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  Positively Hopkinton

Hopkinton to Boston Marathon Week Taking Shape in the Downtown


April 7, 2009 — Everyone's feeling the Marathon love this year as the Selectmen make a declaration, below, left, and several organizations join forces to help brand Hopkinton as a running Mecca. Peter LaGoy, chairman of the Downtown Revitalization Committee sends the following schedule:


Seeking to create more activities downtown during Hopkinton’s marathon weekend, the Downtown Revitalization Committee (DRC) in conjunction with the Hopkinton Athletic Association (HAA) and the Hopkinton Running Club (HRC) are working to coordinate a number of new activities this year in the downtown area in the week leading up to the marathon. Hopkinton to Boston Marathon Week, as proclaimed by the selectmen, now includes a dinner celebrating American Marathoning on Tuesday night sponsored by the HAA, a marathon exhibit, a children’s fun run on Saturday, a special breakfast at Ciao Time on Saturday, a marathon exhibit, and post-race activities on Main Street at Ciao Time Catering and Bill’s Pizza.


Marathon Exhibit

The marathon exhibit will be open Thursday and Friday afternoon and all day Saturday and Sunday in the Price Mansion Building (Manor House) on the corner of Hayden Rowe and Main Streets. The exhibit will showcase highlights of past marathons as well as the town’s connection and involvement as the “starting line” of this prestigious event.

So far, the marathon exhibit plans to include:

A silver-leaved laurel wreath and a chalice that are copies of those given
to victors of the original marathon,

a display celebrating the journey of the marathon flame from Marathon, Greece to Hopkinton, MA.

Artwork prepared by local children as part of the Boston Marathon Art and Design Competition

Pictures of the marathon over the years

Historical news articles describing marathon issues over the years

Additional local artwork and pictures of the marathon

A display on the development of the George Brown sculpture

Special Marathon Weekend Breakfast at Ciao Time

Ciao Time Catering on Main Street will be serving breakfast on April 18, the Saturday morning of Marathon Weekend as part of the Hopkinton to Boston Marathon Week activities coordinated by the Downtown Revitalization Committee. A pancake breakfast will be available to locals and out-of-town visitors alike. Use the opportunity to try out some of Ciao Time’s great food! Grab a ginger cookie to go! As part of the marathon weekend festivities, Ciao Time will be offering half off on breakfast for participants in the children’s fun run that will be going on Church Street.


Children’s Fun Run

The fun run, sponsored by the Downtown Revitalization Committee (DRC) in conjunction with the Hopkinton Athletic Association (HAA) and the Hopkinton Running Club (HRC), will be held on the Saturday before the marathon between 8:15 and 12:00. Any child aged four to nine years old is welcome to participate in this event that is sure to inspire the thrill of racing found by the thousands of marathoners who descend on Hopkinton each year. Runners will receive a goody bag, with a coupon for a free special cookie from Colella’s to be picked up on the Common. Further information on registration is available on the Hopkinton Running Club Website and registration forms will be available at Colella’s and at Elmwood and Center Schools.


Post-Start Activities

Once the runners leave town, residents and visitors who aren’t heading into Boston are invited to gather, watch the race finish, and grab a quick bite after the runners leave town Monday morning at two local establishments, Bill’s Pizza and Ciao Time Catering, both on Main Street. Both locales have TVs that will be tuned to the race, and guest can gather and cheer on their favorite racers with other interested spectators. 

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

 Positively Hopkinton

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South Street Sewer to Milford Has One More Hurdle

Lonza Pharmaceuticals cited as need for added  capacity


by Robert Falcione

April 7, 2009 — The Hopkinton DPW, according to Director JT Gaucher (file photo), is expected to apply for a Determination of Insignificance, as a last step toward connecting the South Street sewer line to the main in Milford. The right send up to 500,000 gpd of wastewater to Milford was granted in the Acts of 1996, and the main pipes were constructed, but remain unconnected a stone's throw away, as Hopkinton looked away and purchased the Fruit Street property from Jim Pyne for several million dollars and sited a wastewater treatment facility there instead.


The Fruit Street facility has received its necessary permits, but remains not built as the matter plods through administrative and judicial appeals of those permits, and the town continues to send close to its 400,000 gpd limit to the Westborough plant.


And then comes Lonza.


Lonza Pharmaceuticals of 97-99 South Street received a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) at Town Meeting last year to encourage it to expand in Hopkinton. And it is.


However, according to a letter to the EOEA (Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs) from Town Counsel, Ray Miyares, the increase in the need of Lonza to discharge an additional 75,000 gpd of wastewater was not factored into the capacity of the Fruit Street plant. So, the inference is that even if Fruit Street were to begin pumping today, Lonza could not be part of it —  and therefore, the need to reactivate the Milford initiative.


The question always on the minds of those working the Milford transfer issue, is if an inter-basin transfer would be allowed. Hopkinton is in the SuAsCo River basin, and Milford is in the Charles River basin. Regulations limit how much water can be taken from one basin and dumped into another. To do so would need approval in the form of a Determination of Insignificance from the Water Resources Authority. The authorities want water to go back into the ground it came from, for the most part, for the fear that a basin could become dry if it is not recharged.


"Anything under one million gallons does not require  a MEPA (Massachusetts Environmental Protection Act)  review," said Director Gaucher. "It is insignificant," he said. Mr. Gaucher said the town's next step is to apply for a Determination of Insignificance in order to make the inter-basin transfer legal.


A letter to the EOEA from the Water Resources Authority cites the likelihood that a full MEPA review is not needed. It also points out that the only figure cited in Hopkinton's request is the 75,000 gpd for Lonza, and they warn that in the absence of other numbers, the town could be held to that figure for this determination.


They also caution that if Hopkinton does not qualify for the Determination of Insignificance, then a full MEPA review could be triggered, including the need for an Environmental Impact Report, the process that the Fruit Street project took two years to complete, and at a great expense.


However, Mr. Gaucher is confident that the town will qualify for a transfer of 179,000 gpd, a figure that is 5% of the low-flow from the Westborough plant. He expects the submission to the WRA to be made soon.


Photos: Left, Sudbury River at Aiken's Park in a normal spring flow. Right, the Sudbury River in the summer of 2007, down to a trickle.

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AG Martha Coakley Warns on Foreclosure Scams

BOSTON - April 7, 2009 - Today, Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Office cautioned homeowners that her office has seen an increase in reports of scams targeting homeowners attempting to save their homes from foreclosure. While some of these solicitations are from Massachusetts persons or entities, others originate in other states but seek to prey upon Massachusetts homeowners.


These scams take many forms; in one iteration, an individual will persuade a distressed homeowner to transfer the property title to a third party in order to avoid foreclosure. In another, individuals or businesses will illegally solicit the payment of advance fees for loan modifications or other foreclosure avoidance services, which is in violation of the Attorney General’s regulations. The Attorney General’s Office has also seen misleading advertisements that promise false success rates to help consumers avoid foreclosure or obtain a loan modification. Some of these advertisements have come from companies claiming to be affiliated with the government or a bank, when in fact that is not the case.


The Attorney General’s Office offers the following advice for distressed homeowners:

Remember that you can always attempt to negotiate a loan modification on your own. Banks (or “servicers”) may now be willing to discuss modifications to an affordable rate, based on the borrower’s ability to pay, in order to avoid foreclosures. For additional information, visit the Navigating the Loan Modification Process section of the Attorney General's website.


If you are going to pay someone to help represent you in attempting to avoid foreclosure, it is illegal for them to demand or accept a fee in advance (with the exception of certain fees for legal services which may be charged by a licensed attorney in the limited circumstances of preparing a bankruptcy filing or for court proceedings to avoid foreclosure.)


There are non-profit housing counselors available in most communities, at no cost to you. These counselors have experience in dealing with lenders and servicers. For additional information, visit the Tips and Resources for Distressed Homeowners section of the Attorney General's website.

Never agree to any proposal where you are required to transfer title to your home to another party. Such transactions are illegal in Massachusetts.


Under the Attorney General’s Regulations, individuals or businesses that advertise foreclosure avoidance services must disclose precisely how they will assist the homeowner avoid foreclosure.


Do not ignore notices from your lender. Also, do not follow the advice of anyone who says that you should stop making payments—you will only get further in arrears, closer to foreclosure, and damage your credit rating.


Just because a party has information about your loan terms or your property does NOT mean that they are affiliated with your bank or a government program—that information can be obtained by various means, including through foreclosure filings. Many scam artists falsely claim to be affiliated with government or non-profit agencies.


Be careful not to share your personal information or credit information with someone whom you do not know.


Under law, your lender must provide you with a default notice and a 90-day “right-to-cure” period before they can foreclose on your home. Use this period to attempt to negotiate a loan modification with the lender.


If a foreclosure appears to be inevitable, speak with your lender about how much time you may have to find a new place to live, and consult with a social services agency in your community about assistance with the transition.

If you believe you have been a victim of a foreclosure assistance scam the Attorney General’s Office urges you to contact its consumer hotline at (617) 727-8400 or obtain a complaint form online at


 Positively Hopkinton

Hopkinton Liquor Establishments Pass Underage Stings

April 7, 2009 — The Hopkinton Police Department in partnership with MADD Massachusetts’ Youth in Action conducted minimum age purchase law compliance checks in the Town of Hopkinton on Friday March 27, 2009 with the help of M.A.D.D. and a grant form the Executive Office of Public Safety


The sting was conducted using an undercover, underage male on loan from M.A.D.D., who entered all thirteen establishments licensed in the town, and attempted to purchase alcohol. In each case, he was asked to provide identification. And in each instance, he provided none, and so was not served in any of them.


"We are very encouraged and pleased that the licensed establishments are taking seriously the alcohol age restrictions," said Hopkinton Police Lt. Richard Flannery today. "And that's the message we want to get out," he added.


"The Hopkinton Police Department has made the Board of Selectmen, who are the licensing authority in the Town of Hopkinton, and the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, aware of the results. The management of each of the thirteen licensed establishments will also be made aware of the results," Lt. Flannery stated in an email.


"We know that alcohol is the No.1 drug problem among youth killing more young people than all other illicit drugs combined. Frequent oversight of alcohol retailers increases compliance with the minimum age purchase law.


"Preventing underage drinking is everyone’s responsibility. Activities such as compliance checks monitor and encourage establishments to make sure youth don’t have easy access to alcohol."


Lt. Flannery said that despite the encouraging news, the Hopkinton Police will continue to conduct "compliance checks" on a random basis to be sure that all of the establishments stay vigilant. He said that violations could result in an establishment losing their license or even be exposed to criminal and civil liability.


"It [compliance checks] benefits everyone," he said.

Preparing for George V. Brown Statue

April 7, 2009 — Consulting engineer Robert Foster assists in preparing the base of crushed gravel for the statue of George V. Brown, which is slated to be installed on a granite base on Wednesday. Mr. Brown was instrumental in bring the BAA Marathon Start to Hopkinton, as well as the proliferation of sports in the New England area. Machine operator Michael Fredette checks on Peter Wright's work.

Planning Board Knocks Down Contractor Bylaw Article

Approves support of rezoning of Cedar Street parcel


by Robert Falcione

April 6, 2009 — The Planning Board held a Public Hearing on Monday evening to consider changes in the language of a zoning bylaw, as well as to rezone a parcel of land off of Cedar Street. The rezoning passed muster, getting a unanimous nod from the Planning Board, which means a recommendation at Town Meeting.

        Developer William Depietri of Capital Group Properties received the approval of the Board to recommend his citizen's petition at Town Meeting to rezone a part of his 34.4 acre parcel of land off of Cedar Street, which is accessible through the Town's snow dump.

        Mr. Depietri seeks to build flex buildings on 14 acres of the parcel that he would like rezoned to Industrial B. The remainder of the parcel, according to a memo to the Planning board from Town Planner Elaine Lazarus, will remain residential, with Capital Group expected to apply for a subdivision with seven house lots accessible from Wilson Street.

       Although he got approval for the zoning change, part two of the equation — to change the bylaw to allow construction businesses — was defeated soundly. The Board felt that they needed more time to study how the definitions, which would include small construction contractors, electrical contractors, flooring, and so on, should be worded. Mr. Depietri will likely get support from the Planning Board at a fall Town Meeting, after the definitions of those uses are worked out by the Board.

        The Cedar Street parcel only has 120' of frontage. That means that the developer will need to submit a subdivision plan and construct a road with the frontage needed for building.

        Some members of the Board and the public in attendance noted that other businesses impacted by the change — those who are  not abutters but are in the same type of Industrial zone — were not at the meeting. Ms. Lazarus said they do not get official notification unless they are abutters.

        The Board approved unanimously to include 71 South Street in the proposed Hotel Overlay District, which will be from Hayward Street to West Main Street on the East side of South Street.

         The Board will meet next on April 13 at the Fire Station meeting Room.

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

Richard W. Schofield Sr.


Richard W. Schofield Sr. HOPKINTON Richard W. Schofield Sr., 72, of Hopkinton, formerly of Wellesley, died Friday, April 3, 2009, at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Brockton.


Born in Newton, he was the son of the late Joseph and Elizabeth (O'Neal) Schofield. He was a master electrician, Wellesley College. Beloved husband of June (Roque) Schofield, he was also the devoted father of Richard W. Schofield Jr. and his wife, Kathy of Mendon, Sharron Schofield of Milford, Maribeth Boulos of Norton, Edmund Ted Schofield and his wife, Becky, of Whitinsville, Matthew Schofield and his wife, Jill, of Yarmouth, Maine, Jonathan Schofield and Diane Covino of Whitinsville, Dana Dan Schofield and his wife, Jenn, of Clinton, and Dionne Brooks and her husband, Jim, of Auburn; grandfather of Joey, Jessica, Nick, Richie, Zack, Ashley, Eric, T.J., Jake, Scott, Allie, Avery, Abby and baby girl, Brooks. He was the brother of the late Joseph and William Schofield, Mary Saum, Peggy Hayes and Carol Bristow. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

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Caliper Life Sciences Announces Date and Location of its

2009 Annual Meeting of Stockholders


HOPKINTON, Mass., April 6, 2009 -- Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: CALP) today announced that its 2009 Annual Meeting of Stockholders will be held on June 2, 2009, at 10:00 a.m. local time at its offices located at 68 Elm Street, Hopkinton, Massachusetts. The record date for Caliper stockholders entitled to vote at this meeting is April 16, 2009.

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Police News UP-TO-DATE  April 6, 2009

Click above for full report in prose,

or read the raw log here


6:50 pm A passing motorist reported that a female may have fallen off the back of a motorcycle on Main Street...


5:48 pm Officer Stephen Buckley was flagged down by people who reported that a white teenaged male was running naked through the woods on Hayward Street..


10:07 pm A caller reported that a group of youths were drinking in a silver Mercedes on Joseph Road...


11:43 am An employee of a Main Street business reported that a person has been stealing cigarettes...


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Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for, 

Transactions ending April 6, 2009






This Week


80 Main Street

Eighty Main Realty, LLC


Apr.  02, 2009

Ruth E. Phipps

5 Lorigan Road

Christopher J. MacPherson & Kristina M.


Mar.  31, 2009

Coco Bella, LLC

32 Apple Tree Hill unit 32

Leonid Klebanov & Nelly Klebanov


Mar.  31, 2009

Deborah Corti

Last Week


154 East Main Street

Charles E. Jandrue & Suely Jandrue


Mar.  25, 2009

Anne Marie Pearson, Trustee of the
CAB Realty Trust



Keep Pets in at Night


A resident near Route 495 on Wood Street would like to advise people in her area to keep their pets in at night, as she has heard a pack of coyotes howling in the full moonlight last evening. See  a short HopNews video from 2007 taken in the span of one hour that features a vista of the Blackstone River Valley, a groundhog in a pipe, a heron eating a fish, and lastly, a coyote in Amato's field on the Hopkinton line.



The Town of Hopkinton is pleased to announce that it has once again teamed up with The New England Rain Barrel Company to offer residents of Hopkinton and the surrounding area rain barrels as a way to conserve water and help the environment. Last year we had a great response with over 80 barrels being purchased by residents. A rain barrel collects water from the roof when it rains and stores it for use during dry conditions and when water ban restrictions are in place. For a limited time, the rain barrels may be purchased by Hopkinton and area residents for $72.95 each, a $47 discount off the retail price of $119.95.


The average homeowner uses approximately 40% of water for outdoor use. A one inch rainfall on a 1,200 square foot roof will yield over 700 gallons of water. Using a rain barrel is an excellent way to conserve some of this water. A quarter inch run-off from an average roof will easily fill the barrel. If you have 5 storms a season, that equals 275 gallons of free water.


The rain barrels are made from 55 gallon blue plastic recycled containers. The top does not come off, so no children or pets can get in the barrel. It has a six inch diameter inlet opening covered with a screened louver to keep insects and debris out. The barrels have 2 brass spigots; one to allow you to connect a hose for watering, and one for overflow. You can connect a hose to the overflow spigot and redirect the water away from your home. It even comes with a 5 foot hose with a shutoff valve.


You can join multiple barrels for additional capacity.


The company will be taking orders through April 29, 2009 and has scheduled a general delivery of the rain barrels on Wednesday May 6, 2009 at the Department of Public Works, 85 Wood Street in Hopkinton from 4-7 p.m.. To order a rain barrel or to receive more information, call The New England Rain Barrel Company at 877-977-3135 or order online at

~ Eric Carty, Water/Sewer Manager

Hip, Hip...

April 5, 2009  — ...Hooray! Hopkinton Varsity Cheerleaders held a spaghetti dinner, thanks to Peter Carbone and a host of other people, at the Woodville Rod and Gun Club on Sunday to help fund their trip to Florida this week for the national competition this upcoming weekend. Above, they pose before they got stormed by scores of people coming in for their spaghetti dinner and a chance at raffle prizes.

Open Mic at ESL


April 5, 2009 — We recognize Dan Macmillan and an old band mate, as well as Ron Remillard, and some others at ESL, in this video by David Sheehan.

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

See You at the Hundreth

April 5, 2009 — Charlie Reimer celebrated his ninetieth birthday on Sunday with a group of family and friends, including daughter Lily Holden and her husband, former Selectman Len, at the Davis Road "clubhouse."

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Comedy in Woodville 

April 5, 2009 — John Turco, who was with a comedy troupe at the Woodville Rod and Gun, performs there in the video above on Saturday night.

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Lucky Helmet

April 5, 2009 — A motorcycle driver, who said he stopped to help a woman who needed medical attention after falling, was taken into custody for OUI Liquor late this afternoon. The operator said the woman had not been on his bike; and the woman said she was not riding any bike when she fell. Luckily, however, she happened to be wearing a helmet, which may have saved her from further injury. She was taken to Milford Hospital. After an investigation, it was determined that the woman was not on the motorcycle shown above, but had likely fallen off of another one in the group.


Little League Opening Day

April 5, 2009 — We don't see the photographer on the other side, but it sure looks like these players are posing for a photo on Hopkinton Common prior to Sunday's Little League parade. After seeing the photo above from behind, photographer/Mom Ruth Ann Cote sent in the one she took from the front. Mouse-over image to see it. And see some footage from David Sheehan, below.



Rose P. Davis, 78


Rose P. Davis, 78, of Hopkinton and formerly of Holliston, died Saturday, April 4, 2009. Born in Newton, she was the daughter of the late Domenico and Lucia Bianchi. She was the wife of 41 years to the late Edward C. Davis who passed in February 1999.

A Hopkinton resident for the past 3 years, she was formerly of Holliston where she had lived since 1964. She lived her life on her own terms and in the early days worked as a hairdresser. She also worked at WA Wilde Co. in Holliston and was an avid reader and enjoyed cappuccino.

She is survived by 1 son, Charles Davis and his wife Robin of Gypsum, CO., 3 daughters, Kathleen Iannetta and her husband Piero of Waltham, Karen Marrazzo and her husband Sal of W. Newton, and Cheryl Asselin and her husband Paul of Hopkinton. She also leaves behind her Aunt Rose Proia, 10 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren, and many cousins, nieces and nephews. She is predeceased by 3 siblings, Hugo, Dom Jr. and Eleana Bianchi. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE



A Little League player found a Nintendo DS game card at Carrigan Park today, and would like its owner to claim it. If you lost a game card today at Carrigan Park, please send us an email stating which game you lost, so we can reunite you with it.

Pay to Play

April 4, 2009 — Ron Remillard helped entertain the gathering Saturday evening at Barbara Kessler's Open Mic night by singing Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys at ESL Studios at 30 Main Street. He and the other performers only had to paid $5 each to play. Check later for a short video.


Return of the Heron

April 4, 2009 — This great blue heron has recently returned from its winter nesting place and is looking for some awakened fish on the shores of North Pond at noon today.

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Special Town Meeting Warrant Now Open


The Hopkinton Board of Selectmen voted at its April 3, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. meeting to open the May 6, 2009 Special Town Meeting warrant on Friday, April 3, 2009. Said warrant effective upon the Selectmen’s vote, and said warrant to close on Friday, April 17, 2009 at 4:30 p.m.


All articles or petitions to be included in the Special Town Meeting warrant must be received at the Selectmen’s Office, Town Hall, 18 Main Street (508-497-9700) on or before Friday, April 17, 2009 by 4:30 p.m. ~ Clayton Carlisle, Interim Town Manager

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Congratulations to the Hopkinton High School Concert Band

Hopkinton High School Concert Band got a gold medal at MICAA tonight at HHS.  It's the third straight year for a gold medal and they will be performing at Symphony Hall in Boston on either 4/18 or 4/25 (stay tuned for details).

2008 HopNews file photo of MICCA festival.

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

Democrats Elect Slate of Candidates

Board of Selectmen - Mary Pratt
Board of Assessors - Dr. John Duffy
Cemetery Commission - Thomas Pratt
Housing Authority - Donna McGuire (term expiring 2011)
Constable - Don Collins

Robert "Bob" Eugene Grant, 74


Hopkinton- Robert "Bob" Eugene Grant, 74, of Woodville, died Sunday, March 29, 2009 at Beaumont Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Northbridge. Born in Milford, he was the youngest child of William and Eva Grant.

In 1999, he retired from Bay State Abrasive Company. He had previously worked at Dennison Mfg. in Framingham and also worked part time as a school bus driver and for his brother Bill Grant in asphalt paving and landscaping. He was one of the few people born in the 1930's with the rare disease, Myasthenia Gravis- MG (meaning grave muscle weakness). It is still considered a rare disease today only affecting 10 people out of every million. There is no known cure.


School Committee Targets 2011 Launch of Full-day Kindergarten

No department-head wage freeze. Non-union held to 1.5% increase


April 3, 2009 — The Hopkinton School Committee resolved to launch a pilot full-day kindergarten program in fall 2011, heard presentations about students' science fair projects and passed several new policies, among other business, during a lengthy regular meeting on April 2, 2009.

There was a high level of public interest in the full-day kindergarten agenda item. Early in the meeting, two parents gave prepared statements supporting full-day kindergarten. Esther Driscoll, who has two students attending Hopkinton Public Schools, presented a petition with the signatures of 210 parents supporting full-day kindergarten. Another parent, Laura Barry, who also has two children in Hopkinton schools, pointed out that 265 communities in Massachusetts offer full-day kindergarten, and many of those communities offer full-day to a minority of kindergarten students.

The Committee addressed full-day kindergarten later on in the meeting. Committee chair Nancy Alvarez Burdick (File photo) and Center School Principal Jennifer Parson expressed support for launching a pilot program in fall 2009, but Superintendent John Phelan
said "I would say it's not do-able" because of logistical concerns.

"If we want to do it, we want to do it right," Dr. Phelan said. The Committee agreed to launch a limited pilot program in fall 2010, with parents paying tuition, and to form a Full-Day Kindergarten Implementation Committee to investigate the logistics of fully implementing such a program the following school year.

The Committee also heard from students who competed in the Regional Science Fair about their projects. Hopkinton students won first and second place for individual projects in the fair this year. Courtney Onofrio and John Hinkel, who placed first and second, respectively, are two of 1,500 students worldwide who will participate in the International Science and Engineering Fair in Reno, Nevada in May.

The Committee heard a report from Burdick on the ongoing fiscal year 2010 budget process. The budget reflects a $495,000 increase in funding from the Board of Selectmen, as well as an increase of over $700,000 from spending the fiscal year 2009
end-of-year balance and federal stimulus money and savings from facilities consolidation and a lower-than-predicted increase in non-union salaries. Initially, the Board requested that the Committee freeze all department heads' salaries, but then instead suggested an across-the-board lowering in non-union salary increases to 1.5 percent, which the Committee approved  over the objection of member Phil Totino (File photo). This will save $67,000, rather than the $60,000 the wage freezes would have saved.



 Positively Hopkinton  

April 2, 2009 — Girl Scout Maureen Regan directed and produced a movie about Hopkinton Trails and some of the 4,700 acres of open space for her Girl Scout Gold Award project, which premiered at the High School Thursday evening. David Sheehan, a HopNews video helper, had a hand in the editing. To see the rest of the credits, watch this remarkable local video until the end.

 Positively Hopkinton

HopKins Student to Compete at Regionals

April 2, 2009 — Andrew Mace, a 4th grade Hopkins student, competes on the Boys Team at Shen’s Gymnastics Academy in Holliston.  He qualified for the state competition last weekend, and took 9th place all-around for Boys Level 5. Andrew will be competing in the Regional Competition next weekend.


NOTE: Do you have something that is Positively Hopkinton? Please let us know.

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Chamber and Endowment Joint Event

Mouse over the image to see an historical image

April 2, 2009 — Chuck Joseph, who wears hats on both the Chamber of Commerce and the Hopkinton Community Endowment speaks of the long past history of Hopkinton business from 1800-1920 to a gathering at the Sauce on Main Thursday evening. From the having second cotton mill in the nation to being known as the largest boot manufacturer, Hopkinton business thrived in Woodville and the Downtown, until fires destroyed the much of it. Mouse over the image to see an excerpt from an 1880 illustration by Boston publisher, Bailey and Hazen.

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 Positively Hopkinton

Vigil at High School

April 2, 2009 — This morning, Hopkinton High School students showed solidarity by holding hands and praying for a fellow student who is being treated to overcome a disease. Contributed photo.

Tail Wags Dog

April 2, 2009 — This couple, in near silhouette at the Lake Whitehall Dam, appear to be taken for a walk by their dog one day this week.

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

 Positively Hopkinton

Get More Cowbell!

...and help Colella scholarship fund

April 2, 2009 — Kathryn Curry will be running the 113th Boston Marathon to support the Daniel E. Colella Scholarship Fund, which was established in 1998 as a nonprofit fund to benefit Hopkinton residents graduating from high school.  One hundred percent of all money collected goes directly to the scholarship fund. 


The scholarship will be awarded to a graduating Hopkinton High School senior who is planning to further their education by attending college for at least one year.  They must express an interest in furthering his or her education, demonstrate involvement in extracurricular activities or community service, and show financial need. 


The scholarship is being sponsored by the Daniel E. Colella family and the generous citizens of the Hopkinton community.  It is their desire to keep his memory alive through this fund by helping to further the education of a deserving student with the hope that one day this student may also serve his or her community with the same pride.


For Sale at Colella’s Market:
50+ Styles of Hand-Painted Marathon Themed Cowbells, Handle Bells, Inspirational Bells, Design-Your-Own Cowbells, handmade bunnies and other surprises. Saturday 10A – 1PM:  April 4th and April 11th

Also For Sale at The Town Common
April 18th and  19th from 10A – 6PM Marathon Monday from 8A – 11A

Again, 100% of the profits benefit this fund

You can read the latest Hilltopper by choosing this button Senior News near the top, every day. The April issue is now online.


Friday, April 3rd

4-7 PM

Kosher for Passover Wines


 Positively Hopkinton

Friendly Pillow

April 2, 2009 — The HPTA presented Elmwood art teacher, Bonnie Muir, with a pillow signed by all of the teachers at Elmwood School in appreciation for her support with the HPTA's Children's Gallery Preview and Silent Auction.


Ms. Muir worked with her second and third grade students to create beautiful hand-painted slates and pillows signed by each student for the event.


Hopkinton 7th/8th Grade Girls Rec. Basketball regular season and playoff champions.

Front Row: Jesse Wise, Melissa Lodge, Amanda Karpacz

Middle Row: Maria Moreno, Sarah Newland, Brennan Lavoie

Back Row: Ali Weiss, Coach Karpacz, Elena Brossi, Kora Sileo, Jenna Yagg

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Wally The Green Monster is Special Guest

at Little League Parade -- This Sunday




Mark your calendars!  This Sunday, April 5 is the annual Hopkinton Little League parade when boys and girls will gather at the town common at 1 p.m. for the 1:30 p.m. start of their traditional walk through town to Carrigan Park for opening day ceremonies. 



This year, Red Sox mascot "Wally The Green Monster" will make a guest appearance bringing excitement and energy to the day's events.  Come early and bring the whole family to find your special place along the parade route to cheer the kids on and be a part of the fun! 

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Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

Easter Bunny to Visit Hopkinton

April 11, 2009 - 11:00 am

Hopkinton Common



The Easter Bunny (File photo) makes his annual visit to Hopkinton on Saturday, April 11, 2009 for the Park and Recreation's Annual Easter Egg Hunt. The event, which is sponsored by Hopkinton Drug Store, will be held at 11:00 AM on the Town Common.  The Easter Egg Hunt is for Hopkinton pre-school to 2nd grade children.


Please bring your own basket or bag to collect the candy and "Special Prize Eggs".  We ask parents not to pick up eggs prior to the start of the event.

There is no registration or fee for this event and we will try to give candy to all children that attend.

Please note that the Easter Bunny will appear on the common, weather permitting, and that parents are welcome to take pictures with the bunny.

For more information please call Parks and Recreation at 497-9750 between 10 AM and 1 PM on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

If there is inclement weather, children can greet the Bunny and receive a treat at Hopkinton Drug Store. ~ Parks and Rec

ZAC (Zoning Advisory Committee) Supports Rezoning Off Cedar Street

April 1, 2009 — Attorney Doug Resnick presented a plan to ZAC this evening on behalf of Capital Group Properties for the rezoning of land off of Cedar Street. Mr. Resnick is the author of Article #28 on the Town Meeting Warrant that proposes to change the zoning of the land from Residential A and Agricultural, to Industrial B. That would enable the developer to apply to construct four flex buildings totaling 37,000 square feet.

      "People felt it was a good place to put landscaping and construction businesses, 800 feet off of Cedar Street," said ZAC Chairman Ken Weismantel.

       "It would not be obvious, traffic would be low, and it would generate $40-45,000 in tax revenue.

       "It is better than the residential use that was originally proposed for that piece." Mr. Weismantel said that seven members present voted unanimously to recommend the Article to the Planning Board for approval. The Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on the change.

       Also approved for ZAC support was Article #27, which seeks to add the words "and construction contractors" to the bylaw that governs landscaping types of businesses.

DA Leone Announces PSA Project For High School Students

To Speak Out Against Teen Dating Violence


            WOBURN -  April 1, 2009 -In an effort to spark a positive dialogue amongst young people and help prevent instances of teen dating violence, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone (File photo)today announced a new initiative in which high school students will produce their own Public Service Announcement videos designed to speak out against teen dating violence.


            The project, created in conjunction with Middlesex Partnerships For Youth, Inc. and REACH Beyond Domestic Violence, was announced in a letter distributed today by District Attorney Leone to superintendents in the 54 communities of Middlesex County. The winning PSA will be distributed to be aired on Boston television stations.


            “The time is now to spark a new dialogue about teen dating violence,” District Attorney Leone said. “We believe the most effective communicators about this issue are young people themselves. The goal is for students to use these PSAs as a forum to communicate a direct, positive message to other teens to help prevent teen dating violence.”


REACH Executive Director Laura Van Zandt is excited about the initiative. "Leadership from peers is critical to changing how teens define their dating relationships,” Van Zandt said. “Dating abuse is about power and control. Talking about what makes a relationship unhealthy, or being a friend to someone in an abusive relationship, can be really hard. This contest is a fun and creative way for youth in Middlesex County to set the tone for the conversation and make it clear that they will not ignore unhealthy relationships. Instead, they will step up and speak out." 


            Teen dating violence has been a focus of the District Attorney’s Office and Domestic Violence service organizations like REACH. However, the recent incident in which pop star Chris Brown was charged with allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, Rihanna, has placed a new spotlight on this troubling dynamic.


            Among the statistics that demonstrate the challenges we face regarding the issue of teen dating violence include:


  • 1 in 3 teenagers report knowing a friend or peer who has been hit, punched, kicked, slapped, choked or physically hurt by their partner

  • Youth, specifically between the ages of 16 to 24, experience the highest per capita rate of intimate partner violence in the nation

  • Following news reports on the alleged incident between Chris Brown and Rihanna, a survey of Boston teens revealed that 46% of respondents believed that Rihanna was in some way responsible. In addition, 44% said that fighting was a normal part of a relationship


To enter, high school students from Middlesex County communities are asked to produce and submit their own 30 or 60-second PSA about the issue of teen dating violence. Topics could include, but are not limited to:



Celebrate Spring with Celtic Music and Dance

April 1, 2009 Pendragon will be performing an evening of Celtic-inspired music and dance at United Parish Church in Upton, MA on Saturday May 9th, 2009. Doors open at 7:00 PM. Advanced tickets are $20.00, $18.00 for Seniors and Children under 10. Children 5 and under are free. All tickets are $25.00 at the door. Please call 508-529-3192 to reserve your tickets now.

New England has long had a rich tradition of Celtic-inspired music. Having celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2008, the Rhode Island-based ensemble Pendragon has embraced that tradition and created a timeless sound of its own, performing roots music with an unmistakable contemporary edge. Pendragon’s music celebrates the lives and lore of generations of New Englanders who brought traditions from Ireland, Scotland, French Canada and other distant shores to the banks of the Blackstone River.

While drawing on the ethnic music of the Blackstone River Valley, Pendragon fashions the music of tradition into the music of tomorrow performing their original songs and dance tunes on an innovative combination of bouzouki, fiddle, concertina, banjo, guitar, whistle, flute, percussion and step dance. Pendragon is comprised of step dancer and percussionist Kevin Doyle, Bob Drouin on fiddle, bouzouki and tenor banjo; Russell Gusetti on guitar and concertina; Josh Kane on flute and whistles; and Mary Lee Partington on vocals. The band just released their 8th album, “Still Standing”.

- Three straight Boston Music Award nominations for Outstanding Celtic Act
- Voted Rhode Island's Best Celtic Act in the 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005 MOTIF Magazine Best Music Polls
- Best Local Folk Act of the Year in the Providence Phoenix' Best Music Poll eight times
- “World-class playing and luminescent vocals” – Rick Massimo – The Providence Journal

Hopkinton Garden Club Annual Plant Sale

Saturday May 16, 2009, 8AM to 11AM

Hopkinton Town Common

(Heavy Rain Date May 17th 10am-12am)

Come early and bring a friend! Member Garden Plants

Select Hardy Perennials from Local Wholesaler, and More


Proceeds support Beautification, Education and Conservation programs of the Hopkinton Garden Club.

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 Senior Moments

Seniors Meet Seniors


Senior Moments

Nancy L. Drawe



April 1, 2009 — It was a great day for the Seniors to meet the Seniors!   Last Thursday, the cafeteria at Hopkinton High School was the place to be, especially if you were a “senior” living and going to school here in town.   The HHS National Honor Society (Seniors AND Juniors) hosted their Annual Senior Tea, and boy, was it a big hit!   I asked NHS member Pat Maruska why they started such an event and he said, “It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet the seniors in this town.  Some of us either don’t have grandparents living nearby or don’t have grandparents at all, so it gives us a chance to talk and trade stories with each other.”  


The students who are members of the NHS, along with their advisor, Jaime Hall, spend most of the year planning this event.  Once the date is set, the kids are all assigned different items to bring for the refreshment table.   Elizabeth Gamache brought some homemade chocolate chip cookies that came right out of the oven. “I just finished baking them,” she said.  One of the boys said, “I brought the juice, so I didn’t make anything!”  Other kids were in charge of cheese, crackers, silverware, paper plates, cupcakes, fruit, water, etc.   Samantha Oleson made awesome cupcakes decorated like ladybugs, all different colors.  She has taken cake-decorating classes and now has her own little bakery business that she runs from her house, called Beach Bunker Artworks (a little plug for Samantha:, in case you’re interested in ordering any baked goods.   She was so sweet; I just had to do this).  She was very excited that she was able to use her decorating skills to make these cupcakes for the seniors.


The Hopkinton Senior Center Chorus entertained the crowd with their musical talents, but unfortunately, I got there late and missed the whole thing.  Everyone was praising them though, and said they did an awesome job. 


I had a chance to talk to quite a few of the kids while they were chatting away with the seniors; these kids are amazing.   NHS President Camille Kulig is such a sweet person; she was having the best time mingling with everyone.   The other officers, Vice President—Keith Love, Secretary—Michael Richardson, and Tom Coburn—Treasurer, were just as nice and were having a grand ol’ time. READ MORE...

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Elizabeth “Betty” (Barr) Fitzpatrick, 78

HOPKINTON – Elizabeth “Betty” (Barr) Fitzpatrick, a local voice in town conservation and a lifelong animal and nature lover died Monday, March 30, 2009 at the Metrowest Medical Center in Framingham, after a long illness.

Born in Westborough, MA, she was the daughter of Ormond T. and Dorothy (Molt) Barr and attended Westborough schools. An avid athlete who still holds the school record for the long toss, she graduated with the class of 1949 and began a career working with animals at a local veterinarian. She married in 1953 and she and her late husband, Thomas B. Fitzpatrick (who died in 1990), founded one of the most successful animal boarding and grooming kennels, Saddle Hill Kennels, which they ran until retiring in 1987. She bred and raised AKC Champion English Springer Spaniels, which became her favorite breed.  On the kennel property, she also spent many hours in her vegetable garden and in running a fully self sufficient organic farm, complete with sheep, chickens, pigs, goats, and Hereford steers. The animals were the subject of her many short stories written for publication later in life. The site was conveyed and is now the home of Greyhound Friends, who rescue racing greyhounds for adoption throughout New England.

She was a well known conservationist, who led a well publicized fight to control over development in her beloved Hopkinton, culminating in a town bylaw change victory by special ballot (though this was overturned by the State). She was a founding member of the Hopkinton Area Land Trust (HALT) and worked tirelessly helping to acquire open space parcels from developers, designing trail and land use plans, and writing for the organization’s newsletter. She became frequently quoted in newspapers as other towns sought to control development and growth.


Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Thank you for your support and concern regarding the note that a student turned into the school administration on Monday afternoon.  On Tuesday, our school Crisis Response Team met to review some additional information and to determine the best way to address this situation within the school community.  The additional information reinforces our belief that the note does not pose a credible threat to the school community.


Some parents have asked if their children were on the list.  Please know that the families of students affected are always notified in these situations.  If you were not notified, your son or daughter was not on the list.


Please also understand that in any situation involving a threat, a thorough investigation is conducted by the school and police.  All details regarding this investigation, however, are not released.  To do so would provide a blueprint that would hinder investigations of any similar threats in the future.


Again, if you have any information regarding this situation, please feel free to contact us at the high school.




John E. McCarthy, Principal

Alyson Geary, Assistant Principal

Chris Arienti, Assistant Principal


Several members of the HPTA attended the Mass PTA Spring Fling event held March 28, 2009 in Plymouth, MA. During the event, winners of the 2008-09 State PTA Reflections Program were recognized. Matthew Paolucci received a medal for his 3rd place Intermediate Literature submission, Isabelle Simes received a medal for her 1st Place Primary Dance Choreography submission and Michael Protas (not present) received a medal for his 2nd and 3rd place Middle/Junior Photography submissions.

Later in the evening, The HPTA's Runner won an Outstanding Newsletter Award and the Editors, Heather Kelley, Karen Umans and Jill Delasco (not present) won helping hands awards for their work on The Runner over the last two years. The HPTA won an award for having the most delegates at the Spring Fling and also for increasing our membership over last year.
Congratulations to all of the HPTA's dedicated members.

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Authorities Ask for Information Regarding Author of "Hitlist" at High School

Emphasize safety of students


The following letter was sent HHS parents today, according to a High School parent, a HopNews reader:


Dear Parents and Guardians, Yesterday afternoon, a student at Hopkinton High School brought a note to the school administration that contained the names of thirteen students and the words “Hit List” at the top of the piece of paper. The student found the note on the floor in a school hallway on Friday afternoon. There was no date or time listed on the note and no other information other than the students’ names.


The school district’s threat assessment team convened last night to review the information and to assess the credibility of the threat. Members of the this team include the High School administration and staff members trained in school threat assessment, the School Resource Officer, the Assistant Superintendent of Schools, the Police Chief, and other police officials.


At this time, the threat assessment team does not believe that the note suggests a credible threat. As a precaution, however, the team has determined that safety measures should be increased at the High School over the next few days. In keeping with established safety routines, all doors into the building except the front entrance will be locked during the school day. In addition, students can expect an increased police presence in and around the building.


If anyone in the community has information regarding either the author or intent of this note, please contact the High School administration immediately. I urge you to speak to your children about the seriousness of writing such a note and to reassure them that the school places the highest importance on student safety Thank you for your ongoing support. Sincerely, John E. McCarthy, Principal Alyson Geary, Assistant Principal Chris Arienti, Assistant Principal 508-497-9820


Snakes Awake for spring break!

Wednesday, April 22, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


March 31, 2009 — Celebrate Earth Day at Upton State Forest for this FREE program for all ages. Rick Roth, long time reptile keeper, will present a live snake program focusing on hibernation, how, when and why they hibernate and prepare for the spring season. Snakes native to Massachusetts, plus a few others will be presented in this educational, fun program.

Following the program, feel free to take a hike in Upton State Forest. Trail maps are available. Children must be accompanied by an adult.


Mass Pike (Rte. I-90) to Rte. I-495 south (Upton exit 21B) right off ramp, go straight 3.5 miles and take right onto Westboro Rd. Forest is 2 miles on the right.

For more information Call (508) 435-4303.

Check out the HopNews Community page anytime to access the DCR Forests and Parks website.


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