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SMOC to Seek Tax (PILOT) Exclusion

Wants to purchase Wilson Street property from Boulder Capital

February 19, 2009 — Representatives of South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC) are expected to be on the Selectmen's agenda this coming Tuesday to seek an exception to the Town's Host Community Agreement (HCA) with Boulder Capital. The agreement demands that tax exempt entities in the OSMUD, the zoning overlay passed by Town Meeting last May, must engage in a PILOT program. PILOT is an acronym for Payment In Lieu Of Taxes that communities may negotiate with tax-exempt non-profits.

       Boulder Capital owns the Wilson Street property on which sits the SMOC-owned Serenity House, a halfway house, residential treatment center, and long-term care facility for female alcoholics. The facility also serves women with AIDS and offers other specialized services for women.

      "The reason for the inclusion of that PILOT in the agreement," said Boulder capital President Roy S. MacDowell Jr. today, "was to prevent large pieces of land from being taken off of the tax rolls, like Harvard University."

      "We have agreed to sell the property to the SMOC for some time. When we said in the HCA that there would be PILOTs, it was never intended that the Serenity House be a part of it," he said.

       The section of the HCA that speaks to the PILOT follows:


E. Additional Financial Matters


21. The Landowners’ Association documents referred to in the OSMUD Article shall include a restriction for the benefit of the Town that no property within the Site, other than Restricted Land approved by the Planning Board, shall be conveyed to a tax-exempt entity unless: (i) such entity agrees that the property will be subject to taxation under M.G.L. c.59, without any claim of exemption on the basis of the entity’s tax-exempt status; or (ii) such entity enters into an agreement for Payment in Lieu of Taxes (“PILOT Agreement”) that provides for payments in lieu of taxes and /or other benefits to the Town not less than the amount that would otherwise be due to the Town in property taxes and personal property excise taxes under M.G.L. c.59 for as long as the entity continues to be exempt from such property or excise taxation. The restrictions set forth in this paragraph shall apply to any lease by an owner of property within the Site to a tax-exempt entity if the legal effect of such lease would otherwise be to exempt the owner or lessee of the leased property from the payment of real estate taxes.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Selectman Adds Ideas to List of Savings


February 19, 2009 — Selectmen are still talking about the Saturday meeting they held on February 7, and Chairman Brian Herr (File photo) is still adding to the list of cost-saving measures that the Board is considering. At that meeting, the Board voted not to put an override before the voters this year. Mr. Herr wants the public to understand that it would not be at the expense of the School department, that they will continue to seek other expense-cutting measures.

     At that meeting, Selectman Michael Shepard suggested sharing the Human Resource department with the schools, or cutting the full time HR position to half time.

    Selectman Matthew Zettek  proposed regionalizing the Board of Health services and consolidating purchasing with the School Department.

     Mary Pratt, Vice-Chair, suggested asking the Senate to include Chapter 90 money in the stimulus package.

     And Selectman RJ Dourney suggested the most sweeping changes; regionalizing the Superintendant of Schools, the Fire Chief and the Police Chief.

    But Chairman Herr kept adding to his ideas and lengthened the list by another dozen lines.

    Among his most radical ideas, Mr. Herr suggests combining the Facilities, IT and HR Departments with the School Department, a move that would save $390,000 over the next two years.

     When asked if current state law prohibits such a melding of School and Town resources, Mr. Herr said he had heard that before.

     "If that's the case, we'll change the law," he said. "We'll do this at the state level."    

Bus Rollover on Route 90 in Becket Injures 4 AHL Hockey Players


February 19, 2009 — This morning at approximately 3:20 a.m., Troopers assigned to the State Police Westfield Barracks responded to a single-vehicle crash on Route 90 West, prior to exit 2 in the Town of Becket that resulted in three serious injuries. 


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Joseph Tetrault indicates that 63-year-old Stanley Novak of Glenmont, N.Y., was operating a 2002 Motor Coach Bus owned by Yankee Trails Incorporated on Route 90 West when the bus lost control, struck the median guardrail and rolled onto its driver’s side. The front of the bus came to rest in the left travel lane, with the rear of the bus in the center median.


The bus was occupied by members of the Albany River Rats, an American Hockey League team. Three passengers, 21-year-old Nicholas Blanchard, 25-year-old Dwight Helminen, and 23-year-old Jonathan Paiment, suffered serious injuries and were transported by ambulance to Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield. Two additional passengers, 23-year-old Casey Borer and 48-year-old John Hennesey, suffered minor injuries and were transported by ambulance to Berkshire Medical Center. The operator and the remaining 23 passengers were transported by bus to Berkshire Medical Center for evaluation.


Although this crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section, winter weather and icy road conditions may have contributed to the crash. The Lee Fire Department and personnel from the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority assisted Troopers at the scene.


During the crash investigation and vehicle removal, both the left and right travel lanes of Route 90 West were closed for approximately 7½ hours. Traffic was diverted around the crash scene in the breakdown lane.

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Trucker to be Charged for Role in Crash that Seriously Injured Trooper Today


February 19, 2009 — A Massachusetts state trooper suffered serious injuries after he was struck by a car this morning while he was assisting a disabled motor vehicle on Route 91 in Deerfield. As a result of the investigation into the crash, State Police will cite the driver of a tractor trailer that allegedly played a role in the crash for operating to endanger.


Trooper Terrence Halbach, 43, who is assigned to the Shelburne Falls Barracks, was struck at 7:12 a.m. in the southbound lane of Route 91, prior to Exit 25. The trooper was injured when a 2000 Hyundai Elantra spun out of control into the left lane, where he was out of his cruiser assisting a disabled motor vehicle. State Police are still investigating whether Trooper Halbach was struck directly by the Hyundai, or was struck by his cruiser as a result of the Hyundai hitting the cruiser.


Trooper Halbach was transported by ambulance to Bay State Medical Center in Springfield, where he has been admitted with serious injuries. The driver of the Hyundai, Gregory Tidlund, 20, of Greenfield, was not injured.


Investigation by State Police revealed that a 2006 International tractor trailer was observed by several witnesses traveling at a high rate of speed on Route 91 South just prior to where Trooper Halbach had stopped. The investigation revealed that the tractor trailer passed the Hyundai at a high rate of speed and caused the car’s driver to lose control. Light snow was falling and the road was covered with snow and ice at the time of the crash.


The driver of the tractor trailer, Andrew Sharpe, 26, of Johnstown, N.Y., was later located in North Hampton and will be cited for operating to endanger.


State Police were assisted by Deerfield police and fire and an EMS crew. No further information is available at this time. Please do not call the barracks directly 

Hopkinton 1, Westborough 6

February 18, 2009 — Andrew Preite jams one toward the Westborough net at Navin Rink in Marlborough this afternoon.



February 18, 2009 — Father of five and Chairman of the Board of Selectmen Brian Herr plays a little pickup hockey with his children, Declan, left, and Kiernin, at Ice House Pond on West Main Street this afternoon. Mr. Herr apparently drew the short stick. Two other children and a friend were also there, off-camera.

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

Bumpers Bumpin'

February 18, 2009 — Two men exchange paperwork after a fender-bender in front of the Mobil station on West Main Street this afternoon during which no one reported being injured.

Taking from Peter...

February 18, 2009 —  This Highway Department worker took snow from one side of Cedar Street and [put it on the other in order to free up a catch basin in preparation of this evening's snow storm.

Lone Racer

February 18, 2009 — This member of the MetLife racing team was riding solo past Carbone's this afternoon, and was gone from sight in seconds, riding at speeds of a motor vehicle at times.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Ice Racing

February 18, 2009 — The Roving HopNews camera caught a snapshot of this ice-racer on Meadow Pond in Whitinsville on Sunday. 

 Services for the Home

 Senior Moments

Senior Center Hosts a Valentine's Party

by Nancy L. Drawe



February 18, 2009 — It was a day filled with lots of red and pink hearts; you could almost feel the love in the air! This past Friday, February 13, the Hopkinton Senior Center hosted a Valentine’s party, complete with a delicious roast pork lunch and jazzy entertainment by John Guido. John has played his keyboard for many occasions at the center and everyone was happy to see him back again. There was a full array of music this time, filling many requests for certain types of songs such as country, jazz, polka, etc. “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” was the finale, which brought many of the couples up on the dance floor. The walls were decorated with such cute valentine cards made by one of the Boy Scout troops here in town—they did a great job! It was so cool when I first walked into the Great Room and looked around; all I could see was RED! However you want to describe it—cherry, crimson, ruby or scarlet—just about everyone was dressed in the special Valentines Day color! It was awesome! Everyone had a great time celebrating Valentine’s Day 2009.


Did you notice all the books that were on tables in the hallway last week? It was for the week long book sale that everyone looks forward to. Carol Walsh and other volunteers spent many hours getting the books ready, all in order and categorized. There were many browsers checking out all the paperbacks and hardcovers each day; it was like having the center’s own little Barnes and Noble.


The Health Fair will be on Saturday, February 28 at the center—it’s going to be a very informative and helpful day, so make sure you mark your calendars. I’ll give you lots more information in next week’s column.


Stay tuned for fun happenings in March. A little heads up…St. Patrick’s Day will be upon us very soon!


PS—have you picked up your Senior Center calendar yet? They’re still available!


That’s it for now, so if you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me: Until next time, have a great week!

Hopkinton 24, Algonquin 51

February 17, 2009 — Kelly Sanborn makes a run against her Algonquin Regional High School defender at Westborough High School this evening.

 Services for the Home

Hopkinton vs. Wellesley

February 17, 2009 — Luke Haroian drives past his Wellesley counterpart at the Athletic Center tonight.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Senator Karen Spilka Appointed Senate Chair of Joint Committee on
Economic Development and Emerging Technologies

 Will Sit on Federal Stimulus Oversight Committee

February 17, 2009 - In a move that reflects her keen understanding of the economic opportunities and challenges facing the entire state, Senator Karen Spilka (D-Ashland) was appointed Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies on Thursday. As such, she will play a key role in decisions regarding casino gambling, industrial development, and the retention of science and technology-intensive industries during the current legislative session.

As the Senator representing the heart of the thriving and innovative MetroWest region, Senator Spilka has been instrumental in the growth and retention of some of the Commonwealth's economic powerhouses, including Boston Scientific, EMC, Fidelity, Genzyme and BJ's Wholesale Club. With a wide range of economic diversity and the second highest payroll to Boston, the MetroWest has seen a lower unemployment rate than the rest of Massachusetts of late.

"As an economic engine, the MetroWest is a microcosm of what is possible in terms of growth and development for the entire Commonwealth," stated Senator Spilka upon receiving her appointment. "I look forward to working with industries throughout the state and my colleagues in the Senate and the House to begin the process of economic recovery for Massachusetts residents as soon as possible."

In her role as Chair, Senator Spilka will assist in leading the committee to consider all matters concerning opportunities for economic development within the Commonwealth. The committee is intended to identify and consider prospective economic opportunities that have the best ability to create long term, sustainable revenue for the Commonwealth.

As Economic Development and Emerging Technologies chair, Senator Spilka will also serve on the newly established Federal Stimulus Oversight Committee as one of eighteen Massachusetts legislators responsible for overseeing the proper distribution of funds provided to the Commonwealth from the Federal Stimulus Package.

The special Legislative committee will have the ability to hold hearings on federal stimulus plans, audit expenditures, and report back periodically to the House and Senate. The committee will be led by the chairs of the House and Senate committees on Post-Audit and Oversight with assistant vice-chairs from House and Senate Ways and Means acting as vice-chairs of the new committee.

Senator Spilka was also named the Vice Chair of the Committee on Labor and Workforce Development. Her dual appointment as Chair of Economic Development and Emerging Technologies and Vice Chair of Labor and Workforce Development solidifies Senator Spilka's important role as a key player in upcoming decisions regarding workforce development and employer retention during tough economic times.

Senator Spilka has served on the Senate Committee on Ethics and Rules as a Vice Chair and will maintain this position for the 2009-2010 session. She was also re-appointed to her posts on the Senate Committee on Ways and Means, Healthcare Financing and Higher Education and was newly appointed to the recently-formed Global Warming committee.

Through her consistent commitment to advocate for her constituents, andher inherent ability to confront complex issues, Senator Spilka has established herself as a respected leader in state government. She represents the Second Middlesex and Norfolk district, comprised of the towns of Ashland, Framingham, Franklin, Holliston, Hopkinton, Medway and Natick. She is currently working on a 2009-2010 legislative agenda that will focus on fairness, equity and resources for the greater MetroWest, education and workforce development, and support and solutions for a tough economy.

Life Mimics Life

February 17, 2009 — This turkey vulture circling the Downtown yesterday afternoon is in nearly the exact  angle of trajectory as the airplane in the background.



Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

News from the Lions Club



The Lions Clubn will be making a solid effort to collect donated, recyclable bottles and cans on Saturday, February 28th at Colella’s Market from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. This small group tries to capture the spirit of giving, both locally and around the world. Can they count on your help?


The Eye Mobile Is Coming To Town

Would you like to get a free eye and hearing exam, right here in Hopkinton?

The Hopkinton Lions Club is bringing in it’s district Eye Mobile on Saturday, February 28th. They will be setting up at the Senior Center on Mayhew Street for a town-wide Council on Aging Health Fair. No reservation needed. This free service is available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Please note: The Health Fair organizers have designated March 14th as a backup snow date. Since the Eyemobile is scheduled in advance for service in many Massachusetts towns, it will only be in Hopkinton on February 28th.


Relay for Life 2009 Kickoff - February 26


File photo, above, of luminarias on bleachers at the Varsity Field at last year's Relay for Life. Planners Luke Frasier and Carly Boyce can be seen in the left of the photo. Here is a link to a HopNews report by Ben Lewis at last year's Relay.


February 17, 2009 — The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Hopkinton is holding a kickoff meeting on Thursday, February 26th  at 6:30 p.m. at Hopkinton High School Cafeteria.


Relay For Life is the signature event of the American Cancer Society. It is a fun-filled, overnight event that mobilizes communities throughout the country to celebrate survivors (anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer), remember loved ones, and raise money for the fight against cancer.


Teams of eight to 15 members will gather with tents and sleeping bags to join with more than 4,000 communities nationwide that sponsor Relays. Relay For Life brings together friends, families, businesses, hospitals, schools, and churches. Teams seek sponsorship prior to the Relay, all with the goal of eliminating cancer.


Come to the Hopkinton High School Cafeteria on Feb. 26th at 6:30 for desserts and pick up your Team Captain Packet. If your team hasn’t registered yet, you can register online at . Be sure to collect your registration fees and complete your registration forms to bring to the kickoff.


New this year: Hopkinton will host the Cancer Prevention Study – 3.  This is an opportunity to participate in an actual research study.  The American Cancer Society is looking to register 500,000 for a long term study.  Participants must be between the ages of 30 and 65 and never have had cancer.  A tent will be set up on the track on the Friday night of Relay for Life in Hopkinton (Friday, May 29th from 6 pm – 10 pm).  Participants will fill out a survey, have their waist measured, and have some blood drawn.  Then, they will be mailed surveys to their home to complete in the future.  You do not have to be on a Relay team to come to the study!


Any questions about Relay for Life in Hopkinton, contact Cecily or Cam at:   

Any questions about the Cancer Prevention-3 Study, contact Jennifer at:

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Aborted Landing

February 16, 2009 — This pin-headed turkey vulture aborted his first landing upon seeing the photographer exit his vehicle, and then circled to scope him out before finally landing in a tree near his mate. They roost every evening in the trees overlooking the cemetery downtown, being true to the way they are characterized in film, documentaries and cartoons. He was about 100 feet over the photographer in the photo.

 Services for the Home

 "Music of the Gaslight Era"

A free musical and educational program sponsored by the Hopkinton Historical Society

Sunday, February 22, 2 pm

Hopkinton Fire Station (73 Main St), 2nd floor conference room


The Hopkinton Historical Society’s February meeting is open to the public, and the program will include "Music of the Gaslight Era (1890-1920)" to be presented by John Root, a local musician and educator. This program features a diverse repertoire of instrumental and vocal musical styles from the turn of the previous century. The lyrics of songs from this period offer unusual insights into the customs and values of these bygone days as well as the country’s growing multicultural diversity. Music written during the Gaslight Era has created a unique musical style that continues to delight and inspire audiences around the world. Please join us for this delightful musical celebration.

More information about John Root can be found at .


"Not only is John a wonderful singer and musician, his voice fitting perfectly with songs from the Gaslight era, but his vast knowledge of music history is an unexpected treat. He is a charismatic and interesting teacher, along with his considerable musical talent"

~ Bonnie Hurd Smith, Executive Director, Ipswich Historical Society,



Police News UP-TO-DATE  <---Full Update

February 16, 2009


8:22 pm A group of youths were shooting paintballs at passing cars on Hayden Rowe Street said a caller...


8:05 am A resident from Ash Street reported that a raccoon was attacking his cat and he did not want to step in...


6:53 pm A confused resident of Lumber Street reported that approximately 200 protesters were outside of his house...


4:01 pm Several syringes left in street on Valleywood Road...

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Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for, 

Transactions this week, February 16, 2009






There are no new property transactions this week.

Last Week        
12 Henry Lane Viola Schweller & Erik A Schweller $375,000 Feb.  05, 2009 Lilian V. Schendel
Previous Week        
7 West Elm Street Courtney Mello $288,000 Jan.  30, 2009 Paul D. Rooney Trustee of Cecelia A.
Rooney Realty Trust
1 Pinecrest Village unit 1 Linea Ann Scott $203,000 Jan.  30, 2009 Donna M. Belcher


Tackling Potty Training

with The Mom's Club

at Ciao Time, 28 Main Street

Wednesday, February 25th, Time 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Cost: $10.00 fee with a maximum of 20 attendees


Please join us at Ciao Time restaurant in the center of Hopkinton, and share an appetizer and drink with a friend while we talk about how to tackle potty training!  This event will be facilitated by Ms. Laura Bontempo, mother of six children and Parent Educator for the Milford Family Network. Ms. Bontempo’s workshop is designed to help parents look at potty training in a different light.  We will talk about developmental readiness, popular techniques and tips and tricks for helping  our child take charge.


We will have the restaurant to ourselves as we listen to Ms. Bontempo’s lecture for the first 45 minutes, followed by a question and answer portion for the last 45 minutes. Please RSVP to Meghan Lussier at  to secure your seat at the table. ~ Mom's Club


Milford Regional Announces 2009 Mélange
Annual Fundraising Gala Set for Saturday, April 18th at Milford Town Hall as Masquerade Ball


Milford, MA –Milford Town Hall will be transformed for one night on Saturday, April 18, 2009, when Milford Regional Medical Center holds its fifth annual Mélange, which this year will be a black-tie Masquerade Ball that will raise funds for the launch of much-needed hospice services in Milford and the surrounding towns served by the Medical Center.


“We have done something very different each year,” said Francis M. Saba, CEO of Milford Regional Medical Center, which serves towns from Hopkinton to Franklin and the Blackstone Valley. “This is our fifth Mélange and we hope to top last year’s success. Each year this event has been bigger than the last, raising more than $600,000 for the Cancer Center, cardiovascular expansion, adolescent health and more at Milford Regional. It’s a wonderful way for our community to come together and we’re so grateful for their support. This year the proceeds will go toward launching hospice services at the Medical Center.”


“We’re looking for sponsors, auction donations and ticket sales,” said Elaine Osgood, whose Milford-based travel agency has been a sponsor for each Mélange. “We know budgets are tough this year, but each year additional companies and individuals come aboard and that’s the kind of incremental growth we need to make this a success. If everyone supports this cause to the extent they are able, we will top our goal and have the funding to launch Hospice Services here.”


Hospice Services have not been available at Milford Regional for more than a decade due to budget considerations. A recent study revealed that these services are much needed in this area and are key in supporting the work of the Cancer Center at Milford Regional Medical Center. Hospice Services care for critically ill patients with less than six months to live, who no longer desire to have cure-oriented treatment.


This social event has attracted more than 200 guests and 50 sponsors each year. The live auction is expected to be even more entertaining this year, with the gavel in the hands of one of New England’s finest auctioneers, Kathy Kingston. She has already announced unprecedented items including an African Safari and Tuscan Villa vacation. (File photo, Hopkinton resident Vascen Bogigian receives an award at last year's Mélange for his contributions).


“Sponsorship and auction item donation is a wonderful way to get your name recognized in this community,” said Osgood. “The earlier you become involved, the more recognition you will get leading right up to the event. This is a win-win with businesses raising visibility while supporting a wonderful cause.”


Tickets go on sale today, February 15th for $175 per person. For more information on joining the committee, becoming a sponsor or donating to the auction, please contact Sheba Pai at the Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation at 508-422-2034 or visit .

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

South-Central Sectional Swim/Dive Meet -Records Broken

February 15, 2009 — On Saturday, the Boys Swim Team started things off by placing 10th in the South Central Sectional Meet which is the best finish ever. That place is a little deceiving, as the team was only 13 points out of 4th. Individually, Will Olson placed 3rd in the breaststroke and 4th in the butterfly, and Anthony DeBenedetto placed 4th in the backstroke The relays all placed in the top 12, including a nice 6th place in the medley relay. Other individuals who placed in the top 12 and scored points were Evan Kollmeyer, Paul Lagasse, and John Lagasse. Aaron Kollmeyer and Jeff Zhou helped out on relay scoring, and Jeff Wagner rounded out the team's individual placers. The meet also saw three school records fall. Anthony broke his own 100 backstroke record, and the 200 Medley and 400 freestyle all were school records. Will was less than .30 off the school record in the fly.

Sunday, the Girls Team swam just as well. When the meet was over, they finished in 6th place, only two points out of 5th. And, the team only had FIVE girls in the meet!!! Individually, Kayla Lewkowicz Placed 6th in the 50 freestyle(after being seeded 12th), and Katie Zheng placed 6th in the breaststroke, and Kate Richardson moved up from being seeded 8th to finishing 3rd in the 100 freestyle. The relays were also just awesome!! The Medley Relay and the 400 Free Relay were 6th, and the 200 Free Relay came from being seeded 8th, to getting 2nd in the meet!! That relay included Alex Brown, Kayla, Katie, and Sara Jeffrey.

Great job to all involved......Stay tuned for one more week to see how we do at states!! ~Bryan king

HopNews file photo above

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 Services for the Home

Total control

February 15, 2009 — Alexandra Leteria jumps up for two at Friday night's game against Norton.

  Introducing Hopkinton historical landmark T-shirts for

Hopkinton Historical Society fundraising


This month, the Hopkinton Historical Society is launching a new fundraising effort, the sale of Hopkinton historical landmark T-shirts. This effort has been spearheaded by Annie Marcy, a long-time member of the Historical Society, and her niece, Julie Snee, who provided the creative artwork to get us started. Our first T-shirt design features the World War I Memorial ("the Doughboy") who stands guard over Hopkinton at the Town’s center. The Doughboy (pictured above) is shown in black and circled by a banner that reads "World War I Memorial – Hopkinton, Massachusetts".


The Historical Society insignia is inscribed below the image. This World War I Memorial was erected in the 1920s to honor the Hopkinton citizens who served in the first World War. Our initial batch of T-shirts is available in white or grey shirt colors, and sizes are medium, large, or extra large. The cost per T-shirt is $15, and T-shirts can be ordered by completing and mailing the order form below. If all goes well, we expect to be drafting some additional T-shirt designs of other historical landmarks in

the near future.


Click here to download Hopkinton Historical Society Newsletter with order form for tee shirts. Click on "Structures" icon to see all of Hopkinton's Historical homes by address.

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!

Checkerberry Farms Hosts the Horse Dentist — and More... 

Neither of 2 occupants wearing seatbelts in West Bridgewater Fatal

Both ejected, one dies - Police seek witnesses



February 14, 2009 — Today at approximately 9:47 a.m., Troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Middleboro responded to a single vehicle crash on Route 24 South near Route 106 (exit 16) in West Bridgewater that resulted in one fatality and one serious injury.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Derrick Costa indicates that two adult females were occupying a 1998 Ford Explorer on Route 24 South in West Bridgewater when the vehicle lost control and the vehicle rolled over.  Neither occupant was wearing a seatbelt, and both were ejected.  A 34 year-old, Ginger Santos from Raynham sustained serious injuries, and was pronounced deceased at the scene. A 35 year-old, Tanya Terry from Taunton, was seriously injured and Med-flighted to Beth Israel. 


This crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, the State Police Crime Scene Services Section, and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.   Mass Highway assisted troopers at the scene. 


Due to the crash investigation and vehicle removal Route 24 southbound was closed for approximately 2 hours. 


Witnesses to this crash are asked to call the State Police Middleboro Barracks at 508-947-2222. 


Horse Dentist

February 14, 2009 — Gary Sacoccia Jr., a "horse dentist" demonstrates the depth of a horse's teeth.

     "They go all the way back to the eyes," he said.

     Mr. Sacoccia was at the Checkerberry Farm on Winter Street, the home of the Lukeys, for their annual "floating," or filing, of the horses' teeth. The teeth of horses become sharp with age, and need to be filed yearly so they are protected, and so they can more efficiently grind grain. (Watch for movie later.)

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S


February 14, 2009 — There was no mistaking yesterday which way the wind was gusting on Main Street in front of Country Plus.

A Huge Thank You


February 14, 2009 — Senior Captain Michelle Coburn presents Ron and Kathy Yankee flowers in recognition of their support of the Hiller Girls Basketball team over the past several years as part of the teams Senior Night recognition ceremony.  (Photo by Mitch Sanborn)

Hopkinton is Full of Sunshine!


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