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Town Meeting Members Passionate About Downtown

Improvement measures pass


by Derek Dobachesky

May 4, 2010 —  Hopkinton residents gathered and approved a plan to revitalize the roads of the downtown area and to purchase a blinking beacon for the intersection of Main and Church St. during the first day of the town’s 2010 annual meeting on May 3.

              Residents also approved the town and School Committee’s FY2011 budgets during the meeting, which lasted from 7 p.m. to 11:15 p.m.

          The meeting began with reports from town agencies and committees. The Board of Selectmen sent the message in January that all agencies and committees were to budget for a 2.65 percent decrease in funding from 2010’s funding.

           Ron Eldridge, chairman of the Appropriations Committee, gave an overview of the overall budget situation. Overall, the budget increased by $1.8 million over 2010’s, a 2.9 percent increase, while property taxes are expected to increase by $793,603, well below the $1.7 million increase allowed by state Proposition 2 1/2. Eldridge stated that this averages out to $203 for the average household.

Eldridge stated that employee pay and benefits—which account for 67 percent of the town budget--are the main drivers behind the budget increase, while state aid is expected to be cut by 2.8 percent, though that figure is still not final.

“If anyone could tell me what that number will be, that would be great. I’d also like you to pick my lottery tickets,” Eldridge said of state aid.

On top of the property tax increases in the town budget, residents strongly supported Article 18, which authorizes $400,000 in debt to fund the design of enhancements to the downtown area, which will be excluded from the Proposition 2 ½ limitation on tax increases. The debt payment is expected to cost taxpayers a maximum of $16 per year over the next five years.

The $400,000 design is expected to generate $4 million in grant money from the MassDOT for the construction of enhancements to the traffic, roadway and streetscapes of the downtown area. The enhancements will includes moves such as moving electric poles that are in the road, moving and shortening excessively long crosswalks, and adding sidewalks to areas where there are none. File photo.

Tom Nealon, a member of the downtown revitalization committee, spoke in support of the measure, which he said includes many proposals which match those of his committee. Randi Collins, who delivered a presentation on the proposal, stated that the effort will address many issues that already are addressed on a regular basis, such as resurfacing roads, upgrading drainage and replacing signals. Collins stated that maintenance of the sort that the enhancements will address cost Hopkinton about $500,000 over the last five years.

Resident Anne Matina spoke in favor of the article, stating “How can we afford not to approve this?” Bob McGuire, president of the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce, reported that the Chamber unanimously supported the article. The article passed with a strong 2/3 majority vote. It will now be voted on at the ballot on May 17.

Residents spoke passionately in favor of purchasing a blinking beacon for the intersection of Main and Church Streets, which the Appropriations Committee opposed.

Peter LaGoy of the Downtown Revitalization Committee led the effort to pass the article, which elicited passionate statements in support from town residents, who are concerned about the safety of pedestrians crossing the busy intersection at night.

Kenneth Chisholm, whose wife was hit by a truck when crossing the intersection last summer, said he was surprised to see the incident did not serve as a wake-up call.

“People just don’t see this as a safety issue,” Chisholm said.

The Appropriations Committee opposed the article because it could be covered by the grant which Article 18 is pursuing.

One resident, however, noted that Article 18 is subject to a ballot vote, so there is no guarantee that it will pass.

Article 20, the purchase of the traffic beacon, passed unanimously.

Residents were divided over Article 35, a petition item which sought to prevent the Board of Selectmen from decreasing the allowable weekly garbage pick-up from four to two barrels per household.

The move by the Board of Selectmen would save the town $20,000 by requiring residents to purchase special bags for garbage in excess of two barrels and, as a result, encourage recycling.

Residents heard from supporters of Article 35 who objected to the hassle and cost of purchasing extra bags. Supporters also found the savings of $20,000 not enough to justify the move, and stated that the move would not have a significant impact on recycling, since residents already do recycle.

Additionally, there was concern that, since the amount of trash allowed decreased from six barrels to four in recent years, if the amount continues to decrease, residents could be charged entirely on a per-bag basis.

Opponents of the article commended the Board of Selectmen for supporting recycling and trying to save the town money.

Article 35 failed by a vote of 39 to 69.

Residents also voted to purchase radio read water monitors for the DPW. One resident objected that the purchase, which is funded by debt and will be paid through fees to the DPW, is supposed to result in efficiency, but will not result in cuts in the DPW budget or personnel. Members of the DPW countered that, since personnel will no longer have to travel around reading water meters, they can focus on other needed tasks. Also, the meters are expected to help residents detect water leaks earlier by checking meter levels more frequently. The article passed by a clear 2/3 majority.

Hopkinton residents also voted to fund Community Preservation Committee projects including landscaping and restoration of windows and the roof of the town hall, renovation of the Claflin Memorial Fountain and digitization of historical documents at the library, among others.

Residents passed other articles to expand parking at the Senior Center, purchase a loader with a plow for the DPW, purchase two police cruisers and purchase a new truck and equipment for the Fire Department. Residents amended town bylaws to create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund Board and allow for the disposal of wastewater in Milford.

The Annual Town Meeting adjourned at 11:15 p.m., and will reconvene on Tuesday May 4 at 7 p.m. and Wednesday May 5 at 7 p.m. in the Middle School Auditorium.

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Armed Robbery at Hopkinton State Park

Ashland Police continuing investigation - seeking suspects

May 3, 2010 — Above, a 17 year-old "person of interest" has been cuffed and placed into an Ashland Police cruiser after his capture on Main Street today, following an approximately one-hour intense manhunt by Ashland, Hopkinton and State Police. State Police used their canine and air wing divisions, and Ashland used its canine.

       According to Ashland Police Lt. Richard Briggs, about 5:17 pm today, Ashland Police responded to Hopkinton State Park. Hopkinton Police had received a call from one of two victims reporting an armed robbery. Hopkinton Police determined the alleged crime had been committed in Ashland.

       He said three white males approached two other males in the park; they brandished knives and demanded a wallet from one of the victims. The victim gave him his wallet and the suspects took off running. The victim chased them and jumped into the bed of the pickup truck they were in, and a struggle ensued.

       "One of the suspects opened the rear window and began punching the victim with brass knuckles. The victim fell out of the pickup truck and sustained minor injuries," Lt. Briggs said.

        The suspects were not located in the park; but Hopkinton Officer John Moran did locate the suspect vehicle on Main Street, driven by a woman who's son, riding in the passenger seat, was a person of interest. He was brought to Ashland Police Headquarters for questioning. The truck fit the description right down to the license plate, of the suspect vehicle, which is registered to a Hopkinton resident.

        Lt. Briggs described one suspect as about 6'2" wearing dark clothing. The other two are 5'8" to 5'9", both in dark clothing, and one in a Ninja costume.  

        Ashland and Hopkinton detectives are still working together to identify the other two occupants of the vehicle.

Beat the Clock - Monday only

Whatever time you call Bill's Pizza is the price you pay for one large Cheese pizza. 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Police News UP-TO-DATE



 May 3, 2010

Click above for full report


11:36 pm  A caller on Downey Street stated there was a loud party somewhere near...


9:23 pm  A 911 caller on Briarcliff Drive reported hearing what he thought were a series of gun shots...


9:58 am  A 911 caller on East Street reported a male party walking down the street and appeared to be staggering...


4:59 pm  A 911 caller on Wood Street stated there was a goat and a cow wandering in the roadway...



Who: Your Local Letter Carriers
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Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled  for © 2010 All Rights Reserved

Transactions from April 26, 2010 - May 3, 2010






20 Nazneen Cir. Aman Sharma & Melissa Almeida $550,000 April 29, 2010  Ahmed Mirajuddin TR
 Peppercorn Village Realty Trust
58 Teresa Rd. Antonio L. Mercado & Mindy Mercado $462,080 April 29, 2010  Chung Mou Wong, Xiu Ru Chen
 & Tracy Chen
20 Mayhew St. Kirsten Everett $190,500 April 29, 2010  Francis J. McIntyre Jr. & Donna M. McIntyre
Vacant Land on Lumber St. J C Builders Inc. $35,000 April 28, 2010  Framingham Sportsmen's Association Inc.
114 Lumber St. J C Builders Inc. $400,000 April 28, 2010  David Patti & Salvatore J. Patti
12 Claflin Ave. Joseph A. Antaki & Denise T. Antaki $252,000 April 27, 2010  Matthew J. Wiley, Karen L. Deiana
 & Karen Wiley
30 Trevor Ln. William Davis $475,000 April 27, 2010  Maillet & Son LLC
25 Briarcliff Dr. Caroline Almeda & Arnel Almeda $545,000 April 26, 2010  Ramsey C. Clyatt III & Lisa J. Brenton-Clyatt
Last Week        
10 Oak St. William H. Congdon & Paula M. Congdon $1,090,000 April 23, 2010  Stephen E. Davis & Tracey Anne Davis
22 South Mill St. Summit Realty Trust, Brian K Gassett
& Brian W. Cheever
$225,000 April 23, 2010  Braim Farm LLC
16 Highcroft Way Thomas Twomey & Mary Jane Slamin $384,000 April 23, 2010  Kevin Harrison
6 Penny Meadow Ln. Richard B. Keyes & Margaret D. Keyes $520,000 April 23, 2010  Darrell G. McLaughlin, Jillene M. Mayo
& McLaughlin Family Realty Trust



International Runners Say "Thanks!"


On behalf of the 114th 2010 Boston Marathon entrants from Australia, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom and USA that stayed at The New England Laborers’ Training Center I would like to extend a gracious thank you to our remarkable hosts James Merloni, Jr. and James Merloni, III, Dorothy Ferriter – Wallace, Eva Bergesen and their extraordinary staff and volunteers. Several of the marathoners have stayed at Laborers for several years with first time guests all the while enjoying our time at Laborers and leisurely time in the Town of Hopkinton. Thank you for your hospitality. We look forward to meeting with you again.


Kindest regards, Scott Cameron, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S


Hopkinton Movie at Festival



Soccer Moms, The Musical – a short movie filmed in Hopkinton this weekend will screen this Wednesday, May 5th, at 7 PM (World Premiere) at the Kendall Square/Landmark Theaters in Cambridge as part of the 48 Hour Film Festival Boston where all films are made within a 48 hour window.   The film stars ESL’s Mary Scarlata-Rowe, Hopkins 5th grade teacher Maribeth Tremblay, and Melanie Blodgett-O’Toole, and features several Hopkinton child soccer players and Hopkinton residents.


Tickets to the screening can be purchased online at:    Choose May 5th,  48 Hour Film Festival, 7 PM.  Soccer Moms, The Musical would be rated PG and will screen with other family-friendly G/PG/PG-13 films.  There is an audience award, and all votes count. J Photo by Rich Gazoorian.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Town Meeting Begins Monday, May 3 , 2010

7:00 pm at Hopkinton Middle School


Town Report 2009  •  Annual Town Meeting 2010 Warrant •  Proposed FY11 Budget •  2010 Town Election

Article 29 of this year's Town Meeting Warrant deals with Community Preservation funding. One of the proposals the Historical Commission would like to fund is an oral history project. Below is a video snapshot, edited by Austin Falcione, of a conversation between Hopkinton native, octogenarian, and WWII veteran John Cahill, and Michaelyn Holmes, Chair of the Hopkinton Historical Commission. The video is expected to be presented at Town Meeting.



All You Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner

Meatballs • Salad • Italian Bread • Dessert

To benefit Relay for Life

Golden Spoon - 85 W. Main Street

4:00 - 8:00 pm

May 5, 2010

Adults $8.00 — Kids under 13 $5.00


Lone Wolf

May 2, 2010 — This cormorant, an incessant diver, was enjoying the weekend on the north side of the causeway at North Pond, which he had all to himself. A cormorant can often be seen on a rock or on shore with one or more wings spread, as if injured. But because the bird dives so much, it becomes waterlogged and needs to dry them before flying. Another sign of a cormorant is that they run on top of the water in order to gain momentum for flight.

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Sun Bathing

May 2, 2010 — These seagulls found a perfect spot, like an ocean rock, to sunbathe this weekend, on the south side of the causeway at North Pond this weekend.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

See You Next Fall

But in the meantime...

May 2, 2010 — Actors from Enter Stage Left Theater know how to pay attention to the camera, as they awaited at Ciao Time Restaurant for the start of the last ESL Open Mic of the season.

      Ciao Time has a special menu for the season, and is also now open for Saturday and Sunday breakfast buffet.

Tickets Are Still Available for a Chance to Win $10,000 from the Little League Draw

May 2, 2010 — President of Hopkinton Little League President Mike Scire selling 10k tickets this past weekend for the HLL $10,000 K Draw. See the Calendar for more details.

"Catastrophic" Water Main Beak - Governor Declares State of Emergency


Weston - May 1, 2010 Water service to all MWRA customer communities east of Weston has been interrupted by a major water pipe break in Weston.  Due to this break, A BOIL WATER ORDER IS BEING ISSUED FOR DRINKING WATER FOR ALL MWRA COMMUNITIES EAST OF WESTON UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  In addition, emergency water conservation measures are being implemented for all impacted communities. A complete list of MWRA water communities is included on this page.

Information about Boil Water Orders from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP): html | pdf


MWRA is activating its emergency water supplies such as the Sudbury Aqueduct, Chestnut Hill Reservoir and Spot Pond Reservoir. THIS WATER WILL NOT BE SUITABLE FOR DRINKING, but can be used for bathing, flushing and fire protection.


Hopkinton and its contiguous neighbors are not MWRA communities, and so are not affected.

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Police Investigating Suspicious Deaths of Two Individuals in Hudson

Seek public's help

HUDSON- May 1, 2010  — State Police and Hudson Police are investigating the suspicious deaths of two individuals found this morning in Hudson, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone and Hudson Police Chief Richard Braga informed the public today.

At approximately 3:30 a.m. this morning, Hudson Police responded to 200 Manning Street for reports of a stabbing. Upon arrival, police discovered two deceased adult victims with stab wounds.

Identification of victims is pending notification of next of kin.

Hudson Police and Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorneys Office are investigating what appears to be at this time a homicide investigation. At this time there have been no arrests.

Members of the public with information that they believe may be helpful to the investigation can call the Hudson Police department at 978-562-7122 or contact the State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorneys Office at 781-897-6600.

Smurf Team

May 1, 2010 — Maple Street was the scene for 15 families to take part in a Relay for Life yard sale on Saturday. The families want to raise $1500, or $100 per family.



New Skate Park Parts

April 30, 2010 — Members of the Skate Club and the Parks and Rec worked together on Saturday to construct new ramps and other skate devices at the CAA building. The group should be ready to install them next Saturday.

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The Dig Team

May 1, 2010 — A Relay for Life Team had a yard sale on Connelly Hill Road and pledged to continue to use other ways, like a car wash, to raise money for the event.


 Who will catch the golden trout?




13th Annual 2010 Fishing Derby

• Saturday May 8 •

  • 9am – 12 noon •


Saturday May 8th – (rain date Saturday May 15th)   • 9am – 12 noon •

Hopkinton Sportsman’s Club, 95 Lumber Street - by Hopkinton Police

• Free to all children  • Free T-Shirt to first 150 children who register

 • Pre-registration can be made by calling the station (508)497-3401

 • Pond will be stocked with trout • Bait will be provided

 • Prizes will be awarded throughout the day with a trophy presentation shortly after 12 noon.



Any questions call Officer Phil Powers – donations gratefully accepted. Send to:

Hopkinton Police Association

Attn: Officer Phil Powers

74 Main Street

Hopkinton, MA 01748

This event cannot be successful without some assistance from our residents and businesses. To help offset the cost of this fun-filled day, we are asking for contributions. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Please click here to consider donating.

Hopkinton School Committee and Teachers’ Association Reach Contract Settlement


Hopkinton - April 30, 2010The Hopkinton School Committee and the Hopkinton Teachers’ Association (HTA) have reached agreement on a new one-year contract. The HTA ratified the agreement at a meeting with its members on April 27th. The School Committee ratified the contract at its meeting on April 28th.


As part of this agreement, the Hopkinton Teachers’ Association agreed to a zero percent increase for the 2010-2011 school year. They also agreed to defer step increases until fiscal 2012 and to eliminate a $1,000 retention bonus that teachers receive upon returning for their sixth year. As a compromise for these wage concessions, the School Committee agreed to a one-time compensation payment of $1200 for each teacher. This payment will only be applied to the salary base of the highest step on the teachers’ scale.


Nancy Burdick, Chair of the School Committee said, “We were encouraged from the beginning of the negotiations, that the HTA recognized the town's financial situation and valued the "One Town One Solution" approach that all departments have signed on to. By working as partners, energies were strategically focused on securing gains as well as making concessions. The speed at which this contract was settled is a testament to the cooperative working nature of the negotiations.”


The President of the Hopkinton Teachers’ Association, Tim Kearnan, stated “The teachers of Hopkinton are pleased to have a contract in place for next year. We are residents and taxpayers of Hopkinton and other local communities. We are experiencing the same economic crisis and reality that every other citizen is facing. We believe this contract reflects the current financial situation, while recognizing the hard work, dedication, and success of the Hopkinton teachers, its students, and its schools.”


Kearnan continued, “Despite the challenges facing us in this difficult budget cycle, this was a positive and productive negotiation. We accomplished both qualitative and quantitative goals in this one-year agreement. That speaks to the relationship between the School Committee and our teachers.”


Besides making many minor language updates, the agreement also establishes two joint committees charged with bringing forth recommendations for negotiations for the next contract. One committee will study an alternative compensation plan to incorporate teacher performance measures and a differentiated pay model for defined disciplines, while the other committee will study the impacts on-line learning can have on teachers’ conditions of employment.


“The committees that are created in this contract offer important and intriguing opportunities for the district and its teachers to continue our collaborative efforts at improving learning and the school community.” Said Tim Kearnan

Rebecca Robak, the Vice Chair of the School Committee, and a member of the negotiating team stated “We look forward to addressing some tough issues in the joint committees over the next year. The collaborative nature of these recent negotiations will allow us to continue an open dialogue on these issues.” (Press Release - File Photo).

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S


April 30, 2010 — “The bill passed by the Senate last night includes two key provisions that will assist us in both preventing fraud in the mortgage industry, and in addressing the fallout of the predatory lending crisis in Massachusetts.  This bill creates a much-needed criminal mortgage fraud statute that will help prosecutors hold accountable those individuals and groups who engage in fraudulent mortgage lending activity, and we hope, will deter such fraud in the future.  The legislation also creates an Abandoned Housing Registry, which will help communities and law enforcement to better identify and track abandoned properties that blight our neighborhoods.  I would like to thank the Senate, and particularly Senator Susan Tucker, for their leadership on these two important issues.”

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Hopkinton Sustainable Green Committee Urges Passage of Article 38


This Monday residents of Hopkinton have the opportunity to vote in an important Article at town meeting. A YES vote on Article 38 will allow the town to meet one of the five criteria to become a Green Community and therefore be eligible for a portion of the annual $10 million state grant to energy conscious communities in the state. The Board of Selectman and the Planning Board have already shown their support for the Stretch Code.

“The stretch code enhances the current building code by focusing on energy efficiencies in materials and design” said John Mosher of the Hopkinton Sustainable Green Committee. “The state will reward the town’s energy efforts by presenting grant monies that would otherwise not be available if we didn’t apply and vote this Article 38 in” said Mosher. “Grants of up to $1,000,000 will be available in the initial round of funding” he said.

The Stretch Code will provide for a 20% reduction in energy costs resulting in a 2-3 year payback.  Initial costs over the 2006 code are significantly offset by rebates and initiatives.


The Stretch Code must pass at town meeting for the Green Communities Designation.  This code will be MA state building code standard in 2012. If Hopkinton adopts the Stretch Code now, we can access the grant money. By acquiring the Green Communities Designation, we can apply for up to $1,000,000 annually from a $10,000,000 fund that is replenished annually from the Regional Gas Initiative.  

In the designation application process Hopkinton was assigned an energy coordinator by the state MA DOER to help with the lengthy application process. “Through communication with the Green Communities Division it was learned that the state will likely adopt the stretch code as the new mandatory building code in the near future” said Mosher. “We are lucky to be able to have this opportunity to get monies for energy efficiency or renewable energy initiatives from the state during tough economic times” he said. Mosher was instrumental in the designation application process, beating the deadline on behalf of Hopkinton as the chair of the Sustainable Green Committee.

Planning for the future is especially important for Hopkinton which has relied on Milford and Westborough for a large share of supply in services/resources in the past. Many business leaders have now recognized the benefits of developing green and sustainable buildings and operations. The pay back on upgrading basic building improvements is showing up by attracting quality companies and creating more valuable buildings. For more information on the “Stretch Code” please visitthe Hopkinton Sustainable Green Committee web site.


Ann Randall for the Sustainable Green Committee
24 Huckleberry Road

April 30, 2010


Somerville Man Found Guilty Of Perjury In Connection To A Homicide Investigation


WOBURN – April 30, 2010 — A Somerville man has been found guilty to perjury in connection to a homicide investigation, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone informed the public today.  

            Dokens Joseph, 22, of Somerville was found guilty by a Middlesex Grand Jury on one charge of perjury for providing a false alibi for two individuals, one of which is believed to be the last person in contact with the victim of an April 13, 2009 homicide.  

             The Commonwealth requested the judge to sentence the defendant to ten to twelve years in state prison. Middlesex Superior Court Judge Thomas Billings sentenced Joseph to two and a half years in jail.

            “This is an important conviction with a significant impact,” Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone said, “and one that should serve as notice to those who consider lying to us, our law enforcement partners and/or judicial fact finders, that we will pursue those who are untruthful in matters that are serious, and that they cannot impede or obstruct our search for the truth and justice, especially in homicide matters.” 

            According to authorities, Somerville police received information about a missing woman from Everett. On April 13, 2009, police found the body of Charline Rosemond, 23, behind the wheel of her car, with a single gun shot wound to her head. It was soon determined that the victim was killed on or about April 7. During the investigation, police conducted interviews to determine the last person the victim had contact with before her death. 

            During the investigation, police interviewed a suspect who is believed to have had the last contact with the victim. When interviewed, the suspect claimed he was with another individual during the evening of April 7 and did not mention seeing or being with the defendant. During the course of the defendant’s interview, Joseph gave stories that varied in significant detail about where he was and who he was with at various times that evening. His first story was that he was with the two suspects at one of their homes. When police confronted the defendant with the fact that the suspect’s recollection of the parties in attendance that evening differed, he immediately changed his version of the events.


            The defendant testified before the Middlesex Grand Jury on April 23, 2009, and provided details as to his whereabouts the afternoon and evening of April 7, stating again that he was with at least one of the two suspects on two separate occasions between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Police interviews, witnesses, and evidence from the defendant’s personal cell phone detailed contradicting information from his testimony. On April 30, Joseph was again before the Grand Jury. At that time he reiterated the basic outline of his prior testimony stating he was with both suspects during the evening of April 7.


            The prosecutors assigned to this case are Assistant District Attorney Elisha Willis and Assistant District Attorney Doug Cannon.

Golden Pond Owner, Hopkinton Resident, Urges "Yes" on Articles 45, 46 and 47


To the Editor:


Re:      2010 Annual Town Meeting

            Articles 45, 46, 47         



Over the past eighteen years Golden Pond has sought to provide a caring and dignified home for the aging members of our community.   Additionally, we are equally proud that we have been able to contribute to the development of many of our children through the Golden Goose learning center.


We are thrilled that the Special Permits authorizing modernization of our existing facility at 50 West Main Street and for construction of our new building at 58-60 West Main Street were approved by the Town’s Board of Appeals and Conservation Commission last fall.   We look forward to expanding our various medically related services as well as create larger more luxurious apartments for our residents.  We hope to commence construction this fall and open the doors sometime in 2011.


Although rezoning is not required for our expansion plans, given the recent business development along West Main Street we believe that it is now the appropriate time for the Golden Pond sites to join the Rural Business zoning district.  Golden Pond is a business, however right now we are situated in a residential zoning district - which really does not make too much sense.  We therefore talked with our neighbors along this commercial corridor and they too wanted to move to Rural Business.  So we joined with them to co-sponsor three Citizens Petitions that will be considered at this year’s Annual Town Meeting – Articles 45, 46 and 47.   A “Yes” vote on these articles will make our move to a business district a reality.  We are very delighted that both the Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board’s Zoning Advisory Committee have endorsed and given their support to all three of these Articles.


These articles are in harmony with the Master Plan adopted by the Citizens of Hopkinton in 2007 which provides that “wherever possible, the Town needs to attract high-value uses that also provide high-quality jobs compatible with the needs of its labor force”.   The Master Plan also provides that the Town should “work with land owners to encourage industrial and commercial development, for example, explore commercial and office developments along West Main Street near the I-495 interchange.”  We are excited that we can play a part towards the realization of the objectives of the Master Plan to increase the town’s tax base, and to provide additional valued services to the community.


However, Golden Pond and our neighbors co-sponsoring these Articles need your help and support.  Therefore, I respectfully request your affirmative vote at next week’s Annual Town Meeting.    Please vote “YES” on Articles 45, 46, and 47.


Very truly yours,


The Golden Pond Resident Care Corporation


Kerry Kunst, Vice President

and Hopkinton Resident

50 West Main Street

April 30, 2010

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Pond St between #144 & #156 will be closed to traffic on Tuesday May 4th and Wednesday May 5th from 7am – 2:30pm to remove and replace a failing drain pipe.

School busses and emergency vehicles will be allowed through.

There will be detour signs on School St and Winter St marking the detour route around this work.

Thank you for your cooperation during this project.

Mike Mansir

Highway Manager



Hopkinton’s Sustainable Green Committee is sponsoring the


2nd annual Spring Green Up day

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Sandy Beach Parking Lot

Last years Greenup event included a dozen local organizations and over 100 residents which collected over 3 tons of trash. Please join the LMPA in cleaning up the beach area, the area surrounding your home and our neighborhood streets

 Coffee and donuts will be available at 9:00am at the beach parking lot. We will order pizza around noon.

The LMPA will  also provide trash bags 

Changes in Hopkinton? Not Everywhere

April 29, 2010 — A reader has shared this overlay of a Google map and an old drawing of the  Maple Street area, which shows little difference in more than 100 years.



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