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The Source Book 2009-10

Source now dynamic and green


The HPS Administration and the HPTA are pleased to announce that the 2009-10 Source Book is now available online linked from the HPS website at or direct at In addition, HopNews will keep a permanent link to the page, as seen above with the virtual sandwich boards.


For many years the HPTA printed a spiral bound version of the Source Book and mailed a copy to every school household. Last year we went “green” and made the Source Book available online as PDF file. This year we have gone even further. Instead of a PDF file we have created a dynamic web-based calendar that can be easily updated by HPS staff and the HPTA Communications Chair throughout the year in case there are changes or additions to the calendar. Using the links at the top of the page you can view the full calendar or select only the elementary or secondary calendar depending on your needs. There are also links at the top of the page to take you to all the other important information available in the Source Book, such as early release times, school and administration contact information.


This year the Source Book’s cover artwork was created by Jennifer DePatie, one of the 2009 Marathon Art & Design Contest Winners. Jennifer created the artwork last year when she was a 5th Grade student at Hopkins School. We are lucky to have such talented students in our school system.


For those who prefer, printed copies of the Source Book will be available for purchase at Action Copy, 34 Main St, Hopkinton. The cost will be $7.50 and the first copies should be available on Friday, August 29. Please be aware that the hard copy of the Source Book available at Action Copy will NOT be updated during the year. The hard copy consists only of information available at the time of the initial printing in August 2009. The most current information will be in the online Source Book, the HPS district website and in listserv emails.


For any technical questions about using the new online Source Book, please contact Amy Ritterbusch at

Marathon Restaurant at North Pond Gets Liquor License... Again!



August 25, 2009 — Pending another CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information ) check, Michael Tobins, left in photo, has received another approval from the Board of Selectmen for a full liquor License for the Marathon Restaurant at North Pond. The first approval that was issued in June was deemed not valid, because the state, unknown to Selectmen, had seized the license that had been issued for that property due to of Department of Revenue issues with the previous business.

       Mr. Tobins passed muster with a CORI check the first time around, and his attorney, Doug Resnick, photo, right, said, "He hasn't committed any misdemeanors or felonies since."

      The Department of Revenue held an advertised auction at the Town Hall recently for that very license and required a $10,000 minimum bid, a number that was confirmed this evening as the sum that Mr. Tobins paid.

      Mr. Resnick urged the town leaders to do whatever they could to expedite the CORI check with the agency responsible.

      "Both Michael and Bill [William Tetlow, property owner] have a tremendous amount at stake," said Mr. Resnick, to the board, and looking at Mr. Tetlow, who was in attendance in the visitor's gallery.

       "Michael has continued to put money into this and Bill has been very generous," he said.

       Town Manager Norman Khumalo explained that the agency works at its own pace and does not respond to pressure.

        "Thanks for sticking with us," said Selectman Michelle Gates to Mr. Tobins.

        Mr. Tobins is planning a grand opening on September 28, 2009.

Fires End In Marathon - Rebuilding to Begin

August 25, 2009

Dear Friend,

Spyros and I and everybody here are really touched by Hopkinton’s reaction to Marathon's difficulty.


Ancient Greeks used to say, "from the evil comes the good" and I believe it. We also say that in difficulties you can see real friends. Our sister city has proved real friendship.

Spyros asked me to let you know, that half of his heart is in Hopkinton.

Although the crisis is over, we still have small problems with the fires, but the main problem is to relieve the human pain.

We have some families that are now homeless. We have a lot of damage in agricultural fields but the main problem is the plantation around Marathon, by the lake and around settlements. Thank God we managed to save the pine forest of Schinias.


What we learned from the tragedy is that we have to count on our own power. So we have to organize our own fire station.

We'll be in touch. Thanks for your concern.

Love from Spyros and Dina [Zagaris]


Above, file photo of Marathon, Greece Mayor Spiros Zagaris lighting the Flame of the Marathon Run at the Hopkinton Police Station. Timothy Kilduff, President of the Hopkinton Athletic Association appeared before the Selectmen this evening and read this letter. He also initiated a channel for concerned Hopkinton residents to donate toward the needs of Marathon, Greece, suggesting that they need a fire station. More to follow.

Bee Careful

August 25, 2009 — Concerned residents called the police and the HopNews office when they saw men in beekeepers outfits sending smoke into this panel on the Fruit Street bridge over the railroad tracks. It is for sure that former residents of the control panel were more than a little bothered to find their weather proof home now entry-proof. The men in the outfits were GOA (Gone on arrival).

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Going Solar

August 25, 2009 — In accordance with an agreement between Borrego Solar in partnership with BCC Solar, and the Town of Hopkinton, the first of 1,930 solar panels were installed on the top of the Hopkinton High School roof today. This part of the project, which involves additional installations on the roofs of the Middle School, Fire Department and Police Department, is expected to be completed before the beginning of school.

     The agreement is for 20 years and will provide Hopkinton with 10-20% of its year-round energy needs at a reduced rate. At the end of 20 years, the units will become the property of Hopkinton, or the town can opt to have the panels removed at the company's expense and the roofs restored to their previous condition.

Hopkinton Senior Center

Fall Fitness Classes

Yoga for Seniors,  Zumba (dancercise),

Tai Chi,  Line Dancing

Exercise (strength and stretch)

All ages welcome!  $3 a class

Hopkinton Senior Center

Call (508) 497-9730 for schedule

Or check our “Hilltopper” newsletter

On-line at



It’s all happening here!

Hopkinton Senior Center

Sept. 4 at 10 a.m. – Rep. Carolyn Dykema answers questions

Sept. 14 at 9:30 a.m. – “From Memories to Memoirs” begins

Sept. 15 at 1:00 – “New Mood Ensemble” performs

Sept. 16 at 10:30 – H1N1 Flu presentation

Sept. 22  by app’t. – Hearing screenings

These are just a few of the things we’re doing in Sept.

Stop in or check our “Hilltopper” newsletter On

All ages welcome!

Caution from the Hopkinton Police Department:

Hopkinton Public Schools will Open Tuesday September 1, 2009


To help protect the children we urge motorists to:

- Slow down near schools and in residential areas

- Obey speed limit of 20 MPH in School Zone when lights are flashing

- Plan for extra travel time if you’ll be traveling during times when children will be traveling to and from school

- Use extra caution at intersections, crosswalks and other locations where children may be walking to and from school

- Always stop for school buses when they are loading or unloading passengers or have stop lights activated

- Always maintain a minimum distance of 100 feet when following a school bus with passengers

The Hopkinton Police Department will be patrolling and enforcing motor vehicles laws to provide a safe trip to and from school for all children. Failure to obey the motor vehicle laws could result in a motorists being fined, some of the potential fines are;

- Failure to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk – Minimum $200 fine

- Failure to stop for a school bus while loading or unloading students – Minimum $250 fine

- Failure to maintain 100 feet distance while following a school bus – Minimum $35 fine

- Speeding – Minimum $100 fine

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Grandparents: Bring your favorite children to the


Senior Center

For a fun-filled day!

Little Friends Day

Thursday, Aug. 27

Games begin at 11:00

Cookout at noon

$5 adults; kids under 12 free

The Infractions on the Common


August 25, 2009 — Enjoy a couple of clips of The Infractions, who played on the Common Sunday, despite warnings of thundershowers at 5:00 p.m. Next Sunday's Concert on the Common will be the last, with HELP! -an all Beatles band.

Bird's Eye View

August 24, 2009 — George Hagberg and his dog, Zeke, are regulars at the boat ramp at Hopkinton Reservoir, where Zeke, above, becomes airborne today with his eye on the prize, a lime-green tennis ball whose color is barely distinguishable in the splash.

Vandals Hit Hard

August 24, 2009 — Vandals hit the neighborhood of Sterling Drive and Hidden Brick Road over the weekend, knocking down or uprooting several mailboxes, many of them decorated by hand. This type of crime has been an ongoing problem in the neighborhoods in this part of town. Police always encourage residents to call and report anything out off the ordinary, like strange vehicles or sounds, or teens out past the normal hours.

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Life and Death Struggle

August 24, 2009 — The spider's prey is definitely in a losing position in its struggle, as evidenced by it being unidentifiable as a result of the spider's overpowering and contorting of it. However, it could be the old tale of the spider and the fly as memorialized in song.


August 24, 2009 — This threatening cloud floated past Hopkinton this afternoon, along with a sky full of them, deciding to let their thunder loose elsewhere.


August 24, 2009 — Janice McIntyre said that the waves at Old Orchard Beach in Maine were "smashing" yesterday from the remnants of Hurricane Bill and has sent photographic evidence to prove it.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Police News UP-TO-DATE  August 24, 2009

Click above for full report in prose.

Click here for raw log


12:44 am Officer Stephen Buckley reported that he saw small fires on an East Street property with nobody around them.  Sgt. Michael Sutton responded and advised that they were able to extinguish the fire...


1:20 pm A 911 caller reported that a vehicle almost hit her and her son while they were walking on Ash Street. ..


10:55 pm A resident of B Street reported that a white male, wearing a black t-shirt, was next to a vehicle in his driveway...


10:14 pm A resident reported that a group of suspicious vehicles were parked at the end of Stoney Brook... 

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Sponsored by:

Compiled by Eric Montville for, 

Transactions for week ending August 24, 2009






21 Walcott Drive unit 23 Roy P. Tiziani & Mary T. Tiziani


Aug. 21, 2009

Bethany K. Cisowski & Peter J. Fusscas
3 Pond Street Catherine S. Manegold & Hope Wittman Martin


Aug. 21, 2009

Jerome I. Nadel
54 Greenwood Road Bijay Kumar & Jayalekshmy Kumar


Aug. 21, 2009

Brendan Leonard & Christina Leonard
29 Wedgewood Drive Peter W. Madany & Yvette H. Madany


Aug. 20, 2009

David A. Moses
5 Old Farm Road Gregory P. Holbrow & Heidi S. Holbrow


Aug. 20, 2009

Jeremiah O. Young & Beverly Anne
11 Walcott Street William T. Walls


Aug. 18, 2009

Enter Stage Left Theater Workshop
Last Week        
10 Paul Revere Path unit A Paul D. Hurley, III


Aug. 14, 2009

Michael A. Cooper & Wendy L. Cooper
21 Rocky Woods Road William J. Dion & Kara K. Dion


Aug. 14, 2009

Joseph R. Farrell, III & Martha Farrell
21 Curtis Road Matthew K. Nelson & Lesley D. Nelson


Aug. 14, 2009

Christopher A. Combs & Lee Anne
4 Edgehill Road Patricia H. Sinacole & Jay J. Sinacole


Aug. 14, 2009

Richard B. Stedt & Nancy B. Stedt
24 Pleasant Street Marc A. Ricci & Marcy D. Hoyt


Aug. 14, 2009

Linda L. Auen & Linda L. Stone
44 Teresa Road Irene G. Berner & Wade H. Berner


Aug. 14, 2009

David W. Noon & Carole M. Noon,
Trustees of the Noon Family Trust
13 Connelly Hill Road John J. Sullivan & Krista S. Sullivan


Aug. 14, 2009

Connelly LLC
9 Appaloosa Circle Jonathan Schwartz & Amy Schwartz


Aug. 10, 2009

Kwaku Kwateng & Carla M. Kwateng
Two Weeks Ago        
25 Smith Road Michael A. Cooper & Wendy L. Cooper


Aug. 07, 2009

William H. Robertson & Lucy D.
23 Jamie Lane Thomas J. Evans & Christina J. Evans


Aug. 07, 2009

Sudershan Singla & Vidushi Singla
11 Teresa Road Vanessa G. Dube


Aug. 07, 2009

Dana S. Philbrook & Linda B. Philbrook
20 Oak Street Gennaro P. Dellacioppa & Gillian M.


Aug. 05, 2009

Todd F. Abrams
55 Forest Lane Daniel J. Bernzweig & Rebecca L. Bernzweig


Aug. 04, 2009

Carolyn M. Miller & Rebecca L.
6 Breakneck Hill Road Chi-Keung Luk


Aug. 03, 2009

Marc P. Maselli & Kristine M. Maselli


Hopkinton Twin City, Marathon, Greece Under Siege by Flames


In a letter to friends, wife of Marathon, Greece Mayor Spiros Zagaris writes of her blackened Marathon as a result of wildfires consuming that area.


My friends the only thing we can do now is to pray. The Marathon you know is not existing any more. We had the new battle of Marathon but with the flames this time. You can't keep crying when you see this nice area around the lake , the beautiful Oinoi with the exceptional plantation and the monuments of Pithio all burnt.

Wherever you look you can only see black, from one side to the other. It's the holocaust of Marathon and all
Attica region.

We must now start a new marathon, to replant the whole municipality.

Spiros [Zagaris, Mayor of Marathon] is fighting for the third day with the fires and now is not only exhausted but also desperate. Only God can help us and the only thing we are trying is to save people's homes.

Pray for Marathon you love and you we'll not see the same again.


With my heart as black as the nature around,
Love Dina


Editor's note: Mrs. Zagaris has also sent this link to a Greek newscast. The letter implies damage to open areas, but the video shows structures burning somewhere. We will continue to investigate the facts of this matter. Click on photo for story.

Cut That Out!

August 23, 2009 — The band The Infractions played on the Veterans Memorial Gazebo Sunday afternoon and handed out toy instruments for the children to play and join them. The young girl above is unhappy with (her brother?) blowing his instrument in her ear, and makes no mistake about hiding her feelings.

All's Well

August 23, 2009 — Three vehicles said to be parties to a road rage incident that started at the state park, ended up at the police station, and were quickly boxed in by cruisers. Minutes later, they all left peacefully following discussions with police.  

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Knotty Tree

August 23, 2009 — It is not unreasonable to see a person out of the distortion in this tree's growth. If you know where it is, you have completed step one. Step two is to be the first to send a digital photo (yours) of it from here only:, including phone number and address, and win $25. The first one to do so wins. We regret we cannot answer every email, except the winning one. If you cannot respond from that email link, be sure to include the phrase "knotty tree" in the email subject line.

Cyclist Slips on Spill

Above, Hopkinton Firefighters assisted by Hopkinton Police secure the accident victim for transport, while Police Chaplain, Rev. Paul Clifford assists in his own way.


August 22, 2009 — A motorcycle rider's vehicle just fell down from under him on Main Street while passing Walcott Street at about 12:35 p.m. today, as he put on the brakes approaching the lights at Grove street, according to his riding companion.

      "After a rain, the road can be oily," said the companion of the victim, a Framingham Firefighter who was the guest of his contemporaries in Hopkinton this afternoon. However, further observation revealed even more detail.

      The motorcycle apparently slid on a spill (Photo below), noted by Officer David Shane, that extended from the Masonic Lodge to the lights at Grove Street. It appears to be some sort of petroleum product that the DPW was then called to clean up.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Wild Hogs Ride for Charity


The Central Mass chapter of the Wild Pigs Motorcycle Club (an all-Law Enforcement club) held a charity ride that started in Millis at AmVets Post 495, to raise funds for 7 year old Grace Morrison, who is receiving treatment for leukemia.  Above, escorted by State Police in front and behind, the group of around 100 riders travel through Hopkinton before the rain.

Play Time

August 22, 2009 — Caroline Rowe, 2, gets some help from Mom, Mary Scarlata-Rowe as they await the next group of attendees at ESL's open house on Saturday.

On the Edge

August 22, 2009 — Overlook Road provides a good view of weather coming from  the west. Above, the edge of some rain clouds against a clear sky can be seen moving south of Hopkinton.

Warrant Arrest

August 21, 2009 — Sgt. Charles Wallace secures a prisoner who he arrested on felony warrants charging him with car jacking and Class A narcotics, while Officer Stephen Buckley leans into the bed of the pickup the man was driving in front of the police station today during rush hour.

• Plan for a disaster

• Communicate during one

• Stay informed of events


With Hurricane Bill taking a northerly track and the arrival of hurricane season, the Hopkinton Fire Department has posted preparedness information from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) on the department's website. We encourage the citizens of Hopkinton to review this information and to call or email us with any questions you may have regarding this information. We look forward to hearing from you!


Please read how to plan for a disaster and live through it, here.


Fire Chief Ken Clark


P. Kenneth Clark

Chief of Department

Hopkinton Fire Department

Town of Hopkinton Emergency Management Director

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NEW! Weather Bug Widget - Severe Weather Alert


Please note a status above in the newly installed Weather Bug, placed as a result of a suggestion by a reader, Liz, who will receive a check for $25. The widget updates itself, and does not need webmaster intervention. Anyone who has another workable suggestion toward improving HopNews, please drop an email to

Friday, August 21st
4 - 7 PM 

Summertime Wines Tasting


It's still hot in Hopkinton, so we will sample some more summertime-friendly wines.  And, we're fortunate enough to have our friend, Gerry Shannon, from Carolina Wine & Spirits officiating this week's tasting with our tasting consultant, Kathleen.
Our first selection, is the 2007 Main Street Winery Sauvignon Blanc.  This wine is a blend of 98% Sauvignon Blanc and 2% Semillon and is a true California wine as it is made from grapes from Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo County, and Napa County.  As a result, this wine combines both the earthy, melon flavors of warm weather Sauvignon Blanc with the citrus and tropical notes of cooler climate Sauvignon Blanc.  It is bright, aromatic, and remarkably refreshing.  This wine retails for $13.99 per bottle, or $134.30 per case.
Next, we will sample the 2007 Bortoluzzi Pinto Grigio from five vineyards in the Collio and Isonzo districts or Northern Italy.  It is made in a fairly fat style for Pinot Grigio, the wine reveals excellent length on the palate, and pretty notes of honey, melon and flowers.  This wine received 87 point ratings from the Wine Advocate, the Wine Spectator, and the Wine Enthusiast.  The wine retails for $21.99 per bottle, or $211.10 per case.
Then, for something completely different, we will try the 2008 Robert Oatley Rosé of Sangiovese from the Mudgee district of South Eastern Australia.  The wine is light orange in color with redcurrant, blood orange, and dusty dried flowers on the nose .  It sports a chewy, slightly off-dry mid-palate that displays lush, creamy tangerine, red fruit, and melon flavors that will pair well with salty or spicy foods.  The wine received an 88 point rating from the Wine Spectator and an 87 point rating from the International Wine Cellar.  This wine retails for $16.99 per bottle, or $163.10 per case.


There are many more wines to sample today, so stop ny between 4 and 7 p.m. ~Clelland Johnson


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