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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Renewable Energy

Above, State Rep. Carolyn Dykema, Boston Community Capital CEO Elyse Cherry, School Committee Vice-Chair Rebecca Robak, Carter Wall of the Mass Renewable Energy Trust, and State Senator Karen Spilka share a laugh before appearing in the Solar Energy assembly in the High School Auditorium Monday. Video and story are below.

Planning Board Discusses Legacy Farms

November 2, 2009 — The Planning Board entertained discussion on design guidelines for the Legacy Farms Master Permit on Monday evening. The company plans to build 940 mixed dwelling  units and 450,000 square feet of commercial, retail, office and light industrial space, with around 500 acres of open space on hte 720 acre parcel.

       The Board and Legacy Farms principals discussed a submission by Fred Merrill of Sasaki Associates, the urban studies company hired by Hopkinton to design a master Plan of East Hopkinton, that offered guidelines for open space stewardship, brown water reuse, and much more.

        Although Legacy is moving forward, Mr. Merrill said it would be several years before the economy comes back.

Weston Nurseries Hires Director of Finance/Controller


November 2, 2009 — Weston Nurseries has hired Eric McGourty as the new Director of Finance/Controller. Eric has had a successful career in helping smaller companies grow their businesses. Most recently, Eric spent 8 years working with AquaHealth, Inc. and helped them expand their services and customers base.


Besides his strong financial management skills, Eric is well versed in working with other managers to develop internal processes and controls that ultimately offer better service to clients.


Company President, Peter Mezitt says "I look forward to working closely with Eric to improve the way we manage our inventory so that we can stock the right products, service customers quickly, and offer some new product categories and services for our customers. Eric joins a strong team of managers that have really professionalized our company over the past few years. His addition will give all of us confidence and security in decisions we make."

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Hopkinton Discusses New Solar Systems for Town Buildings

Homeowners Also Qualify for Discounts, Tax Credits

for Solar, Wind Investments

Above, School Committee Vice-Chair Rebecca Robak, State Rep. Carolyn Dykema, HHS Environmental Club Rep. Catherine Leonard, Boston Community Capital CEO Elyse Cherry, Carter Wall of the Mass Renewable Energy Trust, State Senator Karen Spilka.


November 2, 2009 — School Committee Vice-Chair Rebecca Robak led the discussion today at the Hopkinton High School Auditorium surrounding the installation, by Borrego solar, of photovoltaic panels at the High School and Middle School, as well as the Fire and Police Stations.

      These municipal entities do not pay taxes, which is the method the government uses to reimburse those who invest in solar and wind. So, in this case, the company has installed their system on the town's municipal buildings, and the financing entity, Boston Community Capital, will maintain ownership for 20 years, charging the town a discount rate for electricity. At the end of the 20 years, the own has the option of taking ownership of the system, or the company will remove them at their expense and return the roofs to their original condition.

      Some of the principals spoke with HopNews about the town and the homeowners' ways to save with solar. Video is below.


Please Welcome New Sponsor, Locally Owned Ductz 

November 2, 2009 — HopNews welcomes a new sponsor, Ductz, owned by a Hopkinton father, Andy Piacentini, who is a certified Indoor Air professional. Mr. Piacentini was onsite at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas following a devastating fire that involved over 1,600 damaged units and their related air-handling systems.  And locally, Mr. Piacentini has helped out one large company on South Street following a fire at their facility.

     Mr. Piacentini recommends all homes have their dryers cleaned annually as part of an aggressive fire prevention measure. He also recommends heating and air conditioning ventilation ducts be cleaned every five years, and especially following home renovation projects.

    Check out the video above for examples of this specialized service, and how you can breathe clean air indoors every day. Then call for an estimate.

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Police News UP-TO-DATE  November 2, 2009

Click above for full written report.


6:25 am A resident reported that a trash truck was picking up trash on West Main Street in violation of a town by-law...


10:00 am A Falcon Road resident reported receiving a strange phone call from a young child which was traced back to Wareham...


11:55 pm A Wood Street resident reported hearing what sounded like several gunshots...


10:57 am An East Street resident reported hearing a loud explosion and no longer having power...

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Fiscal Year 2010 Proposed Property Valuations- Click Here

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Sponsored by:


Compiled by Eric Montville for

Transactions ending November 2, 2009






11 Daniel Shays Road Jeffrey L. Burdick & Kerry Hemingway Burdick


Oct.  29, 2009

Michael P. Welsh-Carroll & Bonnie B.
119 Spring Street Douglas J. Liberta & Patricia A. Liberta


Oct.  29, 2009

Nicholas J. Palihnich, Jr. & Diane L.
19 Meserve Street Lisa M. McFall


Oct.  28, 2009

Lisa M. Vorce & Joseph A. Vorce
12 Wedgewood Road Robert J. Kluchko & Marelyn Kluchko


Oct.  28, 2009

Linda M. Taneja & Arun K. Taneja
Last Week        
4 Penny MeadowLane Chad Thompson & Dena Thompson


Oct.  23, 2009

Dana M. Richmond & Mary Richmond
18 Ash Street Keith E. Power & Mara E. Power


Oct.  19, 2009

Michael R. Gram & Ivy Gram
2 Weeks Ago        
9 Nazeen Circle John N. Fahmy & Stephanie A. Fahmy


Oct.  15, 2009

Mirajuddin Ahmed, Trustee of Peppercorn
Village Realty Trust


Sign up now for Senator Spilka’s 2009 Senior Health and Wellness Fair

November 21, 2009
9:00am – 1:30pm
Callahan Senior Center
535 Union Avenue, Framingham
RSVP to (617) 722-1640 or

STATE SENATOR KAREN SPILKA'S 2009 SENIOR HEALTH  and WELLNESS FAIR will be held on November 21 from 9:00-1:30 at the Callahan Senior Center 535 Union Avenue in Framingham.


This year's program will include ongoing presentations on health, wellness & prevention, informational booths, and health care screening along with a wonderful hot lunch.


While at the fair, take advantage of the many workshops including container gardening, financial planning, Medicare D, genealogy, zumba, and much more.


Informational booths on topics ranging from area discounts, health care services and providers & transportation as well as health care screening will be available throughout the day.


Contact Senator Spilka's office at 617-722-1640 or email her at to reserve your spot and take advantage of this wonderful event.

Fruit Street Pump Test May Discolor Water


Please be advised that a required fire flow test will take place on Fruit Street near the DPW office on Monday November 2, 2009 at approximately 8:30 AM. You may notice some discoloration during and after the test. The effects may reach as far as the Downtown and surrounding area. Please avoid doing any laundry, dishwasher loads or other water use activities, during this time. Any discoloration that may occur will eventually dissipate. You may need to run the water in your home for a short period of time to flush your internal pipes once the test is complete.

The CBS News and More is Always Available on Top of Page One: CBS

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Above is the Evening News form November 1, 2009 on CBS, which allows embedding to share on other Websites.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Surreal Juxtaposition

November 1, 2009 — The image above is made from two photos taken on the same day at Hopkinton State Park Main Beach area at the end of last week. The main image was shot facing west, and the zoomed-in Moon was shot facing northeast. The two images were combined using Adobe Photoshop, a digital imaging program, and presents an opportunity to remind readers of two of HopNews' Free Dictionary features. The title words can be looked up in the "Online Reference" dialogue box in the upper right corner of Page One, or the definition can be had by double-clicking on a word. It is HopNews policy to always state it so on the rare occasions when two images are combined.

Presented by the CAA

Women's Art Forum

November 5th, 7:00 pm
 HCAM Studio
77 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA

One woman show with Cambridge performing artist, Ruth Brownstein taking place at HCAM TV studio.

The Women's Art Forum/CAA is inviting the public to this forum... Come and join and offer your questions during a follow-up Q & A!

This show is being offered by the Women's Art Forum as a free public program.  For questions or to make a reservation for seating in advance or go to

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Neverland Awaits

November 1, 2009 — Thank you to Maria Gross for sharing this photo of the Deisenroth family dressed as the cast from Peter Pan, on their way to Neverland at the Center School Halloween party.

Get ready for the upcoming season by having your yard and home winterized.

YMCA Halloween

November 1, 2009 — Thanks to these fine looking members of royalty and such for letting us see their grand costumes as they pause before going into Hayes Lodge at the YMCA for their spooky Halloween party on Friday evening.

Pumpkin of Liberty

November 1, 2009 — Janet Sheehan shares this nighttime photo taken on her front steps with a neighbor's cell phone as an example of her family's shared artistic abilities.




A silver Skagen brand ladies watch on Friday, in the vicinity of the Common and Center school during the Kindergarten Costume Parade.  Although the watch is does not have a high financial value, it has a huge sentimental value. Please email: or call (508) 435-7393.

Mother of Invention

October 31, 2009 — Two year-old Thomas McCarthy proves not only the old saying that necessity is the mother of invention, but also that it really doesn't matter which way the bean bag goes through the hole. This was one of many fun games the Woodville Rod and Gun Club had at their Halloween for Children event today.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Flying Donut

Ocotober 31, 2009 — Jesse Michel, 12, runs after a disc thrown by his father today at EMC Park. The donut-shaped object can be thrown further than a Frisbee, but is as unpredictable as a whiffle ball.

Plane Existence

October 31, 2009 — The photographer chose a shallow depth of field to put leaves that were all in a vertical plane from the lens into focus, throwing the background out of focus at the same time. This is accomplished with a large lens opening. A smaller lens opening would have put everything in focus, making for a fairly boring photo.

Hopkinton 14, Medway 42

October 30, 2009 — Mike Maresca rolls in for six at home against Medway for the first Hopkinton touchdown of the game.

Get ready for the upcoming season by having your yard and home winterized.

Parade of Costumes

October 30, 2009 — The Center School Kindergarten students took the Halloween holiday seriously today, as did some of their teachers, like Ms. Alaina Ciaramicoli, as they marched around the Common in costume.

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Halloween KISS

October 30, 2009 — Caroline Kozub, left, and Kate Martire put on their best Halloween school clothes today, the day before the spooky and festive holiday, and met up with their band mates at school.

Officer Phil Teaches Personal Safety with Humor

October 29, 2009 — The Officer Phil program, which visits all three elementary schools this week, teaches kids how to be safe as a pedestrian and in a vehicle, as well as how to avoid tricks a stranger might try. He gets his points across with lessons on personal safety mixed with humor and puppets. School Resource Officer Phil Powers oversees the program, which is a coincidental namesake.

Pedestrian vs. Auto

October 29, 2009 — A male teen crossing Hayden Rowe Street from his home to attend driver's ed at the HS/MS complex was struck was struck by the driver of a small sedan, whose side-view driver's side mirror was ripped off in the collision. The shaken driver said he did not see the youth, who he said was standing in the middle of the road when he struck him. The youth complained of knee pain and was taken by Hopkinton Fire Department to Milford Hospital.


Once again, Hopkinton’s Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts will be collecting non-perishable grocery items for this year’s Scouting for Food program, set to take place on Nov. 7 and 14.


The program benefits the Hopkinton Food Pantry, located at Project Just Because headquarters at 86 South Street.  With the recession forcing many more people out of work, PJB staffers say that more individuals and families than ever are depending on the food pantry, which serves only Hopkinton residents. They estimate that this year, about 400 Hopkinton families will need the pantry to put together a Thanksgiving meal.  And around this upscale community, a few families are going without heat in order to be able to pay for food.


Scouts will delivering plastic bags to mailboxes and doorsteps around Hopkinton on Nov. 7.  Residents are asked to fill the bags with non-perishable grocery items and return the filled bags to their mailbox or doorstep before 10 a.m. on Nov. 14, when the Scouts will begin their collection efforts.   Scouts will also be stationed at Colella’s Supermarket on Nov. 14 to collect groceries.  

Especially needed this year are canned meats, meals and fruit; breakfast foods and snack foods for children; toiletry items such as toothpaste and toothbrushes, paper towels and other paper goods; juice bottles and juice boxes. We ask that people please check expiration dates before donating; expired items can’t be used and often must be thrown away. 

 Other communities in the Scout’s Knox Trail Council  will also be participating in this 21st Scouting for Food, Good Turn for America. event  Over 4,000 scouts and leaders will be out collecting food for local food pantries in the Metro West area.  The Council has set a goal to collect more than 100 tons of food in the 2009 Scouting for Food drive, up from the 80 tons collected last year.

For additional information on the 2009 Scouting for Food Drive, a National Good Turn For America, please go to the Knox Trail Council Website –   ~ Catherine Buday

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Firefighters Add To Their Safety Toolkit

October 29, 2009 Above is the new Rescue-Q-Jack system that the Fire Department just purchased for vehicle stabilization at motor vehicle accidents. It supports the vehicle, in any position, so that firefighters can safely operate in and around it during extrications.


Below, Group 3 Firefighter Rob Caron operates the new Hurst MOC cutters, for vehicle extrication, to remove the roof, while the vehicle is stabilized with the new Rescue-Q-Jack system while Firefighter Piorkowski assists under the direction of Lt Lukey. The yellow jack is part of the new system that is now supporting the vehicle on its side, as seen in the photo above.

Get ready for the upcoming season by having your yard and home winterized.

New Troop 4 Eagle

October —Ryan Norby became Troop 4’s latest Eagle Scout Tuesday night. With him is Tom Dawson, Troop 4 Scoutmaster. Ryan  designed and built a meditation garden for Fr. Jim Flynn at St. Matthew’s Church in Southborough. He cleared a piece of land, built steps leading to it (it’s on the hill facing Southville Rd) and a retaining wall. Complete with a statue, fountain, bench and shrubs and flowers, it’s a comforting place to pray or sit and relax, it is dedicated it to deceased parishioners.

Hopkinton Branch of Stryker Biotech LLC, Former President and  Others Indicted

BOSTON, MA - October 28, 2009 - Stryker Biotech, LLC, a corporation based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, and its former president, Mark Philip of Lexington, Massachusetts, and its current sales managers, William Heppner of Illinios, David Ard of California, and Jeff Whitaker of North Carolina, were charged today in federal court with participating in a fraudulent marketing scheme of medical devices used during invasive spinal and long bone surgeries. Stryker Biotech and Mark Philip were also charged with making false statements to the United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”).

Acting United States Attorney Michael K. Loucks; Mark Dragonetti, Resident Agent in Charge of the Food & Drug Administration - Office of Criminal Investigations; Susan J. Waddell, Special Agent in Charge of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General - Office of Investigations; and Warren T. Bamford, Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation - Boston Field Division, announced today that STRYKER BIOTECH, LLC, MARK PHILIP, WILLIAM HEPPNER, DAVID ARD and JEFF WHITAKER were charged in an Indictment with five counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy. STRYKER BIOTECH, DAVID ARD and JEFF WHITAKER were also charged with misbranding. In addition, STRYKER BIOTECH and MARK PHILIP were charged with making false statements to the FDA.

The Indictment alleges that all of the defendants participated in an illegal marketing scheme to promote medical devices used during invasive surgeries, and in doing so having defrauded medical professionals and the FDA. In particular, the defendants are alleged to have promoted devices known as OP-1 Implant and OP-1 Putty. These devices were used to stimulate bone growth in long bones and the spine. These devices were approved by the FDA only pursuant to a highly restrictive Humanitarian Device Exemption (“HDE”). One of the restrictions was that the device could only treat a condition that affected fewer than 4,000 patients in the United States, and could not be sold for a profit. The Indictment charges that the defendants promoted the use of these devices in a manner that was different from its FDA approved use; namely they promoted a combination of the devices with a bone void filler, called Calstrux, and in furtherance of that promotion provided “recipes” to surgeons, medical technicians and others as to how to mix the OP-1 products with Calstrux. It is alleged that some of these untested “recipes” called for medical personnel to mold the combined product into “cigars,” “tootsie rolls” or “vienna sausages.” The Indictment charges that the defendants knew that such a combination had never been studied in a clinical trial and had never been presented to or approved by the FDA. It is alleged that the reason the defendants promoted the OP-1 products in a mixture with Calstrux was because without a mixing agent, the OP-1 products were at a competitive disadvantage with other legal products. The Indictment also alleges that serious medical problems arose in a number of patients from this untested mix of products.

The Indictment also charges that defendants STRYKER BIOTECH, LLC and MARK PHILIP made false statements to the FDA about the number of patients that STRYKER BIOTECH was treating on an annual basis with OP-1 Putty.

SOURCE Department of Justice


Stryker Statement in Response to the Indictment of Its Biotech Division

KALAMAZOO, Mich., Oct. 28 -- Stryker Corporation (NYSE: SYK) learned today that a federal grand jury in the District of Massachusetts has returned an indictment charging Stryker Biotech LLC and certain current and former employees of Stryker Biotech with wire fraud, conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), distribution of a misbranded device and false statements to the FDA. The Company disclosed in March of this year that its Biotech division was the target of a federal grand jury investigation being conducted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Massachusetts.


The Company is disappointed with this action and still hopes to be able to reach a fair and just resolution of this matter. Conviction of these charges could result in significant monetary fines and Stryker Biotech's exclusion from participating in federal and state health care programs, which could have a material affect on Stryker Biotech's business. As a matter of Company policy Stryker will not have any further comment on these allegations.


Stryker Statement in Response to the Indictment of Its Biotech Division: Stryker Corporation is one of the world's leading medical technology companies with the most broadly based range of products in orthopaedics and a significant presence in other medical specialties. Stryker works with respected medical professionals to help people lead more active and more satisfying lives. The Company's products include implants used in joint replacement, trauma, craniomaxillofacial and spinal surgeries; biologics; surgical, neurologic, ear, nose & throat and interventional pain equipment; endoscopic, surgical navigation, communications and digital imaging systems; as well as patient handling and emergency medical equipment. For more information about Stryker, please visit

SOURCE Stryker Corporation

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Andrew Greene at ESL’s Open Mic Night Nov. 7

HOPKINTON, MA (October 28, 2009) Songwriter-performer Andrew Greene will be the featured act at ESL’s Open Mic Night on Saturday, November 7 with host Barbara Kessler. Greene has a southern, swampy blues feel to his guitar playing, which he combines with powerful lyrics delivered in a soulful voice.


Singers and musicians can register to perform at 7:00 p.m., and the performances will begin at 7:30 p.m. Open Mic Night will be held at Enter Stage Left Theater’s intimate studio setting at 30 Main Street in Hopkinton. Tickets are $5.00 per person to listen or perform.

The Town of Hopkinton Has Gone Solar • Celebration on November 2, 2009*

10:00 AM on Monday in the High School Atrium and Auditorium

90 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748


There will be a ribbon cutting and presentation for the 325kW Solar electric Installation on the High School, Middle School, Fire Station, and Police Station and 30 minutes of planned speakers to be followed by the monitoring kiosk unveiling.


Some if the luminaries attending will  be MA State Senator Karen Spilka, MA State Representative Carolyn Dykema, Brian Herr-Chair of the Board of Selectmen, High School Environmental Club Representative, Brendan Neagle-COO of Borrego Solar.


*A community discount program for home owners in Hopkinton looking to go solar will also be announced. 


The School Committee is sponsoring this event to highlight the efforts of a community that has come together to reduce Hopkinton’s carbon emissions, while saving on utility bills, educating students, and setting an example for other towns and municipalities to follow. File photo of panels being lowered last summer.

Voter Registration Notice

Town Clerk

18 Main Street



Hopkinton residents wishing to vote at the Dec. 8, 2009 Special State Primary must register by Nov. 18, 2009.

Town Clerk – Office Hours are Mon., Wed., Thurs., Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Tues. 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. - Nov. 18 Office Hours: 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Please contact the Town Clerk for Absentee Ballots.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S


Get ready for the upcoming season by having your yard and home winterized.

Found Cat


Found young black cat walking slowly across Rt 85 by the reservoir. We pulled over and he/she came right up to us.

Is it yours? If not, we will be looking for a home for him/her, as we cannot keep it. Call 435-8776.

Group Tops $6,250 Goal in One Hour

Downtown property owners pitch in for study

October 27, 2009 — Attorney Tom Nealon, left, a member of the Downtown Revitalization Committee, as well as a Downtown property owner, made a pitch this evening at a presentation by members of the Committee and the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce, of which he is also a member. The Committee needs $6,250 to purchase the services of the Conway School of Landscape Design for a master plan of the Downtown, Mr. Nealon said. The school is made up of many students who are on their second careers, he added.

       "If there's anything you can do, it is greatly appreciated," he said, alluding to monetary donations.

       The study, which would encompass the area between 1 Ash Street and West Main Street, would cover issues such as crosswalks and traffic, and likely issues that have been brought by people for years, such as burying the utilities and redoing the sidewalks, curbs and roads. The actual work, depending upon who spoke this evening, would cost from $3 million to $6 million.

        Mr. Nealon said that the master plan is the first step toward approaching a future Town Meeting with a presentation and a request for funding. The Parks and Recreation Department had already promised $3,000, a donation that Chairman Ken Driscoll said was because the Hopkinton Common, which is under its jurisdiction, is the centerpiece of the town.

        When it came time to pony up, former Selectman and Planning Board member Joe Strazzulla, who is also a property owner on Main Street, offered $1,000 toward the goal; $500 for each of the businesses, he said.

         Selectman and businessman RJ Dourney offered $500 if someone would match it, which President of Colella's, Dale Danahy, did immediately.

         Additional business owners made up the difference, and more, empowering the Commission to hire the school, which will begin in work in January, 2010, with a completion of March, 2010.       


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