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FY 2011 Budget Includes a Property Tax Increase

Soccer fields ready to go

by Heather Kelley

October 28, 2009 — The Board of Selectmen has approved a budget message for fiscal year 2011. Picking up the recommendations of Town Manager Norman Khumalo, this message includes reducing FY 2010’s budget by 2.65% to arrive at budget levels for 2011. The message also encourages the finding of further efficiencies, additional revenues, and more cost-savings. A third point asks all departments to “maintain the town’s current level of services.”


“It’s a new day, a new dawn, and we have to think differently,” agreed RJ Dourney.


However, both Chairman Brian Herr, as well as School Committee Chair Nancy Burdick, who was in attendance to hear the budget message, questioned how it would be possible to maintain level services while enduring a budget cut. After a discussion of the point, the Board concurred that keeping this part of the message intact would encourage creativity on the part of department heads.


The preliminary projected FY 2011 budget includes a property tax increase. When Michelle Gates queried whether the Board could consider looking at a budget that did not include the increase, Herr replied “we’re going to need that money.” He further elaborated that not to take the 2.5% increase now would make next year “that much worse.”

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Senior Moments

Nancy L. Drawe



HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!  This is the big weekend for lots of candy, ghouls, pumpkins and trick or treaters.    Have you had enough of those Milky Ways and Snickers yet?   If you have any extras, you can bring them to the Senior Center and stick them in the candy dish on the front desk.   They will certainly be appreciated!  In case you forget…it’s MILKY WAYS and SNICKERS!    Also, don’t forget to set your clocks back this Saturday night before you go to bed.  Then you can enjoy that extra hour of sleep! 


This is a repeat from a couple of weeks ago, but I thought it warranted running again just as a reminder.   “The next big fundraising event at the center will be here before you know it.  It’s the Friends of the Hopkinton Senior Citizens THIRD Annual Craft Fair, which will be held on Saturday, November 7 from 9-2.   There is plenty of room for crafters so plan to get all your homemade crafts together, pack up your car and spend the day selling all your great stuff!  The fee is only $30 for an 8’ x 8’ space and that includes a table!  No lugging heavy tables and chairs in; it’ll all be set up and ready for you upon your arrival.    If you’re NOT a crafter, that’s okay, you’ll have the pleasure of checking out all the beautiful homemade crafts and maybe you’ll purchase that perfect Christmas present or two!  Lunch will be available in the dining room that day also…the all time famous Hot Turkey Sandwiches!  I’m sure you’ve heard about them—they’re always such a big hit.   After you check out the crafts and have a bite to eat, head on down to see what’s new in the Thrift Shop which will be open that day.   Then, once you get home and feel the need for a little snack, open up one of the goodies that you bought from the Bake Sale that will also be going on.  Maybe it’ll be some homemade cookies, banana bread, or maybe even a cupcake or two!  See now?  I have your whole day planned for you—all you have to do is mark your calendar for SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7!    If you’re a crafter who is interested in reserving a table, please call the Center at 508-497-9730 or stop by to pick up an application.”


Next Friday, November 6 at 9 am the Veterans’ Breakfast is being sponsored by the Hopkinton Lion’s Club.  That means the breakfast is FREE this month, thanks to the generosity of the Lions.  Gotta love that chipped beef on toast!  Speaking of the Veterans, Taps will be held at the Senior Center on Sunday night, November 1, at 7 pm.  Please try to attend and you’re your support for Hopkinton’s veterans.  Another big affair for the veterans is the Veteran’s Day Dinner on Wednesday, November 11.   This dinner is free and open to all Hopkinton veterans.  It usually has a huge turnout, so make sure you call the center to sign up for this very special evening.  


If you’re looking for something fun to do on the evening of November 6, head over to the Hopkins School for the 3rd Annual Spelling Bee.  The Senior Center will be represented by Barbara Wirzburger (her 3rd year as a team member), Katherine Love and Dave Dobson.  I’ve been to both of them and I always have a great time; it’s so much fun!   Admission is only $5.00 and refreshments are also available to purchase.   Let’s all go and cheer on Barbara, Katherine and Dave! 


That’s it for now, so if you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me:  Until next time, have a great week! 


Don’t forget---MILKY WAYS and SNICKERS! File photo above.

 Delicious Food


 Hopkinton Community Spelling Bee 2009
Hopkins Cafetorium
Friday, November 6th 6-8 pm
Adults $5, Seniors and Children Free
Refreshments sold
Mini-Bee for Elementary Students
Come join the fun!

Town of Hopkinton

Fiscal Year 2010 Proposed Property Valuations- Click Here


In accordance with guidelines established by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, the Board of Assessors has completed a triennial reassessment program for all properties within the Town. The resulting values are those upon which the actual Fiscal Year 2010 tax bills will be based. The law in Massachusetts requires that all property be assessed at its fair cash value - what a willing buyer would pay a willing seller as of January 1, 2009. The rationale for full value assessment is equity. Two houses of equal market value in a community should be assigned equal assessments. The Commissioner of Revenue determines triennially whether assessed values in the town represent full and fair cash value for each class of real and personal property. To do this, the Assessors first needed to establish new assessments which are based on analysis of sales that occurred in calendar year 2008 and reflect the property’s value as of January 1st 2009. Please note, assessments will not reflect the sluggish conditions of the 2009 real estate market until next year (Fiscal Year 2011).


The Assessors will hold public disclosure for Hopkinton taxpayers October 28th through November 4th (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) at their office in the Hopkinton Town Hall located at 18 Main Street or call 508-497-9720.

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Safety First

October 27, 2009 — The intersection of Main and Meserve got a safety upgrade today. A hatched area was painted that will go along with  a sign to not block the intersection, so that drivers coming out of Meserve do not get or cause gridlock.

Get ready for the upcoming season by having your yard and home winterized.

One Giant Step For Fitness

October 27, 2009 — Yesterday, approximately 30 Hopkinton Middle School students participated in a 5K race.  Finishing in a three way tie for first place were, leading from left to right, Jenna Yaggy, Emma Flaxman, Autumn Kramer.  Their winning time was 29:08.


Walking and Running for Fitness is offered as part of the eighth grade Physical Education Elective Program. During this first term unit the students assess their pre and post training cardiovascular fitness; identify health benefits achieved by participating in a walking program; review walking websites for content and internet credibility; follow a daily 5K training program; and participate in a 5K race. In addition, students will be using the data that they have collected over the term to answer an open response question that is based on their individual results.


"The Middle School Physical Education Program has been a Wellness based program for five years now, it’s not the gym class that many people remember," said Physical Education teacher Ms. Debra Pinto. 


Volunteers from the Hopkinton Running Club, Laura McKenzie and Kathleen Karpe added to the success of yesterdays 5K by providing enthusiastic encouragement and timing the results, she added.

Hopkinton 1, Wayland 3

October 26, 2009 — Zach Hutchinson leaves a defender in the dust yesterday against Wayland.

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Hopkinton 1, Duxbury 0

October 26, 2009 — Liz Keefe winds up against Duxbury this afternoon at home.

Aerial Combat

October 26, 2009 — Nancy Drawe, our Senior Center liaison, shares this photo of a crow swooping around a turkey vulture that has apparently encroached on the other bird's territory. Oftentimes, members of a murder of crows will attack a hawk which they believe doesn't belong, as the smaller birds can outmaneuver the larger one.

Divine Chosen For Project Case Study in
Kitchen Industry’s Premiere Trade Publication







Kitchen & Bath Design News, the kitchen industry’s premiere trade publication, chose a local kitchen remodel by Divine Kitchens as their October case study. The beautiful local kitchen is referred to as “rustically elegant,” by Mariette Barsoum, owner of Divine Kitchens.



The project reconfigured a great room to create better flow, added an island and a cozy eat-in area. Custom touches including rich tan and khaki painted cabinets, dramatic countertop materials, a built-in bench seat and bookcases all combined to make this project a stand-out. Divine utilized recessed, under-cabinet and above-cabinet lighting, in addition to an overhead chandelier to create various tones of light in the space. To view this and other award-winning projects, visit or stop by the showroom at 40 Lyman Street in Westborough, Monday-Friday 10AM-5PM or Saturday 10AM-3PM.


Police News UP-TO-DATE  October 26, 2009

Click above for full written report.


1:33 am A resident reported that her 12 year old daughter was having a sleep over and they stated that they heard someone tapping on the window...


5:42 pm An Amherst Road resident reported an on-going problem with two aggressive dogs in the neighborhood...


9:52 pm A Knoll Road resident reported that two suspicious males, wearing hooded sweatshirts were in the area...


7:45 pm A caller from Hayward Street reported that his vehicle was broken into and several personal items were taken...  

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Over 30 Years of Quality Preschool Education

1 Briarcliff Drive   Hopkinton, MA  01748   (508) 435-5477   Fax (508) 435-5522


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Monday Morning

October 26, 2009 — Monday morning looked bright and warm on the Hopkinton Common as a flame-orange maple, shining from sunlight, provides a spray of color behind the Veterans Memorial Gazebo.

Early Morning Dew

October 26, 2009 — Thanks to Brian Wilson for sharing his view of Lake Whitehall early this morning.

Cub Scout Holiday Wreath Sales


Hopkinton Cub Scouts are taking orders for holiday wreaths from now until Friday, November 13. The cost is $11 for a 12” wreath (fits most doors) with a 6-loop red bow and $16 for an 18” wreath (good for large windows) with an 8-loop red bow. Wreaths will be delivered starting Thanksgiving week. If you are buying a wreath this year, please consider buying one from a Cub Scout in your neighborhood. If you don’t have a scout in your neighborhood or don’t know how to find them, please contact one of the three Hopkinton Cub Scout packs and we will be happy to send a scout your way!

Pack 4 - 508-435-9425

Pack 26 - - Meagan Fair 508-871-0720

Pack 97 – Rick Odell

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Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Sponsored by:


Compiled by Eric Montville for

Transactions ending October 26, 2009






4 Penny MeadowLane Chad Thompson & Dena Thompson


Oct.  23, 2009

Dana M. Richmond & Mary Richmond
18 Ash Street Keith E. Power & Mara E. Power


Oct.  19, 2009

Michael R. Gram & Ivy Gram
Last Week        
9 Nazeen Circle John N. Fahmy & Stephanie A. Fahmy


Oct.  15, 2009

Mirajuddin Ahmed, Trustee of Peppercorn
Village Realty Trust
2 Weeks Ago  



290 Wood Street Michael S. Barry & Janice L. P. Barry


Oct.  09, 2009

Eduardo J. Aguila
11 Meserve Street J. C. Builders Inc.


Oct.  08, 2009

Walker Realty LLC
11 Highcroft Way unit 11 David L. Goolgasian Jr.


Oct.  07, 2009

Wells Fargo Bank



Are you missing a little cute dog?  She was walking along Gibbon Rd, about ready to cross Chestnut St.She has a body leash, but no tags.  It has tan/blond fur/hair. It is sitting on my covered porch bench right now.


A neighbor saw the dog on HopNews and reported it to the owner, who was unaware it had escaped.

HopNews Features


From speaking with readers and getting input from them, and after receiving feedback on HopNews features, it is clear that some features are more popular than others. But that doesn't mean the others have any less value. Please use the resources above, such as the Hopkinton Calendar, which provides more detail than the sandwich boards do.


Try the Community Page, where you can find the phone numbers and websites of Hopkinton organizations, as well as a video taken around town, so that those outside of Hopkinton can see what the town looks like.


Free DailyAnd for those needing a break from work, check out the Games button for a game of Hangman or Tic-Tac-toe; or the Free Daily button, where daily words, historical features and the Match Up vocabulary game is featured. Those features are updated daily.

Match Up
Match each word in the left column with its synonym on the right. When finished, click Answer to see the results. Good luck!


Missing Cat Sightings in Springwood Area



LASSIE is a 9 year old calico, shorthair, manx (tail-less) who went missing from the Ash Street area Wednesday evening, 21 October. There have been at least 5 recent sightings in the Springwood area. Our house abuts the woods that connect to Springwood, so please check around your house and call me if you see her, day or night. If you have a havahart trap big enough for a cat that I can use, please contact me. She can run like a rabbit due to her longer back legs. She could be hiding under a tarp or a deck in your yard.


If you do spot her anywhere, please contact Janice Plumb at 508-497-9290 or cell-508-733-6303

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Free Carpet Wash & Dry

Claudia Silva is one of the many small businesses who have decided to sponsor HopNews and get her message across at the same time.


For a limited time, Claudia is offering a free carpet wash and dry for new customers. To schedule a no-cost estimate from Claudia, call 508-816-4011.


Find her ad button with the other home-related ads. And please consider calling other HopNews advertisers first, too. Not everyone who calls gets to advertise with us.

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Pumpkin Prom

October 25, 2009 — Five year-old Kira Doherty puts on her corsage as she watches her father pay for it at the Pumpkin Prom early this evening.

     Lions Club member Rita Pierce said that she started the prom thirteen years ago, shortly after joining the Lions. The Leos Club also helps out, she said.

    The prom is open to girls from Kindergarten to Grade 5 with their fathers, or other significant male.

 Delicious Food

Hopkinton Man's Team Wins Grand Champion Title at Jack Daniels Barbeque



October 25, 2009 — Hopkinton resident Christopher Hart is part of the barbeque team, I Que, that entered a cooking competition in Lynchburg, Tennessee, the home of Jack Daniels whiskey.

      The group won in several categories as well as winning the title of Grand Champion and a $5,000 prize.

      According to the Jack Daniels website, Mr. Hart said, "I've been working for 10 years cooking barbecue every single weekend and this is my dream - my absolute dream," said Chris Hart, chief cook of I Que. "To win the Jack is the ultimate experience in barbecue."

Photo from I Que website.

Framingham Man Dies in Fatal Crash on Route 1 in Walpole


October 24, 2009 — This afternoon at approximately 4:11 p.m., Troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Foxboro responded to a single vehicle crash on Route 1 southbound in Walpole, in the vicinity of Fox Hill Drive, which resulted in one fatality, one serious injury.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Vincent Noe indicates that 79-year-old George Marcus from Framingham was operating a 2003 Hyundai Elantra on Route 1 southbound in the vicinity of Fox Hill Drive in Walpole, when his vehicle veered to the right and struck a telephone pole off the right side of the roadway.  The adult male operator was seriously injured and pronounced deceased at the scene. A 79 year-old Norma Marcus, a passenger was seriously injured and transported to Norwood Hospital.

Air Force One Departs Boston

October 24, 2009 — John Collins shares this photo of Air Force One on the taxi ramp as it prepared to depart Logan Airport with President Obama for Connecticut today. The President was in Massachusetts to speak at MIT about federal government investments in renewable and green energy, and to spark Governor Deval Patrick's re-election campaign.

Matching Accommodations

October 24, 2009 — This couple surprised this year's visitors to the Haunted Trail walk at Checkerberry Farms on Winter Street.

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Just Scream "No, no!!"

October 24, 2009 — Nicholas Franciosi practices his "radKIDS stance" today as mom, Lauren, looks on. Hopkinton husband and wife team, Tim and Kim Brennan, offer a class called radKIDS to help children defend themselves against danger. This video below shows a brief clip from the class today.



Get ready for the upcoming season by having your yard and home winterized.

 “Jazz and Beyond” An evening with Jesse Fontaine

Award Winning Jazz Act/Performer, Jesse Fontaine will perform Saturday Nov. 21st at 7:00pm in the Singh Performance Center, 50 Douglas Rd, Whitinsville Ma, 01588. This concert features musical selections from legendary artists, but not limited too, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, the late Ray Charles, Billy Joel, and Van Morrison as well as original compositions from the artist himself.


Ticket donations: Presale: $12.00(through 11/17/09.) Door: $15.00. Proceeds to benefit M.C.E.S Music Program and UNICEF. Tickets may be picked up at the following locations; Milford Catholic Elementary School E. Main St. Milford Ma and The Music Nook Main Street Milford Ma.  Information visit or call M.C.E.S. (508) 473-7303.


Cheerleading Championships



The 2009 Fall Tri Valley League Cheerleading Championships will be this Wednesday, October 28th starting at 6:30 p.m. at Hopkinton High School.  Our very own Hopkinton Cheerleaders will be defending their back to back fall championships from 2007 & 2008 respectively.  Come out and support the team that supports the team!  Prices for admission are $5.00 for students and $7.00 for adults!

Hopkinton 6, Millis 7

October 23, 2009 — Alex Anagnostaras is about to cross the goal line tonight at Medway, as number 88 on the sideline, Clint Atkinson, gives the signal for a touchdown.

Choose a thumbnail to enlarge a photo, from left:

• Mike Maresca (23) sacks the Millis quarterback.

• Jeff Spiegel picks one off from Millis and runs downfield.

• Quarterback Mike Decina keeps one for himself and breaks through a couple of Millis defenders.

• Alex Anagnostaras brings down the Millis runner, popping the ball into the end zone, after which Millis players pounced upon it for a touchdown.

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Hopkinton Parks and Recreation will hold its annual Halloween Party on Friday, October 30th from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at the Center School Gym.  There will be games, crafts, a donut eating contest, and treats for all kids from pre-school to 2nd grade.  Wear your costume.  This is a free event.  It is a non-scary party.

Hopkinton Community Blood Drive

with a special promotion!!


All local community members who are at least 17 years of age (16 year with American Red Cross Parental Permission slip), weigh at least 110 pounds. Are in generally good health and Have not donated whole blood within the last 56 days.


Donate Blood at Hopkinton Community Blood Drive.   All presenting donors receive a coupon for a Baby Blossom appetizer from Texas Roadhouse!


Tuesday Nov. 10th, 2-7 PM. First Congregational Church: 146 East Main St. Hopkinton


CONTACT:  For appointments call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE (1-800-448-3543) or

Get ready for the upcoming season by having your yard and home winterized.

Welcome Marathon

October 23, 2009 — We'd like to welcome the Marathon Restaurant at North Pond to our family of supporters, those advertisers who believe in the ability of HopNews to supply readers with content they enjoy, and to keep those readers coming back day after day.

      Please note their number is always on their ad button to call ahead for an order or a reservation, and clicking on it will bring their menus up for perusal.

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12 Angry Men

October 23, 2009 — The cast of Twelve Angry Men, six of them are seen above, got into character a few minutes before the doors opened last evening at Enter Stage Left Theater at 30 Main Street. The show, which has gotten rave reviews from theater-goers, was sold out, as are tonight and tomorrow's performances. However, for those with children, the theater group is putting on a presentation at Weston Nurseries tomorrow and Sunday. Click on their button to learn more.

Merchants, Beware of Flim-flam Artists


by Robert Falcione

October 23, 2009 — Flim-flam artists, a man and a woman in separate incidents, have struck at a couple of Hopkinton businesses recently.


In the scam, the individual hands the clerk or cashier a large bill, a $50 or $100. The scammer then pretends to count his change and turns his back on the clerk, pretending to walk away. The thief quickly turns back at the clerk with the money he was counting still in his hands, and declares that he is short a $20 bill. The clerk, believing the thief has acted honestly, hands over the missing $20.


However, during the brief time the thief had his back to the clerk, he stuffed one of the $20 bills he received in his pants.


The accepted practice in the retail business when this occurs is to get the name, address and contact information of the "customer" and let them know that if the draw is $20 over at the end of the shift, you will be glad to give them a call and unite them with their money. Sometimes this can happen legitimately, and the customer deserves respect and the benefit of the doubt.  If the person causes a disturbance, the police would like to become involved at 508-497-3401.

Graphic is for illustrative purposes only.

Authorities Investigating Lowell Double-Homicide


LOWELL – October 23, 2009 — Authorities are conducting a homicide investigation into the death of two brothers found early this morning in Lowell, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone and Lowell Police Superintendent Kenneth Lavallee informed the public today.


According to authorities, at approximately 1:30 a.m., Lowell Police responded to reports of shots fired at 7 Marshall Terrace in Lowell.  Upon arrival, authorities located two men suffering from apparent gun shot wounds.  The victims were transported to the hospital where they died shortly after.  The victims are identified as Luis Delgado, 34, of Lowell and Hector Delgado, 37, of Lowell.  Lowell Police and State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office are conducting an investigation into the circumstances of the victims' deaths.


An autopsy will be conducted by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (ME). .


Members of the public with information that they believe may be helpful to the investigation can contact Massachusetts State Police at 781-897-6600 or Lowell Police at the following numbers:

·                     978-937-3242

·                     978-937-3200

·                     978-459-TIPS (Crime Stoppers tip line)

HOT ACOUSTICS  returns to CORNELL's ( on Saturday October 24!!  

We play from 8:30pm till midnight, perhaps a bit later if the energy is anything like our past few Cornell's gigs (i.e. fun crowd all night long and the drinks are still flowin').


Arriving on the early side may be a good idea (that will give you plenty of time to have one of Cornell's famous cheeseburgers and a brew or two before the show!).  If you can't get there early, no problem. Just get there when you can - we'll have plenty of cool tunes and cold adult beverages waiting for you when you arrive.


Tim Leavitt (guitar, vocals) Carter Berking (bass, vocals) Ray Elwood (drums, vocals) and I have some new (vintage) tunes to break out and look forward to another fun, spontaneous night playing and singing our hearts out for y'all.  Great friends, great music, great pub food, fun place to hang out, & no cover charge. Sounds like a can't miss night to me. Feel free to spread the word. 


 I hope to see you at Cornell's (Rt 85, Hopkinton) next Saturday night, October 24!! ~ Steve Spector

For a sample of Hot Acoustics at Cornell's please watch the video below.


 Delicious Food


Missing Cat - Runs Like Rabbit


LASSIE is a well fed, 9 year old calico, shorthair, manx (no tail) who went missing from the Ash St neighborhood close to the Hopkinton line, Wednesday evening, 21 October. She's an indoor/outdoor cat but stays in the yard mostly, when she does go out. She's a very sweet cat, but is timid, so may not come up to you, and if you see her running, she runs like a rabbit due to the longer back legs of a manx. It's also possible that she could be hiding under a tarp or in a tree, if she got scared.


If you do spot her anywhere, please contact Janice Plumb at 508-497-9290, 196 Ash St.



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