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The MetroWest YMCA at Hopkinton


Middle School Night Out


When: Saturday March 27, 2010 6:30- 9:30pm

For: Hopkinton Middle School Students

What: Teen night out to our Framingham Branch for

swimming, sports, games, Wii, ping pong, billiards and more.

How: Bus/van transportation to and from our

Hopkinton Branch to our Framingham Branch

Cost: $20 for YMCA Members/$26 for the general public


For more information or to register, please contact John Barclay at 508-435-9345 ext 14 or 

Governor's Full Press Conference at Lonza Biologics in Hopkinton

On Tuesday, Andrew did a report on Hopkinton's good fortune in securing a $2.5 million grant from the state, and interviewed the Governor, as well as town officials, about the impact.

Below is the entire press conference from yesterday in Hi-def:


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Police vs. Special Olympics




Annual Hopkinton Police Dept. and Hopkinton Special Olympics basketball game will be held on March 20th at the Hopkinton Middle School,  Starting at 12 noon. Come out and cheer them on.

It is always a great time!



Girl Scouts Sell over 125 Boxes


What a beautiful day it was Saturday, March 6th at Colella's.

Troop 72975 was found outside Colella's selling Girl Scout Cookies.

This picture is of first grade Troop 72975 as they managed their booth sale.

We were able to sell over 125 boxes.

 ~ Lee A. Burns, Leader of GS Troop 72975



“The Princess Bride,” on Friday, March 12 at 7pm in the Keefe Tech School Auditorium.


The Keefe Tech Drama Club, pictured above, is presenting a one night only showing of “The Princess Bride,” on Friday, March 12 at 7pm in the Keefe Tech School Auditorium. Back row: Kurt Stillwell, Gustavo Sliva, Karina Hurtado, Mike Gallagher, Briana Jackson, Jonathan Montanez, Matt McDermmott, and Jeremy Swartz. Front row: Paul Kelley (advisor), Marie Regonini (advisor), Mike Merola, Theresa Stanton, Bridget Belcher, Maxime Gelfond, Molly Dee, Sarah Lundberg, Stephanie Hodgeson, Brad Naugler, Erin Bengiovanni (advisor).



FRAMINGHAM, MA – Keefe Technical School proudly hosted the District III SkillsUSA Conference on Tuesday, February 23, during which competing Keefe Tech students won a total of 19 medals.

Over 500 students representing Keefe Tech, Assabet Valley RVTHS, Blue Hills RVTHS, Lynn VTHS, Madison Park Vocational HS, Minuteman RHS, Rindge School of Technical Arts, and Weymouth VHS competed in written career technical knowledge and employment skills tests during Tuesday’s district level competition. Keefe Tech students took home medals in categories including health care and nursing, carpentry, cosmetology, computer applications, Internetworking, plumbing, and team work.


Keefe Tech’s District SkillsUSA Gold Medalists are Juliana DeLiberais, Lily Franco, Melaine Josselyn, Sandra Mendez (Post Grad), Brian Snyder, Gladys Urzua, and Kim Waldron. Silver Medalists are Andressa Fernandes, Matthew Ford, Nicholas Ford, Joe Forde, Alexandra Gomes, Trevor Keefe, Francisco Oliveira, Julie Parades, Tara Peck, and Franklin Serrano. Bronze Medalists are Raphaela Souza and Stephen Warren.


SkillsUSA provides quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development. It builds and reinforces self-confidence, work attitudes and communications skills, emphasizing total quality at work, high ethical standards, superior work skills, life-long education and pride in the dignity of work. SkillsUSA also promotes understanding of the free enterprise system and involvement in community service activities.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Attention Parents of HHS Seniors


Please send in pictures of your child for the Senior Slideshow.  We are looking for 3 pictures of your child - a baby picture, a Middle School picture, and a high school picture as well as 5 group pictures.  You can scan the pictures in and email them to   or you can bring the pictures into school in an envelope (marked with the student's name) and there is a box in the main office.  We need to collect pictures by Wednesday, March 31st.  The slideshow will be shown at the parent/senior banquet on Thursday, May 27th.  Each parent will get a copy.  Send those pictures in! ~ Jen Fairbanks


Spring is on the Way With Weston Nurseries’ Early Spring Bulb Gardens




Hopkinton, MA March 10, 2010 – Spring is on the way! Weston Nurseries welcomes spring with their signature spring bulb plantings. Our forced bulb collections will provide you with both color and fragrance, all before spring arrives. A cluster of moss anchors a gathering of daffodils, muscari, and hyacinth, artfully arranged and placed in a green fiberglass cube. Place anywhere you need a reminder that spring is, in fact, on its way!


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Police Unity Tour 2010

We Ride For Those Who Died”


Hopkinton Police Patrolman Aaron O’Neil, Detective Scott Van Raalten, and Hopkinton resident and Sherborn Patrolman Luke Tedstone, will be participating in the Police Unity Tour this year and will be bicycling from NJ to Washington DC to raise money for the National Police Memorial and Museum. Attached is a document that explains the tour and how to donate. No donation is too small and your donation will go straight to the National Memorial supporting all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  


The mission of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is to generate increased public support for the law enforcement profession by permanently recording and appropriately commemorating the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers; and to provide information that will help promote law enforcement safety. National Police Week is a collaborative effort of many organizations dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifice of America’s law enforcement community.


This year two members of the Hopkinton Police Department will be participating in the Police Unity Tour ( The primary purpose of this four day, three-hundred and twenty mile bicycle ride is to raise awareness of Police Officers who have died in the line of duty. The secondary purpose is to raise funds for the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial and Museum. During our time in Washington D.C., we will be visiting and paying our respects to our fallen brother officers.


Each participant riding in the Police Unity Tour event which begins and New Jersey and ends in Washington D.C. is responsible for raising approximately $2,000.00. We are asking for your support in helping to defray some of the costs each rider is responsible for raising. Any charitable denomination that you or your company can offer will help bring us one step further to representing the Town of Hopkinton and our police department at the Law Enforcement Candlelight Vigil during National Police Week 2010.


We ask that you please send any donation directly to the Hopkinton Police Department c/o Police Unity Tour no later than April 30, 2010. This will allow us to appropriately forward our charitable donation to the Police Unity Tour Board of Directors. Or you may go online to;


If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact one of us at the Hopkinton Police Department, 508-497-3401. Any additional questions can be emailed to or

Selectmen  Send Invitation to Marathon's Sister City, Xiamen, China

Click on tear-sheet to see entire letter

Spurred by the efforts of Hopkinton Athletic Association founder, Timothy Kilduff, Selectmen have invited a delegation from China to Hopkinton for a meet and greet during the Boston Marathon festivities. Below, left, Mayor Spyros Zagaris of Marathon Greece, a Chinese official, Mr. Ching-kuo Wu, member, International Olympic Committee and founder of the Xiamen Olympic MuseumTimothy Kilduff in China last year.



Don't be Afraid of the Envelopes

by Claudia Vanderpool


My heart literally aches this time of year.

A stranger will sit behind a desk at a college, near and far away.

In his hands, will be a box that my son has put together.  Inside:

He will read an essay that was written from my son’s heart.

He will watch a 2 min short film that my son wrote and edited using his creativity.

He will scan over academic records from a school system my son has grown up in.

He will count the alms my son has given to the community.

This stranger will then walk over to a cabinet, and retrieve an envelope.

            A big envelope will say, “I like your box.  You can come to my college.”

            A small envelope will say, “No thank you.”


Dear HHS seniors,

I hope you remember that your life cannot be contained in a box.

Hemingway, Thoreau, Hawthorne… could not possibly pen your beautiful life in a single essay.

Frank Capra, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese… could not portray the essence of you in a 2 min short film. 

Will this stranger walk the hallways of Hopkinton High School, and interview your friends?

Will he call your family and ask a collection of precious memories?

Does he know the storms you’ve traveled in and how strong you stand today?

Does he know how much joy you give by simply being yourself?


This stranger sends envelopes in the mail; envelopes that can be burned and discarded.

This stranger is not the voice of your future.

This stranger is not speaking on behalf of your desired career

This stranger is not the authority on creativity and all that’s beautiful

This stranger rummages through "boxes" and sends envelopes.


The world needs your eyes, your heart, your creativity, your voice.

Don't be afraid of the envelopes.  You will find your way.  The path will open up in front of you.


(Dedicated to all HS seniors)

Hopkinton Community Register & Telephone Directory Photo Contest


The Hopkinton Women’s Club is sponsoring a photography contest for the 2011 Community Register & Telephone Directory cover.   Submissions will only be accepted from Hopkinton, MA residents.  The winner of the contest will receive $ 50.


Submissions must meet the following criteria:


1)        Color photograph, size 5.5” X 8.5” with vertical orientation (may be larger with same proportions)

2)        Traditional or digital photograph, and realistic or artfully enhanced.  Photographs are acceptable.

3)         Photo must be a picture of anywhere in Hopkinton with the theme “Our Town”   

4)         If your photo is not chosen for the telephone directory there is a possibility it will be chosen for a note card.  $ 50 will be awarded to you if it is.


             If you are submitting a computer created photograph, you will need

                                to submit a print for judging purposes.  


Entry deadline is Thursday, April 15th, 2010.  If you are interested in entering the contest, print the entry form below and mail the photo and form to HWC, PO Box 363, Hopkinton MA 01740 or contact Jane Anderson at 508-544-8246 or for an entry form.  Forms are also available at the Library, Women’s Club web site, and High School Art Department. If you are submitting a computer created photograph, you will need to submit a print for judging purposes.

ENTRY FIORM: Hopkinton Community Register & Telephone Directory Photo Contest ENTRY FORM

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2nd Annual Spaghetti Dinner & Raffle

 Hosted by the Hopkinton Cheerleaders


Wednesday, March 10th

Woodville Rod & Gun Club

5:00 – 8:00 p.m.



Come for some great food, great entertainment and GREAT RAFFLES

 Raffles include collectors Boston Sports Memorabilia &


Two Injured in 495 Rollover

March 10, 2010 — The occupants of this pickup truck, which ended up facing north in the southbound median last night shortly before 11:00 pm, were the walking wounded when emergency personnel arrived. Each was taken to Milford Hospital in a separate ambulance after being examined on the scene and complaining of injuries.

        Witnesses on the scene said it was a one-vehicle collision, which was reported to Hopkinton Police by State Police as a rollover. Headphones are central in the photo, and what appeared to be more than 100 CDs were strewn across the highway for several hundred feet, as was a large bass speaker box and several audio devices. Above, the second occupant is loaded into the Hopkinton ambulance.

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Multi-year Project Earns Eagle Rank


by Andrew Sweeney

March 9, 2010 -  On Tuesday the Board of Selectmen recognized Eagle Scout Anthony James DiMare of Troop 1.  DiMare was accompanied by his parents and his scout leader. The board praised DiMare for is hard work and his construction of a 12 by 16 foot pavilion.


Police Chief Rick Flannery requested that two retired police officers be appointed as Special Police Officers for the purpose of working details.  One of the Police Officers is former Chief Thomas Irvin. Selectman Todd Cestari asked Chief Flannery whether or not the candidates would be given a physical exam, and the Chief answered in the negative. Citing concerns with insurance issues, the Board of Selectman tabled the request pending further study.


Police Chief Flannery also submitted a request to promote Sergeant Charles Wallace of the Hopkinton Police Department to the rank of Lieutenant.  Flannery said that Sergeant Wallace “Exhibits leadership on a daily basis.”  The Board of Selectman unanimously approved the request and thanked Sergeant Wallace for his work.


The Board also discussed the Annual Town Meeting Articles.  A draft with just over 50 articles was discussed along with the sponsor of each article.  The board scheduled a meeting for Monday, March 15 for further discussion on the budget and appropriations.


Legacy Farms requested that the work performed at the Main Street/Cedar/Grove intersection for the benefit of the town be tax exempt.  The board approved this requested.  The point was made that if the town were performing the work then the town would not tax itself.  The board saw no reason to tax Legacy Farms for the work.


The board also discussed the creation of a part-time position on the Youth Commission but no action was taken.  The board seemed to agree that the position was needed but funding for the position was still in question.


The need for IT infrastructure upgrades were also discussed at length.  No action was taken on whether just over $100,000 was an acceptable amount to spend on IT.  Part of that money would go to a salary and part to the infrastructure upgrades.


The Board of Selectman also decided to send a letter to the state government leadership requesting that they do not cut funding to the town of Hopkinton.  The town has budgeted a 10 percent cut in money from the state.  The state still needs to approve its budget.

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1200 Crosses

March 10, 2010 — Just this past weekend, our High School Youth Group finished a 30-Hour Famine (An opportunity organized worldwide by World Vision) to gain awareness of world health issues. Saturday night they erected their wall of crosses which is still on display; 1,200 crosses to remind us that 1,200 children die every hour from starvation and preventable illnesses. Other signs on our property help to share this message. ~ pastor Bruce Johnson




Who Is Wearing the Suspenders?


by Nancy L. Drawe


March 10, 2010 — Ready for a party? Now that Valentine’s Day is over and everyone had fun at the party held at the Sr. Center that day, a perfect occasion for more good times is coming up! Since next Wednesday is the day of the green, St. Patrick’s Day, the senior center will be hosting a meal fit for the leprechauns (and non-leprechauns, of course)! On Wednesday, March 17 at 11:30, you can feast upon a corned beef and cabbage dinner catered by TJ’s, and after you eat, stay and enjoy an afternoon of music and dancing. John Guido, who has been the entertainment at the center many times, is returning once again to serenade you with his toe tapping Irish tunes! The cost for the afternoon is only $7.00. Since this is such a popular event, make sure you sign up to reserve a seat. If you really want to have lunch with your friends, but corned beef isn’t your favorite, ham will also be served. Remember, everyone is Irish on this day!


Recently I wrote about how one of the cooks at the center, Zahra Ali, entered her chili in the Woodville Rod and Gun Club and Grace United Methodist Churches chili cook-off’s and won at both places. Today at the center, Zahra made her award winning chili and served it for lunch. Everyone LOVED it! The best part is that it’s mild with just a little kick to it. That’s perfect since a lot of people can’t eat spicy foods. One man told me that he had never had chili before today. I said, “NEVER? Not in your whole life?” He said that he couldn’t believe what he missed out on because it was delicious! Check the monthly menus in the Hilltopper and make sure you come for lunch the next time Zahra makes her famous chili!


Here’s a few dates to mark on your calendar: The Health Fair is coming up. I’ll be writing more about that in the next couple of weeks. Also, the Hopkinton High School National Honor Society students will be hosting their annual Senior Citizen Tea at the school on Tuesday, April 6 from 2:30-4:30. More on that later, too! Doreen Garner’s dog training classes will be starting on Tuesday, March 30 at 2 pm. This is a four week class, so if you’re interested, call the senior center to register.

Don’t forget to set your clocks AHEAD this weekend!

That’s it for now, so if you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me: Until next time, have a great week!

Hopkinton Company Leads Storage Software Market

for 8th Consecutive Year

HOPKINTON, Mass., March 9 /PRNewswire/ -- EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, led the worldwide storage software market in total revenue for the eighth consecutive year in 2009, according to the latest IDC Worldwide Quarterly Storage Software Tracker, March 2010. [a]


In addition to leading the overall storage software market for the full year of 2009, EMC also led in three storage software categories – storage replication, storage device management and storage management.  EMC's leadership position in storage software played an important role in supporting the company's $12 billion information infrastructure business in 2009.


Pat Gelsinger, President and Chief Operating Officer, EMC Information Infrastructure Products said, "There are tremendous opportunities for customers to better manage and protect the growing sea of information as they transition their data centers from four walls to a hybrid model that leverages virtualization and automated policies across geographically dispersed locations. The tenants of automated data movement across tiered storage coupled with the best-of-breed data deduplication and discovery technologies are the keys to helping customers achieve success. With the advancements and additions we made to our storage software portfolio in 2009, EMC has never been in a better position to ride this next big wave of IT convergence."

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Hopkinton Selectmen Accept New Police Lieutenant Recommendation

March 9, 2010 — Not even a week into his new position with the Hopkinton Police Department, Police Chief Rick Flannery (Center) recommended his longtime colleague, Sgt. Charles Wallace, to fill his former position as the Department's sole Lieutenant. Chief Flannery said there were four candidate's who were all well qualified, but chose Sgt. Wallace in the end. The other three candidates, while never officially named but well-known to the community, were Sgt. Joseph Bennett, Sgt. John Porter and Detective Timothy Brennan.

        Andrew Sweeney's full report on the Selectmen's meeting will follow later tonight.

Governor Patrick Visits Lonza Biologics

Announces $2.5 million MORE Grant

Above, Governor Deval Patrick listens to Lonza President Mike Cicio as State Senator Karen Spilka looks on.


March 9, 2010 — Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick visited Lonza Biologics, Inc. at 99 South Street in Hopkinton today to officially announce the awarding of a MORE (Massachusetts Opportunity Relocation and Expansion ) grant to Hopkinton to benefit the sewer infrastructure in the town. The money allows the connecting of existing sewer lines on South Street to Milford, a gap that has resulted in an impasse over technical issues for about a decade. Recently, the State granted a permit for Hopkinton's request for an inter-basin transfer of waste-water from Hopkinton, which is in the SuAsCo basin to Milford, which is in the Charles River Basin. The limit was

      Lonza received a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) at Town Meeting in 2008 to encourage it to expand in Hopkinton, but the new Waste Water Treatment Facility at Fruit Street would not help at all.

      According to a letter to the EOEA (Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs) from Town Counsel, Ray Miyares in 2009, the increase in the need of Lonza to discharge an additional 75,000 gpd of wastewater was not factored into the capacity of the Fruit Street plant. So, the inference is that even if Fruit Street were to begin pumping, Lonza could not be part of it —  and therefore, the need to reactivate the Milford initiative.

      Today's announcement is a double-header for Hopkinton, because the water and forced main pipes for the Fruit Street plant will be laid beginning on Monday.

      To see the HopNews report by Andrew Sweeney, choose the player below.

PLEASE NOTE: HopNews videos are in HD (High-Definition), a format that YouTube supports. In fact, some users' download connections may not be fast enough  to support the highest resolution offered. If your video fails to load quickly  after pressing "play," choose another resolution (360p - 1080p) from the right side of the player.


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He's My Brother...

March 9, 2010 — From left, Fr. Benedict, Br. Pio and Br. Lanerd Walk down Hayden Rowe Street today on their way, via a stop-ver in Milford, to Warwick, RI, where they will take part in services of Lent.

Governor Patrick Tours Lonza, Announces $2.5 Million Grant

March 9, 2010 — Governor Deval Patrick toured Lonza Biologics today, and stood with town and legislative officials for a press conference. He spoke with HopNews afterward; the video will follow.



Health and Fitness Fair

Hopkinton High School

10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Saturday March 13, 2010


Sponsored by Hopkinton Public Schools Wellness Department

Children’s activities and games! • Health/ Fitness Information • Cholesterol/Blood Pressure checks

Protecting your skin from sun damage • Nutrition • Relaxation

and much, much more!!

There’s something for everyone!

Music!  Prizes!

"Hidden Treasures" in the Downtown


March 9, 2010 — There are "hidden treasures" in Downtown Hopkinton, businesses that build their client base one customer at a time without the benefit if a storefront directly on Main Street. Who are some of them? Check out Andrew Sweeney's piece above. NOTE: After choosing the play button, choose the resolution that will keep up with your download speed.

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State Police Investigate Fatal Crash on Route 495 in Wareham


March 8, 2010 — Tonight at approximately 8:10 p.m., troopers from the Massachusetts State Police Barracks in Bourne responded to reports of a one-car crash on Route 495 southbound just north of Route 195 (Exit 1) in Wareham.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Mark Cohen indicates that a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee operated by 57-year-old Penelope H. Dickens of Oak Bluffs was traveling south on Route 495 when it veered to the right and exited the roadway into the woods.  The Jeep then caught on fire.


The adult female operator was pronounced deceased at the scene and her identity is being withheld pending next of kin notification.

 Positively Hopkinton


Valpey Fisher Corporation Announces the

Creation of the Microwave Products Group


HOPKINTON, Mass., Mar 08, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Valpey Fisher Corporation /quotes/comstock/15*!vpf/quotes/nls/vpf (VPF 1.33, +0.01, +0.76%) , a leader in low noise timing solutions, announces the creation of its Microwaves Products Group. The group will focus on the design, manufacture and marketing of high performance RF/Microwave components and integrated modules for a broad range of end markets, including Microwave Point to Point, Wireless Infrastructure and Military communications.


"The creation of the Microwave Products Group will enable us to better service our existing customers with an increased product offering and allow us to expand into new market applications", said Michael Ferrantino Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer. "I am very excited about the seasoned team we have put in place. They bring more than 65 years of Design, Manufacturing and Marketing expertise to Valpey Fisher", added Ferrantino.


For over 75 years, Valpey Fisher has cultivated longstanding and trusting relationships with a diverse customer base ranging from the world's major OEMs to small and emerging businesses by providing innovative high performance frequency control solutions. The addition of the Microwave Products Group will further enhance the ability to address more content and provide our customers with a much broader portfolio of high performing devices and integrated solutions necessary for next generation system architectures.

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Hopkinton Girl Scout troop #2255 Donates Cookies

Pictured with the troops (left to right):  Kate Bransfield, Corey Gaston, Sarah Greizer, Emily Shea, Jacqueline Disch,  Madeline Lipkin, Hannah Green, co-leaders Elaine Shea and Mary Bransfield.


On Saturday, March 6th, Hopkinton Girl Scout troop #2255 went to Hanscom Air Force Base to donate cookies for the troops overseas.  Over 2,0000 girl scouts from eastern Massachusetts attended the “Cookies for a Cause” event.  In total, there were 800 boxes of cookies donated by Hopkinton girl scouts and 30,000 boxes were collected overall.  Troop #2255 performed the Flag Ceremony which was a special honor.

Hopkinton to Receive $2.5M MORE Grant for Sewer Expansion

Governor Patrick to visit Lonza Tuesday Morning

March 8, 2010 — Senator Karen Spilka (D-Ashland) announced today that the Patrick Administration will award the town of Hopkinton with a $2.5 million Massachusetts Opportunity Relocation and Expansion (MORE) grant to facilitate the connection of Hopkinton's South Street sewer to a existing sewage-treatment facility in Milford. Increased sewer capacity will enable businesses located in the South Street and Elmwood Park industrial areas, including global biotech giant Lonza, to expand and add jobs.

"This is a terrific example of the state and town working together to find the funding for a worthwhile project, without which we may very well lose companies and jobs in MetroWest and Massachusetts," stated Senator Spilka, the Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies. "I fought hard for this project, knowing that this is the type of targeted investment the Commonwealth should be making right now. I applaud the town for their persistence in seeing this project to fruition. The expanded capacity for job retention, growth and expansion will help further solidify the region's economic base."

"The MORE grant funding will provide much needed sewer infrastructure and capacity on South Street for the long-term benefit of the town's valued businesses and, indirectly, residences that will be served by the Fruit Street Waste Water Facility," stated Norman Khumalo, Hopkinton's Town Manager. "This state funding will allow for the realization of an idea whose time has come. The enhanced sewer capacity will be critical for the expansion of the town's commercial base and job creation. This project will not have come about without the strong, effective and responsive partnership between the town, Senator Spilka, Representative Dykema, Secretary Bialecki, the Governor's office, private businesses, as well as the continued cooperation from the town of Milford."

"The MORE Grant for Hopkinton is an excellent example of the public sector working in unison with the private sector to increase economic activity and jobs in the Commonwealth," stated Brian Herr, Chair of the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen. "We look forward to Lonza's expansion in town and will certainly assist other businesses hoping to invest in the region."  Contributed content. HopNews file photos.



Police News UP-TO-DATE

March 8, 2010

Click above for full report


 11:03 pm  A caller on Holt Street reported they heard glass breaking...


4:03 pm  A caller reported ATVs on Fruit Street property...


7:30 am  The manager of a business on West Main Street reported a break-in to the their trailer two days ago...


3:29 pm  The Westborough Police Department requested that Hopkinton be on the lookout for a maroon sedan operated by a white male in his 50s with dark rimmed glasses.  The operator asked a 14 year-old male on Spring Road in Westborough if he could help him look for his pet bird...

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled  for © 2010 All Rights Reserved

Transactions from March 1, 2010 - March 8, 2010






9 Leman Ln. David Goolgasian $200,000 Mar 3,2010 Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.
2 Nancy Ln. Donald J. Gallagher & Nancy L F Gallagher $503,000 Mar 2,2010 Steven J. Sohn & Carol D. Sohn
Last Week        
Amherst Rd. Robert F. LaPointe $30,000 Mar 1,2010 Timothy LaPointe
3 Nazneen Cir. Mukhtar H. Zaidi $186,900 Feb 25,2010 Ahmed Mirajuddin TR
Peppercorn Village Realty Trust
7 Nazneen Cir. Edgardo T. Pagan & Lisa M. Pagan $186,900 Feb 25,2010 Ahmed Mirajuddin TR
Peppercorn Village Realty Trust
14 Main St. Baypath Plaza LLC $107,500 Feb 24,2010 Christos Z. Siarkos & Maria Siarkos


Malden Man Arrested For Death Of Infant Son   

MALDEN– March 8, 2010 — A Malden man was arrested last night in connection with the death of his infant son, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone informed the public today.

 Geoffrey Wilson, 31, was arrested last night and charged with murder in connection with the death of his infant son, Nathan Wilson, 6 months.

             Wilson will be arraigned today at 2pm in Malden District Court.

              According to authorities, preliminary reports indicate the infant suffered non-accidental injuries and trauma.   The cause and manner of death are under investigation by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.  The investigation into the circumstances of the death are under investigation.

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Cornerstone Academy raises $1,290 for the American Red Cross Haiti relief effort, through its "Change for Haiti" program

Northborough, MA., March 2010: During 2 weeks in February, the children who attend Cornerstone Academy in Northborough showed the true spirit of giving by emptying their piggy banks to collect money for the American Red Cross Haiti relief effort. While small on size (only 49 students, grades PK-6, attend Cornerstone), the children at Cornerstone showed that they are big on heart � many doing extra chores at home in order to contribute as much money as they could to this program. 

       Karen McQuade, Cornerstone's director, though not surprised by the children's dedication to this project, was completely amazed by the outcome.

      " I am so proud of our students. Social responsibility is a big part of what Cornerstone is about, but this went beyond even my expectations for what could be accomplished by such a small group.  It just goes to show you all that can be done when each individual does his or her part."


The American Red Cross recognized Cornerstone's efforts by saying, "We are deeply grateful for (Cornerstone's) generosity and support of our efforts. (Their) gift ?enables us to provide vital services to the communities we serve."

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