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 Simple Tips for Healthy Skin

July 18, 2010 — Dr. Louis Kuchnir spoke at Hopkinton Drug's Free Lecture Series last Wednesday, and took a moment to speak to HopNews readers about skin, above. July 28 is the next Free Lecture. Please check our Calendar for more information.

State Police "Troubled, Saddened, Angered..." by Losses


July 18, 2010 — Working on the side of the road, with vehicles passing mere feet, if not inches, away, is dangerous enough when the drivers are sober and mindful of all traffic laws. But add to that a driver who is impaired, speeding, aggressive or negligent and the scene is ripe for tragedy. That in and of itself is troubling, but as was evidenced this morning, our concerns are not only for troopers being struck, but also for the lives and safety of every citizen on our roads. Colonel Marian McGovern, her command staff, and the entire department is troubled, saddened -- and angered -- by any loss of life or serious injury on our roads. Injuries caused by impaired, negligent, distracted, aggressive or reckless drivers are unacceptable.

The last two weekends the department has run limited additional nighttime patrols across the state. We are reviewing ways to sustain the additional enforcement for a longer term period, and are reviewing best practices from agencies in other parts of the country for protection of troopers on the side of the road.

-David Procopio
Massachusetts State Police


State Police Identify Suspect Vehicle - Seek Public's Assistance


As one more update to yesterday's events, I wanted to provide an investigative update to the July 4 early morning hit-and-run crash that injured Trooper Sean McGarry on Route 128 southbound in Peabody.


At the time, we noted that the car that struck Trooper McGarry and fled onto Route 1 lost its passenger side mirror in the crash. That piece was the part of the car that hit the trooper, and we recovered it. Based on forensic testing and research on the piece, we have determined that the car that hit Trooper McGarry was a Mitsubishi Gallant, built within the last few years. It is either white or gray.


To reiterate, the suspect vehicle is a late-model (built within last few model years) Mitsubishi Gallant, either white or gray, that is missing a passenger side mirror, or that recently had a passenger side mirror replaced. Anyone who sees or knows of such a car, or who has information about the crash, is urged to call the State Police Danvers Barracks at (978) 538-6161.


Movie Night on the Common

July 17, 2010 — Black clouds rolling in brought an early dusk yesterday, as people gathered to see the feature movie on the Common. Next Friday night's movie, starting at dusk. is Robin Hood.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Fourth Trooper Injured on Duty in a Month's Time

Drunk Driver Charged After Trooper Injured During Motor Vehicle Stop


July 17, 2010 — Today at 2:26 a.m., Massachusetts State Trooper Corey Rose was struck from behind by an intoxicated driver while in his cruiser after he had pulled over another car.


Trooper Rose, who is assigned to the Dartmouth Barracks, had stopped a 2006 Chrysler Sebring driven by a Brockton woman for a motor vehicle violation on Route 24 northbound, past Route 140, in Taunton. The trooper was parked in the breakdown lane, processing the car stop in his cruiser, with his emergency lights fully activated.


A 1996 Volkswagen Jetta then struck the rear of the cruiser, trapping Trooper Rose in the cruiser while pushing it into the rear of the Chrysler that had been stopped.


The Chrysler, operated by Fatima Baptista, 22, of Brockton, received damage to the rear bumper.  Ms. Baptista received minor injuries and was transported by responding EMS personnel to Good Samaritan Hospital in Brockton.


Trooper Rose was able to exit his cruiser from the passenger’s side. He suffered minor injuries and was transported by responding EMS personnel to Good Samaritan Hospital. His cruiser sustained heavy damage to both the front and rear ends.  Trooper Rose was treated and released from the hospital several hours later.


The driver of the Volkswagen, MATTHEW CHARETTE, 24, of Bridgewater was transported by responding EMS personnel to Morton Hospital in Taunton, with minor injuries.


Evidence indicates that CHARETTE was driving while impaired. He was charged by State Police Sergeant Richard Teves with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and failing to move over for an emergency vehicle. Upon release from the hospital, CHARETTE was taken to the State Police barracks in Middleboro for booking.        


This morning's crash was the fourth time in the last month that a trooper has been struck in the line of duty. Last month, Sergeant Douglas Weddleton was killed when hit in Mansfield. Earlier this month, Trooper Sean McGarry and Captain Francis Hughes suffered injuries when struck on subsequent nights in Peabody and Cambridge, respectively. Arrests have been made in the crashes involving Sergeant Weddleton and Captain Hughes. State Police are looking for the driver who hit Trooper McGarry and fled the scene.


Route 24 northbound was closed for two hours during the response to and investigation of this morning's crash.  All three vehicles had to be towed from the scene. 


Mr. Charette was bailed out of the Middleboro Barracks and is due to be arraigned in Taunton District Court on Monday July 19th.

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First 60 Years are the toughest

Couple to celebrate Diamond Anniversary


July 17, 2010 — Dorothy Dunton and Dante DeFazio had no idea that their first meeting in the spring of 1949 at a North Adams State Armory dance would lead to an August 26, 1950 wedding at St. Francis Catholic Church in the same town. The whirlwind courtship began while Dante was on vacation from college and Dorothy was in the working world.


     According to Dorothy, Dante was persistent, as she danced with other guys at that first meeting, and Dante kept coming back. Despite not letting him walk her home — she was with her girlfriends — he asked to write her. After writing several letters, the couple met again to dance, but this time, they walked home together, and the romance grew; leading to a diamond a year later.


    The couple had five children; Laura Jackson of Hopkinton is their oldest daughter, living in Hopkinton with her husband Larry, where they raised three children themselves. In addition, the couple have 12 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.


     They will be celebrating their Diamond Anniversary on July 31, 2010 at the Ashland VFW, where Dante, a WWII veteran of the Army Air Corps, is a past commander. They have invited over 100 friends and family to the event.

Seafood Bake

Woodville Rod & Gun Club

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beginning at 1:00 pm


     The Woodville Rod and Gun Club is having a Seafood Bake on Saturday, August 7 at 1:00 p.m. The menu consists of a lobster, steamed clams, clam chowder, clam fritters, corn, and mussels in wine sauce.

     For an adult ticket  ($30.00) you get the works: a Lobster, steamed clams, chicken  etc. Mussels come out at 1:00 p.m.  Steamers at 3:00.  Chicken and lobsters come out a 5:00.  For $10.00: no lobster or steamers, but you get everything else.   Kids under 12 pay $5.00.   Kids 5 years and under are free.  There will be free hot dogs and hamburgers all day.

Last Hurrah in Under 19 Division

July 16, 2010 - Brandt C. Davies, 18, returned this week from the 2010 Under 19 Junior National Billiards 9-Ball Championships at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois with a 25th (tie) place finish.  Brandt was one of 23 players nationwide sponsored at this year’s event by the American Poolplayers Association (APA).  The tournament’s top 3 players will represent the USA at the WPA World Junior 9-Ball Championships in Las Vegas later this year.  Last year Brandt finished 25th (tie) at the 2009 National Championships and during the past year he has competed as a Junior Player (under 18) at APA tournaments in New England, including several stops on the Dominiak Cues Northeast 10-Ball Tour. 


 At this year’s National Championships Brandt dropped his first match (7-9), a nerve racking, nail-biting, cardiac delight, to a very worthy opponent from Oregon, who eventually finished in 9th place.   Rebounding from the setback, Brandt soundly defeated his 2nd opponent from Florida (9-2), but then fell to a sharp-shooter from Oklahoma (5-9), who finished in 17th place.   For the second year in a row, Brandt was also designated an Academic All-American, a distinction reserved to national participants with a 3.5 or higher GPA.   Brandt graduated from St. John’s High School in May as a National AP Scholar, and will attend Boston College’s Carroll School of Management in September.   This was Brandt’s final year of eligibility in the Under 19 division, and he hopes to represent Boston College at the 2011 ACUI Collegiate 9-Ball Championships next summer.

For additional information:


Sierra Club Endorses Congressman McGovern


WORCESTER, MA - July 15, 2010 – The Sierra Club formally endorsed Congressman Jim McGovern (MA-3) in his bid for reelection today. In their endorsement, the Sierra Club’s national Political Team and its Massachusetts Chapter cited McGovern’s “demonstrated commitment to protecting America’s environment.”


“I’m honored to be recognized by one of the most established environmental organizations and ‘smart energy’ promoters in the country,” said McGovern.


“Clean and alternative energy technology companies will be a key component as we continue to build an innovation economy here in Massachusetts.”


McGovern has consistently been recognized as a staunch advocate of alternative and renewable energy the environment, including in the creation of green and alternative energy jobs in the 3rd Congressional District. He has also spearheaded the effort to provide funding to local urban and suburban communities to preserve open space.


McGovern said that continuing to build an innovation economy and create clean energy jobs would be a top priority in his next term. “Our district is already a leader in this vital and growing industry, and we’re poised to expand over the coming years.”

Herr leads Primary Opponents in Fundraising, Key Endorsements and Grassroots Support in Massachusetts 3rd Congressional District

HOPKINTON - Brian Herr, Republican candidate for Congress, released his latest fundraising numbers and his first round of endorsements earlier today.

"Our momentum continues to build!  We lead all other candidates in the Republican primary with our strong grassroots support and fundraising," said Herr.

In the quarter ending 6/30/2010, Brian Herr raised $45,154 for a total raised of $66,502.  Herr noted that the bulk of the fundraising occurred after his term ended as Chairman of the Hopkinton Board of Selectman in mid-May. The campaign has no candidate loans or other debt obligations.  All of the funds raised are from individuals looking for change in Washington, DC.

"Fundraising is a key element to organizing, managing and running a successful campaign," said Herr.  "I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish to date.  We will continue to build a strong finance organization that will carry us though the primary and then on to victory in November."

Herr also took the opportunity to release his first round of endorsements from elected and appointed community leaders.

"To beat Jim McGovern in November, our nominee must be able to both raise money and develop a solid grassroots organization.  My campaign is the only one that has shown that it can do both," said Herr.  "I am pleased to have the backing and endorsement of so many leaders from across the 3rd Congressional District.  Each day we are honored by the number of new people who sign on to assist our campaign.  Come join us at!"

The following local elected officials and community leaders have formally endorsed Brian Herr for Congress. 
Many of them are current or former Selectmen. 

David Baird, Clinton, Paul Buckley, Seekonk, Michael Campbell, Ashland;Todd Cestari, Hopkinton; Ron Clark, Hopkinton; Nancy Clark, Hopkinton; Jim Coghlin Sr., Shrewsbury; William Connolly, Clinton Maureen Dwinnell, Hopkinton; John Ellsworth, Ashland; Jon Fetherstone, Ashland; Michelle Gates, Hopkinton; Wayne Griffin, Worcester, Dan Haley, Holliston; Jim Hatherley, Westborough; John Hogan, Clinton; Glenn Jones, Franklin; John Kirwan, Ashland; Sue Lampert, Hopkinton; Joseph Notaro, Clinton; Ben Palleiko, Hopkinton; Mike Pantos, Rutland; Andy Porter, Holliston; Lisa Prophet, Clinton; Eric Sonnett, Hopkinton; Ken Weismantel, Hopkinton

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18 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748


508-497-9700                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Norman Khumalo

508-497-9702 (FAX)                                                                                                                                                                                                               Town Manager                                                                                                                                                                              


July 14, 2010


Senate President Therese Murray

State House

Room 330

Boston, MA 02133


Dear Senate President Therese Murray:


The focus of the Gaming Bill currently in conference committee, of which you are an important member, is economic development and job creation.  Understanding your desire to make the addition of casinos to Massachusetts a net positive in these areas, I respectfully ask you consider the following comments in your drafting of the bill.


Hopkinton has a comprehensive master plan in place, which we have successfully used as a guiding document for many years.  Economic progress and business development are key components to this master plan, which has successfully served us as we have made Hopkinton a biotech hub in Massachusetts.  With support and assistance at the state level, we have attracted Fortune 500 companies such as EMC and biotech leaders such as Caliper, Lonza Biologics and Stryker, resulting in thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue for the Commonwealth. Hopkinton’s strong economic planning has led us to a 6.5% unemployment rate (well below the state and national average), strong schools and services, a balanced budget and a recently raised Standard and Poors rating of AA+. 


Hopkinton’s master plan and our successes would be placed at risk by the development of a casino in our immediate area.  I, therefore, ask you to champion the following as key specifics to the Gaming Bill currently under your review:


1.       Creating three (3) distinct regions, with only one resort casino license available for each region. The Greater Boston region, considered Region 1 in the Senate proposal, should include Boston Metro West and Worcester County.

2.       Creating a 40-mile buffer around each gaming establishment to prevent two casinos from being located within 40 miles of each other.

These two provisions will ensure that the local burdens of casinos will not be concentrated in any area of the Commonwealth, and thus will not tend to outweigh whatever benefits are expected in any particular location.

Further, I request that you refine and clarify the definition of “surrounding communities.” The determination of whether a community qualifies as a "surrounding community" is currently proposed to be left to the newly created Gaming Control Board. The Senate proposal identified a few considerations that should influence the determination, but it does not provide specific measurable standards for qualifying as a "surrounding community." The Act should not leave this important decision to the Board’s discretion, but should include objective measures that will assure affected cities and towns, including Hopkinton, that they will have the protection afforded by "surrounding community" status.  

Thank you for your courtesy and kind attention to these comments.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss the Town's comments further, please do not hesitate to contact me.



RJ Dourney

Chair, Board of Selectmen


cc:           Governor Deval Patrick

                Robert DeLeo, Speaker of the House

                Senator Karen Spilka

                Representative Carolyn Dykema

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How to Avoid Damaged Skin

July7 14, 2010 — Hopkinton Drug owner Dennis Katz and attendees listens to Louis Kuchnir, MD (Dermatologist) founder of Dermatology in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Mr. Kuchnir was speaking at Golden Pond on behalf of the drug store, which is sponsoring a free lecture series, scheduled until the end of this year.

     The next lecture, "Living healthy Without Toxins," is at 7:00 pm on July 28.

     Coming Friday: Dr. Kuchnir spoke to HopNews for a short while about healthy and unhealthy exposure to the sun.


Only two weeks left to apply


BOSTON – Wednesday, July 14, 2010 - Continuing the Patrick-Murray administration's commitment to broaden civic engagement throughout the Commonwealth, the Statewide Youth Council has announced that applications for the 2010 -2011 class of the Governor's Statewide Youth Council are being accepted.

     The Youth Council, established by Executive Order in 2008, encourages young people to become involved in their communities and to participate in tackling the state's biggest challenges including education reform, teen violence and civic engagement, by assuming leadership and planning roles.

     "The Inaugural class brought great ideas to the table and challenged us to think about a number of issues in fresh ways," said Governor Patrick. "I commend the Youth Council for all of their hard work and look forward to welcoming another group of bright young people into the next class."

     As those closest to issues affecting youth, Youth Council members inform and advise the Governor on decisions and policy that will improve the lives of young people across the Commonwealth. In addition to developing essential leadership and grassroots organizing skills, members of the Youth Council have the opportunity to become active participants in state government and build connections with adult leaders throughout the state.

     Youth Council members will attend monthly meetings and conference calls over their two-year term to learn from members in other communities and incorporate these ideas into effective policy. Members will participate in panels on public policy issues, just as current members participated in panels on autism, the New Americans Agenda and the Shannon Grant program.

     The Inaugural Youth Council also organized "Connecting for Change," a statewide Youth Summit that took place in October 2009, and advocated for key issues in the Administration including the historic anti-bullying legislation that was signed by Governor Patrick in May.

     If you are between the ages of 14 and 20 and are passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people across Massachusetts, we would encourage you to consider applying to serve on the Governor's Statewide Youth Council. Two members from each of the Commonwealth's 14 counties will be selected.

     For more information on the Youth Council and to obtain an application, please visit or contact Anny Jean-Jacques in the Governor's Office of Community Affairs at 617-725-4020.

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My name is Ziggy and I am the beloved friend of Melanie and Brian Wilson of the Winter Street area. Last summer, HopNews posted my photo and "missing" notice, and I returned after 8 days.


Now, I have been missing for 12 days, not unusual for a cat of my stature, but nonetheless, horrifying to my friends.


Please stop feeding me so that my empty stomach guides me home. If you want to really help out, email

mwilson@RVBS.ORG or call 508) 259-0668. and they will provide me with the transportation I deserve.

"Missing All-Black Male Cat from the Hopkins/Valentine/Front Street area - short-hair, neutered large friendly all black cat (pix forthcoming) - last seen wearing a yellow collar with my phone number on it. His name is Jeremy and he is about 5 years old. You can approach him, pick him up even and hold him in your garage until I can get there.


My cell number is 508-494-8504. (It is unlisted.) I am at #8 Hopkins Road. Please, please check your sheds, garage and bins - anywhere he may have crawled into -


Please keep our lovable in cat in mind when you are outside."  Thank you. Peter and Andrea

Photo to follow.



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Police Chief Position Formalized

Selectmen encourage opposition to casino

by Derek Dobachesky

July 13, 2010 — Tuesday evening the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen announced that the town’s bond rating had been increased, and again voiced its opposition to Milford’s plans to build a casino at its July 13 meeting.

      The Board welcomed with much praise Hopkinton Treasurer Maureen Dwinnell’s announcement that the town’s Standard and Poor's rating had been increased from AA to AA+. The announcement coincided with the Selectmen approving a municipal bond of $3,278,703 at an interest rate of slightly above 2 percent.

      “We are low-risk,” Dwinnell said of Hopkinton.

      The bond, which was approved by a vote at the Annual Town Meeting in May, funds a variety of projects, including work on sewers, new DPW vehicles and a new fire truck, and continued work on the high school bleachers. The bond is scheduled to be paid off in increments over 10 years.

      The bond was obtained after the town’s bond rating had been improved, which Dwinnell said resulted in a lower interest rate—Dwinnell estimated that the interest rates would have been 3 percent or higher with a AA rating--and a high number of bids, eight total.

      During the section set aside for updates on the status of Massachusetts casino gambling legislation and a possible casino in Milford, Chairman RJ Dourney and the Board of Selectmen took an opportunity to express their opposition to a casino in the neighboring town once again.

      “Now is the time to make your voice heard,” Dourney said, encouraging Hopkinton residents to contact their elected representatives about this issue.

      Town Manager Norman Khumalo updated the Board of Selectmen on the current status of the gaming bill in the state legislature. The Senate and House of Representatives have both passed gaming bills, but the bills vary considerably, and are currently in conference committee, where a group of legislators has been charged with merging the bills into a final version to be voted on again by both Houses of the General Court.

      Hopkinton resident Mary Pratt, who has been actively involved in opposing the gaming bills and the placement of a casino in Bellingham, obtained the names of the legislators on the conference committee, and encouraged the Board of Selectmen to contact them regarding the bill.

      During his report, Khumalo updated the Board of Selectmen on the status of the library conveyance and grant application process. Town Counsel Ray Miyares completed his draft of a tri-party agreement and submitted it to Khumalo and the Library Board of Trustees. The agreement has not been signed yet, however, because it was submitted shortly before the meeting and none of the parties had had a chance to review it.

      The agreement sets the terms of the conveyance of the library property and the services of the firm that will complete a feasibility study for the new library building to the town.

      “Nothing to date has happened to put the grant application at risk,” Dourney said of the ongoing process.

      Dourney and Pratt both praised the work of the Hopkinton Police Department and Fire Department on Saturday, July 10, when they evacuated residents on Downey Street while a Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad defused an explosive device that had been planted outside of a motor home.

      "We are blessed to be protected by absolute professionals,” Dourney said.

      The Board of Selectmen hired Rick Flannery, who had been serving as interim police chief, as police chief during its executive session prior to its public meeting.

       The Board of Selectmen will hold its next meeting on Thursday, July 27 at 6:30 p.m. in Room 215 at the Town Hall.

Tommy Karner Awarded ESL Scholarship

Hopkinton Graduate to attend Fitchburg State

HOPKINTON, MA (July 13, 2010) – Enter Stage Left Theater is proud to announce that it has awarded Hopkinton High School 2010 graduate Tommy Karner a $1,000 scholarship. Karner will be using this scholarship when he attends Fitchburg State College this fall, majoring in Communications Media with a focus on film.


Money for the scholarship came from various fundraising efforts by ESL, including funds raised by ESL Marathon Runners Susan Bushe and Bill York.


“We selected Tommy because of the strength of his Athletic Artist essay, and because of his enthusiastic participation and support of ESL productions,” said Kelly Grill, a co-founder of ESL. In his essay, Tommy talked about how ESL expanded his skills and interests from sports to include the arts, and made him “Mr. Versatile” – an actor and an athlete.


“ESL has done so much for me,” Tommy stated. “This Scholarship will help me in my academic future at Fitchburg State College where I will be studying film and hope to remain Mr. Versatile. Thanks to ESL for everything they’ve done for me.”


ESL’s Dawn Anderson, who directed Tommy’s performances in The Sneeze, Tartuffe the Imposter and also worked with him on some film work, said. “Tommy has been a dedicated actor and video producer for Enter Stage Left Theater. He's been a reliable resource for us, and an enjoyable talent, and we wish him the best of luck next year." Photo by Robert Falcione/Photographic Images.

Enter Stage Left Theater, Inc. is a non-profit, performing arts center in Hopkinton offering theater education, training and performances for students of all ages. For more information call 508-435-2114 or visit


See Trailer for Tommy's Senior Project

To order a copy from Tommy, email


Update on the Expanded Gambling Bill

by Senator Karen E. Spilka

2nd Middlesex & Norfolk


July 13, 2010 — On Thursday, July 1, after eight days of vigorous Senate debate, I voted in favor of the Senate’s proposal on expanded gambling in Massachusetts.  While my focus continues to be on the economic development potential of my district, including in the areas of biotechnology, clean energy, information technology and the creative economy, among others, we must consider what this new industry means for all of Massachusetts. 

      This bill would, create 15,000 full-time permanent jobs and up to 9,000 immediate construction jobs and infuse $350 million in new revenue to the state annually.  When our residents throughout the state are hurting for work, and programs on which our neighbors depend are facing budget cuts, we can’t afford to ignore these numbers.

      I am also fully aware, however, that many of my constituents have concerns about this industry and the potential of a casino in MetroWest.  Let me assure you that I share those concerns and have worked hard to see them addressed in the Senate proposal.

      With Governor Patrick, Speaker of the House DeLeo and Senate President Murray all in favor of expanded gambling, support for casino gambling is growing and the legalization of casinos is very likely this legislative session.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to utilize my expertise as Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies to help craft a Senate plan for casino development that is best for the Commonwealth.  In doing so, the Senate crafted a plan that I believe is also good for the MetroWest.

      To make certain that the economic development impact of casinos is truly distributed statewide, I successfully advocated for two geographic provisions in the Senate bill.  The first involves dividing the state into three distinct regions, with only one resort casino license available to each region.  By working with my Senate colleagues, Region 1 comprises Boston west to include Worcester County, ensuring that a “western” casino would, in fact, be located well beyond 495 in one of the four western counties, Hampden, Hampshire, Berkshire or Franklin, that make up Region 3:  The second critical geographic provision prevents two casinos from being sited within 40 miles of each other, thereby spreading the opportunities for economic development and job creation and creating robust, competitive markets through the entire state.

      Together, these provisions help to achieve the Senate bill’s goal of strategically and appropriately sited resort casinos which will maximize both job creation and revenues for the state.  Because of the Senate language, any MetroWest application would be competing with other Region 1 applications, including Boston, which is an appropriate and extremely competitive site based on the requirements put forth in the bill.  Additionally, in the event of the development of a casino in either Boston or Fall River—another competitive location that, like Boston, currently enjoys strong support for casinos—the MetroWest would likely be too close to be considered to ensure a robust, competitive market.

      The Senate bill also includes strong stipulations for casino-funded community mitigation, requiring local advisory councils and memoranda of understanding with surrounding communities, which compel the negotiation of upfront impact fees to those surrounding communities.  I also voted in favor of an amendment that would have allowed towns within a 15-mile radius to vote on a casino proposal; unfortunately, despite some support, it did not have sufficient votes to pass. 

     Further, the Senate version of the bill takes an aggressive approach to problem-gambling.  It includes an amendment I successfully advocated for that requires a baseline study for the treatment of addiction before casinos even enter the state, as well as ongoing research on the impact of casinos on both individuals and the Commonwealth.

     Overall, the Senate bill contains stronger protections for individuals and communities, and for the MetroWest in particular, than the House bill did.  It is extremely important that the two geographic provisions which establish appropriate distances between resort casinos are maintained in the final bill. 

      I encourage anyone with concerns about a MetroWest casino to join me in contacting the members of the conference committee in voicing your strong support for these provisions. 

     Should you continue to have questions about the expanded gambling bill, please don’t hesitate to contact my office at (617) 722-1640.


Site Plan Review Continues for Golden Pond Expansion

by Muriel Kramer

July 13, 2010 — The Planning Board continued its Public Hearing addressing the Major Project Site Plan Review for the Golden Pond Resident Care Center; Golden Pond plans a 24,853 square foot addition and other site improvements. The issues that generated most discussion at the meeting were on-site lighting and sidewalks along West Main Street.

Planning Board member Claire Wright offered that the “lighting levels on this plan are way, way higher than we have approved elsewhere in town. If you cut the light by 2/3, you’d still have more than enough light on the site. We don’t need the site to glow like Wal-Mart.”

Attorney for Golden Pond, Wayne Davies countered, “The plan doesn’t reflect light spillage off site. Why would the town care?”

The lighting issues centered on where the poles were located, how tall they were and how much light they would give off. Members of the Planning Board agreed that they would prefer a plan that emphasized safety on-site while minimizing light intensity. An additional question the Board asked to be addressed when the hearing continues is more detail about the lights shown on the exterior of the building; currently those lights and their effect are not included in the plan. Responding to the Board’s feedback, Attorney Davies agreed that the plan could be re-addressed to be more uniform and less intense.

The subject of a sidewalk along the entire site was also discussed at length; currently the plan shows a sidewalk to be added from the western side of the property to the new entrance at 58/60 West Main Street but not extending to the existing driveway or beyond. Joe Marquedant, engineer for the project, offered detail on the difficulties extending the sidewalk in particular at the 50 West Main Street entranceway. The entranceway, westbound turning lane, and no available shoulder, make for a difficult and potentially unsafe situation for pedestrians. Ken Weismantel, Planning Board member and DPW Board member, said that the DPW supports a sidewalk along the street extending to Lumber street extension including in front of the homes now in the area rezoned at Town Meeting last May.

Planning Board Chairman, Joe Markey asserted, “The Town’s Master Plan calls for increased pedestrian connectivity.” He and other members of the Board agreed that sidewalks along the property and beyond would be desirable along West Main Street.

Golden Pond Co-owner, Kerry Kunst (photo, white shirt), responded that he wanted to avoid redundancy with sidewalks already on the property; additionally he felt that taking a sidewalk to the edge of the current entranceway at 50 West Main was a serious safety concern. As for the suggestion that Golden Pond put in sidewalks along property they don’t own, Kunst asserted that it didn’t make sense to put in sidewalks along properties that could easily be sold and re-developed in the near future. Additionally, while the properties remain residential, putting in the sidewalks would cut into the owners’ front yards possibly taking trees and walls. Attorney Davies asked why it was Golden Pond’s responsibility to attend to municipal issues off the site. Speaking on behalf of the Town, Attorney Ray Miyares, indicated that it was entirely appropriate to address issues on the site as well as adjacent properties.

Wright added, “The situation is unsafe now. We’ll be further ahead from a safety perspective with connected sidewalks.”

Another larger issue still to be reviewed and discussed concerns traffic on West Main St; the plan currently shows two short outer lanes to ease traffic around cars that are waiting to enter Golden Pond. Speaking to the issue after the meeting, Marquedant, Davies and Kunst suggested that they want to find the most conservative approach to addressing the traffic concerns agreeing that a dedicated third lane for a long stretch of West Main Street would not be in keeping with Town’s Master Plan.

The Public Hearing for Golden Pond is continued until July 26th at 7:45 PM.


In other business, the Board held a Public Hearing on Bridle Path, an Open Space and Landscape Preservation Development (OSLPD) Concept Plan Special Permit; Bridle Path will be a new development off of Ridge Road. The plan includes six single family homes on over 13 acres. In early discussions the Planning Board members do not necessarily agree that the OSLPD plan is more desirable than the conventional one first proposed. From the applicant’s perspective, the OSLPD plan is more desirable from an environmental standpoint and in that it fully complies with all local, state and federal guidelines; no waivers would be necessary. Neighbor’s raised questions as to the safety of the entranceway being off Ridge Road versus Appaloosa. The Public Hearing is continued to August 9th at 7:45 PM.

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Good Morning Starshine

July 12 ,2010 — Ciao Time Restaurant owner Denise Griben remarked at how well her sunflowers appeared to propagate themselves  this season. She was informed that some mischief makers were caught planting the seeds many weeks ago. Photo by Droid from Advantage Wireless, Hopkinton, 508- 435-6600.

Youth Group Returns From Mission

Hopkinton youth who participated:   From left, James Le Suer, Max Vumbaca, Phil Cok and Jake Le Suer.

July 12, 2010 — The Senior Youth Group from the United Parish of Upton (UCC/UMC) participated in a week long mission called Harvest of Hope on the Eastern Shore of Virgina. As part of a group of 58 youth and adult leaders, they gleaned 35,000 lbs or potatoes and 2,000 lbs of corn to help feed the hungry.

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Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Loscocco to host Office Opening Event
Former State Representative to be joined by gubernatorial running-mate, Treasurer Tim Cahill


777 Washington Street, Holliston, MA
 Saturday July 17th, 10:00AM-12:00PM

HOLLISTON – This Saturday, July 17th former State Representative and candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Paul Loscocco, will be hosting the grand opening of his Holliston Campaign Headquarters. Loscocco joined the Independent ticket of gubernatorial candidate and current State Treasurer Tim Cahill in January and is now, “hoping to reach out across our heavily independent region of the state, to bring our message of fiscal responsibility and reform”. Loscocco was previously a State Representative for eight years, serving the Metrowest communities of Hopkinton, Holliston, Medway, Southborough, and Westborough. A life time Bay Stater and resident of MetroWest, Loscocco stated that he “feels a strong connection to this area, and hopes to provide a voice for it in our independent administration.” The event is open to the public, and Loscocco hopes to “see supporters or even those residents interested in hearing more about our campaign.”

The event will be held at 777 Washington Street, in Holliston, above the Holliston Superette from 10 am to 12pm. Coffee and food will be provided as will entertainment, provided by a local band from Holliston High School. “It will be a great chance for folks to learn more about the upcoming November election, and about what an effective leader Tim Cahill has been for Massachusetts as Treasurer, and will be as our next Governor.”


Paul J.P. Loscocco is a former State Representative from Holliston who is now running for Lieutenant Governor as an Independent with State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill.. He served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives representing the MetroWest region from 2001-2009. HopNews File Photo.


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Hopkinton Man Arraigned Following Arrest For Possession Of Explosive Device


           FRAMINGHAM- July 12, 2010 — A Hopkinton man has been arraigned on charges that he was in possession of an explosive device, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone informed the public today.

             Michael Fitzgerald, 35, of Hopkinton, was arraigned in Framingham District Court on charges of possession of an infernal machine, placing/possessing explosives (2 counts), wanton destruction of property and attempting to burn a motor vehicle. Framingham District Court Judge Paul Yee held the defendant on $25,000 cash bail with the condition that he refrains from the use of alcohol, subject to random drug and alcohol screenings, no possession of weapons or incendiary devices and must stay away from residences on Downey Street.

             His next court date is August 10 for a pre-trial conference. 

             According to authorities, on July 10, at approximately 8:40 am, Hopkinton police responded to 55 Downey Street for a report of a suspicious device resting against a motor home. Upon arrival, police discovered a device that had burned and caused damage to the home. Hopkinton police requested assistance from the Hopkinton Fire Department and the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad. Additional assistance was requested from the Milford and Ashland Fire Departments.

             Police and fire officials evacuated residences in the area until the Bomb Squad investigated the device and rendered it safe.   

            Following the investigation on Downey Street, the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad responded to the Hopkinton Police Department for an additional suspicious device. At approximately 12:45 am that morning, the defendant was placed in protective custody. While being placed in protective custody, the defendant dropped what appeared to be a suspicious device, similar to the one found on Downey Street. The Bomb Squad rendered the second device safe.      

Fitzgerald was arrested at approximately 3:07 pm in Hopkinton.

Following the arrest of the defendant, police executed a search at his home. A third device was located outside and appropriate steps were taken to render the device safe.

            These charges are allegations, and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

      The prosecutor assigned to this case is Assistant District Attorney Joe Gentile.

NOTE: Although this is a local story that generated a press release, it is also in the :Crime: Regional/State dialogue box above.

Police News UP-TO-DATE


July 12, 2010

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2:01 pm  There was a 911 call reporting a boat accident off of Wood Street.  The man involved in the accident was having chest pains...


8:49 am  A homemade explosive device was located in back of the police station in a can...


8:40 am  There was a 911 call from Downey Street.  The owner of Home Designers Builders reported that he arrived in the morning and believed that someone may have tried to blow up the building...


1:04 pm  A resident on Westcott Drive reported her neighbor's guinea hens were constantly on her property...

HELP! I Am Lost

My name is Logan and I left my West Elm Street home about a week ago and got lost. Now want to return there. I have probably been taken in by a loving family, because I meowed at their door, and they could not resist my adorableness. I am a cute ginger and white, medium-sized cat, who wants to return home.

Please email, or call my loving family at: 508-435-5848.


Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled  for by Austin Falcione © 2010 All Rights Reserved


Transactions from June 28, 2010 - Jul 5, 2010






65 Walcott Valley Dr. Chun Chi Chen $165,000 July 9, 2010  Vijay Patel
9 Stonegate Rd. Gary R. Jaye & Allyson K. Jaye $940,000 July 7, 2010  James A. Dolce Jr. & Leslie J. Dolce
3 Alexander Rd. Matthew Strother & Heather Preslar $458,900 July 6, 2010  Zachariah T. Thomas & Smitha S. Abraham
38 Falcon Ridge Dr. Aimee K. Michael Gangl & Eric T. Gangl $675,000 July 6, 2010  Robin B. Jacqmein & William M. Jacqmein
Last Week        
3 Elm Street Jason Cole, Donna Cole & Ralph Cole $351,250 July 2, 2010 Ryan Kevin Sullivan
18 Granite Street Mark Stephan & Yvonne Stephan $160,000 July 1, 2010 Countryview Land Corp
116 Ash Street Marcello Demello $500,000 July 1, 2010 Annigray Doig
17 Pinecrest Village Pan Du $155,000 July 1, 2010 Bank of New York Mellon
4 Rice Street Jeremy Nute & Neil Hutt $248,000 June 29, 2010

James Stewart, John Stewart, David

 Stewart, Cynthia Capobianco, Andrew

 Stewart & Florence Stewart

16 Birchwood Lane Maureen Bumiller $240,000 June 29, 2010 Susan Anderson, Kim Est Hill, Kim E Hill
2 Valleywood Road Alexander Benson & Andrea Benson $499,900 June 29, 2010 Mark Bumiller & Maureen Bumiller


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