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Advantage Wireless worker robbed at gunpoint

Anyone with information urged to call Det. Van Raalten 508-497-3401


by Robert Falcione

January 6, 2009 — Advantage Wireless, a Verizon phone reseller located at 77 West Main Street, was robbed at 6:53 p.m. this evening by a lone gunman.

      According to Hopkinton Police Detective Scott Van Raalten, a man wearing a ski mask entered the store and brandished a semi-automatic handgun, pointing it directly at the store's salesperson and demanding money. The clerk handed over $500. There was no one else in the store at the time, just before closing.

      The robber, described as muscular and "jacked," was said to be 6'3" and between 230 and 240 pounds, wearing a black shirt that said "Orange County Choppers." Detective Van Raalten said the store clerk believed the robber to be Caucasian, but did not know why, because the masked robber also wore gloves.

       After receiving the money, the robber also demanded three Blackberry Storms, the latest touch screen wireless phone model, which retail for $500 apiece. The clerk handed them over, and the robber left in a dark, late-model Taurus in the direction of Route 495.

      It is not known if the robber actually got on the highway, but the State Police as well as surrounding towns were all notified as Hopkinton Police searched the immediate area.

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Selectmen Release Executive Session Minutes Regarding Investigation of Former Town Manager Anthony Troiano


Allege creating "hostile work environment" and visiting online porn site


by Robert Falcione

January 6, 2009 — The Board of Selectmen released the minutes of Executive Sessions meetings, principally regarding the removal of then Town Manager Anthony Troiano, who was put on Administrative Leave two days after being convicted of Motor Vehicle Homicide in Falmouth Court on September 17, 2008. He was involved in a head on collision in May of 2007 in Bourne that resulted in the death of 69 year-old  Lilija Berents of East Falmouth. Mr. Troiano was on the wrong side of the roadway at the time of the collision, and suffered life-threatening injuries himself, including a torn aorta, broken pelvis and collapsed lungs. He returned to his position of Hopkinton Town Manager during his recovery.

      The minutes made public of the September 23, 2008 describe Town Counsel Ray Miyares advising the Board of Selectmen that, "It is important that the issue remain confidential, since Mr. Troiano's reputation would likely suffer if the issue became public, regardless of how the Board eventually resolves the issue." (Ed. Note: The quotes are quotes of the minutes, which were basically a paraphrase of those speaking. There are no actual quotation marks in the minutes).

       At that meeting, Mr. Troiano offered conditions for his removal, but was not represented by counsel, and no agreement was reached.

      The minutes make it clear that following an investigation of Mr. Troiano by Kathy Laflash, Chair of the Personnel Committee, Mr. Herr placed Mr. Troiano on Administrative Leave unilaterally, after advice from Mr. Miyares, but without a vote of the full Board, until this particular meeting on the 23rd.

       At that meeting, the Board voted unanimously to ratify the initiation of the investigation of Mr. Troiano and the placement of him on Administrative Leave, which had been announced six days prior.

       Mr. Miyares expressed concern that a reporter knew details of the charges, and Mr. Zettek asked if a "gag" order could be prepared.

       Ms. Laflash's investigative report was given on that evening, and referred to as an attachment to the minutes, but was not attached to the released minutes at tonight's meeting.

       Mr. Miyares said that Mr. Troiano did not dispute any of the facts of Ms. Laflash's investigation, but the minutes do not even generalize as to the charges.

       However, the minutes of September 29, 2008 describe Ms. Laflash detailing "a sexual harassment complaint against Mr. Troiano was brought to the Human Resources Director. The complaint was related to Mr. Troiano's use of a Town-issued computer to access pornographic websites."

       Mr. Troiano complained that his subordinate received the complaint; but his subordinate brought the complaint to the Chair of the Personnel Committee, as provided in Town Bylaws.

       The minutes state, "Ms. Laflash stated that a reasonable person could find that Mr. Troiano created a hostile work environment."

       Mr. Miyares emphasized that the town needed to take all incidents of sexual harassment seriously in order to be sure a hostile work environment does not exist.

       Ms. Laflash is quoted as saying that it appeared Mr. Troiano was the one who accessed sexually explicit websites on the Town-issued laptop.

       The charges detailed in the minutes were that Mr. Troiano violated the Technology Usage Bylaw and the Acceptable Use Policy as well a the Sexual Harassment Bylaw. Mr. Miyares read from the law that "unwelcome conduct, intended or not, may constitute sexual harassment."

       Troiano's attorney, Robert Hennigan, said Troiano would agree to accessing the principal website in question on September 4, 2008, but would not agree to admit to the others. Mr. Miyares advised that one website alone was a violation. (File photo of Mr. Troiano turning in his keys to Town Hall).

 Addendum to story:

       Speaking for Mr. Troiano, Mr. Hennigan said that Mr. Troiano was embarrassed by the incident and "does not dispute that he accessed sexually explicit websites using Town computer equipment." He stated that Mr. Troiano did not know he was on the Town's network at the time. Mr. Troiano suggested that visitors to his apartment could have accessed his computer.

        After his return to work following his accident, Mr. Troiano rented an apartment in Hopkinton to avoid the 90 minute drive home to the Cape, but as a result, he was absent his wife and family during those weekdays.

        Mr. Troiano said he disagreed that he created a hostile work environment. He said Town Hall was a fairly liberal environment when he arrived there, and that people swore or discussed movies involving adult situations.

        He stated he felt the HR Director had an agenda, and that he felt threatened by Mr. Herr. He called the investigation a "prosecution," according to the minutes.

       He said that the public thought the sessions were about his car accident, and also said he first learned about the complaint from a newspaper reporter on September 16. That was one day before his trial. Mr. Miyares had advised not informing Mr. Troiano of the complaint before or during his trial for motor vehicle homicide, because it would be "inhumane," he said.

       Mr. Troiano also complained that if he is guilty of violating internet policy, then so is everyone else who pays bills or shops online during work hours.

       The Board agreed that the relationship with Mr. Troiano was broken, and most regretted the situation, but all agreed Mr. Troiano should go.

       The Board voted to continue the meeting until October 2, 2008, at which time Mr. Troiano resigned.

       At the October 2, 2008 meeting, the Board, and Mr. Troiano and his attorney, haggled over details of the "Settlement Agreement," with the Selectmen and attorney in one room, and Mr. Troiano and his attorney in another, each shuttling papers to one another through the hallways.

       At one Point, Chairman Brian Herr suggested that if Mr. Troiano did not agree, then he would ask the Board to adopt a Preliminary Resolution of Removal and abandon the idea of a Settlement Agreement and resignation.   

       Reporters who were present in the hallway saw the parties carrying papers that were folded over to particular pages, as if for signatures.

       After the signing of the agreement, the Board then went into open session and told the two reporters present that Mr. Troiano had resigned. Mr. Herr said that Mr. Troiano would receive $18,300 and 10 days of unused vacation time.

       The specific websites Mr. Troiano visited were not listed in the minutes, nor were any specific charges of sexual harassment detailed.   

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Carbon Monoxide Sends 2 To Hospital

Heater vent leaks poisonous fumes


by Robert Falcione

January 6, 2009 — The Fire Department responded to John Matthew Road to investigate the smell of natural gas and found carbon monoxide inside of a residence at dangerous levels.

      "We found levels over 700 ppm (parts per million)," said Deputy/Acting Chief Ken Clark. He said that safe levels are 7 or 8 ppm. "We put our masks on at 35 ppm," he said.

       The ambulance transported two young male occupants to the hospital to be examined after exhibiting symptoms of co exposure. The Firefighters evacuated the home and purged the interior air while NStar arrived to investigate.

       Deputy Chief Clark said that there were several holes in the heater's fluepipe that were being repaired as the Firefighters exited.

 Services for the Home

Mass Attorney General Martha Coakley Suggests Mortgage Holders Share Burden of Unsecured Debt

Letter to Congress urges giving power to bankruptcy court


            BOSTON January 6, 2008 - Today, Attorney General Martha Coakley, along with the Attorneys General of 21 other states and the District of Columbia, sent a letter to United States House and Senate Leadership urging Congress to amend the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to permit federal Bankruptcy Courts to protect families from foreclosure.  Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller co-sponsored the letter.  Changing the law, the Attorneys General believe, will reduce home foreclosures, stabilize real estate values and restore confidence in the financial markets.


“Today, we urge Congress to consider this proposal, which we think will help fight the tide of foreclosures and their negative impacts on our communities. Not only will it give the Bankruptcy Court the power to modify residential mortgage loans without any cost to taxpayers, it will save lenders from costly foreclosures and aid the millions of homeowners unable to make their monthly mortgage payments,” said Attorney General Coakley.


The Attorneys General note in their letter that despite the best efforts of state and federal government regulators to engage servicers in voluntary loan modifications to avoid unnecessary foreclosures, further action to spur meaningful modifications must be taken.  For instance:


  • The states note that most troubled mortgages are securitized and therefore multiple stakeholders may be involved in the decision to modify mortgage loans, causing a continued paralysis.

  • The multi-state Foreclosure Prevention Working Group released a report complied of data made up of 13 major servicers in September 2008 showing that voluntary loan modification measures have failed.

  • The recently-enacted federal “Hope for Homeowners” program has failed.  It generated little interest from mortgage holders. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently reported that only 111 applications had been submitted nationwide.

Additionally, last September, Attorney General Coakley submitted testimony to Congress that financial investigators in her office found that loan modifications often increased, rather than decreased, the homeowner’s monthly payment.


Under the amendment supported by the Attorneys General, losses and benefits would be shared between homeowners and investors.  If a federal Bankruptcy Court ordered a loan modification, the homeowner would be required to pay the loan based on the current secured value and the mortgage holder may be required to absorb the unsecured portion of the debt which exceeds the value of the home. Homeowners with regular income will retain their home while paying a sustainable mortgage. The mortgage holder receives a steady stream of income, while avoiding the losses and expenses incident to a foreclosure sale.  Communities benefit from avoiding the blight of foreclosed properties and deteriorating neighborhoods. 


Today’s letter highlights the reasons that the bankruptcy system is well-equipped to handle this crisis. With approximately 300 judges experienced in valuing property, no new agency, regulations or personnel are needed to implement the amendment. The proposal could take effect immediately and will not cost taxpayers anything. The Attorneys General do not anticipate an increase in bankruptcy filings by passing such an amendment; instead they believe such a measure will likely motivate mortgage servicers and secondary market investors to achieve sustainable loan modifications.


Attorneys General from the following states joined Massachusetts and Iowa in today’s request to Congress: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia.

~ From the Office of the Attorney General

Excerpt from the "The Hilltopper" Senior Center Newsletter, Now Online:

Always available above.


by Mary McLeod

REFLECTION: Along with Seniors who have shared their feelings with me about the changes coming in 2009, I must admit I also feel a little anxious about the New Year. Who doesn’t? After “January20th” how will the proposed changes affect us individually and the Senior population as a whole? Seniors are concerned about what kind of world are we leaving our grandchildren.

     Most always, I receive comfort from nature. I remember listening during a long stormy night to the sounds of trees and branches falling and wondering what trees would remain and which ones would fall or be weakened. The morning after the storm taught me a lesson. The oak trees with strong root systems remained hardly touched! Trees with weaker root systems fell.

    Regardless of the happenings around me, I know it’s important for me to keep my root system strong. Meditating each morning, saying thank you to my creator, eating properly, exercising, reading, staying connected to people and not isolating, feeds my root system. I can handle what the day gives to me.

    Each morning I arrive at our Senior Center and feel joy as I enter and anticipate the friendly interactions I will have throughout the day, never mind the delicious smells from the kitchen! Going home, I feel upbeat after a day of being at the Center and grateful that I can call this place my second home.

Happy New Year!

Feathers and Fur

January 6, 2009 — The fattened hawk in the inset, about to push off and fly away today, finally became more visible after some repositioning by the photographer, who was wondering why the bird swooped down into this tree behind some homes on Church Street in the first place.

      The bird, which is perched on the right side of the photo, and slightly obscured by branches, wouldn't be true to its name if it did not have one eye on the chipmunk (or small squirrel) in the tree on the left side of the photo.


Hopkinton Senior Center will be closed tomorrow

Wednesday  January  7th in anticipation of severe icing.

Fatal Rollover Crash on Ramp to Route 128 North in Peabody

Driver not wearing safety belt


January 5, 2009 — Last evening at approximately 10:13 p.m., Troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Danvers responded to a single vehicle rollover crash on the ramp from Route 95 South to Route 128 North in Peabody.  This crash resulted in one fatality.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Daniel Carideo indicates that a 2007 Kia sedan operated by 33-year-old Brandon Jakle of Beverly was traveling on the ramp from Route 95 South to Route 128 North when he lost control, causing the Kia to roll over and strike a stone wall.  Jakle, who was not wearing a safety belt,  was transported  by ambulance to Leahy Clinic with serious injuries as a result of the crash where he was subsequently pronounced deceased.

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14 Arraigned In Connection With Organized Crime Activities

Charges Include Alleged Illegal Bookmaking, Loan-Sharking, And Extortion Crimes


WOBURN January 5, 2009 — Fourteen men were arraigned today in connection with their involvement in two separate organized crime organizations in the greater Boston area, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone informed the public today. The defendants are alleged to have derived hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal proceeds by their involvement in illegal bookmaking operations.

A listing of those arraigned today in Middlesex Superior Court and their charges are as follows:


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Scouts Pickup Trees


Is your event listed here? Remember to check the Calendar before making plans!

January 5, 2009 — Ian Kelley, Peter Lahaie, Ben Pelleiko, and Robert Lahaie at Garner Bros. Sawmill on Saturday unloading collected trees last Saturday. The Scouts will continue their tree pickup the next two Saturdays as announced on the Virtual Common, above. For more specific information, please check the Calendar.

 Services for the Home

Martin Luther King Day of Giving Back


Blood Drive

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hopkinton Middle School

10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

 Free pound of Dunkin Donuts coffee for all presenting donors

To schedule an appointment, please email or call Jane Roche at  or 435-3980


The Woodville Rod and Gun Club is sponsoring an ICE FISHING DERBY January 24 from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Entry fee is $20.00. There will be raffles and prizes. There will be a breakfast at the club from 5:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m.. For more info visit the club on Rte 135 in Hopkinton or visit

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Police News UP-TO-DATE  <---Full Update

January 5, 2009


1:49 pm A caller reported that something popped a vehicle's tire on West Main Street...


10:28 pm A caller reported that youths were throwing snowballs at passing motorists on Holt Street...


2:50 am A 911 caller reported that a vehicle crashed into a utility pole on Hayden Rowe Street...


5:22 am The Highway Department reported vandalism to several mailboxes on Frankland Road...


Weathered Bell

January 5, 2008 — The pews in St. John's Church can be seen reflected in the bell of Everett Carr's instrument, as can the people and the interior of the church, columns and all, as well as the musician himself. The picture itself is presented upside down here in order to save HopNews readers from craning their necks or turning their computers 180 degrees.

      The concavity of the bell has caused the reflected light to act as it would through a lens, which presents images in that way. The simplest representation of the effect is the pinhole camera.

NOTE: Photo is upside down.

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for, 

Transactions this week, January 5, 2009






Address Buyer Price Date Seller
5 Meserve Street Walker Realty LLC $350,000 Jan.  02, 2008 William Pellegrino
Last Week: None        
Two Weeks Ago:        
5 Leman Lane unit A Karen Upton $265,000 Dec.  19, 2008 Timothy J. Gray & Kelly A. Gray
179 Saddle Hill Road Jason L. Mard & Barbara F. Mard $387,500 Dec.  19, 2008 John B. Galanek & April R. Galanek
12 Curtis Road Paula J. Palumbo $315,000 Dec.  18, 2008 Denice Godfrey
43 Greenwood Road James R. Erven & Patricia A. Erven $835,000 Dec.  18, 2008 Richard A. Bettina & Anne E. Bettina
Hillcrest Drive Thomas E. Perna & Danielle Perna $137,500 Dec.  16, 2008 Winthrop T. Wiley
47 Greenwood Road Frederick A. Schillinger, III & Allyson W. Schillinger $845,000 Dec.  15, 2008 Prudential Relocation Inc.
47 Greenwood Road Prudential Relocation Inc. $845,000 Dec.  15, 2008 Catherine B. Kuhn


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Sponsored by the Hopkinton Police and the beFREE Coalition*

Be Safe Question of the Day


Q. People who start drinking before the age of 15 are FOUR TIMES more likely to become dependent on alcohol at some time in their lives..


a)  True

b)  False


Check back later for the correct answer.

Sources for this weekly feature are:

Hopkinton HS Youth Risk Behavior, 2006, Social Host Law M.G.L. c. 138, sec.34 and the American Medical Assoc. 

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Taps Vigil

Above, Mike McCann plays the second round of taps, the unseen bugler, as veterans and others salute the flag.

January 4, 2009 — Hopkinton veterans and supporters held a taps ceremony this evening, as they do at 7:05 p.m. on the first Sunday of every month. Tonight's vigil was held at the Hopkinton Senior Center, one of several alternating locations.

      According to organizer Ray Gendreau, although the ceremony is a national event, Hopkinton remains as the only town in Massachusetts that still participates.

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Happy Hens Come from Hopkinton

January 4, 2009 — Happy cows may come from California, as the TV ad states, but contented hens definitely dwell on C Street, in this photo taken today near the roadside.

SMCCB Promise Delivered

January 4, 2009 — Above, Bruce Houston conducts the  Southeastern Mass Community Concert Band at a "makeup" free holiday concert at Saint John the Evangelist Church on Sunday to benefit Project Just Because. The original date in December got snowed out for the second year in a row.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Personal Best

January 4, 2009 — Stephen Bell takes a run around town on Sunday just for his own benefit, and not as a member of any team. Above, he rounds the crest of Cedar Street, keeping his hands protected inside his sleeves in the chilly afternoon.

Return of the Native

January 4, 2009 — Fr. Jim Degnan, former Pastor of St. John's for 25 years, holds Gabriella Mingace, 8.5 months, just prior to the free concert today. Fr. Jim was the first person to allow the band to perform at the church.


On North Pond

January 4, 2009 — Above, one of Keith Lincoln's several children playing hockey today, fires a pass at a sibling on North Pond (Lake Maspenock). The family skated from Oakhurst Road, Mr. Lincoln said, to use the best, wind-sheltered ice. The photo was taken at the car-top boat area on the causeway, looking south. Town-owned Sandy Beach is in the background, top right.

     A Fire Department lieutenant pulled into the parking area as the photographer was exiting, saying he had a complaint from an Oakhurst Road resident concerned for the safety of the family on the relatively thin ice. A hole near shore revealed about 3 inches of thickness.

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Breaking the Wind

January 4, 2009 — The MetLife Pro-am Cycling team pedaled through Hopkinton on Sunday at speeds usually seen on an automobile's speedometer. Above, on Cedar Street are three cyclists, although the third in line cannot be seen very well. In street cycling/racing, the cyclist in front breaks the wind, making it easier for the following cyclist.

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A Fleeting Glimpse

January 3, 2008 — A traveler on Wood Street negotiating through the "S" turn in Woodville can get a glimpse of the historic Lake Whitehall Gatehouse through the trees and across the pond in the background. Above, the late afternoon sun can be seen shining through the aqueduct under the structure.

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Hockey Alumni 2009

January 3, 2009 — Hiller hockey alumni got together for their annual hockey game last night at Navin Rink in Marlborough. The group split into two teams, and at break took time for a group photo. Photo by Rick Lapp.

Didn't Catch the Evening News?

CBS has a great presentation online the next day. 

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Hopkinton Girls 59, Westwood 56

January 2, 2009 — Jamie Dolan shows Westwood who's boss Friday night as the girls came from behind to win by a close margin.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Hopkinton 74, Westwood 72

January 2, 2009 — Dan Muscatello has a full grasp of the situation against Westwood Friday night, on the way to a very close victory over Westwood.

Hopkinton Hockey Alumni

January 2, 2009 — Goalie Ben Lewis faces his friends and former Hopkinton Hiller teammates, above, in the annual Hiller Hockey Alumni game at Navin arena in Marlborough.

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Girls meet 95-69, Boys was 99-51

Matt Younis, above, and female counterpart on the Hopkinton/Ashland Swim Team, Julia Thompson, competed today at Keefe in a meet against Holliston.

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Christmas Tree Drop-off or Pickup   


    Christmas Trees may be dropped-off at Hopkinton Recycling Center on Wood Street each Saturday from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Thank You and Happy New Year!

    Paul DiBona, Recycling Center Attendant, Hopkinton DPW



    January 3,10,17 Boy Scout Troop 4 of Hopkinton will be providing a Christmas tree pickup and recycling service for residents of Hopkinton. The cost is $5.00 for trees under 8 feet and $10.00 for trees over 8 feet. To request a pick-up, please go to or call (508) 293-6396 and leave your name, address, date for pick up, and tree height. Please make your request by Thursday of the week chosen for pick-up. Trees should be put curbside by 9AM along with payment in an envelope attached to the tree (Ziploc bags work best!).  Payment can be made in cash or check payable to Troop 4 Hopkinton. Please no plastic bags around the tree. Thank you for your support of Troop 4 and scouting in Hopkinton!

Rollover on Route 495

2-car accident with no injuries

January 2, 2009 — The driver of this vehicle escaped serious injury after rolling over, onto the I-495 southbound median, and landing on its roof around dinnertime this evening.

      Above, the vehicle is being winched from the woods on its roof. Suddenly, it rolls over again down the embankment, loosening some beer and a bottle of tequila, according to one witness, as well as glass, metal, plastic and other car parts.

       The other vehicle ended up off the road on the other side of the breakdown lane. Neither driver needed medical attention.

       The driver of one vehicle was taken into custody by Massachusetts State Police.

Not a Drop Dripped

January 2, 2009 — The towing company Ted's of Fayville was the hero today after this 3,000 gallon capacity home heating oil delivery truck slid off of a customer's driveway and down a hill on Downey Street, just uphill from Lake Maspenock. The truck was carrying nearly half a full load, 1,400 gallons of #2 home heating oil. A ruptured tank or a spilled load would have been disastrous for the community, and especially for the Lake residents.

       Because of the angle, the driver needed help in exiting from his driver's door to overcome gravity. He said he was backing up into the driveway to make a delivery, when the truck just slid on the slick surface without warning, and came to rest in an instant.

       The Police department stood by to keep onlookers at bay, and the Fire Department stood by in case of a leak or emergency of any nature

       Ted's brought it upright with the help of some massive equipment, three workers with expertise and years of experience.

       See a video of the methods used in this effort, below.


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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Armed Robbery in Milford

Police seek public's help in identifying gunman

January 2, 2000 — Above are 2 still pictures of a suspected armed robber who robbed the Rite Aid Pharmacy located at 98 Prospect Street Milford, MA yesterday, New Years Day, at approximately 8:38 p.m. 

      The robber approached the Pharmacist at the counter and asked for some help in picking a laxative.  The Pharmacist left from behind the counter to assist the man in an aisle at which time the suspect showed the Pharmacist a gun he had under his clothing and demanded Oxycontin.  The Pharmacist then returned behind the counter and retrieved the Oxycontin from a safe and gave them to the suspect. 

      The victim identified the suspect on the surveillance system as the same person who robbed him.  The victim also described the gun as similar to what many police officers carry (black colored semi automatic, possibly a 9mm or similar style).

      The suspect was described as a white male approximately 30-35 years old, 220-240 lbs, clean shaven, wearing blue denim style work jacket with a light blue hoody sweatshirt underneath, khaki pants, white jogging sneakers and a tan colored stocking cap.

      This is the second armed robbery in recent weeks involving Oxycontin.  On 12/20/2008 at 1016 hours, there was another armed robbery at Rite Aid Pharmacy located at 5 Medway Road, Milford, MA (across town) where an armed man entered the store and approached the Pharmacist, showed a handgun and demanded Oxycontin.  The victims described the gun as similar in each robbery.

      If anyone has any information they can contact the Milford Police Detective Division by calling 508 473-1113 or for anonymous tips please call 508 473-3800.

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Fun Times getting in shape at Fitness Together

 Services for the Home


Thursday, January 8, 2009, 7:00-9:00pm

Hayes Lodge, YMCA, East Street, Hopkinton

Do you know what predators make Massachusetts their home? Do you know which ones used to live here, but no longer do? The MetroWest YMCA’s Outdoor Education Director, Cynthia Menard, will present a slide show and discussion about these fascinating animals, which live closer to us than you may think.

Join us for a follow-up tracking hike on Sat. Jan. 10th from 10—12:30 when we’ll look to see how many of these animals we can find signs of!

Pre-registration required. $5 per person for Y members; $7 per non-member.

For more info or to register, call Cynthia at 508-435-9345 x12; or


File photo of fisher cat by Russ Phipps.

Goodbye, 2008

2008 file photo, above


by Robert Falcione

January 1, 2009 — The first week of January of 2008 started out with the second year of a now three year-old tradition by Hopkinton "L Street Brownies", a birthday party for Mary Pratt, a song by Paul Doherty (Irish Eyes), and a gas spill at the Mobil station.

      A man had jammed his gas cap into the pump's gas nozzle while he went into Dunkin' Donuts to stand in line for a coffee, and who knows what else, maybe a flatbread sandwich — they only take a few minutes.

      Well, guess what? The automatic shut-off on the nozzle failed, and much gasoline poured onto the ground. The fire department responded and did their work, as did a private petroleum cleanup crew, and the EPA. We never did learn the consequences for the driver.

       Ron Burton Jr. spoke to an SRO group of nearly 400 interested people at St. John's Parish Center in the first Day of Giving Back" to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

        Legacy Farms moved forward, and politicians announced their candidacies.

       READ MORE, and see photos...

In or Out?

January 1, 2009 — The two photos above of Weston Nurseries evergreens on Clinton street provide an excellent demonstration of the depth of field of an image taken with a camera.

      The photo on the left was shot with a wide-open lens aperture of f2.8, which uses as much of the lens surface as possible. This, combined with a zoom lens, isolates the tree in the front of the image and throws the rest out of focus, putting attention where the photographer wants it.

      The one on the right was shot with a lens aperture of f32, which is a very small opening that uses only the very middle of the lens, and not much of the curve, affording a very deep depth of field. Yes, the larger the number, the smaller the opening. In this case, the eye is drawn into the photo by the sharpness of the image, the leading lines, diagonals and diminishing perspective.

       If a deer were at the end of the row of evergreens, there would be only one choice of aperture.

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L Street, Here I Come!

Above, Tom Nealon, Dave Click, Stephen Edwards, Jerry Hanna, Pat Nealon (kneeling), John French, Josh Hanna, Liz Edwards, Dave Ballas and Peter Edwards  (in the speedo!)


January 1, 2009 — Once again the troops from Hopkinton ventured into L Street in Southie and took the New Year's Day plunge. The air temp was 11 degrees and the wind chill was well below 0.

Contributed content.

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