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Police News UP-TO-DATE


June 28, 2010 - Click above for full report



12:39 PM Multiple reports of Goats running down Front Street...


7:34 AM Resident on Winter Street reported hearing five pistol shots in the morning near Lake Whitehall...


5:48 AM Walk in reports her son was assaulted at Lake Whitehall on the island...


12:49 AM  A caller on Doyle Lane reported a possible prowler...


5:14 PM Massachusetts State Police reported youths on the Fruit Street overpass throwing stones into traffic...




Boston Pursuit of Vehicle Ends in Framingham


June 28, 2010 — The pursuit began in Boston after a state trooper observed a suspect in a motor vehicle allegedly strike two pedestrians near Tremont Street. The trooper attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver sped away from the trooper and eventually entered the Turnpike heading west, prompting the pursuit.


The suspect repeatedly refused to stop for pursuing cruisers. When several cruisers attempted to box him in on the Pike in the Framingham area, he rammed several cruisers as he continued to elude the troopers. The suspect exited his vehicle and was taken into custody. Preliminary information is that one trooper was transported to a nearby hospital. The nature of the trooper’s injuries are not known at this point. All lanes of the Turnpike westbound were re-opened at 12:55 p.m.


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Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled  for © 2010 All Rights Reserved

Transactions from June 21, 2010 - June 28, 2010






7 Lowell Dr Judith Needell $320,000 June 25, 2010 John Mcsherry & Kathleen Mcsherry
4 Highcroft Way Cindy Walsh $325,000 June 25, 2010 Margo Otey
1 Hidden Brick Rd Ty Gould & Kimberly Gould $525,000 June 25, 2010  Walsh Cindy L
10 Nazneen Cir. Aisha Siddiqua & Mahmood Haider $195,200 June 24, 2010  Mirajuddin Ahmed & Peppercorn Village
 Realty Trust
6 Hearthstone Rd. David T. Pete & Cheryl Cimino-Pete $635,000 June 23, 2010  Pamela Campagna
24 Duffield Rd. Christian Ollenborger & Wendy Ollenborger $370,000 June 23, 2010  Gregory A. Quebec & Meredith E. Quebec
18 Breakneck Hill Rd. Jonas A. Merrill & Alissa Merrill $590,000 June 23, 2010  Christine R. Merrild & Paul B. Merrild
37 Greenwood Rd. Tianming Zhang & Amy Zeng $765,000 June 22, 2010  Sau-Gee Yung & Lien Khai Yung
4 Pegs Way Isaac Meek & Joanna Meek $540,000 June 21, 2010  James J. David & Patricia A. David
Last Week        
Connelly Hill Rd. (# UNK) Sanjeev Ashok Joshi & Sujata Dixit Joshi $1,070,000 June 18, 2010  Connelly LLC
12 Morse Ln. Margo Otey $572,000 June 18, 2010  Karen D. Gagne
14 Washington Ln. Vishwajeet Puri & Veenu Puri $617,500 June 17, 2010  Joel D. Reynolds & Shantell L. Reynolds
112 Hayden Rowe St. Richard P. Barbieri $325,000 June 17, 2010  Maureen A. Welzel


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Movie Night on the Common Begins July 9, 2010


at Dusk




The first two movies to be shown on the Common this summer will be "UP" on Friday July 9th, and "The Blind Side" on Friday July 16th. 


Marlins are Quad A Hopkinton Little League Champions

Front Row; John Francis, Matt Belsito, Spencer McGrail, Jack Dionne, Paul LeDuc, Chris Burdick, Dawson McMillan

Back Row: Sam Cestari, Taylor Andrews, Shane Cooney, Justin Blanchard.

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John Warren Lodge Celebrates 150 Years

June 28, 2010 — Members of the John Warren Lodge of the Masons, as well as Masons from other Lodges, celebrated the group's 150th Anniversary with a ceremony at the Lodge, a band concert, a march to the Common, and a flag retirement ceremony, the latter in conjunction with the Boy Scouts, on Sunday.

Turkey? Duck?

June 28, 2010 — According to Wikipedia, "The Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata) is a large duck which is native to
Mexico and Central and South America. A small wild population reaches into the United States in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. There also are feral breeding populations in North America in and around public parks in nearly every state of the USA and in the Canadian provinces; feral populations also exist in Europe. Although the Muscovy Duck is a tropical bird, it adapts to icy and snowy conditions down to -12°C (10°F) and below without ill effects."

Thanks to James H. Burton for sending in this photo.

Wild United Undefeated

The Hopkinton / Natick team of "Wild United" went undefeated in the Medway Cup Memorial Day Soccer Tournament at the beginning of June. The girls were in the U8 division and played a total of 4 games over two days.

The girls on the team are: Meghan Sullivan, Makenzie Gorman, Olivia Gladu-Pedevillano, Emma Naughton, Lexi Chason, Alexis Habrouck, Caroline Estella, Emelia Webster, Cami McDonald, Emily Murphy, Tess Bouvier, Kelsey Hatt and Laney Ross. The girls were coached by Mary Curtis Blair and Suzanne Pedevillano.



Editor's June Picks:

Please enjoy photos from the month of June by Robert Falcione and Austin Falcione.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger view.

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Operator Cited

June 27, 2010 — The operator of this truck was issued a criminal citation after crashing on Front Street Saturday afternoon.


Route 95 South at Route 495 Closed for Haz-Mat Clean-up


June 27, 2010 — Route 95 southbound at Route 495 is currently closed and is expected to remain closed for several hours while Haz-Mat Crews clean up a fuel spill.  Traffic is being re-routed from Route 95 south to Route 495 and then to Route 1 to by-pass Route 95.


At 4:41 a.m., a tanker-truck rolled over which caused a leak to the cargo tank and subsequently caused the shut-down for clean-up operations.  The operator received minor injuries and was transported to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment.  His name is being withheld pending family notification of his injuries.  This was a single vehicle crash.


The clean-up operation is expected to take several more hours.  Troopers on the scene are anticipating that they will be able to open at least one southbound travel lane within the next hour.  All Northbound lanes and ramps remain open at this time.


Travelers are encouraged to seek alternative routes as they can expect heavy traffic backup.

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Collapsed Marlborough Building Demolished, Removed

June 26, 2010 — Above, a firefighter climbs a ladder onto the bank building adjacent to the one afire at 173 Main Street in Marlborough Saturday afternoon. Below, at 8:00 pm, debris from the collapsed building is hauled off.

       Main Street was blocked by police, as were neighboring streets, while firefighters poured water on the blaze from aerial ladders on Main Street and streets above the blaze.

        Behind the building, large retaining walls separated it from streets that are elevated 35-40 feet above Main Street, and looked down onto much of the structure from where some fire crews retreated after smoke became too thick. Even though most of the thick smoke rose vertically, homes on those streets were evacuated due to the wind shifting the heavy smoke, and the stubborn nature of the blaze.

        Spectators gathered on those streets, climbing rickety old fences for a better look at the fire, and at the hard 40' fall below, should the fence give way.

        People at the scene reported no injuries from workers at the restaurant or the salon on the first floor. All tenants of the rental units above the businesses escaped unharmed.

        At 8:00 pm, photo below, workers were still clearing debris from Main Street, and onlookers gathered, leaning over police tape to get a better look.       

See larger photos by clicking on thumbnails. 

A short video is below, taken with video camera and a Motorola Droid (From Advantage Wireless in Hopkinton)

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Marlborough Blaze Destroys Restaurant on Main Street

Twin Towers, above, are the Marlborough City Hall tower, which is across and down the street from the blaze, and a tower from a nearby town pouring water into the alleyway between the blazing building and the bank. Photo captured with Motorola Droid.


June 6, 2010 — The three and a half story Central West Grill on Main Street in Marlborough went up in flames this afternoon, then collapsed about two hours later, after firefighters kept the inferno basically confined to that one building, which faced Main Street, and was surrounded on three sides by structures. It is unknown at this time if there were any injuries from restaurant staff or patrons, or from tenants in the rental units above. In the back of the building, the adjacent structures were on a street elevated about 40 feet from the Main Street level. Smoke became too thick for firefighters to work back there for a time, and nearby residents were evacuated.

     Firefighters from several towns answered calls for mutual aid, including Framingham, which sent its large aerial ladder to the scene nearly 80 minutes into the blaze. "Marlborough's ladder is out for repair," said a fire lieutenant from an adjacent town. Several aerial "towers," as they are known, responded from surrounding towns, and poured water into the blaze, as well as hosing down the adjacent bank building, which was charred from the heat.

    In the photo above, part of the structure has collapsed in the rear.



Excerpts From Auction of Irving Gas Station at 1 Grove Street 

Please join us for the Fourth Annual Lake

Maspenock Fourth of July Boat Parade

(Sponsored by the Lake Maspenock Preservation Association)


On Sunday, 7/4, at 2 p.m., we will start to line up in front of Sandy Beach to parade together in high spirits around the lake.

ALL boats are welcome – motor boats, kayaks, canoes, etc.

Dress yourselves, your kids and your boats in fitting regalia!


Everyone is welcome -- come join your neighbors and friends for a

spirited celebration of the day on our beautiful lake. (

Please renew your LMPA membership – your lake needs your support!

Email news, updates and photos to us at


Horribles Parade

July 4th Sunday 


"FIX IT"  is the theme


Starting at the Town Common, onto Hayden Rowe, right onto Grove Street, left onto Pleasant Street, right onto Main Street to the Town Common for awards.   For any questions please call Lily at  508-435-3326


Join in!  Pre-registration 1:30 at Gazebo 

(note the time change of parade is 2:00PM)


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Grant Awards and International Student Tuition Make Program Possible

Hopkinton, MA. June 16, 2010 – Awards from American Councils for International Education in Washington and the Hopkinton Education Foundation, and the start of an international student program will help launch a new Mandarin Chinese program at Hopkinton High School.


The American Councils for International Education’s “Teachers of Critical Languages Program” is part of part of the National Security Language Initiative. The Council works with the U.S. Department of State to bring qualified teachers from China, Egypt, and Jordan to teach Chinese or Arabic in U.S. schools.


The Councils will fund a teacher from China, Jiling Pan, to teach at Hopkinton High School next year. She will teach two classes of Mandarin Chinese and two classes of Chinese culture, and provide both enrichment opportunities to students in the lower grades and a beginning Chinese course for adults.


The Hopkinton Education Foundation provided funds to partner with Primary Source, a non-profit organization in Watertown, Massachusetts that offers courses and workshops in critical languages, a library of resources, and support for the selection of Chinese curriculum materials. Three Hopkinton foreign language teachers have already enrolled in one of their courses so that they can support the development of the new program.


We are incredibly fortunate to have received funding from two outstanding organizations to support a critical goal that is outlined in our Strategic Plan,” indicated Superintendent Dr. Jack Phelan. “These awards will help prepare our students to compete in a global marketplace.”


The grant awards will help the district reach a strategic goal of at least 10% of all high school students completing two years’ study of a critical language by 2014. Critical languages are those that are considered necessary for national security and economic competitiveness, and include such languages as Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi/Urdu, Korean, and Persian/Farsi. A foreign language program review undertaken by the district recommended that Mandarin Chinese be offered as the critical language.


Program continuation beyond 2010-2011 will be supported by tuitions from international students who will attend Hopkinton High School. The district was approved by Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency to accept students on F-1 visas. The school’s first group, which includes five Chinese students, will attend Hopkinton High School next year.


Openings remain in the new courses, and students may register by contacting the high school Guidance Office.


Mom's Club Raises About $4,000 for Library

The Hopkinton Moms Group recently held their annual Scavenger Hunt  and raised just under $4,000 for the Children's Room at the Library.

       The Scavenger Hunt took place around Hopkinton where team members drove around the town looking for clues to win the hunt.

       The winning team were called the Charlie Franks Angels and are members of the Hopkinton Moms Group. 

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Weston Nurseries 25% Off *

Until Sunday 6:00 pm

June 25, 2010 — Weston Nurseries held a gala opening last evening of their 25% off sale which goes on continuously until 6:00 pm on Sunday. Ciao Time Catering catered the event with upscale appetizers and oven baked specialty pizza, and cash bars were available for the one-day liquor license.

    Steel Rhythm supplied the non-stop calypso beat, with steel drums leading the melody.

    The 25% off sale goes on until Sunday evening at 6:00 pm.

    *Apologies.  A transpositional error that got carried through this piece incorrectly stated the amount of the discount offered. It is 25% as now stated.

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Irving Gas Station Sold

June 24, 2010 — Upton businessman Sam Younes, photo below, at $257,500,  was the highest bidder on Thursday afternoon for the property at 1 Grove Street in Hopkinton where the shuttered Irving Gas Station is.

     Mr. Younes currently owns a full serve BP gas station in West Upton, which sells used high mileage vehicles. His brother owns a station in Milford.

     Mr. Younes said that he will keep it as a gas station "forever."

     At the beginning, the auctioneer pointed out that there was a typo in the description provided to the participants that claimed that the station had double-walled tanks, as required. However, he said, that the tanks were single-walled metal tanks, which can no longer be installed. In addition to the price of the property, Mr. Younes will need to pay any outstanding taxes, fees and upgrades. According to one expert, the tank replacement will be required in 5 years.

      Not even a half-dozen bidders were left after a minute of bidding



State Police, Taunton Police Seeking Suspect In Reported Abduction

UPDATE – Girl Found Unharmed


June 224, 2010 — A young girl who was feared to have been a possible kidnapping victim has been found unharmed. Massachusetts State Police, meanwhile, are continuing to assist Randolph Police in investigating the alleged armed abduction in that town.

       The investigation began this morning after a call to Randolph Police reporting an armed abduction of a Randolph woman and her daughter. That woman and her vehicle were located in a nearby town. The young girl was not with her mother, but the girl has since been located unharmed based on information provided by her mother.

       The potential suspect, identified as SHAWN JENKINS, 38, of Taunton, remains at-large. At this point, JENKINS is not charged in regard to today’s events.

       The facts and circumstances surrounding the reported abduction, as well as JENKINS’ whereabouts, remain under investigation.

        No AMBER Alert was issued for this case.

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Alert Residents Thwart Crime

June 23, 2010 — Shortly before 11:00 pm on Thursday evening, an alert caller notified police to people attempting to steal a "No Drugs" sign on East Main Street, photo below. Office Phil Powers was there in seconds, and had suspects in hand. Within about a minute of that incident, another caller, a resident of Main Street, called police to say there was glass breaking at Hillers Cleaners, and someone was trying to force their way into the front door No suspects had been apprehended at this time. Above, Officer Phil Powers speaks with Detective Scott Van Raalten.

Do it With Little or No Drugs


June 23, 2010 — Dr. Vivian Varese, above, spoke about optimizing digestive and immune system functions with minimal use of pharmaceuticals at Hopkinton Drug's free health and wellness lecture series at Golden Pond Wednesday evening.  Choose the banner link above — and to the left — to learn more and see the schedule for the entire year.

Hopkinton Little League AA Champions! 

 The Double A Marlins beat the Red Sox last Friday and have a very compelling success story.  Having beginning the first half of their season near the bottom of the league standing, the team never stopped practicing and putting in maximum effort.  Their work paid off with winning most of their remaining games and ultimately winning the league Championship.  Needless to say, the boys were quite excited...

 Front Row: Kevin Jacqmein, Robby Bernardin, Ryan Joyce, Ethan DeYoung, Sam Barker

Middle Row: Garrett Prucher, Theo Cavallo, Brett Crochiere, Jonathan Bouvier, Liam Maginnis, Cael MacEachern

Back Row: Coaches � Ed Cavallo, Jay Crochiere, Andre Bouvier, Bob Joyce (head coach), Bill Maginnis

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Special Promotion from Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws Veterinary Center wants to Help You Keep Your Pets Free From Fleas and Ticks This Summer!


Now through August 31, 2010,  get TWO TUBES FREE WHEN YOU PURCHASE A 6-PACK OF:

-K9 advantix for dogs

-advantage or advantage multi for cats


Call Us at 508-475-5051 for more information or stop by and visit us at 6 Old Flanders Road, Hopkinton




BOSTON – Today, Attorney General Martha Coakley cautioned Medicare beneficiaries to be aware of potential scams that could arise in connection with the $250 rebate check being issued by Medicare.  Qualifying consumers who have Medicare prescription drug coverage (“Medicare Part D”) and are not receiving Medicare Extra Help will automatically receive a tax free, one-time $250 rebate check from Medicare once they reach the coverage gap in 2010.   Checks began being mailed on June 10 to qualifying Medicare Beneficiaries who have already reached the coverage gap.  Checks will be mailed to beneficiaries as they enter the coverage gap.  This $250 rebate is a tax free, one-time benefit in 2010.  


“These rebate checks provide an important benefit to many Medicare recipients in the Commonwealth, but beneficiaries should be cautious of possible scams that may arise,” said AG Coakley.  “Although these checks will be sent automatically, criminals may attempt to manipulate this process to their advantage in order to gain elders’ personal information.  We urge seniors not to give out their personal information to anyone who contacts them about the rebate check”       


Medicare will automatically issue the rebate check to beneficiaries who qualify—there is no form to fill out and you do not need to provide any personal information such as your Medicare, Social Security or bank account numbers to receive the rebate check.  Do not give your personal information to anyone who contacts you about the $250 rebate check.  If you are contacted by anyone about the $250 rebate check, you should call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) to report it.  If you do not receive your rebate check, or have other questions about the rebate program, contact Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE.  You will not receive a rebate if you are receiving Medicare Extra Help.  Consumers who have questions about how to protect themselves from identity theft and consumer scams should contact Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office consumer hotline at (617) 727-8400.   


These rebate checks are being sent as a result of the Affordable Care Act, the federal health care reform law passed by Congress and signed by President Obama.  This law contains important benefits for Medicare recipients including gradually closing the Medicare prescription drug coverage gap (sometimes called the Medicare “donut hole”).


Help spread the word about this important new benefit by sharing this information with friends, neighbors and family members.  To learn more about how Medicare is working to stop scams against beneficiaries, go to

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at Weston Nurseries:



"Cancer and heart disease could be eradicated in our society in the next decade."

~ Kevin Hrusovsky, President and CEO Caliper Life Sciences


Mr. Hrusovsky speaks in HD Video to HopNews readers only, below:




Caliper Hosts Owners Group Event Titled:

“Next Generation Technologies Revolutionizing Medicine”

"Cancer and heart disease could be eradicated in our society in the next decade."


- Annual Caliper Customer Event Showcases Critical Role of

Biopharma and Academic Researchers to Improve Healthcare and Quality of Life -

HOPKINTON, Mass., June 23, 2010 –Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: CALP), a leading provider of tools and services for drug discovery and life sciences research, hosted its 2010 annual Customers Owners Group (COG 2010) meeting on June 9 and 10. This thought-leadership conference focused on sharing knowledge and insights on techniques that accelerate the drug discovery and development process and are leading to the next generation of breakthrough therapies.

     Next Generation Sequencing pioneer Dr. George Church of Harvard Medical School kicked off COG 2010 with a keynote presentation focused on how technological advances in sequencing, coupled with a deeper understanding of the interpretation and clinical utility of genomic data, will revolutionize the healthcare industry.

     Kevin Hrusovsky, president and chief executive officer of Caliper, concluded the meeting with a keynote presentation challenging participants to set goals for themselves and their labs to increase life expectancy by 10 years by 2020 while controlling healthcare system costs, and to find cures for cancer and heart disease, two leading causes of death in the U.S.

     “The sentiment shared during COG 2010 clearly shows that the in vitro-to-in vivo bridge envisioned by Caliper is being realized,” Hrusovsky said. “We are collaborating with our customers to create solutions that enable pioneering experimentation and remove key bottlenecks encountered during life sciences research.”

     Throughout the meeting, customer presentations focused on how advances in laboratory tools are accelerating experimentation, improving the predictive nature of discovery research, and providing scientists with high quality data throughout the drug development process. This contributes to an increase in the overall success rate of pharmaceutical R&D efforts and helps bring new, cutting-edge treatments to market faster and cheaper.

     More than 200 attendees participated in the meeting, held at Caliper’s Hopkinton headquarters. The event featured over 35 presentations from researchers representing life sciences companies and institutions, including Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb, Biogen Idec, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Millennium, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, ArQule, EMD-Merck, New England Biolabs, Epicentre, Covaris, Machery Nagel, Transgenomics, Access Genetics, PhyNexus, SRU Biosystems, Harvard, Stanford, University of North Carolina, Broad Institute, SUNY Upstate, and University of Sherbrooke.

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The A's

Last Thursday night, the A’s won a hard fought championship game 6-4 over a very good Tigers team.

  The A’s players pictured in the photo are:   Front row:  Aidan Curry, Chris Todd, Ryan Branch, Tom Onsi  Back row:  Ryan Fontaine, Alex Kosheff, Connor Czerepuszko, Jake Doherty, Nate Mezitt, Nick Stanley   Not pictured:  Trevor Perkins

Concerts on the Common Return July 11, 2010


JULY 11 The Reminiscants (Oldies 50’s and 60’s)

JULY 18 The Road Dawgs (Classic Hits)

JULY 25 Hipshot Band (12 member band with music like Chicago)

AUGUST 1 Country / Western

AUGUST 8 Hopkinton Summer Concert Band (Classical)

AUGUST 15 Ragtime Jazz

AUGUST 22 Nightwork (Blues)

AUGUST 29 60’s Invasion (Bring the kids to this very interactive show)




Police News UP-TO-DATE


June 21, 2010 - Click above for full report


2:57 am  A caller on Main Street reported what sounded like a small boy yelling for help in the area of Main Street...


11:10 am  There was a report of a small group walking on West Main Street and pushing a large ball that looked like earth...


10:08 am  A caller stated that his wife was stopped at an intersection on Grove Street and saw what she believed to be the barrel of a shotgun pointing out the rear window...


8:48 am  A detail officer reported that Officer Gregg DeBoer had been struck by a motor vehicle on Fruit Street...


Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled  for © 2010 All Rights Reserved

Transactions from June 17, 2010 - June 21, 2010






Connelly Hill Rd. (# UNK) Sanjeev Ashok Joshi & Sujata Dixit Joshi $1,070,000 June 18, 2010  Connelly LLC
12 Morse Ln. Margo Otey $572,000 June 18, 2010  Karen D. Gagne
14 Washington Ln. Vishwajeet Puri & Veenu Puri $617,500 June 17, 2010  Joel D. Reynolds & Shantell L. Reynolds
112 Hayden Rowe St. Richard P. Barbieri $325,000 June 17, 2010  Maureen A. Welzel
Last Week        
20 Briarcliff Drive Christopher M. Guarino, Therese M. Guarino $475,000 June 15, 2010 Guenter R. Hiort, Linda P. Hiort
28 Proctor Street Scott E. Petruska, Elizabeth A. Petruska $435,000 June 11, 2010 Steven D. Cook
14 Smith Road Carolyn Dowd Fitzpatrick, Andrew P. Fitzpatrick $860,000 June 11, 2010 Gregory P. Voyentzie, Sharon Voyentzie
17 Norcross Road Brian J. harrigan, Laura C. Harrigan $680,000 June 7, 2010 Timothy R. Scanlon, Mary E. Scanlon


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