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Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for, 

Transactions for week ending May 11, 2009






This Week        
121 Hayden Rowe Street Colm Scanlon & Ellen Scanlon $125,000 May  08, 2009 Arthur J. Gillam Jr.
87 Front Street Ryan Detzel & Angela Burrows $335,000 May  07, 2009 Michael N. Markou
Last Week        
7 Marshall Avenue Patrick Donovan & Maureen Beugless $358,000 May  01, 2009 Kenneth Pratt & Wendy Pratt
8 Ledgestone Drive David W. Sykora & Patricia J. Sykora $585,000 Apr.  30, 2009 Julie Maxwell & Roger Maxwell
10 Maple Street Dawn M. McNerney $275,000 Apr.  30, 2009 Denise M. McGovern & Michael R.
12 Wilson Street Lisa M. Ogawa & Frank H. Adam $445,000 Apr.  30, 2009 Lauren W. Blair & Peter A. Conroy
22 Hidden Brick Road Gerald S. Abernathy & Andrea F. Abernathy $632,000 Apr.  30, 2009 William T. Shields & Edna E. Shields
28 Cross Street Alison M. Kommer & Alan F. O'Neill $334,500 Apr.  29, 2009 Sherrie A. Green
7 Mount Auburn Street Michael K. Andrews $207,000 Apr.  29, 2009 Astoria Federal Savings & Loan
147 Hayden Rowe Street Philip Todaro $250,000 Apr.  28, 2009 Marie C. Fleming & Robert Colella
Week Before        
2 Partridge Road Jerome B. Hughes & Allyson L. Hughes $465,000 Apr.  24, 2009 William C. Adams & Jane R. Adams
20 Grove Street Christine Tuccio & Adam West $332,000 Apr.  23, 2009 Allyson L. Hughes & Jerome B. Hughes
75 Winter Street Daine S. Doyle, n/k/a Diane Stelfox Cook $414,000 Apr.  22, 2009 John R. Simpson & Karen Simpson
5 North Street Chirco Land Development Co., Inc. $77,500 Apr.  22, 2009 Jeffrey J. Gusha & Gloria E. Winn


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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

A Thank You to the Community



Project Just Because Wishes To Thank The National Association Of Letter Carriers For The Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

We wish to first thank each of the Letter Carriers who worked so hard at bringing the food to  Project Just Because.


The wonderful Volunteers and children who did shifts at the Post Office. The full crew of Volunteers  all day at Project Just Because. A very special thank you to each of our community who put food out and for all those wonderful Hopkinton residents who also came and dropped off food all day. All of you made empty shelves come back alive with food for our seniors, children and families in need in Hopkinton. It is efforts like these working beside each of you that bring our wonderful community together reaching out and helps those who need us.


Thank all of you for your kindness


CherylAnn Lambert Walsh
Project Just Because, Inc.

May 11, 2009


Letters Editor's Note: Letters to the Editor for the upcoming election will close at a random time in order to thwart  unanswerable, last minute charges toward candidates, so please send your letters of support for your candidate soon.

Children Caring for Children

May 11, 2009 — 5th Grade-Girl Scout Troop 3799 completed the Caring for Children badge after planning and implementing a playgroup for 5 and 6 yr. old Daisies of Troop 2974. Prior to this, Troop 3799 spent time touring Hopkinton's Next Generation Children's Center as well as learning safety tips for working as mother's helpers and babysitters. ~ Beth Malloy

Fruit Street

First Mothers Day

May 10, 2009 This Canada goose family is enjoying the banks of Pratt's Pond on Fruit Street on the young's first Mothers Day. One look at the camera, and this family scurried for higher ground. The goose family at Ice House Pond was nowhere to be found today, but it is unlikely, given the distance and the demeanor of this family, that it is the same one.


Fruit Street

Dog Walker

May 10, 2009 — Certified Dog Behaviorist Doreen Garner takes a smaller-than-usual contingent of dogs with her for some training today on the town's Fruit Street property, a perfect place. Her business, Dog Walkers, has its own website.

Fruit Street

Motocross Course

May 10, 2009 — Four years since the town-owned Fruit Street property was opened to passive recreation, the main activity on the weekends, above, is anything but passive.   A motocross course has been built by heavy equipment by persons unknown at the far end of the property near where the recreational fields are expected to be built. The riders above arrived hours after the police received a complaint about dirt bikes and found none there today.

       Below is the same basic area as above, but before the human destruction, taken on the photographer's first trip there.

Hopkinton Reservoir

Smooth Sailing

May 10, 2009 — Sunday was the type of day made for wind-surfers, and Hopkinton Reservoir is custom made for that type of activity.

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Hopkinton Reservoir

Songs of Spring

May 10, 2009 — According to, the Baltimore Oriole prefers open areas with tall trees, and that makes the Hopkinton reservoir dam the perfect place for the bird above, photographed Sunday.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Poetry Showcase

Above are 6 of the 15 poets who read their work at the HHS Poetry Showcase at Enter Stage Left Theater on Mothers Day. Left to right: Merrily LeBlanc, Keith Love, Michelle Surka, Andrew Bayiates, Alice Beecher. Photo by Jane Norton. Below is one of the poems read at the Showcase, Green Shoes, written by Michelle Surka, a junior.

Green Shoes

byMichelle Surka  


Layers of dirt coat you

wrap you in dusty furs

from pounded paths, orange school halls.

Soles peeling off

laces tattered once, twice

rebraided, retied, replaced.

I fished you out of the garbage,

the stink came with you.

Your green skin shines through it sometimes

still reminds me of baby-leaf translucent green,

the freedom of Kid-dom.

But I can’t move in you, and the rain gets in.

My feet wear those new shoes,

but you still slide on easier

More Than Just Fishing

May 9, 2009 — Although there was some intense fishing done today at the Hopkinton Police Department's Annual Fishing Derby, much more was taking place. To see just what, check out the gallery of photos.


Bear With Me

May 9, 2009 — Jamie Griffin shares this photo that he took in the Berkshires on the Appalachian Trail  of a surprise visitor that was interested in his vehicle's contents. He and a friend were camped at the Cold River in Charlemont when the bear encountered the campsite and began the hunt for food.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

 Positively Hopkinton

HopSwap a Success

May 9, 2009 — Sarah Brennan gets a ride from Mom, Kim, as they check over the thousands of items of clothing at the HopSwap today at the Middle School Cafeteria. They beat the crowd, which was in a waiting line earlier, by coming near the end. (Video later)

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 Positively Hopkinton

The Fishes That Didn't Get Away

May 9, 2009 — Hopkinton Police Association drew 140 people to its 12th Annual Fishing Derby at the Hopkinton Sportsmen's Club this morning. Standing with Police Officers Phil Powers and Tom Griffin are the children who won prizes for catches from the largest to the smallest, the first to the last, the most; and more. Below, getting his photo taken by his dad is Patrick Mahoney, who won four prizes, but relinquished three of them so other kids could win them. He got a standing ovation from the gathered. (More photos later)

 Positively Hopkinton


by Keith Love

A new thought,
A seed in water,
Germinated by imagination.
Fertilized by experience;
Knowledge is sunlight.

Hold it tight
Embrace its abstraction
But kiss it tender

No seedling is insignificant
Might it be an oak?
Tall and proud above all other trees?
Perhaps a willow,
Flowing downward upon the earth,
Marvelous in its indefinite beauty?
Oh, but a birch!
Smooth to the touch with
Sloping branches
Intertwined against the sky
Or forever small,
A platform for growth?
Even a thorn bush presents
A Rose.

Let me open a window
On a spring afternoon
Let the breeze that carries seeds
Rush through the curtains,
Let it rustle my hair!
I won't close my eyes even if they water.
For I might see through the clouds:
Obscurity is clear.

I am a newborn
In a world of impeccable beauty,
One of inscrutable cruelty.
Hold not those expectations for me,
Lift no obstacle in my path.
Watch me develop
Take pleasure in my growth
Let me plant my own Oak,
My own willow,
And let it weep for me.


Editor's note: Keith Love, a senior at HHS, will be reading at the HHS Poetry Showcase on Sunday, May 10, at Enter Stage Left Theater from 2-4 pm.

Happy Mothers Day


Above, the goose family we have been documenting  on the island at Ice House Pond has apparently hatched their goslings, which have taken to the water, and are following their Mom everywhere.

Hopkinton 5, Medway 3

May 9, 2009 — Hopkinton boys bested Medway at home yesterday, 5-1.


Hopkinton 3, Medway 1

May 9, 2009 — Number 10 makes sure this Medway line drive doesn't get past the infield as the girls beat Medway at home 3-1.

Hopkinton 17, Bellingham 2

May 9, 2009 — Number 11 makes a move on Bellingham as Hopkinton teams swept the home games.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Hopkinton 4, Medway 1

May 9, 2009 — This tennis player defies gravity as he puts his best into this return at home on Friday.


May 8, 2009 — These tulips, the only colorful thing in the front of 25 Main Street, are a bit underwhelming in front of the mansion; but this photo gives them their righteous and equal place. Kidding aside, the person who cuts the grass, takes pains to avoid them.

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May 8, 2009 — This lamb on Wood Street wonders about the photographer, but the other sheep are more interested in fresh grass. Gerry Hanna arrived home minutes later to put them back in their pen.

       "I was calling to let you know that the sheep got out of their pen," said the photographer.

       "That is their mission in life," said Mr. Hanna.


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The beautifully restored Hopkinton Train Depot, located at Ice House Pond, is available to community organizations for their use.  The Depot was enjoyed by ice skaters on winter weekends this year as a shelter and changing spot.  It has also served the Trails Club as an after-hike gathering place.  The Historical Commission encourages the community to share and enjoy this restored piece of Hopkinton history.  For information on its use, contact any member of the Hopkinton Historical Commission, as listed on the Town's website.


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Mothers Day

Above is a poem written by Hopkins student, 5th grader Matthew Paolucci that placed 3rd in the state-wide PTA Reflections program. 


It has been placed on top of a photo taken today of our adopted goose family that we have been watching for weeks to see the birth of the goslings. There appears to one egg, but no goslings running around.


Because the male does not usually go near the nest during the incubation period, it is likely that some eggs have hatched a gosling or two (We hope). We'll keep checking. And coincidentally, we have another poetry announcement to make:


Poetry Showcase

May 10, from 2—4 pm

Enter Stage Left Theater

30 Main Street



Students from Hopkinton High’s creative writing classes  will read their poetry at a Poetry Showcase at Enter Stage Left Theater.

 Selectmen Expected to Name Ken Clark Fire Chief

Ceremony to be held Tuesday


Robert Falcione

May 8, 2009 — It has been revealed in a posting on the HopNews discussion page, "Town Talk," that Hopkinton Selectmen are expected to appoint Acting Chief Ken Clark as full time Fire Chief in a traditional ceremony on Tuesday evening in the Selectmen's Meeting Room, complete with a bagpiper from the Milford Fire Department.


Faced with the news that he had hoped to keep under wraps until Tuesday, Selectmen Chairman Briar Herr confirmed that the Town and Mr. Clark had worked out an "agreement in principle to promote Mr. Clark to Chief." He said the details of a contract were being worked out, but that they expect to be ready on Tuesday to appoint him.


Reached by chance on his day off, Chief Clark said it was "exciting" to have received the phone call from Mr. Herr, calling him a "great leader for the town."


Mr. Clark, who began as a probationary Firefighter at age fifteen, the last one before the law changed to an eighteen year-old minimum age, was fighting structural fires while he was still in high school.


"There was a lot of activity back then," he said. During a career spanning thirty-six years, Chief Clark moved through the ranks, earning an EMT position in 1978, full-time Firefighter in 1978, Fire Prevention Officer in 1989, Lieutenant in 1998 and Deputy Chief in 2007, as well as the respect of the men around him.


Chief Clark will oversee the department — of which he has had temporary custody following the departure to Framingham of Chief Gary Daugherty — of twenty-four career firefighters, two of whom are his brothers, as well as an administrative position and nine call firefighters in a department with a $1.89 million budget.


"We will continue our open door policy," he said. 


File photos, top, being pinned as Deputy Chief in 2007 and bottom, fighting Downey Street Fire with Brother Robert.


Joel Warren & Character Rising Concert

“Teaching Children To Reach Their Inner Dreams and Potential”

May 7, 2009 — Sponsored by the HPTA Enrichment program, Joel Warren performed for the second graders at Elmwood today. He is a past first grade school teacher from Upton who recently started his own band, Character Rising which is a true rock band for children. Their mission is to encourage children to approach life with confidence while developing and maintaining passionate skills for reaching their potential. A frequent chant was “I am who?” “I AM!!”

     Some of the lyrics of the songs they sing are “I said it’s ok to feel this way”, “Pump that blood and get a healthy start”, “make healthy choices and be strong”, “I believe, I can”. The children got to close their eyes and visualize what they want to be when they grow up, some of the answers were: Singer, Vet, Fashion Designer, Firefighter, Chief, Pro soccer player, police officer, football player. Each one of their answers were met with a round of applause and then followed by the song “Hope and Dreams” where your dreams are so real! The children got a chance to sing and dance and dream, what a way to spend the day! ~ Kathy LaFlash

 Positively Hopkinton


This past weekend our Hopkinton-based film team (Several of the cast and crew are associated with Enter Stage Left Theater and HCAM-TV), participated in the Boston 48 Hour Film Festival -


The 48 Hour Film Festival is a wild and sleepless weekend in which teams make a movie—write, cast, shoot, edit and write original music for the film—in just 48 hours. This past weekend, our team, New Tricks Productions, along with 93 other teams in Boston, were given a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a genre to include in a movie.   Despite getting a "too bad frown" from Boston 48 Hour Film Festival producer, Ben Guaraldi, when we drew our genre, we were quite pleased to have chosen “Western”.   We had an absolute ball filming our Western comedy, BLAZING NEEDLES! With a lot of pre-planning, a great writing team, and a strict schedule, we had the script written by 11 PM. After a good night sleep, we arrived on set at Sweetness and Light  Farm in Upton for a 6:30 AM crew call.  Thankfully, we had no major technical glitches, and with the help of expert animal handlers, we had wrapped filming by 4 PM. We might have wrapped sooner had it not been for frequent "laugh" breaks (how can you not laugh when you're filming with sheep and a llama?)  After an incredible team effort, we had BLAZING NEEDLES, a scatalogically comical Western about two llama wrangling old biddies in search of an endless supply of knitting yarn.

This Hopkinton-based film will screen to a live audience at the 48 Hour Film Festival on Tuesday night, May 12th, at 7:00 PM, at the Landmark/Kendall Square Theater, 370 Binney Street, Cambridge.  As a member of the audience, you'll have a chance to vote for your favorite film.   Every vote counts!   Tickets can be purchased online at:  ~ Karen Webb

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Public Announcement:


An open discussion has been scheduled by the Board of Selectmen, in conjunction with the Parks & Recreation Commission and the Community Preservation Committee, on May 12 from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Selectmen's Hearing Room located in the Town Hall, to discuss Ballot Question #1, Community Preservation Act - Passive Open Space word changes.    
If you have any written comments or questions, please submit them to the Selectmen's Office by Tuesday, May 12, at noon. The public will be invited to speak on the topic.

Whitinsville Fire Displaces Hopkinton Native

Fund set up to help


May 7, 2009 — Hopkinton native Jeannine (Martin) Collins and her husband, Framingham native and DPW employee, Brian Collins, never guessed they will be spending their first wedding anniversary sorting through the rubble of what remains of their home instead of celebrating what should be a momentous occasion. In the afternoon of April 30, 2009 fire tore through their condominium home, as well as five other units on Border Street in Whitinsville, Massachusetts.


Now displaced, most of their belongings decimated, with little more that the clothes on their backs, they are grateful for their safety. Both Jeannine and Brian were at work during the time of the fire. Thanks to a good Samaritan neighbor, and firefighters who saved most of their pets, Jeannine and Brian have some blessing to count.


Now they are faced with the grim reality that they have no home and no insurance to recover their personal belongings. There will be little celebrating their first anniversary on May 23rd. Instead, Jeannine and Brian will simply take the few remnants of their life, and keep moving forward.


If you are able to help them in their recovery, donations may be made to the “Jeannine & Brian Collins Fire Relief Fund” through any Middlesex Savings Bank location.


Editor's Note: A witness has said he believes the fire was a result of an  improperly disposed cigarette.

 Positively Hopkinton

Scouting Has Merit

Above, Zachary Best (burgundy shirt) on the course "monkey bridge."

May 7, 2009 — Last weekend, several boys from Troop 4 Boy Scouts in Hopkinton took part in an annual Spring Camporee in Southborough, MA at Beal's Farm, and hosted by The Knox Trail Council.  The theme of the camporee was "Mountain Man", including fun-filled events like hatchet-throwing, a frying pan toss, a timed canoe and gear portage, best tall tale, a two-man sawing event, native-American pictograph message relay, and the BIG HIT of the weekend: a multiple-station scout obstacle course, which even stood (almost) the abuse placed on it by all the scouts and even some of the adult leaders who ran it!  The course was scout-built and scout-tested.

The participating boys from Troop 4 won 8 different awards (a troop record), including THIRD overall for best patrol and FIRST PLACE for the beef stew patrol competition.  Leaders of the troop are very proud of these fine young men, and would also like to thank the Curt & Nancy Best Family for helping a LOT (Hopkinton) and some of the event organizers (from Hopkinton), as this was AN EXCELLENT EVENT for the boys, as it was very well organized and well run, as well as being a ton of fun!
~ Tom Dawson

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Hopkinton Little League
5th Annual $10,000 Draw & Silent Auction

Friday, May 15th 2009 7pm - 12:30pm 
Location: Milford Portuguese Club        
Cost: $100 per ticket (each ticket admits 2)
ONLY 300 Tickets will be sold
Includes Buffet Catered by Olivia's
Includes beer, wine & soda through 10:00pm
Cash Raffle and Silent Auction!
DJ & Dancing 

What is it?
Your ticket number will be entered for the Grand Prize.
When ticket numbers are selected, they are disqualified. 
There will be a number of disqualification prizes given. 
When there are 10 tickets left, participants will be asked if they want to split the $10,000 or continue. 
If any of the 10 left want to continue, we will disqualify 5 more.
The 5 will then be asked if they want to split or continue. 
If any of the 5 left want to take a chance, 4 will be disqualified to determine the lucky $10,000 winner. 
You do not have to be present to win! 

Please contact Maura Stanley at
MauraStanley@Verizon.Net for tickets. 

AG Coakley Warns of Time-share Scam


BOSTON - Today, Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Office urged consumers to beware of individuals making unsolicited offers to them to re-sell their time-share. Recently, the Attorney General’s Office has received many complaints about this practice, particularly about re-sellers who offer to sell or buy a consumer’s time-share as long as the consumer pays them some upfront fee to cover the transaction costs.  The Attorney General’s Office advises consumers to be aware of each of the following red flags which may indicate you have encountered a time-share resale scam:


 • You receive an unsolicited telephone call or other unsolicited contact, offering to sell or buy your time-share;

 • The “re-seller” claims that it has a buyer for your time-share, even though you may not have listed it for sale;

 • The re-seller claims that an offer received for your time-share is more than your asking price if you have listed the   property;

 • The re-seller claims that it has a special relationship with your time-share company;

 • The re-seller represents that you must pay for a resale closing in advance, or pay taxes in advance, or other fees such as a “listing” or “appraisal” fee;

 • The re-seller states that it can trade your property for another;

 • The re-seller requests your bank account or credit card information;

 • The re-seller expresses a need to complete the sales transaction quickly.

 • The re-seller offers to pay you for your time-share, but tells you that when you receive the check, you will need to send back a portion to a third party.  Be aware that the check or other payment may be fraudulent, and if the check bounces, your bank will look to you for repayment.


If you receive an unsolicited offer to resell your time-share, you should ask the following questions;

      • Who is the re-seller?

      • Is he or she a licensed real estate broker in his or her state; does he or she need to be?

      • Does the broker or real estate company have any complaints on file with the Attorney General’s Office, Better Business Bureau or the state licensing board for real estate brokers?

      •  If the re-seller has claimed to have a “special relationship” with your time-share company, does the management company know them?


Remember, that “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  If there are other units for sale at your time-share, you should question why a potential buyer would pay a high price for yours.  You should never give your bank account or credit card information to someone who has contacted you unsolicited, even if they tell you they just want to “verify” your information.  Ask for materials and documents evidencing any transaction in writing, and review them with a trusted advisor.  And, finally, do not send money or your deed to anyone without knowing who you are dealing with — you may never get them back.

If you believe you have encountered one of these scams, contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Hotline at 617-727-8400. You can also file a complaint online at


Student Government Day

Hopkinton High School students Connor Fitzpatrick and Deanna Payson pose with Representative Dykema and Michelle Goldberg of Senator Spilka's office during a recent visit to the State House during Student Government day.

Town Meeting is Over!

A mixed bag

by Derek Dobachesky

May 6, 2009 — Town residents convened for special town meeting, and approved several articles authorizing DPW projects contingent upon federal stimulus money grants after reconvening for a brief town meeting on the evening of Wednesday, May 6.
      The special town meeting convened at 7:15 p.m. This meeting was highlighted by an article sponsored by Interim Town Manager Clayton Carlisle to purchase street light fixtures throughout the town from NSTAR, as well as assume responsibility for maintaining the lights. Carlisle estimated that the town would save about $9,000 per year by servicing the lights itself, while a Hopkinton residents stated that the town would save around $50,000 per year on electricity by owning the lights.

       Residents unanimously approved the article.

       Additionally, residents approved $10,000 for repair of the sign shed roof at the Wood Street Highway Facility, and delayed action on Carlisle's proposal to create a permanent building committee as well as DPW Director Dan McIntyre's (Photo, standing) proposal to improve Hopkinton's sewer system.

       Carlisle's proposal to create a permanent building commission was delayed, Board of Selectmen Chair Brian Herr stated, because the plan was not quite ready to be implemented.

       McIntyre's proposal to improve the sewer system by connecting it with Milford's, upgrading the Wood St. Sewer Pump Station and Force Main and constructing a new waste water treatment facility on Fruit Street was delayed due to uncertainty regarding what federal stimulus money, if any, would be available for the project, McIntyre stated. According to McIntyre, the manner in which the state of Massachusetts has been distributing federal stimulus money has complicated plans for this project.

     Parks and Recreation Commissioner Brendan Doyle spoke in favor of an article granting Parks and Recreation an additional year to complete fields on Fruit St. Residents approved the article, amending Article 39 of the May 2008 meeting, after Town Counsel Ray Miyares assured residents that the fields would not be used as collateral in exchange for loans — rather, the U.S. Department of Agriculture will ensure the loans.

     After residents voted to adjourn the Special Meeting, they quickly entered a brief regular town meeting which primarily addressed articles sponsored by the DPW. Residents approved purchases of two new DPW vehicles, a pick-up truck for plowing and a highway division plow and sander, as well borrowing $225,000 for painting and repairing the West Main Street water storage tank and equipment. The article authorizing the $225,000 financing also provided that the DPW would repay the loan in full by July 1, 2009 with its own revenues.

     The remaining four articles addressed projects the DPW would like to undertake if federal stimulus money is made available for such use. The projects include $2,320,000 in repairs to the Wood/Main Street Pump Station; $2,000,000 to fix leaks in the sewer system; $550,000 to replace a water main on Main St.; and $480,000 to repair the Lake Maspenock Dam.

      All of the articles for these projects provided that the town would “raise and appropriate, transfer from available funds or otherwise provide” the funding necessary, but also that the projects were “contingent upon the Town's obtaining the required funds through an available state, federal or other funding program.”

      Hopkinton resident Vascen Bogigian questioned whether the article would authorize the town to borrow money through “an available state, federal or other funding program,” despite McIntyre's assurance that the articles would only be acted on if stimulus grants were obtained.

      Miyares addressed Bogigian question, stating that the word “funding” implies money from grants or other sources that would not be repaid — as opposed to the word “financing,” which would permit obtaining loans.

      Dr. John Duffy, chairman of the Board of Assessors, questioned whether these articles would result in tax increases.

“I just have a problem with the word 'raise,'” Duffy said, explaining that he believed if the money would be obtained through means other than tax increases, the word “raise” would not be necessary. Miyares stated that to “raise” funds does not necessarily imply to increase tax increases, and that obtaining grants would qualify as raising funds.

      After some debate, residents unanimously approved all four articles authorizing the stimulus-funded projects

      The town meeting was adjourned at 8:12 p.m. The town will reconvene once again on May 18, 2009, in the gymnasium of the Middle School to hold elections for town officials.

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Art and More Art

May 6, 2009 — The CAA held a Mothers Day boutique this evening for people who still wanted something to do after Town Meeting shut down shortly after 8:00 p.m. However, the "Arts in Bloom" juried exhibit will continue until May 22.

Three's Company

May 6, 2009 — These girls are having fun taking photos of themselves and then looking at them at the Town Common today, while work went on in front of them at the new gazebo.

Practice Makes Perfect

May 6, 2009 — Erica Burrill, Chris Willis and Cullen Franz arrived ahead of schedule for some practicing at Hopkinton State Park for their team "Texas Tornadoes," which will compete in the Max Performance Triathlon at the park on Sunday. Fortunately, the sign refers to the canine variety, and not the slang for feet.

A New Person, a New Mother, a New Daughter, a New Home

First Mother's Day


May 6, 2009 — My name is Rashina Niles and I am 21 years old. I’ve been a client at Serenity House in Hopkinton since April 20th, 2008. I spent the first half of my treatment at Rhodes House, Serenity’s sister program in Millbury.


I arrived at Serenity House when I was 2 1/2 months pregnant, because Rhodes House cannot accommodate women with infant children. On December 2, 2008, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter.


In treatment, I accomplished so much within myself. I’ve gained a better perspective of what it means to live life on life’s terms. I attend daily groups that help me – not only with areas of my recovery but with my life in general. Some of these groups are women’s recovery, women’s health, communication and spirituality and feelings.


When I first entered the program, I did not have a clear understanding of what spirituality was. I now understand that spirituality is not about religion. It’s about having a close connection with something stronger and greater than yourself. This is one of my favorite groups along with small group therapy. The program here at Serenity has a therapeutic-based perspective, and because of this, my peers have helped me to see behaviors within myself that I was either unable or unwilling to see. I’ve learned how to trust myself and others. I’ve learned various ways of coping with my feelings and emotions and how to express my thoughts in a clear and respectful manner.


I’m a first-time mom so obviously, was very nervous and overwhelmed about motherhood. The staff at Serenity gave me the help and assistance on pregnancy and parenting that I needed so I could do right by my daughter. I am working with my counselor on creating family traditions and a healthy relationship with my daughter – maintaining a daily routine for both her and me. I graduated from the Serenity program on May 1st and am currently waiting to move into my own apartment. Serenity House has provided me with the basic needs for my apartment and my new life. The gratitude I have can not be expressed through words.


Thank You Serenity House and all of those who support this program. You have made it possible for me to be the woman of dignity and grace that I am today. You gave me the tools and skills necessary to be the mother my daughter needs and deserves. [Google SMOC]

NOTE FROM SMOC: The Serenity House is funded and operated by SMOC [South Middlesex Opportunity Council]. It is residential program located on Wilson Road in Hopkinton, which offers comprehensive residential substance abuse services for adult women struggling with addiction.  The program uses a recovery 12 step, model- based treatment approach to substance abuse. Its philosophy combines the best of community and social learning with trauma-informed, motivational enhancement therapy models. Serenity House’s primary goal is for residents to achieve a lifestyle change that allows them to live a productive life free of addiction, trauma, crime, homelessness and poverty. The Program focuses on assisting the residents in “Right Living” by changing the unproductive attitudes and behaviors that often lead to relapse of their addiction and other behavior that puts them at risk of further trauma or homelessness. Rashina Niles is a resident and recent graduate of the Serenity House program and this is her story.

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