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Hopkinton Middle School Drama Department Promotes

Charity through A Christmas Carol

Friday, December 4th and Saturday, December 5th at 7:00pm


Tickets can be purchased, and donations made, in advance at the HMS office or at the door the evening of the performance. Tickets are $10 for adults, $7 for students/senior citizens. Receive a $2 discount per ticket with each donation of a new, unwrapped toy or book for children/teens. Donations must be made at the time of ticket purchase.

November 26, 2009 -- Rehearsals for Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol are underway at Hopkinton Middle School, and the cast and crew are bringing the charitable spirit of the play to life by shining a spotlight on local charity Project Just Because.

Hallyann Gifford looks for ways to make each of the productions she directs for the Hopkinton Middle School real for the students in the Drama Club. “This year helping the students connect with the play came easily for me. Allowing the children to develop their characters and explore the themes of the play through a relationship with Project Just Because brings the play to life for the students, while providing for people in need.”


The HMS Drama Club will be supporting Project Just Because in two ways: Audience members can receive discounted admission to the play with a donation of a new, unwrapped toy. And, the cast and crew of over 90, has been segmented into “family groups” which will each sponsor a child from the Project Just Because Holiday Wish List.


“The Cratchitt Family” has decided to sponsor a teenage boy in need of warm clothing, books, and gift certificates for ice cream. "I play a character who benefits from the charity of others to keep his family going. I hope our donation to Project Just Because makes a difference for someone the way Scrooge made a difference for the Cratchitts," commented 7th grade student Kyran Schnur, who portrays Bob Cratchitt in the play.


“It is just wonderful that Ms. Gifford chose Project Just Because as the focus of the Drama Club’s charitable giving. These are tough times for so many families. Many of the families that donated in the past are now in need of support. By creating a large venue for gift gathering, the HMS Drama Club will make a lot of holiday wishes come true.” stated, Project Just Because founder and president , CherylAnn Lambert Walsh


A Christmas Carol will run on Friday, December 4th and Saturday, December 5th at 7:00pm. Tickets can be purchased, and donations made, in advance at the HMS office or at the door the evening of the performance. Tickets are $10 for adults, $7 for students/senior citizens. Receive a $2 discount per ticket with each donation of a new, unwrapped toy or book for children/teens. Donations must be made at the time of ticket purchase.

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November 26, 2009 — Nighttime and a long distance from the lens contribute to make this video-photo of a couple of firefighters at a bonfire behind a Hayden Rowe Street residence appear a bit surreal. At least one call came in from a Fenton Street resident who thought a tree was on fire behind the homes there. The homeowner of the Hayden Rowe Street residence had a permit for an outdoor cooking fire that was revoked upon investigation by the Fire Department, who called it a bonfire and put it out shortly after their 5:30 p.m. arrival with Engine 1.

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Hopkinton 35, Ashland 7

November 26, 2009 — Above, Hopkinton running back, senior Jack Daly, who took the ball across the goal line four times today,  gets plenty of blocking assistance from his fellow Hillers at home against Ashland.

Woodville Rod and Gun Club Serves Record Number of Meals

November 26, 2009 — The Woodville Rod and Gun Club set a record today, their seventh year of a program started by member, the late Dennis Smith, by serving over 135 meals to shut-ins and to members and friends who just wanted to bring their families and enjoy the renown feed put on by the all-volunteer force.

       As of 2:00 p.m. Thanksgiving afternoon — and the calls were still coming in — 55 meals had left the kitchen in to-go packages and 80 meals had been brought to diners at their tables.

      What started as an idea to serve those less fortunate has turned into an event where no one's status is questioned, and everyone, residents, friends, and all, are welcome to take part in the generous meal paid for by the club and supplemented by some donors.


Gatehouse Transfered to Town's Hands

Above, file photo of the Whitehall Dam Gatehouse seen through a vignette of trees from Wood Street. The gatehouse sites atop the former dam, whose decrepit condition was brought to light when an oil delivery truck's wheels fell into a sink hole on it several years ago. The new dam was built about 75 feet to the south, and spills into the area on the opposite side as shown.


Boston   -  November 26, 2009 — Senator Karen Spilka and Representative Carolyn Dykema announced the passage of a home rule petition they filed on behalf of the town of Hopkinton. 


The bill, ‘“An Act Providing for the Transfer of Certain State Real Property to the Town of Hopkinton” into law was authorized by the Select Board in July 2008 and sponsored by Hopkinton’s legislative delegation.  It was signed Monday, November 23rd by Governor Patrick and is now Chapter 162 of the Acts of 2009.


This bill will finalize the transfer of the Whitehall Reservoir Dam and Gatehouse from the Commonwealth to the town of Hopkinton.


Working together, Rep. Carolyn Dykema and Sen. Karen Spilka pushed this legislation as well as legislation on behalf of the Hopkinton Department of Public Works through the House and Senate so it would be on the Governor’s desk and signed into law before Thanksgiving.

Early Feast

November 25, 2009 — The Kindergartners celebrated the holiday with a Thanksgiving Feast. This is some of Mrs. Ferguson's class at the AM Kindergarten celebration today. All the kids made placemats, hats and other Thanksgiving outfits and performed a poem or song for their peers. The parents donated food for the children to eat. They really enjoyed it!

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Didn't Get the Memo

Mouse over the image to see a close up still image

November 25, 2009 — This great blue heron apparently did not get the memo about the end of summer, following an apparent absence from Ice House Pond the entire year, where he was photographed this morning.  Mouse over the image to see a close up still image also taken this morning.

Go Team

November 25, 2009 — These Hopkinton High School Seniors playing in the Annual Powder Puff football game revel in their win Tuesday evening.

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Thanksgivings Brings both Turkey and Youth Drinking

November 25, 2009 — When you think of Thanksgiving, turkey, football games and getting together with family usually come to mind. But what also happens at Thanksgiving is an excess of youth drinking. Officer Phil Powers, our school resource officer, said that in his 21 years on the police force he has found that the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving is the busiest drinking night of the year for youth. It’s busier than New Years Eve or graduation. And the problem is both with underage drinkers, many home from college for the first time, and with young legal drinkers in their twenties who are getting together with old high school friends and end up drinking to excess. Unfortunately, in too many cases these young people also get in a car and drive.

As parents, we all want to keep our kids safe. So what can you do?

· For kids under 21, have a conversation with them about your expectations about drinking; be clear that the law is no drinking until 21 and that you expect that they will follow it. This is critically important for kids who are coming home from college where there may be a different level of tolerance for underage drinking. Know where they are going and be there to check in with them when they get home. And never provide alcohol to anyone under 21, it’s against the law.

· For kids over 21, talk to them about responsible drinking and the dangers of drinking till you are intoxicated when poor decisions are made about everything from driving to sexual activity. Reinforce the importance of identifying a designated driver before anyone starts drinking. Be sure they understand that it is illegal to buy liquor for anyone under 21 and that they can be criminally and civilly prosecuted if a problem occurs.

· For all kids, let them know that if they encounter a problem and can’t get home safely, then you are always willing to come get them. Traffic crashes are the number one killer of teens and over one third of teen traffic deaths are alcohol related. Be a positive role model in your own use of alcohol. Kids listen to what you say but they also are influenced strongly by how you behave.


Preventing underage drinking is everyone’s responsibility and we need to work together to reduce underage access to alcohol and to teach young adults over 21 how to drink responsibly, if they choose to drink.

Studies show that talking to your kids about alcohol does make a difference in their behavior. So take a few minutes before this holiday to let your kids know your expectations, even if you have said it before. They need a reminder!

And remember, it is against the law in Massachusetts to allow underage kids to drink in your home. If something happens, you can be prosecuted in both criminal and civil court. Let’s work together to keep our kids safe this Thanksgiving!

The beFREE project is a drug and alcohol prevention coalition that provides alternative social activities for teens. We also sponsor parent coffees that provide information and strategies for preventing youth substance abuse. If you would like to become involved in the coalition or host or attend a parent coffee, contact Jane Roche or Sue Hadley at

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State Police Offer Holiday Driving Safety Tips


The Massachusetts State Police urge motorists to be safe on the roads of the Commonwealth this holiday season.  The following holiday driving safety tips are recommended:


    Plan on needing extra time to get to your final destination.


    Make sure all vehicle occupants wear their safety belt.


    Leave the proper amount of space between your car and the car in front of you.

(One car length for every ten miles per hour).


    Adjust your speed to road, weather and traffic conditions.


    Plan regularly scheduled breaks when traveling long distances.


    Have your car serviced before undertaking a lengthy trip.


    Be prepared should your car become disabled.  Have the proper emergency equipment with you.  For example: spare tire, lug wrench, jack, flashlight, road flares or other illuminating devices, warm clothing as temperatures can dip well below freezing at this time of year.  A cell phone is also invaluable in emergencies.  You can reach the police and in turn all other emergency services in Massachusetts by dialing 911 on your cell phone.


    Don’t drink and drive.  If you plan on celebrating with alcohol, plan on staying over or plan on having a designated driver.


Raiders "A" Team is All Smiles After Championship Win

November 25, 2009 — It's been a long season for the Hopkinton-Ashland Youth Football "A" team -- starting in the dog days of August and ending in the cold, dreary nights of November -- but a recent victory over Dedham made it all worth it.  The Pop Warner team won the Hockomock League Division II championship last weekend at Duxbury High School by a score of 30 to 14 -- completing an 8-2 winning season. 


Special thanks to coaches Randy Zipse, Ken Gates, Kim Donohue and Doug Liberta for all their outstanding effort and support of the boys and the team throughout the year.  Also thanks to the A-squad cheerleading team for all their support and team spirit. Members of this year's winning football team are:  David Morrison, Kevin Claflin, Tom Hamilton, Jacob LeJune, Kenny Kern, Shayne Kaminski, Jimma Morrone, Andrew Donohue, Brendan Gates, Jordan Jacobs, Michael Power, Tim Towner, Callan Berry, David Benford, Michael Cassista, Kevin Rudolph, Tommy Apuzzo, Nick Bograd, Ben Palleiko, Chris Liberta, Alex Zipse, Matt Ham, Mehaiah Lambert, Drew Westbury, Devin Denaro, Luke Moschini and Nathan MacDonald.

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 Selectmen's Meeting  

Selectmen Vote to Keep Single Tax Rate

Phase VI sewer betterment process challenged

Smith Road and Kimball Road Intersection Stop Sign to be Reversed by spring 2010


by Robert Falcione

[] November 24, 2009 — The people in the neighborhood off of Chestnut Street, introduced by Smith Road, will need to be vigilant over the next few months as the intersection at Smith and Kimball Roads eventually reverses its roadway signage.

       Chief of Police Thomas Irvin appeared before the Selectmen to explain the need to change the signage that favors a stop while traveling on Smith Road to, first a four-way Stop, and then a Stop on the Kimball Road direction of travel, with the Smith Road signs removed by his successor when the ground thaws in 2010.

       Chief Irvin said that Smith Road is the natural throughway, and that the Stop belongs on Kimball Road. The Selectmen agreed.


Tax Classification

     The Selectmen voted in favor of keeping Hopkinton property tax classification as a single tax rate after hearing from Board of Assessors Chairman Dr. John Duffy and Principal Assessor, Robert Bushway (Respectively from left in the photo. Mr. McDonald is standing), rather than setting a different tax rate for commercial properties.

      The only person speaking on the tax rate matter from the visitors' gallery was EMC representative Robert McDonald, who said, "With the troubles our industry has seen, we would appreciate keeping the single rate." EMC, headquartered in Hopkinton, was ahead of the financial curve, laying off 2,400 employees (Out of around 42,000) and ordering a 5% pay cut across the board at the beginning of the recession. The cut has been reinstated, but industry on the whole remains fairly level in growth.

      EMC is the largest paying single taxpayer in Hopkinton, paying over $2.375 million in taxes in FY 2010, more than the next four lower taxpayers combined.

      Even with the tax rate remaining the same, and with the Prop 2 1/2 increase kept at 2.4% this year, the average homeowner can be expected to pay an additional $179 in taxes for the Fiscal ear 2010, Dr. Duffy said.    


Sewer Funding

      Article 2 of the Special Town Meeting to be held on December 14, 2009 is for Phase VI of Hopkinton's Sewer project. Board of Public Works Chairman Dan McIntyre said that the appeals of the Waste Water Treatment Facility on the town's Fruit Street project were essentially over, and that the state gave approval for the project to go out to bid. He said the bids were coming in reasonably.

       Public Works Director JT Gaucher tallied the total cost of Phase VI at a little over $15 million, of which $8.8 million had been authorized, leaving the difference of about $6.2 million, which is expected to be the amount asked for in the motion at the December 14 Special Town meeting. The money would be reimbursed by grants and paid for by betterments to the property owners who were receiving the benefits of the sewer connections. Betterments are fees that are charged to properties for improvements to a property. Installation of a sewer system and pipes going past a property generates a betterment fee. Not everyone was on board with the process.

      Hopkinton Planning Board member Carol DeVeuve (File image), speaking as a private citizen said, "I am very concerned about the financial impact to the town.

      Foreseeing a possible legal challenge to the plan, Mrs. DeVeuve asked, "How can we legally or ethically better [charge a fee] the South Street businesses for a sewage treatment plant that their sewage is never going to get to?

      "I think it's going to be a huge burden for the town," she said, implying that taxpayers may have to pay in the end, after all.

      "To better any group of people, the project has to solely benefit that group of people.

      "Honestly, I don't believe we can do it.

      "And to go into this saying we are going to better South Street for this project — I think it's going to come back to the town and I think it's going to be a huge, huge burden for the town."

      Town Manger Norman Khumalo said he forwarded her letter to the Town Counsel, Ray Miyares, and expects an answer by the end of the week.

 PowderPuff Football Game

November 24, 2009 — Tonight the HHS Senior girls were victorious over the Juniors in the annual game with a score 38-12.

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ESL’s 2009 Holiday Programs


November 23, 2009 – ‘Tis the season, and as in past years, Enter Stage Left Theater has been busy putting together several musical programs to celebrate this special time of year. Many of the events will feature ESL’s new adult chorus, the Treble Makers; as well as Tone Deft, ESL’s high school a cappella troupe; and Tone Deft Jr., ESL’s middle school troupe. This year’s ESL Holiday Programs include:


Holiday Stroll -- December 5 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Downtown Hopkinton

ESL’s carolers will be singing yuletide songs and will join the Girl Scouts, Tone Deft, Tone Deft Jr. and the Hopkinton High School Chorus at the Tree Lighting on the Common at 4:30.  In addition, Tone Deft, Tone Deft Jr., the Treble Makers and the cast of "Christmas Traditions" will be performing at the Hopkinton Public Library between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m.  

ESL’s studio at 30 Main Street will also be open all day and have some holiday treats and information available about all of its upcoming events and classes.


Christmas Traditions – December 11 at 7:00 p.m., December 12 at 2:00 and 4:00 p.m.

Enter Stage Left Theater, 30 Main Street, Hopkinton

Back by popular demand, this family-based musical features a sing-along and explains the origins of some of our most beloved holiday traditions. Tickets are $10.00 for general admission.


Christmas Concert -- December 13 at 3:00 p.m.

United Parish of Upton, One Central Square, Upton

ESL’s Treble Makers, and Tone Deft and Tone Deft Jr. will present a Christmas concert titled Celebrate the Season in Song. Tickets are $10.00 for general admission.

Enter Stage Left Theater, Inc. is a non-profit performing arts center in Hopkinton offering theater education, training and performances for students of all ages. For more information call 508-435-2114 or visit


 State Crime

Virginia Man Arrested, Arraigned For Attempted Kidnapping of 12-year-old Littleton Girl

Defendant Made Contact Over Internet, Traveled Up From Virginia To Meet Victim Friday;

Authorities Able To Identify, Locate And Arrest Defendant As Result Of Coordinated Investigation By Littleton Police, FBI, And Middlesex DA’s Office


AYER- November 24, 2009 — A Virginia man has been arrested and arraigned on attempted kidnapping charges after he traveled from Virginia on Friday to meet a 12-year-old girl in Littleton, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone and Littleton Police Chief John Kelly informed the public today.  The two had made initial contact over the Internet in a chat room. 

             Daniel O’Brien, 32, of Virginia, was arrested on Friday by Littleton Police after the train he was traveling on arrived in Littleton.  O’Brien was arraigned today in Ayer District Court on charges of attempted kidnapping and child endangerment.  Ayer District Court Judge Gailey ordered O’Brien held on $50,000 cash bail and ordered him not to contact the victim in this case.   The Commonwealth requested the defendant be held on $500,000 cash bail.   

             O'Brien's next court date is December 9 for a pre-trial hearing.

            “This was a predatory situation in which the defendant is alleged to have contacted the young victim over the Internet and offered to help her runaway from her home,” District Attorney Leone said.  “This is a stark reminder of the type of predatory behavior aimed at vulnerable children that can occur on the Internet.  Thankfully, the defendant was arrested before he was able to kidnap the victim and carry out his prurient intentions.  I commend the victim’s alert parents who took the proper steps in informing and involving law enforcement officials in this case, as well as the Littleton Police, the FBI and members of our Cyber Enforcement Unit for their great collaborative work in this case.”

            “The favorable ending to this potentially tragic case is due in large part to the alert reaction of the victim’s parents,” Littleton Police Chief John Kelly said.  “They were keyed into their daughter’s behavior, realized something was amiss and knew it was important to be intrusive.  As a result, they went onto their computer and found emails outlining the arrangement for the planned meeting that would have most certainly resulted in the kidnapping of the young victim.”

            According to authorities, on Friday, November 20, Littleton Police were contacted by a Littleton resident who was concerned about Internet communications his step daughter was having with a Virginia man over the Internet.  The resident stated that his step daughter, the victim, was acting unusual that morning before school and that her backpack was filled with extra clothes and money.  After dropping her off at school, he and the victim’s mother made the decision to go through their computer where they located e-mail exchanges between the victim and a man, allegedly the defendant, who claimed that he was 25 years old.  The conversations revealed that the defendant offered to help the victim runaway from her home.  The conversations also revealed that the defendant planned to travel by bus from Virginia to Boston.  He stated to the victim that he would then take a train from Boston to Littleton to meet her.  He then planned on taking the victim back to Virginia with him. 

            This information was relayed to Littleton PD who contacted the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office to assist in the investigation.  After a subpoena was granted, authorities were able to locate and identify the account user as the defendant, as well as get a description of his physical appearance and the approximate time the bus he was traveling on would arrive in Boston.
             At approximately 2:30 p.m. on Friday, Littleton police and two FBI agents were conducting surveillance of the Littleton Train Station in anticipation of the defendant’s arrival and were able to identify the defendant and place him in custody.

             Once in custody, the defendant admitted that he planned on meeting the victim and return to Virginia with her.  He also admitted that he knew her age and that he intended to sexually assault the victim and place pictures of her in states of nudity on the Internet.

             The investigation is ongoing.

             These charges are allegations, and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

             The case was investigated by Littleton Police, the FBI, and members of the Middlesex District Attorney’s Child Abuse Unit, Cyber Protection Unit, and PACT Unit.

              The arraignment was handled by Assistant District Attorney David Rubin.

 The Middlesex District Attorney’s Cyber Protection Unit, created by District Attorney Leone when he took office in 2007, is the office’s first-ever unit of prosecutors and investigators specifically focused on the protection of children and other citizens from the predatory dangers of the Internet. The Unit consists of a coordinating Assistant District Attorney, other lawyers, State Police, and civilian forensic specialists. That team focuses on the investigation and prosecution of cases involving the use of computers to commit crimes and store evidence, including those who target children, the elderly and other victims. It also addresses financial and other related cyber crimes. In addition to its prosecutorial components, the program engages community and law enforcement partners to conduct county-wide trainings, build and develop public-private partnerships, launch pilot initiatives, and support the office’s pre-existing school and community-based prevention and intervention programs.

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 State Crime

State Police Gang Unit Arrests Two Bristol County Men for YouTube Video


November 24, 2009 — On Saturday, Nov. 21 State Police troopers assigned to the Gang Unit and the Bristol County Detective Unit arrested two men for making violent threats in a profanity-laced video posted on You Tube. Among the statements made by the defendants in the video are specific threats against a Massachusetts State Trooper and a New Bedford District Court Probation Officer. The video contains numerous images of firearms, police officers and police cars, and crime scenes. The violent rants in the video also make mention of New Bedford Police and, in some verses, warn police of consequences of pulling over or arresting those shown in the video.


At 12:15 a.m. Saturday State Troopers, with the assistance of New Bedford Police, arrested MATTHEW RUFINO, 24, 406 Potter St., New Bedford. He was booked at the State Police Dartmouth Barracks and held until his scheduled arraignment today in the New Bedford District Court.


At 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Troopers, along with Fairhaven Police, arrested JASON FOLEY, 28, 115 Spring St., Fairhaven, at his home. He also was booked at the Dartmouth Barracks and held pending his scheduled arraignment today in New Bedford.


RUFINO and FOLEY are charged with two counts each of making threats to commit a crime; threats to use a firearm; and intimidation of a witness.


State Police have seized forensic evidence, and the investigation is ongoing in conjunction with the office of Bristol District Attorney Samuel Sutter.

MetroWest to Receive Nearly $350K in Stimulus Funding to Rehire Municipal Fire Fighters

 Hopkinton to Receive $44,000

November 24, 2009 - Moving to help municipal police and fire departments across the Commonwealth impacted by budget cuts that have forced layoffs and vacancies resulting from attrition, Massachusetts will release $349,477 in federal stimulus funds to to MetroWest towns to hire, rehire or retain firefighters in four fire departments. The funds will also be used to support additional shift staffing needs.

"We have moved quickly to provide vital assistance to our fire departments," said Senator Karen Spilka. "This is funding each town needs to help ensure the safety and security of its residents."

Franklin will receive $135,537, Framingham will receive $89,940, Natick will receive $80,000, and Hopkinton will receive $44,000. In total, $71 million in federal recovery funds are being directed to local public safety officials.

Funds are also being allocated for police departments across the Commonwealth. Today's announcement marks the first round of awards to police departments and the second round to fire departments from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Police grants are supported by Department of Justice/Byrne Grants and firefighters grants are funded through discretionary stimulus funds Governor Patrick set aside specifically to help fire departments address staffing reductions caused by the current recession.

"The economic crisis has hit cities and towns hard and forced communities to lay off the men and women sworn to protect us," said Governor Patrick. "With these stimulus funds, we can eliminate dangerous understaffing, put people to work and give our police and fire departments the resources they need to keep our residents safe. I commend our partners in the Congressional Delegation for making this critical funding possible."

"The recession has hit our entire state and entire country hard and Worcester is no exception," said Congressman James McGovern. "Worcester is the second largest city in New England. We need a robust police and fire department. We should do everything we can not to jeopardize that."

Police departments will receive $6.2 million. 147 cities and towns previously received a combined total of $15,749,229 in police grants directly from ARRA earlier this year.

The administration will direct $11.6 million to fire departments across the Commonwealth. Because the ARRA program does not include staffing grants for fire departments, the Governor set aside funds specifically to retain and rehire fire fighters in communities throughout Massachusetts earlier this year. The federal Recovery Act does make $210 million available nationally for fire departments to compete for grants to support the renovation and construction of local fire stations.

124 police departments and 87 fire departments submitted applications to the Patrick-Murray Administration's Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS) for the two staffing grant programs. EOPSS used formulas based on budgets, staffing issues and public safety concerns to determine which departments received grants.

~From the office of Senator Karen Spilka

Hopkinton - Ashland Football Banquet

November 23, 2009 — Hopkinton and Ashland football players got together for their annual pre-Thanksgiving Day banquet at the First Congregational Church of Hopkinton this evening, along with parents, relatives and cheerleaders.

    The rivals put aside their differences this evening — many played together in Pop-Warner football — and spoke of the unique perspective and sportsmanship their early years gave them. For more photos, click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

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Fiscal Year 2010 Proposed Property Valuations- Click Here

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Sponsored by:

Compiled by Robert Falcione for © 2009All Rights Reserved

Transactions ending November 23, 2009






5 Gibbon Road

Peter H. Oliver

Lida L. Cardito


Nov 23, 2009

Scott A.Pierce, Stacefy A.Pierce

50 Hayward Street

Daniel Martinelli


Nov 23, 2009




30 Pleasant Street

Manuel Cifuentes


Nov 20, 2009

Valerie J. Wesinger,

Albert J. Wesinger Jr

9 Sanctuary Lane

Leonard R. Poitras, Sandra D. Poitras


Nov 20, 2009

Weston Development Group

5 Leonard street

Alex L. Papanicholas


Nov 20, 2009

Leonard Street Realty Trust

James Michael McBride, Trustee

13 Nazneen Circle

Adusumilli Krishna Kishore


Nov 20, 2009

Peppercorn Village Realty Trust

Ahmed Mirajuddin Trust

17 Nazeen Circle




Nov 20, 2009

Peppercorn Village Realty Trust

Ahmed Mirajuddin Trust

23 Walcott Street

Megan Cap-Renzi


Nov 20, 2009

Sandra J Charteris

24 Cross Street

Brendan J. Hannigan

Christina Georgiadis


Nov 20, 2009

Margaret L. Larsen

9 mount Auburn Street

Orewell B. Dmello


Nov 17, 2009

Joseph M. Heeney

Xiang Xia H. Heeney

29 Walcott Valley Drive

Cynthia Hanscomb


Nov 16, 2009

Lynn G. Tanner

Last Week        
6 Nazneen Circle Balpreet S. Bhamra


Nov.  06, 2009

Mirajuddin Ahmed, Trustee of Peppercorn
Village Realty Trust
80 East Main Street Jessica Zent


Nov.  05, 2009

Mezitt Agricultural Corporation
20 Pinecrest Village Joshua D. Vanik & Gina Calandruccio


Nov.  04, 2009

Nick Silvaggi & Jessica Silvaggi
18 Glen Road Christopher S. Gallacher & Erin R. Gallacher


Nov.  03, 2009

George M. Savell & Maria V. Savell
26 Clinton Street Cathy Bartlett & Duane Bartlett


Nov.  02, 2009

Mezitt Agricultural Corporation


Police News UP-TO-DATE  November 23, 2009


Click above for full written report.


8:48 pm A 911 caller on West Main Street reported that a male party had approached her and asked her to call 911, because there had been a break-in...


10:12 pm Officers Gregg DeBoer and William Burchard responded to a 911 call from a South Mill Street resident who reported hearing 4 gunshots...


9:20 am A Downey Street resident called to report that his garage window had been broken...


11:19 pm An Eastview Road caller requested that her husband be removed from the house...

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Hopkinton Employee Receives award


Kathrin Winkler, Senior Director of Corporate Sustainability at EMC, Inc. in Hopkinton, won “Employee of the Year” at The 6th Annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business on Friday, November 13.  


The Stevie Awards for Women in Business feature categories including Best Entrepreneur, Best Executive, Mentor of the Year, Fastest Growing Company of the Year, and Best Overall Company. 

This year’s winners range from large well-known companies to smaller companies like Piano Play Music Systems, Canada Post, Camp Bow Wow and The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company.  For a complete list of winners by category, visit:


Police and Norwood High School Football Players Urge Motorists to Buckle Up

Norwood High School Event Warns of Consequences of Not Wearing Seatbelts


With Thanksgiving Day and busy holiday travel around the corner, Massachusetts State Police and local police joined forces today with a motor vehicle crash survivor and local high school football players to raise awareness about the dangers faced by drivers and passengers who do not wear seatbelts. The event was part of the Commonwealth’s Fall 2009 “Click It or Ticket” Mobilization, a statewide effort funded by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS).


At today’s event, football players from Norwood High School joined with a alumnus who was involved in a car crash to warn their peers about the need to wear seatbelts. Students are an especially risky population in the Commonwealth; according to a 2009 EOPSS survey, 67 percent of teens in Massachusetts wear seatbelts, lower than the statewide rate of 74 percent for motorists of all ages.


Norwood High School graduate Patrick McDonough said he escaped serious injuries because he was wearing his seatbelt when the car he was riding in crashed in August.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, proper seat belt use reduces the risk of fatal injury for front seat occupants in a motor vehicle crash by up to 45 percent and of moderate-to-critical injury by 50 percent.


“It has been proven time and again that seat belts dramatically improve your chances for survival in a crash, yet about one in every four Massachusetts drivers – and one in three teenagers in the state – still are not buckling up,” said Colonel Mark F. Delaney, superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police. “State and local police are dedicated to enforcing seatbelt laws in the Commonwealth.”


In Massachusetts, police can issue citations to unbelted motorists if they stop the car they are in for another violation.


“Seat belt use is a top priority for those involved with highway safety,” said Sheila Burgess, Director of the Highway Safety Division for EOPSS. “State and local police gave out more than 200 seat belt citations every day last year. We thank the Norwood and Dedham High Schools for helping us and State Police and local police for making sure that buckling up is on the forefront of everyone’s mind throughout their travels this holiday.”


For the “Click It or Ticket” mobilization, EOPSS has provided $660,000 in federal highway safety funds for additional high visibility traffic enforcement and a public awareness campaign.  The Massachusetts State Police are rolling more than 400 additional patrols during the campaign, which began Nov. 12 and runs through Nov. 29. One hundred and seven local police departments are also participating in the mobilization. For more information, go to

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The Nutcracker in Worcester

November  23, 2009 — Five Hopkinton children (Hanna Bailey, Gray Bailey, Chloe DiMare, Lauren Donovan and Megan Donovan) will be performing in Boston Dance Company's "Nutcracker" ballet on Friday, December 18th at 10:00 am and 7:00 pm at the Sullivan Auditorium at Worcester State College. Tickets are $25 for adults and $18 for seniors and children, and can be purchased at the door or in advance by calling 617-491-8615.

This is the 17th season of the Boston Dance Company’s annual production of the Nutcracker. It is a performance the entire family will enjoy and remember -- full of magic, a growing Christmas Tree, a sword-fight, snowing onstage, and spectacular dancing. The large cast includes approximately 20 professional dancers, 10 company apprentices and 70 children. The children in the Worcester production are primarily residents of Worcester, Shrewsbury, Westborough and surrounding communities.

Poll Results

Over 230 readers weighed in since last night with their opinions on practices within the Roman Catholic Church.


A substantial majority, 63.48%, believes that a person's beliefs should not exclude them from partaking in the sacraments of the church.


Less than 25% went along with the church's decision denying  Communion to Patrick Kennedy as punishment for his stance in favor of abortion rights.

Patrick Kennedy Barred from Communion?

November 22, 2009 — According to the Associated Press, Democratic  Congressman from Rhode Island and son of the late Ted Kennedy, Patrick Kennedy, has been banned from receiving the sacrament of Communion by  Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin. The AP refers to an article in the Providence Journal.

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Hopkinton Cub Scouts Pack 4

Let Your Light Shine

November  22, 2009 — The heavens cast an approving light on Hopkinton today, as the sun broke through in the late afternoon and shone down in beams, as seen from the shore of the Hopkinton Reservoir.

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