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Plane Crash-lands on Route 495 South in Mansfield

Southbound lanes closed - State Police 2:16 p.m.


September 1, 2009 — According to a video report on WCVB-TV Channel 5, Boston, a single-engine plane has landed on Route 495 southbound in Mansfield, Mass. According to a producer for the station, it is registered to the same company that owned an airplane that was buzzing rooftops in Hopkinton on February 4, 2008.


The Massachusetts State Police have reported that the plane went down at 10:57 a.m..


The entire southbound side of 495 in Mansfield is currently closed as the State Police begins the process of removing the plane. All southbound lanes, including the breakdown lane (which was previously open) are expected to be closed for approximately 20 minutes. After that, the break down lane is expected to be reopened, but the three travel lanes will remain closed, for cleanup operations.  2:25 p.m.

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State Police Rescue Man From Dorchester Bay


Today, at approximately 7:35 a.m., the State Police Marine Unit received several calls reporting a person in the water, calling for help, in Dorchester Bay by the South Boston Yacht Club. “Marine 9” responded with Sergeant James Deyermond and Trooper Jeffrey Bulis on board.


Five minutes later, at 7:40 a.m., the troopers observed a 60-year-old man from Boston clinging onto an overturned dingy. He was pulled to safety by Sgt Deyermond as Trooper Bulis piloted the boat. A Boston EMT came on board to check the victim, who refused medical treatment.


The victim told troopers that as he was attempting to climb aboard his boat, he slipped and fell into the water and his dingy overturned. He indicated that he was in the water for approximately one hour and was so tired and cold that he could not move.


No further information is available at this time. Please do not call the barracks directly.

CAA — 2009 Members Art Show
August 26 - September 23, 2009

by Kate Graham Heyd

Gallery Open
Saturday, September 5
10:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Saturday, September 12
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Artist's Reception public invited
Thursday, September 10
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm 

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You Keep 50%, Senior Center Keeps 50%


Check your closets and cupboards for things that seem just a little too good just to give away. You may be able to auction them off , make some money for yourself, and help the Senior Center at the same time.


Unused gifts, antiques or collectibles , all those things you have been thinking you might want someday , might find a new home and put cash in your pocket now.


The Senior Center will be accepting items for the 50/50 Auction from 10a.m. to noon and 1p.m. to 3p.m. on September 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 and 24. The public is invited to bring in items worth at least $10 and in good condition to be auctioned on Oct. 2. The contributor and Senior Center will split the sale price.


The 50/50 Auction will be held Fri., Oct.2 at the Senior Center. An auction preview will be held from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. with a silent auction ongoing all evening and live auction starting at 7 p.m. Izzy Assencoa will be the auctioneer.


All items must be pre-registered on the dates above in order to be included in the auction booklet. Watch for more details. It promises to be a fun night!

Police News UP-TO-DATE  August 31, 2009

Click above for full report in prose.

Click here for raw log


9:11 pm A resident of Bull Moose Run reported that a group of youths were ringing doorbells, running away and then lighting fireworks off in the roadway...


9:51 pm A Thayer Heights resident reported that she was home alone and heard her front door open...


10:16 pm A 911 caller from Eastview Road reported that two suspicious vehicles drove slowly past his home and one operator stopped and smashed a bottle in the road...


8:12 am A resident of Hayden Rowe Street reported that eggs have been thrown at her house for the third time... 

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Sponsored by:

Compiled by Eric Montville for, 

Transactions for week ending August 31, 2009






60 Pleasant Street Benedikt Blomberg & Shelley I. Esposito


Aug. 28, 2009

Brian K. Gassett & Brian W. Cheever,
Trustees of Summit Realty Trust
19 Thayer Heights Road Timothy C. Heavy & Sasha N. Heavey


Aug. 28, 2009

Charles R. Leyton & Janice M. Leyton
281 Hayden Rowe Street Dimitri M. Pararas & Meredith R. Pararas


Aug. 28, 2009

John M. Bishop & Heather J. Bishop
6 Rice Street f/k/a 10 Rice
Todd S. Holbrook & Deborah A. P. Holbrook


Aug. 27, 2009

Brian K. Gassett & Brian W. Cheever,
Individually and as Trustees of Summit
Realty Trust
6 Summit Way Yugo Lui & Yun Qu


Aug. 27, 2009

Deborah A. P. Holbrook & Todd S. Holbrook
32 Prospect Street Iryna Chastain & Zachary Chastain


Aug. 27, 2009

Mass Property Solutions LLC
4 Ursla Drive Mitchell J. Riesenberger & Jennifer


Aug. 24, 2009

Edward H. Cameron & Ellyn L. Cameron
33 Greenwood Road William K. Moss & Dale C. Moss


Aug. 24, 2009

Allison E. Schultz & Brian E. Schultz
Last Week        
21 Walcott Drive unit 23 Roy P. Tiziani & Mary T. Tiziani


Aug. 21, 2009

Bethany K. Cisowski & Peter J. Fusscas
3 Pond Street Catherine S. Manegold & Hope Wittman Martin


Aug. 21, 2009

Jerome I. Nadel
54 Greenwood Road Bijay Kumar & Jayalekshmy Kumar


Aug. 21, 2009

Brendan Leonard & Christina Leonard
29 Wedgewood Drive Peter W. Madany & Yvette H. Madany


Aug. 20, 2009

David A. Moses
5 Old Farm Road Gregory P. Holbrow & Heidi S. Holbrow


Aug. 20, 2009

Jeremiah O. Young & Beverly Anne
11 Walcott Street William T. Walls


Aug. 18, 2009

Enter Stage Left Theater Workshop
Two Weeks Ago        
10 Paul Revere Path unit A Paul D. Hurley, III


Aug. 14, 2009

Michael A. Cooper & Wendy L. Cooper
21 Rocky Woods Road William J. Dion & Kara K. Dion


Aug. 14, 2009

Joseph R. Farrell, III & Martha Farrell
21 Curtis Road Matthew K. Nelson & Lesley D. Nelson


Aug. 14, 2009

Christopher A. Combs & Lee Anne
4 Edgehill Road Patricia H. Sinacole & Jay J. Sinacole


Aug. 14, 2009

Richard B. Stedt & Nancy B. Stedt
24 Pleasant Street Marc A. Ricci & Marcy D. Hoyt


Aug. 14, 2009

Linda L. Auen & Linda L. Stone
44 Teresa Road Irene G. Berner & Wade H. Berner


Aug. 14, 2009

David W. Noon & Carole M. Noon,
Trustees of the Noon Family Trust
13 Connelly Hill Road John J. Sullivan & Krista S. Sullivan


Aug. 14, 2009

Connelly LLC
9 Appaloosa Circle Jonathan Schwartz & Amy Schwartz


Aug. 10, 2009

Kwaku Kwateng & Carla M. Kwateng


Ashland Police Department's 2nd Citizen's Police Academy Being Held

For qualified Ashland residents only

August 31, 2009 — Chief Scott Rohmer is pleased to announce the Ashland Police Department's Second Citizens’ Police Academy. With the first academy class generating so much interest we have decided to conduct a second class and are currently accepting applications for a limited number of seats.


The Citizen's Police Academy is a ten week classroom information sharing program that meets one night a week beginning Tuesday September 15, 2009 running from 6:00 PM to approximately 9:00 PM with the class graduation being held on Tuesday November 17, 2009.


The classes are conducted in the Media Room of the Ashland Public Library located at 66 Front Street Ashland, unless otherwise specified. The program provides classroom instruction, demonstrations, and lectures on various police related matters conducted by Officers of the Department and various other Police Agencies: Federal, State and Local. It offers participants an opportunity to get involved and to participate in a police ride along with an on duty Ashland Police Officer.


The Citizen's Police Academy is a unique opportunity for our local officials, the community's citizens and the members of the Police Department to develop and build an exclusive relationship. It affords members of the community a rare occurrence to venture inside the inner workings of their Police Department and into the larger cooperative spirit of Public Safety. Also important, it allows the Ashland Police Department seek out and consider citizens’ valuable input, opinions and suggestions in development of our continuing pursuit of excellence in service as your Police Department.


Applications can be obtained at the Ashland Police Department front lobby at 137 Main Street. They can also be downloaded off of the department’s website at , or by contacting Officer Ed Pomponio at 508-881-1212 ext. 50 or by email at

Brian Kramer All-Academic


August 31, 2009 — Hopkinton High School graduate Brian Kramer currently attending Oneonta State College has been named to the All-Academic Team and selected to the Commissioner’s List by the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC).

To qualify for placement on the Commissioner’s List, a student-athlete must be a varsity athlete, have competed for the entire season and have maintained a cumulative 3.3 grade point average for at least 3 semesters. To qualify for the All-Academic team the varsity athlete must have earned a 3.3 grade point average for the spring semester. Oneonta State had 104 individuals earn honors, and 42 of those student-athletes were on the Commissioner’s List.

Brian, a member of the Varsity Wrestling Team, is currently a junior at Oneonta State majoring in Childhood Education.  HopNews file photo.

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Beatles Tribute Band HELP! at the Hopkinton Common 2009 Part I


Beatles tribute band Help! plays the Hopkinton Common on the last Sunday of the summer concerts to a packed "house," Video above. This video can not only be seen in HQ, but it looks darn good in full screen mode too.

Governor Deval Patrick Visits Hopkinton Democrats for a Picnic

August 30, 2009 — Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and State Senator Karen Spilka share a laugh at the picnic for Democrats at New England Laborer's Training Center on Sunday.

Governor Deval Patrick was the keynote speaker at a picnic held by Democrats at the Laborer's Training Center on East Street Sunday afternoon. he touches upon healthcare and the media — and cracks the crowd up with a one-liner, video above.

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Sunny Down Snuff 

August 30, 2009 — A bunch of Hudson High pals who used to play rock and roll for their contemporaries around 1972, got together for their 13th reunion at the Hudson Elks Friday night.

     Included in the band are guitar virtuoso Tom Yates, well known in the area for his jam sessions and the drummer extraordinaire, Glen Evans, whose band, Hodaddys is reaching a half-million CDs sold. Both are veterans of Cornell's Rock and Roll Jams that went into the Nineties.

You Put Your Left Foot In...

August 30, 2009 — From left, Gracie Dunne, 2 years 9 months-old, and 2 and a half year-old Cadence Sanborn  appear to have dancing in their DNA as they perform while HELP! plays backup for them on Hopkinton Common.

Shine on Me

August 30, 2009 — Perry LeFevre, 4, has found his own personal spotlight as he dances on the walk at the Common with his mom on Sunday.

Time's Up

We offered $25 for someone to email a photo of this tree, the location of which we did not identify. It is on Chamberlain street. We'll put the $25 toward another game.



The original Sunny Down Snuff band, from the 1970s-era tennis court dances at Riverside Park, will play for their 13th Tennis Court Dance Reunion Saturday, Aug. 29 from 7-11 p.m. at the Hudson Elks Pavilion, 91 Park St. Admission is $10 per person, at the dance. Original band members reuniting are Ralph Lanigan of Hudson, Tom Yates of Stow, David Pontbriand of Maine and Glenn Evans of Florida. “


Photo, Tom Yates before being named New England King of the Blues by Guitar Center. Tom is the "Yates" in Fair, Yates and Betschart, a band that entertained Framingham and surrounding  communities during the 70's and 80's. Glen Evans, who once played drums for Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, is part of these musicians who played music together as youngsters. Both Yates and Evans are veterans of the Cornell Rock and Roll Jams of the 80's and 90's. The music they played then and will likely play this evening is from Beatles to early Zeppelin.

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Richard J. Egan, 73


Ambassador Richard J. Egan, founder and Chairman Emeritus of EMC Corp. and former United States Ambassador to Ireland, passed away Friday at his home after a battle with lung cancer. He was 73.

Born in Dorchester, he was the son of the late Constance and Kenneth Egan. Mr. Egan rose from humble roots to become a leader of the American technology and business sectors, founding EMC in 1979 and turning it into a global leader in data storage software and hardware with more than 40,000 employees worldwide.

Mr. Egan resided in Hopkinton for many years, until recently moving to Boston and Boca Raton, Florida.

After graduating in 1953 from Boston Technical High School, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps at age 17, serving as a helicopter Crew Chief during the Korean War.

After returning from service, Mr. Egan received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1961 from Northeastern University. He remained dedicated to Northeastern throughout his life, serving as a Trustee for many years. The university honored him and his wife in 1996 with the naming of The Maureen and Richard J. Egan Engineering and Science Research Center.

Mr. Egan did graduate work at MIT's Draper Laboratory as part of the team that developed the Apollo guidance system.

In 1994, Mr. Egan was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. Magazine. He was also named New England's Master Entrepreneur of the year, and received many other honors and awards for his business leadership and philanthropic efforts.

In 2001, Mr. Egan was appointed Ambassador to Ireland by President George W. Bush, serving until 2003.

Mr. Egan supported numerous charities and causes throughout his lifetime, such as the Boy Scouts of America, Children's Hospital, UMASS-Memorial Healthcare, and numerous educational institutions. He also established the Hopkinton Technology for Education Foundation.

Dick is survived by his loving wife of 52 years, Maureen (Fitzgerald) Egan. He was the loving father of John Egan and his wife Pamela, Michael Egan and his wife Donna, Maureen Petracca and her husband Paul, Christopher Egan and his wife Jean, Catherine Walkey and her husband Rod. Mr. Egan was also the devoted grandfather to 15 grandchildren and is also survived by his sister Beverly Egan, many nieces and nephews, in-laws, and good friends.

In remembering Dick, his wife Maureen said, "I am greatly saddened and will miss him terribly, but he'll always be with me."ť

Family and close friends are invited to a memorial gathering on Wednesday, Sept. 2 from 4-7 PM at the Orchard Barn on Country Way in Hopkinton. A public service will be held Thursday, Sept. 3 with visitation from 4-5:30 PM at EMC Corporation, 21 Coslin Dr., Southborough, MA. A memorial service will follow at 5:30 PM. Burial will be private. Arrangements are under the direction of the
Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Finley Hutton Perry, 92

NEEDHAM - Finley Hutton PERRY of Needham, formerly of Dover, died Monday, August 17, at the age of 92 at his home in Needham.

He was born July 15, 1917 in Nahant, MA and graduated from Noble and Greenough School, Harvard College, and Harvard Law School. He worked in Philadelphia during the final years of World War II where he met and married his first wife of fifty five years, Sylvia Stokes Perry.


He moved to Boston in 1945 and entered private law practice with Johnson, Clapp, Ives, & King. He remained with the firm until his retirement in 1995. He served as a volunteer on many committees and Boards in the Town of Dover where he resided for 54 years, and also served on a number of private foundations, trusts, and other concerns in the Boston area. A man of strong but quiet faith, in the early 1950s Mr. Perry with his wife and others helped to found the Wellesley Friends (Quaker) Meeting, to which he continued to contribute in both spiritual and tangible ways all his life.


His first wife, Sylvia Perry, died in 2000 and his second wife, Mildred Patterson Perry, in 2005. He is survived by four children, Finley H. Perry Jr. of Hopkinton, Sandy Perry of San Jose, CA, Faith Perry of Roslindale, and Thomas S. Perry of Starksboro, VT. A memorial service for Finley will be held at 3PM on Saturday, September 12, 2009, at the Wellesley Friends Meeting at 26 Benvenue Street in Wellesley. For obit and guestbook Eaton Funeral Home.


August 29, 2009 — The roving HopNews camera caught these mallards consorting with a family of swans about ten times their weight at Arcade Pond in Whitinsville. The two adult swans are bookends to their young, whose feathers are still grey. What appears to be dandelions going to seed is actually feathers from the adults.


August 29, 2009 — Late yesterday afternoon workmen from Scott's Landscaping continued working on the area surrounding a brick walkway to be constructed around the new Veterans Memorial Gazebo.

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Richard Egan Dies at 73

EMC founder and ambassador to Ireland

August 28, 2009 — According to the Boston Herald, Billionaire Richard Egan, renown Hopkinton resident and co-founder of the hugely successful Hopkinton-based, EMC Corp., died today.

    According to the Herald, the family released a statement that said, in part:

     “Ambassador Richard Egan died today at his home in Boston after a long illness,” the statement said. “Ambassador Egan was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in May . . . This is a great loss to our family and we are terribly saddened."

    Mr. Egan and his sons were fund-raisers for Massachusetts Republicans as well as President George W. Bush, who appointed him Ambassador to Ireland, where Mr. Egan served a relatively short time. His son Chris is often mentioned as a possible Republican candidate for governor of Massachusetts.

     Mr. Egan was a member of the Hopkinton Republican Town Committee, and counted several friends among its members, including former long-time Hopkinton resident and former Hopkinton Selectman Chairman, Dick Gooding.

      "It is a real loss for the family," said Mr. Gooding in a telephone interview this evening during which he learned the tragic news.

       "Dick [Richard Egan] has done a lot for EMC, which in turn has done a lot for MetroWest, and especially the town of Hopkinton.

       "He was a captain of industry for a number of years. He was a great man.

       "I am devastated by the news," Mr. Gooding said.

       Another friend and fellow active Republican, Hopkinton resident and former Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Eric Sonnett was also saddened by the news.

       "This is shocking," he said.

       "I found him to be a person with as much or more integrity than I anyone I have ever met.

       "He looked to do things the right way and did what he could to make it happen.

       "He did a lot for Hopkinton, and in leading the transition of the town into the town it is today.

        "This is so sad," he said.

        Left is a video clip of Mr. Egan from Kerry Healey's campaign stop at Next generation Day Care Center at 2 Wood Street during her run for governor against Deval Patrick. Mr. Egan was a strong supporter of Ms. Healey.

      Forbes Magazine website lists Mr. Egan among the world's billionaires, calling his fortune "self-made." He graduated from Northeastern University and was a strong supporter of that university. According to Forbes, Mr. Egan received his Master of Science from MIT. It ranks Egan as the 258th richest American, worth $1.3 billion.

      According to  , "Mr. Egan was born in Milton, Massachusetts, and grew up in the Dorchester section of Boston. In 1953, following graduation from Boston Technical High School, Mr. Egan joined the U.S. Marine Corps, serving as a helicopter crew chief during the Korean conflict. He began college studies at Northeastern University in Boston in 1956, earning a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1961. He began his professional career in Honeywell’s Data Processing Division as a design engineer specializing in computer storage systems. In 1963 he undertook graduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and at the same time joined MIT’s Draper Laboratory as part of the team that developed the Apollo Guidance Computer. Mr. Egan continued his business career while working with Lockheed Electronics, directing his own company Cambridge Memories, Inc., and managing Intel's Commercial Systems Division. "

       Mr. Egan leaves a wife, Maureen, five children and several grandchildren.

       EMC has an archived letter of affection on its website, calling Mr. Egan, the "E" in EMC.


Marion R. "Ginger" Dunn, 63


FRAMINGHAM - Marion R. "Ginger" Dunn, 63, died Friday August 28, 2009 at Metrowest Medical Center - Natick.  She was the wife of John Dunn, to whom she was married for 30 years.  Born in Framingham, she was the daughter of the late John and Marion (Rice) Rousseau. 

She was a 1963 graduate of Hopkinton High School and was employed for 46 years with Liberty Mutual.  She was a long-time Red Cross blood donor and a telephone volunteer for WGBH television.  She enjoyed reading, ceramics and spending time with family.

In addition to her husband, she is survived by her son Ronald and wife Lori of North Attleborough, her daughters Debra Dietz and husband Edward of Hudson and Maureen Laronga of Whitinsville, her sisters Loretta Donathan and husband Larry of Chesterfield, VA and Debra Rousseau of Hopkinton, and her brothers John Rousseau and wife Alice of Bellingham and Russell Rousseau of Hopkinton.  She also leaves many nieces and nephews.

The funeral wil be held Monday, August 31 at 9:00 a.m. from the Callanan-Cronin Funeral Home, 34 Church Street, followed by a funeral Mass in St. John the Evangelist Church at 10:00 a.m.   Burial will follow in in Evergreen Cemetery, Hopkinton.  Calling hours at the funeral home are Sunday, August 30 from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. 

Donations may be made to the American Cancer Society, 1115 West Chestnut Street, Brockton, MA  02301.

Deval Patrick Committee Grassroots Cookout

Sunday, August 30, 2009

2:00 p.m.

Mass Laborers District Council Camp

7 Laborers Way, Hopkinton, Mass

[Laborers Training Center, 37 East Street]


Ed Mills, Chairman of the Hopkinton Democratic Committee has promised that the governor will attend this event in his honor. He also promises barbequing, face-painting, balloons and more. Tickets $25.

RSVP:617 367-2010 or

Tickets can be purchased online at 

Practice Makes Winners

August 27, 2009 — The Freshman football team was brought through their drills today at the football practice field on the Loop Road by determined coaches, like Mr. T, above. The Varsity team had their practice later in the day.

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Hello, It's Me!

August 27, 2009 — This handsome dragonfly near South Mill Street took an interest in watching the photographer take his photographs this afternoon. Perhaps it saw its reflection in the lens filter. The photo is informative in that the "hairs" on the insect's legs can be clearly seen. The insect flies with the legs close together, trapping smaller insects like a net would. It is a friend to humankind because it eats mosquitoes.

HopNews Had Over 450,000 Hits on Monday

2,588,305 hits in last 7 days


by Robert Falcione

August 27, 2009 — The headline above, although true, is strictly for shock value and informational purposes. Occasionally, the old misunderstanding between the meaning of a website's hits and and a website's visits surfaces, and we need to set the record straight.


On the left is a screenshot from TrafficFacts, an ongoing service we pay for on a recurring basis. It displays the number of hits that HopNews had this past Monday, over 460,000. But on the same day, it counted over 3,500 visits to But what is the difference between this common apples and oranges comparison?


      A hit is generated when your computer makes a request of the server where a website resides. You "visit" the website. And then every piece of content on that page that downloads to your computer so that your browser can display the page, generates an individual hit each.

      For example, by the time a reader sees the second piece of content (photo or story) on the first page of HopNews, he or she has scrolled past over 100 downloaded graphics or photos, which means over 100 hits just to that point. It means HopNews has a  lot of rich content, but it is not an indicator of visits, which is where the real value is. It is value for our sponsors and for our readers; and especially good for those putting money up to pay a sponsorship to understand their reach.

      So although we can have fun being associated with 2,588,305 hits in the last 7 days, it is nothing more than a tribute to the amount of content we present.

      The 3,400 visits on Monday were only a part of the 22,555 visits in the last 7 days, and that represents real value for our sponsors and for our readers.

      And we thank them all.

Generation Bridge

August 27, 2009 — What better way is there to keep generations together than the events held at the Hopkinton Senior Center that mix young and old as well as grandchildren and grandparents. Above, Therese Robert-Berri looks on as 10 year-old granddaughter Olivia gets a bumble bee painted on her face at the 3rd Annual Bring a Friend Day this afternoon.  Photo by Nancy Drawe.

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Board of Appeals Again Considers Golden Pond Expansion

August 26, 2009 — The Board of Appeals held a continued Public Hearing to consider the expansion of the Golden Pond Facility (Click on thumbnail) in three phases at 50 West Main Street, and adjacent lots, numbers 58 and 60.

        Attorney Wayne Davies, former member and Chairman of the Board of Appeals, presented the case for the Golden Pond Resident Care Corporation, whose Vice-President Kerry Kunst was in attendance as were two Planning Board members and some abutters. Mr. Davies told the board that the Planning Board chose not to comment for the hearing. The applicant will appear before the Planning Board in the future for Site Plan Review. Planning Director Elaine Lazarus appeared at the previous session of this Public Hearing and weighed in on several issues, but was not present this evening.

        Golden Pond would like to expand and upgrade their existing facility and become more competitive, first by adding space in the existing dining area at 50 Main Street and building a footbridge to a new 25,211 square foot building to be built on the 58-60 Main Street parcel that would house the existing child care facility as well as 14 beds for elderly housing and space for acute care physicians, rehabilitation specialists and medical care providers. The applicant is calling this Phase 2, but it covers a lot that has pre-existing uses, and a new lot, which will need the Board of Appeals blessing. The first phase is defined as the existing condition.

       One point of contention is a statutory limit of a 25% expansion of an existing use. Mr. Davies argued that there is no benchmark for what constitutes a measure of use. He said if it is area, then the entire 10 acre parcel must be considered as the currently used area, because people walk around the pond and fish in it. The statute refers to area and volume, neither of which are defined.

       Mr. Davies said that the existing non-conforming use as a medical care facility is grandfathered, and he would like the Board to approve the expansion to have it on record. He said the expanded use is not substantial.

       Phase 3 is a 30,000 square foot addition of the existing building on the existing, 50 West Main Street lot. It will have 44 beds as well as offices for doctors who may see patients who are resident at the facility or patients who travel to the facility for a doctor's visit.

      Some on — and outside — the board have questioned whether or not seeing patients from outside the resident base constitutes a new use, but Mr. Davies disagreed, stating the use was the same. Few specialists could open up an office with such a limited base of patients, Mr. Davies said later. The applicant will need a special permit for the new uses on the new lot.

      Mr. Davies summed up with a story about seeking a similar facility for his father who is considering such a move. He said his father wanted to be sure to have health care nearby.

      "One of the places had a bowling alley," he said outside of the meeting.

      "This is the kind of competition we are up against," he said.

      The meeting was continued until September 9, 2009 at 7:45 p.m.

Out With the Old

August 27, 2009 — A worker for Barrows Construction of Upton prepares Town Hall for a new plaza in front.

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Free Carpet Wash & Dry

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To Catch a Bus

August 26, 2009 — Last night Selectmen heard an update on the effort to get the MWRTA [MetroWest Regional Transit Authority] to extend its service to South Street in Hopkinton, pending a turn-around location, hopefully accommodated by the street's largest employer, EMC.

     Currently, Route 5, which serves Hopkinton, turns up Grove Street, and back down Pleasant Street before retracing its route along Route 135 back to Natick.

     The bus can be tracked in real-time by going to the MWRTA website and launching the "Live Tracker" link. Then choose Route 5 and get many options for viewing.

      HopNews conducted an experiment a few months back to check the accuracy of the live map and photographed the bus icon on the map as accelerating from the Main/Grove lights and then stepped out the office door to photograph the bus passing toward the east. For some riders, it allows them to wait at home or work and walk to the bus only when it is almost there, instead of standing in the weather waiting for it.

Girls Night Out!

  Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ciao Time

28 Main Street



Well Ladies, Summer is almost over!  Grab your friends and come over to catch up.

Cover is $10 per person for appetizers and dessert.  Cash Bar. Please call Denise at 509.435.0022 to reserve your table by Wednesday, August 26.

Check out our website at

A Call to Help


August 26, 2009 — HAA President, Tim Kilduff, updated the Selectmen Tuesday evening on the current situation in Marathon, Greece, a sister city of Hopkinton Massachusetts, which has been the victim of raging wildfires. He also reported on the efforts of the running community in doing something financially to assist Marathon, which the Selectmen learned this evening, has no Fire Department of its own.

       In addition, Mr. Kilduff is accepting donations for the cause at HAA, PO Box 820, Hopkinton, MA 01748.

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