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The Aftermath

Town hall Basement Floods

July 7, 2009 — Not long after a torrential downpour pounded Hopkinton, all was back to normal for most humans and animals.

      Above, steam rises from the warm bark mulch at the scenic overlook on Greenwood Road. Some people had floods in their basements or on their property, and others had public safety issues.

      Firefighter Lt. William Miller and others, below, responded to a gas odor that turned out to be a sewerage backup in a  residence on Overlook Road. Below center, the young tom turkey on Wedgewood Drive lets his feathery display wilt, worrying about the proximity of the photographer. Below right, town Hall basement flooded during the deluge despite recent extensive and costly repairs. Choose the thumbnails for a larger photo.

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The Storm

July 7, 2009 — "It looks like a wave is coming down Main Street," said one Hopkinton Police Officer, to Dispatch, while looking up Main street from Grove.

     Above, rain so thick that it cuts down on visibility, drives down onto Main Street between numbers 24 and 25. Left thumbnail, in front of Hopkinton Gulf. Center thumbnail, in front of HopNews office. Right, Cedar Street manhole cover bubbling over. Choose the thumbnails for a larger photo.

See the movie--->

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Fish Did NOT Get Away

July 7, 2009 — The roving HopNews camera caught Carl Speight fighting with this large-mouthed bass at Meadow Pond in Whitinsville on Sunday, before finally landing it after dragging it through some weeds.

WMRC 1490-AM says, "Give them away!"

30 PawSox tickets to become available for Thursday's game against the Buffalo Bisons.

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Light Over Downey Street

July 6, 2009 — According to Native American legend and Farmers' Almanac, "July is normally the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur. It was also often called the Full Thunder Moon, for the reason that thunderstorms are most frequent during this time. Another name for this month's Moon was the Full Hay Moon."

      To see the full-moonlight shine on Lake Maspenock, mouse-over the image. Photos taken at dusk today.      

Big Brothers Big Sisters Needs Volunteers

July 6, 2009 — Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central MA/Metrowest is seeking a Big Brother for an 11 year old boy in Hopkinton. He does not have any consistent male presence in his life, and could benefit greatly from a positive mentor! He enjoys playing video games, biking, hiking, and hanging out with his dog. He possesses a variety of tactile interests as well, including Bionicles, taking things apart, and putting things back together. This young man is polite, friendly, and loves to have fun. He and the right Big Brother will surely have a great time together!

To become a Big Brother or Big Sister, please contact Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass/Metrowest, 508-879-7762 or .

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Police News UP-TO-DATE  July 6, 2009

Click above for full report in prose.

Click here for raw log


5:09 pm A 911 caller reported that his girlfriend was possibly being stalked by a customer on West Main Street...


11:23 pm A resident reported that a small pickup truck was smashing into trash barrels and running over trash bags on North Mill Street...


8:36 pm An employee of a Main Street business reported that an intoxicated male walked in and claimed that he was left behind by friends...


2:04 pm A North Mill Street resident reported that a large black pickup truck was peeling out in front of multiple people causing an unwanted cloud of smoke...


Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for, 

Transactions for week ending July 6, 2009






This Week        
10 Pheasant Hill Road Kristin Simone & Christopher P. Merkle $499,900 July  03, 2009 Jason E. Nigrosh & Susan D. Nigrosh
3 Holt Street Forrest $290,000 July  02, 2009 Kerry A. Creswell & Bruce A. Creswell Jr.
15 Daniel Shays Road Timothy H. Ruggles & Sabrina A. Ruggles $685,000 July  02, 2009 Scott L. Ogawa & Lisa M. Ogawa
7 Saddle Hill Road Adele Sands $530,000 July  01, 2009 Scott S. Tibbo & Denise A. Tibbo
18 Old Farm Road Michael J. Egan $150,000 July  01, 2009 Richard J. Egan
20 Old Farm Road Michael J. Egan $150,000 July  01, 2009 Richard J. Egan
8 Queen Anne Road Donna L. Egan $1,050,000 July  01, 2009 Richard J. Egan
0 Pond Street Commonwealth of Massachusetts DCR $335,000 July  01, 2009 Lynn A. Gabler
1 Ledgestone Drive Kelly Knight & Alain Lavelanet $540,000 Jun.  30, 2009 Peter F. Curran & Kathleen L. Curran
88 Winter Street Christopher A. Fuse & Megan S. Blake $825,000 Jun.  30, 2009 David J. Edlund & Eileen Edlund
4 Hidden Brick Road Tracy Trainor Hudson & Heath Hudson $700,000 Jun.  29, 2009 Geraldine Leamon
Last Week        
4 Trevor Lane Brian H. Moffat & Elyte S. Moffat $415,000 Jun.  29, 2009 Maillet & Son Limited Liability Co.
10 Deer Run Road Andrew M. Howard & Jessica L. Howard $549,500 Jun.  29, 2009 Brian H. Moffat & Elyte S. Moffat
13 Pinecrest Village unit 13 Paul J. Gentilotti $206,000 Jun.  26, 2009 Alan David Macalpine, Jr. & Andressa F.
21 Patriots Boulevard unit
Suprakash Das & Nayanika Yellepeddi $375,500 Jun.  26, 2009 Stagecoach Heights Realty LLC
264 Wood Street Donna L. Pagan $206,000 Jun.  17, 2009 David Dowen Executor of the Estate of
Donald R. Dowen
8 Deneen Road Jeffrey A. Goldweber & Erin M. Goldweber $185,000 Jun.  15, 2009 John J. Deneen, Jr. Trustee of Deneen-
Scarlata Family Realty Trust


Past Bedtime?

July 5, 2009 Thomas Mirabile, 6, looks a little weary at 7:00 pm on Sunday as his Mom and Dad listen to the speaker, Air force veteran Ray Gendreau, during the Taps Vigil ceremony at Evergreen Cemetery.

      The evening's featured topic, which is different at each meeting, was the United States Air Force.

      Mr. Gendreau, reading from a professionally prepared color handout, said, "The USAF is  the largest and most technologically advanced air power in the world, with 5,573 manned aircraft... 180 unmanned combat air vehicles, 2130 air-launched cruise missiles and 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles."

      Mr. Gendreau said that 3,100 F-35 aircraft will appear in 2011, incorporating new stealth elements and advanced technology into its design.

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Second Fiddle

July 5, 2009 — Selectman Vice-Chair Matthew Zettek prepares to play as the second bugler, the "echo taps," at the Taps Vigil at Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville near dusk this evening. The unseen second bugler is hidden from main view during these ceremonies, to represent the fallen. He plays after the main bugler plays.

See the buglers, below.


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Away on the 4th?

Check out the Gallery of the 79th Horribles Parade

Style and Substance

July 5, 2009 — This boy has every muscle tuned to the curveball he is about to launch, at the Hopkinton Common during the musical program on July 4.

Horribles Parade 2009 


July 5, 2009 — Have a look at a few minutes of yesterday's Horribles Parade in Hopkinton Massachusetts. See the portable Waste Water Treatment Facility, the irreverent take on recycling the Town Manager, the first "drive-thru" Cumberland Farms, and more. Remember the choose the HQ button for the highest quality presentation from this HD-captured video — or, choose the "folder" icon for full-screen.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Parade of Boats on Lake Maspenock

July 5, 2009 — Little boats, large boats, speed boats, slow boats, and all sorts of water craft, about three dozen in all, paraded from Sandy Beach to the dam and back on Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

Horribles 2009

July 4, 2009 — The 2009 Horribles Parade was as festive and irreverent as usual, but with July 4 falling on a Saturday, saw lower than normal audience participation. Above, the McIntyre kids have renamed the DPW in favor of Dad, and poke fun at the accident at Cumberland Farms on Main Street.



Horribles Parade 2009 winners

Most Horrible(Selectmen's): Oakhurst Rd
30 or more enthusiastic recycled t-shirt dressed group green haired group with their recycled water from all the rain
Grand Prize: Piazza Lane
the mobile waste water treatment plant with its recycled water and faucet (lots of work went into this one)
Second Prize: "Good Luck Norman": (depicting a model of Tony Troiano)
Third Prize: Elm Street "HHS is green not orange" "Old selectmen never die they get recycled to Woodville"
Best Animal: Gorgeous horses with the Colella MArket buggy driven by Lady Sandra Varnum and Lady Kathy Woodin
Best Music: Fire Department (sirens)
Family Award: McCliggin Clan
Children's Award: Johnson Boys
Youngest entry: Declans Dream
Equestrian Award: Woodville Trailbuster
There were 18 entries this year.

Road Falls Down, Way Down

July 4, 2009 — This section of Cordaville Road (between Old Cedar Street and Southborough) fell off of the map yesterday, and is now surrounded by orange barrels.

     The guard rails are left dangling as the gravel under the road, as well as some of the surface, went tumbling toward the Sudbury River. It was called in by a passerby before a vehicle got too close and broke off more, a circumstance that could have sent it tumbling into the river, too.

      To see the view from the other side, mouse-over the image.

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Fatal Crash on Route 95 Attleboro

State Police Seek Witnesses

  Three of four occupants NOT wearing seat belts ejected, die


July 4, 2009 — Today, at approximately 2:43 a.m., Troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Foxboro responded to a single-vehicle crash on Route 95 North at Exit 3 (Route 123) in Attleboro that resulted in three fatalities and one serious injury. 


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Jason Morse indicates that 23-year-old Gleidson Pereira of Plymouth was operating a 2003 Mazda sedan in the right travel lane of Route 95 North when he lost control, exited the road to the right, rolled over and struck several tree stumps before coming to rest.  Pereira, and two passengers, 27-year-old Ivanildo De Souza of Plymouth and 29-year-old Lavdeir De Silva of Plymouth, suffered fatal injuries and were pronounced deceased at the scene.  A third passenger, 29-year-old Samuel Torres-Mendes of Plymouth suffered serious injuries in the crash and was transported by ambulance to Rhode Island Hospital.  None of the four occupants were wearing their safety belts, and all four were ejected from the vehicle during the crash.     


The State Police urge anyone who may have witnessed the crash or have information on the circumstances that preceded the crash to contact the State Police Foxboro Barracks at (508)-543-8550.

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July 3, 2009 — These Canada geese on Pratt's Pond at dusk on Friday are framed by trees left and right, trees in the foreground, and a symmetrical group of three in the background. The family of geese appears to have lost a young one, as there were five fluffy goslings not too long ago. Now, there are only four young.

Rain, Beautiful Rain

July 3, 2009 — Hopkinton Reservoir was sending the excess storm water it cannot hold down the spillway to join the Sudbury River in Ashland today during the calm after the latest storm. A 1/15th of a second shutter speed has given the falling water an angel's hair look. The koi in the next photo down were hanging around in the shadow area on top, left.

They Really Did Get Away!

July3, 2009 — These koi, or carp, a relative of the goldfish, were hanging around the overflow of the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam today, where the raging water was pouring over the dam, down the spillway and toward the ocean. The fish were at least 18 inches long and were estimated by a veteran fisherman at 10 pounds for the larger one.

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Fresh Lobster

at Weston Nurseries Farmers Market TODAY, Friday!!


Check out the other goodies, including a new bakery -- Om-Nom-Nom  -- two Hopkinton girls starting a new business

Weather or Not

July 2, 2009 — The fog rolled in like an ocean wave at Hopkinton Reservoir late Thursday afternoon.

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Rangers Win AAA Championship

On June 24th the Rangers defeated the Pirates 2-1 in a very exciting game to win the Hopkinton Little League AAA Championship


Back row: Pete Schiloski (Asst. Coach), Clark Waterfall (Asst. Coach), Dickran Babigian (Head Coach), Vin Mauro (Asst. Coach)

Middle row: Trevor Perkins, Sam Richardson, Jake McDonald, Matt Heim, Keehn Waterfall, Nate Loring

Front row: Max Mauro, John Schiloski, Scott Babigian, Duncan Schnur


(missing from photo is Austin Odell)

 Fourth of July in Hopkinton


12:00    Horrible’s Parade starting at the Town Common Theme: 2009 RECYCLE-THINK GREEN

 1:00     Band concert by “DOUBLE PLAY”  and food (hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks)

 2:00     Boat Parade at Lake Maspenock, Sandy Beach


11:45 Judges Preview at the Town Common (cleverness)

12:00 Reviewing Stand (enthusiasm)




1. Most Horrible: (Selectmen’s) most exemplifying the horrible tradition

(Example: a gripe, a subject with possible controversy, funny and clever)

2. Grand prize: most time involved preparing, elaborate, striking

3. Second Prize: Judges Decision

4. Third Prize: Judges Decision

5. Best Animal: not necessarily a live animal- pet, stuffed animal

6. Best Music: live music, tape or radio (one year it was the sirens of the fire trucks)

7. Family Award: Name of the entry may help determine

8 .Children’s Award: Most unique Idea, decorated bike, carriage, costumed


10. EQUESTRIAN AWARD: Best horse or horses, costumed



The annual 4th of July Horribles’s Parade will start Saturday at noon.  This year the theme is RECYLCLE – THINK GREEN.  Anyone and everyone can participate by decorating a bike, car, stroller, float or whatever “moves you”.  Many awards are given at the conclusion of the parade!

Pre-registration is at 11:30 at the Gazebo. Starting at the Town Common and led by our  wonderful Police and Fire Departments, proceeding down Hayden Rowe, right onto Grove, left onto Pleasant, right onto Main and back the Town Common.   After the presentation of our recycled trophies there will be a fantastic band concert  with 70 and 80’s music.  There will be food.  Join the fun!  For more details call Lily at (508)380-4986  or email me at


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Wires Down

July 2, 2009 — Police and Fire responded to several calls for damaged wires on Ash Street this afternoon after a truck hit them. The wires pulled a pole that was in an adjacent driveway, causing it to tip even more, making the already low wires even lower.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Junior Girl Scouts Achieve Bronze Award


The Bronze Award is the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn.  Troop 3799 chose to work with the Respite Center at one of their off site homes in Hopkinton to earn a Bronze Award, the highest honor a Junior Girl Scout can achieve.  The project was called "The Beautification of Marshall Ave." 

      The house on Marshall Ave is home to three wonderful women associated with the Respite Center, Karen Decenzo, Kathy Hennessy, Jenny O'Neil, and their live in "house Mom" and EMC employee Cathy Ndungu.  Troop 3799 received donations of flowers, bushes and plants from local nurseries.  Our thanks to Hopkinton Stone and Garden, Weston Nurseries, Angel's, Addicted to Day Lilies, and Lowe's for their generous donations.  Along with the many items planted, were 4 different colored butterfly bushes planted, one for each of the ladies living in the house.  Colleen and Regina put in 15 hours each working on beautifying the yard on Marshall Ave.

      All of the girls in Troop 3799 worked on the beautification project, and formed a wonderful bond with their new friends who live there.  It was only fitting that they should be the ones to present the Bronze Award Certificates provided by the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts.


In rear, from left, Karen Decenzo, Kathy Hennessy, Jenny O'Neil and Cathy Ndungu

In front, Colleen Gallagher Malloy and Regina Gemma ~Contributed content

Lightning Strikes Hopkinton Home During Violent Storm

July 2, 2009 — In an area of Hopkinton that sees more than its share of violent weather, lightning struck the attic of a home this morning on Daniel Shays Road, off of Saddle Hill Road at around 9:30 am.

      According to Hopkinton Fire Chief Ken Clark, the woman of the house was home and heard the loud strike followed by activated smoke detectors, and called 911. "Driving was down to about 20 mph because of the heavy rain," he said, describing the storm's strength.

     Ashland Fire Dept. responded with their ladder tower and both Southborough and Milford responded with an engine. Hopkinton had two engines and a tank truck at the scene.

     Chief Clark said that there was heavy fire damage to the attic, and water damage to the second floor and attic. Firefighters did  lay out tarps on the second floor to lessen the effect of water used to extinguish the blaze, which took 36 minutes, according to the chief.

      "The home is surrounded by pines, a soft wood that splits easily from lightning strikes," said Chief Clark. He added that although lightning usually strikes a tree first, firefighters could not find any damaged trees, leading to the conclusion that the lightning struck the attic peak first.   

Expansion and New Building Brought Before Design Review Board

Two new buildings proposed at Bill's Pizza property

Above is a preliminary concept plan for the final location for Bill's Pizza, an excerpt from a larger plan and set of proposed plans by Gorman Richardson Architects.


July 1, 2009 — Bills' Pizza brought an ambitious two-year plan before the Design Review Board on Tuesday evening. The board looked over preliminary conceptual plans and overhead drawings presented by Gorman Richardson Architects on behalf of the applicant, and remarked on the plans.

      Bill's would like to build a one-story retail building to house three stores or offices on the property to the rear of the existing building, and move the pizza business into that building temporarily. Then they plan to demolish the existing building and build another building in that space. At which time they would move the pizza business back to the new building facing Main Street.

      The new building in front would be about 8' longer than the current pizza shop, have a second story for offices in the rear, and be 2' closer to Town Hall.  

      Members of the board recommended, among many suggestions, losing the tower, shown above, and adding more windows on the sides that face open space. The Main street building will not have windows abutting the bank's side, in accordance with state codes to prevent the spread of fire. The board had several design and aesthetic revisions that will be implemented and brought before the Planning Board in a Public Hearing on July 20.

      Owner Georgios Vasilakeris said this evening, "When we move back the the front, we're going to have a dream pizza place."

      "We'll have the same hospitality with a fresh and new environment.  And if everything works out the way we want it to with the space, and there is room enough, there'll be games for the kids," he said

       Mr. Vasilakeris said the parking agreement made with the previous owner and the town is under negotiation. That agreement has allowed people doing business in Town Hall to use parking behind Bill's Pizza in return for the town plowing the lot. The lot will hold more vehicles, and Bill's Pizza, he said, will have more reserved parking. Mr. Vasilakeris did not mention it, but Main Street in front of the bank and Bill's has lost 4 parking spaces in recent years.

       He also said that the traffic flow through the lot will be improved, and more spaces added.

       When asked about the timing, Mr. Vasilakeris said they are moving forward anticipating an improvement in the economy.

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New Face at Town Hall

July 1, 2009 — Town Clerk Ann Click stands behind Deb Holbrook, who will soon be appointed as Assistant Town Clerk, on her first day on the job.

In the Nick of Time

July 1, 2009 — HopNews photographer Ben Lewis, a student teacher, joined others with St. John's Youth Mission for a ten-day excursion to Honduras to paint and refurbish schools in that country. Shortly after they left, the President of the country was taken out of office by the military, causing anxiety among the hemisphere's leaders, and a resolution from the United nations for his return.

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Thank You, Maxine Adams

July 1, 2009 — Town Hall staff threw a party for retiring Assistant Town Clerk, Maxine Adams (Seated, blue), at Town Hall yesterday. Above, State Representative Carolyn Dykema awards Mrs. Adams a recognition from the House. She also received a citation from the State Senate; and Selectman Vice-Chair Matt Zettek declared a proclamation of Maxine Adams Day.

       Mrs. Adams, who was also surrounded by friends and family at her party, finished 33 years in the office of the Town Clerk. She had also worked for the School Department for a time before working in Town Hall.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

 Selectmen's Meeting

Tree Plea Presented

Friends of the Common acknowledged

Above, Beth Kelly, a member of the Historic District Commission and an abutter of the Hopkinton Common, put together a presentation arguing against the removal of some trees tagged for removal.


July 1, 2009 —       Selectmen invited members from the Planning Board, Historic District Commission and Parks and Recreation this evening to discuss the next step for the tree plan on the Common.

      "I thought it would be a good idea to get everyone in the same room," said Selectmen Chair Brian Herr.

      Parks and Rec Chairman Ken Driscoll brought everyone up to speed on the timeline of the removal progress to date, including the plans to remove another ten trees indentified as diseased and/or damaged, and nine that would require a hearing, in keeping with town bylaws.

      Some of the trees slated for removal that are not diseased are Norway maples, an invasive species. Planning Board member Sandy Altamura said that the reason people do not like Norway maples is because native species will not grow under them. "We are not trying to do that," she said.

       Vice-Chairman Matthew Zettek suggested that students at Center School, across the street from the Common, could benefit from lessons in tapping maple trees for syrup.

      Mr. Driscoll is working with Downtown Revitalization and Historical District to coordinate a plan for a walkway as well as lighting on the Common and a new streetscape in the Downtown. 

      The Parks and Rec Commission will coordinate and advertise a public hearing as the next step in tree removal.

       Friends of the Common, an ad hoc group of volunteer citizens who coordinated fundraising and construction efforts for the new Veterans  Memorial Gazebo, were honored by Selectmen Tuesday evening, who presented Chair Ruth Gorman with a declaration supporting her efforts.

       "We want to celebrate the good work that went into the new gazebo," said Mr. Herr.

       The effort began with a group of citizens brought together by Hopkinton Athletic Association (HAA) President Timothy Kilduff, originally determined to repair the then-existing gazebo that had fallen into disrepair only 19 years after a similar grass-roots effort by volunteers completed it.

        The group that eventually agreed on the name, Friends of the Common, began pitching in that first evening in July of 2007, and fundraised among themselves, with Mr. Kilduff pledging $5,000 from the HAA.

        The group turned away from the idea of demolishing the existing one, and toward the creation of a new one, after deciding that handicap access was paramount, and solutions to make the existing gazebo accessible would detract from the looks.

        At those seminal meetings in 2007, Mr. Kilduff enlisted the help of Ron Nation of 20th Century Homes, who offered to donate management and labor. Mr. Nation's son, Christopher, took on the task, and as a result, was awarded a plaque by Mrs. Gorman Tuesday evening. Mr. Nation and his family seldom miss the Sunday concerts.

         Mr. Kilduff also brought Architect Scott Richardson of Gorman Richardson Architects to the table. Mr. Richard's firm designed the structure. Mrs. Gorman said that those two contributions alone were worth $30,000.

        Along with Mrs. Gorman, Mr. Richardson and Mr. Kilduff, the early "friends" were then-Selectman Mike Shepard, Barbara Sicuso of the BAA (Boston Athletic Association), whose father was instrumental in fundraising the previous gazebo, Anne Marie Durkot, Al Rogers from Parks and Recreation, Jeff Furber from Open Space, veteran Mike Whalen, and Ron Nation, as well as others.

        The list of donors is several pages long, and should be made available later Wednesday.

        "This was a great community effort," said Mr. Herr.       

July 11th (Rain date the 12th)
On Hopkinton Common
11:30 am-1:30 pm
Admission is FREE

In preparation for our "Wish Upon a Star" summer ESL is hosting a Special Family Event. 


Bring a picnic lunch & dress in your favorite costume!


There will be Food, Crafts, Sword Fight Demonstrations, a costume parade and much More!


Meet Cinderella and Jasime!!  Questions call 508 435-2114. It is sure to be a great time!! 

CANS Alert Issued for 10 Year Old Washington Girl

June 30, 2009 — Code Amber News Service (CANS) issued this Missing Endangered person Alert after the girl went missing on Friday evening (06-26) while walking home from a friends house in McCleary Washington. McCleary is a small town of about 1,500 residents and is about 15 miles west of Olympia. There is no evidence of foul play in this case but the FBI is joining the investigation and search today (Monday 06-29). The FBI will also be bringing in additional law enforcement personnel to help in the investigation and search. No Amber Alert has been issued in this case.

Lindsey J. Baum a 10 year old white female, 4' 9" tall, 80 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair. She was last seen wearing a gray or blue hooded pullover sweatshirt, with blue jeans and black shoes.

There is no suspect information at this time.

There is no suspoect vehicle information at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Office at 360-249-3711 or dial 911.

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Recycling Center Holiday Schedule


Hopkinton Recycling Center will be closed Saturday July 4th in observance of Independence Day. Curbside Trash and Recycling Collection will be as normal this week


J.T. Gaucher, P.E., Director, Department of Public Works

Off of the Road

June 29, 2009 — According to people on the scene at East Main Street this afternoon, the driver of the Taurus took her eyes off of the road for a moment. When she looked up again, a vehicle had stopped to turn into Wilson Street, so she chose to veer off of the road, rather than collide with the stopped vehicle.

      It ran over and dragged a large granite block several feet before coming to a stop, but not before rupturing something under the vehicle, which leaked onto a resident's driveway, requiring a response from the Hopkinton Fire Department.

      To see the vehicle after the  car was lifted and the block removed, mouse-over the image. To see the interesting way in which it was removed, with what, and without causing further damage, check out the short video below.


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Police News UP-TO-DATE  June 29, 2009

Click above for full report in prose.

Click here for raw log



2:30 pm Sgt. Charles Wallace located a propped door at the High School and advised that there were multiple motion alarms going off...


1:30 pm A caller stated that he struck the vehicle in front of him on West Main Street.  When the caller went back to his car to get his registration, the other vehicle, which had Texas plates on it, left the scene toward Upton...


12:27 am A caller from West Main Street reported seeing a possible "peeping tom"...


5:46 pm A Pendulum Pass resident reported that two vehicles in his driveway were gone through on Tuesday night...

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Glimpse of Orange Sphere

June 29, 2009 — Architect Tom Dawson caught a glimpse of the sun at sunset recently from his front porch.

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for, 

Transactions for 2 weeks ending June 29, 2009






This Week        
4 Trevor Lane Brian H. Moffat & Elyte S. Moffat $415,000 Jun.  29, 2009 Maillet & Son Limited Liability Co.
10 Deer Run Road Andrew M. Howard & Jessica L. Howard $549,500 Jun.  29, 2009 Brian H. Moffat & Elyte S. Moffat
13 Pinecrest Village unit 13 Paul J. Gentilotti $206,000 Jun.  26, 2009 Alan David Macalpine, Jr. & Andressa F.
21 Patriots Boulevard unit
Suprakash Das & Nayanika Yellepeddi $375,500 Jun.  26, 2009 Stagecoach Heights Realty LLC
264 Wood Street Donna L. Pagan $206,000 Jun.  17, 2009 David Dowen Executor of the Estate of
Donald R. Dowen
8 Deneen Road Jeffrey A. Goldweber & Erin M. Goldweber $185,000 Jun.  15, 2009 John J. Deneen, Jr. Trustee of Deneen-
Scarlata Family Realty Trust
Two Mondays Ago        
24 Kimball Road Britta I. MacIntosh $645,000 Jun.  12, 2009 John S. Bicknell & Helen M. Bicknell
270 Pond Street Karlyn A. Scott & Douglas L. Scott $527,000 Jun.  11, 2009 Alice M. Harwood


Hazardous Tree


June 29, 2009 — Joe Regan of Joe Regan Tree took down some broken and hazardous limbs hanging  over East Main Street today after m ore than one complaint.  One falling piece is blurred from motion and a slow shutter speed near the bottom of the photo.

Selectmen to Hear Common Tree Plan on Tuesday


File photo of recent rainbow over Common. Some of the trees growing in a cluster to the left side looking at the gazebo are marked for removal.


June 29, 2009 — Tomorrow night, Hopkinton Selectmen will be listening to updates from the Parks and Recreation Department regarding the plan to remove trees on the town Common, albeit toward the end of the plan. Invitations have been extended to members of the Planning Board, Historical District Commission, and Parks and Recreation, as well as tree Warden Paul Gleason and others to the update.

     Some people, abutters and others, want to end the process, favoring trees at all costs. Some want to pause the process to sort out the noise. Some believe a hearing should have been held prior to cutting any trees, and some would like a hearing now.

     Still others, experts, have devised a plan for the removal of hazardous and diseased trees, the relocation of some trees that were planted haphazardly previously, and the planting of new ones. 

     Selectmen Chairman Brian Herr said, "There's been concern about how this has been handled to date.

     "We want to get everyone in the same room. We are just facilitating a discussion to get everyone working together."


     The plan before the work was started, including the then existing trees and the new plan together, is to the left below. The center thumbnail is the target plan. The right thumbnail is part of a tree, one of two, that was taken down this spring.

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Thunder Clouds

June 28, 2009 — These clouds passing by Hopkinton Reservoir on Saturday are a harbinger of rainy, sometimes thunderous weather. To see what these types of clouds look like from above, with lightning flashing throughout, click here. To see a rapid response by boat rental personnel at Hopkinton Reservoir to the nearing storm, see the video below. Swimmers were ordered out of the water, and boats were ordered to dock.


 Services for the Home

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Hopkinton to join thousands of communities across America

Please join the Hopkinton Veteran’s Celebration Committee on Sunday, July 5, 2009 as we join thousands of communities across America for a remembrance ceremony at the Evergreen Cemetery in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. The Committee is hosting a “Sunday Taps Vigil” starting at 7:00 p.m. The ceremony will consist of a short tribute to American soldiers, veterans and their families and is expected to last 15 minutes. The ceremony will include the sounding of the 24 hauntingly beautiful notes of “Taps”.


“Taps” traditionally serves two important purposes. At military outposts around the world it is played in the evening to signal the time for quiet, rest and reflection after a day of duty. It is also mandated by the Department of Defense to be sounded live by a bugler, if possible, at the funeral of each and every American veteran as a final tribute to that individual veteran’s honorable time of service to his or her country. An average of over 1,600 American veterans are laid to rest each day.


Hopkinton has held this ceremony, on the first Sunday of each month, since it was initiated in March 2004 by the national non-profit organization Bugles Across America. Since the ceremony was first proposed, over 1,500 communities across America, as well as in Canada and several other countries, now participate.

Rows to Hoe

June 28, 2009 — Tom Pratt maneuvers his tractor after a hard days work late Sunday afternoon at Pratt's Farm on Fruit Street.


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