are hammering out the details of what is hoped to be the final bill to allow casinos in Massachusetts.


    The letters ask for local and regional control, each town for different reasons. The letters are here.

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    Hopkinton 11 year old team that competed in the Tondorf baseball tournament in Medway in 2nd place.

    Hopkinton 11 year old team that competed in the Tondorf baseball tournament in Medway.  The team had a very successful tournament and finished in 2nd place.

    Front Row (Left to Right) Max Teitelman, Ryan Branch, Jon Wolf, Alex Reynolds, Cam Asselin, Cole Dragsbaek

    Middle Row (Left to Right) Tom Onsi, Tim Simoes, Jack Nealon, Nick Stanley, Nate Tuite, JH Vokey

    Back Row (Left to Right) Doug Onsi - assistant coach, Dave Teitelman - head coach, Paul Reynolds - assistant coach, Torin Dragsbaek - assistant coach

    "Hopkinton is using its same old movie script, with different actors."

    ~ Marie Parente, former State Rep for Milford. Read story in MDN

      Hopkinton receives $1,600 GRANT FOR LOSS CONTROL AND SAFETY EFFORTS

    (July 21, 2010)
    – As part of its commitment to safety and controlling costs, the town of Hopkinton has received a $1,600 grant that will be used to purchase a replacement gas detector used by water and sewer department employees to monitor air quality and safety before entering confined work spaces.


    The Loss Control Grant is from the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association (MIIA), the municipality’s property and casualty insurance provider. MIIA Loss Control Grants are available to its member municipalities who may apply for funds upon recognizing a need in their community. Grants are awarded to fund equipment purchases and to implement training programs that address safety and loss prevention issues. These proactive efforts help avoid accidents and potentially costly claims to protect the municipality, its employees and its citizens.


    The Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association (MIIA) is the non-profit insurance arm of the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA). As a member-based organization, MIIA’s only focus is to provide excellent service and quality risk management solutions to Massachusetts municipalities and related public entities. Municipal insurance its only business, MIIA insures nearly 400 cities, towns, and other public entities in Massachusetts. For more information please visit and

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    My Name is Bubba


    As you can see, as an indoor cat, I've had a longing for the out of doors in the Ash Street/Front Street area for some time now. I finally got my wish.


    A few days ago my curiosity got the better of me, and I bolted out the open door. What a mistake that was.


    I miss my family and I miss my special friend, Melanie. If you brought me into your home, because you thought I was abandoned, please stop feeding me your delicious food, and call Melanie right away to pick me up. I promise I won't get curious again. Her number is 508-371-5499.

    Steps to Success

    4- Day Basketball Clinic 2010

    with Girls HS Basketball Coach Rita Atkinson and coaching staff.


    At Hopkinton High School

    August 2-5


    Grades 3, 4, 5

    Grades 6, 7, 8, 9

    (Entering in fall)


    Contact Rita Atkinson:

    Cell: 508-259-8600

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      H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

    State Police Trooper, Good Samaritans, Rescue Trapped Driver

    Saved from burning vehicle on Route I-195

    July 21, 2010 — A State Trooper, with the assistance of three Good Samaritans, pulled a trapped driver out of this Jeep Cherokee in Swansea early this morning, moments before the sport utility vehicle became engulfed in flames. ~ MASSACHUSETTS STATE POLICE PHOTO


    At 12:58 a.m. today, Massachusetts State Trooper Allyson Powell, who is assigned to the Dartmouth Barracks, observed an overturned and burning Jeep Grand Cherokee off the side of Route 195 eastbound in Swansea.  The Jeep’s injured driver was wearing a seatbelt and was trapped inside the vehicle.


    Trooper Powell immediately began working to extricate the trapped man. She was quickly joined in the rescue effort by two men and a woman, all of whom who had been driving by and stopped to help. Trooper Powell cut the seat belt and pulled the driver out of the Jeep just before it became fully engulfed in flames. 


    The driver, MICHAEL CANTY, 23, of Mattapoisett, was transported by ambulance to Rhode Island Hospital in Providence with serious injuries. CANTY was charged with operating under the influence of liquor, operating to endanger and speeding, and will be summonsed court.


    • Robert Flanagan of Denver, Colorado
    • George Flanagan of Swansea
    • Maureen Estes of Swansea

    State Police were assisted at the scene by the Swansea Fire and Police Departments, as well as cruisers working a nearby detail.


    Trooper Powell sustained minor injuries and was treated at Charlton Hospital.


    Hopkinton Designated a Green Community by Deval Patrick Hopkinton Receives Grant

         July 21, 2010 — Hopkinton has received the awaited Green Communities Grant, which was applied for in June following a May visit by Governor Deval Patrick. The $137,502 grant will fund municipal energy efficiency programs.

         During the Governor's spring visit (Video, left), he designated Hopkinton among 35 cities and towns as Green Communities. An announcement from town manager Norman Khumalo is here.

     Heidi Kriger, Chief Financial Officer, Seeking Donations

    ...for Pan Mass Challenge


    The 31st annual PMC will be held on August 7 & 8, 2010. It will begin on Friday, August 6, with an opening ceremony that will be televised live on NECN. The ride has two starting lines on Saturday, Aug. 7, in Sturbridge and in Wellesley, and four finish lines: one-day riders finished in Bourne on Saturday, Aug. 7 or in Wellesley on Sunday, Aug. 8, and two-day riders finished on Sunday, Aug. 8, in either Wellesley or Provincetown.


    Heidi Kriger — with four other friends —  will be participating in her eleventh year of riding in the Pan Mass Challenge, and her fourth as cancer survivor herself, to raise funds for Dana Farber Cancer Institute. (File photo)


    "I plan to ride until a cure is found," she said.


    Her ride is August 7 & 8, 2010 from Wellesley to Provincetown.


    The link to make donations on her behalf is:

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    Save the date:

    Hopkinton Hiller Cheer Car Wash

    July 31

    9:30 - 1:30

    $8 per car

    Location: J.C. Parmenter, 85 Hayden Rowe

    All in the Family

    July 19, 2010 — Above, like the spider to the fly, John Ritz eyeballs his next subject to capture with his camera. He will offer the shot to director, Andy Ritz, photo below, who is his son. The director will decide whether or not to use the shot, or will ask for another one. They were volunteering for HCAM community television during the Sunday Concerts on the Common. Mary Arnaut is in the background in the shot above with her tripod and camera.

        Below, Director Andy Ritz handles the switches that choose which camera will be live, and displayed on the top monitor. The band is on the Veterans Memorial Gazebo to his right, rear, but Andy sees them through one of the camera lenses off-camera to his left.

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    AG Coakley Cautions Consumers


    In light of recent cases brought by her office, Attorney General Martha Coakley has issued the following consumer advisory to help people protect themselves when dealing with credit repair companies. AG Coakley reminds consumers that they can monitor their credit reports on their own, and that they should be cautious of any for-profit credit repair company that attempts to charge advance fees, guarantees certain results, or claims to be able to remove all the negative information on a credit report. 

           “Due to the current state of the economy, many people have unfortunately continued to build up debt on their credit cards,” said Attorney General Coakley “Credit pressures are mounting, and unscrupulous businesses will prey on the fact that consumers are in a vulnerable economic situation. Consumers can take the first step to protect themselves by requesting a free copy of their credit report and demanding the correction of any inaccurate information.”

           Under federal law, credit bureaus are not required to remove negative information from your credit report unless it is inaccurate or more than seven years old, or ten years old for bankruptcies.  Consumers should not be misled by credit repair companies which make claims about fixing their credit that are simply too good to be true.  Not only are these companies charging fees for something consumers can do for free, but if they ask consumers to pay a fee up front, before they achieve results, they are violating state and federal law.

    The Attorney General advises the following if you are having credit problems:

    • Obtain a free copy of your credit report directly from the credit bureaus.

    • If you see inaccurate information on your credit report, contact the credit bureau directly to request a correction.

    • Contact your creditors immediately if you are having trouble making payments.

    • Determine a monthly payment that you can and will make. Many creditors will try to work out a suitable payment schedule if they believe you are acting in good faith.

           If consumers continue to have problems in reducing their debt, they may want to seek assistance from a credit services organization to provide advice or negotiate on their behalf to try to reduce their credit balances.  A for-profit company providing these services may not charge up-front fees for such services. 

           If, however, a consumer wants assistance in creating a debt management plan, whereby the consumer makes an agreed-upon monthly payment to the credit counselor, who periodically distributes the money to the consumer’s creditors, that credit counselor must be either a licensed attorney or a nonprofit organization.

           Consumers seeking to hire someone for any kind of credit services should check references and only hire a reputable attorney or entity.

           Consumers interested in monitoring or improving their credit should follow the guidance provided on the Federal Trade Commission website, (search for “Credit Repair How to Help Yourself” or click here.)  The FTC website includes a sample letter that consumers can use to challenge inaccurate information on their credit report.  Some credit bureaus also allow consumers to dispute credit report inaccuracies directly on the credit bureau website.

            Federal law provides that all individuals are entitled to one credit report from each credit bureau free of charge once every 12 months.  Consumers can request their free annual credit report online at, or by calling 1-877-322-8228, or by completing the Annual Credit Report Request Form (available online) and mailing it to:

    Annual Credit Report Request Service
    P.O. Box 105281
    Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

           In addition to a free annual credit report, if a consumer is subject to any adverse action, such as a denial of credit, due to information in your credit report, the person or entity initiating the action must identify the credit bureau or bureaus that provided the credit reports.  Consumers have a right to request a copy of their credit report from those bureaus.

    For additional information on dealing with credit problems, or to file a complaint about a credit repair company, log onto the Attorney General’s website or call the consumer hotline at (617) 727-8400.

    Police News UP-TO-DATE

    July 19, 2010

    Click above for full report


    7:21 am  A caller reported a vehicle was parked behind a building on South Street, the rear window was smashed out and there was a person in the vehicle...


    7:38 pm  A 911 caller on Cedar Street reported a man riding a bicycle and believe the man was highly intoxicated and was bleeding from the head..


    2:46 am Officer Peter Booth was informed by the clerk at the gas station on West Main Street that there was someone rustling around in the woods behind the gas station...

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      H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

    Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

    Compiled  for by Austin Falcione © 2010 All Rights Reserved


    Transactions from June 28, 2010 - Jul 5, 2010






    199 Wood Street David Orenstein, Allison Orenstein $585,000 July 12, 2010  Ryan Davenport, Katherine Davenport
    7 Jackson Street James Ryan, Angela Ryan $810,000 July 15, 2010  Richard Babb, Maria Babb
    5 Lilac CT. Elisa Busa $265,000 July 16, 2010  Deborah Kavanagh
    17 Tammer Lane Chris Fargiano, Amanda Fargiano $770,000 July 16, 2010  Stephen Gorman, Tamara Gorman
    8 Sylvan Way Stephen Gorman, Tamara Gorman $1,500,000 July 16, 2010 Yolanda Scaramuzzo, John Scaramuzzo
    Last Week        
    65 Walcott Valley Dr. Chun Chi Chen $165,000 July 9, 2010  Vijay Patel
    9 Stonegate Rd. Gary R. Jaye & Allyson K. Jaye $940,000 July 7, 2010  James A. Dolce Jr. & Leslie J. Dolce
    3 Alexander Rd. Matthew Strother & Heather Preslar $458,900 July 6, 2010  Zachariah T. Thomas & Smitha S. Abraham
    38 Falcon Ridge Dr. Aimee K. Michael Gangl & Eric T. Gangl $675,000 July 6, 2010  Robin B. Jacqmein & William M. Jacqmein





    18 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748

    508-497-9700 Norman Khumalo

    508-497-9702 (FAX) Town Manager

    The Town of Hopkinton is pleased to announce the final payment in the amount of $1,250,000 coming from the state MORE grant for the Hopkinton-Milford sewer connection project. Construction of the Milford-Hopkinton sewer connection is now in progress and, as designed, will be completed August. This project will allow for the expansion of the town’s commercial businesses along South Street.


    Norman Khumalo, Town Manager

    Sunday on the Common

    July 18, 2010 — Seven year-old Amelia Bashy shows grace, form and poise as she gets ready to return a  paddleball serve from her dad as the band Road Dawgs performed on the Hopkinton Common as part of the Sunday night Concerts on the Common.

    "Baby Girl" Missing


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    ESL Barnraiser - The Video

    See improvs by Samurai Warrior and young actors

    Enjoy a Hi-Def video of excerpts from Saturday's ESL barnraiser. Kelly Grill explains the goals and needs of ESL, the musicians perform; and the Samurai Warrior and four ESL youth actors do improvisations. This is a video you'll want to see more than once.



    Fun(d)-raising Barn-raiser


    July 18, 2010 — Above, Mary Scarlata-Rowe mugs for the camera at ESL's (Enter Stage Left) Barnraiser in conjunction with the CAA at the Terry Farmhouse on Hayden Rowe Street yesterday. The performers, family, and supporters enjoyed an afternoon of music, barbeque, ice cream, good company and more, to begin a fundraising goal of $1.5 million to renovate existing space, and to build an addition in the rear to become a town and regional performing arts center called the Hopkinton Center for the Arts. Check later for an HD video of some of the event, including improv performances by the ESL Samurai, ESL youth performers, and music by the Evan Goodrow Band, Barbara Kessler, Shecky and others.

          Below is Evan Goodrow front and center performing for the cause yesterday at the future home of the Hopkinton Center for the Performing Arts.

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