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Lookout Rock and Blackstone Valley national Heritage Corridor

12 minutes from Hopkinton line


July 6, 2010 — HopNews Day Trip takes us to Northbridge and Uxbridge, just 12 minutes from the town line on a good drive, to one of the most beautiful vistas in the area, Lookout Rock. In addition, we visit the Blackstone Valley River and Canal Heritage Park, of which the rock is a part. Austin gives visual and verbal instructions, and then appears on the video a mile away from the camera. check out the awesome scene.

DOG Found Way Home


Missing since Monday July 5, 7pm-ish BUGSY”


Brindle Boxer 1 ½ yr old

Wearing red collar no tags


He is up to date on vaccines and licensed….

508-435-8650 Hayes



Grand Marshalls: Judy Keefe and Butch Phipps


1. Most Horrible: (Selectmen’s) most exemplifying the horrible tradition- Elm Street

(Example: a gripe, a subject with possible controversy, funny and clever)

2. Grand prize: Oakhurst

3. Second Prize: Whisper Way

4. Third Prize: Red Neck Limo

5. Best Animal: Madam Sandra Colella Varnum: Horse and Carriage

6. Best Music: live music, tape or radio - Band entertained on the Gazebo “Tiffany’s Birthday”

7. Family Award: Haines family

8 .Children’s Award: Lots of kids and enthusiasm was the UNSOLICITED ADVISORS

9. EQUESTRIAN AWARD: Best horse or horses, costumed - Woodville 4-H

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

They're Everywhere

July 5, 2010 — Paul and Tee Johnson keep trim and fit with a regimen of 24-mile weekend walks. They were among the few people taking advantage of the Downtown today.

Police News UP-TO-DATE

July 5, 2010 - Click above for full report

8:49 pm  A caller on Chestnut Street reported an injured hawk in the roadway...


3:15 pm  A caller on East Main Street reported that a horse might have been stuck out in a corral without food, shelter, or water...


4:43 pm  A caller on Holt Street reported a woman acting strangely in her vehicle...


8:13 pm  A 911 caller reported that two vehicles were drag racing on Stagecoach Way and parked their vehicles at the end of the roadway and proceeded to enter the woods by a known party area.


Photo, bicyclist injured in collision with motor vehicle today.


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Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled  for by Austin Falcione © 2010 All Rights Reserved


Transactions from June 28, 2010 - Jul 5, 2010






3 Elm Street Jason Cole, Donna Cole & Ralph Cole $351,250 July 2, 2010 Ryan Kevin Sullivan
18 Granite Street Mark Stephan & Yvonne Stephan $160,000 July 1, 2010 Countryview Land Corp
116 Ash Street Marcello Demello $500,000 July 1, 2010 Annigray Doig
17 Pinecrest Village Pan Du $155,000 July 1, 2010 Bank of New York Mellon
4 Rice Street Jeremy Nute & Neil Hutt $248,000 June 29, 2010

James Stewart, John Stewart, David

 Stewart, Cynthia Capobianco, Andrew

 Stewart & Florence Stewart

16 Birchwood Lane Maureen Bumiller $240,000 June 29, 2010 Susan Anderson, Kim Est Hill, Kim E Hill
2 Valleywood Road Alexander Benson & Andrea Benson $499,900 June 29, 2010 Mark Bumiller & Maureen Bumiller
Last Week        
7 Lowell Dr Judith Needell $320,000 June 25, 2010 John Mcsherry & Kathleen Mcsherry
4 Highcroft Way Cindy Walsh $325,000 June 25, 2010 Margo Otey
1 Hidden Brick Rd Ty Gould & Kimberly Gould $525,000 June 25, 2010  Walsh Cindy L
10 Nazneen Cir. Aisha Siddiqua & Mahmood Haider $195,200 June 24, 2010  Mirajuddin Ahmed & Peppercorn Village
 Realty Trust
6 Hearthstone Rd. David T. Pete & Cheryl Cimino-Pete $635,000 June 23, 2010  Pamela Campagna
24 Duffield Rd. Christian Ollenborger & Wendy Ollenborger $370,000 June 23, 2010  Gregory A. Quebec & Meredith E. Quebec
26 Kruger Rd. Philip J. Bliss $415,000 June 23, 2010  Daniel S. Shore & Abbie L. Shore
18 Breakneck Hill Rd. Jonas A. Merrill & Alissa Merrill $590,000 June 23, 2010  Christine R. Merrild & Paul B. Merrild
37 Greenwood Rd. Tianming Zhang & Amy Zeng $765,000 June 22, 2010  Sau-Gee Yung & Lien Khai Yung
4 Pegs Way Isaac Meek & Joanna Meek $540,000 June 21, 2010  James J. David & Patricia A. David




Lake Maspenock Boat Parade 2010

All photos by Austin Falcione


Hopkinton Horribles Parade 2010

All photos by Austin Falcione

One-Way Traffic

July 5, 2010 — The only way through the Hopkinton State Park gates for most of the afternoon on the Fourth was traveling out of the park. Parking lots north of the park at Carbone's and McCarthy Pools were jam-packed with people hoofing it up the street. But the park itself usually keeps some lots less than full on this day and closes the gates to traffic.

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For Second Straight Night, State Trooper Struck by Vehicle


For the second straight night, a Massachusetts state trooper has been struck and injured by a motor vehicle while in the performance of his duty. An East Boston man, who was allegedly driving drunk, has been arrested by State Police in connection with the crash.


At approximately 12:30 a.m. Monday, a trooper directing traffic at the intersection of Monsignor O’Brien Highway and Land Boulevard in Cambridge following the concert and fireworks display on the Esplanade was hit by a 1996 Nissan Maxima whose driver failed to stop for the trooper. The impact of the crash threw the trooper onto the car’s hood, causing serious injuries. The trooper was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he is currently undergoing emergency treatment.


The driver of the Nissan, FELIX MORALES, 30, of East Boston, was arrested at the scene and charged with operating under the influence of alcohol and other offenses. MORALES is being held at the State Police Brighton Barracks.


State Police are not identifying the injured trooper pending proper family notification.


The facts and circumstances of the crash remain under investigation by Troop H of the Massachusetts State Police, with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis Reconstruction Section and the State Police Crime Scene Services Section. No further information is available at this time. The State Police Office of Media Relations will provide an update later on Monday, when appropriate.


The incident was the second in as many nights in which a Massachusetts state trooper was struck by a motor vehicle in performance of his duties. Shortly before 2 a.m. Sunday, July 4, Trooper Sean McGarry was sideswiped by a passing motor vehicle while he was out of his cruiser on a motor vehicle stop on Route 128 South in Peabody. Trooper McGarry, 32, a five-year State Police veteran, was transported to Lynn Union Hospital, where he was treated and released. State Police are searching for a gray or silver sedan with a missing passenger side mirror. The mirror was broken off when the car hit the trooper and is in MSP’s possession, where it will be subjected to forensic analysis in attempt to learn more about the suspect vehicle. The driver of the car initially stopped by State Police, FRANK J. IMBRUGLIA, 25, of East Boston, was arrested on motor vehicle charges, as well as for giving a false name to police and for three outstanding warrants, and is being held at the State Police Danvers Barracks. It was while examining IMBRUGLIA’s Infiniti G35 that Trooper McGarry was hit.


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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Short Time Home

July 4, 2010 — Above, Hopkinton native Bill Lynch, with niece Madisen Lynch, Danny's daughter. Bill will spend the rest of his leave in North Dakota with his daughter and family. He must return to Afghanistan on July 20. Bill is a Sgt. in the Army National Guard Unit out of Quincy. He was in the regular Army from 1981 to 1987, serving in Germany, Hawaii, and Colorado. After being discharged, Bill joined the Guards. He spent a year in Iraq, from Dec. 2004 to Dec. 2005.


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Trooper Struck, Injured on Route 128,

State Police Seeking Car with Missing Side Mirror


July 4, 2010 — A Massachusetts state trooper was struck and injured by a passing car early this morning while out of his cruiser on a motor vehicle stop on Route 128 in Peabody. State Police are looking for the gray or silver sedan that hit the trooper. The sedan lost its passenger side mirror when it struck Trooper Sean McGarry. State Police are asking for the public’s help in finding the car.


The incident began a few minutes before 2 a.m., when Trooper Joseph Keefe pulled over a 2004 Infiniti G35 that had suddenly swerved into the breakdown lane on the southbound side of Route 128 in Peabody, shortly before the Route 1 exit. When questioned, the driver of the Infiniti did not provide valid identification and allegedly gave the trooper a false name. Troopers later located the man’s identification in the car and determined him to be FRANK J. IMBRUGLIA, 25, of East Boston. Troopers determined that IMBRUGLIA’s license was suspended and that he was the subject of three outstanding warrants. IMBRUGLIA was charged on the warrants, as well as with new charges of providing a false name to police, operating after suspension, and committing a marked lanes violation.


While troopers were examining IMBRUGLIA’s car in the breakdown lane, Trooper McGarry, who had backed up Trooper Keefe, was standing outside the driver’s side of the Infiniti as he performed his duty. The blue lights of both troopers’ cruisers were flashing. Suddenly and without warning, a car driving on the highway sideswiped Trooper McGarry, who tried to jump out of the way. The passing car caused injuries to the trooper’s leg and narrowly missed a more direct hit that would have caused more serious injuries. The car did not stop and fled onto Route 1 via the Route 1 Exit. Troopers searched for it but could not find it.


Trooper McGarry was transported by ambulance to Lynn Union Hospital, where he was treated and released later this morning. He will be on injured leave while his injuries are further evaluated.


The car that struck Trooper McGarry is described as a gray or silver sedan that is missing its passenger side mirror. The investigation into the whereabouts of that car, as well as the identity of its driver, is ongoing. The Massachusetts State Police ask that anyone who sees a car matching this description, or anyone who has any information about this crash, please call the State Police Danvers Barracks at (978) 538-6161.

True to Form

July 3, 2010 — Molly Kessler shows great form on Hopkinton Reservoir today, as she takes coaching from her dad on shore.



Right Down the Middle

July 3, 2010 — These folks from Marlborough turned one of the Hopkinton State Park parking lots in Hopkinton into a field for a pickup game of cricket.

Massachusetts State Police — Morning’s Rescue Operation in Boston Harbor


July 3, 2010 — Massachusetts State Police Marine Section boat Marine 14, while on duty and off Castle Island, heard a “May-Day” call on a marine radio band from the schooner Massachusetts. The captain of that vessel was advising that he had run aground on the Devil’s Back Shoal just outside Boston Harbor and that his vessel was taking on water. The State Police vessel, manned by two troopers, headed to the scene of the grounding along with a 45-foot United States Coast Guard rescue boat. Upon their arrival, they were joined by a one-man vessel from the Environmental Police.


Due to the shallow depth around the shoal – the water around the rocks was only a few feet deep – the USCG incident commander asked MSP to maneuver its boat alongside the Massachusetts to assess the situation; the MSP boat commander, Sgt. James Deyermond, did so and tied off to the port side of the Massachusetts. The vessel’s captain advised Sgt. Deyermond that the vessel was hard aground on the rocks and was taking on water, and that he wanted to evacuate all passengers as soon as possible. The MSP also determined a small number of passengers had injuries. Under the direction of the USCG incident commander, MSP requested two nearby shallow draft vessels, one from the USCG and one from the Environmental Police, to “raft off” of Marine 14, basically forming a bridge to deeper water that would allow the USCG’s larger 45-foot rescue boat to pull up and receive the Massachusetts passengers.


State Police Sgt. Deyermond and Trooper James Cunningham then began calmly off-loading the ship’s passengers. The passengers were then walked across State Police Marine 14, the Environment Police boat, and the USCG small boat, in that order, and then onto to the larger USCG boat. As the evacuation proceeded, two shallow draft lobster boats pulled up alongside the starboard side of the Massachusetts and began evacuating passengers from that side. With the evacuation safely underway, members of the USCG boarded the “Massachusetts” and began setting up emergency pumping operations. A total of 168 passengers were evacuated. Four injured passengers were transported off the Massachusetts with the help of Boston EMS emergency medical technicians. Preliminary observation by MSP revealed injuries to be non-life threatening, but please get confirmation of that from the USCG.


At noon, the USCG advised MSP and other assisting vessels that they could secure from the scene


State Police Marine 14 is a 31-foot Safe Boat, a brand of boats specialized for police and military use. The boat has a shallow draft and a rubber collar around the hull. Marine 14 and three other Massachusetts State Police Marine Section vessels participated in the rescue operation.


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State Troopers Deliver a Baby on Route 93


July 3, 2010 — Today at 11:30 a.m., the Massachusetts State Police South Boston Barracks received a 911 call from a father who said that his wife was in labor in their sport utility vehicle on Route 93 in Quincy.  The mother and father were en-route to the hospital when the contractions unexpectedly intensified.


The father told the desk officer that he would pull into the parking lot at the Highway Department’s High Occupancy Vehicle building on Route 93, near Exit 8, and wait there for help. The desk trooper at the barracks immediately broadcast the information to area patrols and dispatched an Emergency Medical Services crew as well.


Trooper Mark Zych from the South Boston Barracks and Trooper Vincent Noe from the Troop H Community Action Team arrived on scene, where the 34-year-old mother told them the baby would be coming any moment. The 50-year-old father and the two troopers then delivered a baby girl in the front seat of the couple’s Jeep Grand Cherokee.  The troopers ensured that the baby was healthy, wrapped her in a blanket, and gave her to the mother and father to hold.


EMS personnel arrived on scene shortly thereafter and transported the mother and baby to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.  Both baby and mother were doing well. Please note that per State Police media policies, we do not identify members of the public involved in non-criminal medical situations, including childbirths.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Nancy Barton, 47


Nancy Barton, 47, loving mother, dedicated wife, selfless friend, accomplished artist, beloved teacher, endearing companion, and indomitable spirit; for all these reasons, she will be deeply missed.


Nancy peacefully passed away at home on June 30, 2010, surrounded in love by her family. The grace and courage with which she battled breast cancer the past 10 years was evident to the very end, never once complaining, always caring for others.


A Hopkinton resident for 17 years, Nancy was a fixture in the community, particularly in her role teaching art through the Cultural Arts Alliance and, most recently, at her own arts studio. Nancy’s nurturing and magnetic personality made her beloved by children and parents alike.

Nancy leaves her adoring family: daughters Meghan and Halley, and husband Jeff. She also leaves her mother Kathy, father Ron, sisters Doreen and Jennifer, brother Michael and countless friends.


The memorial service will be held on July 10th at 11:00 am at the Unitarian Universalist Area Church at First Parish in Sherborn, MA.  

In honor of Nancy’s avid support of the arts as well as love of gardening, the family is asking that in lieu of flowers, contributions be made in Nancy’s name for the purpose of the Healing Garden to the Cultural Arts Alliance of Hopkinton, 98 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748.

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Horrible Parade for SUNDAY at 2:00PM

announcing this year's

Grand Marshalls: Judy Keefe and Butch Phipps, long time dedicated employees of the Town!


PMC Upton Kids Ride Raised over $31,000 in the Pan-Mass Challenge

UPTON, MA — More than 200 children raised over $31,000 for the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge by riding in The PMC Upton Kids Ride, on June 26th. Children, of all ages, rode 15 miles around Blackstone Valley Tech High School area in Upton. The Upton Kids Ride was started by Ret. Chief Thomas Stockwell and Sgt. Lisa Vass. The Upton Kids Ride held a party after the ride, which included a cookout, music, awards and silent auction. Proceeds from the Upton Kids Ride benefit the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge, which supports cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute through its Jimmy Fund. PMC Kids Rides involve young people in volunteerism and charitable giving, while providing safe and fun opportunities to become involved in the PMC mission. To date, the PMC Kids Rids program has raised more than $2.3 million for the Pan-Mass Challenge. PMC Kids Rides sponsors include Stop & Shop, and The Yawkey Foundation. Contributions can be made payable to the Pan-Mass Challenge. For more information, visit or .


Massachusetts Senate Passes Casino Bill

 Focuses on Job Creation and New Revenues for the State

BOSTON - July 1, 2010 — The Senate on Thursday with a 25-15 vote passed gaming legislation authorizing three resort casinos in separate geographic locations of the state that could generate more than $350 million annually for the Commonwealth, 15,000 full-time permanent jobs and up to 9,000 immediate construction jobs.

An independent study commissioned by the Senate also indicates the Senate plan would bring additional revenues for the Commonwealth, more than $250 million annually, from onsite hotels and the full-spectrum of attractions associated with destination resort-style casinos.

The bill sets casino-funded requirements for community mitigation, addiction services and local aid stabilization, and establishes a law enforcement and regulatory structure to ensure thorough and vigorous oversight of the gaming industry.

"Casino gambling will be a significant change for Massachusetts, and we took the right approach to ensure public analysis and input over the past year and to allow impassioned debate in the Senate," Senate President Therese Murray (D-Plymouth) said. "I believe we have produced a bill that takes into consideration the Commonwealth's reputation as a cultural destination and a place where tourism thrives and where tourism continues to be a big part of our allure and our economy.

"We have produced a bill that is responsible to the public and will do what's best for our overall economic interests, creating short-term construction jobs and permanent long-term jobs," Murray continued. "With the development and commitment to robust, profitable resort casinos that offer a wide range of services and attractions, we will help our economy grow and capture significant revenues for the Commonwealth currently being lost to other states."

"With this legislation, we have the potential to create thousands of jobs for working families, including both short-term and long-term construction jobs and up to 15,000 permanent jobs," said Senator Karen Spilka (D-Ashland), the Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies. "This bill creates strong provisions for community mitigation, including local advisory councils and upfront impact fees.

Board of Public Works Unanimously Votes

No Sewer and Water Rate Increase For FY 11

       I am pleased to announce that there will be NO SEWER AND WATER RATE INCREASE in FY 11, following a review and unanimous vote by the Board of Public Works on June 28, 2010. Mark Abrahams of The Abrahams Group prepared the water and sewer rate studies for the board’s review. The zero rate increase will not impact both sewer and water service levels and will take place at a time when the town is undertaking major improvements to its water and sewer infrastructure.

      The new Board of Public Works is comprised of Eric Sonnett-Chairman, Ron Clark-Vice Chairman, and Ken Weismantel. They complimented Eric Carty (Water & Sewer Manager) for his excellent management of operations as well as Heidi Kriger (CFO) and Maureen Dwinnell (Treasurer) for their astute management of the funding and bonding process associated with the infrastructure development and improvement projects.


Norman Khumalo, Town Manager



---->   Boat Parade Time Changed to 3:00 pm Sunday < ----

Please join us for the Fourth Annual Lake

Maspenock Fourth of July Boat Parade

(Sponsored by the Lake Maspenock Preservation Association)


On Sunday, 7/4, at 3 p.m., we will start to line up in front of Sandy Beach to parade together in high spirits around the lake.

      ALL boats are welcome – motor boats, kayaks, canoes, etc.

     Dress yourselves, your kids and your boats in fitting regalia!

     Everyone is welcome -- come join your neighbors and friends for a

spirited celebration of the day on our beautiful lake. (

     Please renew your LMPA membership – your lake needs your support!
   Email news, updates and photos to us at


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 See a last goodbye from the Class of 2010

     Aaron Brug technically produced and directed the project; all the camera work and editing was by Mike Vanderpool and Tommy Karner. It wasn't a senior project. As the year was coming to an end they all decided that this would be a fun way for their grade to show off their creativity, spirit, and character one last time.
     The video features Mr. Sullivan (AP psychology teacher) and the Senior Boat Cruise.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S






 Coldstone Creamery has just signed on to sell icecream and Best Buy is setting up "Wii" game stations!!!

This is our first combined fundraiser for the Hopkinton Center for the Arts. We will have a display of our vision for the Arts Center, designed by Gorman Richardson Lewis associates.  Come see what all the excitement is about!



  Chicken, Ribs, Hot Dogs, Corn bread, Baked Beans, Lemonaid or Iced Tea. 


 Featuring the Evan Goodrow Band - Shecky - Barbara Kessler and more!


We will be selling tickets for GAMES,  RAFFLES AND CRAFTS! 


It is sure to be a great time for the entire family.  Bring your blanket or folding chair to sit on and you can enjoy an entire day while supporting the arts!



 Tickets $15 Adults, $10 Seniors and Children

 $45 max families.  


DA Leone Honored By Transition House

CAMBRIDGE- June 30, 2010 — Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone was honored last night as the recipient of the first ever Transition House Open Door Award for his dedication to domestic violence prevention efforts.

             Transition House, Inc. held their annual meeting last night at the Anthenaeum House in Cambridge. Community leaders and members of the public were in attendance as they gave DA Leone the award and celebrated the shelter’s 35th anniversary. Transition House also launched their new Green Door Campaign, an effort to raise funds to turn their Emergency Shelter into an energy efficient facility.

            Transition House is Cambridge’s domestic violence agency, providing emergency shelter, transitional and supported housing and youth prevention education to our community since 1975.  Transition House created the first emergency shelter on the East Coast for women and children escaping domestic violence. The organization has been an important community resource ever since. 

            “I am humbled to be recognized by such a fine organization and close community partner,” Middlesex District Attorney Leone said. “Domestic violence is one of the most significant public safety and public health issues that we face, and it’s a growing problem. As the problem intensifies, so does the need for services.  With community partners like the Transition House, we continue to work together to provide sustainability and to break down the barriers against disclosure that exist in domestic violence incidents.”

Since taking office in 2007, District Attorney Leone has announced a number of domestic violence initiatives, including a pro-bono representation initiative for victims of domestic violence in partnership with several area law firms.  The office has also launched a comprehensive effort to train and better coordinate with local police departments - helping them to better identify and investigate cases of domestic violence. In addition to on-site trainings, members of the Middlesex DA’s Domestic Violence Unit provide police departments with:


·        Roll call training video

·        Risk Factor cards to help better identify high risk instances of domestic violence

·        Dispatcher checklists and trainings to help better respond to DV victim calls


 The DA's office has also designated specific Domestic Violence Assistant District Attorneys in each district court who are trained and focused on the prosecution of those crimes.  Each local police department has also committed to establishing a DV point of contact to serve as a liaison to the DV Unit.

 Leone has also established a Domestic Violence Board in which each region in Middlesex County is represented by a police officer and a victim service provider.  The purpose of the board is to ensure that the District Attorney’s Office is addressing the needs of domestic violence victims consistently and appropriately for the particular area of the county in which they reside. This is in addition to the establishment of further regional Domestic Violence Roundtables that work to bring together community partners who serve victims of domestic violence.  The office now sponsors seven Domestic Violence Roundtables across Middlesex County.  

 Lastly, Leone’s office has also partnered with organizations to form community-based DV rapid response programs in order to better assist victims in situations that have a high-risk of lethality.

 These programs are part of Leone’s continuing commitment to preventing, investigating, and prosecuting cases of domestic violence. In September 2007, Leone created the office’s Domestic Violence Unit, consisting of a lead Assistant District Attorney, other designated prosecutors, and victim witness advocates. ~Contributed content.

(Gerry Leone is a Hopkinton resident.)

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U.S. Census Bureau Conducts Quality Assurance Operations
A small sample of households will receive a visit or a phone call

The U.S. Census Bureau has visited over 48 million households that did not mail back their forms to collect their information. Throughout the summer, the agency will continue to conduct several quality assurance operations to double check the accuracy of the data we collected. A small percentage of households will be receiving a follow-up phone call or visit from a census taker to ensure that the 2010 Census is an accurate and complete picture of everyone living in the United States.

“Our mission is to count everyone, once, only once, and in the right place. If your household is selected to participate in the quality assurance process, please take a few minutes to help us ensure the accuracy of the 2010 Census,” said the U.S. Census Bureau Regional Director Kathleen Ludgate.

In addition, the U.S. Census Bureau is checking on housing units classified as vacant or nonexistent on April 1, 2010. If a unit was incorrectly classified, an interview will be completed for that address. Census workers will also verify the physical location of addresses from returned Be Counted forms, if an address is not in our file.

Q. Do You Want the Library to Stay

Where it is?

Town Meeting voted this year to accept transfer of ownership of the Hopkinton Public Library from its trustees to the Town of Hopkinton in order to be eligible for funding to expand or build anew. However, 9 Church Street, also owned by Library Trustees, is not part of the deal unless the upcoming feasibility study determines that the best option is to expand at its current Downtown location.

      Other options that have been discussed are a move to Center School if that becomes available, or construction of a new building on a 4-acre town-owned site behind 12 Claflin Place. And leave a comment on the poll page after you vote. Please vote once.

        We asked the above questions in a poll, the results of which are to the right.

The Answer is YES!

A majority, 52 %, of the people responding to today's short poll want the library to stay where it is and expand there. Some made comments. See them here.



... Everywhere a Sign

June 30, 2010 — The signage appears to be contradictory as an unidentifiable member of the Hopkinton Garden Club spruces up one of their displays Downtown.

Selectmen Unanimously Oppose Milford Casino

Seek to work with legislators to fight it


by Derek Dobachesky

June 30, 2010 —   Last night, the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen voiced its strong opposition to a potential casino in Milford, appointed five members to the newly-created Permanent Building Committee and rejected a proposal to reduce town hall hours to four and a half days per week over the summer.
    The Board also approved a plan to construct a fiber optic network to connect town and school buildings and received an update on the process of the town receiving ownership of the library from its Board of Trustees at its June 29 meeting.
    The meeting began about 25 minutes late following a lengthy executive session.
    Chairman RJ Dourney and town resident Mary Pratt updated the town on the progress of legislation pending in the state General Court to bring gambling to the state. The Senate recently voted against giving abutting towns a vote on whether to allow casinos.
    “I think that for the health of Hopkinton, the last thing we need to see is a casino in Milford,” Dourney said.
    All five Selectmen voiced their strong opposition to Milford's plan to bring in a casino, and along with Town Manager Norman Khumalo, vowed to closely monitor the legislation and work closely with Senator Karen Spilka and Representative Carolyn Dykema to prevent a casino in Milford. While current casino legislation would create a fund to help mitigate negative financial impacts of casinos, Dourney, Selectman Todd Cestari and Pratt emphasized they wanted to prevent a casino rather than focus on mitigation.
    “Unless they’re going to divide the profits with all of the surrounding towns, there is no mitigation,” Pratt said.
    In other business, the Board evaluated applicants for five of the seats on the Permanent Building Committee, a centerpiece of Khumalo's goals for fiscal year 2010 that the Board created at its June 2 meeting. The Board made their appointments with the goal of having one member each with a background in engineering, architecture, construction and finance or law.
    Michael DiMascio, an engineer who chairs the ADA committee, and John Ferrari, an attorney and vice president of a real estate firm, were each appointed to three-year terms. Miguel Linera, an architect who runs his own firm, and Robert Scumaci, a chief financial officer, were each appointed to two-year terms, while Michael Dawley, outgoing chair of the Facilities Board, was appointed to a one-year term.
    The Board heard a proposal from Khumalo to construct a fiber optic network connecting town and school buildings, which he was charged with developing by the Board of Selectmen in a 2009 meeting.
    Khumalo said that the proposed network would include updates to the town's Firewall, increasing protection of data, as well as cost-savings resulting from new backup systems, consolidation of servers and hiring an IT director to manage the network from a central location. The network, however, will not extend to the town's Fruit Street building, because of the prohibitive cost of creating lines that cross 495, Khumalo said.
    Khumalo, during his report, and Cestari during his liaison report, detailed progress of the ongoing process of the town receiving ownership of the library, designing and constructing a new building and applying for grants for said construction.
    The town is currently in the process of drafting a tri-party agreement between Hopkinton, the Library Board of Trustees and an architect to complete a feasibility study for the new building. On Thursday, July 1, the town will inspect the current library property, after which it will complete the conveyance of the property.
    The Board of Selectmen passed special legislation to abolish the Board of Public Works, following up on a vote at the Annual Town Meeting to do the same by amending the town charter and incorporating input from the state General Assembly on the specific language to do so.
    The Selectmen also passed special legislation authorizing Khumalo to request that Governor Deval Patrick ask the General Assembly to approve Hopkinton's town election results approving an initiative to improve the downtown area. The text of the ballot question was mistakenly left off of the town warrant at the town meeting, which this act seeks to correct.
    The Board of Selectmen meets next on Tuesday, July 13, at 6:30 p.m. in Room 215 in the Town Hall.

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Bygone Era?

June 29, 2010 — Barefoot in a beautiful evening dress, or perched on a cement peninsula, these people's relaxation is reminiscent of less hectic times, at dusk today at Hopkinton State Park.


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Personal Bests

These 4 girls represented Hop HS in Greensboro , NC at the national HS track meet on June 19th. they competed in the distance medley- Kim Bolick ran 1200, Cecily Boyce ran 400, Haley Anderson ran 800 and Kellie Lodge ran 1600/mile. Overall, they each had a personal best for her leg and placed 15th out of 38 teams in the nation! Four other Hopkinton girls competed too- Lindsay Hall in javelin, and 3 others - Kaelynn Maloney, Sammy Prescott Cecily Boyce and Dana Cavedon in a hurdles relay (placed 7th/7) and Cecily ran 50 meter hurdles and placed 5th in nation too! Contributed content.

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Hopkinton Masons Celebrate 150 Years

Please enjoy some sights and sounds from the John Warren Masonic Lodge Celebration in HD Video. To view in full screen and in the highest quality, choose from the bottom right of the player once the video begins.


Planning Board Gives Thumbs-up on Three Projects

Hopkinton Square, American Hydroponics and Legacy Farms


by Derek Dobachesky


June 28, 2010 — The Hopkinton Planning Board considered three development proposals in public hearings on the evening of June 28, including one plan to develop Hopkinton Square which proved contentious due to potential traffic safety issues.

The Board also appointed Richard MacDonald to the Downtown Revitalization Committee and Carol DeVeuve to the Sustainable Green Committee during the two-hour meeting.

The Planning Board first continued its public hearing from June 14 on proposed amendments to the Hopkinton Square project, which include plans to construct one 40,000 sq. ft. supermarket and one two-story, 30,000 sq. ft. retail and office building. The original project, which was approved by the Planning Board on September 25, 2007, included plans for one 45,000 sq. ft. three-story office building and three commercial/retail buildings totaling 55,000 sq. ft.

Board member Claire Wright expressed concern about the safety of an exit from the property onto West Main Street, particularly when customers are taking left turns.  Police Chief Rick Flannery wrote a letter concerning traffic flow out of the property, in which he expressed concern about drivers taking dangerous left turns onto West Main St. Chief Flannery concluded, however, that it would not be a viable option because drivers would likely either disobey the sign or turn right and proceed to make hazardous u-turns on West Main Street.

Peter Markarian of CJPM Development, project manager, replied  “I think we’re overstating the chief’s concerns and using anecdotal evidence to rebut” engineers’ studies that have been completed.

Wright also expressed concern that the 25-ft. light poles would cause spillover onto abutting properties. The current standard that the Board uses is zero lighting spillover.

Additionally, a member from the Zoning Board of Appeals noted that the property in question is already raised 18 feet above West Main St., which would increase the lighting spillover into the street. He pointed out that his Board regularly requires permit applicants to decrease the height of their lighting structures to 12 feet to prevent spillover, so allowing an exception in this case would send an inconsistent message to other applicants.

Following the public hearing, the Planning Board approved CJPM’s application for amendments to their proposal, with conditions that CJPM present an updated final plan that includes no light spillage onto abutting properties and a do-not-block box on West Main Street so that traffic from plaza will have space to turn left when traffic is backed up at the intersection on West Main Street.

One issue Markarian could not address was what company would occupy the property at Hopkinton Square; CJPM has not yet finalized a deal with an as-yet-unnamed grocery store to occupy one of the buildings.

The Planning Board then held a public hearing on a proposal from American Hydroponics to construct a 6,400 square foot building where the company plans to sell produce, baked goods and a variety of other foods, both grown on site and purchased from other local farmers.

Wayne Belec of Waterman Design Associate, the project manager, and Jeff Barton of American Hydroponics presented the plan on behalf of Phil and Donna Todaro, the owners of American Hydroponics. The plan includes construction of 28 parking spaces, with an additional 22 overflow spots available on the site’s lawn. The design also features a traffic loop so that trucks can drive around the building to drop off shipments, rather than having to back into the lot from Hayden Rowe Street as they currently do.

Belec and Barton also described a water garden with aquatic plants that the Todaros will build to collect stormwater. In response to a query from Planning Board member Carol DeVeuve, Belec and Barton stated that American Hydroponics will produce at least 25 percent of the product sold at the farm stand, which is necessary for the property to maintain its current agricultural zoning status. The Planning Board unanimously approved the plan.

In its last order of business, the Planning Board continued a public hearing from June 14 on preliminary plans for two subdivisions that Legacy Farms hopes to design and construct on East Main Street, along with multiple developers and financiers.

The Planning Board briefly discussed the merits of a rotary included in the design of the southern subdivision, which member Ken Weismantel questioned. Wright spoke in favor of the rotary, stating that it would make it easier for traffic to turn around without having to make a loop if drivers made wrong turns into the subdivision. Following this discussion, the Planning Board approved Legacy Farms’ preliminary plans for both subdivisions with six for and one member abstaining—Richard MacDonald did not vote because he lives within three hundred feet of the property.

The Planning Board meets next on Monday, July 12 at 7:30 p.m. in Room 211 at the Town Hall.


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