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Good Samaritan Helps Save Life

April 12, 2009 — An alert good Samaritan, going fishing with his son at a pond deep into the agricultural fields off of Clinton Street, made Hopkinton Police and Fire aware of an apparent suicide attempt on Sunday afternoon.

     He gave public safety officials a description of the parked vehicle that he said had a hose going into the passenger compartment.

      Police and Fire officials, as well as off-duty firemen, fanned out across the many acres of farmland after reaching the reported spot and finding that the vehicle had moved. The State Police air wing stood by in case they were needed.

      Off-duty Lt. Robert Bartlett discovered the car (background of photo) had taken a turn and was stopped by a fence. Otherwise, said one police officer, he could have gotten away.

       "We would have found him tomorrow if it hadn't been for that good Samaritan," he said.     


Work Never Ends

April 12, 2009 — David Goldman and Jeff Furber do the work of the town on Easter Sunday, shown above at the entrance to the town's Whitehall property after meeting with abutters Brian Morrison and wife Susan Erdman to discuss property borders.

Home, Sweet Home

April 11, 2009 — Jane Lockwood shares a photo of an uninvited, but welcome guest in her backyard, a great horned owl and its young.

All's Well...

April  11, 2009 — ...that ends well. Firefighters responded to the concerns of a Hayden Rowe Street residence who heard activity in the outside flue for his wood stove, and was concerned they were having a chimney fire, according to Hopkinton fire department Lt. Carl Harris.

      Lt. Harris said the sound could have been from some creosote burning off, but not a full-fledged chimney fire. He said firefighters checked the flues and gave them a clean bill of health

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Only Going One Way

April 11, 2009 — This vehicle above — please note the reverse lights — was only one of several that thought going against the direction of the arrow is okay, as long as you don't get caught or drive backwards. The driver continued backwards over the crosswalk until spotting the photographer stopped in traffic observing, after which time the driver changed direction and proceeded forward down Walcott Street. Another driver backed all of the way from a rear parking lot and onto Main Street, as if the one-way sign means the direction the vehicle is pointing, not travelling.

      The photographer noticed these things in passing, and did not stake out the intersection. In one instance, a driver parked right under the No Parking sign, then drove down the road, turned around, and drove down Walcott toward Main the wrong way. It is on the video.

      A complaint of dirt bikes on the town's Fruit Street property did bring the police there, as well as the HopNews video camera. Some of the scofflaws — all of them fled — are on the video below.


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Judging Difficult

April 11, 2009 — Susie Johnson helped judge the more than 300 entries for the Boston Marathon Art and Design Contest today. Winners will be announced next week.  ~ Contributed Photo.

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

Hugs from Bugs

April 11, 2009 — Well, it isn't actually Bugs Bunny, but the Easter Bunny, showing Kamala Chuss, 6, some love at Hopkinton drug this afternoon. The Easter Egg hunt scheduled for the Common was canceled due to the weather, but children visiting Hopkinton drug got to see the Easter Bunny, who was giving away candy.

They're B-a-a-ack

April 11, 2009 — The Canada geese are beginning to take over Lake Whitehall Dam again, as they do each year. There should be some little yellow fuzzballs following them around very soon.


Madeline M. Marolda, 89

Madeline M. Marolda, 89, of Hopkinton, died April 7, 2009 at the Milford Regional Medical Center. Born in Cambridge she was the daughter of the late Josephine and Michael Mangiacotti, She was the wife of the late Michael Marolda. A member of St. Joseph's Church in Medford, she leaves a son, Anthony M. Marolda, of Hopkinton and 2 grandchildren, Cara and Lauren. She is predeceased by her daughter Mary.

Funeral services were private. A luncheon to celebrate her life will be at her sons home at 2 pm on Saturday April 18, 2009. Donations may be sent to: New England Organ Bank, One Gateway Center, Suite 202, Newton, MA 02458 - 2803 Arrangements were under the direction of the Chesmore Funeral Home, 57 Hayden Rowe St., Hopkinton.

Medfield 15, Hopkinton 2

April 10, 2009 — Jake Huntley makes a move against Medfield Thursday in Medfield

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

Republicans Elect Entire Slate of Candidates

No surprises at caucus

Above, Dr. Paul J. Wright, a candidate for an uncontested seat on the Board of Health, and his wife, Claire, who is on the Planning Board as well as other town committees, fill out their ballots as the iconic ceramic Hopkinton Republican Town Committee (HRTC) elephant looks on.


April 10, 2009 — This evening, 22 republicans cast their ballots to elect the slate of candidates that had previously taken out papers and were printed on the caucus ballot.

    According to HRTC member Eric Sonnett, it was "virtually unanimous." One person had written in a name for a candidate, but Committee Chair Ken Weismantel refused to disclose the name of the write-in.

     The Town Committee did not field candidates for several openings, leaving the following blank on the ballot: two of three Housing Authority positions, one of two Planning Board positions, a Cemetery Commission position, one of two School Committee positions, a Board of assessors position, and one of two Selectman openings.

      Those who were voted in this evening were:

Michelle A. Gates, Selectman

Jaime N. Goncalves, Planning board

Ruth M. Ziglear, Housing Authority

Paul J. Wright, Board of Health

Karl Morningstar, Parks and Recreation

Robert T. Dobinsky, Parks and Recreation

Troy D. Mick, School Committee

Thomas J. Garabedian, Commissioner of Trust Funds


     The only contested race is that of Selectman. Republican Michelle Gates, incumbent Democrat Mary Pratt and unenrolled newcomer Todd Cestari will face off on May 18 for two seats on the five-member Board.

      Those candidates voted in the parties' respective caucuses, or who took out papers, will appear on the ballot on Monday, May 18.


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The Boston Marathon

by Richard A. Johnson, Robert Hamilton Johnson, Foreword by John J. Kelley


Images of Sports Series

Price: $21.99

128 pages/ softcover


Join Richard Johnson for a Book Signing!

Tuesday, April 14

at the

Celebrating American Marathoning Dinner

Honoring Bill Rodgers, Roberta Gibb, Jack Fultz, & Bill Squires

6 PM - Hopkinton Country Club -

 $40 /person

Hosted by

Hopkinton Athletic Association & Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce

Sponsored by Hallmark/Sotheby’s International Realty



@Sotheby’  508.380.6304


April 10, 2009 — Since 1897, Patriots Day in Massachusetts has been celebrated with the running of the world’s most-honored road race, the Boston Marathon®.

In an effort to pay tribute to the proud tradition of the world’s greatest running event, father and son team Richard A. Johnson and Robert Hamilton Johnson have created a remarkable new pictorial history book. This publication showcases the dramatic images of the countless working class athletes who turned the race into the world marathon championship it is today.

The authors regard the book as a “testimonial to the legion of great runners who have made the Boston Marathon running’s ultimate proving ground.”


About the Authors of The Boston Marathon

Richard A. Johnson has served as Curator of The Sports Museum of New England since 1982. He is the author of A Century of Boston Sports and Boston Braves. He has also co-authored seventeen additional books including: The Patriots, Yesterday and Today (2009), The Boston Marathon (2009), The Cubs, The Celtics in Black and White, The Dodgers, 120 Years of Dodgers Baseball, The Bruins in Black and White (2 volumes), Fall Classics, The Best Writing on the World Series, Boston Garden, Yankees Century, Red Sox Century, Jackie Robinson, Between The Baselines, DiMaggio, An Illustrated Life, The Twentieth Century Baseball Chronicle, Players of Cooperstown, Young at Heart, The Story of Johnny Kelley, and Ted Williams, A Portrait in Words and Pictures. The latter title was selected as one of the "noteworthy books of 1991" by the New York Times Book Review.

At present, Johnson is editing From Yawkey to Milwaukee, Boston as a Two Team Town in the 20th Century by Saul Wisnia. He has served as editor of the Sportstown series for Northeastern University Press where he has developed original titles such as Thomas Whalen's Dynasty's End, Bill Russell and the 1968-69 World Champion Boston Celtics, as well as reprinting such classic and long out-of-print titles as Francis Ouimet's A Game of Golf and Harold Kaese's Boston Braves.

Robert Hamilton Johnson, 19, is a native of Braintree Massachusetts. His keen interest in sports history comes honestly; his father has served as curator of The Sports Museum of New England for the past 28 years and raised his son in an atmosphere that included a variety of sports experiences. In 2006 Robert co-authored The Celtics in Black and White with his father for Arcadia Publishing.

A 2008 graduate of Thayer Academy in Braintree, Mass., Johnson is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Middlebury College. He was delighted by the opportunity to compile and edit this photographic history of the Boston Marathon as he is both an avid runner and fan of current marathon stars such as Ryan Hall.

Johnson has been an active volunteer for The Sports Museum of New England in addition to which both he and his father donated the royalties from their Celtics book to The Sports Museum.

When not studying, Johnson is an outdoor enthusiast who has completed summer-long canoe trips to western Ontario, Labrador and Hudson’s Bay.

Johnson hopes that this work will bring back fond memories and inspire the telling of more colorful stories about America’s and the world’s greatest marathon. Johnson regards the book as a testimonial to the legion of great runners who have made the Boston Marathon running’s ultimate proving ground.


“It is my sincere hope that our book will inspire today’s runners as they read of the many working class heroes whose heroics over the past century have made the Boston Marathon both the Mecca of marathoning and the most historic and colorful of races.”

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Return of the Native

Tenth Anniversary of the

"rest of my life"


by Helen Morey Gallo

Scarsdale, NY - April 10, 2009 On April 20, 2009, I will return to my native Hopkinton to run the 113th Boston Marathon as a first-time member of the Dana-Farber Marathon Team, and visit the town where I was born.
Why? In June of 1998 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 31, and my doctors warned that the necessary course of treatment would likely kill the cancer, but also take with it my ability to bear children.
It’s 10 years later, and that cocktail of chemicals, scalpels and radiation worked. I’m TEN YEARS cancer free, thanks to the phenomenal medical talent at MGH and Dana-Farber. Cancer-free and, just as amazing, a Mom. My husband and I have two beautiful little boys – Sam (3) and Gus (16m). Yes, we know that’s close. When you find out you can still procreate at 39 after quaffing IVs of Adriamycin and Cytoxan, there is no time to waste.
(Photo, Left to Right: Jack Fultz, DFMC Coach, Jan Ross, DFMC Director, Helen Morey, DFMC Runner, Bib#22308).
Ten years into the rest of the life I didn’t think I would get to have and two years into raising the children I didn’t think I could carry, I want and need to do something to take note. Something that helps other cancer patients to have a “rest of their life.” Something that commemorates a decade of good health in a way that both acknowledges the blessing and perpetuates it. Something that will allow me to tell our children with the certainty of personal experience that, as they grow and face life’s obstacles, they can take on a challenge that feels insurmountable and succeed.


The DFMC is a cause in which I strongly believe and through which I hope to help make a difference. It is virtually impossible for any of us not to know someone affected by cancer either personally or through a loved one.


For additional information contact Helen Morey Gallo or visit
For additional information on the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge, contact Sr. Media Specialist Dana Finn at


The Annual Easter Egg Hunt on the Common is cancelled due to inclement weather. 

However, all children can meet the bunny and receive a treat at the Hopkinton Drug Store from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Saturday.

All About the Pansies

April 10, 2009 — In the distance, Melissa Oothout handles some flats of pansies at Weston Nurseries yesterday. They went back inside the greenhouse last night due to an expected chill, but she said that today would be a good day to pick them up and put them in a planter.

 Positively Hopkinton

Future Gemologists

April 9, 2009 — Brownie troop #2227 shown while at a recent visit to Hopkinton Jewelers for a lesson in gemology.  Renee Marino is the owner and she gave the girls an overview of gems and jewelry making in order for them to earn a Junior level jewelry badge. ~ Contributed photo.

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

 Positively Hopkinton

What Is Troop 4 Writing?

Mouse-over image to find out

April 9, 2009 — Not too long ago Hopkinton Troop 4 wrote letters to recovering American servicemen and women at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C.  To see some of the letters, mouse-over the image above. ~ Contributed photos.

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Like Mother...

April 9, 2009 — Katherine Gates registered to vote today on her eighteenth birthday as her proud mom Michelle looked on.   She registered just in time to vote in the Republican Town Committee's caucus on Friday from 5 to 7 pm in Room 211 in the Town Hall. Will her mom, a candidate for the Board of Selectman, get her first vote?  Happy Birthday Katherine!
The last day to register to vote for the May Town Elections and Town Meeting is Tuesday, April 14th. The Town Clerk's office is open until 8pm on Tuesday. 

~ Contributed by Ken Weismantel, Hopkinton Republican Town Committee Chairman.

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The Turtles

April 9, 2009 — These turtles are "happy together" today at Pratt Pond on Fruit Street. They lack the yellow spots that can cause a developer's heart to stop.


April 9, 2009 — This cormorant, a diving bird, has just left its apparent mate on the water on Hopkinton reservoir this afternoon. Last year, a lone cormorant took up residence on the reservoir, but this year, he or she appears to have found a mate.


Viewed by About 3.7 Million People 

Above is one of several versions of a real YouTube success. Terra Naomi makes a hit playing in front of her webcam, showing off her incredible voice in a viral video that has been seen by millions of people around the world. If you have a moment, check out this incredible singer.

Clean Flame

April 9, 2009 — Michael Neece, a member of the Board of Directors of the Hopkinton Athletic Association, transfers the Flame of the Marathon Run from its burner to a portable flame carrier while the stationary lantern glass is cleaned, in front of the Police Station Headquarters today. After the cleaning, Mr. Neece will return the flame to its lantern.

Dykema Hails Passage of House Transportation Reform Bill


Boston-- April 9, 2009 - Tuesday night the House of Representatives passed a landmark transportation reform bill that lays the groundwork for more equitable treatment of Metrowest commuters.  In keeping with the legislature’s commitment to dealing with “reforms before revenue”, the bill consolidates the turnpike authority with Mass Highway, reduces the overly generous benefits currently enjoyed by MBTA employees, and provides for the elimination of the practice of paying salaries for routine maintenance with bond proceeds.


Of great significance to Metrowest turnpike commuters was the inclusion of an amendment supported by Representative Dykema and the Metrowest Caucus that requires toll revenues to be used only for the benefit of the roads, tunnels, and bridges on which they are collected.  This provision requires that the unfair diversion of Pike tolls to pay debt service on the Central Artery project cease and an alternative revenue stream be identified before the July 1 scheduled toll increase. 


Representative Dykema (D-Holliston) praised the passage of the bill, stating "Passage of this bill is a big step forward for our tollpayers and the state. I'm very pleased that our Metrowest delegation helped shape the final bill and that we are moving toward greater control over how toll revenues are spent."

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

 Positively Hopkinton

Labor of Love Is No Labor at All

Land conservation is only a part of the game

by Robert Falcione

April 5, 2009 — John Coolidge whizzes by the HopNews office, beeping and waving with the ever-present enthusiasm that fuels his multiple volunteer efforts, from the driver's side of his 48 mpg Honda Civic, an apt metaphor for the conservationist causes he embraces. After he finds a parking space, he walks into the HopNews office carrying his signature stack of paperwork.


Mr. Coolidge, who claims a blood relationship "somewhere along the line" to President Calvin Coolidge, grew up in the oldest house in Brookline, the former home of  John Goddard, a wagon master to George Washington, and is — or has been — an elected member, or a volunteer, on several Town of Hopkinton boards, committees or commissions.


Two main labors of love for Mr. Coolidge are the OSPC (Open Space Preservation Commission) and the CPC (Community Preservation Commission), and he lets reporters know when they fail to mention either group in a story about one of their endeavors.


It gets a little confusing, so please pay strict attention.


The OSPC is a Town  commission that is tasked with identifying and proposing to Town Meeting the purchase of parcels of Open Space for the Town. But at first, it was the body that funded the purchases, or at least parts of them.


CPC is where the money comes from now.


"The OSPC was in existence before the CPC. It was formed by the town from $350,000 from the stabilization fund and a one-time override," Mr. Coolidge said.


But once the state's (Community Preservation Act) was signed onto by the town, the CPC instead became the main funding mechanism for the OSPC, as well as for other uses.  


The CPA act from which the CPC draws its authority is funded by 2% of the towns tax revenue. The funds that a town sets aside qualify for a state contribution as well. In the heyday, the match was 100%, but now, it is somewhere near 39%. The funds are set aside for the various functions that the CPC purposes allow. READ MORE, PHOTO...

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Springtime is the Right Time

April 9, 2009 — Like the green grass sprouting from the median, state workers cleaning it up is a sure sign of the coming of the Boston Marathon.

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Hopkinton Women's Club "Design Contest" 


The Hopkinton Women’s Club is sponsoring a town wide contest.  We are looking for creative mixed media for the cover of the Hopkinton 2009 Community Register and Telephone Directory.  If you are an aspiring artist or even an accomplished one, please enter our contest.

 The artwork should be in color, size 5.5 x 8.5 or may be larger with the same proportions. This must be vertical in orientation. This year’s theme will be “Scenes of Hopkinton”.  Traditional or digital images are acceptable and they can be realistic or artfully enhanced. If you are submitting a computer created image, you will also need to submit a print for judging purposes.

There will be an award of $50.00 for the artwork that is chosen for the 2009 Phone Directory cover.  The Hopkinton Women’s Club members will select the winning artwork at their May meeting.  Deadline for entries is Friday, May 29, 2009.  

 Entry forms are available at the Hopkinton Women’s Club web site, .  If you have any questions you can contact Kathy Yankee at 508-435-6471.  Good luck!!


Picture Perfect

April 8, 2009 — Peter Curry, from Stuart Dean of Boston, made his annual pilgrimage to Hopkinton to dress up the town's monuments. Above, he poses with the Doughboy, a monument to WWI soldiers, today as the George V. Brown statue is being placed on the Hopkinton Common in the background.

 Positively Hopkinton

George V. Brown Statue Installed

Grandson thanks townspeople

April 8, 2009 — Above, principals involved in the creation of the George V. Brown statue pose next to it after its placement on the Hopkinton Town Common.  From left, Timothy Kilduff, President of the HAA (Hopkinton Athletic Association), Michael Alfano, who sculpted the statue, Robert Foster, consulting engineer, Tom Burke, grandson of George V. Brown, and David Stoldt, Treasurer of the HAA.

      Mr. Brown brought the Start line of the BAA Boston Marathon from Ashland to Hopkinton, and fired the starter's pistol from 1905 until 1937. He is credited with bringing ice hockey to the United States as well as its proliferation to various universities, and was involved in track and field Olympic games. He also managed the Boston Arena, and later, the Boston Garden.

      Mr. Brown graduated from Hopkinton High School in 1898 and lived on the family's home, Maplewood Farms, on Hayden Rowe Street.

      To see some clips of today's installation, as well as an interviews with Mr. Brown's grandson, who thanks the people of Hopkinton for the honor, Sculptor Michael Alfano, and HAA Treasurer, David Stoldt, choose the player below:


 Senior Moments

Charlie Zettek shaking hands a member of the Evangeline Children's Chorus while Gretchen Pinkava looks on


by Nancy (Punky) Drawe


April 7, 2009 — Every first Friday of the month around 9 am, the Senior Center dining room is full of men and women eating breakfast and chatting away.  These are Hopkinton’s finest—our U.S. military veterans.   It’s about the only time that you’ll get to see a whole room full of Hopkinton veterans all at once for the same reason. The one morning a month put aside just for them; their chance to share stories with each other and to enjoy the camaraderie.


This past Friday was pretty special though, because Betty Wyckoff, her daughter Gretchen Pinkava and their Angeline Children’s Choir serenaded these veterans with their beautiful harmonious voices by singing a great assortment of Patriotic and Americana --songs.  They’ve been to the center a numerous amount of times and it’s always so nice to see them again.   I think the kids are now beginning to feel very comfortable and not so shy anymore, because I’ve noticed that before and after their performances they spend a lot of time talking to the seniors, no matter what the occasion.       


Betty said she wasn’t sure how it would go because she thought the performance might be taking away from the veteran’s social time, but she needn’t have worried!  Everyone loved it!  It was so cool to see this room full of men and women who are usually noisily chatting away, now completely silent and in awe while watching these kids sing. 


Their song collection included Yankee Doodle Dandy, It’s a Grand ‘Ole Flag (all the kids were waving flags), Take Me Out To The Ballgame (the kids wore baseball caps and one of the boys swung a bat), God Bless America, and the grand finale, Battle Hymn of the Republic.  For this song, everyone in the room stood up; it was a very touching moment.  Then these kids got a well deserved rousing hand of applause—they were amazing as usual!  I’m pretty sure that everyone will be looking forward to the return of the Evangeline Children’s Chorus!


That’s it for now, so if you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me:  Until next time, have a great week!


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