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"Den 8 Is Great!"

Above, front row from left, Austin Summers and Jason Hicks. Rear, Editor Robert Falcione, Steven Maffiore, Devin Kelly, Reece Griffiths and Michael Giusti.


March 4, 2009 — Den 8 visited the HopNews office today and learned about taking photos, gathering news, and using the features of HopNews. They also saw a demonstration of how to upload content. The boys are first grade students at Center School, whose motto is, "Den 8 is Great!" and have been Tiger Cub Scouts since the beginning of school.

      The boys are wearing white, orange and black beads, which they earned on several occasions. They made a food pyramid, carved pumpkins, collected cans and bottles, collected food, visited the Fire and Police stations,  camped at Hopkinton State Park, and gave soldiers Care packages consisting of clothes, tissues and pencils. They also went rock climbing, held a Pinewood Derby and visited Purgatory Chasm.


Film trailer from the short film "Is He Real or Not?" Produced by Pinch Hit Productions and Lighten Up Ladies Productions. For more information on the film please visit .


The premiere is March 14th, 7 PM, at St. John’s Parish Hall.  Advanced tickets can be obtained at   Come to the premiere and enjoy this short movie filmed in Hopkinton (with several Hopkinton actors and kids) as well as raffle prizes and a guest performance by Hopkinton’s Barbara Kessler and Tone Deft a capella singing group!

 Services for the Home




The “Go Green” Community Event, sponsored by the Hopkinton Women's club, will be held on Saturday, March 21st from 10am to 2pm at St. John’s Parish Hall, 20 Church Street, Hopkinton. Among other events, there will be several speakers.


Don Bishop from Garden’s Are…, a local organic garden/landscaping company will be amongst the four guest speakers to give an informative presentation at the Hopkinton “Go Green” Community Event. Mr. Bishop holds accreditations and certifications in organic land care and landscape management from the Northeast Organic Farming Association and the University of Massachusetts. He will speak regarding the need for organic landscaping; avoiding the use of chemicals and pesticides. 


Tom Dawson, a registered and licensed architect in the State of Massachusetts and a Certified Green Designer, will be addressing “The Clean Tech Revolution and how it relates to Hopkinton”. Mr. Dawson, a seventeen year Hopkinton resident and member of the town’s Sustainable Green Committee, is the owner of T. Dawson Architecture, a firm that promotes site-sensitive and responsive residential and commercial design. The firm also does consulting in the areas of green design, solar-electric, solar-thermal and geo-thermal energy systems.


Guy Hudson, also a Hopkinton resident, is Director of Sales for A123 Systems, Inc. With a background of 15 years working for Sanyo Energy, the largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries and over 20  years in the rechargeable battery industry, his discussion will encompass the history of the electrification of cars and today’s new technologies in a growing industry of hybrid, plug in hybrid and electric vehicles. 


Matt Weiner, a ten year Hopkinton resident, will be discussing the need to transition away from fossil fuels with solar energy. With factors such as high-energy costs, dependence on foreign oil, government incentives and climate change, he will explain why transitioning is necessary . Mr. Weiner, is the COO of Repower Home, a newly formed renewable energy division of Moonworks, a company which has brought New Englanders products such as Gutter Helmet, Renewable by Anderson replacement windows, roofing and siding for the past 16 years.  


Along with the four guest speakers, there will also be a taped presentation by the Hopkinton Seniors under the direction of Cheryl Perrault and HCAM. The Seniors will entertain you as they draw you back into times when reducing, reusing and recycling was a necessity of life.


The event is free to the public and will offer a fun filled day with entertainment for those of all ages.

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

Time to Buy? 

Watch CBS Videos Online


by Robert Falcione

March 4, 2009 — CBS believes it is a good time to buy a home, and it makes a lot of sense. The President's plan is to bailout homeowners who are stuck in an upside-down situation of owing more than the equity they have in their home. The majority of homeowners may actually be upside down, but not in trouble. They are simply stuck where they are, because they cannot get the price they are mortgaged for, in case they have to move.


The government's plan, essentially to bailout some mortgage holders, like it or not, means that the prices will stabilize soon. And to follow that presumption, it would mean now is a good time to buy. In fact, some prices, of foreclosed condos especially, are 25% of the cost that was incurred by the previous owner just two years ago.


You work hard and are a first-time home buyer (Someone who has not owned a home in three years), then you qualify for up to an $8,000 "credit" from the government.


You child earns a decent living, but pays $1,200 in rent? Have him or her put that into a home to build equity and live their dream, instead of someone else's dream.


Now looks like the time to buy, so may I suggest one of our qualified realtors listed below.


  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

George V. Brown Makes the Cut

Statue of Hopkinton sports legend approved for Common

by Robert Falcione

March 3, 2009 — The Hopkinton Historic District Commission (HHDC) approved the placement of the Michael Alfano sculpture of Hopkinton sports figure George V. Brown, The Starter, on the Hopkinton Common by a 4-1 vote. The statue was commissioned by the Hopkinton Athletic Association with part of the $250,000 stimulus money earmarked for the region in 2006.

      Mr. Brown was a Hopkinton native who brought the start of the BAA Marathon to Hopkinton during his time as Athletic Director of the BAA, and the starter of the race from 1905 until 1937. He managed Olympic teams, brought Hockey to Boston University and was its first athletic director.

      In addition, he managed the Boston Arena and the Boston Garden. His son Walter also managed the Garden and presided over the Bruins as well as founding the Boston Celtics. Walter's name is on the Middle School gym. A Brown family member has fired the starter's pistol at each race since 1905.

      This evening's Public Hearing drew luminaries from several town boards, committees or departments, from the Downtown Revitalization Committee member Pete Lagoy, to Chief of Police Tom Irvin. Treasurer of the Hopkinton Athletic Association (HAA), School Committee member Dave Stoldt, gave the presentation to the committee Tuesday evening.

       HHDC member Claire Wright, looking out at the large group of supporters, suggested that there was a campaign launched in an effort to pressure her committee after it showed lackluster support at a meeting a year ago.

        Mr. Stoldt said it was not the case.

        "All of us in government have to look at the needs of the town," he said.

       The Commission received letters of support for the placement of the statue from those members as well as the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Selectmen, the Hopkinton Athletic Association, Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce, Boston Athletic Association, Fire Department, the DPW, and a personal note from Race Director, Dave McGillivray, who called it a "very worthwhile project" and offered his personal assistance. But the meeting was not without controversy.

       Former Concom member and previous HHDC applicant Jack Speranza demanded to know what standard of review would be used.

       Chairman Michael Girardi cited town bylaw and Mass General Law.

       Later, when Mr. Girardi suggested that aesthetics could influence his decision making process, Mr. Speranza, an attorney, warned him that if that were the case, he would be overturned in court.

       "Is that a threat?" asked Mr. Girardi to Mr. Speranza, who filed litigation against the HHDC while he had a matter before them several years ago.

       "No, I just have a passion," Mr. Speranza answered.

       HHDC Member Beth Kelley (Absent this evening) and her husband submitted a letter in opposition to the statue, saying it is a statue, not a monument. The statue will be placed in line with existing monuments, and nearly in line with the Start line of the Marathon.

       Selectmen Mary Pratt and Michael Shepard were on hand to support the statue's placement, and gave impassioned pleas.

       Mr. Brown's grandson, Tom Burke, attended the hearing, and revealed his daughter would be running this year.

       Sculptor Michael Alfano allayed fears that the Commission had of setting precedent, by saying the BAA Marathon is the longest continuously running marathon in the world, and his sculpture is specific to Hopkinton. The commission worried that there would be a long line of similar requests if they broke a precedent.

       The committee voted in favor (4-1) of a motion to approve the placement of the statue, contingent on the HAA coming back with a plan for the granite base, or pedestal.

       "That's absolutely terrific news for this town," said HAA President Timothy Kilduff after the meeting.

       "It shows the utmost respect for the significance of George Brown, not only locally and regionally, but internationally as well.

       "We will work hand in glove with the Commission.

       "This is the way government should work," he said. 

Representative Dykema Invites Public

to Attend Public Forum on Governor’s Transportation Plan


Wednesday, March 4th, 6pm

Morse Institute Library

14 East Central Street, Natick


BOSTON - March 3, 2009 — The Office of Representative Carolyn Dykema invites the public to attend a Town Hall forum hosted by Governor Patrick. This is an opportunity for MetroWest residents to have a conversation with the Governor on his recently announced transportation plan. 


The Governor’s plan, which has been widely discussed in the media over the past week, includes transportation reforms and a proposed increase in the state fuel tax.


For those interested in more information on the Governor’s plan and the transportation challenges faced by the state, the following online resources are available:

Governor’s transportation website at

Transportation Finance Commission report completed for the State in 2007

For more information, please contact Rep. Dykema’s State House Office at 617-722-2210 or .

Clips from Science Fair 2009

March 3, 2009 — Above are video clips from today's Science Fair with students explaining their very thoughtful and interesting projects.


Totino Will Not Seek Reelection to Hopkinton School Committee

2nd SC member to announce same today


March 3, 2009 — Phil Totino (File photo) released the following statement today:


After twelve years as a member of the Hopkinton School Committee, I have decided not to run for a fifth term.  It has been a great honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Hopkinton.


I am proud of the role that I played in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of our school system.  I have been a strong advocate of applying proven business techniques to running our schools.  These techniques include establishing a strategic plan, developing long-term budget forecasting, promoting accountability and metrics, fostering teamwork with other departments, and leveraging technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness.  During my tenure, I have tried to strike a balance between fiscal responsibility and my belief that education is the best investment that a community can make. 


It is time for someone else to step forward with new ideas, energy, and passion to help turn the challenges that we are facing into opportunities for continued success.  I have enjoyed working with the Superintendent and all of my colleagues on the School Committee over the years.  I feel confident that the School Committee will continue to serve our students and taxpayers well.


My thanks go to the citizens of Hopkinton for choosing me to serve and for supporting the work of the administrators and staff who make our schools the best that they can be.

~Press Release


Elect 2009 Two People Take Out Papers for School Committee Today Elect 2009

See the entire, growing list of candidates for election by choosing the Election 2009 button, always above.


School Committee (2 seats) 3 years

     Troy Mick (N), 11 Smith Rd. - Republican

     Jean Bertschmann (N), 4 Cider Mill Rd. - Unenrolled

Next Stop, WPI

March 3, 2009 — Fourteen Science Fair projects made the cut and will go on to the Regional competition at Worcester Polytechnic Institute on March 13, 2009. Above are the finalists, who presented their work today in the High School Library. Video of some of the projects later today.

 Services for the Home

Earth Day and Healthy Kids Celebration

Saturday, April 18, 2009.

MetroWest YMCA

10:00 AM to 12:30 PM


The MetroWest YMCA in Hopkinton has partnered with National Environmental Education Week for their Earth Day and Healthy Kids Celebration to be held on Saturday, April 18, 2009. The MetroWest Y’s event will run from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM, and will feature family-based activities such as nature walks, outdoor rock climbing on a climbing tower, soccer and basketball games, nature crafts and more.


The MetroWest YMCA’s Earth Day and Healthy Kids celebration is part of the YMCA Healthy Kids® Day, the nation’s largest health day for children and families. YMCA Healthy Kids Day will be celebrated across the country at more than 1,700 YMCAs. Last year, more than 700,000 attendees participated in YMCA Healthy Kids Day events nationwide.  Healthy Kids events promote year-long wellness and healthy living.  This event is free and open to all; for more information please contact the MetroWest YMCA at 508-435-9345.


National Environmental Education Week runs from April 12 – 18, 2009, and is "the single largest organized environmental education event in the United States. [This event] increases the educational impact of Earth Day by creating a full week of environmentally-themed lessons and activities in K-12 classrooms, nature centers, zoos, museums, and aquariums. Environmental Education Week is coordinated by the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF).” Source:


Cynthia Menard

Director of Outdoor Education

MetroWest YMCA

45 East St., Hopkinton, MA 01748

(508) 435-9345 x12


Visit us on the web at:

HopNews file photos

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!



The MetroWest Regional Transportation Authority (MWRTA) is a public transportation option available to all Hopkinton citizens. The Authority’s mission is to “build a public transportation system to deliver convenient and dependable service that enhances mobility, environmental quality and economic vitality in the region.”


The Board of Selectmen recently appointed Brian Herr, Chairman, to serve on the MWRTA Board. If any citizen has questions, comments or suggestions regarding this service please contact Mr. Herr at or call the Town Manager’s Office at 508-497-9700. For more information regarding the MWRTA including route schedules, please visit their website at

Sincerely yours, Geri Holland, Clerk to the Board of Selectmen

Stoldt Will Not Seek Reelection to Hopkinton School Committee


March 3, 2009 — Dave Stoldt announced today that after nine years, he will be stepping down from School Committee in Hopkinton. Elected three times, he announced that he will not seek reelection in May. "I’m proud of my three terms with the Committee, where I have tried to be an advocate for our schools" Stoldt said "but my children are out of the system and I would like to devote more time to my other non-profit and charitable work, as well as greater focus on business in these challenging economic times."


During the past nine years his work on the School Committee also led to appointed positions on the Elementary School Site Selection Committee, the Elementary School Building Committee, the Fruit Street Development Committee, the Land Use Study Committee, and the Marathon Fund Committee. Stoldt ran unsuccessfully for Selectman in 2007. Stoldt quipped, "If I had been elected Selectman two years ago, I would probably seek at least a second term and the Town could have been stuck with me another four years. As it is now, I have no plans to seek any other elected office in the near future. It is time to catch my breath."


On the existing state of the Hopkinton Public Schools, Stoldt said "We have built up a school system to be proud of – one of the best in the state – but I remain very concerned about the ability of the Town to provide funding to maintain the quality of our schools, and am disappointed at the loss of services over the past three years. However, I have no doubt that the School Committee will find strong candidates that will continue the outstanding stewardship the Committee has shown. This is a town where parents, teachers, and administrators all share a belief in quality education and are committed to finding ways to keep the system top-notch."

~Press Release


  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Register for Babe Ruth Now

Hopkinton Babe Ruth is conducting On-Line registration for its 2009 season.  Please visit the web site for further info regarding age eligibility, fees, seasons, etc. 

United States Intervenes in Case Against EMC Corporation

Alleging False Claims on Sales of Hardware, Software and Technology Services


WASHINGTON, March 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The United States has intervened and filed a complaint in a qui tam suit accusing EMC Corp. of failing to disclose its commercial pricing practices during negotiation of its General Services Administration (GSA) contracts and of providing improper payments and other things of value to Systems Integrators and other Alliance Partners on contracts with government agencies, the Justice Department announced today.

The suit was originally filed in U.S. District Court in Little Rock, Ark., by Norman Rille, and his co-plaintiff, Neal Roberts, under the qui tam or whistleblower provisions of the False Claims Act. Under the qui tam statute, a private party, known as a "relator," can file an action on behalf of the United States and receive a portion of the recovery. Under the False Claims Act, the United States may recover three times the amount of its losses plus civil penalties.

Mr. Rille and Mr. Roberts alleged that EMC submitted false claims to the United States for information technology (IT) hardware and services on numerous government contracts from the late 1990's to the present. The core of the relators' allegations, in which the United States has joined by filing its own complaint, is that EMC made payments of money and other things of value (alliance benefits) to a number of systems integration consultants and other alliance partners with whom it had alliance relationships. The government's complaint asserts that these alliance relationships and the resulting alliance benefits paid by EMC amount to kickbacks and undisclosed conflict of interest relationships.

The government also alleges that EMC made false statements to GSA about its commercial pricing practices in order to obtain a higher price on its contracts thereby overcharging federal agencies purchasing EMC products and services.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Michael F. Hertz announced the Department's intervention in the suit and stated that the government joined the suit "as a part of the Department of Justice's continuing efforts to ensure the integrity of the procurement process."

The investigation of the allegations in the qui tam complaint was conducted by the U.S. Attorney's office in Little Rock, Ark., the Department's Civil Division, the General Services Administration Office of the Inspector General, the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Energy, the Defense Contract Audit Agency and the Postal Service Office of the Inspector General.


Source: U.S. Department of Justice

Editor's note: In this story, which Reuters broke yesterday, EMC has denied the allegations in written responses to the government. Reuters also reported a 3.3% drop in stock EMC value.


Snow and Spring Fever



Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

From Local Farms to...

March 2, 2009 — This tractor trailer reefer didn't get to deliver its milk today, because it fell off of the highway, 495 North, and down an embankment in Milford this morning, just before the Hopkinton line. At the time of this photo, around 2:00 p.m., 495 North was closed and traffic heading north was stalled. The northbound ramp at Route 85 was barricaded.

     Two other snow-related accidents are below, as the storm roared in, like the fable of old suggests.

 Services for the Home

UPS Truck vs. Plow Truck

March 2, 2009 — The plow truck, which can be seen off the road in the distance, collided with a UPS truck on Proctor Street this afternoon. Two patients refused treatment.

Police News UP-TO-DATE  <---Full Update March 2, 2009


3:35 pm A 911 caller from Split Rock Lane reported that a suspicious person was knocking on her door...


3:30 pm Officer Gregg DeBoer spoke with a resident of Winter Street regarding an on-going issue with a neighbor firing weapons illegally on his property...


8:18 pm A walk-in from Wood Street spoke with Sgt. Michael regarding a plow that was just stolen from his garage...


7:00 pm An Ash Street resident reported that he was receiving harassing phone calls from his step-daughter's ex-boyfriend...


  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Spare time, coffee break, need to relax?


Free content provided by The Free Dictionary

Hangman is behind the Games button, above, every day, and also with the Free Daily page, a group of specialty and educational features. Please don't let them go to waste. Try it now, above.

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for, 

Transactions for two weeks ending March 2, 2009






172 Saddle Hill Road Rachel L. Trueblood $617,500 Feb.  26, 2009 John E. Maguire & Beth A Maguire
155 Clinton Street Bradley D. Mannal & Jaime M. Mannal $461,000 Feb.  19, 2009 Laura M. Sol
5 Maple Avenue Norman J. Han & Ann M. Han $530,250 Feb.  19, 2009 Thomas J. Frazier & Joanne C. Frazier
7 Elizabeth Road Katie White $665,000 Feb.  17, 2009 John J. Thompson & Joanne Thompson
Two Weeks Ago        
12 Henry Lane Viola Schweller & Erik A Schweller $375,000 Feb.  05, 2009 Lilian V. Schendel
Prior Week        
7 West Elm Street Courtney Mello $288,000 Jan.  30, 2009 Paul D. Rooney Trustee of Cecelia A.
Rooney Realty Trust
1 Pinecrest Village unit 1 Linea Ann Scott $203,000 Jan.  30, 2009 Donna M. Belcher




Silent Auction Preview


Doubletree Hotel Westborough, MA US

Children's Gallery Preview at the Doubletree Hotel on Saturday,

March 7, from 1-3 p,m.

Buy raffle tickets for a chance to win one of dozens of fabulous baskets made by each of the student's grades, totes signed by the kindergarteners, the 1st grade quilt, pillows signed by the 2nd grade classes and the fantastic slates hand painted by Elmwood School's own Bonnie Muir and signed by the 3rd grade students.

Also featuring:

* FREE ice cream sundae bar
* Blinkie the Clown
* Great Green Ambulance
* Wii raffle

Hopkinton Curbside Trash Collection Storm Schedule

No pickup today, Monday, March 2

Hopkinton Curbside Trash/Recycling Collection will be delayed one day due to the March 2nd Nor’easter for the remainder of the week. The curbside collection contractor, E.L. Harvey, has established a customer service telephone line to handle missed trash and recycling collections and complaints at 508-983-1023. Updated recycling schedule and information can be obtained on the Town’s website at


Look to the Town’s website as well as HCAMTV (Ch.8 or Ch. 30 Fios) and for storm related collection service cancellations and schedule changes. Go to:

recycling/RecycleCalendar.htm for the updated curbside collection calendar.

J.T. Gaucher, P.E., Director, Department of Public Works. CTY Audio Message




March 2, 2009 — Colella's weekly flyer is uploaded to their website as a pdf every Monday. To see it online or print it fully, choose their ad button to go to their website and follow the intuitive links.

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

March 1, 2009 — Jeffrey Leal, 12, looked like the photo on the right, a Seventies look on dress up day for seventh grade, after four years of growing the hair without a cut..

     But on Christmas Eve, his 18 year-old brother Joshua took him to get his locks cut, and returned home with the cut hair washed and braided, above left.

     The hair made its way to Locks of Love where a sick child will have their self esteem healed.

 Services for the Home


Remembering Mrs. Dryden



I was saddened when I read that Mrs. Dryden had passed away. Although I had known she was sick and in a nursing home, I didn’t expect to be reading her obituary today. She was a very caring and loving individual who has earned my greatest respect. Anyone who grew up in Hopkinton in the Seventies and took bus #7 will surely never forget her.


She will always be remembered as the greatest and most sought after bus driver in Hopkinton. We would fight over the back seat of the bus so we could catch a little air on Granite Street when she (intentionally) drove over the “Big Bump”. In the few and far between instances where there was a problem on the bus, you didn’t want to be in her radar.


She held our attention and respect better that any drill sergeant on Parris Island ever could. She always had e few words of wisdom to ponder over at the end of the day and cared for each of us as if we were her own children. She made sure we were all cared for and never forgot our birthdays, always giving us a little special gift for the occasion.


She was a remarkable woman whose passing is a great loss to the Town of Hopkinton.


Craig Stanley (Mr. Stanley, a Hopkinton resident, is a member of the Milford Police department.)

March 1, 2009


  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Karaoke at ESL

March 13

7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Ages teen and up are welcome


Join Enter Stage Left's Boston Marathon Runners for a fun night of Karaoke on Friday, March 13 from 7-10!

All the money raised will go to support Enter Stage Left's Student Scholarship Fund to give children the opportunity to participate in the arts.

Haven't you always wanted to sing your favorite song to an audience? Well here's your chance! A night of excitement, showing off, and most importantly FUNdraising. That is right, we are putting the FUN back in FUNdraising.

Music and lyrics will be provided by Hopkinton Running Club member Andy Harris! Requests for certain music can be sent in advance to:

It promises to be a very silly night!

Suggested donation/fee is five dollars. ~
Susan Bushe

Fatal Crash on Route 128 North in Wakefield

Occupant not belted, ejected, dies from injuries


March 1, 2009 — At approximately 3:10 a.m. today, Troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Danvers responded to a one-vehicle crash on Route 128 North at Route 129 in Wakefield that resulted in one fatality and one serious injury. 

 One of the occupants of the vehicle, 21-year-old Octavius Maestre of Dorchester was ejected and suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash.

Preliminary investigation by Trooper Lisa Cote-Earthelmess indicates that a 2009 Pontiac G6 sedan being operated at a high rate of speed on Route 128 North in Wakefield, lost control and struck the guardrail on the right side of the roadway.  The Pontiac then traveled off the right side of the roadway and landed on Route 129 below Route 128. One of the occupants of the vehicle, 21-year-old Octavius Maestre of Dorchester was ejected and suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash. He was subsequently pronounced deceased at the scene. The other occupant, 24-year-old Jason Maestre of Dorchester was transported by ambulance with serious injuries to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. The identity of the victim is being withheld pending proper family notification.

Senior Center Health Fair

February 28, 2009 — Janice Piccioli, RN from Metrowest HomeCare and Hospice testing Jack Palitsch's blood sugar and cholesterol levels at Saturday's Health Fair.



David Baier of the MMA (Story below) lobbies for insurance changes for municipal employees.

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

Harriet G.B. Dryden, 85


Harriet G.B. Dryden, 85, of Hopkinton, died Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at the St. Camillus Health Center in Northbridge. Born in Framingham, she was the daughter of the late Edwin and Kathryn (Ferris) Borden. She was the wife of the late William T. Dryden who passed in 1982.

A Hopkinton resident since 1930, she was a bus driver for the town of Hopkinton for many years as well as a Girl Scout leader. She was a truck driver for the American Red Cross in WWII, and was a volunteer for the American Cancer Society, American Heart Fund, Arthritis Foundation and F.I.S.H. She was a lifetime member of Eastern star and was employed for many years at New England Telephone as a switchboard operator. She had a love for animals and their welfare.

She is survived by a daughter, Wesley L. Dryden and her husband Peter Ireland of Syracuse, NY, and 1 son, Scott W. Dryden and his wife Bonnie of Hopkinton. She also leaves behind 4 grandchildren, Nathanael, Meghen, Taylor and Spencer as well as many nieces and nephews. She is predeceased by a sister, Audrey B. Claflin.

A private funeral service was held with her family in the Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton. Donations in her memory may be made to the St. Camillus Health Center, 447 Hill St. Whitinsville, MA. 01588.

 Services for the Home


MMA Urges Increase in Co-pays and Deductibles for Employees

Above, selectman Matthew Zettek gestures as he makes a point.

February 28, 2009 — The Legislative Director of the MMA (Massachusetts Municipal Association) — a nonprofit, nonpartisan association of Massachusetts cities and towns — David Baier, spoke to a meeting of area managers and selectmen in the Senior Center Friday morning. Senator Karen Spilka as well as State Reps, Carolyn Dykema of Hopkinton/Holliston and  George Peterson of Grafton were on hand, as well as three Hopkinton Selectmen. Hopkinton Interim Town Manager Clayton Carlysle attended as did Northbridge Town Manager, former Hopkinton Town Administrator , Ted Kozak.

        Mr. Baier urged the gathering to support increasing the level of co-pays and deductibles on municipal employees' health insurance plans without having to go through collective bargaining.

Fatal Crash on Route 2 East in Gardner

Unrestrained passenger ejected, killed


February 28, 2009 — Today at approximately11:30 a.m., Troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Athol responded to a one-vehicle crash on Route 2 East at the on-ramp from Pearson Boulevard (Exit 23) in Gardner that resulted in one fatality. 


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Steven Jankowski indicates that 37-year-old Ann M. Branthoover of Athol was operating a 2002 Chevy Tracker SUV on the on-ramp from Pearson Boulevard to Route 2 East in Gardner when she lost control and rolled over, striking a rock formation off the right side of the roadway.


. A passenger, 40-year-old Kurt J. Swan of Athol was unrestrained and was ejected during the crash, where he suffered serious injuries. Swan was transported by ambulance to Heywood Hospital in Gardner where he was later pronounced deceased.  Branthoover was also transported by ambulance with minor injuries to Heywood Hospital. The identity of the victim is being withheld pending proper family notification.


  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

And Now...the Local News

ESL packs the house

Encore performance Saturday evening

February 27, 2009 — Enter Stage Left Theater jammed the faithful into the Woodville Rod and Gun Club Friday night for a presentation of their hilarious ESL Live! The show is structured similarly to Saturday Night Live, but features local performers and pokes fun at local people and local situations.

      Although Friday's show was sold  out, there are a few tickets left for the Saturday show.

World-Renowned Anita Diamant to Speak at Westborough Synagogue

Westborough, - February 27, 2009 - Anita Diamant, Congregation B’nai Shalom’s Scholar-in-Residence, and world-noted author of a number of books, will speak at the Congregation’s March 27th Sabbath services at 7:30 p.m.


According to Rabbi Laurence E. Milder, “To say that she is famous doesn’t quite express the impact that Ms. Diamant has had on Jewish life.”


Describing her as a “champion of egalitarian values and a shaper of contemporary Jewish practice,” he said she will be speaking on the topic of “American Judaism: What has Changed, and Where We are Going.”

She is best known for her best seller, “The Red Tent,” a novel that tells the story of the Biblical Dinah as it might have been told had Genesis been a matriarchal narrative.


A prolific writer, she is a former columnist for the Boston Globe and has written about a number of areas of contemporary Jewish practice. She turned to writing about “how to live Judaism without the assumptions of Orthodoxy,” and created an entirely new genre: guidebooks to Jewish life that spoke the language of a creative encounter with tradition.


Her first book, The New Jewish Wedding, is a best selling book on the topic, followed by books she wrote about a number of Jewish practices covering topics from babies to parenting, conversion, Jewish observance, and mourning.


Recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Hebrew Union College, she has been the driving force behind the creation of Mayyim Hayyim (Living Waters), a new community Mikveh (a ritual pool used by Jews for transitional moments in their lives) in Newton


“Like her books,” Rabbi Milder explained,” she saw that something was missing from the spiritual lives of Jews in the greater Boston area. She wanted a Mikveh that Jews could be proud to attend, could experience as a spiritual place of comfort, of transition, and of healing.”

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